Afterthoughts 2018

The oldest material is at the top

What is happening?
Have I caught you all in the act, and my works have somehow managed to get out in circulation? Or did I try to spread my works and nobody would help, so I put them online. Then you found them and decided to say “Yes we will support you. We want to end this stupid struggle before mankind goes down the tubes again. We were all trapped by this giant mechanized leaderless bureaucracy that is super hard to understand.”

A long time of  peace
It has been 73 years since people where killing each other on a large scale in war. Violence is so far from everyone’s mind today. If not now, then when do we end it?

Are you the stewardship or the parasite?
Are you leaders or livestock keepers? And don’t you want to know what the future holds?

Time of ignorance
Perhaps you didn’t understand until it was too late, and you could not get away, or speak out. Besides, Ishtar is a thing of secrecy. Where are the books that explain the ways of Ishtar?

Which reality am I in?
1) Is it the one where my ideas overpower a worldwide meritocracy?
2) Is it the one where I am a matrix tester that must crash the matrix on my own? Is it the one where I must awaken Pro•men•theus on my own, using my most powerful spell/spiel… never mind the ire this will awaken in the spirit of man.
3) Is this the one where I jump into the hearts of the agents and change their programming and get them to spread my message for me?

I don’t aspire to rule
You can tell this from the form of government I created.  I am a law-giver, not a ruler.  However, I am intolerant of people attempting to arrogate rulership.

Unnecessarily expensive real estate
You don’t understand what a huge and wasteful tax high urban realty prices are.  In my new world, there is not going to be much of a difference in prices between living in the biggest city and living in the middle of nowhere. Why compete over places and stuff when we can make so much more working together?

We should start using the woman’s surname for our kids
I propose that children take their mother’s surname, and not their father’s.
1) Mothers have a more involvement and impact in child rearing, it is only right that the children should have the mother’s family.
2) This helps hide the smart kids.
3) This has no cost to implement.
4)  This gets women thinking more about their line and legacy, than their current life. Thus more women will try to find a good genetic sire for their kids, rather than a food romantic partner for their own life.

Sin•dar•ella now works backwards
Now that everyone sees Sin•dar•ella = no•give•she as propaganda, everyone realizes that this sort of morality is not real. Also, my religion does not care about sexual promiscuity in women. Instead it focuses on the woman’s choice for who will father here children. And while women will always have compete freedom to chose who they want, society will say that the right thing is to pick the best genetic sire for their children.  Society will say that the right thing to do is to put the future of their line ahead of their enjoyment of the present life.

What internal myths (lies) does Ishtar use?
1) Do they say that the struggle is awful, but the desperation of your people makes it necessary? I eliminate the desperation, so your struggle is no longer needed.

2) Do they say that you are struggling to raise a great leader that will one day come and end the struggle forever.  Well, I am here. Why do you not listen?

3) Do they say that your struggle exists because mankind stopped evolving and your harems are the only cure?  This is a lie because your harems cannot counteract the degradation that Ishtar is causing among the other 99.9% of humanity. In my new world, perfectly reasonable Senate idolatry and fair sireage incentives will drive 10% to 40% of women to choose sire-age from the roughly 4-5% of the population confirmed to the Senate.

4) Do they say that your brothers are angling to better survive the coming ice age? See the end of my Twitter moment for the Volcanic Theory of Climate. Here you will see how the information age will cause this approach to backfire terribly.

5) Do they say that good and evil are dumb ideas created to weaken the Rumi infidels. They are not. Good is the spirit of all mankind, and evil is the ex•pull of the parasite race, and what benefits its parasitism.  To the extent that mankind follows the host agenda of good, it advances towards a meta-flux/ recursion.  To the extent mankind follows the parasite’s agenda, it regresses back towards its animal past. It is really quite simple and black and white, like the black and white coat of a panda or peh•an•da=say•new•give.

You elected me king
If I understand the hint correctly, you do not have kings in most centuries. Here I present you with a true drummer-boy’s new tempo/temple of 7,000 pages.  I show you how to unite mankind, and initiate the metaflux. Strange how you do not defer to my judgement that it is time to end the Arab struggle. You all want to end it and be free of your slave’s obligations.  Now you have a ruler that not only commands an end to it, but he explains how to end it.

I will repeat my claim. To the extent you are bound to the struggle, you are bound to me and my commands, demands and orders. You are not bound to your managers, men who are my servants. You are all bound to me and my commands.  Make my will so and do not delay.

When do you defer to me as wisest?
I have written 20 volumes of 350 pages.

Do not listen to Ishtar
It is an evil spirit, a thing of darkness, obscurity, lies and deceptions, a thing dedicated to darkness and misunderstanding, a thing that will say absolutely anything to survive. When you worship Ishtar, you worship death and kidnapping, and lifetime breeding slavery and theft, and lies and of course the big lie, the matrix that makes it all possible. It is time for mankind to stop lying to itself.

ISHTAR Industries
“less for you means more for us”

You are all marching off a cliff
The world is different now thanks to the technology.  History is repeating itself in how the endless appetite and awful ways of the Mideast desperado suppliants WILL again offend their hosts. But this time there will be 3 big differences:

Difference #1: This time there will be word-wide sharing of videos clearly showing the crimes of those who should be grateful suppliants. If these videos of ingrates build up in numbers, they will rule in the court of public opinion — and once seen, they will eventually create a high wall against Mideast exhodos and immigration. 

Thel politicians and news people that seem friendly to your cause wil fear being branded as corrupt or traitorous. Thus you will suddenly suffer a loss of influence in the outside world. This will come at the same time that the public may demand extreme deportation rules. So thanks to technology, the galvanization against exhods will be more total in each nation.  Also, Europe has a centuries-long history of expelling their exhods under similar circumstances.

Difference #2: Ishtarian violence in one part of the world will now have a worldwide effect (see recent anti-exhod protests in South Korea). Also, given the way the internet and computers remember everything… This time when the doors close on your people, they may sort of close forever (see the lasting effects of September/11).  So the response to your violence is becomming a more worldwide and longer-lasting sort of thing.

In other words, mankind is now in an age where communicated memes are extremely difficult of eliminate or modify.  Thus each bombing or stabbing is a brick in the wall separating all future exhods from their promised land.  This has helped with the exhod promise rackets a bit, and raised revenue, but it is unsustainable as a business model because it totally alienates your customer base.  The wall you are building will take longer than ever to erode.  And every day you go further in the wrong direction. 

Difference #3: Video helps people to go back and study your escape-goating (Like Procopius, Secret History 10.3 herein).  So escape-goating is no longer a viable long-term path. But this is the cornerstone premise of dark Istharianism. Without this, Isthar cannot exist.

No voting for immigrants for 12-years
It does not matter where you are from, or what nation you live in:  If you are an immigrant living in another nation, you shall have no right to vote in your new nation until revelation day twelve years out.  All the world’s nations shall be allowed to get their houses in order without any intervention by the people they welcomed as immigrants.

Immigrant or vacationer?
Those who have immigrated and had a long paid vacation on their new host nation — Those who have paid no taxes in their new host nation — all should be aware. You really have no claim to stay, not matter how long your paid vaction was.  You may be allowed to stay, but it is not your right.

If you rise up in Sweden
These are some of the noblest and kindest people on earth. These are people who welcomed you as suppliants. If you harm them, I see your people excluded from most of the world.

Shoa telling
I want to be crystal clear how I stand on the Casablanca/ Nazi genocide. That was Ishtar killing the family lines that no longer contributed to the Mideast cause. It was also Ishtar making the outside world dumber so it would be relatively smarter and more profitable. Stupid world huh? Do you think the world should continue down this path? Do you think we should tolerate those who continue going down this path?

Ishtar killed the old yellow leaves on the tree of life so its fresh new green leaves/leavers would be more productive.  It did with Jews in Europe and it did this with Muslims in Palu town.  That’s Isthar.

It is 2018, and Hitler came to power 84 years ago, and the war ended 73 years ago.  After all this time, the German people have suffered more than enough for their sins.  Today, the war has become a immigration-justifying guilt trip. I give Germany freedom from your guilt. But I must ask you to do you share for the world.  All I ask is that you take your fair share of immigrants and not deport them unless they fail to work, or if they break the rules of Exhods.

All should now note how the Jews of Germany all mostly had such distinctive names prior to WW2. This was so they could more easily be rounded up and killed the next time, in the next Arab “program”  Did the German government give these people their names? Who gave them such distinctive names? Ishtar of did course, so these lines would be easier to find and later get rid of. 

Do you understand anti-Jewish persecution yet?  The people killed had stopped helping out with the parasitic cause of the Mideast and started working against it. They became yellow leaves/leavers.  So these yellow leavers were “blown-away” and replaced with fresh green leaves, or leavers. You see, this is the root of all anti-semitism.  It is the Mideast maintaining loyalty among its people after they leave.  And everyone from the Mideast lives under this reality.  Stupid world huh?

Would you expect less from a true prophet?
He must be loyal to all mankind over being loyal to one people, even his own people.  I am sorry, but you will all have to give back what you have stolen, and you have to all work hard for 12-years. But after that, your people will all be free and more importantly the world will be free from Ishtar.

What a disease our species has
One part of it is trying to kill off the rest so there will be more for them.

Civilization is based on cooperation
Your ways are a leftover from our ape-like past.  Everyone is better off under systems of cooperation.

I awaken the jinn of pro•men•theus
When a man awakens a group spirit, it naturally obeys his reasonable commands.  I say spare and move those who cleave from Ishtar. I say, “time of ignorance and slavery”. You must let them cleave now that the truth be told.

And you of Ishtar. You cannot use the behavior of men under your crap governments run by high-functioning crooks to judge what people will do after the revelation. 

If you don’t listen to me
Mankind will go down the tubes again, just like after Rome. During the time of Augustus, Rome had 5-million people, but by around 900 AD, no city in Europe had over 25,000.  That was a 99.5% drop in population. Clearly we don’t want that again.

Ishtar is fundamentally a parasite and your ways simply do not work once you take over and become host lines. Just look at the poverty and desperation of all your lands. That is what you will bring to the rest of the world if you take over. Surely you are not so blind as to see this.

Why must mankind suffer when there are better ways?
Let some enlightenment cause a worldwide consensus to end Ishtar.  Come with me, I have a much better world for everyone.

What is important in ending it
I know it is different when you come from poverty, but the stuff, the wealth does not really matter. And you all know this. What matters is that we end hideous Ishtar and that nobody dies of hunger and nobody gets hurt, and that we stop the wars and killing..

Besides, your wealth is all the “peculiar” wealth of a slave. It technically belongs to your master, and you master has the right to take it, or use it if he chooses. He may not be able to motivate you ever again with peculium, but he has the right to take/use all your wealth. 

Also,  the trend of money mattering less and less will continue on in coming years with or without my message.  Under my plan, there will soon be abundant urban land thanks to the new transport system.  And there will be a flood of super-inexpensive factory-cast stacked apartment units. Personal vehicles will become inconvenient due to the new 300-500kph train system. And we will turn on the production floodgates for everything else.  Don’t worry about the stuff.

The Ishtar matrix is just so inefficient
We are all going to get rich now. We are going to ramp up the world economy and have a war economy without a war.  Just like the US did during WW2. We are going to have this worldwide war on poverty and desperation. Then afterwards, the people we industrialize will pay the world back with fair interest.  Then because everyone has plenty of stuff, nobody is going to take up arms to take anyone else’s stuff. Then we can eliminate war and all those costly robotic weapon’s systems designed to kill lots of people real fast.

If you are so smart “bro”
Truly brilliant brothers should have no problem getting elected and confirmed as a 1:500 Senator. There will be 4 Senate terms in the first year and 12 in the first 5-years. Thereafter Senate terms will be annual.  So at the end of 25-years, about 4%-5% of the population will be confirmed to the Senate.

The last scene in the Matrix film trilogy
My plan is that everything will look the same after the matrix software update. The buildings will all remain intact, the people all live, and very quickly we will all start experiencing a beautiful new matrix that is free of bugs and fast evolving towards the meta-flux, or recursion or whatever you want to call it.

I demand, command and order:
1) An immediate end to the Arab conquest and struggle.  I demand an immediate repurposing of the Arab struggle according to my new ways as expressed in my 7,000-page message posted herein.

2) That all Semitic people immediately stop following the old antagonistic ways and start following my new cooperative ways according to my new 7,000-page message.  I demand that you all immediately put all your efforts into reverse, alidade style.

3) An immediate end to the censoring of my communications.

4) Personal security and advisors. I also demand that you explain to me the current state of your plans.

5) That you copy my website on a sufficient number of sufficient servers that are open to the public, and that all people working for the struggle immediately spread all of my announcements that I make in the future.

Read-first parts of my message
The new national and UM (international) constitution. In particular R’181 Senate mustering, and R’182 Senate propagation. Also read R’172-R’177 on the capital reapportionment needed to excise the Ishtarian debts from the world economy. The financial markets should all be closed when this message comes out.  However the banks should not be closed.  Banks will however be subject to reasonable withdrawal limits as stated in my message.

Train guidance wheels
The guidance wheels for the train-cars will occasionally fail, so we should probably have redundant systems.

Jupiter’s outer moons
They are not planar like the inner moons. This makes it look like they are late arrivals from the destruction of the planet where the asteroid belt was.


Furniture design as metaphor
Good tables are easy to design. People often design good tables on the first try.  But it is a surprisingly complex thing to design a good chair. The factors include: cost of materials, cost of manufacturing, load strength, torsional strength, strength of various materials, overall weight, seat height, seat shape, back slope, back shape, stack-ability, ease of flat-packing, ease of consumer assembly, durability, and aesthetics. It is the rare chair design that goes into manufacturing without a great many modifications and prototypes. Some of the systems I propose will be easy to get right the first time, like tables. Other systems will be like chairs and will require many prototypes to get just right.  

It’s a manuscript, not a finished work
1) Just about every long format written thing that we see today has had many editors. The nature of my subject prevented this.
2) I was in a hurry to get it out. And
3), it is 7,000 pages long, due to its size hard to organize.

What you are looking at is a manuscript. I want it to be edited. And I would welcome a discussion of its problematic parts.  I think this is needed to help make the work more compelling. Also if some parts seem excessively hate provoking, or unnecessary, like perhaps the part about Christian mercy being added as a precaution against this moment, I can take them out.  Also, if you guys all agree to cleve in advance, the threatening clauses should probably be softened a bit.

My one objective
Like Ishtar, I have one objective.  If you want, we can make my message sweet and soft like marshmallows and cotton candy. But then I would lose credibility when I tell them to permit your peaceful surrender.  Also, let me say that the most important thing for the people of the outside world is that they don’t have to worry about your kind in the future. So I gave them everything that could be jettisoned from the ship.  And there is a lot to be said for this act of devotion to your cause and contrition for your past deeds.

Pandering to the masses
Some may accuse me of socialism or pandering to the masses. I counter this in 4 ways:
1) Street sweeping, street lighting, traffic lights, fire departments, and pubic schools are all examples of socialism that everyone welcomes.  However, I don’t regard this sort of low cost public service as socialist, but as mere “ubiquitization”, which is a cheaper, better, or easier way to handle these nearly universal services.
2) The socialist implementations of our governments are all much more expensive than they need be due to the corrupt nature of our democracies.  Under a the new democracy, with its million Sub-Senators all vying for elevation,  government will become much more efficient, and all its implementations will become more competitive in relation to the open market.
3) The advantages of government taking over the cost of child care are great and occur in many directions. This helps end the sireage corruption of the free market. It curtails deprivation and malnutrition among the next generation. It makes many men want to have a great many children and sets them in competition for this.  And finally, it gives everyone a modest and equal starting point in their life “game”, thus young people are more motivated to achieve because they are not really allowed to rely on relations.
4) It is cheaper to give away telephone and internet access for free than even to maintain our roads. It is wise to give these away so that we waste less on physically moving from place to place.
5) Everything I ubiquitize or socialize is for a reason and to help with a higher need.
6) Socialism greatly reduces the desperation that Ishtar feeds on.

If I could reprogram the entire Mideast
I would send emails, texts, tweets and runners out to all the people of the Mideast one fine morning announcing the arrival of the Mahdi. These would say that all the wise men have all considered his plan and they have all decided with unanimity that he is indeed the Mahdi based on the perfection of his message. Now it is very important for everyone to get into formation, go to do this before the noon prayers.  Then at the noon prayers they are told of the message and of the way that everyone is making a play for moving all the people, and that everyone is supposed to be moved by 2030 under the Mahdi’s new message. However, the Mahdi requires that all of Islam and its empire must as one cleave to him as the new universal prophet for the world. The leaders should make everyone understand that this is a new shortcut opportunity for the unification of the world in all the ways that truly matter to the Mideast struggle. And they should also understand that this is already accepted by the outside world, but it is so important that they all cleave to the Mahdi as the new prophet.

“Sorry, please forgive us”
After a war, nations frequently fail to say this.  I think this will help the Mideast suppliants immensely, especially if it is said as a salutation. The suppliants should say this every time they say hello, goodby, thank you, and to the people they pass on the street and have any contact with. They should stand on busy corners and say it over and over again to at least 20 people a day. Say it with your hands together like a Thai wai greeting.

Do you have lot to lose?
Do you risk more than what I give away? Are people going to rise up and kill you in great numbers?  Probably not. Are they going to beat a few of you? Maybe.  Are they going to send the paid vacationers back? I don’t know. Are they going to send the trouble makes back?  I would hope so.

Get rid of all the trouble makers
We don’t want them and nearly all immigrants don’t want them. It is only the Arab Mafia that needs ruffians, for they are its muscle. So we have super strict punishments for exhods.  Remember, the plan is: any reasonable restriction in exchange for complete exhodos.

A•bra•ak•ham = top bro point man.

Abrak ad abrak!
Maybe I have to say a magic word to install the new matrix. Maybe I have to claim to be the new Abrak•man, the new Abraham, the new Brahman. Thus I can re-write everything that happened since the last Abrak•man, or Abraham.

The a•peh•als of the Hesper•ides
I will not let these distract me. Do not think that I will be less productive due to fame.

As soon as you muster up
The moment your nation has mustered, I hereby irrevocably transfer my control of your lives to the new democracy of your nation.

Imagine a  world that doesn’t hate you
Imagine a world that didn’t hate Mideast endomorphs any more than Mideast ectomorphs.  Don’t underestimate the value of a world that welcomes you.

3-years a slave
I come to the Mideast and say: I have places for all of you, and will let you earn your freedom with only 3-years of your wages (over 12 years). Please, all of you, welcome me, celebrate me, so everyone will sign on and abide by my new new laws and new religion.

Certain proof that Ishtar lives
If you want proof of Ishtar’s continued life, look at me. And look at all the sunny people who steer man towards the sun, symbolizing an enlightened future of mankind. Are these all dying young like Steve Jobs, Bob Marley, John Lennon, and Bobby Kennedy?  If they are, then Ishtar lives and you should all be less trusting of all the Exhods, all the former Istarians… All of them.

We have changed. They have not
If you really want to understand the Mideast people living among you, you need to imagine that you are in Rome and most of the slaves were from the Mideast. Our side, the side of the free people has changed, but the side of the people from the Mideast, that has not changed, they are still slaves of their cause of total desperation.

Sneaker-net as a backup
If you believe in freedom, it is your second duty to freedom to immediately look at all messages that are called sneaker-net, and if the idea is new and even remotely plausible, your second duty to freedom is to share that message. If you have heard the idea before, or you don’t think the message is plausible, then you should not share it. You second duty to freedom is to amplify good ideas in the group mind.

Behold Hitler’s S.A. lives today
<Antifa victim bleeding profusely from head injury>
If you want to see the cause of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis rise to power, look no farther than Antifa. Look at how they attack people for making political statements.  Look at their flag and their tactics. Physically attacking the political opposition at political rallies was fundamental to the rise of Nazism, for without it, the Nazi party never would have come to power.  How come nobody talks about this?  It should be taught three times to our kids while they are growing up.  Any use of violence or threat to subvert the political process, is evil, and it is evil whether it is done by government or by some group.

Therefore, it shall be held right and proper that any violence in a political context or in furtherance of a political agenda should suffer double or triple penalties.  And when the perpetrators of political violence are concealing their identity, or committing arson, or carrying weapons including Nazi-style kicking boots, or where they punch or kick people above the shoulders, or while they are down, they shall be considered democides, and be subject to life-long interment. All shall see this sort of behavior a the force that suppressed the opposition to Hitler’s rise.

Head injuries
The Arab de•ex•pull, the devil removed an important distinction from our minds. There should reasonably be a distinction between intentionally and for no good reason injuring someone above and below the shoulders.  Yet there is none.  Lets make sure that the penalty for above the shoulders injuries is about three times the penalty for below the shoulder’s injuries.

Extrajudicial zones
Do not allow any place on earth to become a no-man’s land, ruled by no nation, or you will give a base of operations to Ishtar.

Disaster hosting
To deal with hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters better, the world government should produce a standard mostly-private, disaster hosting facebook where people can put their pictures and tell there story, and where they live. Then people will all have a responsibility to log in after all disasters.  This way the others will know how many people are missing.

If the government calls for post disaster check in, everyone who is able must check in or do community service.  These websites should also let people post public requests for a temporary place to stay outside of the government’s group shelters.  When government requisitions hotels for disaster hosting, the rate shall be 1/360th of the last year’s  income for that room.

My Twitter ativity
You probably had someone assembling my tweets, right? Old news… Right?

Why does Ishtar still exist?
Surely we all want to be rid of Ishtar, right?


Mideast royalty
I hereby change the rules of Mideast royalty.  All titles of Mideast royalty shall from now on be for life, or until the royal person voluntarily chooses to resign.

Suggestion list
I want a list of suggested improvements for my message, such as excessively onerous clauses, clauses likely to provoke hatred, logical contradictions, repeated text discrepancies,  and the like.  I will however retain complete freedom to select some suggestions and ignore others. If you need to contact me, then use the email address stated on my blog.


Many people will slum to get in the Senate
The easiest way into the Senate may be to move to a bad neighborhood and get elected. Thus our society will become much more unified and “integrated” both culturally and economically. This will constantly erode stratification, especially if we have voluntary nome meetings on the first of each teneth.

Live appearances are overrated
We should reduce live speaking in government, and our Senators shouldn’t normally speak live.  Normally they should make a video and if a certain percentage of Senators like that video then everyone in government will have to watch it.

Sex changes and same sex areas
Men shall never be free to use woman only facilities even if they dress like a woman or surgically alter their penis to look like a vagina.  In fact, men dressed like women found in women only places shall be subject to double penalties.

Bearing and/or rearing
Most women will probably both bear and rear children.  But society should also foster a situation where women can specialize in bearing or rearing. And we should let the market value the child’s support rights when one woman bears, and someone else rears.

What the hell just happened to us?
After WW2, most of Europe asked this question. Stop hating the guy with the funny mustache. Instead realize that everyone thought the man a buffoon because of his silly little mustache like the biggest comedians of the day, Charlie Chaplain, and Oliver Hardy This man with the clown’s mustache was just a figurehead for the Arab house of war.  

And all this hate Nazi media is the Arab house of war bending the world’s mind so it will blame another group for what it did.  And please believe me, this is pretty much the same for all war.

What the hell just happened to us?
After WW2, most of Europe asked this question. Stop hating the guy with the funny mustache. Instead realize that everyone thought the man a buffoon because of his silly little mustache like the biggest comedians of the day, Charlie Chaplain, and Oliver Hardy This man with the clown’s mustache was just a figurehead for the Arab house of war.   And all abundant the hate Nazi media is the Arab house of war bending the world’s mind so it will blame another group for what it did.  And please believe me, this is pretty much the same for all war.  Why do we allow this reality if we don’t need it?

Arthur Herman, Freedom’s Forge, Ch.10, Ships for Liberty
“On Saturday November 7, 1942, the preassembled parts of the ‘five-day ship’, hull No. 442, were spread all over the yard. Masts, anchor chains, and deckhouses were stacked up in a confusing pile… The hull was laid out in five huge double-bottom chunks, the heaviest weighing 110 tons, while the deck units came in 250-ton chunks, with piping, hatches, portholes, radiators, and even washbasins and mirrors all pre-installed. …The whole thing looked like an abandoned machinery junkyard.
‘Five days!’ said one old-timer. ‘Hell, it’l take ’em five days to even find the keel.’
A huge crowd gathered as midnight approached… at exactly 12:01am, the keel was officially laid. Then people began to realize there was method to the madness. One by one the prefabricated pieces began to disappear in the hull shell. By the time the day shift arrived at 8:00 on Sunday, November 8, the ship already looked a week old.
Sunday was a day to remember, even by [Henry] Kaiser standards. Some seventeen banks of welding machines were hard at work, carrying out some 152,000 feet of weld line on 93 separate prefab sections, while chippers were hacking away at plate ends ten times as fast. ‘It was one seething mass of ship-fitters, welders, chippers,’ one worker remembered…
As the Sunday night shift arrived, the hull had taken shape and 1,450 tons of ship had been installed, including the 135-ton engine. ‘I’ll be blind and deaf by next week’, one worker laughed, ‘but it’ll be worth it’ By the end of the second day, November 9, the upper deck was done…
At the end of the 3rd day, deckhouses, masts and deck equipment were all in place. Excitement was building. This ship wouldn’t be finished in five days, they were saying. It’d be done in four…
Then, at 3:27pm on November 12, the Robert E. Peary was launched, just 4-days, 15-hours, and 26-minutes after laying the keel. … Maude Byr•nes, swung a champagne bottle, the crowd roared its approval, and Hull No.440 entered history. 6-minutes later, the blocks for laying the keel for the next Liberty Ship, Hull No. 443, were in place.

Fostering a war economy without a war
Lets ramp output up to the max.  Economies actually work better the more we ask of them. So lets ask a lot for our economy.  Lets:
1) Get all parts of the world industrialized and with means to buy tools and have proper infrastructure.
2) Build a new transport system.
3) Build new cities.
4) Prepare for the next ice age.
5) Take measures to help delay the next ice age.

Lets have a worldwide war on poverty and desperation, so we can end war and many types of crime.  Lets all work overtime for few years to fix the world, then we can kick-back forever afterwards.   To this end, lets slope the economy towards overtime for a few years.  Lets say that in the following years, the following LU multipliers shall exist. This way output will rapidly go exponential. 2018   +10%
2019   +15%
2020   +20%
2021   +15%
2022   +10%
2023   +5%

Long thin space rockets
If we are using rail guns for our space vehicles, the length of the vehicle should be maybe 100 times the diameter.  This is the shape that maximizes the use of rail guns to achieve escape velocity.


I would very much like some input
Why don’t you guys form an an ad-hoc mental collective.  You all submit tweets to a  BBS, where you vote  on the best, that way I dialogue with a group consciousness.

Look at the big picture
You guys are so fixated on the Arab question, “what is in it for us, that you fail to see the immense cumulative cost of your struggle. If we just stopped the struggle  there would be plenty for everyone.

The devil has two hands
In one hand is a firebrand to torture his disloyal slaves who have sold their soul.  In the other hand is a pen used to write magic propaganda words for the people.

Look when they stopped using scrolls
It was when Rome fell.  The Arabs got the Rumi to use scrolls because these were harder to hide.  Thus the Arabs could better see who could read, and who they needed to eliminate. That is why they used scrolls and probably why they stopped.

Systems for recognizing the truth
Our systems for recognizing the truth are one of the most important aspects of the incipient meta-mind.

Mega-mind is a blid
The term being blocked is meta-mind.

It is certainly a risk to stop
But it is killing mankind and preventing us from reaching our true destiny.

Universes change
The inner solar system and the inner moons of Jupiter are in a disk.  The outer moons of Jupiter,  the Oort cloud and Pluto have random orbital orientations.  This is because the inner planets and moons arrived early on, when the universe was different, when it was smaller and closer together and when gravity was higher.  They formed after space was sucked clean of matter, but before inter-stellar gravity ceased to be a significant force.  The Oort cloud and the outer Jovian moons came later after this time and that is why they are non-planar.

