ROMAP: Rules of mustering and propagating a new democracy

Here are two sections from the proposed constitution. These sections explain how the people can assemble (“Muster”) a majority and institute a new democratic government without the involvement of their current government.

Under this system, the people assemble into groups of between 250 and 500 citizens (called “Mustering Nomes”) Each Mustering Nome elects one temporary Mustering Sub-Senator. Then these Mustering Sub-Senators will run the nation for 10 days until the nation can hear all the new candidates, and vote and propagate a real Senate.

In each Mustering Nome, all the people who want to run for the elected office of Mustering Sub-Senator will speak for 5-10 minutes to their Nome. Then when everyone is finished, there can be an hour or two (if it is safe) to mingle and talk. Then all the candidates will go to stand on a line, side-by-side, 3 meters apart. Then the voters of the Nome will stand behind the candidates in lines. The candidate with the most people standing in a line behind them will be elected Mustering Sub-Senator. When the required percent of the people of the nation have mustered in this way, the new democracy will have been elected.

Once the people have instituted the new democracy, they will be the rightful masters of the nation’s military and police apparatus. They will also be able to call for foreign military support from other democracies if the old government refuses to step aside.

All government, military or police forces that interfere in any way with a peacefully emerging democracy shall be sent to prison once the new democracy comes to power.

1/ This form of democracy was designed to make it easy for the people to claim their democratic sovereignty without any approval or preconditions set by those already in power. There is simply no need for permission.

2/ Under these mustering rules, valid elections, and valid democracies can arise as an outcome of a majority of the people assembled in structured protest where they elect interim Senators under the new Constitution available for download from this website. Here. This process is called “Mustering”.


3/ Once the required number of voting age citizens has Mustered and has elected interim Mustering Senators, those Mustering Senators will take control of the nation and oust the existing government. These interim Mustering Senators will run a new interim democratic government as stated herein for approximately 10 days, while the nation elects and propagate a real democratic government according to the rules explained herein.

4/ The national quorum point for Mustering a new democracy to replace an existing democracy shall be half of the native citizen voter turnout in the biggest national election of the prior 4-years. In nations where the old government is a dictatorship, oligarchy, theocracy, anarchy, or if they engage in widespread violence or threat of violence against the people, only 25% of the native citizen voter turnout in the biggest national election of the prior 4-years is enough to Muster-up.

5/ The day the quorum point is crossed shall be called Constitution Day, the first day of the new Constitution. At that point, this new 2021 Constitution shall be valid and it shall supersede the old constitution.

6/ The new democracy Musters up into voting units called Mustering-Nomes. These will have a minimum size of 250 citizens and a maximum size of 500. If there are more than 500 citizens in a Mustering-Nome, it must split into two Mustering-Nomes.

7/ Each Mustering-Nome will elect a temporary Mustering Sub-Senator who shall represent a variable number of voters between 250 and 500, that count towards reaching the National Quorum Point. Thus a temporary government will Muster up, or form up out of an increasing number of temporary Mustering-Nomes and their temporary Mustering Sub-Senators. These will represent an average of 375 voters each. These Mustering Sub-Senators will meet in local Centi-Nomes of 200 Sub-Senators described elsewhere.

8/ Those Mustering up shall sign their name and write their name, address, phone, email, and driver’s license, national ID, or passport number on the Senator’s representation mandate sheets. These shall say, “I accept that Senator-XXX has been elected by my Nome of XXX citizens. This person is my rightfully elected Mustering Sub-Senator. I swear I have Mustered under only one Nome and elected only one Mustering Sub-Senator.

9/ The voter rolls of Mustering Sub-Senators shall use base 10 election checking/monitoring for its membership. Thus each Nome will be checked by 9 other randomly drawn Nomes.

10/ The penalty for total or near total falsification of election documents in order to impersonate a Senator shall be 20-years in prison. It shall also be a felony to Muster under more than one Nome, or elect more than one Sub-Senator. Those people with the old government who fail to fully cooperate with the new government, and those people with the old government who resign without advance notice may be charged with a crime. Those people with the old government who take up arms, or menace the people of the emergent democracy with violence, threat, or arrest may be regarded as democides (democracy killers). Under the new constitution, democide can be a capital offense.

