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1 Incorruptible democracy. 9.5MB
A new type of democracy that is vastly less corruptible than current designs. Included are constitutions for both national and world government.
(617,741-words, 1,544-pages)

2 Killing Ishtar forever  9.5MB
a) The Mahdi’s message to the Arab (17,843-words, 45-pages)
b) The world’s dirtiest secret (100,704-words, 252-pages)
c) The cause of all war  (71,937-words, 180-pages)
d) Understanding Semitism  (74,763-words, 187-pages)
e) Parasitic tactics (33,499-words, 84-pages)
(299,011-words, 748-pages)

3 The new world  19.4MB
a) New cities  (155,690-words, 389-pages)
b) New systems (287,827-words, 720-pages)
c) Religion (338,901-words, 847-pages)
d) Linguistics  (110,703-words, 277-pages)
e) Biology 70,378 (176-pages)
(963,498-words, 2,409-pages)

4 Volcanic theory of climate  42.7MB
A unified theory of gaia-genesis. Also how the world as we know it will end in another 110,000-year volcanic ice age when the current 8,000-year warm age ends.  (148,253-words, 371-pages)

5 Ancient sources   6.9MB
Ancient sources (467,370-words, 1,168-pages)

6 Modern sources  4.2MB
Modern sources  (278,022-words, 695-pages)

7 Movie scripts 0.8MB
(48,558-words, 121-pages)

Total of downloads
2,822,453  7,056-pages

8) Afterthoughts
2019 Jan/Feb
2019 Mar/Apr
2019 May/Jun

9) Movie downloads
A) Tsunamis
B) How oil forms
C) Corrupting our leaders
D, E) Embargo time, Our corrupt democracy
F) Arab desperation
G, H) Other Arab hoaxes, Ending
J) Volcanic theory of climate
(Also see movie scripts)

Rings as my credentials
How to move all the people.
How to end poverty and human desperation.
How to unify mankind under one agenda.
How to end war.
How to end the parasitic de•ex•pull, the devil spirit of man.
How the world will end in annother ice age.
How to build a democracy that will serve as an incipient god mechanism.
How to reverse the devolution of man.
How to commence the recursion, the meta-flux.
How to crash the matrix & stop lying to ourselves.
How to understand br•peh or Bro•lingo the matrix label language.
How to get the ancient books of Alexandria released to the web.

The little drummer boy of myth
When the true profit comes, his message
will not be one super-profound thought,
but like the little (big) drummer boy of myth,
he will sound out thousands of truths
forming a new tempo/ temple/ religion.