Afterthoughts 2019.05–2019-06

The long tail of the law
To my way of seeing things, well over 80% of the communication in most civil trials is in the long tail, adding only the slightest amount of legal accuracy.

Total inclusion before legal accuracy
The legal system needs to provide total inclusion before it starts to work on accuracy.

Ishtarian safety memes
Ishtar probably has evolved lots of safety memes. It seems easy to speculate that there are legends of how the one who ends it will sacrifice himself to end it. If these exist, don’t fall for it. It is just the de•ex•pull lying again, trying to survive.

What I decree
1) That you release my message.
2) That you all help its spread.
3) That the Mideast’s people be the first to begin mustering up.
4) That all Ishtarian leaders and celebrities call for mustering
5) My message is not intended to be imposed.
6) The only thing that is needed is mustering.
7) Some films, like a mustering film would be helpful, but are not necessary.
8) That you send me a report about what is going on.

Standardized statistics
Statistical reporting should be standardized by the Senate when it is required of either the private sector and government. Also, the Senate may elect to stigmatize those who advertise, promulgate, or use statistical information that the Senate finds to be deceptive, this especially when this appears to be for profit.

Discounted property tax for liquidity
This is not needed in our new townships, but perhaps we could discount property taxes in existing cities for properties offered for sale. If the property is offered at less than say 115% of the county’s appraised value, the high property taxes are abated by some percentage. And if the property is offered at less than say 125% of appraised value, the high property taxes are abated by another lower percentage. This way developers seeking scale in their infill projects have better access to property so they can scale their projects. This way new construction can be delivered to the market at a lower cost, thus increasing property affordability and the dynamism in our cities… also lowering the urban overhead cost of our nation.

Infectious diseases
Instead of making sick people get out of bed and go through our cities and transit to our clinics, we should probably have diagnostic triage nurses that make paid house calls for the following:
1) Cold, flue, chest and nasal diseases.
2) Gut, diarrhea and vomiting diseases.

The limits of debt
In my new economy, domestic debt will be able to go much higher. However, international debt will be almost non-existant except for nations receiving international aid.

Tsunami erosion topography
Look at the ends of the ridges on this relief illustration of Oahu island in Hawaii. Look at how they end in a plane. I think everyone will soon realize that people should not be living below this elevation.

Hawaii and tsunamis
These islands have some unique features
1) They are in the middle of the ocean and far away from where earthquakes occur, so in general people will have hours to run for the hills.
2) Once they run for the hills, they can survive without shelter due to the climate.
3) The boats must all leave and go to sea on the opposite side of the Island and turn 45° to the wave.

Puuwai not Molokai
This island would be better for witness protection than Molokai.

The big island visa free for more countries
Thus more people on transit will stop for a while.

Tsunami zones are wastelands
Wasteland is land that for one reason or another can’t be used for productive things like farming or grazing. It is alligator infested, it is salty, and it is vulnerable to tsunamis. We really need to get it through our heads that tsunami zones are wastelands, even if they are called New York or Beijing.

Warehouses in flood zones?
Look, we have these “river beds” that get flooded every 350-years on average. What sorts of uses should we allow there. Certainly toxic garbage should not be here. What about distribution centers?

Tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns
Tsunamis are the most likely scenario I can imagine where the world has a major containment breach. I mean, just look at Fukushima.

San Onofre
It is cut down into a cliff that was formed by tsunami erosion. How stupid can we be. Here we see the devil’s choice for a nuclear reactor design.

Reactors that must be decommissioned
All of the ones that are on the pacific plate, and all the ones below the clam-shell line. First priority goes to the reactors that are both. And I want to be explicit here, all the nuclear powered vessels should stay away from the pacific plate. What a catastrophe this would be.

Police drones
Why don’t the police keep 120kph drone stations every say 1000m on center? This way police can dispatch drones to establish an eyes in the sky picture of a situation in less than a minute when someone hits their personal alarm, thus sending their location and opening their phone as a microphone. Or better yet, maybe a phone app has this always listening and remotely backing up mode. and when you say your password text string, that is the same as hitting the alarm button. So any walking outside can have a police drone within a minute. And maybe there are just a few police monitoring techs (not armed officers doing dangerous work) monitor the cams for many townships. I think this is much better and cheaper than either having cameras everywhere or having police helicopters (And why do police helicopters even still exist?) Drones like helicopters make escape nearly impossible. Also, the police can also enforce no drone zones with them.

Silent alarms and police drones
When an alarm goes off, it is a lower priority and it must pay 8-hour’s pay each time its alarm goes off, causing a drone response to be made.

Mandatory windows tubing
This is when all windows on all structures have to be recessed on all sides by some distance. This is so the glass is not such a conspicuous part of the view for those people who face it.

Trellised buildings
At times, leaving La Jolla, I would drive down Torrey Pines road, and look at La Jolla shores heights. I wonder what the view would be like if all the viewable walls had to be covered in trellises and vines and all the windows were recessed by at least say 2-meters. Where we have buildings on one slope looking at buildings on another slope, this might be a good idea. It will help hide buildings from the view and keep the place feeling more like a natural space than a city. And if 2/3 of the people in some canyon or valley want to require that everyone take some minor aesthetic car such as this, the county Senate should probably them.

How to keep your powerful government from going to the dark side
1) Make sure your democracy stays incorruptible.
2) Make sure Ishtar stays dead.

Islamic extremists will stand out more now

Smart bike lock up
The bike area is fenced and you need to show your id to make the double door system work. Your ID must match the RFID on your bike to get out. There are video cameras to watch for parts thieves. No working on any bikes inside the lock up. This is so much better than locks. Thus we imagine a bike lockup say next to the buggy livery,

Standard bike sizes
They are in 5cm increments from 6-year old height until giants that are 205cm tall. Stop using the frame size. This is to facilitate bike sharing.

Swallowing spasms
I bet at least 10% have magnesium deficiency. That should be the first treatment, a self treatment.

A parabolic graph’s ATARI = the part that is near the inflection point, and not near the tails. It is sort of a relative and vague term. The terms X-tail and Y-tail are ob•via•mente = obvious in mental.

The cost of missing the equilibrium point
When modeling this, we should not forget to include the economy wide costs. These costs can be huge, especially with well connected commodities like petroleum.

Reunite the harem spawn
After the genetic testing the various senates around the world should notify all the genetic family they discover.

Master nurse practitioners
What if we had ten levels of specialized nurses with the 10th level being the equal of a doctor. Then we might have 6-CARDIO NURSE, and 3-TRAUMA NURSE, and 8-KID NURSE. Also, here is another place where people can take the government test each year and if they score higher, they get a raise in their credentials and pay.

Tag all hospital people
What if the hospital people wore their numbers and job, such as CARDIO MD, and 7-TRAUMA NURSE.

JA = a name for the incipient group or god’s mind.

The rate of the group mind
This is the speed that the group mind either adopts or kills ideas. We should all try to make this faster.

Controlling tick and flea disease
Maybe our towns should put chrysanthemum extract in the animal watering places and manmade troughs around them. Also, maybe deer corn and dog food should all be sold with chrysanthemum extract in it.

Rabies is probably a counter-attenuated predator disease
The way rabid dogs behave, the disease seems like it would tend to kill whole wolf packs within a couple months. So dogs are not the true host. The true host of rabies is probably either a prey animal, or another predator that is a competitor of canines in some eco-system(s) somewhere on earth. And this true host animal is probably frequently immune to rabies. Also, we might expect this animal to bite the dogs back, like maybe a badger would for example. It also might be a disease of animals that get nipped and get away. Generally, if they don’t die of their injuries or an infection, the virus spreads throughout the creature, making them crazy at first, so their infected body will get bitten, but will tend to get away and then hopefully eaten by a number of other animals. Also, I wonder if the oral rabies comes from the licking of wounds, where the virus is known to multiply.

Why canines have such long tongues
It is to lick the prey blood off, so they don’t become caked in blood.

Rabies, Ebola, and plague may have ended prey stealing
I bet lots of other species have made forays into prey stealing before us. Rabies is this totally deadly counter attenuated predator disease that the new prey thieves also caught. I bet rabies and ebola and HIV were terribly deadly until we started cooking our meat.

The chimp oo-oo-ah-ah sound
The low pitched sound freaks out animals instinctively afraid of low pitched sounds like big animals make. The Chimps then screech ever higher “aping” and amplifying the modulation of sound in an animal that was yelling while starting to run towards you. Then they start over again. And that sound is mostly bluff, the bluff sound of the apes that went on to become the world’s greatest prey thieves.

Luxury seafood
Everyone knows that the better sort of ocean fish is a luxury item. And we should charge luxury taxes on all luxuries, right? So all nations have a responsibility to recover this money and never to leaver it for the Mafia or any economic parasites to pick up. So expensive seafood pays luxury tax, and is now much less profitable worldwide.

New car dealers get 5%-10% for nothing
If there were no car dealers, this markup would not exist.
1) Why can’t cars be 100% “dealer-prepped” prior to leaving the factory?
2) With repairs, why do we need the overpriced, overly spread out, leave your car all day dealers? Why not have factory authorized mechanics?
3) With the test drive, why not do this via the ride share or self driving car systems.
4) With regard to the salesmen, we are better off without them.
5) With regard to the transfer, this should be done by the factory and county.
6) What function do new car dealers serve except to suck-up, annoy, and of course extract money?

Say this about my main democracy graphic
This graph forces us to completely rethink democracy.”

People should sit backwards in self driving cars
Self driving cars should be rear facing and use video or mirrors for driver override controls if that exists.

The recorder and business processes
People are not going to be billing and sending notices through the mail. They will do these things and more electronically via the recorder.

The world is for people,
not companies,
not churches,
not schools,
not governments,
not animals,
not the environment
The world is for people.

Sp. VARA = a pole, but a branched one perhaps because of the way a javelin was branched or barbed. Also in Texas a vara was a unit of measure equal to 33.33-inches.

Women’s healthcare
1) STD treatment is covered because all easily treatable infectious diseases are tier-1 healthcare.
2) Childbirth is covered when it is conforming.
3) Regular check ups and polyp removing are covered as this is cheaper than dealing with cancer.
4) Birth control is paid because it is cheaper.
5) Everything else is according to the overall healthcare allocation system matrix. Accordingly the big bang treatments for young people are all free, while the small bang treatments for very old people are heavily taxed.

Senators bringing-in new ideas
I imagine every teneth there will be hundreds of government innovations worldwide and much copying in a sort of adaptive ecosystem that should definitely not be centralized. So most of the adoption will be at the county level, and we imagine a few thousand counties worldwide trying all sorts of things at once. This will be done by Senators who make their way in the Senate by “bringing-in” some technology or infrastructure from elsewhere.

Rental deposits
If you take someone’s property away from them in a reapportionment, then they don’t have to pay you back your tenant’s deposit or any other payments.

Sexual assault statute of limitation
With the shorter statues of limitations I propose for sexual assault, the victim must file a report even if they do not know how to identify the accused.

Violence and politics
Question: Are the anti-fascists so much better than the white supremacists that they have the right to be violent?
Answer: Whatever moral high ground they have goes out the window the minute the anti-fascists use violence against peaceful protesters. In free society, people have broad rights to peacefully protest or campaign for even offensive

Bigot = big•ot = big•ear, a word that suggests an actual rumor mill behind all the big•ears.

An opsis is the ancient Greek word for a theater presentation. So a syn-opsis looks like it means “with-presentation”, or “with carful scripting”. This word suggests that Greek theater had a documentary aspect to it at one point.

The trains come apart on hills
On the flats, we will have these super fast trains, but the idea of tearing down mountain grades at even 300kph seems a bit too fast. So aerodynamics is notso much of a consideration on mountains. But bridge loads are a big consideration. So our trains come apart in the mountains and our bridge loads can be 63-times less. I say 63-time because the Golden Gate bridge has a center span that is 4,200’. If the average railcar is 67-feet long, that means the Golden Gate bridge (if it had rails) would have to bear 63 trains. So here we see that the load of a giant bridge would be cut by 63 fold by sending one railcar at a time on the track. And while one (or two) cars at a time is no way to connect an urbanization the size of the San Francisco bay area, it is a perfectly fine way to connect a township or group of townships in an otherwise inaccessible high area that would go unused if not for the single, or dual two way single car bridges.

Viaduct as suspension bridge ballast
Our standard viaduct is designed to provide weight and remain rigid when a super-high-speed train is panic stopping. Thus we imagine that the ramps leading up to the suspension part will hold the suspension part in tension if there is no formation rock to drill into.

The air is cleaner up high
At lower elevations, the air tends to have much more dust, and water vapor, both of which can carry disease, carcinogens, and allergens. The sun might be a little stronger 1,000 ft. up, but that is about the only health disadvantage of living in the hills.

The god virus
Isn’t it odd that the thing that releases mankind back into the evolutionary wormhole’s gravity well should be a complete reprogramming, such as a virus does? And isn’t it odd that this reprogramming spreads like a virus?

Senate competency exams and interviews
This is not for the college grads that are going to stay back home and try to get elected, it is for the ones that go to the poorest parts of the world to help organize and lead them.

The part between 3:00 and 3:20 is interesting

The motherhood time obligation
I see it as full time for the first year or two, Then the time obligation diminishes rapidly due to public school.

Martin Luther King Jr.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Weapons in the media
I think the media is the number one source of gun violence in the world. I think it is having firearms or blasters, or even knives in the media. To me, this is just about straight back to chimps

Waste food
I think this recycling of uneaten and unused food is more important than recycling plastic. I don’t know if I support either really. But maybe we will have giant 2-meter plastic blow bottles with narrow necks that will sit open in a refrigerator until the the thing is picked up and swapped out for a new bottle on a train. Then the food is used to feed chickens or hogs.

Late term abortions
About 1.3% of abortions happen after week 21 of 40.
What about severe abnormalities like Zika and downs? What if that is only discovered in week 25?

More black babies aborted than born
In New York City in 2015, more black babies were aborted than were born. This obviously does not speak of intent and cruelty, but of poor planning and intoxicants. But are these abortions mostly among the women with a job in the family, or the women without?

Free reproductive medicine
Do we really want to make it harder and more expensive for the poor to abort their unwanted pregnancies? You know, I think free sterilizations, free birth control and free abortions are head and shoulders, THE single most beneficial and cost-effective thing a government can give to the poor.

1) Looking at the statistics on black famlies, we imagine that this man has many poor single mother households in his consitutency. We imagine that many of these women went from single to single mothers due to the difficulty of getting an abortion.
2) This constituency’s representative is asking for more liberal abortion laws. Also, certainly they would probably like to have free reproductive services if they could get them.
3) I think free sterilizations, free birth control and free abortions are head and shoulders, THE single most beneficial and cost-effective thing a government can give to the poor.
4) The smart upward-bound underclass may be bettering themselves like never before. But the real never-ending aspect of the inequality problem is the other part of the underclass that is going nowhere. And impeding abortion only makes their numbers larger.
5) Look at the way everyone is ignoring him. I can identify with that.
6) We will have a great many Senators like this man in our new democracy. And no longer will thes parts of our society be dis-enfranchised from the system.

Did you know?
More people die from tornadoes
than mass shootings in the US.


Frankfurt to Beijing is around 10,000km
At 400kph, it is a 25 hour trip. It breaks nicely in Kazakhstan. People will board the train at maybe 7pm and it will arrive at 8-am. They will check their bags and walk around the city. Then they board the train that night again and arrive in their European city at 8am. And if you are leaving from Spain, the trip might start at 3pm. And if you are going to say Chengdu, you might arrive maybe at 11am.

Gruzia not Georgia
In English the nation will be written as Gruzia to distinguish it from the US state of Georgia.

The Gruzian isthmus
This is the territory between Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It is Gruzia the country, the Gruzian isthmus, and Georgia the US state with 3x the population.

The plane of Azerbaijan
There shall be a great interchange city here. All nations may have access to send its trade via rail, and no nation or its people may impede or tax the UM’s rail system in any way.

Another freight route through Turkey
If only to reduce the potential for warring in the lands around the Caspian sea, there should be another main freight route thought Turkey. The interchange will go on the real golden horn of Terra•key, the former parts of Turkey west of the Bosporus. From here the line will split in three ways, one north towards the main east west lines, one near Belgrade, and one towards Thessaloniki. As for the land on the east/south side of the Bros•porous, from Istanbul, the train goes toward Eskisehir, then Adana, Gaziantep, Erbil to Hamedan if the trade is with the east. If the trade is with Africa, it heads south after Gaziantep.

Vienna/ Bratislava area
Somewhere around here, in the middle of nowhere, we should build an interchange. One line will go to Italy. This will probably be the fastest way to reach Germany and even France One line will go through Serbia to Greece, putting Athens say 5 hours away from Vienna. Another line will go towards Romania and the Black Sea. Others will heat up to Poland, Scandinavia, Germany and France.

The trade of India heads west on rails
The trade of India shall go by rail through the southern lowland valleys of Pakistan and Iran and along the western side of the Zagros mountains east of Baghdad and near Mosul to Gaziantep Turkey. Here at the Gaziantep interchange the railcars either head north to Istanbul and Europe, or head south to Africa. There is also an interchange near Kalar Iraq that passes though the Zagros mountains to an interchange in the Hamedan/Tehran region •  •  • Pakistan will have two interchanges, one around Mirpur-Kas, for trade with the Indus region, and one near Ispikan/Turbat for the northbound line that heads up through the western parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This line then heads up through Turkmenistan to the main east-west lines. Afghanistan will be served by three interchanges, one in the southwest desert, one at the border near Taybad Iran, and one at the edge of the southern flatlands of Turkmenistan. From Taybad a line passes south of Tehran and then through the pass to the exchange in Azerbaijan. Uzbekistan gets an interchange near Bukhara. •  •  •  It should be noted that all of these international backbone lines will be built by international effort by the UM. Also, the nations may connect their rail system to the UM interchanges, however, they shall not be allowed to add additional interchanges and delay traffic in other way.

Rail line layouts.
Someone needs to locate the rail lines so there is no delay from squabbling over routes. Otherwise these efforts may be doomed to fail.

Mountain trains
The cars will be built all over the world by dozens of companies to identical specs and design. Everything but the interiors and windows will be universal for all high speed 3% slope trains, and all 6% trains. The 9% slope trains and above might use splined 2m gauge tracks and have a limited top speed. The steep hill cars might also be 25-passenger mini-bus sized (5-5-5-5-5 people to a row), so that extremely tight mountain turns can be made. We also imagine the cars have 1 meter rod projections so the linkages can jackknife around corners. These connections are up high, near the center of the train (say at 1.45 meters above the rails). They are on a wrist joint that flops down when no other car is there on the other side. As the trains coordinate their relative position optically, this allows for some flexibility in the location of each car relative to the others, while at the same time the pulling and braking energies can be shared. The normal trains will not have this type of connection. I think in mountains, it is important that we use this sort of train on sealed lines. The predictability of the system is superior to the road system in the mountains. Also, the mountain lines will be one track in a loop. This way if one side gets washed away, people can get in and out. I see these trains going up one side of a valley and back the other side, with perhaps 10 small hill towns.

Desert cities should have two-pipe sewers
The showers and lavatories, clothes washers and storm run off go in the #1 drain, the toilets and kitchen sinks go in the #2 drain. The “#1 runoff” gets collected in cisterns (the soap kills the mosquitoes). This way our desert cities can be much greener. The #2 water is injected through an underground system to water and fertilize a park around the township. So the idea is that the waste water from a 30,000-person township in some semi desert is going to support a good sized oasis/park/palm-orchard around the township.

It is the Kurdish majority areas
The areas that are majority Kurdish shall be Kurdistan. This however is only for the main Kurdish blob. The enclaves outside the main Kurdish nation shall not be included. Also, the Iraqis shall be allowed to build townships south of Karkuk and As-Sulaymaniyah, and other unoccupied high ground at the edge of Iraqi territory lost to Kurdistan. Also up to 6 million Iraqis from the tsunami funnel areas of Iraq shall be permitted to settle in Kurdistan. No portion of Georgia, Armenia, eastern Iran, or western Turkey shall be Kurdish

The southwest mountains of Iran
Everything in Iran west of the road between the center of the road between Pole-e zahab, Kererd, Eslamabad, Kuhdesht, Jelow Gir, and Dehloran in a straight line to the border shall belong to Iraqi. This is so the Iraqis may have a high ground place to live.

Civil defense musketeer videos for Africa
There are many places where small bands of armed men cause much suffering. America’s Senate should probably have a contest for the best instruction instruction videos for how to use those single-shot muskets and the bullets that America gave your village to defend its land. And maybe there is only 1 gun per 50 people, but people can run for help they can gather men from the villages to counter the threat of the 5 or 15 gunmen terrorizing their communities. So maybe 200 men come out of the woodworks and the gunmen all die in the first volley. Throw down your weapons. No? 200 aimed bullets.

Thinned national government
Africa would probably develop faster as a continent of counties, with the national level of government de-emphasized. I would probably do the same thing with Indonesia, and Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Mexico and the Philippines.

Roman roads were non-roads
What a bizarre thing it was that the Romans had this “interstate highway system” that was only used by the military and government. All the public money was spent on the giant Mideast corporate front businesses (that supplied the Roman government and the military that suppressed the people if they rebelled). So getting around was just like on the most jammed up roads in Bali.

Gravel bedded railroads suck like Roman roads
Both require constant maintenance. The fragile paver skin on Roman roads required constant maintenance every few years, and railroads require track and trestle straightening every few years likewise.

Via Egnatia of Rome
This was how the Romans reached Troy/Bizz•antium/ Constantino•pol/ Istanbul, perhaps the only major city that had to have three name changes. The road was covered in paver tiles over sand. Only military vehicles with constantly re-lathed wheels were allowed on these roads. Other vehicles have irregularities in their wheels and would just destroy the roadway which is made of paver tiles on a thin bed of mortar on sand. So this road was used by the Roman military responding to a threat in this area. But perhaps more importantly it was also used by people on official business with the Roman government.

Roman Traffic
I imagine Roman era traffic like this through countless towns swallowed by the sprawl. I might substitute ox carts for the the trucks, and guys with hand carts for the motorcyclists. I see maybe 6 or 10 routes into the Rome and at this speed, these were totally inadequate for a city of 5-million people. So Rome became dependent on imported grain by design.

Pretty women can travel the world alone
What a luxury our modern world is for women in a historical context. We really should make sure it stays that way.

One CAP disease is from rodents
Inductive logic definitely has a place in science. It tells us where to start looking. It tells us that one CAP disease (bubonic plague), the biggest and baddest CAP disease comes from an oversized rodent (an oversized ground dwelling squirrel actually). And we know that rodents (rats and mice) are reputed to carry disease like pigs. And we know that time and evolution occurs very fast in rodents due to their short breeding cycles. Maybe the true home of ebola and rabies and all the other CAP diseases is one form of rodent or another.