I want to use the above as a metaphor. I want to compare the gravity of space with the economic gravity man imposes on itself. It is no longer necessary to have artificial desperation as a motivator of men (think of it as artificial gravity). Mankind is at the edge of a manufacturing eu•tropia without scarcity.  And if you follow me, we can walk through a door into the a completely new and beautiful economic reality. 

What a stupid maladapted system
You are following an ancient system that is so maladapted it has become patho•logical (path/rut•words/ideas). I can see the stupidity of your system by your focus on the silliest and stupidest of things such as whether your king acknowledges whether he has a child. I can just imagine your dogmatic (dog•automatic) debate, and all the dog-automatons parroting the words of ancient prophets like they actually matter once a new prophet has arrived . All I can do is shake my head and think that you are following a system that is so ancient and so maladapted that it is ridiculous. To me, this debate emblematic of how maladapted your old system is, and how desperately you/we need a new system.

Turkish proverb
No matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, turn back.

(see clip from 3:10 to 3:55)
The chair in Carl Sagan’s film named contact
Another metaphor.  The chair added to the starship ruins the ride. Mankind will need to take the chair out the new starship design for it to work properly.  You will need to hand over control to the new god mechanism.

The true message will be easily recognized
This video is of the contact scene from Carl Sagan’s film named contact.

Abrak ad abrak
This is probably the most powerful of m•A•gi•ak•al terms. The new Abrak•ham, the Ali•Z•ard king has the power and right to change anything and everything since the last Abrakham. He even has the power to call off the struggle if he sees fit. Abrak ad abrak.  Abrak ad abrak.  Abrak ad abrak. Make my message real.

Internal hypocracy
You are all waiting for the man with the plan the new prophet with a plan to move everyone and end the struggle forever. Yet when a man comes with just such a plan, you look for excuses to disqualify him.  You point to some ancient rules from thousands of years ago that nobody understands the reasoning behind. How do you know that these unreasonable rules are not the lies of Ishtar?

PATHRUT = a negative word for a path that has become a rut that prevents people from taking a new path that is obviously better.
WIDEA = Words and ideas as an inseparable thing

I am now your prophet
I never really needed to be your king except for how it helped me to be your prophet. I am now your prophet and that is far beyond being your king.

I will not be distracted
All you have to do is look at my output level. Is my output falling due to distraction or old age?  If so, then you should give others a try.

Give me input
I am so much smarter with input.  Send me emails.  Show me the leaks, contradictions, and the areas I have ignored in my new matrix reality bubble. Part of the new approach is that you communicate with your new prophet.

What is going on?
What is happening now?  Are my words being considered by your leadership, or are they trapped by your leadership

It is the only way the world works
Maybe you say this.  “Without us haremi acting responsibly and supervising, the worst elements of the Mideast and the world get the upper hand and they take mankind rapidly downward.  We get involved to slow down the downfalls and to help mankind.”  Now you have a new way to do things.

Who are you?
Look in the mirror.  Are you only the 50,000 chosen harem spawn who clue in?  Or do you include the 50-million merely smart descendants?  In my new system, all of these will out breed to the extent they are good and smart and can make a contribution

What is the important part of free speech?
Isn’t it the right to use facts and reason to change the course of society?  This is what matters. The right to produce life-like media that promotes hatred and division among men is a thing tearing society apart and producing nothing of any value.  This is not free speech.

The best path
More important than you not influencing my message is that you do not be seen as having taken action based on your advanced knowledge of it.  The best thing you can do is to help my message get out and let the world take action.

Emergency kit credits
The way that people should be storing food is that government issues emergency kit credits to the population and also requires that everyone keep a food supply.  Then the people will chose which vendors they wish to use.

Baby carseats
1) These are much stronger and heavier than they need to be. This is probably by design to make parenting difficult.
2) the upright position probably harms the child’s neck and exagerates kyphosis of the neck.
3) It is better for the newborns to lay transversely in a carseat.
4) The passenger seats of all vehicles should have an additional seatbelt receptacle on the strap side so that the baby seat straps can be inserted like a seat belt strap.
5) All car seatbelt female receptacles in new cars should be standard sized.
6) The baby seats have a female receptacle, and the strap can be left in the car.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with women taking even 5-years off to raise kids. People who say anything else are wrong. But after 5-years, they should be doing something productive. Also, government work benefits expire much earlier than 5-years.

The man’s obligation
The standard obligation of a man to remain with a woman who bears his children should be high in the beginning and lower as the children grow older.

Teach your kids to dream about a better world
All I am is a smart guy that daydreams about how to make the world a better place.

Teach your kids to be less emotional
Emotions and mysticism are our lower animal part. They feel good, they feel right, they easily lead us astray. Our human part is rational, reasonable, logical, and based on quantity. Teach them that Star Trek is propaganda and that they should emulate Mr. Spok and see the foolishness of Captain Kirk’s hunches.

Senate media will work differently
1) Nobody will be able to hijack the truth with money.
2) Fake ideas such as the CO2 theory of climate will not germinate.
3) Unsubstantiated allegations will get no press and unelected  journalists will all decline in power.
4) The Senate media will have a powerful leashing effect on the commercial media.
5) Making a contribution, even just a few good words may get one Ubiq or Senate satus, so everyone will want to contribute.
6) The media will be much more objective and much less sensation due to the democratic allocation of attention.
7) There will be thousands of times more contributors and makind will thus be much smarter.
8) This Senate media should be viewed as the incipient meta mind, the incipient consciousness of the god we are trying to form ourselves into.

The Bible is so vague
How can you believe this mystical stuff? My writings are so much more concrete.

The end of the rat race
Today you all work about 71% of days, but under the new day-halving system, you will work 50% of days if you work “full time”. However, soon, that will begin declining and most people will work less than 2,000 hours a year.

Login limits
All remote login systems shall shall limit the number of tries per hour, per day and per month.

The real great leap forward
We are going to take this immense material leap and you are all just going to help out the poor parts of the world. This in part because it is right, and in part because it will have a negative cost anything over the long run (i.e. it will generate a profit). Also, the Chinese great leap forward was the doublespeak.

Getting them to work
The Arabs have this all wrong. The solution to their problems is not getting the host to work, but getting us not to work.  This way the host has need of foreign workers.

An ongoing thing
The true prophet lives and everyone hears his words daily.

High property taxes, roommates and abundance
Many people will recover their newly high property taxes by taking in roommates.  Thus the cost of living will plummet.

“A democracy of devils where all are peers”
-Ambrose Bierce

Islamic airlines
One thing you really notice is the way the PA is used more. In fact, the crew never misses an opportunity to give instructions.  Such is the way of slave cultures.  Soon you will all do this for my message.

The bar ratio over time
What is the “bar ratio”?  how many br•gens do you need to produce another smart brother?  Has this changed over time?  Have you had to give more hints?  Have you grown stupider over the millennia?  What has happened to the ratio of 6’ers and 8’ers on the bead test?  It has declined hasn’t it?

Pedophile jobs
What jobs are most full of pedophiles?  Any jobs that draws pedophiles must be closed to men.

You are nothing but a bunch of thugs (eth•ukers)
That is my judgement if you fail to follow me.


Mideast charities
In the Mideast, the broad democracies will not tax their people, but will only spend money. The money will come from the UM.  It is by design that everyone in the entire PU is lumped in together financially in two groups, the cleaved and the uncleaved. This will be a powerful incentive to curtail Islamic and Ishtarian crime worldwide. •  •  •  Mideast broad democracies will spend the money as fairly as possible, and the UM will audit spending in an incorruptible way.

You must support the Mideast and move everyone
If you want to have instant eternal peace on earth, you all must abide by my plan, one and all. Nobody has the right to object to one point or another with regard to the poor of the world, or my new constitution until it is in force.  If you all just obey me as a sort of universal prophet, we can just change the world peacefully and rapidly. Then you will be free to change things.  However, you must either industrialize, or feed and then move all the people living in lands of no resources.

It is just not worth fighting about it
On both sides, you gotta control the thugs if the entire Mideast cleaves as one.

Quiet transponders watches
The road  transponders have vibrate mode for people walking down streets, this way, they can quietly and automatically alert pedestrians and bikers to each other, and to the alert of all vehicles above a given speed. The vibrate level could be bi-level or tri-level, with loud sounds if you are about to get hit. They can also shock animals off the roads, so fences may not be needed for animals.

SNN—Senate News Network
You know, if there are a million Sub-Senators voting on what goes on their feeds and 10,000 Main-Senators in their sluices all doing the same, the for profit corporate news media is not going to get many viewers.

Each nation should run its own facebook
These all communicate, but the public facebook network is owned by the people.  The investors of the current FB and Twitter stock will just have to deal with the competition.  The national facebook can only show public service ads and ads for new products the Senate wants to help thrive.

VR shall be delivered as a free public utility
It is cheaper for society to give away free internet than to provide real-world infrastructure.


Ishtar lives within you
Don’t err on the side of caution with regard to implementing my message.

The right to trade
If they all cleave at once, give them the right to commerce, but stand ready to take it away if their people violate the rules.

Make it easy to have children
The easier we make it to have conforming children, the more relatively difficult non-conforming children become.  Therefor society does everything it can to make this easy, and enjoyable.

Public service announcements
The autonomic reward system for media pays money automatically to media producers based on viewership, but it gets public service  ads in return.  PSAs shall always be seen as worth far more to the public than sold advertising slots. Therefore, the Senate shall be prohibited from selling slots, and must instead use all of its advertising slots for public service announcements.

PSA content will vary depending on the district and individual.  Exhods, certain troublesome immigrant groups, drug users, tobacco users, alcohol users an others may be required to watch added media for behavior modification.  

Official alerts
These can be for media interrupting emergencies such as tsunamis, or not. There are no re-runs unless you hit replay, or go back to the historical tweet stream.  Everyone sees every official announcement once.  Anyone hacking into the system gets treated like a false fire alarm puller and gets lots of heat.  The Over-Senate is obviously the Senate with the right to communicate to the people and send out alerts. The UM Over-Senate can issue global alerts

The notification system
It probably has 10-levels of emergency:
E1: Must act immediately, and without any delay, such as for tsunamis, fires, explosions, etc. …
E9: We just wanted you to know that.
E10: We just wanted you to know, low priority or sub-detail.

My domains
They will be used to draw in many more for my charity website DomainBranded on the sell side and DomainDonate on the giving side. All will be rented by the Senate and all the money will be for humanitarian charities among societies that obey my 1-child policy.  Among my domains, you will find This should be for people who pay to stay and their hosts who donate 88% of the payment to charity.

Picketing individuals
There is no right to picket individuals unless they are at least local oligarchs or monarchs.  Smaller than this and they are entirely the subjects of the legal system.

My daily travels in mind-space
What will I dream about today?


Infant monitoring
Surely we can recognize baby breathing on infrared, and surely we can recognize figures on infrared video and surely we can have an alert if the baby stops breathing, or the large figure rolls too close too the small one. And there will be no sound for arm reaching. This way, people can more safely monitor their infants and perhaps safely sleep with them.

The ideal position for a newborn to sleep in is right next to mom, and a bit lower than mom, so mom can merely open her eyes and see little one sleeping.  So here we imagine this sort of a changing table height structure of an adjustable height that has a special bed nest on it. 

Baby changing tables
They have a tight-spiraling hair dryer on an arm. This way the babies don’t get hypothermic when they are naked and wet.  Also, these should have adjustable height.

Public newborn equipment
I think that government should provide free stainless steel changing tables, bedside baby nest stands, and infra-red monitors. These are checked-out for a time and then sterilized (autoclaved) and used again. This is society lowering the cost and hassle of being a parent. The parents still have to buy the standard bed nests and standard foam mattresses for the changing table, but no temporary furniture.

The standard bucket of new born toys
These are plastic and sterilized upon return. Government issues a standard free educational toy array for all kids.

Newborn media
The Sub-Senate might compile this so everyone can hear all the linguistic sounds, and start learning early. This will also help give the next generation a head start intellectually

How far can you see
A person who could only see things near by was called nearsighted.  A person who could see things far away were called far sighted.  And this was often used metaphorically for people looking ahead into the future based on the things they observed in the world around them and the legends they heard.

The Menorah
The inner flow of the parasite’s parasite is represented by the inner trough of the menorah.   By logic these should not be loyal to either parasite or host, but they should want what is best for mankind.  Also, it is a men•ora, or a men•aura,  what men say: that is the name of the structure that the Jews pray to.

Ishtar is just so wasteful
The host will pay much less and the parasite will get more.

You can’t even get close to monopoly
You guys can trade, but you can’t trade in more than 25% of the world’s trade in any good or service, either locally, or worldwide.  And this expressly includes shape shifters. Also, in major cities, your 25% must be in more than 5 players, which I think is close to the way you present yourself today, right?

Ishtar must die
Those who keep Ishtar alive will go to the camps for life at best.

The Indiana Jone’s Warehouse scene
There must have been more than 7,000 crates of hidden away things there.

Some real signs of progress
Show me a real world sign that something is happening.

Baby formula
Kid juice loaded with fructose comes in easy to use disposable boxes. Maybe formula should come in round bottle shaped boxes, these are standard sized and fit in standard sized warmers that warm the formula to the right temperature. Also, the new bottles are disposable, or rather recyclable. And because of this, they are thinner, about maybe 30cm long. This makes them warm faster when the formula is placed in a warming device that is sort of a george Forman grill for the hot-dog-shaped baby formua packs.

Powdered baby formula
I don’t know about you, but I hate powdered liquid milks be they from cows or vegetables. And I think most kids prefer fresh milks to powdered milks. Surely our infants should not be fed this unless there is an food emergency.  Dried and powdered components should not be used in making formula, except for emergency baby food supplies.  All urban communities with an infant population over a threshold should have a fresh formula business. The dried formula is of course perfectly safe and nutritious. It is just that the fresh formula is easier on little stomachs.

Some twins studies
1) Does vegetable protein in formula harm our kids?
2) Does condensing milk help?
3) What animal milk is best for human babies?
4) At what point can children be safely shifted to formula?
5) How much less powdered formula do babies drink?

Give me tips
I must have done something wrong of had some internal contradictions.

The fiefdoms
All fiefdoms owned by the servants of Ishtar are technically mine to do as I want with and I am taking all of them back to give to the host like all of your other ill-gotten wealth.  You will all stay on and work hard until the handover.


Let kid run intellectually
Kids should free to skip ahead in school.  If the kids are smart and really motivated, let them blaze ahead in their studies. But they have to get a 66% score on the level they skip to.  Also, this approach is facilitated by the new way to do a school system that I propose.

The top kids matter more
It is more important that we stimulate our best so that society can have the smartest leaders.  The harm done to the others for not making it into the top 10% is neither large nor important

Private studios for top students
To raise a generation of scholars, give your teenagers their own private rooms if they get top grades, and as long as they get top grades.

Point flashes
When a EVID (= educational video) makes a point, it should have this marker and a flashing of the summary point in writing, before they talk about it. It should be possible to flip from point to point.

Autonomic speeding of E-media
All ubiquitized and widely viewed E-VIDS must be in 3 properly modulated speeds.  It is not any real trouble for producers to do their educational presentation in 3 speeds (that can be jumped between.

If practically nobody finishes in the slow speed, then the producer will know to make an even faster fast version.  If practically nobody finishes in the fast speed, then the producer will know to make an even slower slow version.  

Bottlenecks and overall speed
Maybe it is not so much the overall speed of the information exchange.  It seems that the bottlenecks are more important: the parts where people get stuck one something that needs to be explained better.  There needs to be some sort of numerical analysis of where people get hung up, and where they switch to the slower versions.  Anyway, call this branch of education Impartology.

Hunting pigs with dogs
If you are into anthropology, you should watch this. Does this happen before or after the arrows?  Were the arrows more to protect against men than to hunt animals?

“When we disguise ourselves from others,
We also disguise ourselves from ourselves.

Exotic food was big in ancient Rome
There is this thing in China where people think it is cool to eat exotic meat and fish, just like the Romans.  I think this is clearly and obviously a bad thing for the environment.  This is something that really should be ridiculed as cave-man-like, and proto-human for as long as it exists.

 No more dumping garbage in the ocean
This shall be prohibited by international agreement.

No coal burning in the cities
This should be curtailed everywhere, especially in the biggest cities.

Coal smells better China
Are people burning especially dirty coal in the US and Europe?  Have people been tricked into burning the dirtiest coal possible?

You in Iran
I see so clearly how you still worship the spirit of Arab enslavement of your people. Muster up.

My church
You don’t do service to my religion by praying, or listening to men interpret my message.  You do service to my religion by earnestly participating in my democratic god mechanism, and by respecting and favoring those who it elects.  This is how we cooperate to go upward and become more god-like.  And it’s a whole lot better than listening to some pedophile thumbs-man repeat what his master the devil makes him to repeat.

Everyone has corrupt traditions
Everyone’s religious traditions were edited by Ishtar to further the cause of Ishtar, even the chosen Haremi.  Whatever religion or ideology you believe in, it has been corrupted by Ishtar: be certain of that.  My message is not corrupt. It is straight from the horse’s mouth.  Hopefully, I can get everyone to throw out the old corrupt religions and follow my new incorrupt religion.  Hopefully, I can unify the world under one universal religion for all, with everyone going in the same direction.


Places to core for ancient communities
1) Vesuvius, looking for the city that came before Neo•polis.
2) Where the Thames and Rhine met on the continental shelf.
3) Istanbul and Troia/Kumkale.
4) Rome.
5) Judaea and Lebanon.
6) Mesopotamia.
7) The coast around the Mer Cadiz sphinx.
8) New York.

Post-theism and science
The ideas are totally compatible.

Let me judge their acme
I want the leadership all cleaved and working for my agenda.  Let me award ubiq status to up to 50,000 people.  This will help me to maintain unity of direction among the Brothers, and drive them to one and all throw in to ending Ishtar forever. The world will also get 50,000 good deeds done for mankind.

Now I may run out of slots, so I may ask for more repeatedly.  However, at each request, the UM can judge and elect whether my awards were warranted or not.  Also, I must point out, each award of Ubiq status I give is a top person from the other side converted through contrary action. Also, by having such a large number of people it makes the award into something that is much less likely to be a potentially deadly burden to them should something go wrong.  

One’s tweet history should be searchable

Give up the old ways
You must all work within the new system, honestly and without cheating or combining.  And rest assured, I will be among the first to charge all cheaters and combiners.

John 3:19
Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

The world must understand
I tried to spread my message on thumb drives, but nobody would listen. I went to Dallas airport and  various places in San Diego and Berlin.  Finally I posted it on the internet.

If it goes well, treat them as equals and slowly build your trust in them. If it does not go well, then don’t treat them as equals and do not trust them.

No more lies
This time, everyone goes, and the Arab cause/ curse dies and you all merge with the rest of the world.  However, Senate sirage will actually be what keeps Ishtar from ever rising again. It will simply not be able to keep up intellectually with the bigger breeding network.

Fatter double  glass
My experience with proximity and cold things makes me skeptical about the idea that a 1cm spacing is adequate for double pane glass.  I think the spacing must be more like 10cm.  This distance should also help improve noise insulation as well.

How to make me rich
Give me an end of war everywhere, and peace on earth.  Give me an end to hunger and human desperation.  Give me a world where people compete to help humanity. Give me a safe world free of crime.  Give me an international high speed rail system, and new rail-based townships to enjoy in exotic places like atop of the karsts of Krabi.  I don’t want a palace.  What I want is to see in real life how I imagine the world could be like.

Ishtar hates Socialism
It hates how trains are over 50x cheaper and more efficient than personal automobiles. It hate that it’s host will have enough urban land. It hates that there will not be a shortage of money for industrial investment. It hates the idea that people will drive less as a result of free internet. It hates that transit will be free. It hates vaccines and prenatal care for infidels. It hates free quality education and inexpensive automated college education. It hates car sharing, and even car renting. It hates safety nets for people when they lose their jobs because it loves their desperation.

I am told there is this 7,000 page message going around. It takes days to grasp, but I am told it is beyond description, it is such a leap for mankind.

Putting the fix in will be a felony
Conspiring to restrain free trade, or rigging a system will be a severe crime going forward. Every one of you must be honest.  And people may be inspecting your post revelation activities years later and holding you accountable.

The world is for people
It will no longer be run for the benefit of:
1) Wasteful Ishtarian feeding “meccanisms”.
2) Non-human fictional citizens.
3) Pre-theian gods.
4) Unlimited habitat protection.

Geothermal power has been sabotaged
What you think you know about it has been totally altered.

Dumb•ocracy and dumb people
There are smart people everywhere. It is just that in some places there are many dumb ones too.  The new 555 democracy will be much better make sure that only smart people are making decisions for society.

Why immigrants should go back
We have this world where the best people eternally leave certain places. And while this is good for the places they go to, it is bad for the places they come from.  If we the rich and free nations of the world want to help the world, we should encourage people to come and work in our nations, but after some time, they should be encouraged to take their earnings back and help industrialize the poor nation they came from — unless it is inhospitable.

Compass nations and immigration
Mankind needs compass nations dedicated to freedom. So, all of the compass nations have a duty to freedom. They must be careful about immigration, and to only allow immigration of good people. This duty is more important than their obligation to help people. Also, If we want to help people, we should train them to fight so they can go back and take over the corrupt nation they came from, and bring liberty, and justice there.

Look ahead some generations
In matters of immigration and demographics we must always look ahead some generations and extrapolate the trends we observe today.

How to cause another Dark Ages
If we flood our democracies with even 10% poor dole collectors, their emphatically parasitic agenda may take over the leadership of our nation.

Throw them out of society
When people commit heinous crimes, it is better that they stay away for a very long time in a more comfortable working camp than they spend a shorter sentence in an uncomfortable prison cell and return to society.  Murderers, unmitigated rapists, unprovoked violent assailants, firearm robbers, and the like should go away for a very long time in a work camp, rather than serving a shorter time in prison.

Did I omit the Jews?
I hope nobody thinks that I omitted the Jews.  I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that they should leave the yellow leaf Jews alone. These are the eternal victims of the green leaf Jews.  They are as innocent as the yellow star people who were killed by the Nazis.  The other ones, the green Jews, I consider them as Arabs.

The new cities will be so inexpensive
1) The apartment casting plants will each output maybe 2 or 3 dwelling units per day per employee. So the structures will be super cheap.
2) These will go on 6m gauge heavy duty train lines for delivery throughout the nation, so there will be total competition and delivery will cost little.
3) The units will stack up many stories.
4) There will no longer be any urban land scarcity, for locational premium.
5) People will not use personal vehicles because the trains will be faster and nicer and cheaper and the townships will not really support personal vehicle storage.
6) The units will cost 1/3 as much as today relative to your wages.
7) There will also be no need to own a personal vehicle.
8) So life is about to get really easy for everyone. And your money will not matter much soon.

Buy and assemble goods
All user assembled goods should have an assembly time, maximum box weight and total weight

Truly ending it
We are ending the divide and merging humanity.  You are no longer supposed to cooperate with each other. You are all blending away and joining with the outside world. The ways of Ishtar and all the Mideast prophets can no longer be practiced.

Everyone is part of the one
We are all, all humanity, the one, together, and it just doesn’t work any other way because of Metcalfe’s law applied to breeding populations.

My main command
Muster up

Clothing in the 1970’s
When I was young, many people stopped wanting to wear new clothes, and stopped caring much about expensive fashion. I think we could use a whole lot more of this in society.

Did Joseph MENGELA have a matrix name?
M•IN•G•AL•A=idea•in•G-men•towards•upwards. This was the secret code for the best women, who were sent to the Harems to be breed mares. The Harems want twins because it is more efficient for breeding.   

Government more efficient
There are just so many things I see in government which I think should be do-able at half or a eighth of what government pays with some minor modifications in the specs.  Instead of being a system of burdening our collective efforts, government activity will be a place where our Senators compete to lower cost while they also compete to raise quality of shared service.

Senate facebook pages
The Senate will reward any discernible or even theoretical increment with Senate status. And status will go on a person’s landing page, and all their contributions and all the Senate status awarded to them too. And it shall be wrong to have any diminishing modesty about this.  It shall be the right thing to be proud about one’s contribution here, not insufferably proud, but proud any time the subject is raised by someone else.

The millenial falcon
It was piloted by An solo.

Status is yes/no for breeding
I want to caution everyone on narrowing the human breeding network by giving more to the sires of the greatly distinguished.  The most distinguished UM over Senator’s sireage should get no more Senate benefits than the person who was once confirmed to the Sub-Senate.

Offspring oaths
Parents should be allowed to execute binding time oaths with regard to their offspring.  They can make binding oaths on how many hours per sweek they will spend with their children until a given age.

Frank Herbert, Dune
“Major flaws in government arise from a fear of making radical internal changes even though a need is clearly seen.”

Frank Herbert, Dune
“God’s command comes; so seek not to hasten it. God’s it is to show the way”

Frank Herbert, Dune
“Did he predict or did he create? 
Prescience can be deadly.”
[Lets not forget what can happen to your prophets.]

Socialized child services
Society should offer to take over as many responsibilities of are realistic for conforming children. It should offer to keep kids in after-school activities, it should offer first rate baby equipment shared sequentially. It should offer free children’s uniforms, free basic healthcare for kids, full access to a great public library of learning materials. And when kids are making great progress in their learning, they should get many perks, official perks imparting status.  And parents are not supposed to give much to their kids. This way, having conforming kids are no financial burden, and many kids grow up more driven to achieve and get make a good life for themselves.

Baby sleeping baskets
These are upside-down stainless steel baskets that hinge to a cover, the baby sleeps on the inside of the cover and the basket protects the baby fro crushing.  These are part of the government’s infant package. They are sterilized for each kid.

Lighter baby car seats/ carriers
The frame of these IS made from a stainless wire frame made on a wire bending machine. These are made in 3 different sizes and have standard styrofoam inserts. The shoulder straps each engage separately with the crotch strap.

Prescription SKUs as double check
All prescriptions should also have a 3-part sku: Drug family XXX + Drug individual + Dosage.  Both the description and the sku must match.

China distorted
When I look at Chinese demographics, I see a nation bent and distorted towards living by the ocean in lands that were probably acquired by Mideast Inc. for nothing at some point in time.

You have these wonderful and perfect small hill areas. You could have the most beautiful towns here. They might cost a bit more to build, but if everything but the foundation was cast in a factory, it will not matter.  you could have the most beautiful hill town townships.  

Shoebox construction and earthquakes
The 100% prefabricated shoebox bottom sort of construction I propose can be almost totally impervious to causing earthquake deaths. The structures will not tend to collapse in earthquakes, they may rupture along planes, but they will practically never collapse.

Earthquake evacuation
If you live in an earthquake zone.  How long does it take for you to get out to the safety point?  If you live high rise with a shared path to the safety point, how long does it take to get there when everyone is going at the same time?

EWE = earthquake warning & evacuation
QAKE WARNING TIME = how much warning time the earthquake warning system will give you at that location.
QUAKE EVACUATION TIME = how long it takes to evacuate for an earthquake.
TSUNAMI WARNING TIME = how much warning time the tsunami warning system will give you at that location.
TSUNAMI EVACUATION TIME = how long it takes to evacuate for a tsunami.

Seismic warnings
For the safety of the public, phone spam must be ended. There also must be fire-alarm warnings that will play through a silenced phone. These will be poly tonal to describe the risk and the time to act.

Everyone should know
Wherever the seismologists are worried about a large earthquake or tsunami, all rooms must be posted with their evacuation times and warning times. This certainly will not harm our efforts to prepare for the next epochal lyse, whenever it will come.

Modesty = mode•easti
The very word is a matrix term.

Modest people = those who go along with the mode•east, or the way the Mideast wants the world run. 

Participation modesty = a person’s willingness to just sit and listen without participating in a conversation.

Skin modest = When a person does not display much of their skin.

Flirtation modest = When a person does not display that sort of interest.

Material modesty = When a person does not display expensive things.

Modesty good and bad
To my mind, participation, skin, and flirtation modesty are not good characteristics in females. Material modesty is however a good thing for both sexes.

