A win-win end to the Mideast struggle

This message is the purpose of Islam
It is what the Mideast is struggling to cause

I offer a world that is unified in all the ways that truly matter to the Mideast. I also offer a world unified in all the ways that truly matter to the outside world. In short, I offer a much better world for both sides, a two tickets to paradise world that everyone will welcome and quickly accept.

• I industrialize all the poor parts of the world.
• I move all the people of wastelands 
• I declare a time of ignorance and slavery, and command amnesty for those who rapidly cleave away from Ishtar.
• I entirely repurpose the Mideast struggle.

The Mideast has been rich for 45-years now. Look at the harm Ishtar has done to mankind.  And what progress has the Mideast made solving its real problems during this time? Has desperation declined or increased?  Has war and violence declined or increased for your people?  Has Ishtar with all those oil billions done anything to solve the problems of its people? Ishtar has actually made them worse hasn’t it?

The ancient ways of Ishtar are only a means to an end, and not an end in themselves.  I have an end, a peaceful end for the Arab struggle.

I am a duly elected king of the floating part of the pyramid that runs the Mideast. The Mideast struggle is mine to do as I want with. To the extent you are all obligated to the cause of the Mideast people, you are obligated to me and my commands, demands and orders.  I officially have the power to take the entire Mideast struggle in any direction I want.

Therefore, I hereby demand, command and order all Semitic, Middle-eastern, Muslim, Harem-bred and Ishtar-loyal people to follow, comply-with, carry-out, and help institute my 7,000-page re-purposing of the Our•ab struggle. I have a much better way to run the Mideast struggle, to run the world, and advance our species. Everyone on both sides will be much better off.

All slaves of the Arab or Mideast, or Ishtarian cause shall muster up in the broad democracy I explain herein. This shall be how you will now hear the true voice of the Umma without the corruption of men who would usurp and abuse your obligations to your people.

I have a much better way to run the Mideast struggle, to run the world, and to advance mankind. Everyone on both sides of the cleft will be much better off.

Here is the very message the Mideast struggle revolves around producing. All Arabs = Our•abs are commanded, demanded and ordered to stop following the old antagonistic and secret ways and start following my new cooperative and open ways according to my new 7,000-page message.

Again, to the extent you were all obligated to the old Mideast struggle, you are now obligated to my new ways. All Our•abs and all Semitic people are commanded to spread, tout, and follow my message and my plan for the new world as stated herein. The first Mideast wasteland nations to cleave to me as your new prophet will get first priority in exodus. Also, if the entire Islamic empire immediately cleaves to me as the new Mahdi, the Mideast will get exhoded years faster.

The old ways will no longer work now. Nobody will not dare use them any longer. Now you must all turn the struggle around by 180°. No more harm or hate for the outside world. Instead you will all join with the outside world and struggle to help it.

You are all commanded to stop the hated, struggle, and warring now. Stop, all of you. From now on, you shall all be full of help, love, peace, generosity, and diligent cooperation with the outside world. That is your new purpose, all of you. Any violence or dissent will greatly delay my plans for your people.

Assuming the Mideast violence stops entirely, in every part of the world, those living in badlands will be moved and their nations scattered around the world by 2029.  Those living in lands that can sustain people will be industrialized, However, each nation must completely forsake Ishtar, they must agree to accept a one child policy for 40-years, and they must muster up into a conforming broad democracy to qualify for the blessings and manna.

All of you obligated to the cause of the Mideast shall now cleave against the darkness, secrets, lies and futility of the demon Ishtar. I have a better way. It is time to end the awful parasitic struggle once and for all.

You must believe me when I say that your ancient ways are only a means to an end, and not an end in themselves. The ancient ways are a futile dead end. They are only a way to temporarily feed the desperate Mideast, not a solution to its problems. No matter what you feed Ishtar’s insatiable appetite, you will never escape the reality of the ever-increasing desperation you are feeding and breeding.

The Ishtarian struggle was never a cure, but only a temporary treatment. Here is a painless cure, and a total end to the Ishtar disease in one easy step. Here is a way to unify mankind in all the ways that really matter for the desperate people of the wastelands. And here is a unified world that the rest of the world will adopt without any need for violence, threat or trickery.

Let me suggest a bar for the true prophet of the Mideast. The true prophet is the one that moves all the people and ends the Mideast struggle without physically harming the Mideast’s people. And there simply is no other consideration.

You of Ishtar shall all be grateful and maximally cooperative now. You shall all be full of goodwill and kindness to your hosts for the help and relocations your people get. This gratitude and your commitment to eternal goodwill is one of the most important things you can do to make the outside world help your people to end the curse of Ishtar forever.

The outside world does not hate your people, it hates your parasitic customs, and most of all your religion of enslavement to the cause of parasitism. If you all cleave away from your old ways and towards my new ways, I can entirely end the desperation and poverty of your people once and for all.

But be aware that your trail of destruction is vast and quite well explained herein. And be aware that you may not be able to plead time of ignorance for long. So the faster you all cleave to my ways, the better. Here it would be quite helpful if all my new Mideast servants took to the streets, hailing, chanting and celebrating the arrival of the Mahdi. This will send a powerful message to both the outside world and the doubters among you.

Talk insistently about the immediately obvious perfection of my message and insist that I am in fact the Mahdi, so we can sweep away all the learn-it-once-and-never-forget dogmatic people among you. Be insistent, emphatic, repetitive, and keep shaking your heads up and down when you say, “An·dar·oo is unquestionably the Mahdi.”

To the world outside of the Mideast
I will permanently end everything you hate about the Mideast. I will also rapidly give you a world of material abundance that is free from war, government corruption, and most crime. But you must help all those who rapidly cleave as I call for herein. Please believe me when I say that stopping the Mideast struggle against you is more important than exacting revenge. You must give its people a way out. Also you must give them some time to digest my message. If you don’t do this, you may have a nuclear and pan-epidemic WW3 on your hands when the Mideast siege mentality kicks in.