CAP diseases, why do they evolve?
What are the conditions that cause the evolution of CAP diseases? Maybe marmots evolved to be big for the same reason they evolved bubonic plague.

Rules of expired brand names
1) To use the brand for a similar or confusingly similar industry the lock-up is two brand-name lifetimes.
2) To use the brand for a non-similar industry the lock up is one half a brand-name lifetime.

Senators must wear lab coats
They must put on a white, knee-length cotton lab coats. These are all uniform, and two are given to each Senator at the start of their term.

Italian style bank entries
In Italy they have/had these double door entry boxes with “bulletproof” glass on both doors. Perhaps something like this will be standard for townships in the more violent parts of the world. And maybe there will be a 14meter wall inside the ring road.

Getaway vehicles
High speed chases
These do not occur where vehicles are all operated by a system.

More abortion rules
1) The various counties shall not be free to impose their own rules and restrictions on abortion.
2) No county may prosecute those performing abortions.
3) There shall be no wait time for abortions in the first third of the pregnancy. There shall be a minimum 3-day scheduling wait after that time unless the mother’s health is at risk.
4) There shall be no mandatory counseling in order to get an abortion in the first third of the pregnancy.

Head injury sport must be prohibited in all schools
Public money and government services shall not be used to harm the people for no good reason.

3- Musketeers

Why were musketeers always using swords? The power of 3 or more musketeers is the stuff of legends that Ishtar would like to make go away. Musketeers are powerful in groups, but not as individuals. Here we see three manipulations of the concept in children’s media.

Ground zero
What an over statement of the effect for 9/11 this is.

Credit card debt
All debt gets cancelled. Nobody can be held down in any way by the previous system.

Dentists should be of two sorts: Checking dentists and repairing dentists. Also, the checking dentists are less-well-trained. They tell you on a scale of 1-10 how big your cavities are and what work it looks like you will need. Then the customer takes this “prescription” and gets bids on the work and selects a repair dentist by themselves.

Copper pipes
The building code should prohibit them within 40cm of ground level, or un-sleeved through any cement or metal material. I used to build with copper, but now I wouldn’t for the following reasons
1) It is expensive
2) It wastes copper.
3) Copper galvanizes and rots. Just google “hot-water repipe”.
4) They are inferior to plastic pipes

Address bars belongs to the people
Nobody may interfere with the people and their democratic government in the addressing or search system.

Public computing
All physical electronics, all operating systems, all public communication, all network systems, and all network connection systems must be ubiquitized and open source. The idea of one country using their equipment to spy should be absurd. Also, there should be an extreme conservatism with regard to what is allowed here. Only things that we think we totally understand should be allowed.

Cape Falcon Oregon
What an amazing thing that I can type this name in and up will come dozens of well curated photos of this coastline to satisfy my geological curiosity. The coastline here shows pretty clearly how high the tsunami flows get at the points, and I would suggest the flows get even higher in many funnels.

Mount solitude and the great flood
The San Diego Indians had this legend where there was this great flood and the survivors listened to someone that said to run for the hills, as high as you can get. Then the survivors lived through a century of solitude where they could not get their populations large enough to really flourish again.

Generational family townships
These are townships where everyone must have children of an appropriate age to live there. The units are bigger, there are more local schools,

Washington state
I would run a T shaped high speed train system with the stem of the T roughly following highway 90 over the Cascades and then turning to align with the border of Spokane and Whitman counties today. . I see a great many townships going in here, as well as across the rivers and up the hills. And there will be plenty of water, geothermal heat and electricity. The head of the T will be on the west side of the Cascades, roughly at the edge of the buried-hill tsunami plane. This is probably safe due to uplift. A little drilling will show that these sediments were deposited tens of millions of years ago, and that these areas no longer flood. There will probably be interchanges at Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King, Pierce Lewis, Skamania, and Portland if it is safe to live on the west side of the Cascades due to the earthquake risk. The northern half of the T is probably much safer due to the distance from the subduction zone, so the development on the western side should probably be focused there.

It is easy to imagine Oregon doing much the same thing with a line heading along the south side of the Columbia river basin to somewhere between Lexington and Boardman and then joining the stem line of the Washington T. Also, the line on the western side of the Cascades runs south and does the same thing in Oregon.

The Strait of Juan de Fuca
It sure does look like lots of water flows this way and eroded this these cliffs. Imagine an Ache tsunami occurring off Vancouver island. Imagine the waters washing down the coastline and into the sound. Imagine that this has happens every 400 years. That is 50,000 times in the last 20,000,000 years.

The bounty of the northwest
Between the water and the abundant energy, this place should have more people. Also, the winters will not be so bad in townships because people can just use the halls when there is bad weather.

The pardoning of Ahn and Hong
1) If we do not have diplomatic relations with North Korea then we have no obligation to recognize their embassies or their security in third nations.
2) This is a textbook example of why governments should be able to pardon people for their crimes.
3) Government should be able to pardon people before their trials.
4) It is remarkable that worthless golfers get the medal of freedom and these guys face prosecution.
5) Imagine a Senate able to hold a discussion and vote on what to do here in 3-days.
6) It might be payback for North Korea’s treatment of Otto Warmbir.
7) I think the Spanish democracy should say publicly: “Sorry, we asked them, but they wouldn’t hand them over. We are actually glad because we think your nation is run by an evil police state that is ruling over its people by force and arms.”
8) After Spain says this, Italy and a list of other nations should say “We agree completely with Spain. We also think you are a bunch of wicked fascists ruling over its people by force and arms.”

Another way to grasp Earth as a pressure mechanism
After a climate peak, as sea levels fall, gas pressures must build up pressures to overcome the newly less impervious rift. Also, after a climate bottom, as sea levels rise, the gas trapped since the last time temperature was this high gets released.

Tamago as desert at schools and asylums
It is Japanese sugar-added omelet. It is a rich and mildly sweet desert. It is also a good way to get kids and asylum people to eat their cholesterol with every meal.

Drugs come in blister packages
You need scissors to cut them out. The packaging is tooth proof and each sheet is over 8cm x 8cm, so kids don’t eat the pills. These are much better than the press to open bottles for keeping kids out, and easier for old and sick people to access.

Dental hygiene techs
1) School for this takes about 30 days, then there is government test and the hygienist is licensed.
2) Dentists may perform DH work, but, no DH tech can work in a dentist’s office.
3) When DHs make appointments, it is subject to the same tax rules as hair people.
4) DHs should probably make a bit more than freelance hair dressers.
5) The national government should pay for an 25 minute tooth cleaning for all kids each year until they are 22.
6) DHs are not allowed to sell or market products or give medical advice.

Instant bathroom
I imagine the old fiberglass shower enclosures that they used in the 1970s, but with fiberglass panels all around. A resilient floor and a normal ceiling are added. Thus we have a lightweight bathroom that people can 2-man-handle off a lift gate and wheel into their garages if they have a 4” drain. If they don’t, the IB has an optional macerator, so that even 1.5” diameter pipes can be used.

Garage youth hostels
Garage homeless shelters
It is easy to imagine a charity that buys and installs thousands of instant bathrooms so people can have homeless shelters and youth hostels in their garages.

Addictive kid’s games
It seems to me that most parents that know about Fortnight, Roblox, Minecraft, Overwatch, and Star Wars Battlefront, and some others would rather that they did not exist. If that is the case, then the Senate should remove these kids products from the market. Also, if you find that these children’s games have no redeeming qualities, then kill them without compensation.

IP protection for these beverages
1) Bottled water.
2) Unsweetened soy milk.
3) Unsweetened chrysanthemum tea.
4) Unsweetened pure teas.
5) Milk.
6) Unsweetened kefirs and yogurts.
7) Properly balanced re-hydration drinks that are not more than 1% glucose by weight.
8) Watery citrus juice that is not more than 2% sugar by weight.

Where was the hit?
There are probably doctors that have seen lots of injuries among prisoners. How much more dangerous is a blow to the head or face than the gut, the back the arms, the legs. Certain types of attack need to get a more severe punishment than others.

A democracy of liars
59% of US presidents and 68% of vice presidents, and 78% of secretaries of state have been lawyers. In the Mid 1800s over 80% of Congress were lawyers. That fell to less than 60% in the 1960s and today it is around 41%.

The California rail line and mountains
I am not convinced that a rail line should be built for the Pacific plate cities of southern California. But if we did build such a line, it should probably cross the Grapevine/Tehachapie mountains following the route of the 58 and/or 202 highways to Mojave. Then it should go towards Hesperia and use the Cajon pass (like highway 15) over the San Bernardino mountains to San Bernardino and the LA basin. Freight trains use this pass today (on 100-year old grades) so the engineering is no problem. From here, one line heads west towards Los Angeles. On the north end, the route follows the 580 to the Bay area… (again, IF these cities will remain inhabited) Also, let me say that for all train lines, we want to avoid existing cities and build our lines in the middle of nowhere so we can
1) Acquire right of way land cheaply
2) Have low construction costs that involve no costly remodeling.
3) Acquire metropolis scale parcels so we can make enough selling new urban land that the people will make money on rail infrastructure.

Redding to Eugene
Due to the mountainous terrain, this rail connection should be one of the last to be built.

Rail from the US to South America
The main high speed rail line runs from near Laredo down the east coast of Mexico but at a tsunami invulnerable elevation past Monterrey, Tampico, Veracruz and to a major interchange in the flat area between Oaxaca and Chiapas. From here, one trunk route heads to Yucatan and another down the south coast past Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. In Costa Rica and Panama, the route probably switches to the Caribbean side. From Panama the route heads northeast and then south to avoid the mountains, thus arriving in the Amazon basin.

Designing transport around cities is stupid
Designing cities around transport is smart

Jetson robotics
It is easier to design our cities around our robots than vice versa. Here I present cities that are robot and delivery droid friendly. And by that I mean that they only need a (removable) battery for maybe 8-km to deliver to and return from most townships, because the delivery room is near the station and the bots can board the trains. So most people will be delivery-able using a 4-km bot, although some people will require 10km delivery bots.

Self-driving cars made simple
It will be so much easier and safer to have self driving cars at 60kph, on standard township traffic patterns without intersections, and with transponders.

Interchanges and city size
Grand Central station handles about 750,000 people a day. So I see the new higher capacity interchanges moving maybe twice that, and spread out over a day halving schedule, so the capacity is maybe 4-million trips a day, or 2-million passengers a day on average. and maybe another million people are staying in their township. So that is a maximum capacity for an interchange of 3-million. So I am imagining that most of the new interchange cities will have sites for maybe up to 100 townships averaging maybe 10,000 people, on up to say 20 lines. That is 1-million people, although it might go to 2-million. The interchanges I think will be the limiting factor, so we will have to have many of them, perhaps 500 in the US. And each might serve an area that is hundreds of km across.

Interchange scale
The space between the trains should be totally oversized, and might be 30 meters. And the platforms outside the trains might be 15 meters. So given two 6 meter trains and another 15 meters outside the station we have stations 72-meters wide. And if we imagine 10 township train tracks on each side that are 6m per track + 15m platform, it comes to 21m/per binario). So the stations might be about 210 meter long, or perhaps longer if we have wider platforms or more trains.

Townships will spiral-out like arrondissements
Think of the arrondissement map of Paris. And how the districts sort of spiral out like a snail shell. I see the closest townships settled first. But the entire city will be laid out in advance. And by this I only mean that there are these rights of way reserved for viaducts (or just rail lines) and other acreage areas reserved for townships. But the first settlers will take the closest townships locations because:
1) The rail line to the interchange is much cheaper to build because it is shorter.
2) The travel time to the interchange is shorter
And all the trains will be shrouded and super quiet, and maybe even have berms or noise walls when they pass a township. So there will be no downside to being a first settler. And they will connect to the center of the interchange, because of the short walks. So we imagine an incipient interchange with maybe 5 townships of 20,000, and these are only centered maybe only 6km from the interchange. So these early trains might cycle every 5 minutes, and there is only a maximum 80 meter walk between lines at the interchange.

700-million euros were spent remodeling a station that didn’t need a remodel.

Intentionally blocking a train door
Intentionally blocking a train door for no good reason will get you 1,000 hours of community service or 1-years in work camp if you screw that up too.

Never heat/cool your train stations
1) It is a waste of energy because of the heat/cold from the trains.
2) It makes the stations much more expensive.

No greenhouses, no wind scoops
The greenhouses ruin train travel in the summer by design, the scoops ruing it in the winter. The Berlin Hauptbahnhof does both.

The Q mostly goes in a circle
It seems that you guys use the term queue or Q to refer to the line to get out of the Mideast and to go to heaven in the land of the host. I wanted to point out the the shape of the letter Q seems gives us some insights into the circular nature of this struggle. It is maybe 85% circular and futile with only 15% heading out as everyone in the Mideast wants. My Qs, or rather my formation circles are not only much faster, but they are also helical, and every time you do a lap, every one of you will be closer to freedom.

This is the obligation to try to move the others as they have tried to move you, to sustain them, as they have sustained you. I think this is what you are all actually devoted to. The other stuff is just time wasting and mental manipulation for the weak minded. You no longer need to waste your time praying. I have productive things for you to do.

Simple real estate sales contracts
Property transactions are way too complicated. They are made that way by the realtors. In truth, I think we should make all transactions as-is, where-is and make our contracts as simple as this:
I agree to sell unit ### of ### township, APN-123-456-789-XX for the sum of ##### in cash, or according to universal payment scheme 758 with a down payment of XXXX and #### payable each teneth for 17 years. •  •  • The buyer has pre-authorized the recorder to take this sum and give it to the buyer. So the recorder looks at the simple contract, he then OKs the title and payment transfer. It is all so simple, a recorder might handle 5 or 10 people an hour on appointments. Everything is on video and you are supposed to both show ID and be HD video identified and recorded. You also have to put both hands on a hand reader with a tech monitoring you. But this will be a big source of income for the recorder’s office, even if it is only 5% of what realtors, title and escrow suck out today. In fact, I might set these at 0.35%.

Search engines and paywalls
The default search engine setting shall be no thing behind a paywall by default, and people must click a search parameters button if they want paywall results.

1) Within 23 years, everyone worldwide will be living in a new township, or they will be completely rural and agricultural.
2) Within 23 years, the next generation of sires will start making its mark on mankind.
3) Within 33 years, the next generation of sires will have a majority in most national senates.
4) Within 3 years, we will have food stored for 7 years, and within 10 years we will have food stored for 25 years.

God wants you living a dysgenic life
Does god really want you doing this totally dysgenic thing for your line and for mankind? I think that this part of Christianity, where god wants you to find one person and only one person and stay with them for life — I think that was added by the Arabs so Europe would be easier to manage.

Religious chastity
The way I see it, the Mideast devil (de•ex•pull) posed as a god and created/evolved the world’s many religions. That is why all religions insist that people live their lives in the most non-breeding, dys•genic way possible. And don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean to say that there is anything wrong with monogamy. I just don’t think lifelong monogamy should be mandatory.

The afterlife
To me the afterlife is children, and so far that’s all we have. Also, I don’t think our consciousnesses live on after we die, except in our offspring.

All interactions and transactions with government at all levels in the US will require the person’s thumbprint. This goes for drivers license applications, as well as police services and for all payments from government be they employee check cashing, or those applying for or receiving welfare payments. The thumbprints are kept by the recorders offices.

Immigration is a national decision
I want Trump to say: “it’s ridiculous how a few states and cities are serving as a backdoor to the rest of the nation and forcing their own immigration decisions on the rest of the nation. National citizenship is obviously a matter that is exclusively for the national government to decide on.

Bomb-proof power plants
I see power generation plants miniaturized, standardized, and diffused as a matter of civil defense and transmission loss savings, as well as cost savings though standardization. I see standard generation stations as supplying say 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 people, but no more. Thus a township of 25,000 might have 3 or even 4 stations to knock out. I also see the power plants as having thick concrete A-frame roofs. However there is an offset and the one side passes over the other with a say 60cm tall line of remote operable windows at the gap for ventilation… these windows are atop the short side of the A-frame. Also the A-frame is quite tall and thin and maybe a 70° slope. Thus the overhead bombs are unable to use their impact energy, and only the largest bomb can penetrate the perhaps 40cm (16”) Thick 6,000psi concrete with a dense lattice of #8 bar on the inside and a loose lattice in the outside. Or perhaps thinner concrete can be used. Also, each panel probably has places where the rebar is bent so it projects horizontally from the walls when they are sloped together. A “sonotube” with a rebar insert is placed on the rebar projecting from the roof/walls/sides of the A-frame. Thus the two sides are joined into a much stronger triangular structure. There are perhaps two rows of sonotube struts between the two halves of the A-frame. This in addition to the anchoring at the peak and the heavy curb foundation at the base.

Manhattan hilltown
Imagine an Italian hill-town that is maybe 2-km square and the density of New York, Maybe 6 stories at the outside and 12 stories at the peak. Around it is nothing but fields an occasional farm and nature land

San Gemeniano
I wonder if this town is a blid for the legends of the towers of Rome and the real estate bubble there. Also it sounds like San Gemini anno, which may be a reference to the years added to the calendar before Jesus’s death. And curiously, the number of towers is 72, twice Jesus’ age.

Gemeni = a geh mini, a smart reducer. It is a blidding technique, not a stupid zodiac sign.

Exhods have to show their origin code
They have to have their E#### code in their ID and on their Exhod page. The #### represents their country code and their region/ethnic code within that region. This is so people will be able to know that some places have more troublemakers than others. If there are too many complaints come in about the people from some place, then all of them may be required to go for additional re-education.

Teach the military of the tyrants a lesson
Let them all see what will happen to them, all of a sudden and without any warning at all.

10% of parking spaces for the disabled
The In-N-Out burger near Balboa and 163 in San Diego has 40 parking spaces overall and 4 of these spaces are for disabled people. That is 10% of a parking lot with frequent overflow. And you know these handicap spaces are empty over 90% of the time, and when they are used, over 98% of the time, it is not someone in a wheel chair, but an old person that does not really look at all disabled.

Alcohol and lady-boys
In Asia, one sees and hears about guys getting too drunk and leaving a bar with a lady-boy. To me, all these dudes (the lady-boys) are rapists, or predators that prey on intoxicated people. How are they any different from the predators that prey on very drunk woman?

Lady-boys are outside the line
In my early 20s I frequented some gay and mixed discos because I met some interesting girls there. I didn’t really mind the gays. But it always struck me that there was something creepy and deceptive about the transsexuals. In fact, the most conspicuous thing about ladyboys is how they seem to be focused on tricking straight men into looking, or talking or whatever they can get away with. To me the societal fraud of pretending to be a woman and tricking men into sex greatly overshadows the right of a person to live the harmless sexual fantasy life they want to live. Also, this is a fundamental thing they are lying about, a line that matters quite a bit to a great many people and to society.

Homosexual Senators
If they are smart, then you can overlook their homosexuality. But try to vote for people who will set an example of procreation for young people. And try to vote for people who will leave many offspring in the coming decades.

Township lifts accommodate ambulance bots
Now by ambulances, I mean an indoor electric vehicle with a floor about 6” above the rolling surface. These have a narrow gurney that rolls into a channel and electromagnetically engages and latches into or out of place. The ambulance guys press the doors button and the back doors magnetically opens or closes. This “golf cart with no rear transverse axil is only designed for a 5km journey on super flat indoor hallways, so it has limited batteries, is very light weight and has no suspension, and the tires are thin and hard. So the ambulances might only weigh like 400kg, and with two attendants, a patient, and 100kg of equipment. So that is maybe 800kg, and perfectly doable in an elevator. Also, the elevators are ±1.5-m wide and maybe ±2.3m long. Also, the elevators get diverted by the ambulance call, So the ambulance rapidly drives directly into the lift and auto-grapples. Then when the doors open again, the elevator quickly drives out.

Township alarm monitoring
It is a municipal service by the police department for a mandatory call fee.

Nancy Pelosi
[It looks like she mis-stated the idea she was told about arresting William Barr.]
“We do have a jail in the basement of the Capitol, but if we were arresting all of the people in the administration, we would have an overcrowded jail situation, and I’m not for that.” [I think the original idea her minder gave her was something like: “We can’t fill the congressional jail with the entire executive branch can we? ]

A statue of liberty
A ceiling height painted concrete statue of liberty goes in the center of every interchange station on every floor. The pedestal is only 15cm tall. It is painted like turquoise color. The Crown is polished bronze that remains polished by the hands of people walking by.

Get rid of the plaque on lady liberty
1) Take away the dumb plaque that so directs and limits our concept of liberty and immigration: It famously goes: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
2) Is this a statement of national policy? How did it become a statement of national policy? Who made this statement? My how quickly some people take it for gospel. Take Madeline Albright’s twitter remark for example: “There is no fine print on the Statue of Liberty. America must remain open to people of all faiths & backgrounds. #RefugeesWelcome.”
3) I wonder if the Immigration act of 1924 was the result of the 1903 plaque added to the green lady given in 1886. I wonder if bad immigration makes people sick of all immigration and ruins things for everyone for some decades.

“Liberty for all
I think the US military would be well served by having lady liberty on their vehicles and uniforms. It says, we are the good guys in a much more convincing way. It also helps point US military usage and conduct in the right direction.

I like the retro US army uniforms
They will remind people of Captain America’s shield, thus making America stronger.

Living overseas, sometimes I ask people about their plans are for the future, or what they would like to do, if they plan to go overseas and use their English skills. In Indonesia, and Laos and India, most places are a step up for most people. But in places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Eastern Europe, they only want to go to the really rich countries. They don’t really want to immigrate to say Brazil or Mexico. They want to go somewhere that life is easier and they can save lots of money and either stay, or take their sack of money back. I think a $400 to $700 per month foreign worker levy would totally slope the national economy away from immigration. If we make avoiding paying this a matter of tax evasion for even casual employers, it would seriously blunt the economic force that is flooding our nation with unskilled illegal immigrants. It would also do wonders for the employment of our own people, for they would not have to pay this levy and their pay (as in Singapore) might be 50% or 70% higher as a result. And if the local workers truly will not do the work, then temporary foreign workers may be employed, provided they pay the foreign worker levy.

The magic words
Trump needs to use the magic words: “more immigration” to get better immigration standards.

Seeing as how the Mideast spread my message
People can say whatever they want about it. Never mind the prohibitions.

A new US national anthem, “America so beautiful
O beautiful for heroes proved
In li•ber•a•ting man
Who more than self
their freedom loved
your beacon shows the way
America, America
You are truly blessed
Cuz we the people
rule our land
From seat to shining seat

Past lives
The only past lives I can access are the ones I imagine myself living when I read the ancients.