DELIGHTFUL is from dei•light•full, or full of the light of goodness.

Sections worth mentioning
The sacking of Judaean Arabia
Rome’s import crisis
Plague and poisioning
The timeline

Cholesterol malnutrition
What is the harm of giving one twin a high cholesterol diet and the other a low cholesterol diet?  Also, what is the harm to having 200 pregnant women eat 3 eggs a day and another 200 eat no eggs.

Cholesterol and magnesium
This is what I burn up.

Cholesterol and anti-depressants
What percent people on anti-depressants don’t need their meds if they eat 1 egg three times a day?  How much does increasing dietary cholesterol increase one’s overall cholesterol level?

Walnut and pecan mold?
Any psychoactive goodies in walnut mold? Maybe that is the real reason why walnuts are supposed to make you smart.  They are called we•al nuts. And pecans are peh•ak•ans.

A simple rule for a much nicer world
If a woman says “I have to go”, the man can’t delay her departure, or follow her, or she can report him.  This is so important to making women feel safe enough to talk to men.

Child molestation
I think there are two ways that children are touched inappropriately when they are young. One way is to molest their body, and the other way is to molest their spirit. When I see a church, I see this building where people bring their families, their young impressionable kids to be touched in both ways by the priests of that religion, men frequently chosen for their tastes. That is what I see when I see a church.  I say this, because whatever the religion says, this tends to happen. And it happens everywhere that churches and priests become rich or powerful.

Garage apartments
Given that we are all committed to making the jump to self-driving single-wide cars, and that we are trying to encourage people to share these, we will also allow everyone who wants to convert their garage to an apartment.

Developed people must rule
Do not allow too many people to come to your nation from the world’s underclasses or they will destabilize your democracy.

Icebox homes
The walls and ceiling are made from 40cm SIPS. This rests on an ordinary concrete perimeter foundation. The floor starts with lightweight concrete “pier” foundations at say 3m on center. Into this foundation goes a post with roots to spread the floor load. Between the posts is a styrofoam floor of many 30cm thick. On top of this, and into the posts is poured the floor.  Thus about 99% of the floor is insulated to below and the 1% bears on insulating concrete.

This is a house with a large thermal mass in the floor that is totally insulated.  The large windows all have say 20 or 30cm thick, tight sealing shutters. 

If it is nice the night, you can open your house to cool it and there are two tight-fitting high wall fans for this purpose. If you want to warm the house in the day, the roof is made from metal and the hot air inlet is from many points under the metal roof. Also, the floor can be mopped, or perhaps hosed to make it cooler.

Seeing your self as a family line
The Haremi really don’t want the rest of the world thinking of itself as a family line. So they discourage this wherever possible.  But this is needed to make the human enterprise rise.


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
[At the end of the first matrix film, Neo became a computer/mind virus that jumped into the Smyths maintaining the matrix and infected them. After this, they could not stop thinking about the new matrix programming.

The world should note the doors in Rome
Today, all over Italy and particularly in Rome, people have these impressively thick and strong doors and shutters. If people are keeping food stores in their homes, this is probably a good feature to design into our townships to some extent.  And perhaps some townships will have

Proofreaders please
I will say it again, my work is an unedited manuscript.  I would divide it up into maybe 40 parts and have a team look at each part and make suggestions for grammar, discrepancies, omissions, logical errors, inflammatory words, omissions.

Jesus was hidden away as a boy
The Br•gen is the child, not the mother.  And Jesus was the br•gen, not Marry. They hid him away with the animals because he was super smart and had to be protected from nocturnal Ishtar which is always so quick to extinguish any source of light.

Closer and closer
I imagine that thousands of years ago when Ishtar began, the people of the Mideast Nexus were by far the smartest in the world, and the people they encountered at the periphery in say France were dim and ignorant.  Over the millenia, that difference has steadily shrunk.

A mental network
The way I see it, the intelligence of our individual brains is multiplied by the intelligence of our group mind. So the internet has rapidly erased perhaps half of the difference at the periphery.

There is nothing so easy,
That it can’t be made difficult,
For going against Ishtar. 

What is our junkie priority?
Is it preventing overdose deaths or reducing the number of addicts? Is it that we only care about new addicts, and once people become addicts, they are lost and can just go die?  And how many new addicts balance out with one overdose death?

Junkies need to be taking properly measured doses to prevent overdoses. This will save many lives.  However this will cause a minor increase in users because the activity will be safer.

What is our junkie priority?
It is reducing the spread of needle diseases, not in making it more difficult for out of their head junkies to inject drugs in a clean way. Give them sanitary injection equipment.

Guaranteed dosage
To pretty much wipe out Mafia heroin, all society has to do is offer guaranteed dosage and provide safe equipment to those who already have a habit. Also the fact that nobody is making money on junkies ruins the availability of the stuff on the illegal market. So it becomes much harder to get illegal opiates.

Conflict of interest
Opiate sellers can’t sell any other recreational drugs.

The drug stairway
There is this theory that marijuana is at the bottom of a drug stairway and alcohol is not.  This is absurd.  What is not absurd and little talked about, is how heroin addiction is so frequently at the top of the stairway mixed in with much more harmless drugs like LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The ultimate 70’s freedom statement
It was to become a junky. It was saying that you don’t care about achieving, or the future, or anything but right now.  What a matrix illusion freedom and enjoying life can be!

Who should make junkie policy
The people who make policy about junkies and work with junkies should have tried it at least once.

High cost makes opiates worse
Clearly, if there is one place that high cost is obviously not making much of a difference, it is with opiate addiction.  Why then do we subject these weak people into victims of “get-money-or-else”.  And really, who can be so dumb as to think that cost will have any impact on the number of addicts there are.

The right way to tax drugs
In my world, the drugs are free in terms of money.  However all license holders will have to pay with their time, watching anti-drug videos.

No privacy for hard drug users
The flip side of the free drugs deal is that you as a recreational opiate user allow your use to be public information.  Honestly, I think with the daily max-use junkies, we might make them watch propaganda under monitoring for a few hours a day.

Killing time until your next fix
This is what your life becomes with junkies.  You will just want to distract yourself until the time comes for your daily 2-hour artificial thoughtless bliss, and the following 4-hour high where all you want to do is savor how good you feel.

Early enterprise and discovery
We should constantly tell our kids at school and in the media that they should try to have their own business.  Why not?  And we should have business classes repeated at all levels.  And when kids start successful enterprises, or publish some fresh idea, they should be considered as the real prodigies, more than the encyclopedia minds.  

Don’t waste time.
Make something of yourself.
Be the best you can.
We should constantly tell this sort of thing to kids at school and in the media.  Why not?

I have one objective
I rub the lamp of promentheus and only need to be heard to make my wish.

Creating the postheist god
You know what the REAL word of god looks like?  It something that makes the world better. That is all it is.  There’s no god yet, it is just a shared spirt, a sentiment a vague feeling shared by many people.  Our job is to figure out what that sentiment really needs and wants and to bring it about.

The end of news personas
Nobody should “on air” for more than 3 hours in a teneth. Those who read words prepared by others or spoken by a fictional citizen can only be “on air” for 30-minutes in a teneth.

I don’t want to be a media persona
I am maxed out for mental reach. I am too uninhibited, too undisciplined, and too reckless. I will make many mistakes on camera. I will say unintended things.

This is how it comes out
When I get high, I  day-dreamthis stuff.  wander from this construction to that one. When I shift to a new subject, ideas pop into my head.  I write them down like this. It was much more effort to organize my thoughts than to get them out.

I am terribly lost in my thoughts
By conventional standards I am a middle-aged madman lost in his thoughts.  I spend perhaps 80% of my waking time at a keyboard typing words like these about a fantasy world.

Enjoy the freedom!
When it is hot, women are always free to wear short shorts spaghetti tops.  And this is so everywhere on earth, especially in the prior hijab areas.

My government
Imagine governments that were as smart as their smartest people, instead of dumb to the point of plausible deniability.

If we could only work together better
How poor we are that we can’t all work together as a species.

Is anyone out there?
Please send a small group to talk to me and tell me what is going on. Your envoys may approach me on the street with this news.  

I want to know who is in it
Touch your head or face with one hand and then the other, and then the first again.

Asian style cooking is better
It is obviously much better to cut your food up into pieces before cooking it. The European style exists for no other reason than to have knives at the table — An artificial practice added to help temper lead to death for more infidels. The Asian way is far better.

You have to try harder
When people settle as exhods, they are expected to work harder to be welcomed to the community and become treated as part of the comunity. It is just the nature of the process.

Abstract art and copyright
Copyright protection is definitely not right for art as abstract as say Rothko and Pollock.  Where the line goes should err on the side of non-protection.

SEARCHOLOGY = describing something so as to make it fully searchable. This is a group effort. 

MAMMAL is a blid
It is a Meme•al or a creature that gets the idea. A mammal is a man that gets the idea.

Search and tweeting are god functions
The main network belongs to everyone.

Facebook and the delivery system
These also belong to everyone.

I take control
Do I have to say, I take control of it before you will act?  Here. I am saying it, I take control.

How video games make kids dumb
Imagine if Junior did nothing else but play games and he got older and older and finally, there he is 15 years old and unable to communicate.  Between 0 and age 15, there are about 88,000 waking hours. How many will you spill playing dumb video games. Get a life.

How to reduce bad media use
The Senate ARS classifies media, and when it finds compulsive game use, or compulsive video watching, it runs PSA spots to get the user to stop watching and get a life. These ads are probably worth hundreds of times more for society than the revenue from product ads.

What if ads were all Public Service Announcements?
Imagine that people were constantly bombarded with constructive, motivational and informative ads, instead of ads for cars and fast food.  What a nice world that would be.

Noise reduction in brains
The Internet today is so full of noise and spam. This problem must be fixed before the internet can function in any way like a brain.  There really needs to be an objective way of measuring the true group spirit and telling true knowledge from noise.

Pattern poetics
There is this one-volume encyclopedia on Architecture called “A pattern language” that was assembled by a group of U.C. Berkeley people in the late 1970s.  I consider this book to be the most important book I have ever read on architecture. But there is something else to it. The method of understanding architecture as a poetic interplay of overlapping patterns can be applied to most of reality.  And thus I found this “pattern language” method was an excellent way to organize my thoughts with respect to designing the world.

Great men and their belmishes
We must forgive our greatest men for the minor indiscretions, the fistfights and stolen kisses of their youth, or society will suffer immensely for it. It is too costly a thing to worry about. 

Time to be kids
I don’t think kids need time to play video games, or watch TV. The meme of time to be kids is over-rated to absurdity.

Tech and child supervision
The more they interface with a terminal, the less it matters who is supervising them.

If school was fun
I would not have minded spending all day there.

Indoor bike routes
Perhaps the ideal township had indoor paths, perhaps the service droids go on the same indoor paths. These continue some distance beyond the ring road.  Or perhaps there is just a total oversupply of taxi carts.

Google memes
If we are going to tweet memes, we should have searchable libraries of the most popular ones. People should be able to Moom down through to the smallest search rootlet.

How much insulation is best?
R-2 = 50% savings
R-5 = 80% savings
R-10 = 90% savings
R-20 = 95% savings
R- 50 = 98% savings
R-100 = 99% savings
R 20 fits in a normal 10cm (4”) wall, R-100 is 5x as thick.

A slight inflation fever
This is how i look at the wasteful discounting practices of so many merchants.  What an economic nuisance this is.

I presume VPN
Until further notice I will presume this website is a sort of VPN.  If you wan it encrypted, please say so.

30 insights a day
That is like one insight every 20 minutes, 10 hours a day

No insider trading
Not only will it be obvious, but if too many people engage in this, it will run things for everyone.  You guys can’t all run out and make insider trades or have babies.  Building stores of necessities is OK, but no trading on advance knowledge.

Dial down the hatred worldwide
How much money does each sicarri stabbing spree cost your people? You know, if you had 100 of these, it might not only completely shut down immigration, but it might also produce mass deportations. So 100 stabbings might cost say €10-billion to your cause. Therefore each attack is worth perhaps €100-million from your cause. You need to put out the world (inculcation style) that the violence must stop— that each act costs sets back the cause and cancelled out the efforts of tens of thousands of people, and that they run the increasing risk of a universal expulsion.

Make some imams of peace into big shots. Give them big rallies in many cities with immense turnouts from both sides. Let them explain the problem, and more importantly, let them halt the problem. Also, they can start a kindness and ambassadorial movement where all the believers are supposed to be extra nice as ambassadors. This is all in combination with collapsing oil prices and rumors.

The roaring 20s
You guys are going to play the part of FDR prior to the war, ramping up capacity before everyone else is on board.

Why is the economy suddenly doing so well?
1) low oil and commodity prices.
2) Interest rates still cheap.
3) Robot workforce going 24/7.
4) People are saying that a sort of manufacturing utopia is becoming a reality.
5) The follow-on is: People are asking why we have poor people on earth with such abundance. They ask why not lend the poor parts of the world money to buy tools?


How I understand the lyrics of the song Imagine
Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today
(able to enjoy their life because of all the material wealth.)
Imagine there’s no countries
(eventually this will happen)
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
(no corrupt organized tax collecting religions)
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
(Imagine that possessions don’t matter because everyone has all they need.)
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Oroboric by nature
Behold.  If you worship Ishtar, you worship a thing that eats its own people to be stronger and go faster.

Your matrix
It is not that nobody could think of anything better than Ishtar. It is that Ishtar prevents challengers. See the song Rasputin by boney’em.

Big brother is a real thing
Today, Big Brother is only in its juvenile and benign state as Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Exxon, the New York Times, the Whitehouse, the supreme court and other things.  But rest assured, Big Brother will eventually be turn bad if we let it.  These non-democratic institutions are all as lose cannon on your ship of state. They must all be democratically secured.

Big brother is real and it lives today.  Big brother will mature and turn ugly. You all need to start looking at all of these powerful non-democratic fictional citizens as a way for your nation to be manipulated by outside forces.  This outside force wants the world to live like in 1984 so that it can enslave your nation economically and all of its people in one go.

Most are slaves in one way or other
Throughout history, the Mideast has always sought to enslave the outside world. All societies are enslaved to some degree as entire societies (viz: petroleum) However some societies also have individual slaves as well.

Roman roads
The Roman military had its own smooth roads, the famous Roman roads we still find today.  It is important to understand that these were like military bases and only for the use of the military and government. We must also realize that this was a world where there were no other smooth roads. So the Roman military had this system of roads with smooth paver tiles on a thick layer of sand on a 95% wasteful foundation of giant river rocks a meter or two thick. It was a totally sabotaged design. Not only was it hugely expensive for no reason, but the top was fragile paver tiles and needed constant and expensive repairs for the road to remain passible.  If the pot holes were not rapidly repaired, the sand would cause them to expand rapidly with passage.

The roads were super smooth tile glide-ways that enabled the Roman army to rapidly move all its heavy equipment on wheels. You see at the time, the Roman military was the biggest most well armed military in the world, much like the US today.

Domestic trade moved on a different road system that was probably as impassible and dangerous as could be gotten away with.  The primary difference is that the military helped Ishtar profit, and domestic trade harmed Ishtar’s profitability.

The Great Wall of China
It isn’t a very effective defensive barrier, but it’s a fine trade wall.  So if you want to grasp China’s enslavement to the Mideast, look at the great wall. For this is China building a wall against trade from the north.  Why build a wall against trade from the north unless it’s government was totally in the hands of the trade from the south people.

The great wall of Rome
Rome was guided into occupying the part of Europe bound by the Rhine and the Danube.  And like with the Chinese wall, it was mostly an Arab trade wall. The way it worked was that people were forever expanding into the dangerous “frontier” areas outside this barrier of rivers.  And rich Mideast traders were always coming having babies with them (the “Hermanduri”). These they would be lead into terrorizing the Romans.  Then the Romans would respond and depopulate the area that was leaking food into Rome in violation of the Mideast grain embargoes. The Mideast would also get lots of slaves to sell.  So the Mideast house of war was the cause of the endless warring between the Romans and the barbarians.

Barbarians and slavery
Many people were enslaved totally by capture in war. Their side lost and they surrendered and legally agreed to be a slave in exchange for the Roman army not cutting their throat.  For centuries really the Mideast sold Europeans as work and sex slaves.

The Roman slavery matrix
The Arabs convinced the Romans that they were being humane buying lots of smart and decent looking migrants as slaves, and then letting them earn their freedom. It was either this, or the mines for them.  And on the slave side of this matrix illusion, the slave thought, oh yes, thank you for sparing me from the mines, I am soooo very grateful to you that I will eagerly do anything you say.  Meanwhile, who was making all the money on this matrix reality?

Greek and other slaves
Whenever there was a war, there was always a flood of slaves from that place, as well as the normal Greeks, the Greek speaking Mideast harem spawn that was always a part of the mix. The dumb ones, the liability write-offs went first to get rid of them. These normally became sex toys for rich Romans.


If Iran mustered up first
Most unjust government might collapse like what happened  1989.

New prophet, same punishments
The harsh punishments are not a thing of the prophet, but of a race that is all in it together.

This is a society where everyone in government is monitored by the people, rather than the other way around.

Name everything
And have no-erase wikis for ideas on that subject. And don’t worry about naming t

Technology = teach•new•logi = teach•new•words

You cannot remain apart
That is the problem, because that turns you into a parasite, or a debilitating slow-killing cancer with its own separate agenda. You must merge now.

On the downside, the semitic races will cease to exist as separate population. But on the up-side, you will join with the rest of the world and you best will have more than your share of children, although your worst will have less than their share of children.

The healthcare cost explosion
If no regulated, healthcare costs will just grow and grow due to the nature of health.

The marginal improvement curve for Healthcare
A limited number of conditions afflict men and cause early death. As time goes on, we will reach a point of diminishing returns. This also happen with treatment costs.

The big tradeoffs of 20 years hence
It will only take working 2 days in 6 to get by, and working 4 days in 6 will pay off an apartment in 15-years. At that time the big tradeoffs will be between Senate child benefits, research, terra forming, and healthcare. Most everything else will be inexpensive in comparison.

The economy for respect
Our wealth economy has been breaking down for thousands of years.  And when it does evolution stops working, and societies go down the toilet.

Now we will have a new sort of economy to replace the money economy.  This economy will be the economy for respect due to public contribution. This will enable mankind to pass the wealth barrier and to drive many men on by paying them things that are beyond the power of money in a free society.

L-units and V-units
The L units are perpendicular to the street and everything is at 90°.  V-plans are at an an angle, the V-angle. Start with a 45° V-angle as the standard and then add other standard angles if there is market demand.

I confess that I am a hoarder
I hoard ideas and I hoard .coms. I would have done something earlier about the .coms except that I was busy trying to assemble and market my ideas.

Live lives matter
Dead people don’t really matter.  Especially when they died decades ago.

A starting point
My systems should only be viewed as a starting point. You don’t have to have legal abortion, or legal drugs, or my ages for consent.  You just have to start your Senate with them. That is all.

Starships don’t dip
Imagine the “Enterprise” was hovering about 5 meter above the ground, and we put 1,000 people all at one end of the saucer section. Image that they all jumped simultaneously and that didn’t budge the ship at all.  That is how I see my democratic design. It’s internal drive mechanism is so powerful, that it is impervious to outside forces.

The big picture
Mankind evolved this seperate leadership race  with its own agenda. The smartest one from that race (me) decided to stop the separation.

My message, not theirs
I both grew up and wrote my message with nothing more than the vaguest hints from their side. They had no input at all until the work was done.

Make way
Everyone, get out of the way, and if you can get behind it and push

To end a war, focus on future prosperity, not past evil.

Still struggling?
What are you struggling for exactly?

What is your struggle for?
What is the purpose of your struggle?

Ephesians 6:10-18
“Be strong in goodness and in its mighty power. Wear the armor of god [goodness, this is like captain America’s indestructible shield], so that you can stand firm against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rules, governments, and powers of this dark [hidden sh•te•our] world and against the spirit of the parasite’s evil ex-pull.”

Ephesians 5:8-13
“You were once darkness, but now you are the light of the Good god. Live as children of light, for the fruit of the light consists in goodness, right•deus•ness and true•eth  and find out what pleases the Good spirit shared by men. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, and everything that is illuminated becomes a source of light.” [Ephesians 5:21-33 is Arab propaganda in favor of monogamous breeding for their Christian host society.]

Ephesians 2:14-19
“He, our man of peace made the two groups one and destroyed the wall of hostility. He set aside the Mideast law with its commands and regulations. His purpose was to create one new humanity out of the two, thus ending their hostility and making peace… Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household”

Ephesians 6:5-8
“Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect, sincerity and fear, just as you would obey Christ. Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.” [To me, slavery is always evil, and the Mideast has been the main slave trader throughout history. So this looks like it was added adulteration from Ishtar so its Christian slaves would fetch higher prices.] “And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with him.”  [Go easy on the unchosen harem spawn we sell to you as Christian slaves.]

Live to work or work to live?
Do you enjoy serving evil Ishtar, or do you only serve Ishtar because you must to survive?

Recording transactions, crime and honesty
If there are no real fungibles and we record all transactions for 50-years, this certainly withers crime by making stolen property really hard to sell.  It also makes bribe money hard to use. It also makes drug and prostitution, and gambling money hard to use.  And if every person’s accounts are all linked, it makes it hard to squirrel away money. Also, this is a world where the courts can just view a person’s account and levy fines and payment judgements on the spot.

I would hope my work is rapidly translated in parallel line by line translations.  Don’t worry about accuracy. That will come later. Just do your best. I hope they are all ready, especially in Arabic, Farsi, Korean. But don’t forget Chinese, Hindustani, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian and the other big languages.

Pat Sajak
“One of the (many) odd conceits of celebrityhood is the notion that the ability to sing or tell jokes or portray other characters somehow qualifies one to tell others how to vote.”

REPENT = re•peh•n’t = saying over and over again that you won’t do something.

MUNCHIES = a blurd for the MN•Gs, the thinking•big

PET HAG = a person who has turned to helping pet animals instead of people.

Ishtar is a demon
People love their gods and worship them freely.  They hate their demons and only worship them because they fear them.  The Mideast worships a demon that it respects, but hates. If you want to be free of the Mideast’s ways, you need to end its demon of desperation.


Ephesians 5:21-33
[This is one of the passages the Mideast added to the testament to install strict monogamous breeding on their host society.  They did this while their best men have many children.]
“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. 
Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church and Savior.  Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, [virginal] without stain, wrinkle or blemish, but holy and innocent.  In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. And he who loves his wife, also loves himself. After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church— for we are members of his body.  ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’  This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.  However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”

Architecture and junk
The cavernous and oversized Barcelona airport is junk. It is an excuse for government overpaying for airports so that energy efficient air travel (relative to driving) can be more expensive. This is not architecture, this is junk.  The Gaudi apartments are not junk, they are architecture.  Scale (relative to people) is a thing that most architects get wrong, especially in public buildings and places that exist to impress. To my way of thinking, impressive architecture should pay a national luxury tax whether it is owned by an individual, a fictional citizen (corporation, bank, church) or by a local government.

Pregnancy related cosmetic surgery
Plastic surgery on the front of the torso due to child birth, should not be taxed heavily like ordinary plastic surgery, but it should be lightly taxed.

Passport levels
Except for nations that export trouble-makers, wealth  is more important than ethnicity for international travel. We should change the way we do passports. Also, perhaps everyone’s criminal convictions should appear on their passport.
AID PASSPORTS = passports for those with wealth under whatever international level.
MIDDLE PASSPORTS = passports for those with wealth under whatever international level.
INDIE PASSPORTS = passports for those with wealth over whatever international level. These will never need.

VHC = Voluntary Homeless Registry
The homeless should be able to register and hospital bracelets showing how they are not criminals, and also show whatever was the cause of their homelessness. This might be mental illness, a drug, low IQ, or recent release from incarceration.
The must check-in every week for their bands which cycle from week to week in day-glo colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. The old bands are taken back when the new ones issued.  They check in with Senate appointee volunteers who meets the homeless people in the government’s co-working meeting space that is free for official business, registered junior businesses, and other aided micro activities.  The homeless also sit and watch maybe 1-hour of motivational media each week under eye tracking. Then they get credits to buy homeless MRE meals.

Sireage, not migration
The human genome is about to get quite mixed, but this should mostly be from sireage, not migration.

One world, one people
The world will hopefully become as one nation with one race.  Never let it become two, or you risk bringing Ishtar back to life.

You have to take it
If the Senate awards you money, you can’t donate it to charity, or talk about having donated it to charity.

I don’t need anyone’s money
I don’t take sponsorships or appear for paid advertising.  Also, maybe all solicitations for celebrity advertising should be recorded, as well as the counter-offers and the final deal.

You on the outside
Send a message to the people of Ishtar.  Say that you have found your true voice now.  Set them all up and you will heal the cleft in mankind and end Islam forever.

The Arab deficit
All the the things I give the host do not add up to the value of what the host is giving you. So I have to give away pretty much everything to get the one thing you absolutely need.

I will favor no side
I just want to do the changeover as quickly as possible. And you will all have to forgive me, I don’t think material wealth matters, or a couple years of working overtime is as important as killing the Ishtar demon.

Off label medical
There should be no off label use of medical tech or pharmaceuticals without approval. If you want to try something out on a human being, make a proposal to the Senate As far as manufacturers being responsible for the misuse of their products, such an idea is not only unfair, it is economic suicide.

Thailand moved
Come with me and build house casting factories. Come and live on top of a karst in Krabi. Or atop Koh Samui in maybe 30 transit-connected townships, up at about 550m where it is almost 4°C cooler day and night. There are so many highland areas in your beautiful nation, don’t live in Bangkok, in the jaws of death.

Penang hill
Penang Hill, about 750m up, where it is 5°C cooler than. the daily highs here are extremely consistent and run about 27-28° and the lows run abut 17-18°C.  The way I see it, Malaysia has this Hawaii-like micro climate, and it doesn’t use it. Instead, you live in that KL that is more of a hot interior climate place than a high elevation one.

The real monotheism
It isn’t whether you believe in one gods or many. It is whether you believe in one god or two gods.  If you believe in two gods (Call them Ishtar and El) you believe in parasitism.  If you believe in one god, you believe in a unified world. This is the real monotheism — this one world, one agenda for all mankind group spirit.

Can we change Mankind’s spirit?
Can we all at once change out minds? How come it is so difficult to change a group mind? Didn’t we do this after Pearl Harbor and September-11?

Yondu’s arrow
This mythical arrow races around piercing everyone through the heart.   “Oil is going to be on the floor for decades. First, there is a glut now, even with Iranian sanctions, which will only worsen market conditions because the Iranians can’t hold out for high prices once they get the sanctions lifted. And there is that big Canadian pipeline that is already built and has not yet open.  And free city transit is catching on.  And people are starting to really balk at the CO2 theory.  And just around the corner is safe networked cars. So people will not need giant safe cars any more. So fuel demand will then shrink like the cars by 75%.  Meanwhile, on the other side, there are too many people in the Mideast, and today the population is 4 or 5 times what it was before 1973. They are saying that the leadership really screwed up, and the whole world hates us now thanks to all the terrorism. Apparently, according to the history books, the whole Mideast is going to become like Syria.  Meanwhile the US called is using its military to deal with the Guatemalan caravan and attitudes to immigration are totally hardening at exactly the wrong time.”

Hire the immigrants
While government must favor citizens over immigrants of all sorts, I want to encourage the people to hire immigrants and foreign workers.  Just make sure that they are all legal and not a danger to your nation and its peace.  That is all.

Gambling on my big changes?
How many people have died or had awful lives recently because of Ishtar?  And here I am talking mostly about the people in it. What about the Iran Iraq war? What about operation desert storm in Iraq? What about Syria and Afghanistan and the wars in Africa. What about the all the death on the outside of it?

Ok, so maybe lots of people die now.  I don’t think it will happen, but lets say it does.  It will not go on forever. It is like the junky who stays hooked all his life because he is afraid of the pain of withdrawal. Both are addicted to a bad and costly habit.

