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1 Incorruptible democracy 9.5MB
A new type of democracy that is much less corruptible than current designs.  (617,741-words, 1,544-pages)

2 Killing Ishtar  7.6MB
a) The Mahdi’s message (15,745-words, 39-pages)
b) The world’s dirtiest secret (100,704-words, 252-pages)
c) The cause of all war  (71,937-words, 180-pages)
d) Understanding Semitism  (74,763-words, 187-pages)
e) Parasitic tactics (33,499-words, 84-pages)
(298,137-words, 745-pages)

3 The new world  19.4MB
a) New cities  (155,690-words, 389-pages)
b) New systems (287,827-words, 720-pages)
c) Religion (338,901-words, 847-pages)
d) Linguistics  (110,703-words, 277-pages)
e) Biology 70,378 (176-pages)
(963,498-words, 2,409-pages)

4 Volcanic theory of climate  42.7MB
A unified theory of gaia-genesis. Also how the world as we know it will end in another 110,000-year volcanic ice age when the current 8,000-year warm age ends.  (148,253-words, 371-pages)

5 Ancient sources   6.9MB
Ancient sources (467,370-words, 1,168-pages)

6 Modern sources  4.2MB
Modern sources  (278,022-words, 695-pages)

7 Movie scripts 0.8MB
(48,558-words, 121-pages)

8 A win-wind end to the Mideast struggle

Total of downloads  2,821,579-words,  7,053-pages

9 Afterthoughts & Revisions

10 Movie downloads
A) Tsunamis
B) How oil forms
C) Corrupting our leaders
D, E) Embargo & Our corrupt democracy
F) Arab desperation
G, H) Other Arab hoaxes, Ending
I, J) Volcanic theory of climate