Gecco-Roman civilization
Most people don’t realize that there was this Athens starting up again in one place and right next door there was this Rome starting at much the same time starting about 750BC. Most people don’t realize that these two civilizations were sort of contemporaneous until the Athenian side of things blew up attacking Sicily, and then foreigners attacked their Ukrainian grain ships near what is Istanbul today. •  •  •  Athens seems to have been re-peopled between 404 BC and 370BC. Alexander got the limelight between 336 and 323BC. Then by 264BC, we see the first Punic war starting and Rome gets the spotlight of history and Athens was forgotten. Can you see the hocus pocus focus here? Can you see the extent to which history has been formed and omitted here and there. So classical architecture is more or less identical for good reason.

Latin was a language of mental subjugation
It was made artificially difficult to squander the mental energies of the next generation, so they would be dumber and easier to manage. I also think this is why Chinese characters take so long to learn.

A dreadful synergy
I think of these places in the US where there is practically no money and people mostly live on government assistance and illicit activity. What a dreadful synergy state laws prohibiting abortion are for this class of people with no money to go to the next state. So these people, our welfare-dependent class have lots of kids which they didn’t really want. Why is our society doing this?

A message to the people of China
Yes, our IP system is probably dumb in many ways. but it’s a lot better than your system — because you don’t really have a system for rewarding inventors and creators. Nor do you punish counterfeiters. So you don’t really nourish your inventors and quality producers the way we do. And that might ber the main reason why we are more inventive. I mean, who is going to bother to do overtime, or quit and spend money on developing new things if they don’t get rewarded? The world needs inventors and it needs to reward them, and nobody denies this. We actually don’t care how these people are rewarded, so if you have a better way, we are all ears. But until then, why don’t we all just enforce the system we have.

The US Mexican border is long by design
The border with Mexico is long and hard to police by design. It used to include California until the discovery of gold in both northern and southern California ruined that.

Women covering up
I see the shapeless, eyes-only cover-alls is the clothing of slave women to be sold as sex and breeding slaves, as well as the women who are enslaved by the desperate cause of the Mideast. I think the hijab and the head-scarf in women is a sort of way to say, “I’m all-in with the slave’s union.”

Kidnapping for presumed sexual slavery
This is another thing that gets death by torturous punishment.

Time’s up
Iran is long past the point of being a nuisance to the community of free nations. Now you are getting to be a serious threat, and something must be done about you. Who are your allies? Who will come to your defense once the bombs start falling?

Quiet dirty bombs
Maybe they look like a 100-pound smart bomb casings. They will look like duds, and few will stand around making a close examinations, or have reason to suspect a dirty bomb. Or maybe they will look like head-less discarded aerosol cans. Perhaps some tiny watch-sized part detaches and this lets the gas propel the radioactive powder, like with an aerosol can. But they will have already sprayed out nearly all of their radioactive calcium by the time they hit the ground. Nobody will hear anything except the thud of the cans when they hit the ground at 4am. If we do this quietly at a radioactive facility the presumption will be that there is a leak, and nobody will be going outside. The thing is that the propel in the facility will all be irradiated whether they stay or leave.

Unconditional surrender for Iran
“I’m sorry. Now that the bombing has started, you have to surrender unconditionally now, so we may install a proper democracy in your nation, and eliminate your nuclear program and all of your military equipment.”

Voting fraud indictments
I see the AG indicting people, including perhaps a governor or two for policies intended to help illegals vote for their party.

90% less infrastructure overall
It isn’t just our road size that will shrink by around 90%, we will also have about 80% less electric wiring and about 80% less sewer piping in a township based world.

Like swapping
If you like/review someone, they can’t review you back. If you find a way to circumvent this, it is still “review fraud”.

OPENING FIREWORKS = this is what we say about businesses that give a super great deal at first and then cut back substantially once they get a clientele.

I called it save the world. I am sort of stumped on another name.

Noisy supersonic passenger jets
They can take off from LAX, SFO, NYC and lots of other airports and go supersonic either over the ocean or over some unpopulated place. The arguments against them are Isthar’s because less jet fuel will be sold.

For profit media is not the free press
It pretends to be the free press, but actually it is an open corruption of the free press.

The Big Brother reality show
What a blid this is.

Karachi and Muscat
Add these to the long list of tsunami funnel cities.

Tsunami erosion near Bandar Abbas
We would expect Qeshm island to divert much of the inbound tsunami flow through the straights of Hormuz. So when we look at the cliffs to the west of Bandar Abbas, we see lots of erosion.

GRAIN = the group mind
BRAIN = the individual mind

Bringing arms into a township
It is easy to imagine that in places prone to gun violence that people will put metal detectors at the entries to their townships to prevent the “import” of unauthorized military and militia weapons. It will be rather like some courthouses today, where there is a metal detector at the entry to discourage import. The gunmen will be able to use the external road system, and he can still break a window to gain entry.

Government should regulate salt content
Like sugar, this is another sort of cheap arms race ingredient in food. The saltier snacks sell better. They may not be healthier for you, but they taste better at first and make a better first impression when tried. So food makers make their food saltier than they would if people acted logically. This is why I would establish a maximum salt contents for foods not intended to be rinsed.

Heart attacks and electrolytes
1) We might expect that the body, with age, sometimes become less efficient with regard to electrolytes and conductivity. I wonder if heart patients tend to have either low electrolytes or low electrical responsiveness to their muscles.
2) Is there lower mortality in heart patients that take say twice the RDA of potassium and magnesium?
3) Does eating a lot of salt wash out the other electrolytes. Is that the real reason that avoiding salt help with heart disease?
4) I wonder if eating too much salt messes up our electrical impedance and thus causes heart attacks.
5) How do nerve signals travel through a liquid aqueous (and salty!) body if not through channels of higher conductivity? Certainly these have higher electrolytes. I wonder how many nervous diseases are diseases of electrolyte regulation.

Stuff to tell kids every month in school
1) There should be a bunch of message we tell kids over and over again, like the following:
2) Don’t get hurt. Less than 1/4 of their minor injuries will bother you for your entire life, and more than 1/2 of your major injuries will bother your for your entire life.
3) The sugar you eat as a kid may reduce the sugar you can eat later. And things may become so severe you can’t really eat much bread because of all the sugar in it.
4) Most people have a terribly difficult time quitting tobacco once they start.
5) Alcohol will make you fat and age you much quicker.
6) Don’t think of survival just in terms of yourself. Think of your line continuing on, or dying out because you didn’t have kids.

Egypt waters the Sinai hills
Egypt might build some townships on the Hilltops of the Sinai with piped-in Nile water. This might be allowed as an exception to the clearing of the Arabian peninsula. The elevation of 1200m will keel the place about 8°C cooler. Thus in July the average high temperature will be 32°C instead of 40°C and the average low will be 18°C instead of 26°C. It will also be windier and cleaner up high. New Cairo anyone?

I don’t move mountains
I show people how to go around mountains and how to use mountains, like the Indian Himalayas.

Shall I not say the truth?
Shall I hide what I think because it might offend some apeman with Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah, or Isn’t•real, or the Vatican, or the Mafia, or whoever?

The study of what cannot be known
and what mankind will probably never know.

Here is another over-trained profession. To my mind, the complexity of what they do is wildly exaggerated.

Group spirits
1) They are not conscious
2) They are totally ethereal and subjective and to borrow from Murakami, are like a jellyfish in the water.
3) They are seldom more than half known.
4) Evil spirits are seldom more than barely known because they hide themselves.
5) Few people know about them and fewer are writing accurately about them.
6) Even the experts are only like expert home builders in that they know more aspects of how to build a good home.
7) They are immortal in that they survive the death of a generations.
8) They are easier to wear down in size than to kill.
9) The evil ones die when presented with their true reflection.

Women’s clothing and modesty
At first I wasn’t going to say anything on the subject. But it then occurred to me that I should say something about women who cover up more than they otherwise would because of modesty. I think that females and males everywhere should be able to wear mid thigh shorts and singlet tops when it is hot.

The great lakes
Why are all the major cities located in places vulnerable to tsunamis should North American jump to the north east as it seems to do. Look at all the cities in the worst place possible: Duluth, Green bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester and maybe Detroit and Toronto. And look at how Waukegan seems to be a silted-up flood-way.

Vehicle Repossessions
Under a self-driving car system, there are no vehicle repossessions, or violent vehicle repossession confrontations. This is because the lien holders can simply call their vehicles back to a police station or DMV. Also, 1) whenever police encounter a vehicle flagged for repossession by its owner, that vehicle must be impounded by them. and 2) when private re-possessors encounter property to be returned, then they must call a police officer to supervise the repossession. Police may charge 3x average wage for this service.

Wool and silk rugs and carpeting
These should pay the highest level of luxury tax, and like all luxury goods, the items should have to have a number and this should be track-able. and tracked it will those in possession of these thing

1) If it doesn’t fit to your body or has layers like a sari or a toga, it pays 90% luxury tax.
2) If it drags on the ground and gets dirty, then it pays 90% luxury tax.

100% video for school
If kids were videoed from when they leave home until they are back, it would make them much safer.

Breaking into a township
When people trespass on another township’s land, it should be a crime. And maybe we will except kids under age say 14 if they wear a location monitor.

Township security zones
Some townships might have nothing outside the security zone. I think most however will have most of their commercial areas near in the extended train station, where there is no security check. Here the security check is outside the central commercial area, but before the residential area.

Township herring bone design
Lets say you are on the outside corner of a herring bone unit looking into the window of your opposite neighbor. Lets say we have these building-high screen panels, mid-century style building screens on the other corner, outside, where the units look into one another. So there is this dead spot on the other side of this unit. Here we imagine a series of triple sliding glass doors that go into a pocket aligned with these screens. And we also have enough room perhaps for similarly configured screen panels and insulation panels

Triple glazing
I would do this for the noise in our townships. And I would use three different glass thicknesses. I would also make the standard glass panel thickness maybe say 4cm.

Vacuum panel windows
If people must have lots of glass in their houses, this is the way I would go. I would take two 60cm x 3cm “frying pans” of glass, then I would fuse them. Then I would remove the air and seal them. That is how to get light without any energy loss from outside.

Video surveillance
What if the indoor areas of our townships were all video surveiled, but the outdoor areas were not and only had emergency reponse drones. Then the people who want to meet confidentially can just do it outdoors. What if the visitor data was always purged after 18-days?

Grocery stores
1) They can’t have memberships or programs where they give discounts to members.
2) They can’t have sales times. They can however permanently mark goods down in price.
3) They can’t advertise.

You can keep all the other books
It was more important than all the other books they ever read. They probably said something like: “you can keep all the other books. This is the only book I need now.” And that sort of statement creates a very powerful network effect after a while. And that is where the spirit of Christianity came from.

The bib•al, the message you drank
The original book inside the bible was something that everyone regarded as fascinating.

CRATING = the “wine-box/ egg crate nature of a structure.

Oswald Spengler
About the idea that societies rise and fall in predictable ways:
1) I see host societies as getting away from the parasite society and then the parasite focuses more people and resources there until this place slows down and eventually collapses from the blood sucking.
2) Post-material abundance, Senate sireage, and information technology change everything.
3) We are running out of poor places to bring up.

It is already here in many rich places worldwide.

The great news media name wipe
All the names, AP, BBC, CNN, CNBC, NBC, DW, RT, Reuters, Bloomberg, all the newspapers and especially the NYT, WP, and WSJ, all of the names die now if they have over what is allowed in the constitution. This niche, the giant credible news organization/news paper part of the free press is about to be replaced by the Sub-Senate. And it will greatly reward reporters with both official status and money. And news organizations will still be allowed, they just won’t be allowed to become giant worldwide entities. Thus our elected Senate will be the arbiters of the truth in the media, not a bunch of entities that make money selling ad space to other entities.

How much automation is worth
If a man’s fully burdened wages cost the company 80,000/year, How much should the company pay for robots to replace him? 5 years of his wages is 400,000, 10 years of his wages is 800,000.

IDs in the cloud
I imagine a future where people have a primary key and a secondary secure key for their ID. If you know your primary key, the teller, or county recorder, or whoever can pull up your picture and name and info.

Township services
I see the recorder’s officer and a number of government services as having a booth in all townships. People make appointments during certain hours and they are sure to get this service locally.

Animals normally live with other species
Aside from disease vectoring, there is really nothing wrong with a bunch of clothed monkeys hiking around in almost any habitat area.

Lopsided hill-edge interchanges.
I see an interchange where there are maybe 8 lines per side going off in a Menorah form up 16 valleys at the edge of a mountain range. And maybe the train only run once every 20 minutes. And maybe the stores are in a couple commercial townships right by the interchange.

Arabia must be completely depopulated
This does not include the territory of either Egypt or Turkey, or the hills east of the Tigris. But the rest of it must be depopulated. The entire sub-continent is to become one giant archeology and mineral extraction reserve with no tourism. Archeology and well drilling only take place during the cooler 7-months of the year.


I take the 5th
People who stay silent in court are generally presumed to be guilty. They are also often presumed to be guilty of other crimes which they do not want to admit to. I think it should be likewise with regard to people who take the 5th on answering reasonable questions of immigration status. 

A new pledge of allegiance
“I pledge allegiance to democracy, liberty, justice, fairness, truth and honesty. I pledge to struggle against tyranny, injustice, and lies, and stand up for democracy and freedom and those threatened by force even if it is dangerous.”

You want to see a flaw in the matrix? How come the film Casablanca has 9 separate mentions of Nazi concentration camps in a way that minimize their true nature?

What a thing Ishtar is
In WW2 it killed at least 75-million people including 6-million of its own people as well as the true intelligentsia of Europe.  

“God’s” thoughts
What if the Senate started asked all the cells in the human brain: What is the true•eth here? Anyone got any fresh ideas? After some weeks, and when all sides are properly presented, the Senate votes, and that is how we make decisions as a meta-mind. 

Senates of ideas
When the Senate elevates an idea, it also elevates the mind that bore it. And these people who have given thoughts to the meta-mind should be our first choice as Senator decision makers. You should try to elect all of them before you elect anyone else. 

Satanic rituals
A weak and telling explanation for otherwise totally inexplicable scenes.

Tariffs and elasticity of demand
“Tariffs hit commodity goods much harder than Boeings. The attitude in the administration is that tariffs are going up very high… until we succeed in doubling or tripling the value of the Yuan.

Trump should ignore the lower courts 
I think he should declare that the president is not subject to the rulings lower courts, and that only the supreme court has the right to overrule the presidency or congress with regard to constitutionality. He should talk about the absurdity of the current system where the red judges block the blue president’s efforts, and then the blue judges block the red president’s efforts. It is a recipie for the paralysis of the nation’s government, and it must stop.

I think storing ambient heat and even evaporatively cooled fluids are a good idea.  I think synchronizing our interchange trains os recovered electricity from slowing trains is used to power accelerating trains.  I think battery powered light-weight dishwasher sized delivery droids and 6 and 12-mile ultra-light vehicles with interchangeable packs are a good idea.  However, I think two ton electric SUVs are brain dead stupid.  Also I think that home batteries are pretty stupid unless you live off grid without a refrigerator and only need power for electronics and LED lighting. 

Freedom and tyranny at war
1) When freedom fights tyranny all 3rd parties cheer for freedom and jeer at tyranny.
2) When tyranny attacks freedom, everyone gasps and says, why don’t we all get together and teach these tyrants a lesson.
3) Freedom is no obligated to worry about the lives of the oppressed if the tyranny is formidable.

One third of Poland died in WW2
At the start of WW2, Poland had 35 million people and at the end it had 24 million, so the nation lost almost a third of its people. Surely the Nazi advance would have been stopped dead if even one quarter of Poland had a bolt action riffle. That would have been around 9-million rifles. Thus the Nazis would not have killed 50-to-65-million people in Europe. •  •  •  Also, if we used the current US firearm homicide rate for 36 million people who lived in Poland, it comes to about 1,500 deaths per year. Thus it would take about 7,300-years for the US gun violence epidemic to kill as many people as died in Poland in WW2.

The strong can hurt the weak is so many ways. Fortunately the weak have a way to fight back.

Muskets: Pulling the shotgun shells out
If the spent shells must be pulled out by the fingers from our muskets: If the new shell must be placed in the hole by hand, just like with a shotgun shell: If the bolt must be cocked and the gun raised to aim before another shot may be fired: If this is the case, then I submit for your judgement that a man with this sort of firearm is not that much superior to a man with a butcher’s knife duct-taped to a broomstick. Muskets are not very effective weapons for individuals and even small groups. However, for large groups of people, they are quite effective. 

The Sire’s premium
This is the difference between basic child support and what you get if your child is a sire.  I bet lots of marriages support levels get expressed as a multiple of the sire’s premium.

Did someone get you hooked on drugs?We should have laws for what to do with people who many addicts credit their addiction to.

The red (our•ed) pill and the blue (pull•oo) pill.

Death by hell
This could be a life alone where you get not enough food, where it is just a little too cold and your blanket and clothes are not quite warm enough. Maybe there are loud noises 24/7.  Maybe the extremely light lights go on and off at odd times in the windowless room. Maybe you will have these robot arms that quietly come down from the high ceiling and impart a rubber band snap 6 times a day and without warning.

Reagan’s Soviet jokes
Maybe Trump should start telling how-poor-are-the-Chinese-workers stories. I think the first story should cause a vague insult. Then Trump comes back a day later and apologizes. He says he said he didn’t mean the insult, and that he only said it because he wanted to make sure his message got through the nationalist censors and language translation filters of the party apparatus and straight to the Chinese people. Then he says:  
1) American workers make 10x as much as Chinese workers and clearly our workers are not 10x as productive. So Chinese workers are not being paid enough from that angle. 
2) If we consider how China is supplying the world, how come it is so poor? 
3) We are not your enemies. North America has more people of Chinese descent than any continent outside Asia. 4) We have been free longer than you have and we think you need to do something about the excess concentration of wealth in in your society as we did with our various anti-monopoly laws.
5) We think the common Chinese person should make more and the factory owners less. We think the best way to do this is to revalue the Yuan at twice or three times its current value.
6) We don’t need your permission to do this, and if we don’t succeed one way, we will succeed though intentionally deflating our currency.  We also feel pretty comfortable that most of the rest of the world will be forced to follow in our foot steps. You and the other currency manipulators will be prohibited from doing this by threat of additional rounds of currency deflation.

 “Why do Chinese workers only make a tenth as much as American workers? American workers are obviously not 10x as productive as Chinese workers.”  People’s republic.”

Real estate developers are rail developers
Just at they build giant roads to their subdivisions, they will in the future build railroads. 

Iran re-supply cutoff
There are only about a dozen road/railroad choke points for completely cutting off trade between Iran and its neighbors to the east.  The northern border can be cut off with 5-choke points.  The border with Iraq can be cut off by bombing another dozen roads if necessary.  Also, it should be noted that the hard to reach points in the north of the nation are in mountainous areas where the bombing of roads can cause damage that will take much longer to repair.  The deserts of the east can be patrolled by carrier-based aircraft. •  •  •   It should also be noted that Pyongyang can be cutoff from the north by interrupting only about half a dozen roads which are all mostly bridge vulnerable.  Likewise, Pyongyang can also be cut off from the south by interrupting half a dozen roads.

Central elevator shafts and light wells
These are a main vulnerability of high rise buildings to foreign air power. First the roof of the elevator shaft gets blown off by a small and fast prep bomb. Then the main bomb goes straight down and blows up when it hits the elevator.  If that is not a practical way to cause a structural collapse (as with the WTC attacks on 2001.09.11) Then a string of smaller bombs should be used that detonate at various altitudes so as to blow off the building’s skin and propel the contents out of the concrete structure. 

Worshipping the devil
If the devil is running all religions and posing as god:  What then of your religion’s commandments?  Aren’t they the devil’s choice for you?  And religions don’t really work if they allow killing or stealing from your own. So certainly, religions must have some basic and obvious things or nobody will not believe them. But I would like to suggest that all the other non-common-sense commandments are the devil installing harmful practices on your society.  And this is particularly so with the things religions are most emphatic about, like:
1) Lifelong monogamy.
2) No premarital sex.
3) No enjoyment of sex.
4) No adultery.
5) No bastards/best•ards.
6) No divorce.
7) Super expensive divorce.
8) Super expensive child support for infidels that dare reproduce.
And all of these things are really the same thing, aren’t they. They are the Mideast de•ex•pull struggling to soften your society up so it will produce more milk for the Mideast.

Sexual morality needs an update
Who you have children with matters a great deal to society. But no longer does sex mean babies, and no longer does VD range the world untreated. With these facts in mind, I think it is archaic to think that sex for pleasure is wrong. In other words, I don’t think there is anything wrong with sex for pleasure. In fact, I think we should err on the side or more sex for pleasure rather than less sex. This will de-emphasize the Rome•antics partnership that the devil’s religions all focus on.  Then the love of children will be more important as it should be. Also, presumably, our Senators will get more than their share of this and thus we will have near limitless energy for our Senates.

A god that cares who you have sex with
OK, so you believe in an omnipotent, omniscient creator god. Maybe I can sort of understand that. But why should he care about anything so petty and trivial as who his pets have sex with.

All cases shall be reviewed
After we get things in order, all cases pending judgement shall be picked up again and reviewed by the Senate. Then all things judged and being paid. Then finally all things judge and already paid and complained as unjust by people alive.

Kid’s work
It is hard to put kids to work. I might have a reduced luxury tax when people hire the local elementary school to keep their yards, or clean their homes.  I might also reduce the rent and have lower taxes when local kids run a hawker stall or other enterprise. But maybe there are landscape teams (instead of baseball teams). One of the parents takes up to say 11 kids around in a school-bus/truck and pays the kids according to how hard they work in their judgement as manager, supervisor. The lazy and slow drag•ard kids get maybe 1/3x, or nothing, and they can also be cut/fired for being a drag on the team. The kids that work methodically and diligently get 1x base. The kids that work really fast and with alacrity get 2x base. The kids that manage get 4x base. These manager kids take over the role of a parent and supervise everyone in self-driving buses that have a bed for equipment. 

The true•eth
If eth means to go forward, then true eth was once an active verb instead of a passive noun.  What a thing how our language is so screwed up, just like Latin.  

When shared car fleets are not practical
Ok, so all the single-wides are identical with the same wheels and tires and wheel base and width. This makes it easy for them to auto-grapple to a flatbed railcar.   So our 7m gauge passenger trains (9m wide) pull up to this parking lot. They are on a low track that puts the railcar’s bed on the level of the parking lot.  People autopark their single-wides sideways in numbered boxes next to where the flatbed railcar will pull up to. When the train arrives, the cars all get the command to autopark at once on the railcars while the passengers board the passenger cars. The same thing happens in reverse for the appropriate single-wide cars at each stop.  So there are two single wide cars every 4.5-feet running down the length of these railcars. This is vastly more efficient and safer than driving between cities.


Good ideas have kinetic energy
They blow people away, meaning that most get out of the way of the people who know about them.

I bet studying the water in the above link tells us that polar temperature fall by 3 to 6 times as much as equatorial temperatures during ice ages. This is due to shallower angles of sunlight incidence in the polar regions. This causes much greater filtration of sunlight in the polar regions.