High IQs
IQ ———— Deviations ——— Rarity
115 ————1st  —————–– 1:2.5
130 ————2nd  —————– 1:50
145 ————3rd  —————––1:1,000
160 ————4th  —————–– 1:20,000
175 ————5th  —————–– 1:400,000
190 ————6th  —————–– 1:8,000,000
205 ————7th  —————–– 1:160,000,000
220 ————8th  —————–– 1:3,200,000,000
235 ————9th—————––– 1:64,000,000,000
If you have an IQ of 240, there might be one of you alive today. If you have an IQ of 260, it might take a couple centuries to get one of you. 

The new prophet and the number 3
1) There were three kings that came to the new prophet’s birth.
2) The new prophet was one of three forms of god.
3) The true prophet will bear three great rings of truth.
Memes 1 & 2 are famous and probably blids, or blurring ideas. The totally obscure 3rd meme is probably the real one.

Multi-task me
If we have to wait until the world is ready,
then you should not leave me in stressful limbo.

How I want to hear from you
Tweet to me. Each of you bros can send me up to 10 tweets of up to 280 characters plus a title (although I might use say 500 characters).  I will read them in order, but may not finish your tweets if I don’t value them. Everything you say will be recorded under your call name.   I intend to use these tweets to both improve my message and find who is smartest among you. Those of you that I feel I can work with, I may use for various purposes and delegations.

You can help
There is nothing wrong with seeming to help me with editing now that the message is complete.


Prophecies about killing Ishtar
Nobody has ever completely petrified Ishtar before. Nobody knows.  However, the risk is highest at first. After a couple months, the worldwide improvements will speak for themselves.

Why do the most loved die young?
Steve Jobs, Bobby Kennedy, Robin Williams, John Lennon, Bob Marley, and An•toni Br•dei’n on 6/8.  Hopefully if we kill the jealous god of the Mideast, that will stop.

Killroy was here
Making his list and checking it twice. Anti-kal laws is coming to town to kill all your kings.

Robert Pirsig
“The pencil is mightier than the pen.”
[If you worship the truth, nothing important should be written in stone and everything should be open to review.]

Robert Pirsig
“The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.” [Keep and open mind, answer the door.]

Robert Pirsig
“You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They know it’s going to rise tomorrow. When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any other kinds of dogmas or goals, it’s always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt.” 

Economic gravity
It’s not mastering physical gravity that is important to humans. Far more important is mastering economic gravity (high urban land prices). It is just a huge waste of economic energy, and now we can eliminate it by properly engineering our communities and transport system. Also, on another level, super-smooth, robot-adjusted steel rails will enable us to master real gravity, flying at near airliner speeds with little drag and no energy spent on staying aloft.

Broad democracies judge
The Ishtarians will not be judged by individuals but broad democracies, and this after they have mustered and propagated and taken control.

Wealth couldn’t buy a holocaust pass
If you talk to the old people of eastern Europe, they will tell you how there was this widespread belief among the Jews that if they were rich, they could always buy their way out. They talk about how it wasn’t the rich jerks that survived, but the “Pianist” types that were helped because of their humanity. What I am trying to say is that there are many vitally important things that exist outside the money economy, particularly in a war or crisis. Here I repeat something that should be a mantra among all the PU side: “Money doesn’t matter, moving the people and ending it does”.

TOIING = trading on insider information
Beware. The world will be different under real democracies. The disorganization will retreat and the long arm of the law will be much smarter, more powerful, faster, and able to reach more people at once. Also, the spirit of pro•men•theus will probably rule over the laws, especially for my omissions.  If you have been living in a $900 apartment and you run off and rent a $3,000 house just before the big bang, you will probably not only lose the house, but you may also be charged with a new crime like toiing, or ishtarian conspiracy.  

No cheating
If there ever was a time when nobody should be cheating or getting any advantage on the group Mideast cause, it is now. It is just like after the battle of Ac•tium, and everyone is fast becoming totally desperate. No cheating, and no toiing.

It’s a good way to get rid of the crooks
It is sort of like one of those operations where Ishtar leaves lots of money on the table to test loyalty.  The world may get rid of lots of organized crime types.

It should come out on a Friday
My message should out after the markets close.  And the world markets stay closed the next week while people have a chance to digest the information. When the markets re-open, then you trade like everyone else. To do otherwise is to insult the goodness of those allowing you to call it off.  Also, you can bet the losing side of all toiing transactions will file a complaint.

After the markets open
You can as individuals can transact, but you can’t conspire to lean the boat here and there.  This will be considered as Ishtarian activity and severely punished.

The fall in oil prices is encouraging
Finally I see signs of action. I hope there is no private toiing going on, or being contemplated.

Divorce options
Quite a number of men have the option of splitting the possessions and playing alimony forever, or giving the ex-wife everything and starting over. The latter option normally costs less, unless the guy is old.


Baby protections
triple penalties for crimes against babies and baby mommas, and for theft involving baby prams.

My directories are compressed
I didn’t want to have too many downloads, and formatting 7,000 pages as website seemed a big and unnecessary delay.  So there are 7 downloads. To my mind the text files should be organized as follows. They are copied or downloaded as one, and then are opened as many files.

Most people will have real estate to pledge
Thus most people will have access to credit. There will be some real bargains at first.  And people will be allowed to barter some share of their real estate at “market” mortgage bond rates to other people. This means whatever the market the Senate makes for this type of debt.

The true prophet will return to the Mideast
There are legends or prophecies about this. It means that the true prophet will be loved by the Mideast.

Al•A’s new prophet
Ask around if I am A, said like the A in AHA and the A in Allah. Ask people if my message is A = the smartest. You in the Mideast who worship Al•A, the best, the smartest version. Who is the true prophet of Al•A now? Who best speaks the true•eth?

A world more Hawaiian
In Hawaii, most people don’t want to work so much or so hard,  and people are not very ambitious.  So people who work hard are normally valued and paid well in Hawaii. And many people are dark, so it is pretty easy for an Asian-looking exhod to pass and mix with people. I guess what I am saying is that we are going to now make the whole world less eager to work, and at the same time they will not hate you nearly as much any more.

2,000 pound pumpkins
They are rare, real rare, and they take nurturing, but they happen.  Men are the same way, the giants are rare, the biggest ones not even happening in many centuries.

The power of rapid conversion
When a new guy comes along with a better way, if nearly all the people who know about it say it is absolutely the way to go, then the rest will defer.

We really screwed up the Marshall Plan
We should have rebuilt the whole world, not just Japan and Europe.  And we should have conditioned our aid on these nation joining in and passing the favor along when they could.

Dear Mr. fundamentalist
Before taking action against me, I only ask that you wait a little while to see what the consensus is. Also I ask that you consult your religious leaders about what what you should do. Let them guide you on whether I am the Mahdi or not.

My role
I don’t want material wealth.  I already have much more than I can use.  I don’t want to command men as a leader because I believe in democracy. What I do want is to fix a broken world and have lots of offpring. I don’t want an official title, and as far as being owner of the Mideast’s slaves, I see this as a purely honorary title which I will eagerly assign to the adoptive host nation as soon as they take the people.

I imagine that I will help debug the designs for the democracy, the railroads, the townships, the carnet and other things in my message. I ask for no special powers except the power to defend myself from unwanted contact, including paparazzi and media coverage.  Please do not distract me with this.

America is a nation of hard workers
Each nation should state its own official statement wether it is a live to work place, or a work to live place. If it is the former, all things being otherwise equal, it favors small business over everyone else.  If it is the latter, it all things being otherwise equal, it favors consumers over everyone else.

No more rewarding stupidity
No bailouts for people who live in flood zone housing now that the world wakes up to the true risk.  If you live in a flood zone, you gotta earn your way out.  You can stay there a couple decades, but then you gotta move. All the dangerous flood zones must be curtailed.

A world without lawyers
What sort of utopia could possibly have personal injury lawyers?  What about realtors, and commission salespeople? What about homeless people? what about desperately poor people on the other side of the world?

Scarcity is evil
Scarcity causes desperation which causes evil, so scarcity is evil. It is time to eliminate scarcity so that all mankind may live under the group spirit of goodness.

Eye tracking tech
If it doesn’t exist for readers, someone should make it. And it should report to a bbs, so we know that everyone talking about something in the Senate has read all the required material.  This is an important aspect of an informed democracy.


Transport interchange
Shown above is a 90° intersection for a grid city.  This is the hardest interchange to design because of the 45° bend required at the interchanges.   The heavy lines are main train lines that have multiple stops on one line.  The thin lines are township trains that just go back and forth between two stops all day long.   To prevent congestion, there are no facilities at the interchanges except emergency services.

Interchange detail
The reduction of walking distance and fast entry/exit from trains is key to maximizing the interchange value of a station.  For this end, it is important that the high volume main trains are all parallel and synchronized.  The township trains are not parallel or synchronized.  The general flow of pedestrian traffic should be in one direction, say clockwise, although people can merge their way through diagonally to the center of the station.  Approved cargo bots that anchor may also be allowed to use the human transportation system.  Also, these drawings are illustrative and schematic and the whole things is probably a bit more spread out.

The trains move on pre-fab H-viaduct. This rests below the frost and soil movement line on steamrolled class-2 base. the bottom of the viaduct segments may also have a spread foundation. After the viaducts are placed, they are “steam-rollered” by a special heavy vehicle that rides their edge and vibrates them down.  Then they are filled with alternating lifts of compressed soil and concrete as shown. This is to stabilize the contained soils and the soil to the viaduct structure so it has one-piece weight to restrain the fast moving trains in a panic stop. The top of the viaduct is sealed against water and to prevent flying dust. This also provides a roadway for maintenance vehicles including track adjustment bots. These track adjustment bots are flat shaped and thus can operate with trains moving overhead.  They may also use a rail or grove for stabilization, so they do not blow away when a train moves overhead.  Either that, or we will ride our vehicles closer to the ground because of the energy cost of the drag of higher vehicles.

Track and train close-up

(A) H-viaduct

(B) the adjustment bolt
This raises or lowers the bolt into a threaded sleeve cast and anchored into the concrete viaduct.

(C) Rotator flange
For rotating screw-out robots to adjust. The robot turns a screw on the end of an arm and this turns the rotator flange thus raising and lowering the track.

(D) Free spinning sleeve.
The bolt has a larger diameter inside the sleeve and cannot be pulled out from the sleeve. The sleeve is welded to a T-bar bracket as shown in the detail.  The entire bracket is screwed into a bolt hole in the H-viaduct.  The top remains stationary, while the bolt is screwed down to establish the right elevation for the track to be set upon. Then the rail (or bolted welding flange) is welded (by robots) to the brackets. The brackets will be made both straight and with a few different standard slope for bends in the track.

(E) T-bar top
This is the plate that is welded to the (F) thermal coupling explained below.

(F) Thermal coupling
If welding the brackets to the tracks causes the tracks to warp, then a bolt on coupling is called for such as the one shown here.

(G) I-beam track
During the heyday of railroads, the steel in the tracks was many times more expensive relative to the gravel and trestles. Nowadays the steel is much cheaper relatively.  This leads us to a much better design for railroad tracks using much larger and heavier tracks.  The design shown here might only have rail supports one every 2 meters.

(H) rolling wheels
The big wheels we see on trains were because trains replaced horse drawn carts on unpaved irregular and rutty roads.  At the time, people had trouble imagining that a vehicle rolling on super smooth tracks didn’t need big wheels.  To my mind, the wheels of the new trains will be maybe 25cm in diameter and 20cm wide.

(I) guidance wheels
These will be maybe 30cm in diameter and 5cm tall. They will roll horizontally on the smooth web of the track and may even be pneumatic due to the light loads and redundancy. The guidance wheels press outward from the train against the inside web of the tracks.

(J) Braking wheels
Light braking wheels in the (I) position are applied at the top of the track and are positioned at different location along the car. Panic braking wheels go in the J area. Both wheel are maybe 30cm in diameter. The panic brakes might use either brake pads or spline teeth.  The braking wheels press outward from the train against the inside web of the tracks. Thus they can be applied with many times greater loads than tires on pavement. Thus they could be designed to stop trains at up to 5 gravities of deceleration.

(K) Pneumatic tires
At the interchanges, the cars will decouple and self power at maybe 15-20kph. They will all be the same, and they will have pneumatic tires at the same precise elevation.  At the railcar interchanges, where the railcars de-couple and re-couple,  the pathway at the top of  the viaduct will ramp up to a precise distance from the rolling surface and this will cause the pneumatic wheels to lift the train off the tracks a bit (but not out of the rail web.  Then the trains will be able to drive out from their rail channel. Then they will come to a large paved donut area.  There they will drive on paving to their proper track.  Then they enter that track and the track wheels take over powering the car. And all this is robotic and super smooth and the people sleeping in couchettes are not supposed to wake up from the motion.

(L)  Horizontal stabilization screw
This counteracts the force of the brakes and guidance wheels. These are not attached to the I-beam.

(M) Noise flange
Entirely schematic.

(N) Top of H viaduct web

Spread car trains
The township trains will capable of coupling and decoupling at speed.  They may start out at the interchange as one coupled train of cars. When they reach the first township the first car will decouple and the rest will continue on. When they reach the second township the same thing will happen, and so forth until all cars are at their respective township. Then the fifth car will depart and then the fourth and so forth. Somewhere after the first township they will recouple at moderated speeds, and then they will all move at up to say  ≈300kph to the interchange.

Township buggy circulation plan
Right below the township station, maybe 3.2m down, is a buggy livery. These network operated buggies are shared and weigh maybe 300kg. They are either electric or perhaps powered by compressed air. The circulation pattern notably has no dangerous and time wasting intersections.  The “roads” inside the ring road do not allow vehicles except slow-moving child-safe delivery and service vehicles during the day.  Everyone living/working inside the ring road is expected to walk.  The outer roads may continue for miles.


Mongolian beef
Maybe it isn’t a dish as much as it is a blid, to keep people from thinking about using this place for beef, buffalo and sheep. You in China, make sure that you use at least 75% of this land for appropriate livestock. And you in the other northern nations, if you can’t find enough people to husband your flocks, then you have to bring them in.

Teach kids to write rules
We should teach your kids how to write rules so they are fair.  Put them in lots of circumstances and get them thinking about what rules are needed. Also show them to imagine a world where certain laws did not exist and what happens.  All this will help them to respect the law more.

Keep language education practical
Kids should not be taught fiction or fiction writing in public school. All public school language skills should be directed towards things political, practical, or otherwise useful.

Public education
Government shall not fund education in frivolous things that are not practical or clearly useful for society.  

Squandering our poetic abilities
Our poetic abilities are much better spend with poetry in design and engineering, than words. One is totally useful and the other totally useless.  So If you are going to teach any poetry in school, it should be design poetry rather than word poetry.

Homosexuality in ancient times
Both Athens and Rome became quite gay just before they fell. Might there be something for mankind to learn here?

Yondu’s arrow in the Mideast
For Yondu’s arrow to really pierce the heart of the Mideast, keep talking about how populations are up many fold since you started the whole oil scam.

Don’t forget to have a huge celebration.
We have a huge house warming party so the spirit of joy and new beginning suffuses everything.

Which future is this?
Here we see Gryph (Gryphon) a character dressed for winter like a kook, a character that is nice but powerless. He is fundamentally a propaganda blid (blurring idea) to make fun of a sensible way to view predicting the future as a limited set of possibilities. I also like Mr. Spok’s method of handicapping odds, because I just ignore his precision as mind-bending propaganda.

I can’t tell which possible reality I am in. Is this the one where I show a brilliant new future, and the “men in black” all take time to understand, and then time to decide, and then reprogram the matrix.  Or is this the one where I must do a babe the pig and get the matrix sheep to follow me directly.  Or maybe it is the one where I am mad and dreaming a giant personal delusion. Maybe I am not the only one, and maybe the world could use a few harmless event where most people say, “By golly, the world is getting better”.

Legalize Marijuana
If there ever was a time when the whole world should get real relaxed — It is right before the big message comes out.

We should do something about the desperation in this nation. It presents both a world is getting better sort of message, and it sets up the world for more of the same in other antagonistic nations should they obey the reasonable rules, like Venezuela.


Changing the plan?
I don’t think any group will be able to alter my vision of the world before the new democracy propagates.  Thus my new democracy will sweep the world replacing the old illusion of democracy and it should mostly be applied according to my plan, unless a fairly measured majority of the Over-Senate thinks it knows better than I do.

Unstoppable, but deflectable
Whatever happens, the entire Mideast will be de-populated. Whether you all go to live in nice places, or in same sex islands is a matter of how nice all the gremlins get. No more violence everyone cleaves and everyone does everything else their new prophet commands. If you don’t all do it, it will delay and cause more interments.

Once the democracy propagates
Once the new democracy propagates, every change that I propose must be approved by it. Officially, I want only self-defense power, and not even the title.

Over-Senate Q&A
The Over-Senate should have a news feed, and it should be constantly looking at the public questions elevated to it.

An optimal insulator
My money is on the plastic version of 1cm cell bubble foam. This stuff goes in wet and reacts and hardens in maybe 1 minutes on contact with air.

Two-layer styrofoam for heated pipelines
The inner layer is dense and the outer layer isn’t.

Heat/cool metering
Our central heating and cooling will move by mens of hot/cold coolant in super-insulated pipes.  The metering of this fluid is how heat and cooling use will be calculated in townships.

The cooling plants will be on the east side where the prevailing winds blow inland and away.  The city might be 5 or 8 or even 11 -stories everywhere, considering the natural strength of the cast concrete shoebox structures we will build with.  The city will also have parts down the side of the hilltop for the spectacular views.

Not just quiet in libraries
People are supposed to be quiet everywhere, especially where people are living.  They are not supposed to yell on the street, or play music, or make contact noises, or announcements, or bounce basketballs while walking down the street. Also, all commercial areas where people live should not be used for loud uses like live music, or late night drinking.  And the definition of near by is when people can hear it. This is one of the most important things we can do to make people live closer together where society is more efficient.

Sp. Oir•os = hear•mouth,
Sp. Ojos = eyes
Sp. Oyos = graves

A new town in Krabi 
I would put a town atop the large elevated karst area in the center of the image. This would have no personal vehicles.

A new city near Sintra
In the Parque Natural de Sintra Cascais.  Lovely microclimate.

My kind of forbidden city
I wouldn’t want a giant house. I don’t like living in large spaces. I would rather live in a apartment in a really nice town.

Mountains not beaches
Put your cities on top of hills not by the beaches.  Be safe and be cool in summer.

Keep the markets
It is just that all the issues need to be re-issued as new shares.

Mustering and propagating videos
Could someone please make these so even the illiterates will understand how the process works.  And make them in every major language, especially Farsi and Korean.

Broad democracy video
Can someone please make this for how the democracy works and the various aspects of the rules.

Any other problems to solve?
I am out of problems to solve. Can anyone suggest some more?

Home maids and home landscapers
These should require a luxury tax of maybe 30%, unless they live on the premises.  Those who live in a landed family home of less than 4 acres and work doing house cleaning, child care, or yard work and in exchange for rent/food will be considered part of the household and no luxury tax should be paid.

If I was Bali’s government
I would build a viaduct 6-meter rail line at about 100m elevation, in a figure 8. I might have 40 evenly spaced stations.   In the south of the Island, I would run it just above Ubud.  I would also build spur lines here and there to the various towns and town ships both new and old. I would also be sure to condemn the land around the new train stations. This i would sell in strata titles for money to repay the bonds for the train lines.  Then I would also close all the congested roads to all but busses that were free of a user fee. This way people will be able to move around fast and in safety.

Ishtar naked
We see it most clearly in gas chambers of Auschwitz, or in Polish Os•wie•cim=Os•we•sym =Mouth•we•with.  And Auschwitz does look like Out•ak•withs. Here is Ishtar killing its own people.  Tell me why you follow this futile demon?

Forgive a reasonable level of automation accidents
Over 100 people die every single day due to car accidents in the US alone.  Surely we must entirely forgive AVs = Automatic Vehicles when they are no more deadly, and due to the great promise of future safety, we should probably let them be at least twice as deadly if they show promise. Also, all other sorts of automation systems should be forgiven likewise if they cause about the same or less death and injury.

Networking cars isn’t hard
Our current approach to self driving cars as these autonomous “creatures” working with humans is the hardest possible system approach, and this is probably by design.  For my primary system, I would assign every meter of road a key, and have redundant RFIDs every say 10 meters, and track which keys are currently occupied, and which are buffers. Then I would give humans and pets interchangeable, anonymous  transponders whenever they go near a road.  I would also fence the roads a great deal more so that animals can’t get on.

Fenced communities
If people are serious about saving animals, I would start by fencing the roads. I mean, 1.2 million dear a year die as road kill in the US alone. Wake up. To my mind, this is the main reason why humans cause extinctions. It is the unfenced roads.  And if you switch to elevated or fenced train lines, that all mostly goes away.

American grandi-formism
Behold the stupidity of mankind.  We are all driving cars that are 3 to 5 times heavier than they need be. This not only triples to quintuples our energy use, but it also causes traffic.  Why!?  How can we be so dumb as a group?  Maybe it is because our group decisions were hijacked by a parasite with a different agenda. Believe me, we should immediately stop making giant vehicles, and commit to the shift to light weight automatic vehicle.  It will have less than a 3-year payback, not even counting the saved time spent sitting in traffic.

No squatting or breaking in
Squatting does not qualify for the reapportionment. It occupancy must be a legal ownership, advertised or openly presented by the owner for rent, and foreigners do not quality.

Humans and cereal grain molds
From the evolutionary stand point of a cereal grain and its molds, humans are their one and only true love and symbiot. For nothing spreads grain traits, including grain molds as well as people do. And the molds that became totally benign and even beneficial, became the new species totally replacing the rest. And considering the number of individuals per century, there must have been lots of evolution going on here to be of benefit to the humans eating it. Anyway, this is what I consider to be the active chemicals in LSD, a benign seed-spreading symbiot drug.

Eggs before mind drugs
Just make sure you have the cholesterol nutrition so you don’t run out of your own brain chemicals.

It is great to haver a healthy liver
You have so much more energy and you don’t itch. Don’t screw up your liver taking drugs.

The crucible
Do you think a cruci•ble might be like a cruci•fiction? Do you think it might be ex•cruci•ating, or cruci•al.  CRUCI = Core•oo•see.  Let them stop.

ISHTARIAN ECONOMY = where the government, or church, or fictional citizens, or some uber-rich frontmen own most of everything.

EUMAN ECONOMY = where people own everything.

Go back to your work
However much time I spend thinking about a plan, I find that going back with a fresh mind is often as productive as several hours of effort, especially when blind alleys are involved.

No right of black trading
Small transactions smaller than say an hour’s pay don’t need to be recorded unless they are regular. Transactions over this amount must be recorded and it will be a crime not to report them.

 Any time 
As far as I am concerned, my message can be released any time, however I would recommend it after the markets close on a Friday.  So today would be a great day as far as I am concerned.


How kids go to school in townships
Most family townships will be access controlled and the ways to schools (vial the hallway or via outside) are video monitored and the kid’s RFID will auto-place him under the overlapping video cameras for parental monitoring. There will also be a alert button for the 4 parents that are nearest, this way the families can look out for each other or go out if they need to. And all the really little ones will only have to keep walking to get to where they are going. No turns.  And there will probably be a green alert for dawdler or distracted tot intervention… to keep everyone moving along. But the little ones will go on their own to school.  I went to school without an adult at a young age, and I think this is important for the child. I also think we need to fix this huge time sink for parents.  Once at the township center, the kids then either go to school there, or if they are older, they go somewhere else into a multi-township system.

Transponders and alerts
Many people will probably carry transponders because they don’t really think they are of any consequence to Big Brother, but they are worried about everything from kidnapping to simply being approached by men too many times. Maybe they have greed and red alert buttons and the alert has a different icon for tot, kid, teenager, girl, man. Maybe it shows and remembers their ID, and maybe A & V recording is turned on in the person’s phone. Much cheaper and better than police, this is.

No air or noise pollution
The vehicles will all be electric or powered by compressed air.  The air conditioning and heat will be from a plant located miles from the township. Even cooking smells will be drawn away. And people will not be allowed to play music or video that other people can hear.

Kid safe
The family towns will probably all be with overlapping video cameras. And the kids will have transponder bracelets that locate them.  And there will be a barrier at the ring road. And they won’t be able to go into the train station unless their parents authorize it.  So all the inside families can just turn their kids lose outside in the central part of the township.

Kid mail
If they are wearing transponders, then they can be sent to other places. The transponder system alerts security if they go off path.  Thus young ones can be sent around to other townships without worry.  When the youngster has made enough progress in their studies, then they can use the transport system as they like. And this right is between the youngster and society and it cannot be taken away by the parent.

Sabai island
I think it is just so important that our senators get to live in these incredible places, so that the service of society offers things that money can’t buy.  I would put a mid-rise version of this photo in places atop Ko Phi Phi lei. The buildings will be made elsewhere, floated in, and then taken up by train

 I would imagine that many of the world’s Over-Senators will choose to live or stay here. Thailand will profit handsomely from their Senate voucher revenue having such a wonderful place to “sabai” in.  I see some of the ridges and upper slopes covered in town. And everything comes up a standard 6m rail line from the deep water port. This rail line is of course splined due to the climb. It may also use self-leveling passenger cylinders in short cars allowing a variable slopes and narrow turns.

How much would it cost to uber kids?
That is how much walk to school kids are worth per parent per year.  Lets say it is 173 days times $7 x 2, or $2,400 per kid per year.

Infants vomiting
My theory is that this is mostly caused by thirsty babied drinking too much because they are thirsty.  If this is the case, you are using formula dilute the formula a bit and see if this helps. If you are nursing, try drinking more so you milk is not condensed due to your partial dehydration.

Everyone will just defer
First, everyone knows that they have to get their own government into order an that it will take a very short time to propagate a government. After this, all the strange and violent ideas will get heard and note.  I honestly think that nearly everyone will go along with my plan as written and then work to change it within the system… which will be very easy under the new system.

Sensible minds will still rule the world
They may not be bros, but they will no longer let any group starve, or be deprived of necessities, so long as these people obey a 1-child plus policy and stay out of violent trouble.

A balanced and non-gruling diet
As long as a nation behaves and goes along with the new plan, it get a reasonable portion of frozen meat in addition to generous portions of grain, some fresh vegetables and a balanced supplement pill daily.  Those in need who follow the rules get this uninterrupted.

A series of failed mergers
I look at past parasitic feeding as woefully inefficient, terribly conceived, and highly destructive to both host and parasite.  Now you will no longer be as parasites, now you have evolved to the point of a symbiot helping your host, and soon, within a couple generations, you will become fully merged with your host, never to separate again.

Everyone gets rich now
But the outies will have a head start over the innies. The innies will all have to do their labors to move everyone. But everyone will be better off in every way, except when comparing money. Then the rich figurehead innies will obviously lose wealth in comparison to the rest.

The US northeast
Large areas of Boston, Providence, “New Haven”, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimor (Peh•alta•amore) and Washington should not have human habitation due to the tsunami risk.  There are great wilderness areas between highways that are not developed that are not 60 miles away from these cities. This is where we should condemn land for new rail lines and new townships. But lets not do it patchwork style, lets start with a grand and scaleable national rail and city system plan that minimizes mountain crossings (although mountain spurs are fine) and maximizes connections between interchanges.

Water for cities
The place for most cities is away from the coast but in front of the mountains and near a major watershed’s river(s). This way we will minimize our water problems.

Sitting on the dock of the bay
It is a lovely song, but docks are for shipping and trading. And the writer is Ot•us Our•edding. This song is about wasting time. You see, someone is trying to get you take life a little easier so you need more from them.

The speed of though
The new American Main-Senate will have 100,000 men in 10 houses and it will be supported by the million-man Sub-Senate working in 2,500 Centi-Nomes. Everyone will be surprise by how fast this government will improve things.

Graffiti removal
Paint over the spray paint everywhere.