11/ As a broad democracy approaches the Quorum Point, its progress should be announced and graphed. A rapid rise in the percentage of the electorate voting for a Broad Democracy will be hard to dispute and will help to peacefully sweep the old government away.

12/ Once the Quorum Point has been reached, the Mustering Sub-Senators will take control of the nation and rule until proper elections can be held about a 10-days later. During this time, the Mustering Senate shall not engage in new business, or begin initiatives. It shall not sell or buy assets, or commit the government to long term obligations. It shall only manage ongoing business and deal with emergency situations until a permanent government can be formed through the election process explained herein. It also shall not engage in any new military initiatives, but it may command the military in ways that are clearly defensive.

13/ The Mustering Sub-Senate will meet every day in Centi-Nomes without a day off from 9:00am until 9:00pm with 1:00 to 2:00 off for lunch and 6:00 to 7:00 off for dinner, until normal elections can take place. In no event shall the first normal elections take place more than 10 days after the Mustering Sub-Senate was elected. Nobody shall be empowered to delay the elections.

14/ All votes in the Mustering Sub-Senate and in the first Senate term shall be cast openly by lining up behind a person holding a sign until systems and voting centers are in place for voting to take place in.

15/ The Mustering Sub-Senate shall not have the power to make constitutional changes. And the Senate shall not have the power to make constitutional changes unless it is voting secretly.

1/ Once the Quorum Point has been reached, the next day shall be a one-day notification period where all print publications, TV, radio, search engines, and other media including all email accounts are required to use the 1/3 of their display or time for notification of mustering. Newspapers and search engines must display this headline: “Muster-up, entire nation required to assemble and elect new government”. During this first-next day everyone is supposed to go knocking on everyone else’s doors and informing everyone about the muster. On the next day, the second-next day after the Quorum Point has been reached, every person in the nation shall be required to join and sign up a 250-voter neighborhood Nome group somewhere in the nation. Everyone who is not a citizen gets noted, as well as those who are either too young or too old to vote. Every human in the nation thus gets censused. All must allow themselves to be photographed, video recorded, and finger printed. All must give their national number, their place of birth, their former citizenships, their current citizenship, and their physical address. They must also demonstrate that they speak the national language like a native speaker. The disabled will have people sent to them to census them on video. But every person in the nation must be counted and divided into groups of 250 voters. This shall be a census with mandatory participation and criminal penalties shall apply for those fail to participate. This mustering census shall be followed by similar annual censuses that shall likewise be mandatory for everyone. Also, in all censuses, each county shall verify the censuses of three other counties. The assignments shall be by an annual base-100 national random draw, where all counties ending in the same two digits are double checked by the three nearest counties ending in the matching two ending digits each. For example counties ending in -12, would be checked by the closest counties in -05, -73, and 82, if those were the numbers that were drawn. And this would be so nationwide until the next year when new numbers were drawn.

2/For the following 3-days after the Quorum Point has been reached (days 3,4, and 5), there shall be a one-time, 3-day national holiday. Except for critical services, all voting age people in the nation shall be required to stop doing whatever they were doing and assemble into neighborhood Nomes to elect Sub-Senators. Part of day-3 will be spent organizing and balancing Nomes. (Especially with this first election, it is not so important that everyone vote in the closest Nome to where they live.) For the remainder of day-3, and the following 2 days (days 4 and 5), all candidates will speak to their Nomes once for up to 6 minutes. After this, people will mingle and talk, or they may refer to posted writings or posted videos. At the end of day-5 at 6:00 pm, the nation will elect its first Sub-Senate by open line vote, with the people lining up behind the candidate of their choice.

3/ This new Sub-Senate shall not replace the Mustering Sub-Senate immediately. 3/ This new Sub-Senate shall not replace the Mustering Sub-Senate immediately. Instead, in the evening of day-5, the new Sub-Senate will balance out into Centi-Nomes.