The burden of the rich to educate the poor
Maybe the top 10% of students from all over the world should get to go for international exchange in the student dorms. I see them starting in Latin America then going to Africa, then the central PU, then India, then East Asia, then East Europe, then West Europe, then North America, in that order. They draft themselves into groups of 4 students at each place, and they are supposed to socialize together. As long as they stay in the top 10% progress-wise, they can continue on with the exchange program. Maybe this starts optionally at age 15 for the top 5% of students and optionally at age 16 for the rest. And maybe it is just 90-days in each place, thus making a 2-years abroad program.

She went to a top ten college
We really should stop this. It is such a narrowing and obfuscation of the educational pinnacle. I think a much better way to do this would be to say: my teenage progress was in the top 7%, or 2%, or whatever. The stupid non-democratic colleges are a bottleneck and should be eliminated.

Kid’s media and life
I would have the government set default time limits for viewing all sorts of kids media, be it games or edu content. I would probably say 2 hours of games and non-edu programming a day, and no more than 10 hours of edu content a day for the really young kids. Also, I might say that there is no children’s programming edu or non-edu between 15:00 and 19:00, so kids socialize with each other and with their parents in the real world.

It is only the matrix I destroy
If I have done my job right, all the robots will be looking around for what to do.

Americans and gumption
To me, the defining factor in being an American is that we all got up and left wherever we were and moved to America — either us or our lineal predecessors. The people living in “the old countries” didn’t get up and leave, and this is a fundamental difference in character.

Advertising taxes
1) Overt advertising income = 15%.
2) Sneaky advertising income tax = 70%.
3) Stigmatized advertising income tax 95%-100%.

The right to ask a lawyer
Perhaps if you ask someone questions during a trial sessions, you have a lawyer/surrogate and you suffer the handicaps of having one.

Running around in an emergency
Not every pharmacy should have everything. But we need to be clear about which ones have which things. So therefore we should have say
RX-LT- a lite pharmacy
RX-MED – a medium pharmacy
RX-FULL – a full pharmacy
RX-AV – a place with anti-venoms

Telesurgery machines
I see a future where the international effort makes these fold-up tele-robotic machines for doctors from around the world to use to suture-up people after mass disasters. And I imagine that there will be a technician assisting, filling syringes for the haptic-feedback robot, running suction for the robot, and bandaging afterwards.

Most anesthesiology should not require an MD
There should be maybe 6 to 30 techs on staggered starts with two supervising anesthesiologists.

Democracies work best in crisis mode
Just look at WW2. Also consider how the war gave most people alive a sense of duty.

Broad robust democracy
I bet, like all democracies, broad democracies work much better in times of crisis. I also think the granularity of the Sub-Senate will become particularly valuable in an emergency, with each Sub-Senator knowing and living near his constituency.

Townships and forest fires
People are going to want the trees cut near the townships for better wind ventilation. And they may want to expose everyone loitering in the direct periphery of the township. But the new townships will simply not be vulnerable to forest fires.

Dumb manufacturing
Manufacturers must use sensible approaches that are not unreasonably complex or expensive. For example, we should not allow refrigeration-based de-humidification due to its complexity and energy cost. We will also tax disposable and limited use products, and tools of a particularly low quality .

Township arms
They are going to start out as maybe 12 stories tall and with small single rooms, then medium-sized rooms, then larger single rooms. Then they will become studio apartments, small, then medium, then large studio apartments. Then there will be one bedrooms and larger and larger units further out. Ultimately, we might have 50 different unit sizes inside the ring road.

Required de-humidifiers
Maybe we should banish mold from our homes. Maybe we should require that all new bathrooms in all new residential units in mold-prone regions have a ceiling de-humidifier with a drain that feeds into the lavatory or shower drain. They all must have humidi-stats and pause for shower buttons that come on after 40-minutes. •  •  • Also, when it is hot, this will help make capturing the night cool more effective, by lowering the humidity.

Slope to drain
Maybe some people will want to have their apartments with some or all floors that slope to a drain. Bathrooms and kitchens seem good for this.

Political donations
No person real or fictional may give more than the allowed amount to any Senator or all Senators, or any political party.

This word is from Arabic kasp = gain, gaining, earn, win, wining, acquire, obtain, attain, reap

San Francisco and Silicone Valley’s money
It is 34 miles, nearly all freeway miles from Palo Alto to San Francisco. So if you live in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s district, and work in Silicone Valley, you leave the city in the morning, when all the traffic jams are inbound, and you also do the same thing in reverse in the evening. So a large chunk of super-rich silicon valley people live in Nancy Pelosi’s district, but not enough to really dominate the leftist capital of the US. But the power of the left is definitely magnified by Silicone Valley’s money. Here is why Nancy Pelosi (from San Francisco) is so powerful. Also, every time this is talked about, it makes the US left look artificially powerful and artificially leftist.

Delusional nations
I want to call to attention the bizarre remarks of the leadership in Iran and North Korean in recent weeks. I think these remarks show how the tyrannies of these nations assume that people will obey their domestic policy statements. Thus they start with the presumption that they can declare what reality is, and people will just go along — for we hear the same tone used on us in the outside world. They are trying to use the same sort of domestic lying on the outside world, and it just sounds idiotic to us. Are we really so foolish to allow these man-man delusional states to have a nuclear arsenal?

The true image of the Tiananman square massacre
It isn’t the proverbial lone man, but the sea of people in this image.

Original 1989 broadcase

The Tiananmen massacre 30-year anniversary
“Today is the 30-year anniversary of the of the Tiananmen square massacre. 30-years ago today, the Chinese government killed over 10,000 of its own people for trying to peacefully bring democracy to China. We the democratic United States want to mark this day and say that we think it is wrong for China to ignore this event. We also think that it is wrong for China to censor and troll the internet as it does today. So I say to China, tear down this wall, tear down the great wall of the internet and let the truth in, and let the Chinese people figure out the truth themselves. We believe in the truth, even if it is shameful to government or to powerful people.

Secondly: today, American workers makes 10x as much as Chinese workers — and clearly they are not 10x or even 3x as productive. Why do Chinese workers make so little? To us it looks like the People’s Republic of China is not being run by the people and for the people as we say in America. China seems to be run by the rich and for the rich. We see your undervalued currency, your low wages, your bad working conditions, and the pollution of your nation as symptoms of the elitist way your nation is run. You know, most of the outside world thinks that Chinese workers deserve a raise. I personally think you are worth around 3 times your current wages, and the dollar should be worth between two and two and a half yuan, not 7 yuan.

Thirdly: I want to take an opportunity to ask if North Korea is secretly a puppet nation of China? After-all, communist China’s threat to use nuclear weapons at the end of the Korean war is the only reason communist and enslaved North Korea exists apart from democratic and free South Korea. So we have this lingering suspicion on our side that North Korea is the secret puppet of China, playing games that China would never play for itself. And with this in mind, we think that North Korea is a huge potential liability for China, and indeed the world, one that should not exist as a separate nation.

Fourthly: As a gesture of peace and reconciliation, the United States stands ready to give every North Korean 200g of frozen meat, and 400g of rice each day for the next 20-years. All North Korea has to do is giver up its nuclear program and institute a proper democracy with a realistic bill of rights. I’m also pushing for Japan and South Korea to contribute and finance an industrialization fund, so we can get North Korea industrialized as quickly as possible. So everyone will now have to ask why North Korea chooses to be poor and enslaved instead of rich and free.

The Arabs can’t just steal money, they have to give something in return, or sell something. Otherwise people will get suspicious and see through the matrix. . Here in this video we see mention of all the useless towns that Ishtar gave China. These are towns built for no reason except that they increase oil sales. And this is just one example of Ishthar’s waste. Waste like this completely pervades the world economy so that I honestly think mankind squanders-away more than half the money the world’s government spends on new projects. And if we are talking about rail systems, I might put the squandering ratio in the neighborhood of 10:1 to 30:1 squanderage to real cost. •  •  •  It is also worth mentioning that this video was made by Arabs Inc. to explain to its people how its operations in China work.
1) We have the Chinese government building many worthless projects for the increased Arab oil sales, for the cement and rebar.
2) The Chinese people think property values will go up and up for a long time.
3) When the Chinese get in trouble and can’t pay, they come to Arab loan sharks.
4) The slaves of China can’t strike.
5) The Chinese companies pay no retirement or benefits.
6) China is phasing out coal and buying more Arab oil.
7) A great many workers are left out of China’s success, and must share small rooms. They “can’t even afford a bicycle.”


The scale of the Volga aqueduct
The Volga pours about 8,060 cubic meters per second into the Caspian sea. Also, this is not counting the Ural, Kura, Terek, Aras, and Kira rivers which together discharge another 1,800 cubic meters per second into the Caspian sea. So over 10,000 cubic meters of water per second flows into the Caspian sea. As a point of comparison, the Colorado river in its natural state discharged about 640 cubic meters per second. So the Volga discharges about 12.6x the volume of the Colorado. And if we use the other rivers listed, about 15.4x the volume of the Colorado river flows into the Caspian sea. •  •  •  Now the Colorado provides water to almost 40-million people for urban uses, and it also irrigates around 8,600 square miles of farmland used to grow water-wasting annual crops mostly. So it seems to me that the otherwise wasted waters of the Volga could provide a huge increase in water available to Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

The Colorado river aqueduct to California
This aqueduct conceived by William Mulholland opened in 1939 and took 8-years to build. It obtains water from the Colorado river at Lake Havasu on the California/Arizona border. There are 5 pumping stations, 100km of canals, 148km of tunnels and 135 km of buried conduits. The concrete lined aqueduct sections vary in size by run about 12m wide at the base and 9m deep. Average capacity is only about 45 cubic meters per second, less than one half of one percent of the water flowing into the Caspian Sea. So there is enough Caspian sea water flow to supply about 220 California Aqueducts.

Irrigated agriculture
Driving through the California desert in places like El Centro (of the worthless desert), we see these fields of totally green annual crops surrounded by dry desert dirt. To my mind this practice is foolish and should be outlawed. I think that only desert crops like olives, pistachios, almonds, pomegranates, figs, guava, tamarind, and dates, should be grown in places like this.

Partly submerged aqueducts
If we dig our aqueduct channels out of the ground, we have to move lots of dirt, which due to sloping cuts becomes exponentially more costly with depth. If we put our aqueduct channels entirely above ground, then we have to support their sides structurally and this becomes exponentially more costly with height. So the middle course is best with regard to aqueducts, and we want partly submerged aqueducts

The benefits of aqueduct lids
1) They greatly reduce evaporation and theft. This is especially important for long aqueducts in super hot deserts.
2) If the lid is attached to the walls, and restrains their tops, then the side walls can be much taller and much less of the aqueduct must be cut into the soil.
3) Enclosed aqueducts allow for the pressurization of the water and much greater flow.
4) If the lids are insulated, there will less evaporation still.

A giant flatland aqueduct
I see a trench cut that is maybe 500m wide at the base and 7m tall. The underground sides slope at say 45°. The underground portions are all cast in place concrete flatwork with heavily reinforced grade-beams every say 3-meters or so. The top edge of the grade structure has a “cold seam flange” of maybe 70cm, and lots of exposed rebar in a grout channel for joining. On to this grade structure goes tilt-up segments with similar cold seam flanges all around and say 90cm vertical ribs on the outside. These ribs match with the grade beam ribs. Grout is injected into the cold seam flange areas and left to harden. Thus these seams may be as much as 90cm thick and suffer minimal seepage. The side panels might be say 8m tall and 12m long. For the top I imagine U profile beams such as they use in parking structure floors, only upside down and with cold seam flanges for joining. They also perhaps have styrofoam inserts for pouring a 10cm protective lid in the U channels. These U beams are say 50m long and have post-tensioned cables. They use a continuous flange to bear most of the restraining loads on both sides. They also probably have a rebar-joining cold seam at the top flange of the wall. I also imagine 3 continuous full height tilt-up walls (15m tall) running down the length of the aqueduct to support the lid. All in all, this aqueduct is about 50m wide and 15m tall, or about 750m of profile. This is about 7 times the profile of the California aqueduct, or about 310 cubic meters per second. And because this enclosed system can be lightly pressurized and have greater slopes, and thus speeded up, the total flow might be 500 or 1,000 cubic meters per second. Thus we imagine great aqueducts that can move 14 to 21 times the water of the California aqueduct.

Fresh water shortage nonsense
How can anyone say that man has a fresh water problem when over 95% of the world’s fresh water flows into the seas untouched by man? However, we should all think: “We had better get ahead of the ball before there is a volcanic climate disaster.”

Aqueduct ideas
1) We should have a few standardized macroscopic aqueduct designs.
2) The supply railroad is a huge portion of the cost of the aqueduct.
3) Always put the aqueduct a good distance DOWNHILL from the train line.

The Volga aqueduct to the east
I would make the eastern aqueduct roughly parallel the rail lines at the western parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thus there will be an obvious connection between the free flow of Indian trade with the free flow of water to a desolate region that we might expect to be otherwise troublesome. I would also prohibit the growing of annual crops with this water for both conservation purposes and to make the region more dependent on irrigation water.

Irrigation projects are vastly cheaper
If we look at the high cost of moving millions of people vs. the low cost of irrigating their land with 2,000 mile aqueducts, it should be no problem to get the international effort to build the aqueducts, for they are much cheaper than moving people.

Inland salt seas and rainfall
I would drill the Caspian sea and other inland seas so as to model sea levels and salinity during recent ice ages. The difference between areas that are dry and those covered in salt water should be obvious. Thus we can determine the historical shoreline and water level. This will help us model ice age rainfalls mid continent.

The Austin river
Why are there two Colorado rivers in the western part of the US? Let’s start calling the smaller river in Texas as the Austin river.

Diluting Ubiq status
The Ubiq ratio needs regulation by the UM. Nations should be booted from the UM for having too many Ubiqs or Senators, or having corrupt Ubiq award practices.

Opioids and other addictive drugs
1) They shall not be marketed in the media.
2) All conscious users both addicts and non-addicts must watch anti-addiction media under eye tracking to get their prescriptions filled.
3) All students must watch one hour of anti-addiction media each year from age 10 onward.
4) Media that in any way glamorizes addiction or drug smuggling such as Naked Lunch, Train-spotting, Breaking bad, or the film named Blow shall be stripped of their IP.
5) Opioids shall not be dispensed by pharmacies, but by drug treatment facilities. All ambulatory patients prescribed opioids must collect them from and DTF where they can see addicts first hand.
6) Perhaps 10% of one’s anti-drug media must be viewed in an DTF.

Fentanyl should be redirected, not fought
As long as people are overdosing on illegal (and super concentrated) fentanyl, it will drive most opioid addicts to go to the government to get totally safe drugs for only the cost of watching the annoying anti-drug propaganda.

Nome leaders know all 250 voters
Every candidate living in a Nome should know all the people living in that Nome, be they voters, or kids or elders no longer allowed to vote.

Townships and highway deaths
I bet when only 10% of the population is living in townships, we will see a huge drop in highway deaths:
1) Traffic will be reduced.
2) A huge number of drunks, potheads, and elders will leave the highways system.

Railroads need foundations more than static structures
In fact, steel-on-steel tech more than any other type of structure needs a proper foundation that extends below the heave line.

Slow-motion whacker dampening
Imagine one of those hand held back-fill whackers. That is what vehicle loads are. On the roads we get around this mostly with pneumatic tires on our trucks. But on rails, there is no flex from the steel on either side, so the load hammering is much more of a problem than with our roads. We should design the egg-crating between the H-trestles so it dissipates vertical impact loads.

Don’t forget the rail line sidewalks
We have to keep the rain water from running down the side of our H-trestles. I might make these and the surrounding 3 meters with a minimum 6% slope. Also, in Arizona, the sidewalks can be only 1-meter wide, but in Singapore, they should probably be 2.5-meters wide, the way it rains there. In sandy places, we should plant a band of shrubs along the line so the wind from the passing trains doesn’t cause sandstorm messes.

No looking back on the herringbone
Unless you hear someone in distress, you are not supposed to be looking backwards on the herring bone. It should be considered like peeking into people’s windows.

Township buggies: 99% cheaper
Most buggies will spend the night in parking tubes on the loop roads in the township sub-orbs. People might them in to the station in the morning, where they will tend to remain for the day. Then people might take them out again at the end of the day. However, each buggy might make 6 trips each day on average. So not only will these buggies be less than 1/6th the weight and cost of a large SUV today, but they are shared 6 times, and they only go perhaps one third of the distance. So 6x6x3=108. So the cost of vehicles drops by over 99% per trip.

Charge parking
The standard buggies will have standard charging shoes, so when they park they also charge: that is if we have electric buggies and not air buggies.

Next bus apps
Our 6 loop bus lines will all be precisely positioned anyway by the system for collision avoidance. And when a person gets on, their destination will load automatically to the system. So there will be countdown clocks on our phone screen depending on where we are. If we are home, the time will be for the next bus on the street. If we are at our station, the time will be for the next bus to our home.

Commercial townships re-converge interchanges
I imagine 5 commercial townships in a line. I see the line serviced from either end by 2 interchanges per end. Thus these commercial townships are one train from 4 interchanges. Or maybe they will only connect 2 interchanges, or maybe 6.

Commercial centers
Residential goes on the outside of the city and commercial and non-dirty industrial in the inside, where access is maximized for all the peripheral residential.

Hawaiian islands
1) Hawaii (the big island) is for tourists and a US visa is not required to visit this island.
2) Maui is for long term residents, and all hotels pay an extreme luxury tax.
3) Lanai is for women only. All hotels pay an extreme luxury tax.
4) Molokai is for quarantined and then tested long term resident gay men. All hotels pay an extreme luxury tax.
5) Oahu will remain the main port island and have the best medical care. Pearl harbor will be greatly expanded due to its mid-Pacific location and long tsunamis lead time. After 2030, no place except military leave housing may be rented for less than 30-days without paying an extreme luxury tax.
6) All tsunami vulnerable locations including Waikiki shall be condemned according to the national timetable.
7) Kauai is for long term residents exclusively. All hotels and resorts shall be converted to long term housing by 2030. Also, after 2030, no place may be rented for less than 30 days without paying an extreme luxury tax.
8) Puuwai is for witness protection and military housing
9) Except for the big island of Hawaii, there shall be no private aviation including drones. No flight between islands shall have less than 90 seats.

International remittances and illegal immigration
1) There is a $70 federal review fee on each international remittance.
2) All non-US taxpayers are subject to withholding equal to the median federal income tax plus the median state income tax in the state they occupy.
3) Evading these taxes shall be considered felony tax evasion for anyone using a non FDIC remittance company.
4) Those in the nation illegally shall be prohibited from remitting money.
5) Those who remit money for friends and relatives may be charged with tax evasion as well as conspiracy to commit tax evasion.
6) Illegal remittances made by foreigners are subject to seizure.

Does North Korea belong to China?
The US has said that Huawei is a thing of the Chines government. Maybe it is time to do the same with North Korea. Merely broaching this subject will:
1) Undermine Chinese loyalty to their government for its shameful behavior.
2) Raise Asian loyalty to the US.
3) Force China to disclaim North Korea as its puppet.
4) Give the US much more latitude with harassing/attacking North Korea.
5) Weaken North Korea’s will to keep its nukes.
6) Just ask. It doesn’t hurts to ask. And expect China to respond with vehement ambiguity as usual. Then the US keeps asking why are you ambiguous? Why don’t you completely disclaim this shameful dictatorship that shames everyone that does business with it.

Fetal remains
Women getting abortions should have an organ donation box to check just like on their driver’s licenses. If there is no legitimate need for the tissue, then it must be disposed-of like human corpses.

It was only one night of bombing
I hope it doesn’t come to this, but perhaps the US should say: “We regret the terrible losses in Iran, but we had to stop their nuclear program. That had to be stopped at all costs to Iran.”

Why man is especially prone to disease
1) We exist in every ecosystem and eat the meat of almost every animal somewhere.
2) We travel faster than the birds.
3) We live together in huge communities.
4) We share needles.
5) We copulate much more than most other animals.

Rules of contact with political people
1) Triple penalties for crimes, harassment and violence against Senators and judges for their decisions.
2) The penalty for throwing eggs, tomatoes, milkshakes and other harmless but disrespectful things at a political is 3-years in a work camp if individual, and 6-years if premeditated and conspiratorial. Doing such a thing is also a felony and the perp loses the right to vote forever.
3) Those people following a Senator around or approaching them as a means of harassment also go to jail for 3-years in a work camp
4) No touching politicos unless a handshake or hug is offered by the politico.
5) Our leaders deserve more protection than our homosexuals and our ladyboys.

Do you get headaches?
Do you take B vitamins? Do you take multi-vitamins? Stop taking them and wait a month to see if you your headaches improve.


No revolution is needed
All that is needed is protest, giant structured protests in one nation.

Credit risk scores
They should be expressed as a number between zero and 99.9.

Metric hours
Here is an alternate decimal-ized way to keep track of micro-time. We will have tinutes, and there will be 100 tinuntes in an hour. Thus each tinute will be 36 seconds, and there will also be 100 teconds in a tinute, thus each tecond will be 0.6 seconds. Also, I only offer this as an alternate time-keeping system used as people want to.

Decimalizing days
I thought about having 10-towers of 2.4-hours or 100 towers of 14.4 minutes, but it just doesn’t seem greatly beneficial. Using towers also seem like it will confuse lots of people in the transition. Using teneths and especially (especially!) sweeks has definite advantages. Metric hour divisions will facilitates the comprehension of micro-time. But the decimalization of days seem like it will be too confusing.

This word should be recalled from the English language due to its conflicting meanings. The meanings are all actually a blid for the brolingo word M•oo•t=think•Arab-nest-egg•you. This is the true etymology of the word.

A world shaped by water flows
This is a pretty good metaphor for the way Ishtar’s feeding has shaped mankind’s interpretive matrix. Also Ishtar’s self-delusion lies to itself in how it casts its feeding as rain-water runoff, when it is much better understood as blood being sucked.

Clanky coins
In 1965, the US stopped using silver in its coins. Then around the time of the oil embargo, silver prices went up sharply mostly due to the high cost of energy to mine and refine the metal. This caused the silver in a quarter dollar to be worth almost $2. So as a kid, I would look through all the coins I came across to see if they were from 1964. Then after a while, I realized that I could discern the clank of silver coins, and instead of looking at each coin, I would instead churn a bunch of them with my fingers and listen for the clank of a sliver coin. Once you learn to discern the sound, it becomes quite easy to tell silver coins from the rest. •  •  •  Now the foregoing is meant as metaphor for spotting the ones that don’t belong. The world is about to get real good at getting the silver coins in circulation.