How to reach quickly
Go into formation. Show everyone that the rebellion against Ishtar and Islam is worldwide. Carry paper on cardboard placards that say, “No Islam”, and “Apostate” meaning run-away slave in ancient Greek.  You can also say “no longer Muslim”, and “I convert”, and “I rebel against Islam”. Say these words and other chants.  This will make it real and world wide. And you in Britain, Germany, France and America, the first ones need to be brave.

Islamic fashion 101
This sort of clothing should not exist in normal eu•man society.  It is far too easy to hide knives and even swords.  And today it hides firearms and carefully molded fat-man bombs.  Do you want to live like this? Do you want your people to dress this way and hide weapons. And certainly, nobody should ever dress this way in the West, or wear a sweater, or coat, or even closed shoes with these suits.

Wine countries
I imagine that France will probably amend its constitution to give IP protection for wines. Also, where there is no IP protection for alcohol, the wine will have to be purchased directly, or via a reliable source, that is all. At the same time, there will be no point in advertising or marketing alcohol.  It is like what I am doing for music. A few hundred big names will lose, while tens of thousands of talented guys grow market share and earn a living. In both cases the system becomes much more dynamic by the change.

IP for music
There is no automatic protection for music, but the Senate may bestow this for a time, if it elects. And it may do this for many songs at once.

More and less IP protection
The Senate can take away IP protection for other things like simple illustrations.  Also, the constitution is relatively easy to change.

Sales commissions are allowed
They are simply discouraged by taxation, except when the buyer is not spending his own money. In this case it should be outlawed.

What is going on?
1) Are you guys going with my words?
2) Are you cleaning it up?
3) Are you re-writing it?

Where humanity should focus more
1) Group decisions.
2) Group processes.
3) Group efforts.
4) Scientific methods to determine the truth.
5) Furniture and smaller warmer feeling homes.
6) Virtual com because it is so much cheaper.
7) Free universal education and training.
8) High speed rail and factory made structures.
9) Child development equipment and eduction.
10) Poverty and desperation eradication.
11) Educational media.
12) Serious things.

The 18 minor sins
Working to screw up others.
Being nasty to people on purpose.
Being over materialistic.
Being a bully.
Drinking to excess.
Marijuana for fun.
Too much socializing.
Too much music or media.
Too much self indulgence.
Too much time spent on romance or dating .
Too much time spent on sex.
Too much time dwelling on the past.
Too much time spent on food preparation.
Having the same occupation as a parent.
Gambling when the odds are not in your favor.
Focusing on looks over mind.
Using expensive things to show off.
Not taking care of you and yours.

Crowded with peopel: Great
Crowded with cars: Sucks
Unless we are talking about a festival, or say the most crowded city streets, we seldom find a place that is too crowded with people. What we do encounter over 1,000x more often is a place crowded with cars.

Do our transportation boxes really need to weigh 20 times as much as we do?  What a huge waste of resources.

$5,000/year builds tracks
The personal automobile system is just so expensive between the road construction, road maintenance parking, the cars themselves and the fuel.   You know, $5,000/year times 330-million Americans is 1,600-billion dollars a year.  If rail track costs $5,000/foot to build (and they should not even come close) we could have 62,000 miles of track laid each year for the cost of the auto system. Once we switch over to rail-based urbanism, about 6% or 8% of the cost of government vanishes because rail infrastructure costs about 50x less per capita than a road and tire system.

ESA weapons (every shot aimed)
Having weapons that can fire many shots quickly do not offer a huge tactical advantage over having rapid fire weapons.  I mean, do you put your money on the 40 locals with scoped single shot long rifles, or the 20 invading guys with rapid-fire machine guns?

And when these are high calibre and can just cut through many in a single shot, it should take maybe 10 seconds to fire again. So high calibre ESAs are full manual reload, requiring around 10 seconds to fire again.

These are the arms of the people. They are acceptable for a people to protect itself against both invaders and military dictatorship, while at the same time, it makes crowd shooters much less effective.

MRI diagnosis
The healthcare sluice might want to offer regular whole body MRI screening over a certain age every so often.

If you lied about being a doctor or engineer
There can be no fake experts going forward.  If you don’t think you can pass the Senate’s low-bar professional test, or you don’t want to bother with the extensive continuing education requirements, you should quit your profession within the next 30-days.  Except for charges of having sex with children, there will be aggregation of this information about who quit when.

Can you number it please
Numbering the constitutions was a real time waster and chore.  Can you number the other parts of my message.

Brexit and Ita-leave
Perhaps Italy will be next. It suffers under a mis-priced currency like the poor nations of Europe, while at the same time, it has contributed €113-billion euros more than it has received from the EU, like a rich nation.  I am wondering if this anti-immigrant sentiment will cause Italy to hold a flash referendum to leave the EU as of March 30, 2019. The short time frame is to reduce corruption.  Also if this happens it may provoke similar votes in other EU nations.

Tsunami vs. non-sabotage meltdown
I think the tsunami risk is 10 or 100 times greater and I would begin decommissioning all the tsunami vulnerable reactors like San Onofre at once. But at the same time I would mass produce Atariform reactors where the fuel rods sit on low melting tin or lead blocks. If the reactor gets over the melting point of tin/lead, the fuel rods fall down and away from the core, thus halting the nuclear reaction. This is the ultimate failsafe for a system that cannot fail, even if all the other systems fail. Also, when this happens, the reactor gets decommissioned, so that there is a heavy penalty for the reactor operators.

Truly failsafe nuclear power
I would make the reactor cores from large blocks of machined copper due to its extreme thermal conductivity and high melting point. The pieces have mating points and zigzag surface so they transfer heat well and also so they can’t be improperly set. There are long bolts holding the core together.  There is a control rod array inserted vertically between the vertical fuel rods. This control rod array is lifted out to warm the reactor and because it is hydraulic, if there is a loss of power or functionality,  if falls down into a position where it stops the network effect causing radioactive heating.

There are also coolant channels going horizontally through the core. This is between the vertical fuel and control rod holes. There are a great many ≈8cm copper pipes running through these horizontal holes, thus the reactor pieces do not need to be water tight, and also the pipes can be replaced if minerals build up. Also, this water that is circulated through the reactor stays within a closed heat-exchange system.  And lastly, don’t bother with containment domes, they are a waste of money.

100-car passenger trains in 20-car stations
The trains, which are dead level and gap-less with the platform due to robotic gangways.  They stop for maybe 2 minutes, and then the roll forward 20 cars and repeat. Thus in 10 minutes the 100-car passenger trains can be loaded and unloaded.

Cheap furniture shipping
Note the sign above Kennedy Drug C. Note how personal things were cheaper than goods shipments in the photo above.  It is really important that the shippers not be allowed to discriminate based on what is carried.

The definition of civilization is a blid
Did you learn as a child that:
1) Built cities are a requirement of civilization? This is a lie and civilization began in wood and mud structures that left no trace.
2) Centralized government is a requirement of civilization? This makes group parasitism really work.
3) Organized religion is a requirement of civilization? This makes it easy to command tithes and alter behavior.
4) Job specialization is a requirement of civilization? Thus the harem immigrants can get all the profitable jobs.
5) Social classes are a requirement of civilization?
Thus the harem immigrants can be hiso, or high society.
6) Art is a requirement of civilization?
Ishtar always struggled to make us artistic instead of productive.
7) Architecture is a requirement of civilization?  Can you imagine that the marble in so many “classical” buildings was imported and super expensive,  just like the window wall fittings in so many airports.
8) Group infrastructure is a requirement of civilization (this is real)
9) Written records are a requirement of civilization?  This is not true.

You outies, what are you going to do?
Are you going to start a great war so that you can punish the Mideast for acting out of total desperation, fear of their system and the awfulness of the tradition its people evolved?  Lets just stop the old operating system and load the new one.  And then you can let your broad democracies decide.

Everyone fell for the matrix
Don’t hate anyone for the role they had before they woke up. Even the people managing the matrix had evolved a matrix delusion, a blindness of the truth and a cynicism about the eu•man nature inspired by a focus on rotten history they were the primary cause of.

You are supposed to merge away
If I have succeeded in properly designing the new government and new society, Ishtar and Semitic separatism will merge into the rest of mankind forever.

Bible: 1:47:21
“And as for the people [of Caanan], he [the Pharoah] spread them throughout Egypt.”

Ersatz democracy
That is what you should call the 2nd US constitution.

Rescuing a damsel in distress
Dam•sells are women that were sold, or rather sex trafficked.  It is a very old thing you know.  And the man rescuing a damsel in distress gets a trafficked women out of the brothel Bro•tel she is being kept in.

I said plenty enough to get killed.
I might as well say everything.

We can demand 1-child+
We can all say one child plus, with exclusions for declining races, like in Japan. We can do that worldwide and demand that it be enforced. And if the woman has gone to college, or she is exempted by the Senate, she can have more. But we can demand that a one child plus policy should be implemented around the world.

Desperation is not the answer
We are not going to solve mankind’s problems by causing desperation and hunger and strife and war.

What’s different now
1) Unlimited output.
2) Capped population.
3) Incorruptible democracy.

Tell this to your skeptics
This time the bros will merge away
I know some of you are skeptical of this after 6,000 years of immortality.  But this time it really is different.  The combining of the wise man elections with Senate Sireage and surrogacy will lead to a breeding acme that is easily 100 times the size of your network.  In one generation, the  mental advantage will be gone.

You never tried THIS before
The world is different now due to computerized robots.  Any approach tried more than 50 years ago is open for retrial.

Democracy will not eventually collapse now
Both the conditions and the democracy are not the same.

The world’s largest democracy
What a great slogan.

Concession to violence is a modality
And Ishtar starts using it on our people while people are very young. Believe me, it is a matter of national security that we get all the “Biff” bullies out of our schools.

Pick and choose
Take some parts of my message and not others.  Believe in my religion or not. It is up to you.  However, this is what the guy with the 7,000-page message thinks.

You must surrender
I am the arc of the covenant, and you must surrender to me. All the ones who have read of it will tell you that either I am or they don’t really know for sure.

Help me
Please, everyone, you need to all emphasize how important I might be to the Mideast so I will not get assassinated.

If the new matrix loads smoothly
Do not discriminate at all against the innies, and feel free to ignore my restrictions as your Senate decides is right and proper.

Moses wandering in the desert for decades
This is a lie. It is to hide the fact that the so-called promised land was only 3-days walk from Cairo, or “opportunity” in Greek.

Allowed to leave
And all that stuff about Moses and his people being allowed to leave, They diddn’t dare leave until the Egyptians were weak enough.

The true meaning of this word is when a human disease is intentionally spread as a weapon of war declared or not.

The plague on the first born
This afflicted the best born, the top of society, both young and old.  This was achieved by poisoning the luxury foods as is described in the bible.

10 plagues
Their nature has been changed. I bet all were originally some sort human or livestock plague. And they were probably real, considering the 10 commandments blid that was added after.

Consider the totally obvious nature of those 10-commandments.  One god, no silly carved idols, no cursing god, Sunday-off, respect your parents, no murdering, no sex with neighbors, no lying, and no converting your neighbor’s land, stuff, animals, or women.

7th-day off
What a great way to reduce competition and increase demand for products made in slave factories. Firstly, on 14% of days, nobody works. Secondly, if we used 6-day weeks, and allowed business to operate for 11.5-hour work days, many people would be working the same time in 180-days a year. Thus the capacity of our shared infrastructure would be doubled.

The “Anti-war” supply flood
1) Our governments will loan money to the poorest parts of the world so they can buy labor-saving  equipment. The money for this equipment will first hit the world economy, then the products of this flood will hit the economy.
2) Because there will be no income taxes, taxes will no longer grab ≈1/3 of investment payback. This will cut investment pay back times by around 1/2.
3) Materials and shipping will cost much less, and demand will increase due to lower overall prices.
4) We will build new cities.
5) We will build a new rail system.
6) We will start terra-forming around volcanos.
7) We will boost food output and grain storage.
8) We will relocate a large part of the world.
Thus demand will drive a great economic expansion.

Open floor plans
This is one of Ishtar’s creations. It primarily exists because it wastes energy.  And while it looks good in photos and thus makes an architect look good, it is actually quite expensive energy wise, on top of and dysfunctional for families. Houses shared by people need doors, and separable group spaces.

You don’t have to live like me
This is just the scale that I feel most comfortable living at.  It is actually a bit luxurious for most of the world.  If you want, you can get a bigger place if you pay the property tax.  But be warned, that luxury tax will also be applied to gardeners and maids and home tree services. So the townships are going to be much cheaper, while the old suburbs are going to be only slightly cheaper to live in.

Senate moms will be a constituency
And society will give them all that is really needed to raise children.

I imagine that the baby is laying on this backed cushion pad that fits over a baby seat. I would also imagine that the arced element can can be slid through the plastic part to adjust the slope.  We also imagine an arm like depicted below, holding a large tablet display for baby stimulation media—only much closer little one can see it.

The nature of the Senate alters mankind
Combined with Senate pensions for Over-Senators, our leadership is totally aligned with the interests of those they lead. They will want nothing but to help. They may selfishly want this for the benefits and status, but every one of their acts will be the best they can.

Overwhelmingly brilliant
Say that it is “overwhelmingly brilliant” and  “makes more sense than anything I have ever read before.”

Pollution and scale
All non-urban pollution environmentalism stems from an innumeracy about the world’s true scale relative to the harmfulness of pollutants at the implied concentrations.

Call it the panda message
That is the Peh•an•da = say•rebirth•give message.

Seymore’s new machine
A new unproven mechanism for feeding the Mideast.  A huge risk! I can imagine the cries. But is it really such a risk?  The new government must feed and provision you, or industrialize you. I think it is an everyone wins solution for the world.

What will the cumulative effect be?
1) Properly priced currencies.
2) No more debt.
3) No more fear of inflation because the Senate will be able to flate all debt.
4) No more unreasonable fear of inflation because Ishtar hates inflation.
5) No more high energy prices.
6) No more interest on the National debt.
7) No more mortgage payments.
8) No more investment stiffling income tax.
9) A more efficient government with a realistic number of elected managers, and overseers.
10) Realistic liability for screw-ups.
11) A legal system that favors principle and disfavors hired-gun legal experts.
12) Nationalized mineral reserves given away free to anyone who wants to cart away the ore to be used or exported.
13) No more monopolists or people who restrain free trade for profit.
14) An end to Ishtarian saboteurs.
15) The elimination of road traffic.
16) A peace dividend.
17) A peace of mind dividend.

The hate that is man’s real problem
It is’t the hate that causes men to say things, or even to strike another, it is the hate that says, I want to kill anyone from this group of people. That is the hatred that must be banished. Focus on that.

End male conflict selection
It is barbarian.  From now on, we have a much better way to select the best males.

Government statistics
On the first of every teneth the national and each county government should publish detailed morality data, showing all causes of death as a pie chart that has special categories for smoking, obesity and alcohol related deaths.

I underestimated twitter
Pithy written remarks are a great way to have a discussion board with a great many participants. I bet all of our regulations are going to be written in a way that has no stupidity and no loopholes.  Wouldn’t it be such a great thing if our government regulations were the best thing anyone can think of.

What is
Is it a booking website for overpriced stays in people’s homes (all for charity). And maybe it is also a site where people help out elders, and victims of disasters.

When you lean the boat my way
It will move like a cup leaned off the table, only its direction will be up to infinity, not down.

Is the sial extra-terrestrial?
Is sial coming up anywhere? How is is fundamentally different from the sima other than in composition? Maybe Earth passed through Atelanti’s debris field and was totally “encrusted” with the spray, much more than the other planets. Maybe life originated on Atelanti and was transferred to earth.  Crazy posibility huh?

When the good die young
Be hyper aware of this, for this is one of Ishtar’s early strengths.  If this is going on, then Ishtar lives.

Corporal punishment
No non-parent may strike or physically punish the children entrusted to them.  Not even the grandparents and the uncles or aunts or siblings, not any priest or teacher, or head teacher, or school administrator.

Forms of child abuse
1) Teaching them to hate other groups.
2) Teaching them that other groups are sub-human.
3) Telling girls that they don’t need school.
4) Interfering with children going to school.

What I want
1) To debug and featurize my democracy, my god mechanism.
2) To have many children.
3) To work on building a few new cities.
4) To ride a 500kph train from Lisbon through Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China and Thailand to Singapore, then to Seoul, Alaska, Canada, Texas, Panama, Brazil, and all the way to Buenos Aires.

No debt, no taxes
All the debts are gone, and there will be no taxes until the Senate imposes them, so for now, all goods are to be sold without sales tax and all income will be tax free.  This way the economy restarts with a bang.

Write down your thoughts
It is a really good habit, more valuable than psychotherapists in my mind, and much less costly.


Borrowed or paraphrased text
If someone else’s writing snuck in, it was firstly because my work stared out as an anonymous message. I am pretty sure that this is only a tiny part, and not very important.  I might also have accidentally confused someone’s work as mine after I copied it to use for quotes, or to comment on.  I think this gets caught by writers with editors. Pardon me, my work is 7,000 pages long, I was in a hurry to get it out, and it is not edited by anyone else.

Why I am in cash/treasuries
It isn’t because I think this is the way to make money, it is because I can’t imagine trading based on my message.  Besides, I will suffer the capital reapportionment just like the Ishtarians.

Jean-Claude Junker
“Those who think that, by rejecting the deal, they would get a better deal will be disappointed.”

Bid for this message
What if the Senators had an account with a certain fixed level of approval units that they could award to BBS/twitter comments. This would probably have no value in the real world but would be the coin of the Senate for rising in status.  I say that this is not a good idea, and that it is a corruption of your democracy.  If you do this then single issue minorities will bid everything and get their messages elevated. One Senator, one vote is the way to go.

Meetings purgatory
Maybe this will help:
1) The primary group communication system should use tweets and attachments.
2) The use of physical meetings should be avoided.
3) Except for team leaders, the person calling the meeting does not get to decide when to have it or whether it is over.
4) All meetings are recorded to reduce talking.
5) People can get warned and fired for calling too many meetings for dumb things or asking too many dumb questions at meetings.

Old databases and computer systems
If they are over 16-years old, they should not be reprogrammed or adapted. You have to start over again.  And I don’t know, maybe it should be 12-years.

As little time as possible
It is not just markets and exchanges that should be open for a short time. Auction houses should also only be open for a short a time period — as short as reasonably possible.

The income to asset prices disjuncture
What a strange wold we live in today. Our economy has grown so computerize and robotized, but asset prices have bizarrely inflated much faster than our labor. Strange. This should not be possible.

The first lie of Arab-style Christianity
Your best men need to have many children, or your society degrades towards idiocracy.  The degree to which all the women lean to monogamy over this is a degree of victory for the Arab struggle to reduce your people so as to better dominate them. The first lie of the Arab Arch’em•ides=rule’em•ideas is that monogamy is better than if your best men have lots of kids. Unless this happens, the poor will always out breed the rich and mankind will degrade towards idiocracy.

Of Cohens and cones
A  cone is the thing each galley’s captain held to shout orders. They still use the term today, only it has been blurded into a cox swain, or cone sway’en. Basically they lean the fleet with cones-men.

Adopted harem kids
All the smart ones get placed all around the world to grow up.  The smartest ones get placed in the best place they will fit in.

What do you guys believe?
I really wish I could know what you guys believe, and why you are doing what you are doing.  Are you “Robbin Hooding, stealing from the rich to feed the poor”? Are you “saving the world from your the worst elements of the Mideast”?  What is it? Is it “just the way the world works”, or “We had no idea it was this destructive”, or  “We don’t know why, but there were always voices saying to hate outsiders” And many people said, “the host’s wealth is our poverty, the more you suffer, the more there is for us”.

Self-cleaning apartments
You arrive, you take one bedding and towel pack.  You make your bed.  Then when you leave, you clean the counters, toilet and sinks and sweep up, and put your sheets in the hamper.  You bring your own gloves tho, the maid/host comes every 3-5 visits and washes the sheets and towels, the apartments are much cheaper.  I bet there are lots of people who would opt for this if it was a thing.

Commission salesmen not needed
I view commission sales people as an expensive arms race sort of thing that produces nothing of true value. On top of this, it increases cost and is also a big source of corruption among the purchasing enterprises.  Once some people are paying people a sales commission, then many businesses find that the need to do it too. My idea is that if we tax them a bit, then most of the commission selling will go away and those businesses that truly need them will continue using then.

Diversified flour milling
Perhaps no miller should grind the flower of more than 200,000 people.

DUBAI = 1. A term for the city of Dubai, the “Jewel of Ishtar”. 2. The stupidity and futility of Arabs for building their big new city in the world’s largest tsunami funnel. 3. A term for any jaws of death city built in a tsunami funnel, or near a volcano, or in some place that suffers particularly strong earthquakes, like Southern California.

Protecting your descendants
Make sure you look at things the right way.  Now that everyone will be out from under Ishtar’s thumb, things are different.  Everything I take away from Ishtar protects everyone’s descendants and keeps the world safe. Lets make sure we can all look at things in the right way.

Nearly all corruption is Ishtarian
No identified source of government corruption should remain unless it is minimized as much as is reasonably possible. This goes for all parts of government including the judiciary.

A terrible memory
I go to so many places in my mind… I am constantly exploring here and there, that I forget many things.

Afraid of it
I was afraid of something, some force as a kid for what happened to me.

I am still afraid of it
But it is more important that my message get out.

My message is finished
I am finished for now.  What must I do to get you to let it out?

Al•A sent a new prophet
It is very simple, Al•A sent a new prophet because mankind has developed to the point where a new prophet was needed.

Lobotomy = al•obo •tomy=to•way•cut
This is cutting the brain of people who get in the way.  It is related to having a “bored” face.

If it drops dead quickly and peacefully
The ones that help me end it, especially the ones in important jobs that fully cooperate in ending it, the ones that cleave quickly and definitively, the ones that have peacefully lived among you for over a decade, the ones that went to top schools and can pass the appropriate verification tests, the ones that were not living on public assistance… If Ishtar drops dead quickly and for the most part peacefully, let them live where they were and only put the new exhods in the countryside.

The Shah’s big expensive party
1) I would not want to be responsible for a big expensive party while the people I lead are going hungry.
2) Twice I have been a victim of outrageous party bill scams.
3) I don’t believe in expensive public parties for a man, or giant pictures like Saddam Hussein had.

What they said about the Shah
[On a different topic, we find at 1:09:50:]  “God almighty sent Moses to destroy the King who blasphemed and strayed from the righteous path. And showed us that we have to enter into government and politics and topple all the Kings of our age. If we are decisive we will be successful. The hand of God is with Muslims who are united and speak as one.”
[1) It is ironic that this is said was said to the Iranian people, because they are perennially in the role of the Egyptians, constantly losing their first (best) born to their Arab masters, the followers of terrorist Moses.
2) All Mideast religions are so vague that they can be interpreted and bent to support any political agenda.
3) Beware religions that call for seizure of government, for they are as evil as the Arab front government running Iran into the ground to exterminate its own periphery, so the center may breed larger, so that they may breed someone like me.
4) Islam strives to be as one with one united voice and agenda, it only pretends to be disunited.]

I don’t want to be king
I actually find the title offensive. I don’t want to be a powerful leader. I don’t want riches.  I don’t want to own the candy factory. I just want the world fixed.

Meat byproducts
The rich nations of the world should consider certain meat byproducts and low value parts as a thing of food aid. These should no longer be used for pet and animal food. Prohibiting the sale of ground meat products is done for both public safety and so the poor have meat to eat. Besides, you would not eat these parts if you knew what they were. That is why they are ground up and accurately called meat.

Ham = man
Hamburger = man burger
Hamburger is what the starving Semites called the ground meat given out during a famine. Hamburger is also what people will eat if a 1984 police state ever comes to pass.  So beware the eating of ground meat.  Don’t eat meat that wasn’t ground by a person eating it, or in front of the people eating it.

A-mart is merging
A-mart is merging with Z-mart and together they will monopolize all the world’s output… as well as its consumption too.

No matter who you are
Ishtar will die now and everyone will go to the other side. Make sure you are on the right side of the Ishtarian cleft.  All your descendants will be on the outside.  So nothing will protect your descendants and keep them safe like a real democracy.

Auditors with time machines
I bet that so many cheaters get caught that 90% just confess. Don’t cheat. If you cheat, you will probably be deemed to have cleaved in the wrong direction. And don’t say you were not warned.

Retroactive loophole closure
If too many people take advantage of a loophole, you can bet it will be closed.

Short term rentals
My work was written for rapid circulation.  Short term rentals should not offer any rights in the capital reapportionment because the message has been out so long.

JAKARTA = J•ak•art•a
This is the money that a nation pays to its capital that is not returned,  but disappears in countless ways.

DC = dissipation and consumption
This is the term for the percent of tax money wasted by the decision making and administrative system.

A police state brewing next door?
If you can’t have it in America yet, struggle for it in Mexico.  It is a national security problem to have expensive illegal drugs. We are breeding an insurgent army and a secret police force to fight it right next door in Mexico.

I wonder if the election will provoke a T politician to come out and say something like, “Most opposition to reunification is due to the belief that your democracy is more corrupt than ours. If you reformed your democracy sufficiently, and if you assured us that we did not pay more than our share of the federation, as with Britain and the EU today, then the Taiwanese people here might not really care so much about unification.  Also, this is the biggest thing you can do to improve your relations with America and the entire outside world. Why do you resist democratic reforms?  What is the implication?

It is easy to imagine that this does not much press in Taiwan. But it does get passed around in China, where it produces a strong sentiment of:  “Ok, lets hear what the Taiwanese have to say about what we should change in our democracy. 

A brokered peace deal
People will just accept it because nobody wants to open the can of worms.  They know how disastrous it is negotiating with the Mideast.  My message is the law of the world with respect to the land of no resources.

Admittedly too tight
I wrote the message to be as tight as reasonably possible. This is to get as many people as possible moved as quickly as possible. The tight clauses should remain initially, but they should be turned off over the years as the Exhods demonstrate their gratitude and peacefulness. After a time, then the rules be loosened up for the Exhods. However, the strictness can always be reimposed.

Exhods party at home
For 12 years, Exhods should not go out in public intoxicated. They can go over to their mate’s place, but they cant be over the driving limit on public property. This rule is for the benefit of the Exhods.

You infiltrate them and they infiltrate you.
This process involves one primary host and 3 primary parasite groups: Arabs, Jews and Haremi core.  Each has a slightly different agenda. Also, the Haremi core infiltrates the Arabs and the Jews as well as the ultimate host.

Who are you Orlando?
If you are the true master of mankind, then why do hide in a crown of lies and thorn=eth•our’ins… commands to bro•lingo speakers=speh•ak•ours?  Who are you Orlando, and by what rights and rites do you hold this prize of all mankind?  Are you really the true cortex of our minds?  I say you are a fraud, you are not the true Orlando.  And here is an unbiased testing mechanism to find mankind’s true Orlandos.

He/she is quite orlando
Orlando should be a complementary adjective for sires.  It should mean of the character that we want for the future of mankind.  The community in Florida is hereby renamed “Dis•nee city”. And the word dis•nee should mean the 180° diametrical opposite of the sort of media we want out children looking at.

Kids and drugs
To me it seems really strange that it is perfectly fine to give kids speed (Ritalin), but marijuana is just out of the question unless the kid is having big problems. I think marijuana should be studied in those who are underage smokers already. Are people dumber or smarter because of smoking pot at a young age? At what age is it safe and at what age is it not safe? We must know considering the hundreds of millions of marijuana users.

I got high a lot at age 15
And woe is me and my pot-erroded noggin. Maybe I am unique.  Or maybe marijuana helps some people’s mind. Maybe that is why so many Jewish guys are so into grass.

GMO plants
Besides tobacco, the Senate may also ban other poisonous, noxious or carcinogenic plants from use in transgenic agriculture.

This developed because nothing helps one find food for practically no energy involved like tasting it on the air.

ROI reporting
For big businesses yes. For baby micro-businesses, definitely not. Requirements go up with the size of the enterprise.

Patrick Henry’s first loyalty
I bet he was loyal to democracy over America.