You in the outside world will give the people of the Arab badlands the one thing they all truly and desperately need, relocation to heaven in your lands around the globe. And in exchange for this, your people will get every single reasonable benefit and guarantee possible: All exhods must pass language and culture tests. All must follow the rules, mores, and manners of their adoptive nation, as well as my lengthy rules of conduct. All must remain employed full-time. All must work an additional 10-hours per week to repay your host nation for the cost of your ex•hodos= out•way until 2030. No exhod will ever vote in your elections unless they can get elected to your Senate. And perhaps most importantly, all exhods must become the loyal servants of their adoptive nation, as they were previously Ishtar’s loyal servants.

All exhods shall be chosen and adopted by a neighborhood group (a “Nome”) of 250 voters from your land. This neighborhood group will supervise and help resettle their new Exhod neighbors. A larger group of 25,000 voters (a “Centi-Nome”) will decide on each Exhod’s behavior and rule breaking. Exhods may be deported for any infraction at all, or for being aggressive, rude, or angry. However, for every 2 Exhods deported, they shall be replaced with 3 new Exhods from among those remaining and unchosen, so that only genuine troublemakers are sent back.

With some exclusions, every nation will have to take its share of the exhods
1) Not counting deportation replacements, one half of all Exhods shall go to the outside world, and one half shall go to other parts of Arabia’s empire, especially the relatively unpopulated Ishtarian Islands of Sulawesi, Borneo, New Guinea, and thereabouts.
2) Half of all exhodos going to the outside world shall be based on the adoptive nation’s population, and half shall be based on non-irrigated arable land area.
3) The more desirable and fastest moving nations will have their pick of exhods.
4) Existing Exhods shall count towards this share. Those nations that already have more than their fair share of exhods do not need to take any more and may send their excess back if they so elect.
5) Great aquaeducts shall be built by international effort. These will carry the abundant waters of central Africa to irrigate north Africa. They will also carry the abundant waters of Russia to central Asia, Iran, and Kurdistan.

Everyone obligated to the Mideast is now obligated to my new way of running the Mideast struggle
All exhods, no matter when they came, age 15 to 60 will all have to give their adoptive nation 43-hours of their wages, or eager service, per month until this day at 2031. This is as payback and incentive for rapidly moving all the people. Then, after this, they will all be free, free of Ishtar, and free of their obligations to me, and then they will all be living as free men in paradise. However, they will still have to obey the laws and rule where they were resettled, or they may be sent to interment.

In order to make the outside world accept the full movement of all the exhodos. There will be no second chances for Exhods. Law breakers and rule breakers will not be allowed to foul exhodos for the rest. Those who fail to find employment, or fail to pay their taxes, or fail to remain cleaved, or are elected as vexing, or s•giving or trouble making by their local government may be deported. Again, trouble makers will not be allowed to foul exhodos for the rest.

Exhods convicted of serious misdemeanors may be sent to same-sex camps for the rest of their lives. The severity of their crime shall determine the conditions at the work camp. Exhods that have been deported for failing to find a job and other non-criminal actions may only be sent back to the Exhod pool.

In places where some Exhods cause violence, all Exhods may be required to wear location tech and audio video 24-hours a day. There may be different  standards, rights and punishments for Exhods. I am compromising the rights of Exhods here to make the outside world more willing to accept more Exhods.

The wealth of Khadijah is mine to do as I want with
I choose to give it all back to the people it was stolen from. All Our•abs will all be able to keep personal means to get by, but all your excess wealth will be gone. Again, I give this away to achieve full exhodos.

The wealth of Khadija’s is so totally ingrained and dominant in the world economy that I have only one way to give it back. I must declare a worldwide transnational debt cancellation as well as a wealth reapportionment according to a formula. (R’172—R’177 in the new constution.) But this wealth will not matter so much in the future, because we will be eliminating vast amounts of Ishtarian artificial scarcity and alchemy, and at the same time we will open the production floodgates. Thus everyone will soon be much richer in terms of material things.

All exhods shall be required to live entirely according to the ways of their host society and no Exhod shall ever have the right to ask for any alteration of their host society’s culture or rules.

I give these things to the host societies for allowing a complete ex•hodos, and for setting up the exhods. All nations will be required take their share of exhods so that all the parasitic wastelands may be totally evacuated. Those nations that move fast will not only get first pick, they will also get almost three full years of full time labor from their new Exhods.

As the martyr Bob Marley sang: “Exhodos, movement of the people”, all the people. This shall be the new anthem of the Mideast, and everyone living in a Mideast badlands must leave. Once everyone is moved from the world’s badlands, there will be no more obligations to the poor people back home. It is time to kick over the rain barrel and completely de-populate all desperate lands of no resources and kill the demon Ishtar forever.

The world’s most powerful word
It’s the word that moves ALL the people from the land of no resources and stops the harems. It’s the word that forever ends the desperation that is Ishtar’s primary driving force. It’s the word that ends the Arab struggle to feed and move their people. It’s the word that ends the root cause of most of what has plagued mankind since the dawn of history. It’s the word that crashes the old interpretive matrix, the old bifurcated and opposed human operating system, where one part of mankind struggles against and lies to the rest as a parasite race. And it’s the word that loads the new unified interpretive matrix for all mankind: The new reality where all of mankind works together, cooperating under a unified agenda of more and better for everyone.

The world’s most powerful world is the word NOW. And NOW is when the Mideast struggle flips. Now is when the entire Mideast abandons its old ways, and its old god, and starts to instead follow Pro•men•theus (the pro•mankind•spirit).