No government liability for drug overdoses
The government can’t very well prohibit mafia drug addicts from exceeding the recommended dose, or the addicts will just seek their drugs from the black market. All it can do is:
1) Provide carefully measured doses.
2) Keep the drugged-up addicts from going out in society to harm people or to be harmed in their state
3) Have nearby overdose treatment facilities and remedies.
4) Prevent addicts from taking dosages that will probably cause overdose or long term harm.
5) Also, it should be understood that it is wrong to push drug abuse onto the black market to avoid wrongful death and overdose lawsuits. For this reason, there shall be no right to sue public drug addict facilities for overdoses, or withdrawal complications provided that standard procedures are followed.


My speech
I want to say 4 things,
First and foremost,
As fast as possible MUSTER-UP under the new democracy.

It is time for the world to be run by REAL democracies…
Instead of the corrupt oligarchies we use today.

NOTHING will help save the world…
like mustering-up and instituting a REAL democracy…
that is run by the people and for the people.


Permission is no longer needed in any nation
for THE PEOPLE to muster a majority under a new constitution.

Mustering is now a fundamental human right.
And it is now a human rights violation
The capital crime of democide
to interfere with a mustering democracy

Give peace a chance.
Give people time to read my 7,000-page message
And to think-over all the new information.
And don’t harm anyone who cleaves against Ishtar.
Or you will be helping Ishtar to live.

The world is now going to institute a war economy without a war.
All governments are going fund a dramatic increase in infrastructure…
Just as the US did after Pearl Harbor.

This is so ALL mankind can industrialize
And so we can end desperation worldwide.
Then, once all the world is industrialized and with means… No groups will be driven by desperate
to do awful things to other groups.

Every nation that goes along with my plan gets industrialized or moved.
We… all mankind… will either industrialize
or move all the desperate parts of the world in the next two decades.
And because of this,
there will no longer be any poor people back home
that desperately need money.
Thus the Mideast struggle and the spirit of Ishtar
will no longer have any purpose or followers.
THIS is how to kill the demon Ishtar forever…
and bring a genuinely eternal peace to both the Mideast and to all mankind.

So again, in summary, I say 4 things:
1: Muster-up. (1-finger)
2: Give peace a chance. (2-fingers)
3: A war economy without a war. (3-fingers)
4: EVERY nation that goes along
gets industrialized or moved. (4-fingers)
Thank you

The highlands of Africa
Take the cool highlands of Africa and use them for townships. There is plenty of this otherwise useless land. Just don’t eat the wildlife. In fact this is very important.

Tobermory Ontario
This is a point that faces north in the middle of Lake Huron. The erosion definitely speaks of high water. While this could be from continental movement sloshing, it might also simply be due to higher lake levels during a period of extreme ice melting after the last interglacial. Perhaps the salinity of the soil layers around the the great salt lake will tell us which it is.

Big bear lake
1) It is nearly right on the San Andreas fault.
2) The flattish areas seem aligned with the San Andreas earthquake vectors. So tsunami sloshing seems to be involved.
3) Today the lake’s elevation is 6,752′, however judging from the land contours, it looks like the elevation was once much higher. Now any water above about 6,780 seems to spill away due to the contours of the land.

A whole Athens-west is probably encased in lava or perhaps if we are lucky, it might be encased in ash.

H-trestles revisited
1) The cross member is probably best designed as 2 beams, one at the top and the other at the bottom.
2) These beams are post-tensioned for cost, and to minimize flex. The underground walls and tensioning bolts are heavily waterproofed in addition to being covered by a large outward-sloped sidewalk that is perhaps best made from thin asphalt.
3) Each H segment might be wide and squat, say 2m x 6m wide.
4) Every 2-meters goes a rail support post and bracket, These can be bolt adjusted either up or down, so the vertical position of each H-trestle only needs to be within say 15cm (6″).
5) To control dust, we should pave the top of our viaducts. So lets do this with the upper beam’s rebar extending out horizontally on one side for say 3m, thus turning the dust lid into a giant continuous restraining strap.
6) The H-trestles have hyper-extended rebar loops in vertical grouting wings that are on the inside of the track. Thus the H-trestles are grouted together.
7) Make the Hs in a bit of an italic, with mating groves. This way the new piece can be lowered into place.
8) A giant heavy construction vibrator is put on each H-trestle to assure that each H-trestle will later settle as little as possible.
9) There may be a track curving/aligning turn bolt system projecting out from the H-trestles that can bend the tracks X degrees in any of four directions.

Two lines done at once.
The two train lines start from different directions at the same time. Thus when they meet half way they get their Supplies from the other side of the line and logistics are probably easier.

The Texas triangle cost per new resident
This the area bounded by I-10, I-35 and I-45, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas. Let’s say we have interchanges per side and one at the top near Dallas. That would be 8-interchanges and 800 miles of track. And maybe around 16 million new residents. Maybe there are 3 interchanges between San Antonio and Houston,, 4 interchanges between San Antonio and Dallas and 4 interchanges between Dallas and Houston. And because of all this land being “sold” by the state, the State can easily afford to put in the tracks and interchanges. In fact, a $500 a person for 16 million people is $8-billion. This is about what 750 miles of track at say 10-million per mile would cost, namely $7.5 Billion. Also, under this scheme, the high speed rail system cost the existing people of Texas nothing to build.

Dual gauge tracks
What if we had a middle rail on our 7m gauge rail system. Thus both 3.5m gauge and 7m gauge trains could use the same viaduct.

wider track gauges
Maybe some of the closed-loop industrial shuttle trains will be 10.5m gauge, and have two extra middle rails if they are needed. Maybe some will be 14m super-wide and have three extra middle rails of they are needed for handling a heavy load.

Monorails learning systems
The rail and monorail stabilization systems will learn the track from the inertia monitors. So the stabilization system actually learns the tracks perfectly as it goes back and forth on every day, all day. It will be movement without movement, except that there will be four gently ramping leans.

The opposite of hyper-poop
To go super fast, trains should not have as little surface area as possible blocking the escape of the displaced air in front of them. So being in an enclosed tube is the opposite of the true way trains should work. Instead they should have long thin tapered noses like fighter jets and elevated viaducts to help facilitate the displacement of air.

Curing tubes
After our building blocks are cast they will go into curing tubs. These are well insulated hot water ponds kept at say 60°C (140°F). the casting forms are rolled in and heated and hydrated for perhaps 24 hours. After that, they are rolled out, the forms retracted the casting removed and the forms put back together again and recast.

Boiled concrete
I would not be surprised if bringing concrete slowly to say 80°C brought it to full strength within a couple hours and produced stronger concrete.

Heated house casting goes much faster
The last step for the injection concrete is heating it to say 45°C, so it sets up fast. Then the filled forms goes for an hour or two to harden up a bit. Then the string of railcars with building blocks atop get rolled into a long insulated pool of water that is say 42°C, or whatever is the same temperature as the cement inside the form. Here the forms which have say tiny 6mm water perforations at 5cm on center, soak up the water and cure better. They also slowly cool for another say 6 hours or 10 hours. At this point, the castings are wheeled for form removal. Then the cast piece put on another railcar and wheeled into another pool to cool slowly so they don’t crack.

Building block ceilings
The actual floor might only be only 3″ thick, but it is ribbed with rebar “joists”. On to these, the people living downstairs, can put these standard sized 12-layer mostly styrofoam sandwiches that deadens noise. (T&G mount) And the last layer is wallboard that must be be taped (wallboard taped) together.

Open or closed township
We have to have free public space. But on the other hand, we don’t want strangers in our neighborhood. So the following rule should be in force: There is nothing wrong with closed residential townships, particularly breeding townships, but all the non-residential townships must be open during business hours. Also, when non-residents circumvent a township’s entry systems, it should be considered hacking and entering.

Ring road vertical offsets
The outdoor walks in our townships will be deeper than normal as they get out and near the ring road. Here they will be 2.4m below the first floor unit level just inside the ring road. Our self-driving 12 to 18 passenger buses will be 2.2m tall, and our bridges will all be trusses with a 10cm floor suspended between the trusses. Thus the service vehicle will drive off the ring road either inside or out. Then the outdoor driveway/walkway/road will ramp up to the main level. The inside walkways will bridge over the ring road and continue on for some distance, until they ramps down to grade. The ring roads will also help when there is torrential rainfall.

Police citadels
We could put our schools inside our township police stations, or rather, everyone has to walk though the police weapons checkpoint to get into the security area. This also houses secure offices and warehouses.

Take what you need
In South Africa and Guatemala, people will certainly opt for many of these security measures, but in Japan they will be thought crazy.

Secure townships 
Also, with all inbound traffic coming from one interchange and one direction in most residential townships, the police station should be put here at the entry to supervise the automated systems, and back-up the dual door entry scanners to both the township and its high security area. Perhaps there are poles down to L-1 and emergency response vehicles for the peripheral areas: Also perhaps there is direct access to a fast ER lifts to the upper levels of the center.

Peer to peer cities
If there are 100 townships of various sizes, and each is exactly 1-stops, interchange, 1-stop away from all the rest, that city would have 100 city centers, and no shortage of prime central totally walkable urban real estate.

Township sewage
We should heat it up to say 57°C (135°F) for some time, thus sterilizing it. Then we pump it out to:
1) Be mixed in with harvested topsoil and sand to make artificial topsoil of various conditions.
2) Fertilize fields that are fallow for a year.
3) Fertilize fields that are growing fruit saplings.
4) Fortify our organic compost that we leave for a year.
Maybe the Townships allow for free collection of sterile sewage, maybe they deliver. Maybe they only deliver so far. Whatever it takes to move the stuff. Thus in our townships, all the sewage is dealt with. They will use runoff and leach fields to grow a lush artificial peripheral woodlands with their wastewater and run-off.

No sewage in the oceans
Don’t waste it by putting it in the oceans. Also, if there is one thing that people with their rich diets should be recycling, this is it.

Township vehicle livery
It is not in one structure, but under the entire center of the township. And if 10,000 people live in the sub-orbs and mostly using shared busses, buggies, and bikes, then the capacity might only be 3,000 vehicles.

Heavy clunky lame shared bikes
The shared city bikes of today are so sabotaged. They are incredibly heavy bikes with heavy frames made of common steel and grossly oversized fenders. These bikes should only weigh about 12-13kg but normally weigh twice that. My township bikes should have the following features:
1) A light-ish frame that is too light for off-road use. This is made of unpainted random brushed stainless that hides scuffs. Stainless is needed for shared bikes so they stay reasonably nice looking and never rust.
2) Eyes-forward mountain bike style seating which is much safer and causes riders to slow down so movement is easier.
3) Wide grip handlebars that make the bike more stable, and easier to control.
4) Handlebars slightly high so the rider can more easily put his hands out in a crash.
5) Speedometers and speed inhibiting automatic brakes that keep people from going too fast in speed restricted areas. The bikes also have shopping cart brakes and theft alerts so they can’t be driven outside the township’s perimeter.
6) In poorer countries and other places where the roads are minimized, the bikes may be slowed if they fail to sideline for the loop buses, or for a build-up of buggies behind them. Otherwise the buggies must follow them until there is a passing lane. This does not exist on the ring road because the bikes don’t take the ring road out, but use the “radial” paths next to the pedestrian paths to past the ring road.
7) Thin road tires with a rather slick surface. These runs on the super smooth asphalt roads of the sub-orbs and surrounding rural/wilderness areas. The standard tire are say 2.5cm in diameter and are have a pressure of around 85psi to minimize rolling resistance.
8) Standard bike sizes are in 2cm increments, so people can ask for their size.
9) Because our townships are flat, our shared bikes don’t need gears. If someone needs gears, let them buy their own bike and service it.
10) Because our townships are flat, and the distances short, our shared bikes can have longer pedals than are used today. This increases efficiency a couple percent.
11) The rear brake is engaged by back peddling, the front brake clamps the wheel rim.
12) All bikes have rear canvas pannier carrier frames with wing-twists. The user buys his own grommeted canvas saddle bags and puts them over the standard panniers front and back. If a basket is wanted, then the user must buy his own bike. The standard pannier tops are perhaps 15cm wide and have standard connection holes at each corner.
13) The pedals and handle bars have removable disposable hard rubber scuff buttons on their ends.
14) For safety and anti-scuff purposes, the handle bars can only turn to say 30° left or right off center. Thus the handle bars prevent the bike from getting scuffed up when it is laid down.
15) No kickstands. Also, bikes should only be parked in a designated bike parking spot which keeps the bike upright and perhaps has an RFID lock-up release. Also, the standard bike parking brackets are made of steel embedded in a sheet of maybe shore 75A durometer rubber, about like a rollerblade wheel, so they don’t scuff the bikes.
16) Due to the super flat roads, no energy sapping suspensions or mono-shocks will be used.
17) 630mm (27″) wheels.
18) The maintenance guys must keep the wheels true to 2mm, and the brakes and other parts serviced.
19) The seats are on the large and soft side. The hard seats on todays bikes are sabotaged to reduce comfort and cause infertility in infidels.
20) What do lightweight bikes have in common with economy cars and college tuition? All three things have inflated 1.5x to 2x the rate of general inflation over the past couple decades. So today’s oil-saving bike prices are not real. Also, the cost of bikes will absolutely collapse if we are making our bikes identically in quantities in the tens of millions.
21) Most parts are supposed to be interchangeable from the bike fleet nationwide. Each township is supposed to have totally identical bikes.
22) The bikes are for township transportation. If people live in a mountain area and want to go riding outside the town they should get their own bike.
23) $300 bikes. Pay a bit more for better materials and specs, but make them by the millions. By my reckoning, if we do this, and eliminate the middlemen, the quality will be equal to the $1500 bikes we see today.
24) Use sweeping droids to keep the super smooth asphalt pathways free of rocks and debris.
25) There are no fenders. This is to keep people from riding in the rain when it is dangerous.

Delivery droid classes
Class-1 = up to 10kg
Class-2 = up to 100kg
Class-3 = up to 1,000kg
Class-4 = over 1,000kg

Luggage handling
Most people will call a class-2 droid for their luggage. Then the droid will take their luggage to the township station where it will be put on the next train and basically taken to the locker wall entered into the system.

Township buffer zones
Some will be wilderness, but some will be people’s orchards and berry patches. And there might be 400 small farmer/ caretaker plots in a township of 20,000. These get free use of the land if they use it productively. They also get to check out all sorts of equipment so the town has all sorts of nice fresh produce to eat.

We won’t need many roads
In the Townships, all the commuters, and everything that comes in a semi truck will come by rail. Even bulldozers will come via rail. They might go around the town on a road, and they might go to the next township on a road, but other than that everything uses the trains.

Dirty industry and townships
Most of the townships are less than say 40km from an interchange. The dirty industry might however be “townships” 200km (40 minutes) away. Also, perhaps the plants for the dirty industry in these places use fresh air from places that are 10km away. This fresh air fills the interior of these mostly hallway-only townships. These have very long hallways, the longer ones being perhaps like those two-lane tunnels at Heathrow airport. Or perhaps there will be self driving delivery vehicles that go between the automated loading docks of the station and the factories. We also imagine offices and fresh air suits supplied with air from say 10km away. Thus people can work in a semi-toxic environment and cut their exposure by perhaps 50 or 500 fold.

Which scenario is best?
Scenario A: We put our mercury smelters here, our cadmium smelters here, our lead smelters go in yet another place. This way, there are several places that are poisoned with one of several chemicals
Scenario B: We put our mercury, cadmium and lead smelters in one place. This way, there is only one place that is poisoned with several chemicals.
Clearly we should put all of our dirty industry in a few places with limited rainfall that are far from everyone else.

Baja and dirty industry.
Having an area like this is really important for America’s ability to compete. It is also a pretty good thing for Mexico. If not here, then we must do it in Nevada. The areas up-hill and away from the tsunami zones near the The bay of Vizcain are probably an ideal location for toxic metal smelting and other toxic manufacturing. However, the runoff should not get into any of the abundant oilfields at this location, or the ocean. This place is so remote and hardly anyone lives here, and only 3 million people live in all of the adjacent Mexican state of Sonora. Also the immense oil deposits of the Bay of Vizcain will be right next door, and only the water needed will to be piped in from the Colorado river outfall. San Ignacio is is about 700km (420miles) from San Diego and Tucson.

Can someone do a study where they get the average price per pound for:
Economy cars
Small trucks
Big trucks
Passenger vans
Passenger railcars
The various Boeings
Cessna 172s

Checking out
If a person leaves a hotel with his things, that person shall conclusively be considered checked out. Hotels does not get to allow people to check out.

Apple dictionary: REPUBLIC
“a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.”
[The word REPUBLIC officially comes from the Latin RES PUBLICA. But it seems that the spelling was goofed up over the past 2,000-years, and the original term was REX PUBLICA = public king. And that term Public King tells us a lot about our form of government, which the Romans didn’t even regard as a democracy, but as a Rex Publica. Also funny is the way we refer to the pre Caesar times as THE REPUBLIC when this should be the name of the post Caesar times. So from here EMPIRE looks like it comes from IMP•IRE = king•hatred times that existed before the Caesar-fronted groups killed them all the king haters. •  •  •  So today, we don’t have a real democracy, but a democracy but a REX PUBLIC, a democracy overruled by a temporary monarch. And he can’t do anything because a bunch of non-elected judges block everything he does.

The Deniro-Carrey-Revilla rule
When actors abuse their celebrity to influence a democracy it should be considered a highly shameful thing for them.

The Kimmel-Colbert-Oliver rule
Comedians are supposed to make fun of both the left and the right in somewhat equal measure. When they only make fun of only one side, they should be regarded as shameful and dishonest political tools.

Doing it in public
While homosexuality, prostitution and drugs will be legal, practicing them in front of children or in a place where children might be shall be a serious sort of moral turpitude crime. Also, there shall be no right to do any of these things on public property and outside designated districts that are mostly far from the world’s healthy breeding families, the future people who will inherit the world.

There is no way out of Seattle
Just look at the bay near Seattle and Vancouver. Look at how all the sediment form the north of Vancouver has washed down to south of Vancouver. And google “Seattle topo map”. You can see the direction of the water flows from the topography at some resolutions. But the important concept is that Seattle bay just fills up with funneled water when there is a tsunami.

The Gaza
It sure looks like a tsunami wasteland in a tsunami funnel, just like the mortal enemies of these people have in Tel Aviv. Wake up people, you all live in a matrix.

All government people have numbers
This is so the number can be entered into the government’s employee ID website and so that person verified for authority. Also, lists of authorities and FAQs on an officer’s authority can be requested from the verification website.

All crimes have numbers
All arrests have numbers. And after the arrest number comes a release number or a prosecution number and a final outcome number.

Obstruction of justice
Local government officials who sabotage federal arrests as the Oakland mayor just did should be charged. Also, the need for underlying charges is not a requirement in apprehension or arrest related obstruction charges

Transpondering deer
I bet tranquilizing and collaring even 10% of the deer will make a big difference in collisions.

Everyone has two e-money accounts, their bank account and their change-purse. The bank account is mostly in LU or labor units, while the change purse is in decaying money. If you trust a certain vendor, you can allow it to debit from your account up to $X per month. With regard to other vendors such as the grocery store, and online purchases, you send your account/institution number and they initiate a charge and then you get an alert which you agree with, or not.

Meet you all the way… Rosanna
Lyrical chant

Male and female circumcision
They way I see these practices:
1) They were fostered to reduce sexual pleasure so the worthless victim/slave experiences less sexual pleasure and is thus more inclined to work.
2) They were fostered to make the yellow-leaf males more easily identified in the next deadly program. There are many legends about this from WW2.
3) Both female and male circumcision should be prohibited worldwide.
4) The removal of the skin surrounding the glans or the clitoris should be a minor crime. The removal of any portion of the glans or the clitoris, even accidentally should be regarded as a severe crime.
5) People can ber expected to wash themselves give our great advancements in indoor plumbing.

Swipe up or down
Swiping up elevates, swiping down descends a post, swiping left or right is neutral.

Claudio Quilodran
“this mode of hybridization may lead to extremely rapid extinction when the process of genome exclusion is unbalanced between the interbreeding species and when the hybridization rate is not negligible.”
[The idea that a species is a breeding population is absolutely fundamental to making accurate statements about extinction. Without this understanding, people can make nonsensical comments about a species wiping out another species through breeding. If they are producing viable offspring, then they are not a separate species and it is a matter of the fitter variety out-surviving the weaker variety.]

Gray whale deaths
Maybe with the population at its highest level since tracking started, there isn’t enough food and that is why so many emaciated whales are washing up. I see their ecosystem limit as a thing affecting a few unlucky whales that stray into fished-out, nutrition poor zones and can’t find food. As their species approaches its natural habitat limits, greater numbers experience this misfortune. Also, I would advise that whale populations be kept well at about maybe 25% of maximum so the oceans can produce more food and evolve more bio diversity. Culling the population of a few oversized species might make the oceans much more abundant in other species.

You think I’m opinionated?
Wait until you see the Senate. It will have opinions about everything. We will elect our wisest of our wisest, of our wisest to come up with the best policy and opinions about everything in great detail, like a giant wikipedia.

Diabetes and the Mideast
Why is diabetes so common in Ishtar’s cradle, and in Mexico and Kazakhstan? (Mexico and Kazakhstan which have inherited so much Mideast DNA over the millennia) Why do these “hunting apes” have such a low threshold for sugar in comparison to the other “hunting apes” of the world? Maybe a gut that is more meat eating goes along with the mind, the hairiness and fierceness. And perhaps it is probably wrong to call the gut more meat-eating. Perhaps it is an old model gut that is just not so sugar tolerant. It is from back when fierceness was called for in people.

Why are US blacks so prone to diabetes?
Maybe there is quite a bit of Mideast blood among the blacks of America. Maybe they started with lots of Mideast blood and were infused steadily with more over the past 10 generations.

The purpose of ghettos
They are really get-outs, or places for new Arabs to get out to. In American black ghettos, the young men are encouraged to join gangs and kill each other, so the neighborhood is/seems totally dangerous. But the stray bullets are not really that dangerous to bystanders, and mostly the gangsters kill each other, and this:
1) Keeps living costs, and especially property values way down.
2) The low costs make it much cheaper for the bros to support their various breeding partners. “I don’t want anyone to know you are mine because it might be dangerous for you and the kid(s).”
3) This does a total thumb-on-the-scale to the US firearm homicide rate. Thus the Arabs assault the 2nd amendment.
4) There are fewer risk-taking go-getter men in the community and breeder women are thus easier to find.
5) Ghettos are substantially artificial.

Sugar is a mildly toxic food to humans
Think of the way Alcohol ages people. Sugar does the same thing, but it is only maybe one half to one eight as toxic. And just as people can get calories for survival from alcohol, they can do the same with sugar. Thus people, especially young people can normally handle a high sugar low activity diet for decades. But many can’t and develop sugar related health problems.