Exhodos on a fast train
We will need a train line from the main Eurasian lines at the new UM junction city between the Black and Caspian seas. Here the line to Africa and the Mideast join the main Eurasian line. These African lines will run over the Sinai to Cairo, where they will split into at least four main routes.  One line will run across north Africa.  There will also be a spur to Mesopotamia at least.

Body waxing
Oh the madness of women and the arms race to be desirable. If someone pats your ass or touches your bare shoulder, it is a crime or at least a good reason to destroy his career. But then you all run off and open your legs for this self-inflicted torture.  And how many of the people doing this “service” are getting some sort of sick thrill from it? To my mind, this arms race activity is a public nuisance that government should abate with a super-hefty luxury tax. And believe me, all women will be better-off with this tax.

Big game hunting
A sophocite question: Should the hunting of Elephants, giraffes, big cats, cetaceans and endangered species be a felony when our citizens do this in any nation?

A sophocite question: Shall our nation impose burdensome travel restrictions on visitors from nations that permit the hunting of whales for meat?

This is when dishonest people in charge of a group project make the project as expensive as possible. They do this because they know that the more they spend the more there is to steal.

What is a low bar professional test?
Everyone who actually studied the material passes, while those who did not don’t.

Every policy reconsidered
The Senate should reconsider and revote on all old policy, especially environmental policy within 60-days of fully propagating.

The central spire of a township
Perhaps if we use high strength shoeboxes, we can get above 15 or 20 stories safely.  It is easy to imagine this as an X shape, for the privacy and view, with perhaps some ‡ crosses on its arms.   Won’t it be nice to be right above the train station and food court, so all people do is take the elevator down and then back up to their sky palace home or office. Perhaps the x will be big and there will be not much town except the X and the station area.  Maybe it is 60 apartments times two per X leg.  And the building averages 15 stories tall on average.  That is 7,200 units.  And you see nothing but wilderness and other townships more than a mile away.

North Korea surrenders
What if Kim and the generals sent a man to broker a peace?  What if he offered merger of the two nations and a dismantling of all nukes? What if their only condition was amnesty for past crimes of party officials?  Are there any executions of North Koreans?  Definitely not.  Are there any imprisonments of the party officials?  probably not many, except perhaps the mass murders.

Realistic expectations
If you tell a billion people to walk to the other side of town, some will get hit by cars, some will have stokes, some will have heart attacks. There will be casualties.  Have realistic expectations.  Certainly most of you would end it for a 2 or 3 in 1,000 chance of death.  And for the poor people of Syria, maybe they would accept a 50 in 1,000 chance.

There are a billion of you, and a million die, that is 1 in 1,000.  Do you see the absurdity of your fears now?  Do you really think that the outies will commit a great indiscriminate genocide now and kill a million of your people?

Ramifying  Senate decisions
make a list of all possible courses and then a list of each variable within… then elect the best one of each

The giant step
It is mustering up.  We are so vulnerable until we muster up.

Make School more of a party
You know, to me the image of childhood and teenage boring is a teacher’s back standing at a chalkboard, say-ing…. wor…ds…as… she …wri…tes… them on the chalkboard. And to me, the image of fun was a party, and people talking to each other.  The more fun it is the faster kids will progress.

True child mode
It limits the time the kids accounts can be used in every hour.  And because the public Facebook and Instant photo applications will verify ID, and require one master account per person, people/ kids will not be able to start other accounts.  So the parent has the kid’s account on their profile, and they set access time amounts.

Township burbs
Around the dense center of the townships might be a ring of suburbs some miles out.  If you want a suburban or exurban lifestyle it will only be a matter of taking a bike, bot, or bus to the station.

Track seams
The track segments may only be 10 to 20 meters long. The tethered braking load will be distributed by straps joined by bolts through the bottom flange. There will also be straps on the outside of the web. These will be held in place by bolts in perhaps three positions above and below the guidance and braking wheels.  Also the web might be thick, allowing for countersunk wood-screw type bolts.

Panic stops will damage up the tracks
The trains will have to go slow over the tracks after a panic stop. This will be so until a crew comes out and replaces the hardware.  Thus panic stops are only for emergencies.

The Orchard Bypass project
When I lived in Singapore, I would cross Orchard Road at Cairnhill Rd. I started thinking what if there was this small 150m extension of the raised portion to the other side of Orchard Road. Then the intersection could be eliminated and the outbound CTE traffic could flow smoothly past the intersection and the cars could go under. Then I thought: “Why not do this on Orchard Link/Bideford Rd. Then I thought, why not do this on Scotts Road and make Orchard Road a pedestrian street. Anyway,  I figured it would take the following:

1) Build a long flyover over Orchard Blvd. from Tanglin Rd. to Orchard Rd near Dhoby Ghaut. This replaces Orchard Road for vehicle traffic.
2) Build a short low (<4m) flyover on Scotts Rd. From around the Goodwood Park hotel to about Wheelock Place. This then drops to current grade at Orchard Blvd. This flyover only elevates the traffic so that Scotts Road and Orchard Road pedestrians can walk under the fly over. It also allows for super-valuable retail space under the roadway.
3) Build a short low flyover on Orchard Link/Bideford Rd. This elevates the traffic <4m so the Orchard Road pedestrians can walk under the flyover.
4) Build a short low flyover on Cairnhill Rd. to get over Orchard. This elevates the traffic <4m so that Orchard Road pedestrians can walk under the fly over.

Thus it becomes possible to have a greenbelt walk from Raffles place down Boat Quay to Fort Canning to Dhoby Ghaut up Orchard road to Holland Road to the Botanical gardens.  

Thus Singapore would have this huge walking promenade/ pedestrian zone at its heart.  Also, to my experience, distances are measured in heat and sweat, not meters in Singapore.  I would often walk much longer distances if I could walk through an air conditioned space or two on my way — to cool off.  So I might build a couple of long air conditioned “durian”-like structures (proportioned like Scripps Aviary in San Diego… or they could be boxes) One of these Air-conditioned channels runs maybe from Wisma Atria to say past Shaw house. Another from the Heeren to Paragon.  Another from say Cuppage road to past Emerald Hill Road. And maybe the 4th is over the street in front of Plaza Singapora. And these could have shops inside them.

Also, the last time I was in Singapore, all the Orchard road shops could be made to receive deliveries and cabs from another road.

Advance and diffuse
I don’t like the terms capitalist and socialist.
1) They are long words.
2) They are not understood by kids without an explanation.
3) They hamper our understanding of economics as an evolutionary system.
4) They hide the true nature of one of the most important questions of government.

To my mind, in the realm of government policy, capitalism should be considered advancement and socialism considered diffusal. And to my mind, both are needed for progress.  Also, to my mind, all the things that can be diffused for a pittance or diffused more efficiently by the public, should be bought out and diffused, or socialized, or provided free of charge.

Adapt and diffuse
I pondered using these terms for the economy because they are more fitting for what happens in the evolution of species and the evolution of businesses.  However, the term adapt/adaptation does not convey a sense of the rewards of technological  advancement. So economies advance and diffuse, while breeding populations and eco-systems adapt and diffuse. The main difference is that with ecosystems, the environment is moving at roughly the same speed as the evolving group. While with human societies, the environment is essentially stationary because our evolving group is moving at near light speed towards a singularity.

Over-Senators can have up to 3 guests in their travel quarters.  Also, the Over-Senators and one guest travel free via air for up to 4 flights a year. On trains, Over-Senators get a private cabin, where they can bring a number of guests.


Losing to win
In the Othello/ Reversi game, I have found the best strategy is to loose nearly all you pieces so you can get control of the game.  In bicycle racing, the winner is normally not out in front, but riding behind someone else who acts as wind breaker.  Is it so strange to think that Ishtar’s struggle/game can be solved by putting everything in reverse.

Info please
Can someone please email me something, or come and give me a paper or sit down and explain what is going on? What is safe to do and where I can go?  Should I stay home?  What the contingency plan is there to get away.  If nobody can meet me, then put instructions in my mailbox. 

Big brother devices
All devices capable of monitoring such as Sir, Alexa and Echo should be required to have physical “mute” switches and on lights for the microphone/video camera.

Martial law
The term “Martial Law” shall have no meaning and not exist under my constitution.

My goals
1) Unify mankind and end the cleft.
2) Stop the genetic descent of man.
3) End poverty and desperation
4) Repair democracy and install my “god mechanism”.
5) End artificial scarcity.
6) Prevent an ice age catastrophe.
7) Prevent a 1984 future for mankind.
I am not particularly fixated on my particular paths to this. Any working path is acceptable to me.

Asylum vs. exhodos
These two things are a bit different from one another.  People who get asylum get to keep their religion and ways and cultural ties.  People who are Exhoded do not get this. They must adopt the religion, ways and cultural ties of their new host society. This is very important because of the violence and trouble that many past Mideast immigrants have caused.

Why you must cleave
Some of the host people will no mind if you remain Muslim. However many will, and in order to get you all moved and set up, you have to give up Ishtar and Islam. Now you must decide on your priorities as nations. Remain Islamic, poor, and living in hell — or cleave and join the outside world and prosper.

Sniper sync
This enables multiple shooters to see when all of them have their targets sighted and fire simultaneously. It counts the number of snipers holding the target in sight button and displays a red or greed tint in the scope.

Sniper saddles
These are sand bags in a saddle to place over the barrel  to keep the weapon from moving.

Ukraine is armed now
The Ukrainians have armed themselves over the past few years.  Russia should realize that there was a big difference between the Afghanistan they invaded and the well-armed, and riled Afghanistan they occupied some years later.

Police and militia may wear kevlar in our nation, however others may not wear it outside the home.  Special kevlar penetrating bullets may be considered militia weapons if they are loaded in a firearm.

Bali transit
What a perpetual traffic jam Bali has become. If I was head man of Bali, I would make all vehicles (except the free busses) have to pay $3 at each gantry point in the tourist area between 7:00 and 23:00.  The rich hotel guests don’t care, and would actually appreciate the lack of traffic for $3. The the workers do care but can take one of the many privately operated buses for $0.30, and the truck deliveries just pass the charge along.

Maybe it wasn’t Jesus that was reborn
There was a rebirth.  Was it Mr. sunbeam, or was it the world? Am i reborn, or is the world?   I am just hear the voice of what the group spirit really needs and should have.


My highlighted version of Genesis coming soon.

Man’s next enemy
This may ultimately be thriving without much adversity.  It may take us many generations to evolve beyond this.

Flating debt
How come this never became a thing? It is so obvious that government should increase a nation’s loan principle to curb inflation and reduce loan principle to stimulate the economy.  This is so much more powerful than raising and lowering interest rates.  And what could be more fair than giving lenders more in time of inflation and less in time of deflation?

No civil suits
You can’t sue the Mideast or its people in civil court because I have already taken away all their money that can be taken away.  This does not however apply to cheating on the capital reapportionment.

To poor nations of the world
If you muster up and accept my one child policy and all my other rules, the UM will build you house casting factories and get you set up for high speed rail and township systems.

A non-democratic brain?
Try  to imagine a large brain that is run by a small number of cells as a tyranny.  Now that is a dumb brain.

My religion is more political
Many will certainly be puzzled at how I view my political system as part of my new religion, but I do call it this.

My religion is more about group behavior
It is the group integration that we need.  My religion is not a thing so much of the individual, but of society.

The right to change the number of days in a week
If their religion says that you must follow a 7-day week, certainly mine can say that you should follow a 6-day week.  I say to do this because it will nearly double the capacity of much group infrastructure.

The right to change sexual morality
Many people allow their religions to bend their sexual and family instincts in ways that are contrary to their instincts.  Why can’t my religion do this for good reason?  Under my religion it is right and moral for a woman to find the best sire for her children thus forgoing the pleasures of this life for the rewards of the next lives, those of their children. And to encourage this, and prevent the corruption of the decision, it is right and moral for society to provide the basic needs of the child.

A new religious belief
Society should help women to make their important decision without money and child support corrupting their decision.  This is a society’s obligation to the future.  This investment is more important than any transit system, its economic health and even its healthcare system.

The priests of the new religion
All the Senators and duly elected Ubiqs will be as priests and wise men in my religion.  Then society will pay a reasonable father increment when women accept Senate sireage.

Eggs blow away chicken soup
Chicken soup has 3mg of cholesterol, but two eggs have ≈400mg. Here we see the sort of world we live in. Here we see how Ishtar tells everyone to have chicken soup instead of eggs when they start to feel a cold or flu.  Try having 3 eggs the next time you feel a cold coming on.

A place of the sword
 Yours is a place of the sword.  Do you understand what this means… to be a place of the sword?  It means that people are afraid of your blades.  So yours is a place where the old ways never die except under threat of similar violence.  This is because the old ways threaten violence against those who go against them. So people must be threatened equally from both sides, or self preservation will cause people to hold on to the old ways and not convert. I am sorry, but I need to suspend human all human fury above those who fail to cleave convincingly.
And yes, it is a fearsome aspect of my message, I acknowledge this, but those who cleave to me, will not suffer at all from it.

Are you all as one?
Can you change your entire course by 180° to get the one thing you all desperately want?

Feminism and breeding
It should be considered to be a very feminist thing to do to have the best child you can have, by the best father.

When I was in Turkey in 1984
1) Everyone was so incredibly nice, friendly, and solicitous. You should all turn that on now.
2) People asked for help getting out and promised to do anything to repay me.
3) Someone came to me and said that they were waiting for a signal to stop, or to do something else. I got the impression that everyone knew it sucked, but they could not come up with a better way, or do anything to change it. So to my mind, you asked me for this message.

Gesturing to robots and self driving vehicles
They will need to understand our gestures. Taxi!,  Heel!, stay! follow-closer! Stop!

Ishtar is a thing to be killed
It is a demon plaguing mankind, a false god/spirit, a dead end that WILL ultimately die. The faster this happens the better.

The game is now human progress
In my new world, that will be the big game for men, and the tiniest increments will be rewarded.

Townships for the world in 20-years
I bet we can have automobile-free urbanism worldwide in 15-years, although maybe it will take 20 years.  Life in the poorer parts of the world will be so much nicer.

These are pants with a few snaps around the inside of the waste and ankles. The company sells matching liners of various weights. It also sells folding-tip mitten gloves, and double and triple weight cold weather hats and long sleeve t-shirts that snap together into double and triple layers.  These layers also have zippers to let the air in and defeat them. This business might not really be possible under Ishtar. However the world is full of new opportunities like this, and the world will be hungry for them because they make so much sense for so many people.  Many of your Ishtarian businesses will quickly die now, particularly those you are managing for Ishtar, but there will be so much opportunity in many new areas. And besides people will soon become much lazier and stuff will get much cheaper, so life will be easier for everyone.

In Singapore, they have Temasek. I think for the sake of clarity that all around the world, the enterprises of the nation, the enterprises owned by the people should be written as GDP, and said “Gee Dee Pee”. Japan’s national government enterprise is said as  “It is owned by Nippon GDP”, and India’s as “this business is owned by Indian GDP”. This way everyone will know what is public.

Company name Sp.
In many parts of the Europe, companies use Sp. instead of Inc. or Co.  To me this looks like it comes from the old Roman term SPQR, meaning roughly Senate and People Que Roma, or the public enterprise.  You see in Roman times, the Roman military protected the Mideast feeding enterprises and this is where the brutality of Rome came from. Basically, these Roman era corporations were allowed to squeeze the people for money and if anyone said anything, the secret police would be notified and the loudmouth then became tomorrow’s bloody colosseum entertainment.  And if your town organized, they would face very well trained, and very well armed and armored Roman soldiers that did what they were told and massacred people if they were ordered to do that.

Confiscatory capitalism
Confiscatory communism is when the government confiscates all or most of the nation’s property an holds it for the people. This is a dumb idea.  Confiscatory capitalism is not so dumb.  This is when the government only confiscates the zillionaire wealth of nationals and the assets of foreigners.

Thai land and homes
I have been to many parts of you nation and I have see how most of your people live in the jaws of death.  Soon your nation will muster up into my broad democracy and this will take all the land of all the zillionaires in your nation, including the monarchy. Then you will take this land and use it for new townships, factories and agriculture as appropriate.  The low lands are for agriculture, the high lands are for apartments, offices and factories. Most nations will do the same thing more or less.

It was a long time ago that this started
Forgive the descendants for the life they inherited

Multiple personality disorder
Our species has this multiple personality disorder and one of the personalities is profoundly dysfunctional and self-injurious to mankind.

Why are they all so keen to get elected?
It is because Exhods confirmed to the Senate get released from their Exhod burdens and also made a “native” citizen.

Regional secondary school districts
1) The older kids will be going to school for a sweek at a time.
2) A 2.5 hour train ride will be considered acceptable. At 400kph, this is 1000km.
3) So our specialized classrooms can be quite specialized, and they will have quarters.  And the kids will travel around their region going to various schools as appropriate.
4) The most progressive (progress making) students will be allowed to go further away, and to the bigger urban districts for classes.
5) The schools for the most progressive students are nicer across the board, the top 1% most progressive getting a private 50m laundry apartment. The top 4% get a 20m private hotel rooms with a private bathroom, but shared kitchen.  The top 10% get 10m private rooms with shared bathrooms. The rest have to share rooms, bathrooms and kitchens


GCM = giant concrete molding
The GCM factories will use a series of robots, each robot removing or adding one or two mold pieces at a time. They will have maybe 5 to 20 stations for mold piecing.  And if the line takes 20 minutes per station and the factory working 24 hours, then it needs to have railcars and 72 molds. 

So you need 72 giant railcars, and 1.5 miles of flat rail, and a central factory for closing and opening the forms. Then maybe 72 men can produce 72 blanks a day. That is 26,000 units a year. And if we have 2,000 such factories, we can produce 53-million units a year.  And each factory will produce one model and one only, over and over again. 

We are all victims of Ishtar
Just look at all the Mideast people living in jaws of death locations around New York and London and Dubai and Tel Aviv and Bangladesh. This is an important idea. Repeat it.

Ignorance and fear
Islam’s crescn’t moon of spreading darkness and the top secret nature of the tree of knowledge speak of the Ignorance that Ishtar spreads so that the center may hold control of the periphery and host.  So it may impose Ishtar’s inverted agenda on the world. Such is the nature of ignorance. The fear that Ishtar spreads and amplifies is a 3- headed beast as far as I can see:
1) Fear of angering Ishtar and your people.
2) Fear of famine among your people.
3) Fear of the outsiders if they ever found out.

FAMINE = eff•an•in = shout•again•inmigration
What a word this is. It is the Arab word for more Let more refugees in!

My 3 top objectives
1) Kill parasitic Ishtar and unify the human agenda.
2) Start the new democracy, or “god mechanism”.
3) Prevent an Ice age disaster.

Now that you have bred me
Could you please stop the struggle

The bronze age collapse
At the end of the bronze age, after iron technology started spreading, there was this huge massacre by the “Sea people”.  A giant army arrived at once on a great armada of boats and wiped out town after town in the Mediterranean, ending Mycenaean Greece, and taking populations down perhaps 95%.  This then caused the Greek Dark Ages.

In Brolingo, this Greek god’s name was pronounced eff•st = shout•not.  He was the Greek blacksmith god. And coming out of the Bronze age collapse, it only makes sense that the Greeks had a god of blacksmithing and weapons making. I guess blacksmithing and weapons making was pretty important to this culture of being supremely well armed and ready for an outside attack, despite having immense cred and respect as a democracy of free men.  Sound familiar? How about how the Athenian men became sensitive types and homosexuals just before the end.

Athens the economic powerhouse
By the 500s BC, Athens was the largest city in Europe by far. And at some point, the Greek economy must have just blown past the slave economies of Asia. Suddenly there were ancient factories, mere blacksmiths really, producing one tool, one plow, or one adze after another. Tin’s strangle-hold on tool use was over, and suddenly men could afford a metal plow, and a much sharper and lighter steel axe/ adz/ knife instead of a bronze one.  So output leapt up worldwide because the number of metal hand-tools leapt-up worldwide, so many more people were digging up ore  with their stronger and much cheaper tools. And they were growing more grain with them too.  This boosted output worldwide and crushed prices for both ore and grain. So they Mideast could no longer feed its people.

Anyway, this is what precipitated the bronze age collapse, There were suddenly too many people in the Mideast.  These had ships, but no food, so they went around attacking communities that had food. And also they were trying to eradicate knowledge of iron technology. Here is why Iron technology spread in such a strange and hiccuped way. It is much the same reason why all the books were rounded up or cleaned up by the Catholic Church in 409AD.

Seeing Ishtar separate from its victims
If you really want to understand Ishtar separate from its people, simply look at how it repeatedly massacres its people. Look at the disastrous Persian attack on Athens in 480BC. Here the Mideast rounded up all the unchosen men and sent them to be massacred by a much smaller Greek force. They kept the good women and sold the others as slaves.

The Persias that died attacking Athens were victims of Ishtar. And the  6-million Jews and Arabs that died in Nazi death camps were also victims of Ishtar.  So were the Iranians massacred by the Iraqis, and the Iraqis massacred by the Iranians. And I say victims not followers although they were both. Everyone suffers under Ishtar.

The logic of meta-fluxs shows the way
Imagine a Precambrian colony of mostly identical cells.  What is the path to recursion?  Is it of two separate agendas? Do the command cells want to entirely replace the other cells?  Or are the command cells part of a unified creature?

Fish poaching
The UM shall have the power to restrict the type and size of fishing boats and netting.  It shall also have the power to shut down entire oceans to commercial fishing if this is needed to restore the stocks.  Fishing boats operating in marine parks should be confiscated and auctioned off by the UM.

Clues and hints cause darkness
Cultures and their mem•ori change.  Over time, obvious clues grow obscure. Thus Ishtar hides its true nature from itself over time.

Why we forget
Nearly all individuals want to remember, but the dominant force on earth wants everyone to forget.

So far, history is more a thing of forgetting
It is Ishtar grinding the group mind down, omitting, m•udd•ling, ob•fusc•ating, and just struggling to get the group mind to forget everything really worth remembering.

Microphones and copyrights
If you are not already speaking into a microphone, and a stranger walks up to you with a microphone and you talk with him in a way that is not a refusal, then you have agreed to be interviewed and he can use the video as he likes and pay you nothing.

Performing without a contract
Where there was no contract, acting and voice-over performers get nothing after the fact.  This is so casual media production is as easy as possible.

The struggle is so powerful
It may not be that powerful for parasitic feeding, due to the efficiency of the genuine capitalism the Mideast so despises and struggles against.  But it has created this entire parallel reality to help its feeding.

Bad apples and hereditary monarchy
Supposedly only about 1 in 72,000 apples are worth  grafting onto the other 71,999 root stocks.  Likewise, if a very smart man has only a dozen kids, chances are that none of them them will be as smart. Don’t fall for the ancestry trick. Hereditary monarchy is all about frontmen.

Ubiqs and artificial reality
I expect a large number of Ubiqs will be IT people.


Roman Church international
You know, the Catholic church is run by a one-party, self-appointing bureaucracy that is 1,600 years old and began life by burning all the books in 409 AD. If you were found with any book other than the bible, it was the capital crime of maleficium. Clearly great goodness is the best mask for great evil.

Make sure people muster up
The most important thing is to muster up. This will restore faith in the group decisions.

At some point
you will realizer that it is time to stop reading and start helping people to muster.

Rail cities are much more ecological
The transport system:
1) They don’t kill millions of animals every year.
2) They easily cuts transport energy use and global pollution by 95%.
3) The towns are made from cast concrete and not wood.
4) Except for maintenance (and not re-supply) vehicles, there are no internal combustion engines the towns, zero.  And if it is a residential township, then nobody is burning anything, all the heat and cooling is coming from the plant outside town.  So there will be no-exhaust at all. And no traffic noise.
5) Every township will be centered on a rail station, but surrounded by a “greenbelt.
6) The trains will be social because half of the people on each leg will be township neighbors.

I can’t remember it all
Maybe you can mentally load my whole message/program.  But I can’t do that.

The method of assembly
Ideas come out like a computer screen being refreshed one random pixel at a time.  Right after I smoke the best ideas come, so I just focus on getting each idea down before I am distracted by the next one, and forget the first. Then I go back and re-read, fill-in, explain, polish, etc.  Then I would put them into their various files, one for trains, one for cars, one for linguistics, one for the national constitution, etc. Then when I had big piles, I would reread the file and merge the new ideas in.

God and mammon
This seems a blid for god and manna from heaven, the money rain that feeds the Mideast. Anything about this brainch (brain•ak) of thought is just matrix scenery—and its not real.

How to kill a religion
1. Repeat the simple idea that great goodness is the best name for great evil, for it obviously hides it best.
2. Shown it to be a for-profit tax-collecting thing.
3. Show how another parasitic nation benefit from the religion having pedophile priests working with your kids. This way all the priests are dedicated under-my thumbs-men that do exactly as their masters say.
4. Show how the religion burned all the books it could find in a situation where an undeclared would get one burned alive with the books.
5. Show how strict monogamy maximizes the advantage of harem breeding, and that is the real reason why your religion is so ridiculously fixated on who people have sex with.

Telling a bad religion
You can tell (reason-out) a lot about a religion by what it wants from you. Does it want money?  Does it want you to hate other people, like non-believers, or infidels?  Does your religion go out of its way to disrespect the will of its females, even going so far as to mutilate their privates?  Some religions are more evil than others, but if they want to taxm or tithe, or zakat, or dhimmi money, then rest assured, the religion is corrupt, no matter how high budget its buildings and clothing are.

Concrete web truss walls
The walls, floors and ceilings of our homes will be these webbed trusses backing walls that will be poured into an upside down shoe box form. These will be the strong and heavy structure people inhabit.  On top of this will go a layer of styrofoam insulation that fits precisely around the thin plastic insulation supports that bear the relatively lightweight, and easily replaced outer shell, be it a roof shell, or a wall shell.

If we have a 6m rail system
We can have 8m (26’-5”) cars and 8m wide structures, 280mq. (3,000sq.ft.) floors.  And the train cars will not only be wider, but the tethering tracks will easily handle any downward load we put on them. So instead of assembling our buildings from bricks, boards and plywood, we will have these giant concrete molds that work on an opening and closing assembly line. Thus we will cast entire steel reinforced concrete structures all at once, maybe 72 or 144 structures a day from some well staffed assembly lines.  And once the concrete hardens, the factory will install the same windows, the same insulation panels, the same outer shell, the same kitchens, the same baths, the same everything, over and over again, so the factories will use robots to put the picture windows, doors, showers, kitchens, etc. in place, and then robots to apply the insulation foam adhesive.

Anuba hinges
The interior doors in prefab structures should probably have adjustable hinges like the one shown here. This type of hinge is superior to traditional hinges due to its adjustability and faster installation time. The front doors will be on closers and perfect level is thus not so critical, they will probably be traditional plate and pin hinges for security.

What is New York?
Is it the buildings? or maybe it’s the subway and its distinctive smell. It is the people of course.  What if everyone just agreed to move into a new New York, a New New City, say 120 miles away? What if all the buildings in the center were finished like totally authentic brown•stones?

What is New York, and why can’t we move it?  Do you want to keep living in the jaws of death?  Do you want to live in a relic buildings when you can live in a perfect simulation with all the modern conveniences like transit and delivery robots for one fifth of the price.

Automobile quality
The buildings will fast become automotive quality, because that is the way manufacturing works, all the early bugs get worked out.  And they will be much cheaper because of the nature of factory production.

Pontoon foundations
By pontoons I mean hollow concrete upside-down T extrusions that are maybe 60 or 100cm by whatever heave depth and length is required. What if we just scrape down a township sized snowflake to below the heave line.  Then we place these giant pontoons (on a thin layer of rolled base) along all unit edges, and under the parti-walls. And maybe everything is modularized at the single meter scale. Then the scrape-age is returned to the hole and only a few inches of the foundation remains exposed. Thus we have a fairly automated foundation placement system.  This can be tied to the structures, or in earthquake country, low-rise, small buildings, without piped gas might slide loose in earthquakes by design.

It won’t be hard to re-position a township
The units will all have grappling hardware, and the exterior panels are easy to change, so if the an earthquake causes too many units to slide off their foundations, they can simply be taken off one by one and then put back in the right position again.