Now all the Ishtarians and Muslims as one nation have a new prophet, an outsider profit that will in one step unify the world in the only way that ever actually mattered for them. For he will make the entire world believe in feeding, re-educating, moving, and setting-up all the people that live in lands incapable of sustaining people. He also sets 2030 as the date certain for complete exhodos.

I am the crowned horseman
and this message is my golden arrow

I have decided to kill Ishtar with my 7,000-page golden arrow: Or perhaps you might call it a 2.8-million-word gorgon mirror. Ishtar is dead now, transfixed and petrified. The old dark and evil ways of hideous shh•te•our will no longer work. Now you must make me your new prophet, your cube of the ak•ab•a, your king of kings of all kings ever, your architect or arc of the new covenant. You must follow my ways now, for your old ways will no longer work.  Now all the Muslims must revolve around my new ways, for I am the true prophet of the Mideast, the prophet that moves all the people and frees the world from the evil demon Ishtar once and for all. You need not fear Ishtar any longer. Now you must fear the outsiders and their spirit of Promentheus unchained.

Is it an end in itself?
or only a means to an end?
The ideologies of Islam and G•oo•dei•ism (the un- chosen base and chosen floating part of the pyramid) were only a treatment and not a cure. Your Mideast religious beliefs are not an objective in themselves. They only came into being to feed the land of no resources until a better way came along. Well that better way has come, today… NOW. Now you must see that your old struggle is over. And now you have a new prophet and a new struggle with a reasonably attainable finish line in sight.

A golden opportunity

The portion of mankind trapped by Ishtar and the parasite’s agenda should not let this Golden opportunity slip away. I have two ticket to paradise, but you all must rapidly cleave and abandon your old religions and follow me as your new prophet to get a ticket for your people.

Arc of the covenant
I am the arcon or architect, or arc of a new covenant between all mankind and its single unified group spirit. You of the Mideast have been struggling for thousands of years to unify mankind in a way that would feed and move all the people. Here in this message, I present that objective in one step that will be completed in 12-years. What more can you ask for?

Money is only the secondary Arab goal
Don’t get confused about your primary goal. This primary goal was stated clearly by the martyr Bob Marley. It is the movement of the people,  ALL the desperate people, and living as one world, instead of the bifurcated adversarial sort of mankind that has counter-acted human biological evolution for thousands of years.

Here are two tickets to paradise, a new unified world of more and better for all, and an end to the demon Ishtar/Ishlam and the desperation it breeds. We (mankind) shall now feed and then move ALL the people from all places that cannot support people, even if they don’t want to go: for nobody shall be left behind to bring Ishtar back to life again. And we will declare a time of ignorance and slave’ debt conversion for all of Ishtar’s slaves who cleave fast to the new universal prophet for all mankind.

Palu town and the matrix
Ishtar is bad news for everyone. Just look at how Islamic Palu town is centered on the focal point of a tsunami scoop. Tsunamis washing southeast down the coast end up being funneled to the center of Palu town. So, this is more than JUST a dumb place to have a town. This is the one place that nobody should ever have a town. Yet there’s a big Muslim town that is centered right on the totally predictable tsunami damage area depicted below.

Baiturrahman mosque, next door to Palu Grand Mall

How can it be? Surely there were prior tsunamis that hit this spot. How could people be so dumb as to put their town center and mosque right at the end of a tsunami scoop?

Perhaps the simplest explanation is that the desperately poor and ancient Arabians sent a few men to lay claim to this land that nobody wanted after the last tsunami. Then, after some generations they had some valuable land to sell and lease.

Perhaps the same people running the mosque religion and collecting its zakat taxes are also making money on selling/renting valuable urban land in your tsunami funnels. These are places that nobody wanted some generations ago while the memories were still fresh.

The people of Palu are mostly unchosen harem byproduct, and the chosen Harem spawn running the Mideast want to reduce your numbers, so they can have more spots to place fresh new harem spawn into. This way, they can place more loyals in your area. And this way they can breed more harem spawn and hopefully one day breed a prophet like me who will figure out a way to peacefully end the problems of the Mideast.

Do you understand Ishtar and its religion of slavery yet? It is a futile thing that is not for anyone’s benefit. It is a demon, a diametrically opposed parasitic spirit without any redeeming virtues at all. In fact, Ishtar doesn’t even benefit the chosen harem spawn over the long run.

Even the 1% or rather the one per mil Haremi grow dumber each year. This is because whatever advances their harem breeding produces, it will never come close to the genetic degradation Ishtar causes among the rest of humanity with its sin•dar•ella (no•give•she) and other mything.  So all mankind devolves each year towards Idiocracy, even the “brilliant” haremi.

Inverted shh•te•our is just a brain-dead stupid thing that needs to be eliminated from mankind. And Ishtar is nobody’s fault. It is just a stupid thing that evolved in mankind… a stupid thing that must end.

Do you see the matrix yet?
Do you think it is just an accident that New York, Beijing, Delhi, London, Hamburg, Bangkok, Amsterdam, San Diego, Washington D.C., Seattle, Dubai, Lisbon and many other top cities are located in tsunami funnels?

Please believe me when I say that all anarchy is false anarchy. Even the scientific method is a false anarchy. The desperate Mideast has always been there, for thousands of years, pretending to be one of you. And always leaning the boat and bending the truth in a direction that it could profit from. The sum total of all these self-reinforcing Mideast lies about politics, economics, law, morality, science, and many other things makes up the matrix, the web of lies that the Mideast has spun to feed on the outside world. Now we will stop lying to ourselves as a species.

I have a much better way
The entire Mideast empire, about 20% of humanity is parasitic by nature. It produces almost nothing of value, so its people will remain desperate, and will sell their soul for a set-up in the outside world. But the Mideast is not merely parasitic, it also goes forth into the outside world and struggles to slow and burden the outside world in any way it can get away with. This way it can provide more of what the outside world needs. So by my reckoning the Mideast’s 20% cancels out maybe a third or half of mankind’s productive ability.