The main cause of leukemia
I bet there are a few viruses that have attenuated to the point where they only tend to cause cancers or cause some other slow malfunctions of the immune system, like HIV does. And if we are looking for hit-and-run, come back to haunt you decades later disease, I would look at the white blood cell diseases first.

This disease sort-of runs in families
When this is the case, your starting assumption should be that some lines are more susceptible to a pathogen than others.

The number of medical opinions
Firstly, by separating diagnosis with treatment, we mandate a second opinion. But for extreme treatments, we perhaps want to have more than three or four quick double-check diagnosis’s prior to the surgeon’s final check.

The Senate sets healthcare prices
1) Each procedure will have a price and the diagnostic guy will tell the standard price to the patient based on his complications.
2) The physical hospitals, the buildings will all be the property of the county and they will all be so big they always have empty space.
3) The cost of a hospital stay will be a function of the staffing and equipment, all of which will be established at a national level for each type of facility.
4) Conforming child birth for women legally in this nation as immigrants shall be free.

Simplified treatment priority system
1) If you are a lifelong 2 pack a day smoker, your actual age is multiplied by say 1.18.
2) If you are a lifelong 1 pack a day smoker, your actual age is multiplied by say 1.11.
3) If you are a lifelong 12 drink a day drinker, your actual age is multiplied by say 1.1w.
4) If you are a lifelong 3 drink a day drinker, your actual age is multiplied by say 1.03.
5) If you are double your recommended weight your actual age is multiplied by say 1.08.
There are dozens of multipliers just like the insurance companies have, and they are cumulative, so those who smoke, drink and are obese will be paying luxury healthcare at a much younger age. This approach will simplify the system tremendously.

Natural junk-food
I see fruit as this natural junk food of the animal kingdom. I recall this obviously self-righteous guy I once saw in a Whole Foods that was having a melon for lunch. Nothing else, just a honeydew melon. Both halves. I presume that calorie-per-calorie, this as twice as bad as having sucrose candy for lunch… and a few times as bad as having glucose candy for lunch.

Jesus Malverde
The patron saint of drug smugglers. The fact that he is this robin hood figure should not be ignored.

Pointed ears
They get the point of the Mideast’s efforts. And the devil had pointed ears did it not? Two sides of the same coin. One the inside side and the other the outside side.

Note the is a 5-minute hate at 1:13

THC-9 Chewing gum
That is what I would like to try. Just make sure it doesn’t have any sugar or anything that increases saliva and swallowing. In fact,

Capsicum may give a mental bounce when you stop

Tax free migrant workers
When the IRS sends a citizen a letter, the respond. But when the IRS sends an illegal the same latter, he goes back… It is important to realize that very few of the illegals are paying taxes. So these people are not participating in our system, but cheating it.

Lazy kids
I would give them a “pedometer” and this will automatically regulate how much candy media gets displayed on their tablet by how active the kid is and how much progress they made at school that day, or how much they amassed.

American suburbs are child abuse
The kids can’t walk anywhere, and everyone thinks they will get abducted if they do. So they stay home and grow torpid, or perhaps they will play brain-damaging sports at the school with all the aggressive competitive kids.

The sweets economy
What if our townships had municipal groves of walnuts, and pecans, strawberries, raspberries, beans, zucchinis and the like. What if the rent stipulated that the town’s 4 to 7 year get first crack at picking or picking up the produce and bringing it into town where the can be sold tax and cost free. Or they can be taken home and eaten. This is help teach kids to work at a young age. And it should be a fun social thing to do, like trick-or-treating, except the kids get cash and food at the end of the day for their experience. Then they can save it or spend it. It is one crop after another, building a spirit of seizing the opportunities of life. Thus all the motivated kids either go or are brought to the harvest. They also get to sell their produce for full retail and the markets don’t get a share.

Kids deposits
Maybe as a character aid and motivator, kids under say age 11 should be paid 10% interest per teneth on the portion of their arms length wages, and commerce that they save, up to say a month’s average wages in total interest.

No true candy for kids
All children’s sweets must be in some way nutritious. as in candied nuts and cookies, and cheesecake. Get rid of the brightly colored world of 100% synthetic sweets. Just get rid of it. Likewise, just get rid of the kid’s media that is 100% non-nutritious.

School achievement money
Those above the 60th percentile get X.
Those above the 65th percentile get 2X.
Those above the 70th percentile get 3X.
Those above the 75th percentile get 4X.
Those above the 80th percentile get 5X.
Those above the 85th percentile get 6X.
Those above the 90th percentile get 7X.
Those above the 95th percentile get 8X.
And this is more a matter of how many EDU presentations you watch and pass, rather than how well you know each. So these these kids are not playing video games obsessively, but schooling themselves obsessively.

Kid earnings tax credits
If you are 6, then maybe every arm-length dollar you make should be tripled by society. Do it kid. Later when you are older, you will be so glad you did. Ask anyone.

Advice for learning
1) Forgetting is often more important than learning.
2) Learn more, not better.
3) Learn to be fascinated. You will gain more from an hour of pure fascination is better than a day of drudgery.
4) I sucked at writing at first. My thoughts were so jumbled that I thought my writing was like a kindergarten painting.
5) Writing is really thinking on “paper”.
6) I bet the best writers have lousy penmanship.

I never learned to be a good listener
I normally can’t sit and listen to people lecture. I never learned to focus that way. Also, I was not really able to write until I was over about 30.

Government sells LU annuities
What if government sold “full faith and credit” annuities? I bet it could get at least 20% more than even giant companies like AIG that are too big to fail.

Unlawful detainer actions against illegal immigrants
In order to file an unlawful detainer action against a tenant, the tenant’s national ID number must be provided to the court. If there is no national ID number, the expedited unlawful detainer process may not be used by the com-plaintiff side. Also, perhaps unlawful detainer court should not discriminate against the use of lawyers.

Bible, Isaiah 60
“Rise and shine, for your light [illumination] has come, and the glory of god rises within you. You can see a thick darkness covers [rules] the earth and its peoples. But God [the good, light, truthful spirit of man] rises in you, and his glory is apparent in you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. “Lift up your eyes and look about you: All assemble and come to you… The wealth on the seas will be brought to you, and to you the riches of the nations will come. Caravan camels will cover your lands, the camels of Midian, Ephah, and Sheba will come, bearing gold and incense and proclaiming their praise for their Lord. All of Kedar’s flocks will gathered for you. The rams of Nebaioth will serve you. They will be accepted as offerings on my altar, and will adorn my glorious temple…

In the lead are the ships of Tarshish bringing your children back from afar, with their money to honor God with.
The Holy One of Israel has endowed you with splendor. Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you. [non-sequitur follows underlined] You are angry that I struck you, so as a favor, I will show you compassion. [Here the holy bible offers yet another trick to help Arabs make it in the outside world. And what a manipulation it is.]

Your gates will always be open. They will never be shut, day or night, so that people may bring you the wealth of the world’s nations, their kings leading in triumphal procession. 12 For the [free] nation or [tyrannical/dictatorial] kingdom that will not serve you will perish. It will be totally ruined [by the erosion of our multi-generational slow sabotage]… 14 Thus the children of your oppressors will [eventually] come bowing before you. And all who despise you will [eventually] bow down at your feet and call you the City of the Lord.
Zion of the Holy One of Israel. Although you have been [recently] forsaken and hated, with no one traveling through, I will make you the everlasting pride, and the joy of all generations. You will drink the milk of nations, and be nursed by royal breasts…”

Bible, Isaiah 61:1-3
“The spirit of the true king is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor [people of the Mideast]. He has sent me to bind the brokenhearted [to give them heart again], to proclaim freedom for the slaves, and to free those imprisoned by darkness [and the matrix. He has sent me] to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the [sacrificial] oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment [matrix] of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”

Bible, Isaiah 61:4-11
“They will [eventually] rebuild the ancient ruins and restore their places long devastated. [Eventually] They will rebuild cities that have been ruins for generations. Then foreigners will work your fields and watch your flocks. And you will be called priests of the Lord, and ministers of our God. You will feed on the wealth of the world’s nations, and boast about their riches. Instead of shame, you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace, you will rejoice in your inheritance… In my faithfulness, I reward my people and make an everlasting covenant with them. Their offspring will be known among the nations of the world. All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed. I delight and rejoice in my God. For he has dressed me [as a priest] with the garments of salvation and righteousness… And as the soil makes seeds sprout and grow, so the true king will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.”

Bible, Isaiah 62
“For Zion’s/Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain silent, until her vindication shines out like the dawn, until her salvation is like a blazing torch. And until the kings of all nations see your glory and vindication, you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow. You will be a crown of splendor a royal diadem [band/ bond] in the hand of God. No longer will they call your land desolate or a Desert. But you will be called Hephzibah [snake Z•bro], and your land Beulah [Be•oo•al•a?], for the Lord will take delight in you. Then your land will be married, as a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you [to the outside world], as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride… 10 Make way for the people. Restore the roads! Remove the stones. Raise flags for the other nations. God proclaims to the ends of the earth: “Tell the children of Zion that their Savior will [eventually] come, bearing his reward with him.”

Ezekiel 27 or Isaiah 60
It is a pretty safe bet that that the Mideast will just continue on its merry little parasitic way until the outside world finds out. And history shows that the outside world does periodically wake up. And when that happens, the Mideast either looks like Ezekiel 27 or it looks like Isaiah 60.

Russian hypersonic test videos
1) Congratulations on keeping such a fast missile going straight for so long.
2) Let me know when you can bend the trajectory of a missile going this fast.
3) The video looks speeded up.
4) The sound seems too perfect to be real.
4) Those who bluff usually have bad cards.
5) The Russian hypersonic missile program apparently exists to keep the rocket scientists employed, while helping to keep the axis of ex-pull looking powerful.

Iran is already acting like Hitler
And it doesn’t even really have nukes yet
“LONDON (Reuters) – Iran said on Sunday that Europe was not in a position to criticize Tehran for its military capabilities, and called on European leaders to normalize economic ties with the Islamic Republic despite U.S. sanctions or face consequences.”

Kim, Khamenei, Khomeini and all the Caesars
There is something funny about the two nuclear “asparants”. Both are run by dynasties with dynastic names. I read this part of the matrix like these guys are are the Arab favorites that are supposed to win world domination.

Collateral casualties
The good people of the world should establish rules with regard to collateral casualties.
1) Are the CCs the result of efforts to keep terrorists and criminals from getting WMDs?
2) Who are the CCs? The families and associates of criminals and corrupt governments should be fair game.
3) What is the allowed ratio of CCs? Certainly killing 10,000 innocents to get 5 militants is evil. But what about killing 30 neighbors and getting 300 militants? What about killing 300 neighbors and getting 300 militants What a bout killing 3,000 neighbors and getting 300 militants?
4) What about killing religious fanatic associates of the militants? Should they even be called collateral casualties? Perhaps they are also sort of targets.
5) What is the CC ratio of the Russian bombing in Syria vs. US bombing wherever?
6) CC and atrocity ratios should be published.

State of the art military procurement
Here is how it should work if our democracy worked as well as the average corporation: When a company develops military equipment, the Senate gets to buy the IP it likes. Government then pays a fair amount for this over the useful life of the IP depending on how valuable the discovery has been. But government owns all its own military IP. Then with IP/designs in hand, government bids for the production of that equipment.

Drone defense is not that expensive
Although perhaps I am underestimating the size of the invasion force.

Drones kill, drones capture
Drones make much better killing machines than capture machines. They don’t seem to capture people well, except perhaps when they say: “Halt. Put on this exploding dog collar or I will detonate and kill you.” Here I imagine a community of people driven from their homes by incendiary drones, and everyone is herded to a clearing by the coordinated movements of say 2,000 drones. Then the drones only let people leave if they have a collar on with a Bluetooth signal and a led that shows connection, power and heartbeat are all present.

Volcanic ash and disease
Study the people who lived through recent eruptions and high ash conditions. We should know as much as we can about volcanic ash disease. We should establish safe indoor ash levels, and test filtration systems in some windy ash-filled desert place.

Township air intake
If I was on a really dry and dusty alien planet, or earth in an ice age, I would do township air intake from up high where the air is cleaner to start with. This way everyone has clean hi-rise air without living in that part of the structure. Plant electricity is used to power electric fans located in the township center. People will be able to use their thermostat panels to precisely regulate the amount of fresh air in their heat and A/C. This is in addition to having a humidistat.

Building block insulation and covering
The concrete part of our house castings will be the interior walls, counters, perhaps sloping floors and tubs. On to this will go 20cm to perhaps 80cm thick panels made of a pressed and shaped fiberglass cement board of say 8-mm thick for the walls and maybe 20mm on the roof. The cement boards are thermally bonded to the backing styrofoam. The method of attachment is glue, long screws and tongue and groove attachment.

Foundation spools
These are hollow concrete structures.

Is sound better insulated by laminates
I wonder if heat and electricity are better insulated by laminates than single materials. Is there even the slightest measurable difference in impedance after say 20 laminations? If there is, I wonder if it tells us something about the nature of time and heat and electricity.

Feeling time
What if what we perceive as heat is actually time that we are perceiving.

Spotting political delay
1) Deny any problem.
2) Say it is the other side’s problem not yours.
3) Refuse to negotiate.
4) Delay the start of negotiations.
5) Set a leisurely negotiation pace.
6) Break off negotiations on any pretext.
7) Delay the start of roll out.
8) Delay the rate of rollout.
9) Complain about the cost or difficulty of roll out.
10) Refuse to honor prior negotiations on any pretext and call for more negotiations.
11 Anywhere you see these delaying tacts, you know that the other side is stringing you along.

The new rules of negotiations
They start in 5 days and last 10 days max. Then they are a failure. This is to make righteous democracy stronger and evil tyranny weaker. Thus tyranny cannot delay so easily in the face of democracy’s demands.

Croatia = Hirvatistan
This is the Turkish word for Croatia. It breaks down as Ir•vati•stan = go•prophets•land

Clear back i-phones


Township street sizes
8-by-1 street = a street that is 8-stories (80-feet) tall and 1 story wide (10-feet) .
3-by-2 street = a street that is 3-stories (80-feet) tall and 2-stories wide (20-feet).
1-by-8 street = a street that is 1-story (10-feet) tall and 8-stories wide (80-feet).
I see the townships as starting with a central tower probably a ring surrounding the townships elevated air intake pool. So the air is cleaner to start with. But outside the tower, the township outdoor areas, its green belts, its narrow Barcelona streets to start out at perhaps 8-by-1, or 6-by-2. Then 6-by-3, then 5-by-3, then 4-by-3, then then 4-by-4 with all the units as flats or duplexes between two floors. Then there is the ring road. Then outside the ring road it is 4-by-6 where there is the raised walk. This is until the walkway is merged with the street. After this is 3-by-6. After this, yards start getting bigger and we see 3-by-10 and then 2-by-10 quarter acre lots that are 100-feet from the houses to the road, and so forth.

Mexico will not do it for us
We can’t rely on Mexico to slop the flow of illegals. Look at a map. On the sparsely populated western 80% of the border. At least 20 roadblocks are needed. If even one of these groups is on the take then the thing leaks. And of course, they are all sympathetic to the migrant cause. It will not work. All it will do is drive up the cost of the coyotes.

What is the chemical
If we damage our nerve tissue, what chemical causes the nearby muscle to spasm and cause pain? maybe neutralizing this chemical is a better treatment than opiates or muscle relaxants.

Non-citizens should muster
They can’t vote, but they should muster. And if they do, it should be considered about equal to 2-years residence in the determination of whether they stay or not as compared to those who do not muster.

What if world government actually worked?
Then poor corrupt nations could elect to have 3, or 6, or 10 years of UM oversight.

Efficient group machinery
The way I see it, over 2/3 of government spending worldwide is diverted by the Mideast and its various frontmen and their associates. And if it wasn’t for purchases of goods where the price is hard to fudge, I might put this number at 80%.

Simple grocery pricing
For grocers, drugstores, and home improvement stores, the main displayed and advertised price must be the price per package. Combination pricing should not be allowed in this type of store.

High heels at work
People wearing shoes higher than 35mm in any part shall not be covered by the government for slip and fall injuries at work. For shoes higher than 35mm, the employer picks up the costs. Also, employer uniforms should not include shoes.

Make up
1) Mission-impossible-style peel-off, identity changing makeup should be prohibited without limit except for video/film/stage actors while working.
2) Minors shall not be allowed to wear make up or high-heels either at school or going to or from school. The only exception is makeup to cover scars, birthmarks, or acne.
3) Makeup should be considered as a time waster at best, and a fraud at worst. Therefore the Senate should feel free to tax it as a luxury, and mock it in propaganda.

They shall not be allowed at any live audience event, at any dialogue, or ostensible dialogue, or any conference or ostensible conference. People can only use paper notes.

Journalist doxing
Supposedly a key aspect of journalism is that reporters and newspapers are supposed to protect sources and guard identities. So how is it that some are publishing the addresses of political people?

Pitbulls and rotweilers
1) Pit bulls cause twice the number of human fatalities of all other breeds combined and should be bread out.
2) Rottweilers should also probably be bread out.
3) We should not allow pit bull mixes and other dogs breads/
4) Huskys, Bullmastiffs, Wolf hybrids, and Chow dogs are also particularly prone to attacking people.
5) There is no reason to allow dangerous breeds because really, as the saying goes, “a dog is a dog is a dog”, although some are stronger and more aggressive than others.

Keitel From Wikipedia
[Apologies for my incomplete research of this man. For security reasons, I not give myself license to research certain memes online prior to publication. Here are some excerpts from Wikipedia:] “according to Albert Speer’s memoirs, nearly all of the field marshals and generals viewed Keitel with disdain for succumbing to Hitler’s influence and transforming himself from an ‘honourable, solidly respectable general’ into a powerless yes-man with all the wrong instincts, whose only job was to allow Hitler to take control of the army. Field Marshal Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist labeled him as nothing more than a ‘stupid follower of Hitler’. Most commanders went out of their way to ignore his orders, although Kleist did admit that, had Hitler chosen a more competent commander (such as himself), he would have lasted only two weeks. His Keitel’s sycophancy was well known in the army, and he acquired the nickname ‘Lakeitel’, a pun on his name (in German, the word ‘Lakai’ means ‘lackey’).” [In brolingo Lakcey actually means al•ak•key, meaning that Keitel ran Germany, not Hitler. Also, in brolingo syco•phantery = fig•showing, meaning that he was init.]

“He [Keitel] advised Hitler against invading France and opposed Operation Barbarossa. Failing to sway Hitler he tendered his resignation each time. Hitler refused to accept the resignations. In 1940, after the French campaign, he was promoted to field marshal during the 1940 Field Marshal Ceremony along with several other generals. Unusual for a non-field commander, Keitel was awarded the Knight’s Cross for arranging the armistice with France.”

“Keitel advised Hitler not to attack the Soviet Union in 1941, as he was convinced that Operation Barbarossa would be a failure. The overwhelming success of Barbarossa in its initial phase did a great deal to undermine Keitel’s authority in the eyes of Hitler. He was the author of the infamous 13 May 1941 Barbarossa Decree, which condemned captured prisoners and ensured a high level of brutality by German soldiers against Soviet civilians. He signed numerous orders of dubious legality under the laws of war, the most famous of which were the 6 June 1941 Commissar Order, which stipulated that Soviet political commissars were to be shot on sight; and the 7 December 1941 Night and Fog Decree, which called for the forced disappearance of resistance fighters and other political prisoners in Germany’s occupied territories. Another was the order that French pilots of the Normandie-Niemen squadron be executed rather than be made prisoners of war.”

Visor overlay screens
Imagine that you cut an orange into 6-parts and then ate the fruit out of the peel of one, keeping the peel intact. Now imagine the shape of the peel, enlarged like a fighter-pilot’s visor without the nose indention. The visor is out at whatever distance is comfortable to look at. I see people rotating their screens up or down on their chest when not in use. They are also down when they are only looked at briefly. When they are used, they are raised to whatever angle is comfortable. Some people will set their visors totally opaque and use them as a viewer. Others will set their visors partly opaque and rotate them to the horizon where they will be looked through. Also maybe there are two citrus sections in some visor and they can be stacked/tiled for an immersive experience, or folded down to the chest in a stack

District-9 symbolism
1) The slow collection of enough magic green material to get the ship moving again.
2) The way they are all dumb drones except for the one leader who knows how to fly the ship. And the leader is waiting to collect enough of the magic green stuff.
3) The way the dumb drones are all standing around waiting for the super-smart king/queen to make a move.
4) The poverty and impotence of the advanced species.
5) The way the human’s can’t use the alien weapons unless they go through the transition to alien.

Argumentum ad hominem
When they can’t attack a man’s policies, the win-at-any-cost cheaters attack his lifestyle, his idiosyncrasies, his foibles, his associates. They also give a platform to anyone who has anything bad to say about him. This is argument ad hominem, the greatest logical fallacy of them all.

If government approves it
We should not have both the FDA and drug lawsuits. Likewise we should not have both the EPA and herbicide/pesticide/whatever lawsuits. The government testing should not be done by the company. In fact the company should not even participate in the testing, except to justify testing by government. Government does all testing and once a drug/ pesticide/herbicide is approved by government, the first users had better have a good reason for trying it, because everyone knows that new drugs/products are a bit more risky. And the same thing goes for pesticides and countless other new products.


A good reason not to snack
If diabetes is from the liver releasing low levels of glucose over a long time, then snacking is also a contributing factor.

Wiping out swine flu
Mandatory pig segregating might add 10% to the price of pork. But then again, considering all the pig deaths, it might save money. Besides, pig farmers are not around people that much. They can deal with quarantines and getting supplies by delivery. Let’s just change the rules of pig farming so that this disease does not have a breeding network, and thus it evolves thousands of times slower. And maybe, just maybe we can eventually wipe out swine flu, except for a few quarantined places where it exists in the wild, places that we should probably fully cull.

Tree canopies
With plants, the leaf canopy above, is normally matched with a similar sized root canopy below. So just as much as access to sunlight matters for the top of the plant, access to nutrients matters to the part below. And very often, the limiting factor for a tree is availability of nutrients. So for these plants, nutrients matter more than solar energy.

Fruit nutrient re-cycling
1) Plant makes fruit.
2) Fruit falls on ground and rots.
3) Plant absorbs the nutrients.
4) Plant repeats
I wonder what percent of the nutrients are lost when the fruit is not eaten? I bet plants are real efficient in this respect, except when the fruit is eaten.

Getting from prokaryote to eucaryote
Before earth developed an atmosphere, there were anaerobic prokaryote bacteria living all over the surface. As oxygen levels rose over the eons, some of these became more tolerant to toxic oxidizing oxygen and then ultimately developed a way to make energy from light and CO2. From there, it was only a short leap to parasitizing or eating the other photo-synthesizers.

Astronomical and universal distortion
Maybe the nature of extra-gravitational space exaggerates time by near infinity. Maybe the inter-stellar regions are almost infinitely smaller than they seam. For all we know, interstellar space might is actually like bubble bath foam, an inflection point that only appear to be near infinite.