Earthquake wall smacked?
Do people die from getting hit by leaping walls during earthquakes? And I am not talking about collapses, but my walls leaping horizontally.

The churches need to be torn down
I am sorry, but that is what should be done. You can play games with it, and say oh, look at the waste, but this is the best thing to do. And the material waste was never anything in comparison to the human folly, genetic degradation, pedophilia, and corruption these Mideast taxation programs have caused mankind.

Toxic runoff industries
These belong in a desert where the runoff will not get into anyone’s water table. They also belong near the ocean, but not within the tsunami zone.

It costs so little
That is what people said at first when the environmentalism started just before the Arab oil embargo of 1973. I remember this.  And nobody wanted to be stuck in traffic with its acidic exhaust smoke. You want to cut smog by 50% for a 10% reduction in mileage? That is how the environmentalism started. And it made sense at first. And that I totally support.  But now it has gone crazy, just plain crazy. Now we cut smog by 3% for a 30% reduction in milage. And I think we did that twice in fact.

How much is environmental compliance?
What portion of the cost of each commodity is environmental compliance in each nation?

Please clone my website

What are spirits?
I also see them as idea systems or matrix programs that men share.

A fragmented matrix
What a funny thing it is that you made the matrix fragmented with different places believing different things, and speaking different languages, and thinking they were truly different from the people living in another part of the matrix.

The future we optimize towards is already sort of there, waiting for someone to see it.  

Prophecy is not a thing of intuition and mysticism.  It actually leans in the opposite direction, towards logic and design. 

A golden arrow for nation states
The land of no resources has always been the main international middleman between other nations. It benefits from the way speak different languages, and live as these separate nations.

Nation states are a temporary thing
In a century or maybe two, the world will become a melting pot, like America.

Tell kids early about watching their own thoughtsTeach them, over and again that they want to watch the ideas going through their minds.

Adam Episode 1 short
I show this clip for the awakened matrix masses part at around 2:07.  Some people may think that will be a problem going forward. I don’t think so because the matrix is a thin thing, a tinting or shading of reality.

Ruin short
1) Our abandoned tsunami funnel cities.
2) If we don’t stop the mechanism, the matrix, 99.9% of mankind will be hunted down by killer drones like this.
3) The drones will be very quiet and fly high, out of reach and nearly out of sight. The big drones will carry small guided dart drones that will fall soullessly to the top of the victim’s head, where they will either fire a .22LR round on contact, or explosively aerosolize a toxic liquid to kill many people.
4) Such is the reductionistic agenda of Ishtar to kill everyone else, so there is more for Isthar’s slaves.
5) Note the raised train viaduct at 0:18-0:29

A music fund
The people who want to support music can give to a music fund.  This would be distributed money according to pro-rata share of listener hours and each hour would earn a sliver of a cent.  Thus very popular recording artists would still make lots of money.  They might also make money from shareware “tips”.  But the system makes all music free to everyone who wants to listen.

FOLLY WORK = work that is a wast of time.  Work that will produce nothing of value, to “rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic”.

WASTE WORK = Work where an important person is wasting their time doing something that a less skilled person could do. Like when a doctor changes a patient’s beddings.

Everyone leaves the LONR
If we read that cyst passage from Josephus, the one where he talks about how the leadership fled south, and deep into the desert sending fiery flashes, this can’t happen again.

Veganism just isn’t worth it.
If you are thinking that veganism is good because it saves resources: The planet is full of marginal lands good for animals and fish but hard to farm for a variety of reasons.

It doesn’t belong to Ishtar
There are so many things in society that you Arabs may think belong to you, like the phone system and Las Vegas and Atlantic City and the overpriced aircraft companies, and the oil companies. You must believe me, all this feeding is terribly inefficient. It all wastes many times what it brings to you, all of it.  If we just get rid of the stupid feeding industries, then there will be so much more stuff that we can wipe out poverty worldwide.

How to make shared heating work
The system is supposed to take a couple hours to recover a full loss of heat in winter and a full loss of cooling in summer.  It has lots of well insulated thermal mass and a slow source a heat transference. To me, a single fluid loop in the slab may do for heating and a single one in the ceiling for cooling. Also, this sort of system has rather slow fluid flow rates.

Extreme intelligence is rarely inherited
I was trying to say this above with the talk about apples.  So don’t ever let people become your leaders because of their brilliant father or grandfather.

Which side I am on
It is the side of the future world I have dreamed up. And I am sure, that in a few years, nobody will care about the poverty or riches, or things that happened in the old world.

No more kings
You all have my wish, my message.  Once that is out, let it be the last command of the last king. I only want to be king for a day, a moment so I can order that the world be a democracy.  If my message gets out in public, then I am no longer the king. The only reason I would ever want to be a king is to command a democracy.

Out of stock alerts
Text this number with the item SKU and location number to notify the distributor that their stock ran out.

1) If there is any sort of eco-system of other people’s software, media or music the eco-system must be public domain and use open source software.
2) Companies selling entertainment media are not allowed to have their own special player software so as to create a fiefdom.
3) There should be no mandatory registration of who owns microchips.
4) As soon as practical, government shall put all voice-only communication over the the pubic wifi system, and dial telephone service shall be halted.

Share-ware, free-ware, and trial-ware
Shareware means that you you tip the developer what you think is right.  If it is called shareware, no payment can ever be requires to make the software work.  Freeware means totally free, and not a free trial period.  If it is called freeware, no payment can ever be requires to make the software work.  Trial-ware is the stuff you try out, but it will not continue to work as it once did.

A Patriot’s history of the United States
Read between the lines for the truth.  I found the last 50 years is the most interesting part.

Torturous punishment
Add: Those who attack with flammable or chemical dousing.

Cannon mines detail
There are sealed holes in many places on many roads, just a plastic pipe with a cap, like a sewer clean-out, only flush. The cannons have handles on both ends.  There is this bar that hooks onto the end of the cannon handles. This is how the unused mines are recovered. Putting the mines down a hole is done by 2 or 4 men carrying or wheeling the mine and tilting it and dropping it down a pre-existing hole.  Or maybe infantry just drill holes in the road. So tanks will be afraid of running over garbage in the road, and over leaves and over anything that might be hiding a cannon mine.  Also, maybe the holes are filled with decoys that are very hard to get rid of if they are removed.

Upside-down shoeboxes
1) It is much easier to pour the horizontal membrane if it is on top of the box.
2) The structural ribbing works better this way.
3) The blocks are are much easier to waterproof and secure.
4) People don’t mind 7cm base molding.

Addictive media clocks
Lets call Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other addictive media as ADDICTIVE MEDIA.  Perhaps all addictive media accounts with logins should have a user time function where people can see charts of their usage since the account was opened. If you are opening pages, or scrolling, or watching something, it logs your usage time. If you are under age, then government perhaps limits your social media usage, also, perhaps people with addictions can reduce their own usage in advance.

You are looking at Jesus the wrong way
It is a spirit shared among men, a thing of total goodness. It is the honest and generous spirt of the host as opposed to the evil of Ishtar. That is the Jesus spirit.  It is not the bible, but the spirit that fills you when you read the bible as it was originally understood before the Arabs added all those kooky words and strange syntax.

The devil vs. Gutenberg
Johannes Gutenberg was the first man to mass produce books with movable type. Do you realize that Roman Church International excommunicated him for it?   His sin: printing bibles in the popular language, so people could truly understand the word of god.

I can’t see how Ishtar will survive this
I bet the Bros thought that Gutenberg was the end of Ishtar. They probably couldn’t believe that mankind could be so dumb as to accept that its holy book is actually a secret Mideast survival strategy library that got out.  So they probably all turned on Ishtar, and that is part of why Christopher Columbus happened only 40-years later, with the entire Mideast leaving for Europe.

Lets get together and be all right
One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One love)
Hear the children crying (One heart)

Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (one love)
There is one question I’d really love to ask (one heart)
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?

There should be this legal profession where people write contracts to maximize the deal value.  This is not something for general lawyers to do.  The people doing the work are called “Contracts”, meaning that they only study the relevant aspects of the law to their speciality, so they only need maybe 2-years of “contract law school”.  And they all share the government’s giant database of form contracts, and then only for their specialty. They also produce a vast variety of standard contracts, in fact, the Senate pays a reward for any clause used by a few other people, or any improvement at all.

Father, son and holy ghost
Originally the prophet was against the Mideast god and the harem brother spirit of Abraham. The ministry of truth couldn’t eliminate the three things here, but they could change them from adversaries to three personas of the same god, about as perfectly 180° turned around as possible.

Mecca, Medina and Yatrib
Often, when you see 3 of something in the matrix, the names have been re-assigned.


The sand eroded Sphinx
As if it doesn’t already symbolize enough… The extent of the erosion is a useful metaphor.  To me “Sphinx erosion” is something that mostly happens to documents. 

The first law of memetic integrity
The older the document, the more heavily it has probably been eroded by Sphinx erosion.

Refocusing erosion = the way the focus of the tale of odious rex was changed into this giant trilogy of plays where the sphinx parts were completely minimized. Addition erosion is also big in the bible. 

Granular erosion = the way that little details are added to a story.

Linguistic erosion = the way the meaning of words in stories are altered to hide problematic legends.

Buy more food
I ask the Mideast to buy lots of extra food now. It will use capital well, reduce panic, and increase fear.

Will anyone begrudge me the right?
To call myself as a prophet for killing Ishtar and uniting the world? So tell the dumb ones, carry them away for me with your en•eth•eu•si•asm and righti•os•ness.

All nations will be incorrupt under my democracy
However the most corrupt ones today will see the greatest leap.  Thus when I command a one child plus policy, the poorest will be driven hardest to obey.

To me, wood is for furniture and doors and windows and reusable concrete forms. We should eliminate disposable printing, even menus and business cards. Why have them at all? And why have the giant cars, and why even have cars when so many people prefer to live in transit cities? Whatever we have, resource-wise, it will go maybe 10 times further if we live in townships and use transit instead of 3-ton trucks to get around in.

Grouting the shoeboxes together
The exterior walls are maybe 40cm thick because this makes them much stronger and lighter, and also because 35cm styrofoam is maybe R-76, vs 20cm walls and 15cm styrofoam that is R-32.  Now these are all have ends like like a double open wrench. And this open area has lots of rebar and a few filling holes.  Then this open area is filled with pea gravel and the shoeboxes  grouted together at their corners, thus the shoeboxes form this sort of concrete honeycomb at the appropriate scale.

Ribbed 5-cm concrete
I bet that the structural walls and floors will have skins will all be made of concrete skins about this thick. And we will get real precise with our casting. Especially if we are using multiple pee gravel injectors, complex styrofoam insulation forms mounted to our structural forms, and the mold is vibrated by a giant vibrator.  Then we can have rather intricate structural ribbings.

Linear infrastructure condemnation
The condemning side is not connected to the compensating side of government. The condemning side is only charged with maximizing benefit over cost.  Thus no project will ever be delayed while rights of way are purchased.

HDB flat orientation
It always puzzled me how the Singapore HDB didn’t build the new townships with the buildings radiating out from your MRT stations in star bursts or snowflakes. This way people can walk inside and away from the heat and at times, torrential rains.

Why are your metro trains so slow?
Why do they move so slowly?  Why do they linger so long in the stations?

Comic book learning
These really should be for learning. The early readers should have lots of cool CGI for what they are reading. I actually see the kids reading (and saying) a few line of text on voice recognition and then the media play for a couple minutes.

The worlds’ most under-rated foods
Malay/ Nasi Padang, and Moroccan.

Homo-erotic deadpool
I want to call this out as Arab propaganda that exists to make more boys into homosexuals.

China’s smooth GDP growth
This is mostly due to the nation’s scale. It is like a large number of smaller nations averaged.  Also, you growth may be carefully managed.

Locust capitalism
You can’t invest in China because its currency is so undervalued and then expect to move your money to the US, where the best and more “venturous” people have gone for almost 400 years. You pick one or the other to domicile in. No more locust capitalism.

Head ball
Keep the game of soccer if you want, but stop hitting the ball with your head.  That makes your boys stupid and it is a form of child abuse. Isn’t it obvious to everyone that too much head butting dulls the mind? What are we doing allowing this practice? Does the devil run the world or something? And isn’t it remarkable that the two biggest head injury sports should both be called foot ball, when they are both really head ball?

HIPSTER BIKE BRAKES = ineffective back-peddling on a direct chain bike.

TURBINE THROTTLING = the sort of acceleration that an idling turbine engine has. You adjust the gas and it takes some seconds for a change in thrust to occur.

Better economic brakes
The current economy has turbine throttling and hipster brakes. The new economy will have real brakes so it can be operated at much faster speed without losing control.

So much fake economy in the world today
Realtors, tobacco, commission sales people, expensive college, oversized vehicles, oversized homes, wasteful roads, mafia drugs, soft drinks, diabetes, maybe 90% of lawyer money, and Stick built construction.

Vehicle manufacturers
1) VMs should not be allowed to maintain the vehicles they sell.
2) All vehicles must be ordered directly from the VM.
3) Each VM shall only make one sort of identical vehicle, right down to the color, and they shall sell all their vehicles for one price, with no discounting for dealers or touts.
4) All vehicle delivry shall be by the mile at cost.
5) All conforming vehicles shall be by government size, horsepower and specs.

The US
The US isn’t this thing separate from the world, it is this budding of democracy and freedom. We have a responsibility to do freedom the right way and to be a place that good hard working people want to come to.

Are you fighting the devil’s wars?
Does your life and death religion perpetuate the life and death place nature of the place you live in?  Are you vying for control of some toilet of a place that everyone who can runs from? Stop it, you are fools killing and dying and hating for a manmade fantasy, to make room for a new generation of harem spawn. It is not god’s war you are fighting, it is the devils, on both sides.

A triggering meme
All advantaged communication rights should be halted in the interest of free speech. And by this I mean that everyone has an equal voice unless they as a person earn an amplified voice due to their follower-ship. The advantaged rights of CNN and Reuters and CNBC are anti-democratic

Standard golf
Miniature golf is a blid. It exits to make golf either a thing of gigantic, expensive, hit is as far as you can far-ways, or a children’s thing. The truth lies in the middle. And if the golf course is a public park, and everything is in the rough. And there was only one type of club, a 9-iron, and the ball had to be hit vertically, that is what golf should be. And it favors neither men nor women, in fact, maybe women get to play with an 8-iron. And everyone wore a brimmed hard hat. We might have a nice game.  I would probably make each green a hillock, and put the holes at the top, maybe 15 holes. And maybe there are also holes on the flat-lands.  This way the mostly geriatric are out climbing or just walking around. The hilltops will also offer a vantage above the trees, the treat at the end of each well distracted lap up the hill.  So here we imagine these golf hillocks here and there around the townships.

The giant step = the most difficult step, indeed frequently the only difficult step in bringing a human enterprise  to self-sustaining life. Frequently it is nothing more than access to the appropriate audience.

Mustering is the thing
The whole thing is predicated on a new democracy mustering an administration to take over from the Mideast. This is the giant step.

Small steps before the giant step
Step 1: Thousands of Mideast people need to go and remove or cover all the graffiti.  They do this because the leadership uses Yondus arrow. “We really screwed up, we pushed too hard and have to backpedal.
Step 2: Mideast people go and start burning their religious clothing on far-off and low quality posted video.
Step 3: Mideast people go and start burning their religious clothing on hi-res video. They also start protesting Islamic slavery.
Step 4:  The message comes out.

I will lead the Mideast
Sure, I would be happy to lead you. However, I will not lead you once you have mustered up. After that, I will only be your advisor and ambassador. Believe me, you don’t want a leader, even me. You are much better off as an incorruptible democracy. Everyone will look on the Ishtarians differently after this.

Missiles, drone swarms, signal jamming, and militia snipers
This is how I see warfare in the future. Cannon mines will obviate armor, rail guns and missiles will obviate aircraft and even mid-sized drones. As well, the US will turn into a nation of maybe 32,000 townships of maybe 10,000 each. Or maybe it will be 100,000 townships of 3,000 each.  That is a very large number of warheads. This is a world where offensive direct military attacks are at a decided disadvantage.

Look at the cliffs of Dover
This is what I say to the netherlanders of Europe’s north. Sheeple you all are. For the jaws of death will one day snap shut on your entire city.  And you in New York, you should look at the cliffs of New Jersey to see the focused tsunami waters that will one day make New York look as it did in the film Oblivion.

Cheap land near Mt. St. Helens
People shun the beautiful land near this volcano, yet they pour out millions for lots in the Puget tsunami funnel. And this while tsunamis are much more frequent than volcanic eruptions.

Fake news? What about fake democracy?
Our government is two broad oligarchies vetoed by an elected monarch and 9 lifetime appointees. It’s not a real democracy, it’s a fake one. Here’s a real democracy.

The new cities are much cheaper
The mature landscaping is certainly nice, but most of our cities are just a bunch of broken-down old buildings and rusty pipes.  If would be so much cheaper to start over given even a 10-year time horizon.

Arab dues and the dew on frankincense trees
The dew is the meagre amount of water that one sometimes sees in the morning in some coastal deserts. This symbolizes the meagre amount of cash flow that keeps life going in the Mideast. Paying ones dues was the other side of this money in the host part of the world.

Surely anyone can see how money is cash flow, a fluid, and it can be symbolized by water. So in a financial, as well as agricultural desert, there is not much flows, or in the Arabic language, FLOOSE (eff•al•oo•se). These places only normally get a little bit of dew.

Bitcoin and tulips
Why is there no comparison?

I like patina
I think cities are fine if nobody ever really repaints the building exteriors. Let them weather and become more interesting like in Italy.  Also, I actually prefer wood furniture that is beaten up a bit. I think it looks warmer and more casual. To me these two things speak of not wasting our energies on “decorative vanity”.

Save Matera
Save the not-yet renovated parts

Matera and the matrix
This town of Matera really should be pondered. A river cut a chasm through the thick (but loose) volcanic ash in this place.  Since Roman times at least, people would show up and dug caves into the walls of the chasm. This could be done with branches if need be.

On one hand, it is this proverbial place where people who lost everything went to live in an volcanic ash cave. That is what it was in the popular imagination as far as I can gather.  But I think it is, or was also this place for feeding harem kids into the world.  Also was the town of Matera a blid, to hide Mideast origin? 

Exhods and investigations
They are not allowed to give that go-away feeling to their investigators, ever!

Ishtar will try to look dead
It is like when you cut a pepper tree off at the ground. It will put up shoots for many years.  We have to watch for many decades, if not centuries to maker sure that it really is dead.

Only vinyl seats in shared transport
This goes for taxis, busses, trains and trains.

Did I miss any anonymous fungibles?
Maybe Titanium and other expensive materials should be controlled to prevent their use as a fungible.

Are these ads for one kind of beer,
Or ads for drinking on weekends?

The Good the Bad and the Ugly
It only pretends to be a low budget movie. I mean, just consider the sound track and how fast it moves. This was a very well crafted movie pretending to be low budget.  And what if Clint’s aloofness is a manipulation for a generation of boys?

Movies are a huge problem
The media can be really compelling and we can easily loose our selves in it.  In fact, that is what most of us seem to seek in our media. So, to me it seems that these films sort of come to act like these artificial memories that we all know in our conscious minds are not real. So they only seem to play on the things we feel and yearn for, only gently tugging on that level, or on people who mostly work on that level.

Try guys propaganda
This is more pseudo low budget propaganda, like the Good the Bad and the Ugly was a low budget film. Both are styled cheap, but they are both meticulously done, like a giant commercial

The siren’s song
It sounds like Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Thievery Corporation, and El•ton J’un.

House casting form actuation
Starting with a solid home still in its mold:
1) The exterior wall forms are pulled outward at their base, away from the structure. They are hinged at the top to a rather strong L-profile bezel. A hinged spacer falls down and out to keep the sides at say 20° outside of vertical.
2) On over head crane with robotic grappling lifts the exterior form up and over to the assembly side of the track and places it on a form there as it is needed.
3) The interior space forms retract from the interior walls.
4) An overhead crane comes and auto grapples to the apartment and lifts it off the ceiling forms and the wall base forms. This puts the home on the 3rd track for finishing with doors, windows, insulation, exterior panels, bathrooms, kitchens, electric, etc.
5) The interior forms are re-expanded.
6) The rebar panels placed.
7) The exterior wall forms are put back.
8) The unit is cast again, and the floor of the unit above is screed-ed and then finished by robots.

The right to respond to criticisms
If my message is being judged, then shouldn’t I be given the right to respond to criticisms? But where do I go to do this? Who do I talk with?


Please make short films
1) The democratic sweet spot.
2) Why lawmaker votes should be secret and why elections should be open, and how could we have it backwards on both counts?
3) The new Senates and their powers.
4) Multi-channel democracy.

Chronic pain and opiates
People who have observable injuries, or degeneration or measurable pain signals should only have to watch a little bit of anti-drug propaganda to get opiates. Those who are dying in the near term do not have to watch drug propaganda videos.

Rothko is a blid
Our•oath•co, the square within a square.

Its stupid, why do we do this?
Over the years, I just kept seeing things that I thought should be changed.

Vertical take-off aircraft
I can understand the osprey, but I can’t understand vertical take off fighters. It is dumb to compromise our fighters for  vertical take off capability.

My writings are for free
Copy it as you wish, entirely and unedited.

I don’t have to take Senate money
I am the only exception to the rule that one cannot turn down or donate away Senate money.

East of Penang
There is a hill east of Penang that has a large area at 1400 meters up. This is about 9°C cooler day and night than the places at sea level. The high temperature here is about 22° to 27°C, year round. And the lows maybe 12-17°C year round.  Kao Luang Thailand gets up to similar elevations and temperatures.

Railroads in rapid evac mode
Let’s say there is a big volcano On Sumatra.  Trains from the system can be long-joined and run closely. Cars might be sent from Africa, Europe and Asia to get people. from Malaysia

A world without money
Make sure that you understand. This is not an absolute thing. It is a relative thing. Doing away with money is really about making money less important to everyone, by taxing luxury products, and individual vehicle use and oversized homes, and by providing a good education and basic healthcare.

These are bacterial infections that come from putting unboiled water on your skin.

Got a bad back?
Is one of your discs compressed on the front left side?  Did you once carry a book backpack on your right shoulder at 180° to the direction of your disc compression? Does your back hurt you whenever you carry a bag as you did before? You can thank Ishtar for your bad back. I mean, just look at when this became popular.  I have this, and I have found that loosely rolling up a long sleeve T-shirt and putting it under the affected disc is helpful. 

My plan will work, guaranteed
Ishtar will certainly die for everyone’s lifetime at least. The only thing is whether there will be a huge war getting there.  So long as everyone just goes along with my plan, I think we can avoid that.

Lawyers weight heaviest on small business
In my new world, small businesses owned by articulate people will have a small advantaged in the legal system because their owners will always be able to speak for themselves, if they are not too litigious.

It is approved. Everyone, spread my message when you can


Nancy Pelosi 2018:12:13
“We’ve come in here as the first branch of government.  Article 1, the legislative branch.  We’re coming in good faith to negotiate with you about how we can keep the government open.” [Look at how the elected monarch is throwing his giant-size political weight around and overpowering our legislatures, our true democracy.]

The rockstar disjuncture
I remember being 15-16 and watching so many girls flip for musicians.  I remember thinking what a waste it was, and wishing that we could somehow harvest this force to motivate our leadership.

The soviet constitution
When I was 14, I took this class where we were supposed to compare the US and Soviet system of government. In this class, I read the US constitution for the first time and also the Soviet constitution.  I clearly remember thinking how similar the constitutions were. Different forms of slavery I guess.  I guess it is like San Quentin, vs. invisible fence, vs. the V for vendetta film basement scene, or the Logan’s run fear of going outside. All are prisons if they restrain our society for its oppression

Agriculture on rails
Once we have a low cost international rail backbone, we will have a world full of fresh produce. I predict a sharp rise in the consumption of:
1) Fresh roasted Thai “egg” coconuts, durians, and other fresh tropical produce in temperate zones.
2) Fresh temperate zone foodstuffs in tropical zones.

Senate poly mouth presenting
This is when each Senator speaks their own contribution to a collaborative announcement.  It would also be good for Ishtar’s announcements, particularly if they were mostly well know people.

Townships get old and die
Our townships will all expire and revert to their county. Then the county will come in and perhaps re-polish the floors and walkways, and repaint the walls, replace the modular and standard sized kitchens and baths, and then sell the old townships again. There is no gentrification. There are no pineapples displaced by gentrification. There is only total expiration and total renewal of townships.

Gracious = ingratiating
These words are different aspects of the same thing. It is important that we know the difference between good and bad here. When a sales person buys a meal to help with company sales, that is corruption. And when drug companies give things to doctors, that is corruption too.

What’s fair for healthcare
If we do nothing, as progress makes us richer and richer over the next century or so, healthcare will come to be perhaps 80% of our GDP, due to the fact that people will pay anything for it.  Here is what we should do:
1) Set a national budget for healthcare as a percentage of our GDP. Then we will impose across the board income taxes on the entire industry to bring healthcare spending into conformance with the budget.
2) We will tax healthcare cost-ineffectively at progressively higher rates.
3) We will subsidize healthcare for the young, healthy and responsible, and offer most cost-effective treatments to them free of charge.

Drug side effect reporting
These are made on video to the county recorder of the patient, probably with the doctor present. “Can you repeat what you just told me about your side effects?” The Healthcare-Sluice monitors these and can pull drugs from the market for cause. This is once a drug is approved for sale to the public.  Also, it should be noted that in general, the number of users for a new drug is ramped up to minimize harm to the public.

Drug sales charts
Sales over years. This will help recognize obsolete drugs earlier.

Bad reasons to have a man’s child
1) He was the only man who would have sex with you.
2) He was your neighbor and you know him so well.
3) He will take care of you for a while.
4) He is stable.
People: the media is just so full of romantics, or “Rome antics”. However, it is a trick, a switcharoo. The real love of your life is not your partner, but your children. All I am saying is kids first, partner after.

Hands on your hips
If you are also looking at the camera, it means that you consent on that day, by offering your hips.

JTE = Just too expensive
There should be n o open heart surgery for 90 year olds, unless society needs them.  JTE healthcare involves treatments that are too resource-costly to allow. And there should also be JTE houses that are either too big or too costly. And space tourism, that should be JTE as well.

This after thoughts section probably has lots of redundancies. These are normally only spotted by merging the new ideas with the message.

Grinding the concrete near the wall
This happens in the factory before the unit above is placed. This way the large overhead robot grinders can grind the entire area floor.  They will mostly work like giant roombas, following the same course over and over again for hours. Then finally they wheel off the roof to a dock. And there might be 3 grinders per house, per day:  coarse, medium and fine. Also, given the incredible durability of diamonds in comparison to most concretes, the grinders last a super long time. There is no materials for floor coverings, and no labor is involved.

This woman with 17 children had an impact on my policy decisions.  Hopefully most women like this one will stay within the benefits program and have a reasonable number of children.  Also, to the extent women like this chose Senate sireage, about half their problem will disappear in each generation.

This vid should be subtitled in many languages and spread.

The print price of my works
It is in the public domain, so whatever the printers care to charge. Also, it should be available as a free download. 100% free shareware, with no begging for tips or contributions.

BANKRUPCY = you lose everything, but can start over.
ECONOMIC VOIDING = you lose everything and cannot start over but must live as a volwist for a period of time, or perhaps all your life.

Bible-Genesis-My-Version .PDF Download


Your premise of separation is the problem
Adversarial separation is the cornerstone of the old system.  It can’t be eliminated without reprogramming both sides.  So the entire world gets reprogrammed now.   Everything gets reprogrammed: Government, economy, internationalism, beliefs, reproduction, everything.

Leaders that were fools as kids
Society should not exclude leaders because they were fools when they were young. If it did this, it would exclude some of its smartest.