My plan is to stop that and use all that to feed, industrialize and if necessary move all the desperate people of the planet,   thus ending the desperation that fuels the hideous hidden Ishtar sprit.

The 8 pillars of Pro•men•theism
1) Muster up into the incorruptible form of democracy, the “god mechanism” I explain herein. This is so everyone may hear the true un-corrupted voice of mankind’s group spirit.
2) End human desperation in order to kill Ishtar. Move all the people living in wastelands and industrialize the world to end desperation. Provide every remaining nation sufficient means so they may industrialize and be free of material desperation.
3) Declare a time of ignorance and forgive all prior Ishtarian sins so that mankind may end the 6,000-year war of all wars. Focus all your rage on those who continue to work for Ishtar and make them fear Pro•men•theus’ wrath as much as they fear Ishtar’s.
4) Put the Our•ab struggle into reverse and do all that you can to explain every aspect of the Ishtarian shh•te•ouri’n Al•eff•n’t, and the Cresc•n’t m•oo’en of spreading darkness.
5) Forgive all old hatreds so that the world may live as one, and so that the people may be moved as quickly and easily as possible.
6) Obey a one-child-plus policy, so human populations don’t mushroom or degrade due to Pro•men•theus’ bounty. It shall be the consensus of the entire world that a one child plus policy is the right thing for the world to do now. Women who finish college and other Over- Senate elected groups of women can have many more than one child.
7) All Ishtarian obligations and energies shall now be re- directed in support of Pro•men•theus and the cause of all mankind.
8) Struggle against all the old hate-filled, mankind- dividing, money-grubbing, child-screwing religions and meccan-isms that benefit the devil, the parasitic de•ex•pull of the Mideast.

I suspend all human rage over you

The outcome of my enlightenment will be fairly binary or yes/no for the Mideast. It is truly a heaven or hell moment for all of you, a judgement day for the evil ex•pull (same word) of the parasitic Mideast.

The world now knows all about you
The world will now know how you were behind the Black Death of 542 and 1347 under similar circumstances. And they will know about your flea bags, or flee bags, and small packs, and die’em bags, and scar-let letters. If WW3 happens now, whatever the ostensible cause, you will no longer be invisible in any way.

And if WW3 happens now, whatever the ostensible cause, the new prophet commands extermination for all the harem bred ones with many half-brothers — with identical Y-genes and dissimilar X-genes. But only do this if there is WW3. If there is no WW3, nobody is to do any such thing. Everyone shall be given a way out so mankind may prevent a great war.

You should all know that I am descended from the Harems. You should know that they elect their smartest as king, as Lizard King with absolute power over them. You know that line, “I am the Lizard King, I can do anything.”  They gave me power over them, but didn’t tell me that I was king. It is strange, and even I don’t really understand because I am not privy to their teachings.

They did nothing to stop me
I have every confidence that they just want to stop.  So just let them.  Lets NOT have a war now.  Hopefully, the entire Mideast will cleave as one and we can just end the 5,800-year war of all wars, the struggle or whatever you call it. Hopefully the world will believe and obey the new universal prophet when he declares forgiveness due to a time of ignorance, and offers two tickets to paradise if there is no great war. If we can end Ishtar peacefully and nearly everyone cleaves rapidly to spirits of Pro•men•theus and Eu•man•idi (good•man• ideas), the new prophet commands total forgivingness of all past sins due to a time of ignorance and slavery.

I move all the people by 2030

My new constitution for a world government calls for moving of ALL people living in all lands incapable of sustaining people. All those living in badlands shall be moved and spread among the goodlands of the world by 2030. Nobody shall be allowed to stay behind to give rebirth to Ishtar.

There is no longer a need for poverty

Let me industrialize the world
 and free the world of its slave’s poverty. Economies actually work better the more we ask of them. And all important resource scarcities are an illusion. There is simply no need for mankind to continue with the ancient ways of parasitic reductionism. So we, the world’s new worldwide broad democracy, will have the world’s new economy produce a whole lot more stuff, so we (mankind) can educate, and industrialize the world and end the human desperation that Ishtar feeds on.

A worldwide one child plus policy
The new wealth will however will cause a population boom among the poorest parts of mankind unless we take measures to control population. Therefore, we will institute a China-like 1-child-plus policy for the nations that have had a population explosion over the past half century. This however, will not apply to nations and ethnic groups with declining populations.

There is no need for Ishtar
All nations who cleave to me and my plan shall be fed and if necessary moved. Thus nobody will be obligated to the poor people back home, and none shall be slaves of Ishtar. Instead they shall be slaves of my agenda, and my 12-year plan for moving all the people and peacefully ending Ishtar.

Which way is up?

Ishtar is not up. It is just something that works for a desperate part humanity unable to meets its material needs. Absolutely every group on Earth will be better off once Ishtar is dead.

You are stuck with me now
There is no turning back for the Mideast.

Only the devil needs you to hate your fellow man
The devil (de•ex•pull) of the parasitic Mideast is a lying thing that must exist in darkness or people will not follow its stupid inverted agenda.  I say help your fellow man with the abundance of your robots. I say forgive their ancient ways forced upon their people by desperate poverty and thousands of years of tradition.

No scarcity of raw materials
There is no real scarcity of raw materials in our world. It is all an illusion. It is just like how the Romans in fertile Italy thought they were dependent on Mideast grain for some 800 years. Today the same thing has happened with petroleum and copper and so many other raw materials. But there is no real scarcity of raw materials. It is all just a matrix illusion, a particularly stupid matrix illusion that sets mankind at war with itself. Now that stops and there will be no more alchemy.