4/ At the start of day-6 and for most of days-7 to 9, the Sub-Senators take turns speaking for up to 6-minutes each. All shall wear their randomly drawn number (1-200) and their name. As there are 200 Sub-Senators in a Centi-nome, this speaking will take about 1,200 minutes or 20-hours. Number-1 goes first, number-200 goes last. The Sub-Senators speak for 5-hours a day. For the remainder of the day, the Sub-Senators will mingle and ask one another questions and discuss their views. At the end of day 9, at 7:00, when they come back from dinner, the Sub-Senators in each Centi-Nome of 200 shall vote and elect Ten (10) Main-Senators as follows: Each of the Sub-Senators shall put a single sheet of identical paper into a ballot box with up to 30 candidate numbers handwritten in place, that he wishes to vote for. This is placed on a pile on a desk that people file past placing their folded ballot sheets. Then the pile is shuffled 4 times. Then the pile is counted in redundant line fashion. The 10 people with the most votes then become that Centi-Nome’s Main-Senators. The lowest scoring man of these 10 from each Centi-Nome gets a number ending in 1 and rotates out first, the highest scoring rotates out last. Ties shall be decided by the Main-Senator with the most votes. If there is a two-way tie, they shall decide by rock paper scissors. If there is a tied vote involving three or more Senators, there shall be a run-off election.

5/ These speeches, as with all Senate speeches, shall all be recorded and put online for re-viewing by the Senate and people.

6/ On day 10, the ten Main-Senators shall each talk or answer questions for up to 30 minutes among themselves. After this they shall all mingle and talk and ask one another questions. Then they shall break for dinner. When they return from dinner at 7:00 pm they shall vote one of their 10 as Over-Senator. At 8:00pm, the new government takes power and replaces the Mustering-Senate, fully propagated.

7/ It will thus take 10 days from Quorum Point to elect a new government for the nation. During this 10-day period, the Mustering Sub-Senate will serve as the nation’s government.

8/ The 1st Senate term shall be for a bit longer than one teneth (1/10th of a year, or 36.5 days), from day 7 until day 45. During this term, the Senate shall operate at ten times normal speed. Thus instead of serving for 10 teneths as normal, this first Senate term shall only serve for one teneth. During this first Senate term, both the Sub-Senate and the Main-Senate will hold ranking elections and elevate Senators at ten times the normal speed. These will occur at the end of days 12, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 34, 38, 41, and 45.

9/ The 2nd Senate term shall be for 2 teneths, from day 46 until day 118, and it shall operate at five times normal speed. At the end of days 53, 60, 67, 74, 82, 89, 96, 103, 110, and 118. During this second Senate term, both the Sub-Senate and the Main-Senate will hold ranking elections and elevate Senators at five times the normal speed.

10/ During the 1st and 2nd Senate terms, all national Over- Senators shall also serve as our nation’s UM (world government) Main-Senators. These shall all shift over to exclusively UM duty as they cycle out of national Over-Senate service.

11/ The 3rd Senate term shall also be for 2 teneths, from day 119 until day 191. It shall operate at five times normal speed. At the end of days 119 126, 133, 140, 147, 155, 162, 169, 176, 183, and 191, each voting house shall elect 1% of its members to the next higher Senate. At the end of the 3rd Senate term, the UM Over-Senate shall grow to be fully propagated. Thus by day 191, the world’s government will be fully propagated.

12/ From day 192 until the end of year 5 the Senate terms shall be for 5-teneths. (one half a year). Thus all Senators elected in the first 5-years of the new democracy will serve for only half a year. We are doing this because:
a/ The nation’s senators will be expected to work longer hours and nearly every day.
b/ It is more corruption resistant to have such short terms.
c/ Unless we do this, there will not be enough sires to choose from.

13/ It shall be expected that in the 1st Senate term, all levels will work in over-drive mode. The Sub-Senate shall meet on at least 85% of evenings, and the Main-Senate and Over-Senate shall work 12-hour days every day.

14/ It shall be expected that in the 2nd and 3rd Senate terms, all levels will work in over-drive mode. The Sub-Senate shall meet in at least 70% of evenings, and the Main-Senate and Over- Senate shall work 10-hour days every day.

15/ It shall be expected that in the 4th and 5th Senate terms, all levels will work in over-drive mode. The Sub-Senate shall meet in at least 60% of evenings, and the Main-Senate and Over- Senate shall work 10-hour days in at least 85% of day for the entire first term.

16/ Senate service excuses everything. There is nothing in our nation that does not go on hold for people who are elected and drafted into Senate service.