Congressmen paying sexual misconduct claims?
What a way to lean on the only democratic house of government. What a backdoor to our democracy.  Are we fools that we allow people to cook up some momentary event from decades ago and use it to lean on our national decision makers?  Are we fools that we have our national decision makers vote openly so their decisions can be leaned one way or that by their accusers.

lawyers for the badly injured
1) The rail and self driving vehicle system will eventually sliverize the 2.3-million vehicle injuries per year in the US alone.
2) Building structures in factories will sliverize the number of construction related injuries.
3) Many things such as medical malpractice and job injuries will be put outside the court system.
4) Considering the huge settlement portion the lawyers get, it is not hard to imagine that a lay advocate working in a non-adversarial award system can net more for the injured parties.

Evidence you helped
Save your evidence, record your screen vids, make presentation media, help people to muster up.

WEWAW = war economy without a war
This is a good pre-revelation meme. Maybe put someone like Arthur Herman on CNBC talking about how it took 2 years for the US economy to enter hockey-stick mode in WW2, and it might only take a year today. Say WEWAW a few times and coin it well in the popular mind.

Also we might talk about how we really blew it by not taking the Marshall plan worldwide while we were so rich and the rest of the world so poor in comparison. We might have avoided much of the population boom of recent decades by doing this.

My constitution is just a starting point
However, your tri-elected Over-Senators will be able to veto any constitutional changes.

If it doesn’t work, change it
The part about police and arrests may need to be changed a bit. That may need more work.  And due to widespread cooperation, the exhod rights may get expanded, and their pay-back period shortened a bit, and the capital reapportionment may get relaxed a bit.

Weapons clothing
People appearing in weapons concealing clothing such as hijabs on the battle field should be at greater risk of being shot.  Such clothing should also not be allowed anywhere near a transport hub or in crowded city area.

Decoy sniper fire crackers
These fire at the same time as a sniper fires so the targets do not know where the fire came from.

The world is ending not
It’s just the matrix.

How much protein?
I remember how people ate when I was a boy before Arab naturalism became a thing.  People ate much more meat and protein.  Today,  I see the way soy milk is made disgusting with sugar and carageenen, or certified bio and ridiculously expensive. And then there is  all the dumb “science” about soy affecting your hormones.  So clearly someone want ius eating less protein.  I think the Senate should figure out an ideal level protein and meat intake. Also, I don’t think that the suffering of livestock, or the added ecological burden should be taken into consideration at all in this ideal amount.

Wine standards
While I don’t believe in IP protection for wineries, I do support regional standards for wines. So, it would be illegal to counterfeit regional wine standards, 0-5 stars, or mislabel the grape variety, or year, or limit wine output in any region. I think all the wines should be rated blindly by their regional vintner’s association, where each vintner has one vote regardless of size.

Out vandalizing stuff
Most vandals are working for Ishtar.

Glass houses and cities of glass
This is as opposed to how they live in the Mideast, behind high walls, with no way to break glass and enter.

Cities for the ice age
Maybe we shouldn’t live in glass cities.  Or, maybe everyone’s place should have steel “blast” shutters like in southern Italy.  I also think many people need to re-think the whole urbanism and civil defense thing for ice ages.  How do we make our communities impervious to “Road Warrior” marauders? That’s what civil defense used to be, and maybe we should take reasonable precautions against this potential future in our communities.

What kind of house would you prefer in a war?
1) American/Japanese style wood house with a flammable wood roof?
2) Unreinforced masonry walls set in reinforced concrete beams.
3) Injection molded, steel reinforced, engineered concrete.

All gas stations
All must have back-up generators, inspected annually.

No sacraments
Never have sacraments. I don’t view marijuana is not a sacrament, but as a seeing drug. And I think it is easier on the body than alcohol, so wherever you tolerate drinking, I think you should tolerate this more benign drug.

Divy-ing up the Ishtarian savings
Government should recover half of the savings and redistribute it according to population. This will be a huge amount of money, and it will fund the UM’s development programs.  It will fade away in a few years, and be supplanted by income from “rents” at its world cities. And it is to help-along all the poor of the world and to give them an incentive for obeying the international child policy.

Some matrix ideas
All of these ideas benefit the Ishtarians in some way
1) Cholesterol is bad for you and should be avoided.
2) Rock and roll is awesome.
3) Having babies is such a burden.
4) Our CO2 emissions must be controlled.
5) Energy efficient CFCs are bad for the environment.
6) You must drive a 3-ton car to be safe
7) You must pick up and drop off your kids from school
8) Due process needs to be suspended for sexual accusations.
9) American-style oligarchy is a real democracy.
10) Arabs must be hated.
11) Infidels must be hated.
12) entities deserve the right of free speech.
13) Changing the constitution should take years and hundreds of million of dollars.
14) Campaigning to be a leader should be hugely expensive.

Matrix in microcosm
Some decades ago, I met a woman at a dinner party and then went out with here. But later I found her to be seething with anger and quickly cut it off. Then some months later, I got a call from the host of the dinner party.  The woman I had been out with was in jail, charged with murder. She was married and had been dating someone else, and dating other people like me.

She would meet her main boyfriend in park. And there was this little game they played. He would walk in front of the car and leave — and she would rev the engine, like she was going to crush him between the car and the vehicle guard rail. And he would stand there, taunting her to do it.  Well, one day, she put the car into drive, with the engine revving.  This broke/crushed the mans legs and he died of his injuries.

As I understand, she claimed that it was an accident, that she was terrible driver and that she had a promising career and was about to buy a home and such things. The thing was that there were people who regularly went to the park and saw her playing rev the engine with her boyfriend.  So the court didn’t buy the excuses and she went to prison for premeditated murder. 

Now nobody denies that she was driving a car that killed this man. This is the actual, real and objective reality. Where the matrix exists is in the interpretation. It is her skewed and lying interpretation of the real events. It is her slightly parallax reality, where she said it was an accident, and that she was a terrible driver with a bright and promising career. So the part where a woman runs over a man, that is not about the matrix. The matrix exists in the interpretation, or rather, re-interpretation of that event.

Selling show tickets
First, order/sequence all the seats in order of desirability. The most desirable seat goes to the person who bids the most. The 2nd most desirable seat goes to the person who bids the next amount, and so forth. This also eliminates scalper corruption.

Autopilot is the default setting
Until the new Senate tells you what to do, everything goes on auto-pilot.  Nobody gets to stock up on food. Everyone’s purchases over 1-day’s food at once get tracked. Everyone just goes to work, and continues on until notified otherwise by the Senate.

Township center business
Most townships should have excess flex commercial/community space due to the high long term benefit of this in pricing.

Genesis 27:37
“I have made him your master, and all his brothers have I given to him for servants.” 

Man and a mass-extinction of upper life
We’ve become too powerful. At the dawn of the next ice age, desperate conditions and machine enabled men may cause a huge mass extinction of upper life on Earth.

What was your objective exactly?
Was it to breed me?
Was it to feed your people?
Was it to better the gene-pool?
Was it to enjoy life, screw everyone else?

Lots of people screaming near a volcano
If you ever hear this, go inside without delay. It may be hot gas. Around Vesuvius and other occupied volcanos, there should be IR cameras and civil defense sirens in case of volcanic burping.

The Ishtarian matrix
I think the innie s•myths are deluded about what exactly they are doing. I also think you all misunderstand why it is that the host decays under prosperity. I think it is mostly from your activities.

The power of noise in the information age
This is how you hide things in the info age, with thousands of incorrect search returns and thousands of stories.  This is how you hide witnesses.  What does the protected witness look like? here are thousands of yearbook photos and thousands of images claiming to be him.

Township lots $1,000 each
and here is some farm land above is in the “Texas Triangle” between Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. As you can see, this sort of nothing special land runs about $4,000/acre.  There are 640 acres in a squre mile, so a square mile of this land runs about $2.5-million. Thus a 10-square mile township (3.6 mile/ 5.9km diameter might run about $25-million for land acquisition. If this township had 25,000 units (only 4 DUA on average), land acquisition costs only $1,000/unit. If we double the price for structures, we are still at only $2,000/unit, although we might scale back our land use and have less than 5-km of sub-orbs around the the township. Then our land cost might still be $1,000/acre.  Also, it should be pointed out that at the center of the townships the units might be stacked up 5 or 10 stories, so the peripheral land might be even 1-acre lots with “groves”. These people might use bots or bikes to get to the town and the station. Here is some land asking $1-million/acre nearby.

The new towns go in the middle of nowhere
It bears repeating that it is foolish to have transit projects without also turning remote land into new cities. If the California rail project going through central California did this, creating say 3 new cities (near say Bakersfield, Fresno, and Modesto, with spurs to each of these cities), it could be done for an extreme profit instead of a net cost.

Business forestry
In order of importance:
1) Make it easy for new baby businesses to sprout.
2) Open the canopy of the giant trees/companies so light can come in.
3) Allow only healthy trees to grow big.
4) Remove trees that poison upstarts.
5) Give your fertilizer and attention and benefits mostly to the new sprouts, and cut back the mature trees with sustenance stored.
6) Do not let giant trees to merge.

As little human involvement necessary
That is how we make the auto-education modules.  We can always add human teachers if we want.

School: 10-20% real world
In the beginning we show the kids videos of how things work. Later, when they are old enough, they should have to work in perhaps 8 different fields.

Criminal convictions are news-worthy
Mere accusations, lawsuits, and misconduct for which there is no jail time, as well as non-crimes are not news worthy.

Vague words and defamation
Words like assault, abuse, and sexual abuse should not be used in the news media to talk about individuals as they are too vague. Instead the accused must be accused of “misconduct”, if they are not accused of a crime.

Township food stores
The word store has two meaning, that of a vending location, and that of a storage location.  So the township co-ops might be rather well stocked by design.  And also, they might not be involved with distribution, but only with inventory, stock levels, and payment collection. So I imagine the township co-ops as having hundreds of frequently redundant distributors. I also imagine that the boxes of food boxes/cans/bottles open from the side, not the top.

Giant tunnel, tiny rails. Why are the rails so narrow?

We immediately understand what the Rohingya are when we look at a map of their coastal settlement pattern. They are clearly over-bred Muslims that have spread out and are in the process of claiming a frontier nation’s uninhabited tsunami and storm netherlands. This claiming of jaws-of-death flood-lands and other wastelands is something that should not happen any more. People can’t either acquire this land, or become a citizen of a nation in this way. This must stop.

Rohingya are not Burmese
When Rohingya migrate again, they should be regarded as Bangladeshis, not Burmese.

The important cities come first
The important tsunami vulnerable areas evacuated before the rest. The unimportant areas get evacuated last. And this isn’t a matter of fairness, it is a matter of scarcity where money and influence should decide.

Learn from the berlin S-bahn
It is simultaneously brilliant and stupid. It is brilliant because it gave Berlin a practically unlimited 37km ring for attaching spurs and building factories, the same factories that got wiped out in the war. It is stupid because it prevented the 1973 Arab oil embargo.

Why is all the knowledge scattered?
I presume it has something to do with hiding it, so that only people who are very well read will grasp the big picture of how the world really works.

The EU
In the 1980s I whole-heartedly welcomed the EC as a treaty and trade area. I saw it as a body where the member states cooperated for mutual benefit. However, what the EU has now become now, I despise. I see this corrupt layer of government that spends €150B/ year, mostly for the benefit of its true masters in the Mideast.  The EU is a redundant and totally unnecessary layer of government, unless you want to keep supporting Arab parasitism.

You have to give up the religions
One and all you must do this, or my plan will not work.  ou must all obey me as your new prophet. And the other poor parts of the world must obey my child policy. It will not work unless this happens.

Arab Lawsuits
My capital reapportionment is the settlement, unless there is cheating, and this is also subject to criminal prosecution and jail time.


#1-pollutant, #1-‘cancer-gen’
Can we not all admit that tobacco is our #1-pollutant and #1-carcinogen? Can we all admit that tobacco kills 480,000 people a year in the US alone. Do you realize that this is over four times the number of people who died in vehicle accidents, drug overdoses and firearm homicides combined. (33,000/car accidents 11,000/firearm homicides, 70,000/drug overdoses). It is absolutely staggering the number of people who die from cigarettes, and it is a totally preventable cause of death. 

So lets all commit to getting rid of tobacco. Lets all shun it outwardly. Lets make tobacco-related healthcare as expensive to the smoker, as it is to society. And no more smoking or tobacco in the media.

Amniotic fluid tests
A few of these should be given to all women late in pregnancy. The healthcare system will save a great deal of money doing this and it will also lower anxiety in expecting mothers.

Just plain working less
If you work from 22 -67, that is 45 years or about 90,000 hours.  What if people only had to work 50,000 hours or 30,000 hours?

To clarify
1) Non police holding guns on apparently unarmed people can be shot.  People holding guns on each other cannot be shot.
2) Police shall not use militia weapons unless confronted with militia weapons or the suspect was firearm in hand.
3) Militia weapons shall be styled differently, so they are easy to recognize from civilian weapons.

Many people will remember the Falkland “war”, and how it came just before the Balkan conflict started.  I guess they dug the blid out a head of time.

Mediocrity blids mediocracy
The intersection of meanings here is quite a telling thing, for surely this is about Ishtar or the “Medes” of the Mideast and their rule.  This rule is mediocre because it eliminates all the smart outies, and all the smart innies hold back because they all hate Ishtar and don’t want Ishtar to get to powerful. So Ishtarian rule is mediocre.  Also, media is related word.

Don’t underestimate day halving
Worldwide it will jump human output by maybe 15-20% for nothing really at all. And it will slash traffic congestion, and better use all government facilities.

A test question example
Part of my test would be taking some lines of historical text like say Genesis 27:11-13, but obscure. I would have you translate these, and explain them.

School chores
When the kids go away to school, they wash the dishes, and peel and prep the fresh vegetables and meat and grains that the school gives them. They also do the landscape maintenance, cleaning, deliveries, bookkeeping, and management.  If you are in the top 20% academically, then your chores get slashed until you are only doing maybe 10% of the normal chores if you are in the top 10%.

Did you loose out in my judgement?
Did I ruin your career as a realtor, or a salesman, or did I make your ocean front property worth a whole lot less?  I am sorry for your loss.  I meant nothing personal from it.

If your New York apartment is now worthless
Consider yourself lucky that you and 30 million other people didn’t have to die so the world would realize this.

1 Corinthians 11
17 Now in this that I declare unto you I praise you not, that you come together not for the better [good times], but for the worse [bad times]. 18 For first of all, when you come together in the church, I hear that there are divisions among you; and I partly believe it. 19 For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you. 20 When you gather in one place, this is not to eat god’s food. 21 For in eating everyone eats his own meal with others. [Where] one [person] is hungry, and another is drunken [full]. 22 Why? Surely there are houses [that have enough] to eat and to drink in. Or do you despise the church of God, and [have no] shame [for] those that are needy? What shall I say to you? Should I praise you in this? I won’t praise you. 23 For I have received from god that which I delivered to you. That the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread: 24 And when he had given thanks, he broke it [up into pieces], and said: “Take, eat this, is my body, which is broken [divided-up] for you. Do this in remembrance of me. 25 In the same way, he also took the [co•mmunion=together•munis] cup, when he had eaten, saying: “[take] this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, and when you drink from it, think about me. 26 For as often as you eat this bread, and drink from this cup, you show [illuminate] the Lord’s death till he returns. 27 For this reason, whoever eats this bread, and drinks of this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. 29 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. 30 For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. 31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. 32 But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world. 33 Why, my brethren, when you come together to eat, tarry [dwell] one on another. 34 And if any man is hungry, let him eat at home; so that you don’t come together for condemnation [to ostracize]. And the rest will I set in order when I come.

Was every day Christmas?
Think of the gift giving that we now only do one day a year. It seems to me that this was more of an every day thing under early Christianity. I see a religion for a society that struggled to get enough to eat. In this sort of environment, people who shared among the members of their church would have been much better off.  Then the Arabs probably first made this into a season, then two weeks, then maybe 3 days, then ultimately one day a year, the holiday of “Christ’s mouth”, the mouth of community charity that actually aggravated scarcity instead of alleviating it. I see the original “Christ’s mouth” as something that happened nightly. Everyone brought a little bit back and got praised by the “supper club” or “flock” for it.  This is what Eucharisto means, the same word as the Modern Greek: Efcharisto = thank-you cousin. And the Eucharisto is called “the lord’s supper”, or “holy communion” meaning together•munis.

Portugal’s 2-century quest
Marco Polo just ignited the popular imagination in Portugal.  Undoubtedly everyone thought: “why don’t we just sail around them?” You know, it was nearly two centuries between when the Portuguese  got an idea harmful to the Mideast, and when they fulfilled that idea. I just hope my message doesn’t take that long to get out.

Centi-Nome armory design
They should be set up for rapid arms removal/deployment.  The crated arms should probably be kept on ordinary sized vehicles that can be driven out, and spread out. We should also probably have multiple separate rooms, so that an air strike against one room will not harm the weapons in the other rooms. Also, perhaps there is a large oversupply of armory “garages” and only the local Centi-Nome and police know which ones are actually occupied.

The most important part
The democracy, the initial constitution is the most important part of what I said. In case anyone is wondering.

I’m not obsessed with Ishtar per se
I am obsessed with mankind’s nemesis. I figured that the most important thing I could do in life was to eliminate this.

Killing Ishtar is the only non-futile course
No matter what I contribute to the gene pool, Ishtar will counteract it. So my first objective is to eliminate Ishtar if I want to help mankind.

Technology should liberate not enslave.

Don’t reduce them to depravity
If you take any race and made them live for years and decades under depravity, many will tend to become depraved. So if you deprive the Mideast of its necessities going forward, expect the place to produce depraved people.

The madrassas need to stop
There needs to be a proper online free education program. And I would think that a few nations might compete to make their own version of this due to its low cost and high value.

Derailment limiters
We need to be able to pull a train, but if a car comes off, the coupling should be designed to lever off the connection pin and break away.

Just stop
It just doesn’t matter what is just and right.  The most important thing is to stop Ishtar and getting a real democracy up and running. Just stop.

Got a real high IQ?
Great.  You will find it much easier to get confirmed to the Senate or do something to get elected as an Ubiq

Focus here causes absent mindedness there. 

I think you need to give up on Islam and adopt the ways of the Buddhists of Burma. I can be of great help to your people if they do this.  But I can’t be of help to you if you don’t.  And remember, you guys lost the war. You all ran away. You are all grateful for what you got, eternally grateful to the Burmese, for as long as your race exists apart from theirs.

Township store co-ops
This is more of a real estate thing for the townships. They handle the self-checkouts, the security, and lighting for a fixed per square food charge.


My religion is called Post-theism
This means that god happens after man, rather than before. It means that we are to make our selves and in particular our society more god like, whatever that is to us.

Montreal in the jaws of death?
Just look at a satellite image of this city.  It sure looks like it is vulnerable to flooding.

Face recognition and eye monitoring
If computers can recognize people walking through train stations, certainly can re-authenticate for eye tracking.  And certainly they can see where you are looking and more perhaps importantly how long it takes for you change your focal point. And we may have captcha tests about what people have just watched. To pass these, you may have to go back and watch again to get the time credits from this particular time module. Perhaps each must-watch or “MANDA” should have at least 1 or 2 simple captchas. The drug mandas should have this, and so should the Senate mandsa, and the public mandas too.

Border walls
I would use two 10’ chain link fences with heavy gauge chain link.  I would also use maybe 5 strands of razor ribbon on top of each. These fences are maybe one or two miles apart, and there is a plant-less landmark-less minefield inside. These are big blow-them-to-bits mines, so there are no questions about medical bills. There are also signs every 20 feet that say danger mines in both English and Spanish. Nobody gets through, nobody tries, game over for border running.  The US saves billions on border patrolling.

Find all the RUN-CHEM
The “run and find out” drugs are probably much more predominant in the fertilized marijuana buds than the unfertilized ones. That should narrow the search considerably.  Also, I bet other plants have similar run-chems, and I bet we find a few other marijuanas in the biome. Also, I wonder if poppies have a run chem in addition to an addiction chem.

Truck mounted drill rigs
What a great thing it will be if we could cheaply drill down into the ground to see what is there. Maybe then we could find all of the world’s best mineral resources.  And maybe then we could find a great many lost cities that keep getting buried deeper and deeper. Some of these trucks will also have giant water tanks for the day’s drilling.

The Anak tsunami
I think it was caused by an undersea eruption of gas displacing water. If there is no earthquake or ground movement, it’s gotta be gas that caused the tsunami — by process of elimination.

There is a nasty fault there, at the Sunda Straight, right where Java is getting bent differently than Sumatra. The lithosphere is being slowly being torn-open here, like a door hinge.  People should not be living near sea level around the Sunda straight, particularly in that textbook tsunami funnel city of Bandar Lampung. 

The gas undoubtedly came out right at the fault. So the location is somewhere on this line.  Now we can backtrack and triangulate wave heights, but it is probably easier to just tow a CO2 sensor.  The spot is probably still oozing gas, still spewing new volcanic air which is 95.5% CO2

Also the image does not accurately describe the area affected. Cilegon and Bandar Lampung were both flooded. I think we need proper maps of tsunami flooding in the media, maps which show the extent of the flooding and how high it was above normal.  You can say how many people were killed in each place, but don’t include injuries or how many houses were destroyed, or the cost.

Ache tsunami
Sendai tsunami  (send•die)
Palu tsunami
Anak tsunami

High rise townships
We will have to look at the cymology data.  Is it safe to have 10 or 20 or 40 stories buildings in the Northeast?

The problem is not keeping all the fool out of our democracy, but in diluting the power of fools that get through.


It isn’t the Sunda straight
It is the Unda straight
You know, if I had to pick a place on earth that is most likely to have the next big Krakatoa-sized eruption, it would have to be Krakatoa. People should not be living in the Sunda tsunami zone, and they shouldn’t be living in the volcanic blast zone either.  It seems that this volcano is special.  It seems to have big eruptions more often than the other volcanos. And this is a giant volcano in the middle if this small sea, so the tsunami forces doesn’t diffuse.

Anak Krakatoa
Look at the name you gave this monster. It is the child of Krakatoa. And it will grow up to be just like  its parent on day. And it will kill many more than the 36,000 confirmed deaths this time, unless you do something.  

Disaster check-in system
Every government should have this, and everyone over age 16 gets a account.  If there is a disaster, everyone is supposed to immediately log in and report their status as alive and health, or alive and need urgent help, or need low priority health. This way the people who can help will know who needs what help and where.

The Kraken sea monster
It is a blid to hide the Krakatoa sea monster. Look at that lame OCHA map above. Look at how the Kraken just ate 420 ships.

Where Sireage will be strongest
One one hand, the sireage increment will be felt most keenly among the world’s poorest. And at the same time, the genetic advantage of sireage will be felt most keenly there as well.

Don’t expect instant results
It will probably take at least 30 years for the first sires to make a difference in the world.

I can get the world over 95%
to renewable energy.
It is very simple. To the extent the world lives in rail-based well-insulated townships with central heating and cooling, we are 95% there.

Punta Des Arboles was Point Loma not Torrey Pines
The first Spanish expedition of 1669 wrote about a place of trees at a great river outfall.  It had a real bay (San Diego bay) and a false bay (Mission bay), But the next expedition from a century later couldn’t find such a place. So they sort of accused the Kumeyaay indians of cutting down all the trees down. The Spanish didn’t understand the Indians when they told them that a flood washed away the Mission Bay and Mission valley forrest in the mid 1700s.


People are still saying the world is flat
Clearly we didn’t solve the real underlying problem in 1492.  I mean, look at the CO2 theory of climate. The Mideast is still cooking up big lies so it can eat.

Carbon based life
Life is very efficient at using the carbon gas Earth constantly out-gasses.  This comes out as 96% CO2 and due to life, it drops to a 400ppm trace. That is 1/25th of 1%.

Mars is probably dead
1) It has 1% the atmospheric density of Earth,
2) It is super cold on mars, like -63°C reported as a common temperature
3) The atmosphere is full of CO2. If there was any life there, we would expect some sort of dent in the native CO2 percentage for the three sister planets, Venus, Earth and Mars.
4) Did we find any life yet?
5) Most “Mariologists” will lose their jobs and have to learn something else to remain a noble scientist. They can’t be relied on to tell you the truth about Mars, just like climate people can’t be relied on to tell the truth about climate.

Is this true?
From Wikipedia: 1883 eruption of Krakatoa
The largest explosion, at 10:02 am, was so violent that it was heard 3,110 km (1,930 mi) away in Perth, Western Australia, and the Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues near Mauritius, 4,800 km (3,000 mi) away, where they were thought to be cannon fire from a nearby ship. The third explosion has been reported as the loudest sound heard in historic times.[2][3]:79 The loudness of the blast heard 160 km (100 mi) from the volcano has been calculated to have been 180 dB.[4] Each explosion was accompanied by tsunamis estimated to have been over 30 meters (98 feet) high in places. A large area of the Sunda Strait and a number of places on the Sumatran coast were affected by pyroclastic flows from the volcano. The energy released from the explosion has been estimated to be equal to about 200 megatons of TNT,[5] roughly four times as powerful as the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful thermonuclear weapon ever detonated. At 10:41 am, a landslide tore off half of Rakata volcano, causing the final explosion.

Why was Telok Betong renamed Bandar Lampung?
Was it to hide the legends of how the place was destroyed by a tsunami?

Maybe New Amsterdam didn’t start as a real name, but a nickname.

Punto de los arboles = point loma

Over 85% of Australians
live in the jaws of death in a tsunami vulnerable place.

Anger media
Think of those Jason Borne movies and “the bust a cap into y’all” music, that is anger media

Bourne in Morocco
Here we see the Arabs struggling to make the world hate them.

Foreign criminals
We should have a penalty multiplier when foreigners with criminal records or organized crime ties come to our nation to engage in crime

You can’t reason people out of ideas
they didn’t reason themselves into in the first place.
I speak to reasoning people with science. I speak to people of faith with faith. The people of science should not hold this against me because I make the faithful more scientific.  Also, the people of faith should not hold this against me because I make the scientific much more faithful.  (This paraphrases Jonathan Swift)

Smoking costs 18% of your life
Here is a study that says that smokers die at age 64 on average, instead of age 78. This works out to 18% less life.  And all along the way that life is lower quality too.  Why?
The best way to prevent nations from being secretly used as  war puppets is for other nations to have unbiased Senate reporting on them. This is one of the best uses of Senate time and defense money.

Marijuana and wine IP
With wine, the high really isn’t any different. Expensive wine is only about flavor and smell. Yet with Marijuana, the flavor and high are different. Strange how there is IP for wines today, but not for Marijuana strains.

Amphora means carry again
I bet you that the well off ancient Romans were putting their amphoras outside on the street for bums to take for the recycling money. Monte Testaccio was from the ones that were damaged in any way, for they might crack, so they had to be destroyed. Or maybe that was just the excuse most of the time.

Broken record mankind.

What if we leave IP rights for wine?
Doesn’t drinking wine then gain cachet? Does government want to do anything to encourage alcohol consumption?  Ok, maybe we should sell the right to use an alcohol name for say 5 years. This to keep people from selling poisonous spirits.

We should have IP for fruit
If you come up with a new cultivar that people like, society should protect your IP rights.

There’s a big difference between communism and land reform
Nearly everyone thinks it is unjust to have 1% of the population owning nearly all of the land. Under such conditions, there must be redistribution.  Under communism the state takes the land and runs inefficient collective farms, inefficient slave plantations really, where the people are not motivated because they will never see any benefit to working hard. Under land reform, the state takes the land and distributes it to free people who are generally motivated because they will see the benefit of their hard work.

Lawyers are not fair
Do we really want a caste of men that have powers over those of mortal men in matters of the law? Aren’t our courts all about fairness? Shouldn’t everyone be treated equally regardless of how much money they have?

Atlas didn’t hold up the world as is normally portrayed. This is a Mideast blid for an idea that has always been dangerous to them. What Atlas really did was lift or uplift the world with his thoughts, like I am doing now.  This inspired big dreams in many people and was thus dangerous to the agenda of the Mideast. Thus Atlas was turned from profundity to absurdity.