Ishtar is just so stupidly wasteful

The host wastes many times as much as Ishtar gains. And that is not counting the deaths and genetic degradation that Ishtar causes. Here is a new and better way to run the world. And here is a way for mankind to begin evolving upwards again.

Thanos was not right
The world is just so big and we are just so tiny in comparison. In 10,000 years at current levels we will still not significantly deplete any mineral resources, including petroleum. And we will never pollute our planet in any way that is meaningful, except its fresh waterways and industrial dump areas. The world is just too big relative to us puny earthlings.

Our tiny humanity is no strain at all on today’s interglacial world. And there is plenty of world to go around. The idea of killing people so there will be more for everyone else: That is evil Arab ex•pull talking, ironically making it harder to move the people as is the primary objective of the Mideast. Let me free you all from this curse. Follow me and I will feed and move everyone and create a world at peace with itself.

Be warned
Be warned that forgiveness is commanded for the first to Cleave by focusing all eu•man rage on the last to cleave, unless everyone rapidly cleaves, in which case all shall be forgiven.

You must help me sweep the doubters away
You must take to the streets by the millions and chant
Al Mahdi so the dog-minded people can learn a new trick, so you will all be forgiven, so the outies can see your unanimity and trust that you will all live in peace as upright citizens in their land.

You are no longer invisible

How will you rule a world where you are no longer invisible? How can you live in such a world unless you surrender and yield to your new prophet?

Thanks to my 7,000-page description and mirror of Ishtar, the other 99% of the world can see you now. They also know pretty much everything about you, and all your tactics. Will you fight it out with them now? Be warned that the new prophet commands and focuses all rage on the unrepentant, with no torture off the table. He also explains to the outies the logic of why they must match punishments with the innies. He also disables most of your other mental shackles on eu•man•idi. These will no longer really work anymore.

He also explains your bar•ti•kal or br•peh language. And how you name your children and your enterprises.
And the outies will now have thousands of pages on how Ishtar works. So you are no longer invisible. Don’t fool yourselves, whatever combination of weapons you use, the outies and the disloyal innies will still out-number you by over a hundred to one after it is all over.

The emperor has no clothes

Instantaneously, your parasitic empire is without its Gr. klothos=cloth, web, weave, matrix. I explain every part of the secret al•eff•n’t. It stands naked of all its matrixes now — completely defrocked and vividly described in my 7,000-page unstoppable message. Behold Ishtar, an utterly repulsive thing to over 99% of the world. Behold Ishtar is an evil gorgon — as reflected in every screen in the world. Behold Ishtar is petrified.

Shock the monkey
I have shocked the meme-key and you no longer have a matrix to operate in. In fact, you no longer have any of your impersonizations, your meme•ham•mids like Al•cibai•de, and Socrates of the Athenian iso•cracy.

Thinking of going doomsday?
They will find every one of you
Don’t overestimate the power of a combined nuclear and pan-epidemic attack. Whatever doomsday weapons you use, wherever you hide, there will still be about a billion survivors. These will kill you all, due to a combination of vengeance, fear and necessity — as well as the command of the new prophet. But this will only happen if WW3 happens now.

We live in an age of computerized gene analysis. It is not hard to find all the male descendants of Abraham with identical Y-chromosomes, and then look for dissimilar X- chromosomes. And here within is a new and totally incorruptible form of democracy that will administer those tests every year for decades. How will the great corrupter corrupt those tests? How will it hide? (see also the file Recognizing-harem-bros).

American-style surrender

Behind door #1 is a great and destructive war where all the harem-bred sons of Abraham may eventually all be killed to the man. Behind door #2 is an American-style surrender and Mar•shall plan, where we move all the people, train them, and put them on their feet economically. Don’t be stupid.

Time of Ignorance
It’s nobody’s fault
Ishtar is just something that evolved. It is nobody’s fault. It is just this incredibly wasteful and sub-optimal bunch of meccan-isms that life evolved, like giant wasteful sauropod dinosaurs and giant 30,000 calorie Jackfruits. What a stupidly wasteful way this was for plants to spread their seeds. Likewise, Ishtar is just this incredibly stupid thing that evolved in humanity and the faster we can end it, the better-off we will all be. And this goes for everyone in the world including the big brothers ruling the Haremi and the world today.

A Turkish proverb
“No matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, turn back.” [Once you realize you are on the wrong road, you don’t keep going, you turn back as soon as you can.]

You have no reason to keep Ishtar alive
Why do you struggle to keep poverty and human desperation alive on Earth, when there is a better way? Why do you preserve the ancient leftover meccan•isms from a time when the world was poor and stupid? Ishtar is no longer necessary. It is time for Ishtar (shh•te•our) to die.

Fear the outies more now
Whatever happens, Ishtar dies now. It is futile to remain cleaved to Ishtar now. And none of you need fear Ishtar any longer. Now you must fear the outies and the group spirit of Promentheus more.

Everyone now cleaves
Now with Ishtar petrified, and because there’s strength in numbers, nobody will fear Ishtar’s retribution ever again. All the Meccan-isms will stop working. Now there will be a great rebellion against Ishtar.

If you’re thinking of playing wait and see. If you’re thinking of remaining cleaved to Islam and Ishtar, is going all or nothing on this. He is commanding total forgiveness for the first to cleave, by focusing all rage on the last to cleave. In fact, he commands the maximum of rage against the last to cleave in order to obtain the maximum forgiveness for the first to cleave. So you had better obey the Omega Mahdi message in the written part, and you had better cleave fast.

Nothing will improve your life like cleaving fast, except perhaps being the first to add valuable new explanations of Ishtar’s ways. And nothing will harm your life like staying cleaved to evil Ishtar, or struggling against this message.