Colonize Mars? Why?
There are all these people talking about leaving the planet physically and going to another planet. But looking at the distance to Mars and the “habitat” there, you people are deluded. I mean, we might as well live in nearby space for all the benefit Mars’ 1% atmosphere is going to give us. And compress it? With what energy? And we can easily synthesize gravity with mere rotation. Who needs to colonize Mars?

We will leave earth behind
I believe man will leave the realities of planet earth behind, but I don’t thing we will go anywhere else. I think we will become totally immersed in an artificial reality of our own creation and imagination right here.

Leadership fundamentals
1) He adds to the public dialogue.
2) He sees new ways, or subtitles.
3) He is very well versed in something.
Leadership cosmetics
1) He is married.
2) He has good kids.
3) He went to a good school.
4) He has an advanced degree.
The lifestyle and social choices of our leaders really do not matter and should not matter.

Marijuana and pain
It occurs to me, sitting here with my back “out”, that marijuana allows the mind to “tune out” of reality and “tune-in” to wherever we focus on. So marijuana doesn’t make the pain go away, it only makes it easier to ignore as in the clip above. This is how the plant helps its symbiots run as far as they can, either from fascination or fear/paranoia. And to my point of view, it is much less deleterious than probably even ibuprofen and acetaminophen, let alone opiates.

How long is safe?
Obviously, if we mix our sewage with soil and wait 100-years, its ok to eat apples grown on that soil. But what about 10-years, or 4-years? or the the time it takes to mature an orchard?

Building block attachment
Our architectural castings will have many cutouts, conduits and holes here or there. Most of the fine details will use breakaway plastic inserts so when the forms are retracted, the plastic will remain embedded in the young and soft concrete. Thus there will be solid plastic chunks at the surface that we can drill into and use to mount things like cabinets and light fixtures. And there will also be thin wall sleeves for anchor bolts for say balconies, awnings, restraining washing machines, and adding optional room dividers.

Staying indoors
Soon this will refer to staying within the climate bubble of our township-based system of urbanization.

Proper air exchange
All units on a common ventilation system should have a minimum oxygen level. Thus we will be indoors, yet breathing fresh outside air, and no more or less than what we need.

Enclosed surface living
Lots of us have been somewhere windy, dry, and sandy, where we get this fine dust all over us. That is how I imagine Earth at its dirtiest worldwide. That is what going outside is going to be like during ice ages. So nearly everyone will use the interior hallways of our townships. In the tropics, the volcanic haze will be almost unnoticeable in the mid-day sun. But starting around the latitude of say Chicago, the haze will be a big deal, due to the slope of sunlight in winter. Also, it will be rather dirty outside, but almost windless, so super fast trains may kick up quite a bit of dust behind them unless measures are taken.

Be mindful of dust
Let’s pay attention to the dust caused by our fast trains. Doing this will help us get around much better in times of extreme ash pollution. Therefore, we might make the rain skirting 5-m wide. Then we might have a wide band of some well irrigated and dense sand catching desert shrubs, like the freeway plants of California. These bands are cut/grown short on the inside, tall in the middle, and short on the outside. Perhaps this is also how we think of/ design the peripheral wildernesses of our townships. Though for townships, the band of tall trees will be wider and the open-space between town and band will be wider too.

Building townships will produce dirt
And the need for trestle dirt and the now cheap cost of moving dirt will use up much of this dirt.

We will roll mountain dirt downhill
The cuts are all generally in the hills, and the fill is everywhere. So there will be these shallow bed dump-truck trains that are maybe 200 cars long and just as tall as a H-trestle fill lift. And each car has near-continuous pneumatic wheels that roll on the tops of the H-trestles. So essentially, one man is operating 200 dump-trucks that roll mountain waste dirt down the hill to where it is needed to fill viaducts. The train cars have funnel flanges so the loaders can dump straight onto the train and nothing gets onto the tracks. Then the train moves past the loaders in maybe 10 positions. Then it rolls down hill to fill hundreds of H-trestles with fill-mass. Then it repeats.

Scorpion heads
The machine that lays the H-trestles will be shaped like a scorpion with a tank-track at each claw. These will pull the trestle placement train along and place the new H-trestles that support its back half. Then it puts all its available weight on the newly placed trestle while the giant vibrator goes on for a short time. Then it rolls forward a bit and starts over again.

Anonymous corporate voting
Perhaps we should require this of all fictional citizens (along with Senate oversight) if the directors of a fictional citizen are to be shielded from prosecution for the actions of the fictional citizen. We do this to reduce straw-men board membership and fictional citizens that are in reality just a shield for powerful men. Also, all our recorder’s offices should have rooms/services for anonymous corporate voting, with the bigger cities having larger rooms. The counties may charge say 150% of banquet hall pricing for this service.

Gun carry and stand your ground laws
The following groups should not be allowed to carry weapons or use stand your ground laws:
1) Those previously convicted of a felony.
2) Those convicted of crimes related to anger, or loosing one’s temper.
3) Those who have applied but were denied a weapon permit and later carry one despite being denied a permit.
4) Those who have lost their permit.
5) Non-citizens.

Stand your ground laws
1) They are only for strangers. If you know the other person, or they are your neighbor, or co-worker SYG laws should not apply.
2) They should be no defense for people who get in many arguments or those working in high confrontation jobs.
3) They should be no defense for security guards in public places or places that invite the public to visit such as shopping centers and free parking lots.
4) They should not apply in cases of unauthorized weapons carry.
5) If there is time, you must give the other person a chance to flee.
6) If the other person is fleeing, the SYG laws do not apply.

GACHAMOFO = Convicting people of arrest or trial related secondary crimes arising from separate primary crimes that one was not convicted of.

The Al Capone rule
If government is investigating a person for criminal conduct, and ends up charging them with tax evasion, The percent of taxes evaded for a conviction should be at least twice the normal amount, and no matter of vague or unenforced law should be used in determining the amount due.

A border wall keeps many things out:
1) Illegal immigrants.
2) Drugs.
3) Sex slaves.
4) Exploited workers.
5) Criminals looking for a new life.
6) Terrorists.

Buddha was awake, not a god
There is a variously sourced and worded tale about how someone asked Buddha if he was a god, and he replied, “No, I am awake”. You know, it is not that remarkable to awaken from the matrix. What would be remarkable is if I could somehow manage to awaken the rest of the matrix. Then with no energy source, the non-human machines, the mechanism, the religions, the corporations, the ideologies, the fake studies will all stop working.

How costly is heroin for society?
We take a tax-paying member of society and turn him into someone willing to do anything for his next fix. How many tens of thousands of dollars does each of these people cost the US? We really should figure out how much each addict costs us and make policy accordingly.

Stay-clean communities for addicts
Government should have some drug-free townships with some nearby employment townships.
1) They are remote and entering the no-man’s land will get one put in jail.
2) High town walls.
3) Anti-drone measures.
4) Airport scanners on entry.
5) No weapons.
6) Regular random drug testing perhaps.
7) Small units with high rent to cover the added services, the testing, and the security. Thus society pays nothing per addict, other than set-up money to lure employers to hire recovering addicts.
8) People can stay as long as they can pay the rent and stay clean.
9) Maybe just having drug-free, and temptation-free enclaves for recovering drug addicts will help people stay clean.
10) Selling drugs in such a community is a triple crime, like selling drugs to minors.
11) When you help someone get clean, you are often working against their will. But when you help someone stay clean, you are normally working with their will. So society should focus its efforts on helping people stay clean.
12) Those who get back on drugs will not want to pay the high rent or high drug prices on the inside. So they will tend to leave immediately. And their lyft will be prepaid. Under these circumstances, there are no long term drug customers. And this makes it much easier to keep everyone incentivized against drug dealing.
13) Marijuana should probably be allowed in rehab towns.
14) Some rehab towns should be for smokers, others for non-smokers.

Child custody
Exceptions to the shared custody rule.
1) Where the child has not yet 6-years old.
2) Where the father has not graduated high school.
3) Where the father has ever been convicted of a crime.
4) Where the father is a heavy drug, alcohol, or tobacco user.
5) Where his nome says: “we know him, don’t give this man joint custody.”
6) Where the father and the mother separated in less than one-year.
7) The father must also complete an 8-hour course on his rights and responsibilities, and the mother’s rights and responsibilities.

Bunkers can be drilled easily
If people can drill wells 5-miles deep, they can certainly drill out any bunker. And people have tons and tons of deadly vikane fumigation gas all over the world. So if you think you can hide in a bunker once the surface is lost, think again.

Heating oil and coal quality
Using the most polluting half of the world’s coal should not be allowed at all until we start running out of coal. And the 2nd quarter must be used in remote places.

Nuke rack cities
High rises may be “machines for extracting money from the ground”. They may also offer a wonderfully dense urban core. But they are also nuke racks. So here is one way to get everyone outside and up high for WW3. Can you see the trend? Everyone is supposed to live and work looking outside through a glass wall. And look at who lives in the America’s Nuke-rack-city? You can see Ishtar’s plan, Ishtar’s leaning and bending of reality in things like this. In China, once again, as has happened so many times, the peasants live and only the better classes are killed by Ishtar. And in America, this same war would wipe out the smarties of nuke-rack-city.

People who live in glass houses
cannot throw stones

It is no accident that the best of China lives in high rises where they are so vulnerable. You know, anyone who is anyone lives in a high-rise condo in China.

Nuclear war as epochal-lyse
Half the world will still survive. Maybe more, maybe less. But all the people of the big cities will die. Then we start the world over again with another great worldwide dumbing down of mankind, another epochal-lyse. Why are we angling to do this to ourselves?

India pays the highest oil taxes
1) If Iran blocked Hormuz, then India’s economy would be hardest hit.
2) Here we see how completely regressive OPEC’s taxes are, and how OPEC is perhaps the largest single cause of poverty in the world, taxing/draining poor nations like India by some 23.5% of GDP, and giving nothing at all in return.
3) India is stupid to tax the energy that drives the automation that frees it from poverty.

One-day, Today, and due-date are blids
The term ONE-DAY keeps people from using it for the first day of the week. Also, the term TO-DAY keeps this word from being used for the 2nd day of the week.

There’s days and there’s deis
I see gods as this thing of light and enlightening. Two aspects of the same thing.

Keep the Sundays
Have Oneday, Deuday, Dree-day, Four-day, Five-day, and Six-day. Sundays will float around the calandar, and occur on different days of the week. Also, employers should be responsive to the needs of their employees to not work on Sunday. However, the people who do work on Sundays will get a fair increment more pay for the same work. The increment shall be whatever it takes to balance labor supply with demand. Also, if there is any time when systems get shut down for maintenance, let it be the “after-noon” on a Sunday. Thus Sundays only slow the world down a little bit.

Do this on Sundays
If you want to have a weekly worship thing to do on Sundays, go outside at noon on Sunday for a minute and face the sun with your eyes closed. Let the sun’s brightness shock your closed eyes for a moment. Then lower you head and think about how you worship this light, this symbol of the truth and public openness.

Arabs can call me Joseph
Arabs are supposed to use my middle name Joseph, like Joseph in the Old Testament. And you are all so lucky to be living in an era of Joseph. And you must all remember through all your future generations to never let any nation become desperate again. If you remember, then this will be the last era of Joseph, because nobody will ever need another Joseph ever again. Also, right now, Joseph can curse you and humiliate you. Right? These are nothing if you all get what you need, namely a new home somewhere else that is not located in a sort of hell on earth.

The visual signals are so important
Nothing will protect me and you like the widespread visual obeisance of the Semites. If I am a secret it is one thing, don’t do this. But the moment it gets out, you should take to the streets around me and surround my location, prostrating yourselves in great numbers (on posted video). You should come in ethnic clothing, which you should throw on a heap in a nearby clearing and then you leave in your underwear. Or if you are in another city, you go to a public place there where you prostrate yourselves and burn your clothes. This is all over the media, and everyone interviewed says, “We Muslims have found a new prophet, an American, and he is my new master. He said to burn all our traditional Muslim slaves clothes, and that is what we are doing.

Call it the “New Core•an”
This means that the core, the duly elected best part of man is helped to prosper and flourish more than the rest.

To the people of the host
The Mideast accepts your mole as not only their leader, but their new prophet. And this goes for all the Arab nations of the world. All will obey my message and consider it the word of their god now. Just let their people confess and resign from their roles of power in government and the media.

There are many places I have not looked
You will all have to deal with these yourselves with your new democracies.

How I know my message will never be complete?
1) I am constantly finding new stuff wherever I look.
2) The material is an ever-expanding universe.

How much oil comes through Hormuz?
The 20% number proffered by the media is an understatement. The real question should be: How much of the world’s export oil comes through Hormz? And if we use that question, it seems to be that around half the world’s oil exports would be interrupted by closing Hormuz

The Arabian sea
I might put a maybe 5 carrier groups (4 ‘obsolete’ and 1 new) in the Arabian sea.


Why are they all so pretty?
The FEMALE teachers molesting male students
Where are the plain looking ones?
It doesn’t make sense.
But pretty teachers make perfect sense
if we believe the women,
and view the accusations as lies,
boys lying about imaginary “conquests”.

Secondary crimes
Secondary crimes such as obstruction of justice and resisting arrest should generally require an underlying primary crime to exist. If we don’t do this, then people can be arrested and hauled up for lengthy investigation on baseless allegations, until they contradict themselves, or do something wrong in the procedures. This is something highly prone to abuse by government against the people, and against other parts of government as we are seeing with Pelosi’s attacks on Trump today.

Courts with no lawyers.
If one, or both sides in a case are not capable of representing themself in court, then the judge/jury should conduct its own investigation, or call for impartial surrogates. Thus with this approach, there are no lawyers in court.

Reading statements by others
1) Those who read statements in court must either swear under penalty of perjury that they wrote their statement entirely by themselves, or disclose that they did not personally write the statement. They must also name all the people who helped them.
2) Those who read statements to the Senate must swear under penalty of perjury that they wrote all statements entirely by themselves, or disclose all the people who helped them.
3) When Senators read statements to the press which they did not prepare entirely by themselves, they must disclose that vitally important fact, together with the names of all their helpers.
4) The names of the helpers come before all speeches.
5) If people are only helping by highlighting problematic sections of written text and offering no suggestion of alternate wording for a text, then their help need not be disclosed. However, there can be no dialogue and all.
6) If the person helping is offering advice on which version of multiple versions is better, then their help must be disclosed.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
[This points to Ishtar, and all Ishtar can do is blame the yellow Jews.]

RFID visitor bracelets
Perhaps some communities will require all visitors to wear an RFID locator bracelet.

Cabinet floors in cast units
It is cheaper and better to use concrete for the floors of our cabinets. My standard kicks are 8-cm tall and 10-cm deep. The standard, integrally cast cabinet floor is 12cm above the unit floor and 60cm deep. The bottom corner of the projecting kick edge is has 2-cm diameter safety rounding. The cabinet floor may also have a drain if it has a sink. Thus the cabinets are open in the bottom and they rest on stainless steel leveling/ stay-dry feet, so that if the under cabinet area floods, the cabinets will not get wet.

Industrial scale classes
What if students could go to a giant virtual auditorium with say 5,000 other kids at their level studying Chem nationwide. There are say 50 full teachers moderating comments, and 500 trainee teachers that are mostly explaining.

Bigotry = big•ot•terri = big•ear•earthling.
It seems that sometimes the Terri’s ears are so big, their entire head is all ears and no brain. That is what a true Big•ot is, a person that thinks what he hears and never for himself. It is a great and useful word for the political dialogue. It is a real shame that it was blurred (blurded) into someone who is intolerant of other people’s opinions. •  •  •  So a big•ot was first a really useful word for a dummy or real-world troll that should not be filling the political dialogue with their endless repeating of what they heard. Today, it is a person who is intolerant of different opinions.

Organic eco-bigotry
One can have a calm debate on the existence of god with most religious people, but if you try to do this with gender-theory or CO2-theory people, they will become angry. Why?

A-29 Super Tocanos
Around 44,000 Cessna 172 have been built, so they are a good cost benchmark for high production runs of small aircraft. Cessna 172 cost about $300,000 new, while the A-29s run about 9-million stripped and 18-million loaded. If we compare the stripped version of the A-29 at $9-million: the A-29s are 4x the weight, 10x the horsepower and 30x the price. Also, the Pratt and Whitney PT6A-68C engines that the A-29s use cost about $855,000. So the rest of the craft is being charged at about $8.1-million each, which is clearly excessive for long production runs. So if the Pentagon and a dozen US allies ordered say 20,000 of these craft, the cost might only be 2 or 3 million per unit. The advantage of this sort of aircraft are:
1) Many cheap aircraft are better for drone and missile defense than a few expensive ones.
2) They alter the value/reward proposition for the air defense systems of our adversaries.
3) They hide and distract from our high value air systems.
4) They force the enemy to have two sorts of air defense systems for two very different targets.
5) They are much more powerful than ground forces and are probably result in fewer casualties than ground troops in combat situations.

How many A-29s could we buy?
The F-35 program is expected to run $1,500,000-million ($1.5 trillion). If we get our A-29s (or a plane with similar specs) down to $3-million each, we could buy 500,000 of them for the cost of the F-35 program… Not that we would ever need so many aircraft.

Humvee vs. A-29 danger
It is probably a lot safer in the A-29 under most circumstances, and the A-29s are probably a lot more effective than Humvees in limited numbers.

Mig-15 style A-29s
The name and styling of the F-86 sabre speaks of a good nose design that is being hidden, especially for slow “half mach” aircraft. So we might change the A-29s so the fuselage is more of a large tube like a MIG-15.
1) Ducted propellers are much more efficient.
2) Ducted propellers are harder to damage. Otherwise, the propeller is one of the most vulnerable parts of the craft.
3) We might have light armor around the propeller.
4) We might style the aircraft so it is indistinguishable on radar from an F-22, and perhaps looks rather like an F-16, all to confuse the enemy.
5) We might also have a sort of pointed wine box grill that can be put in front of the propeller by some distance, This so the A-29 is not really distinguishable from a high value aircraft.

Obsolete bombers as drones
Their value now is in how they can be converted into drones. So perhaps we send in 200 obsolete bombers over Iran and it doesn’t matter if half are shot down or the tech is captured. None of our people die or get captured, and is a safe and cheap solution to boots on the ground.

Cessnas for the air force?
Again, for drone defenses, small and slow craft approach the effectiveness of A-10s and F-35s. So a fleet of $300,000 Cessnas armed with arrays of 10kg “slow” drone/ground assault missiles might be called for. 10,000 such $300,000 aircraft (apart from the mini missile systems) would cost $3-billion. This is compared to the projected $1,500-billion cost of the F-35 program. So, we could build 30,000 military Cessnas for about 1% of the cost of the F-35 program. Surely these would make our air power a lot more that 1% more effective. Also, having a thousand such aircraft in the skies during a ground offensive, perhaps offering continuous no-delay air support would make our ground forces much safer and more effective.

The game of 10,000 SAMs
In this game, the Cessnas can be made to look like A-29s on radar and thermally, which are made to look like A-10s on radar and thermally, which look like fighters on radar and thermally. Also, the decoys move at top speed, while the real craft slow down.

Drone missile systems
The US needs some sort of way to attack thousands of autonomous drones.

Military pricing
For budgeting purposes, all weapons systems should have a tooling cost and a unit cost so that our democracy can more easily understand the trade-offs it must make.

Surrogacy additions
1) It should be a crime for unrelated third parties to collect any commission or fee in excess of two weeks pay for introducing birth surrogates.
2) It should also be a crime for those seeking a surrogate to pay any commission or fee in excess of two weeks pay for introducing birth surrogates. This is done to drive human sex/birth trafficking away from surrogacy.
3) The various counties should have listing boards for principals interested in being a surrogate and those looking for a surrogate. The fee for this board should be 2 hours pay per teneth per ad.
4) There shall be no taxation of full-board or half-board service apartment facilities used by surrogates either during pregnancy, or for 1-year after.
5) All surrogates and genetic parents must appear in person, in advance at a county recorder and register their activities. Failure to do this makes the birth mother the legal parent and also subjects the genetic parents to the basic child support levels. These twin policies are implemented to prevent/reduce human sex trafficking.
6) All surrogacy payments should be escrowed by the County recorder.
7) Government should grant visas to foreign surrogates when a full board surrogacy facility and immigration bond is paid in advance.
8) All foreign surrogates must go home each night to their registered surrogacy facility. Those who go AWOL overnight, or breath-test positive for alcohol or urine-test positive for drugs may be deprived of part or all of their payment money depending on the circumstances. They may also be kept locked-up until their child bearing obligations are over.

Subtle electric shocks
People are electrically conductive. And at low levels, electricity can pass through the human body completely unnoticed. Then as amperage increases, we sense an annoying tickling or mild irritation. Then with further increases the electricity becomes progressively more damaging to our heart, our brains and our cells, until finally it kills us as happens in an electric chair. So I would like to make a rating system between 0 and 10 for electric shocks:
0 = no notice
1 = perceived, but not uncomfortable
2 = some find uncomfortable
3 = all find uncomfortable
4 = some find mildly painful
5 = all find mildly painful
6 = some find extremely painful
7 = all find extremely painful
8 = mildly life threatening
9 = extremely life threatening
10 = probably deadly
Level 3 is like a weak 9v battery hand shocker, level 5 is like the strongest shockers one sees floating around in Mexico, where they say: “If you can hold on to these two lubed-up copper pipes for 30 seconds, you win 100 pesos”.

Electro tingle bracelets
What if we had bracelets that gave us a level 2 or 3 level shock (as we request and adjust in an app). This happens every time we unthinkingly wander into the kitchen when its not meal time. Or maybe there is an RFID in our cigarette case and we get a shock every time we go near it, or when we put a bracelet within 20cm of the RFID necklace pendant. Thus each puff gets a shock. Or maybe the RFID is near the alcohol or marijuana. Maybe it comes on when we spend too much time on the facebook, or twitter.

Truly measured children’s punishment
What if we had these shock devices that were firstly calibrated to the child perceptions. Then they are dialed up a bit. Then the parent can give the kid a 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 until the kid is distracted and stops running towards the busy street, or whatever. It is good for eye rubbing and thumb sucking, and keeping kids from wandering off. And it can continually measure skin conductivity and adjust charges accordingly thus giving truly measured punishments.

Electro prisoner bracelets
The ideal location for a taser is on the wrists, and we will integrate these into handcuffs:
1) Police and military can put them on arrestees and program them to walk the prisoners to a given location.
2) If the password is herd, the wearer will get tazed. This will make prisoner transfer much safer.
3) If the prisoner is uncooperative his handler can go up to level 6 shocking until he cooperates.
4) Prisoners can be sent un-escorted. As they go further from the colored line on the floor, the get more shocked.
5) Prisoners can be forced to stay more than X feet apart.
6) If prisoners touch, they can get a level 5 shock until it stops. This eliminates prison sex.

