Afterthoughts 2018

The newest material is at the bottom What is happening? Do I catch you in the act, and my works have somehow managed to get out in circulation? Or did I try to spread my works and nobody would help, so I put them online. Then you found them and decided to say “yes we … Continue reading Afterthoughts 2018

Afterthoughts 2019.01 – 2019.02

2019.01.01 Rail-based worm-holes on parking lotsImagine a 6m gauge trains that goes over 400kph on super smooth, robot adjusted, engineered, banked, rails. That part is a worm-hole through earth-space. And these trains are all identical, and they all do exactly the same thing every time, so we really get the system totally debugged and super … Continue reading Afterthoughts 2019.01 – 2019.02