You can’t stop this message
Even your own people will keep my message alive. And technology is different now, so you will not muddle or dilute my message away like you did with the legends of Odious Rex, Al·cibai·de, and the world famous wisdom of Athenian Iso•cracy.

Enslaved as societies
Just as host societies are enslaved by Ishtar as entire societies, so too are Ishtar’s own societies enslaved as entire societies. In fact, everyone is enslaved as a society, and by their society.  There is little difference between the people enslaved as Ishtar’s shepherds and people enslaved as Ishtar’s flock. And of the ones that are aware of what Ishtar actually is, nearly all just want Ishtar to stop. Let’s everyone just stop the stupid meccan•isms that have enslaved humanity for thousands of years. Let’s build a real god mechanism, an incorruptible democracy, so we may hear the true group spirit of Pro·men·theus.

And you outie slaves…
Recall the scene in the first Matrix film where Morpheus the Greek god of dreams said to the Neo prophet while he was still in the matrix: “You are a slave”. We are all slaves to Ishtar, otherwise known as the Devil, the parasite’s de•ex•pull of the desperate land of no resources. It is just that some of us are only enslaved as entire societies, while others are also enslaved as both societies and individuals. Forgive the other slaves when they cleave.

The machines really do rule the world
There are a great many ancient and evil mechanisms that rule the world for nobody’s benefit. Their only purpose is to feed the Mideast until someone can figure out how to stop them. If you forgive and feed the Mideast, we can stop all these mechanisms.

The little drummer boy of myth
When the great profit comes, his message will not be as one super-profound thought, but like the little (big) drummer boy of myth, thousands of truths forming a whole new tempo/ temple/ religion.

Ignorance and judgement day
In times of extreme ignorance, you should only judge people based on what they do after the revelations surface.

Ishtar is the parasite
not the people trapped by it
Make sure everyone understands the difference.

Everyone is trapped by their matrix programs
Even we Americans in the supposed land of the free must obey our stupid government, just like the North Koreans and the Arabians. How would you change things in a murderous society dedicated to darkness and secrecy at all costs?

It is called Shh•te•our
Do you really think people are publishing books, and having discussions about a murderous thing called shh•te•our = quiet•you•our- thing?

Think about cure•ouri
This drug comes from a plant species named Chondo•dendron tomentosum = Cartledge•tree torment•os’em = Cartledge•tree torment•mouth/nibble’em. The victim is totally awake but paralyzed for the torture. Nobody in it talks about Ishtar. And everyone is terrified by it.

Everyone wants to get away from it
They all want to get as far away from it as possible. And all the myths of hell where people spend an eternity being either burned by flames, or devoured by cannibals: that has a basis in Mideast reality. But it is more of a nibbling-down or a burning with tiny burning firebrands over many years.

Arabs, Harem-bros and other shh•te•ouri’ns
As the Mideast king and new prophet, I command, demand and order that from now on all Mideast and Muslim people shall redirect their struggle and throw everything in reverse. From now on, you all help eu•man•idi, instead of struggling against it. And you have to work overtime for some years to reverse what you were doing before. It is a condition of your manumission. You must all now work overtime, fixing the world for some years. But after that, you will all be free. And from now on, you will no longer have to pay any money Ishtar. In fact, it will be the severest of crimes to pay money to Ishtar or to buy any Ishtarian concession products. Now you will all pay taxes and work for your adoptive society.

You must cleave fast
I command great rewards to the braves who first cleave, because I focus all of El’s fury on the last to cleave. And you don’t have much time.

Let them cleave
All you outies, you people outside of Ishtar, give them some days to absorb my message and to cleave against Ishtar.

Time of Ignorance
Nobody is at fault
It is just something incredibly stupid that evolved in mankind. And if you want to kill Islam and Ishtar worldwide, you must give total forgiveness to those who cleave immediately.

You can’t stop this message
Even most Innies will keep this message alive
You will not stop this message, even with nuclear attacks. Even if you kill 98% of humanity.

Your people are so vulnerable
Your cities are so concentrated and so vulnerable to attack. And all of your people in the outside world are living among outies, and are greatly outnumbered.

Seneca, 60AD, Phaedra, 192-194
“One small boy, with unerring aim can shoot an arrow straight to its heart, for it is everywhere, menacing both heaven and earth.”

Gamal Nasser, Egyptian president 1956-70
“The leadership of the 100 million Arabs is a role wandering aimlessly about in search of an actor to play it.”

Frank Herbert, Dune
“He shall know your ways as if born to them”

Borges, Tlon
“It is surely a labyrinth, but it is a labyrinth devised by men, a labyrinth destined to be deciphered by men.”

Aeschylus, c.460BC, Persians 97
“The gods work their will with winding plans And no mortal man can elude immortal guile [After all,] where is he whose nimble [mental] leap easily clears the enclosing net [matrix]?”

Hesiod, Works and Days, c.700BC, 1.25
“There is not only one spirit of struggle on earth, but everywhere there are two opposing types, wholly opposite in nature.”

Herman Melville, Moby Dick, 1851, Ch. 41
“A family likeness! aye, he did beget ye, ye young exiled royalties; and from your grim sire only will the old State-secret come.”

Horace, d. 8BC, Ille et nefasto
“It was a black day when whoever it was
First planted and nurtured you, O tree of sacrilege
You, a catastrophe for posterity and shame for all [mankind]

Eu•man•idi 2.0
This is the major matrix operating system upgrade for humanity. And I will be the new prophet whether or not the Arabs cause WW3. Regardless of what happens, the matrix upgrade will load and we will restart all the slave Meccan•isms running the world under the new upgraded operating system. We should all consider ourselves lucky if we can just restart the matrix using the new software upgrade of Eu•man•idi 2.0 and without vast numbers of people dying.

Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine II, 4.1.201
“And, till by vision or by speech I hear Immortal Jove say ‘Cease, my Tamburlaine’, I will persist a terror to the world.”  [That time has come.]