Reforming violent criminals
There is probably a synergy between reconditioning media and level 3 and 4 shocks. It is that when prisoners are watching their educational media, we will occasionally show them victims of similar crimes telling their stories. And there will be parts of their telling where the victims are re-living the pain. Each time each one of these clips plays, a few mild electroshocks are given up. This way the criminals get to feel over and over again the pain they caused. And maybe it is only once or twice a day for their incarceration, but 3-years at 4x a day is 4,380 times.

All prison inmates wear a listening necklace
Every word that comes out of their mouth is recorded and transcribed electronically.

How to Increase animal populations
Perhaps each of the 30,000 Rhinos in the world should be valued at $30,000 each. That is only 900-million in total. Perhaps the UM pays $1,500 per year for each rhino to each nearby villages, or to their keepers. At this price ($60-million/year), Rhino tending/protection might be a big industry in some nations. Also, if new Rhinos are worth $30,000 each, I bet we could easily grow this whole new breeding industry in Africa where the nearby villages get say $10,000 on birth, and 10,000 on sexual maturity. Perhaps we will do this with many endangered species, to bring them back.

If there are 600,000 of them, are they really endangered? At what number do they stop being endangered?

Minefields will not work on the US/Mexico border
They are too dangerous to repair and they can be swept. Perhaps the best solution is two tall walls with a 20-mile wide no-mans-land in between. There may also be a couple tall razor-ribbon-topped electric fences in between. This is to make carrying an aluminum ladder more difficult.

Humans are as cells in a giant meta-organism with a coalescing consciousness.

The leader of the angels.

The world can be turned on a di•me
Don’t underestimate the power of sudden international consensus about a new approach.

US federal judges
The US government cannot function in this state where lone lower court judges can overrule the national government on any plausible argument.

Pu’waii and Kauai
You must be invited to these two islands, and you have to have a background check. Pu’wai is ultra high security allowing no visitors. Kauai allows immediate family to visit. Both Islands also have many townships that are used for retired career military and military wounded housing. The surrendering North Korean and Iranian government officials, along with other governments that surrender en-masse can live on these Island in the Middle of the Pacific. They will be monitored by the Navy and protected by US career Military Retirees that lives rent free with the stipulation that they protect those who their democracy has promised to protect. There are also giant HEB supermarkets (like in Texas). There will also be food hawkers like in Singapore. There is also a first rate hospital on Kauai. •  •  • Thus we have a real carrot to dangle in front of the Iranian and North Korean leadership… a nice normal life without worrying about being killed and tortured for information by one’s successor. Also if there isn’t enough room in the beginning, the people can stay on Maui.

Isolated paradise has so many political uses

Federal indictments for voter fraud
If I was president, I would try to indict some governors and state lawmakers for conspiracy to commit voter fraud by intentionally facilitating illegal voting.
This will either prove or disprove that time is a property of matter.

MSG sensitivity
1) Names like Ajininomoto, Sodium glutamate monohydrate, and UNII-W81N5U6R6U should not be used in place of MSG as they confuse the consumer.
2) If you have a sensitivity to MSG, it may also be that you are sensitive to the beets, tapioca, and molasses used in MSG manufacture. Molasses is essentially the filth or dross of sugar manufacture. All of these known allergens are used to make MSG.
3) I have a sensitivity to sugar cane mold and I can easily tell the difference between fully peeled and partly peeled sugar cane juice.
4) It is also not hard to imagine that some people might be sensitive to the whatever molds that eat old MSG.
5) We perceive this stuff as a salt that never goes bad. But glutamic acid is actually a protein constituent and we should expect it to get moldy and go bad over time.
6) If you have a sensitivity to MSG, you might try putting a pinch of fresh MSG in your food and see what the perceptible threshold is. Then you can try this will some old MSG from a friend’s pantry. If you are much more sensitive to old MSG, then you know that you are sensitive to MSG mold and not MSG itself.

Teaching writing to kids: No fiction, no footnotes
If we want to raise a new generation of writers to help make the world better, I would ban fiction writing and footnotes in school prior to grade-13.

Maximally reflective glass
Do we have sunlight mirroring that is truly maximally reflective.

Boeing glass windshields
The windshields of our vehicles should all have a virtual visor at the top and dynamic tinting. The other windows also have dynamic window tinting. In fact, all new vehicles should have dynamic tinting in all windows. Also, the nicest townships will have dynamic tinting at first, but within 10-years, it will be standard.

All chronic care products get ubiquitized
All the diabetes tech gets ubiquitized. All the HIV drugs, all the big blood pressure meds, etc. And the new government generally abhors privately owned golden gooses.

It is the tree of life, but it is actually a syco=fig + more = amore.

The key industry is people
America’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness when it gets turned off. Our diversity, the ability to source people from all over the world is such an advantage to business. America automatically has the most diverse workforce the world. So it will always have this totally developed key industry in the key part of everything.

How to do Govt. apprenticeships
Government pays something like 30% of the average wage in the first teneth. Then 20% for 4 teneths, then 10% for 5 more teneths.

Lottery bidding
This is the practice of pretending to be a real bidder, while only being in fact a broker. These secret middlemen often fill many markets and at times more than double costs.

The bid system
It is very important that lottery bidders be indicated by system design. So the bid system should show the number of contracts bid and obtained for each bidder and the number of contracts bid and let for each enterpriser. Not having this system is a big waste of developer/entrepreneur/maker/ enterpriser energy. So everyone using the bidding system has a lifelong record that appends all fictional citizen bidding that they were involved with and the level of involvement, with sort of an official relevancy rating. It costs nothing to bid or list, but bidders have to post their cost calculations, their rates and their percent margins. And everyone gets to see everyone else’s success percentage.

Immigrant identity hiding
If you get caught doing this to hide your criminal record, you get 10-20 years at hard labor depending on the severity of your crimes.

The president should ask the court for rulings on
1) Sanctuary cities and whether sub-jurisdictions of government can make immigration policy.
2) Whether the states can choose not to enforce federal law as official state policy.
3) Whether the people who refuse to provide proof of citizenship or answer questions can be regarded as illegal aliens.

CSI is independent from Law enforcement
There should be minimal contact with law enforcement. In fact, the communication should generally be via email, or monitored. Also, CSI can’t be privately operated, or it becomes a backdoor to justice. It also needs Senate oversight.

Lack of alibi is not a factor
The people shall not be obligated to have an alibi. If we do this, then we have a world where everyone wants to live under 24 hour big brother monitoring.

The lakes around Lugano
All of these lakes are at the end of a tsunami funnel that is over 200km wide. Due to uplift, Milano is now about 120m up, but millions of years ago it was near sea level. The wide valleys these lakes occupy were all eroded by tsunami action like Mission valley in San Diego. Also, if for some reason, “the Italian plate” were to lurch a few meters to the north, as happened recently in Nepal, the luxury communities of Como and Lecco might be wiped out by lake water… along with much of northern Milano and Verona.

Noisy township zones
Maybe some townships might allow all sorts of noise and have windows and nearly air-tight shutters and use the ventilation system rather than the windows. If you want it quiet, close your shutters, or suffer the noise.

Fresh air design
Let’s start thinking about fresh air systems before the next ice age.

Less air conditioning needed
Just having proper insulation around thermal mass and programmable fans will eliminate the need for air conditioning everywhere the nights never get unbearably hot. And if people are willing to getting up to mop the floors before sunrise, maybe this zone can be even larger.

The atmosphere
orbits the planet
just like the seas

Ice-age ice sheets
I see the edge as this circular mountain range that causes all the clouds to unload most of their precipitation. Thus we imagine that the ice caps don’t build everywhere by a couple CM per year, but that they build a great deal at their edge, which builds and creeps in the direction of the equator, with a small amount of precipitation falling in the central rain shadow.

Vine walls
In herring bone townships, people will look across a common path to a blank wall on the other side. There should be some way of ensuring that each such wall is kept by those who look out at it.

No steps in townships
For mostly flat locations, there should not be any steps on the township paths, and the slope down to the ring road.

Revelation 13
“I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had 10-heads and 7-horns, with 10-crowns, one on each blasphemous head. [one for each of 10-nations] … And these heads each had a throne and great power [of its own] … The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. People… also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who understands the beast? Who can defeat it?” 5 The beast had a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority… [and] to slander God… 7 It was given the power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them, just like it was given this power for every tribe, people, language and nation [on earth]. 8 Thus everyone on earth will [one day] worship the beast.”

Isaiah 52:3
“You were sold [into slavery] for no money,
and without money you shall be redeemed [and freed].”

Isaiah 54:3
“you will spread out to the right and to the left and
your descendants will dispossess whole nations
and then settle in their desolate cities.

Isaiah 55:1
“come to the waters. And you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. 2 Why spend money/labor on [mere] bread that does not satisfy? If you listen to me, you will eat what is good. In fact, you will delight in the richest of fare. 3 Come to me and listen, [so that] you may live. I made an everlasting covenant with your people, regarding the love I faithfully promised David. You see, I have made him a witness to the people, a ruler and commander of the people. 5 Surely you will summon nations you do not know, and nations you do not know will come running to you, because of the Lord God”

Isaiah 56:1
“foreigners who bind themselves to the Lord to minister for him, to love the name of the Lord, and to be his servants, all who keep the Sabbath without desecrating it and who hold fast to my covenant—
these I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Russia’s rivers and central Asia
East of the Volga are the Ob, Yenisey, and Lena rivers. The Ob and the Yenisey should probably have some aqueducts for irrigated farming and ranching in Mongolia, eastern Kazakhstan, Russia and China.

Neutralizing fructose
A fructose neutralizing dietary supplement chemical would be great. It doesn’t even have to completely neutralize the fructose.

No forged contact info
If you do any of the following, it should be considered a sort of crime, a criminal fraud:
1) Sending email from a forged return address.
2) Using the phone/sms system and pretending to be another phone number, area code, or country code.
3) Sending snail mail and lying about the true sender, or their address.

Plants and the light spectrum
1) Why do plants only use a narrow part of the spectrum?
3) Maybe we can breed/engineer crops to use more of the spectrum. Perhaps some dim light tropical plants have some good genes for this.

Is this a thing in the black community?
I don’t know if I dreamed this up, but I think there was this black woman that babysat me and she told me repeatedly that whatever other people told me, I shouldn’t listen to them and that I knew better. She also slapped me repeatedly for some reason. Does anyone else have this sort of memory.

Pre-diabetes healing diet?
I imagine that the insulin producing cells become inflamed by being on all the time, and this sort of diet will let them heal from pre-diabetes.
1) No fructose, and no grain except rice.
2) Meat, fat, oil, greens, and nuts are ok.
3) You eat for 12, or 10, or 8, or 6, or 4 hours a day, (the shorter the better), and you fast for the rest of the day, drinking only water
4) Traditional meals had people eating only 12 hours a day. Perhaps round the clock sugar/alcohol consumption contributes to diabetes.
5) Also perhaps a little insulin in pre-diabetics will help their inflamed insulin producing cells to recover from more acute situations.

Now that HIV is treatable
It is time to change our policy
1) Decades ago when medical treatment offered little benefit to those with HIV, reporting laws would not have worked because they would have scared people away from getting tested. But now that treatment is available, that really is no longer a risk. So we should have reporting, because we can.
2) Now that the disease is no longer a death sentence, and now that people understand how hard it is to transmit, being known as HIV positive is not so much of a stigma.

No return air
The heat should be radiant for reasons of comfort, and the ventilation air should be added to the room, and leak out through the windows.

Quebec and Montreal
Both are in a tsunami funnel. Is Lake Ontario saltier than the other great lakes?

The true etymology of the word robot
It comes from the Polish word ROBIC which means make, do, or work
When parasitism becomes mutualism
Estimates vary regarding the number of “guest” bacteria in the human body. But some put that number in the tens of thousands of species that are involved. It is easy to imagine that most started as virulent parasites. Then over time, their virulence attenuated until they become mutualists, or symbiots, or actually part of their host. This is the way of parasites, and Ishtar is about to go this way.

The binary nature of virulence
For most people with healthy immune systems, most microbial infections are either virulent or they are not. Some become chronic infections in healthy people, but nearly all are either virulent or not.
1) There are not great numbers of undiscovered highly virulent Ebola and Marburg diseases, so there is not much need to worry.
2) There are not great numbers of undiscovered highly virulent STDS, so there is not much need to worry about people who are tested for everything that can be tested for.
3) Generally only new diseases are virulent and these are generally encountered through habitat expansion and collapse of degrees of separation — something that mankind is mostly done with.
4) Now that the host has immunity, (and the two have merged) Ishtar should quickly become a symbiot.

Reincarnation and reproduction
To me all the stuff about dying and being reborn as someone or something else is a blid. It blocks us from conceiving of our children as our rebirth, which is both the most eugenic way to seeing one’s children, and also the most eugenic way to run a society. For all the energy people are now putting into false pre-theist gods and false churches run by child-screwing priests… That will go into having the best children, and raising them as best as possible.

De-niro and Pesce
I wonder how many people became violent and killed others because of your “work”.

Michael Pollan’s botany of desire
Excellent read. It was also quite influential in my conceptualization of my seed spreading.

MEGA = make earth great again

Goth•am city = goat•man city, city of goats disloyal to the cause of Ishtar

Responsible investing
The Senate elect its opinion about what is environmentally and socially responsible investing as well as what is environmentally and socially irresponsible investing. These are only recommendations.

Nuclear policy
The national government has a monopoly on making laws concerning radioactive materials and nuclear power.

Getting around the census question
The administration says that the census is only for citizens. The it threatens to arrest non-citizens for fraudulently participating in the citizen census. The administration also has a non-citizen census.

To be PRECLUSIVE = to object to something without even understanding what it is.

Marine rebar
It might turn color, but it won’t expand due to sitting in concrete sitting in salt water. Fresh water stainless is the same thing, but for fresh water, and for swimming pools. Lastly there is damp area stainless which has the least tin.

Glass shells for our buildings
It really will not cost that much more to make our cast structures last for centuries. The real thing is putting an “eternal” covering on the outside of our buildings. So we imagine a world with a couple hundred or thousand types of modularized glass siding/roofing plates in various colors. These are cast glass and like our concrete walls the inside surface of these has quite a bit of ribbing. They overlap a bit and might be a couple square meters in size. They are picked up using robotic arms with a suction attachment system (like plate glass systems use). They generally come attached to ±40cm of styrofoam insulation. And in places where it gets hot, the building glass might be mirrored. And in other places, it might be dark brown to absorb as much of the sun’s heat as possible. Or it will be rock colored, or tropical green, or whatever color. But our buildings will have 200-year glass shells. And that will cover 40cm of styrofoam and inside will be a few inches of concrete for thermal mass, storm rigidity, and security.

The California Energy Commission
This body was founded in 1974, in the first year of the Arab oil embargo, by the richest state that was paying the most for gasoline. Looking at the timing, it was clearly founded to
get to the bottom of the high gas prices. Then that original agenda became mingled with conservation and anti-nuclear policy and today energy-wasting alternative energy. Thus the CEC is the perfect example of a government agency being turned around 180° and used to further the exact opposite of what it was set up to do.

California Title-24
In 1978, the California Energy Commission produced the Title 24 energy conservation standards to make sure people build energy efficient buildings. This involves calculations which one can either figure out how to do, or hire someone to do it for a couple hundred dollars. They should have just said that all roofs must have R-30 insulation and all walls must have R-11 insulation. They should have also called for at least 4″ of styrofoam (R-19) under all interior slabs. That would have been easy for everyone to comply with. But instead there was this apparatus created. And today this apparatus is telling people who want to have window in their structures, that they will need to buy energy wasting solar panels to atone for their harm to the environment. •  •  • Also, it should be pointed out that the Title-24 website looks small at first, but if you poke around, especially in compliance forms, you will see that there are hundreds of forms affecting all sorts of energy use in California. Is this our own environmentalists at work, or is this someone else?

It is good to despise diamonds and gold
You should all remember throughout all your generations that precious, compact, easily transported fungibles are evil because criminals used them to carry off and hold stolen wealth. And this goes for anything else that people use as a fungible.

This scarce metal should only be used for airborne mechanisms and body parts, and other wise uses the Senate elects to allow.

Bible, Romans 13
[What parasitism facilitating propaganda this is. Here we truly see the traditional origin and reason for most government. Also, here we see how the bible encourages blind obedience of those who by whatever means come to power.]
“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities [fronting for Ishtar, because all authority has been established by god and] there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against their authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 Rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but only for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the person in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers. Do not bear arms for no reason. They are God’s servants, his agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment, but also as a matter of conscience.
6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them. If you owe taxes, pay your taxes. If you owe income, then pay income tax. If you owe respect, then pay them your respects. If you own them honor, then pay them your honor.”

The UM secures its rails
This is especially so for the lines though the PU, and Ukraine and Bulgaria. The famous corruption of these nations being an indication of Ishtar’s pull. Under this scheme, Europe, China, Africa, and India all get access to each other’s goods with the PU getting nothing at all from pass through shipments. Exceptions to this rule are:
1) All the lines in Kazakhstan are China’s responsibility to secure for all the world’s users.
2) All the lines in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Arabia, Egypt and Turkey are India’s responsibility to secure for all the world’s users.
3) All lines through central America are America’s responsibility to secure for all the world’s users.

This large and underpopulated nation of only 18 million people has three populated areas. The majority European areas on the Russian border (Including the 3 northern provinces) should be joined with Russia if they have more than 30 people per, otherwise they should be ceded to China. The provinces of Almaty, Jambyl and South Kazakhstan should be either the new independent Kazakhstan, or they can join with Kyrgistan or Uzbekistan. All the underpopulated lands in the middle, the greater part of Kazakhstan should be given to China for mineral access and rail lines, so it can better trade with Europe and Africa. Also, it should be pointed out that it is only about 300km from the western border of Kazakhstan to the eastern border of Ukraine.

This word refers to things improperly sent by “god”. The opposite of dissent is the sort of reality that everyone can agree upon, the stuff sent by “god”, the con•sent, the agreed-upon. Who made up these words? Who was talking about the level of con•sent and con•cord=con•accord and the level of dis•sent. Also notable is how dissent also means going down.

Dams near deserts are for aqueducts not power
The water in Hoover dam would probably be better used for growing things rather than power generation.

Hoover Dam might be a sub-zero
I bet the water evaporating from Lake Mead is now several times more valuable than the electricity generated by Hoover Dam.

Lips and teeth
“China and North Korea have a long standing relationship. They fought together against the US during the Korean war of the 1950s. And have traditionally called each other as close as: “lips and teeth” (Their words). And that close history could spell trouble for any more efforts by Washington to bring Kim back to the table.” (1:24-1:44)

Leadership and politeness
It is worth exploring the many ways that the “rules” of politeness so often hamper and diminish the rewards of leadership. Being right matters, being polite doesn’t really matter all in comparison.

1) The national OS can strike down and veto any law of any county senate in the land for any violation of the constitution or national law. Also, if the OS specifically commands a local government in writing to enforce some element of the national laws and they refuse, they may be charged with a criminal insubordination, even if they are elected.
2) County/local government should not have the right to vote and say of some national law, we will not enforce this, or we will not use our money or people for this. This is not an allowable subject for lawmakers working in a county/local government.

Marijuana as a trojan horse
It is tricking local government into thinking they can disobey national policy.

Building blocks and cost
A 1,000sq.ft (92-sqm.) apartment block should have say 30 yards of concrete in it. As internally made 5-sack factory concrete might costs say $45/yard. So that is about $1,350 for concrete. At first, the casters will get many times more than the cost of materials for casting a house. But over time, the price should fall to the point where the materials are say $2/square foot and the casting cost perhaps the same amount and probably less eventually. And of course there is the cost of rebar. So maybe the bare blocks including conduit and CIP piping will cost $10/square foot. And pipes and electric conduit, and floor grinding/painting and wall painting will add to the cost of course. And cabinets and fixtures that are all made and installed in vast numbers each year will also add to the cost. But all in all, the building blocks will cost much less than mobile homes today.

Mer Cadiz oil
The dryer Atlantic coastline between Porto and Dakar probably contains lots of fresh shallow high quality oil. Also ancient coastlines should probably also be drilled. The Sado reserve in Portugal and the coast south of Huelva are probably the closest source of oil for Western Europe. Northwest African oil might be better because the refineries can be put in the uninhabitable desert of the south and a pipeline through the straits of Gibraltar is not a huge investment for Europe.

Sydney seaweed

South Australia seaweed (Adelaide area)

Western Australia seaweed (Perth area)

Dry Australia
Australia seems to be a petroleum powerhouse, although the shipping costs will be a big problem.

Mexico sargassum (seaweed)

Cratos as in Demo•cratic
Gr. Kratos/Cratos was the divine personifications of strength in Greek myth. He was the son of Pallas and Styx. His brothers were Nike=victory, Bia=force, and Zelus=zeal, fervor, intensity, jealousy.

PPP and refugees
If I was in my lazy and unambitious stage of life, I might prefer to live in Indonesia or India or Africa because my relocation money would go perhaps 10x further than in one of the rich nations

Refugee camps are not concentration camps
It isn’t a concentration camp if people are not being murdered there..

Nursing assistants
Many types of nurses should have assistants.

Dentures costing more than 10-day’s pay every 2-years shall not be covered by insurance.

The Congo
At first, it was probably the “Can’t•go” river, given the way it sort of connects the White Nile with the Zambezi river. Later, the Congo land became the Can’t go land. This was how the Arabs grew down and across Africa to the Atlantic and kept the native Africans of southern Africa from trading with the native Africans of western Africa. I mean, look at how Congo has a large border with the Islamic stronghold of Sudan. And at the same time, the two Congos today have a large border on the Atlantic. And while this It isn’t controlled by Islam it remains a place that one is afraid to move goods in. Thus we see the reason for the violence of Congo

The 2nd Congo war
Nearly 6-million people died in this Congo war that had extensive participation with extensive foreign forces.

Worshiping the newborn king
Maybe this isn’t about the new prophet born by prophecy, it is about worshiping your newborns and giving them everything they need. The whole Jesus in a manger thing is a take away from what women should be worshiping.

Laws for the rich and poor
1) While it is generally wrong to have more lenient laws for the rich than the poor of a nation, it is not wrong for rich nations and poor nations to have different laws. In fact, it seems quite reasonable for Denmark to have different laws from Somalia.
2) Perhaps the UM should make standard penalties for Rich, medium, and poor nations. And perhaps these laws should apply worldwide and ever after immigration.

UM criminal law standardization program
The UM should probably create a new standard legal system for the world, and while nations will be free to deviate from this system, they deviations must all be listed in UM approved edu modules for easy study. Also, nations should be rated by the UM to indicate their conformance with standard international law, those with no deviation get a 100%.