There is no longer any need for parasitism

Now that we have robots, everything has changed. Now that we will eliminate your artificial commodity scarcity, everything will change. Now everything will grow cheap the way that electronics have.  Now the world’s economies will actually work better the more we ask of them. And we are going to ask a great deal from our economies now. There is no need for any Ishtarian ex•pull. In 3-years humanity will create a tidal wave of abundance just like it did during WW2. In fact, we will now institute a war economy without the killing. We will have a world war on scarcity, poverty, ignorance, and all the old ways of Ishtar.

The robots will be our slaves, not our overseers
The robots, the machines will be our slaves. They will end scarcity and drudgery, instead of being the slave overseers of humanity for a few hundred “brilliant” chosen-one Arabs.

The most beautiful and perfect message
Those of you who are smart will emphatically say that this is the most beautiful message you have ever heard, more perfect than any book before. You will say that I must be the only true prophet of all mankind. You will say this, so I can unify the world and sweep away all the old corrupt religions: Religions that the desperate and parasitic Mideast created to feed itself and batten on the efforts of its host societies

The great transcendental message for mankind
Don’t press the button as a knee-jerk reaction. You will have time for that later if you decide. Just read a little bit of my 7,000-page message. A real prophet has arrived with a great transcendental message for all mankind.

The real devil we face
Mankind faces a greater problem and a greater risk, as explained in my Volcanic theory of climate. A 110,000- year ice age is coming, and I am the only one with a plan.

You will not be excluded from office the new democracy.
1-in-500 people will be confirmed to the Senate annually. Thus about 5% of the population will be confirmed to the Senate. It is a fairly easy bar to surmount. So if you really are so smart Mr. Exhod / harem•bro, you should have no problem making a valuable contribution to the pro•men•thean cause, and getting confirmed to the Senate somewhere on earth. Then you will be of Senate status. Then you will have the full rights of a native- born citizen. Also, your offspring will get Senate child benefits from the new government, as all Senate offspring will.

Service in the Senates of a broad democracies will replace the service of Ishtar. Those who serve the cause of more and better and help mankind to rise will easily be elected Senate status. The more you do for mankind, the more official Senate “rock-star” status you will get, and the more women will want you as a sire of their offspring.

There will be no deceptions, or lying, or enslavement. As time goes by, increasing numbers of women will give themselves freely and logically to their new god, the advancement of mankind. And the Senate and people will pay a reasonable single-parent increment to these Senate mothers until the children are old enough to provide a mandatory tithe for their mothers.

I reverse the degradation of mankind
Under Ishtar, the evolution of the 1% can’t counteract the genetic degradation of the other 99% of humanity. Thus you and your Cinderella (sin•dar•ella = no•give•she) myths have been mankind to evolve backwards. That now stops. Now mankind begins evolving instead of devolving.

How to visualize the parasite’s degradation
Let’s say that 70-million Haremi are evolving upward each year. This is 1% of world’s population. Here I imagine a 10×10 checkerboard topography. On this topography, 99 squares are flat and below x=1, and only 1 square in one corner pops up. This is because only 1% of the world is advancing genetically and the rest is degrading.

This is how I visualize the distribution of human genetic progress today. There is this tiny peak that is progressing—the Haremi. And the other 99% of mankind is actually going backwards genetically—actually degrading and growing stupider and more animal like in the Idiocracy film.

Now because the 1% relies on the other 99% for breeding stock, and Semitism is producing only a small number of the world’s new people, the net result is our species is evolving backwards — growing dumber and dumber in every generation.

The Idiocracy film trailer
The degradation is very well explained in this 3-minute film trailer. This is the future of mankind under Ishtar. And it is exactly what happened during the European Dark Ages. This is clearly obvious from reading works from mankind’s lost millennia, also the “great age of Islam”.

Release the library of Alexandria
Now. Your rightful king and new prophet commands, demands and orders that you release the Alexandria library. Mankind is ready. You shall make your great library public now that we are ending the bifurcation of mankind. Scans of every book shall be posted on the internet for all to see and there shall be much fanfare about this

Cleave fast
I command honors on the first to cleave, just as logically an emphatically as I command El’s fiery fury upon the last. There is nothing that will make your life better going forward. Spread these be a hero. ‘Struggle’ against them and you will be seen as the devil itself. In fact, I preserve the first to cleave, by redirecting all hell’s fury against the last, commanding no limits to the hell for the last.  I command the outies to protect and preserve the first cleavers as heroes — for taking the greatest risk, going against Ishtar. And 10 steps later, I command the outies to treat the last cleavers as the devil itself, focusing all their rage on these people.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago
“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere, insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.” [Now it is easy. Now you must fear the rage of the outies and their group spirit of Promentheus, un-shackled and fully awakened.]

Marco Polo, CH. 3
“He remembered the hated belief of the Saracens [the Sara•kins, the harem Arabs], by which every sin is regarded as a lawful act for men not of their religion, even killing a man.”

Ammianus Marcellinus, 354-378AD, 16.3
“Great worry about food implies great indifference to virtue.”[You must all cleave now if you want to use this as an excuse. This and many other excuses will slip away if you all fail to rapidly cleave.]

If WW3: then it was the harem-bros
No longer will people be fooled by the matrix web created by those “spiders from Mars”. If there are any nuclear or massive biological attacks, whether from North Korea, or Iran, Russia, or China, or anywhere else, all will think it was the harem bros, their lackeys, and dotards (de•ot•ards).

Ishtar petrifies like a gorgon
The secret and curse of the sphinx is no more. The hideous gorgon sees itself in the 7,000-page mirror of Perseus = Br•see•us. The entire hideous al•eff•n’t now petrifies with fear. From now on, Ishtar will no longer work and the jihad, the struggle is over. Cleave to the Mahdi who commands, ‘Time of ignorance’ and  ‘great forgiveness’ for those who cleave fast. Cleave to the new prophet who ends Islam, frees all the slaves, and moves all the people.

Time of ignorance
It is easiest to plead time of ignorance early on. But after a few days it will become exponentially harder. It is time for all Semitic people follow their new universal prophet. It is time for everyone to cleave.

Good and evil
Soon all shall now know good from evil. Soon there will be no excuse for the evil ex-pull of the parasitic land of no resources.

T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Ch. 3
[Of the Arabs] “Their largest manufacture was of creeds: almost they were monopolists of revealed religions. Three of these efforts had endured among them: [Christianity, Islam and Judaism] two of the three had also born export [carried in export](in modified forms) to non-Semitic peoples.

What exactly are you loyal to?
Are you loyal to your clan and nation, or to the best future of all mankind, where 100% of mankind evolves upward, instead of 1- percent or 1-permil. I am loyal to the cause of all mankind and what is best for life on earth.

The devil lies about everything
Great good is the devil’s best mask
Truth, goodness, justice and god’s-will are some of the best covers and excuses for the evil or ex•pull activity of the parasite.

It lies like the devil because it is the devil.
Ishtar is a jet black spirit with no redeeming features whatsoever.
If it didn’t lie, nobody would follow it. If you think you found a redeeming feature, you have invariably found a lie. It lies to the outies, and it lies to the innies as well. The only thing it has to offer is that it promises to bring about the message you are reading right now. If you fail to act on this message, then you are nothing but a bunch of thugs=eth•uks.

Hesiod, c.700BC, Theogony, 26-17
“We can say many false things as if they were true. But how will we know what the truth really is.” [The harem-bred parasite people have lied so much, even they don’t know what the truth is.]

You saw nothing
If you are in innie, if you are in•it, nobody can prove you actually read this message. To be safe, just say you didn’t see anything, or didn’t understand what you forwarded.

To be a hero
If you want to treated as an ally of the Outies, you have to be a hero and take on some risk. You must cleave fast. And nothing will help you as an innie like being an early spreader or shouter of this message. Write down outie names so you will know how to reach your witnesses. These people will tell nobody unless you ask them to.  Such innie heroes will be treated as brave war heroes by the outies. These outies will hide, defend and watch over you for going against Ishtar.

Time to cleave
You stand at a great crossroads. It is judgment day for Arabs Inc. How do you all cleave? Will you cleave with the hideous Gorgon? Will you push the button in a futile effort to save awful Ishtar when a better way exists for everyone?

To all politicos and news people
If you are in•it, or a de•ot•ard listening to what someone else tells you, you must immediately come out on air or in print, or all Pro•men•thean fury will be focused on you.

Ishtar dies now
Ishtar paralyses and petrifies on any talk of its true nature. Behold, Ishtar is now transfixed with the true prophet’s G•olden arrow. Ishtar will never come back to life again. I give you this. But now you are all hideous parasites, and now you must fear your host society much more than Ishtar. Now is when you all destroy every aspect of Ishtarian culture except the books and library.
An all new matrix
Here is a total re-write of interpretative reality. No longer will humanity be bifurcated as parasite against host. No longer will there be the hugely wasteful parasite agenda struggling to reduce its host and waste its host’s energies. Now all mankind is united under a single unified agenda of more and better for everyone.

Procopius, c.565 AD, Secret History, 10.3
“When a man cares nothing for the infamy of his actions [because he is leaving an escape-goat] and thus does not hesitate for fear of being known as a revolting character, no path of lawlessness is closed to him, but armed with the shamelessness visible at every moment in his face, he does the most despicable things and then proceeds cheerfully and without worry.” [This is the way of Ishtar. Her followers attack in secrecy and blame others and are thus free to use the most reprehensible tactics. The sun has risen and no longer will this happen. The sun has risen and now your gazettes are laid open for all to see. Behold my great library of Arab literature fully explained. This shall be called “The Devil’s Confession.”]

Lucretius, c. 60 BC, Bk 2.1
“What joy to watch [two] opposing enemies assembled on the field of battle—when you yourself have no part in their danger. This is the greatest joy of all: To stand aloof in a quiet citadel, stoutly fortified by the teachings of the wise. Gazing down from those heights on others wandering aimlessly in a vain search for a way of life, pitting… one against another, fighting for superiority… O joyless hearts of men! O minds without vision! How dark and dangerous is the life in which your tiny lifespan is frittered away in. Do you not see that your nature is barking [you human dogs] for only two things: A body free of pain and a mind free from worry and fear, released for the enjoyment of pleasurable sensations?” [This was written by an Arab. Look at the words: citadel, barking dogs and a short lifespan. The Arabs are the only ones that call men dogs and talk of citadels. And the chosen harem bred ones see themselves as an immortal brotherhood. Apparently they also set-up their enemies to kill each other. It is largely forgotten today that Ancient Rome was at war with Persia for centuries until both collapsed around 600AD.Then in 636, began the Islamic conquest, and the Great Age of Islam, due to the vacuum created by the fall of their enemies.]

WW3 can be stopped with only a thought
The chosen harem ones are using North Korea and Iran as suicide puppet states.

This is a blurd, or blurring word/term for a problematic haremi meme that leaked out onto the lips of the outside world. The real term is VICTORIOUS SECRET the harem secret, the lacey=al•A•see, matrix under the main cloth of the matrix.

Cicero, De Officiis, 2.21.75, as quoted by Petrarch
“what powers we may possess come from the weakness of others rather than any excellence in ourselves.” [They Arabs come by most of their power by the weakness they create in our societies. They degrade our ability to understand so they can get away with more. They also destroy our ability to provide for our own necessities so they can step in and sell us their necessities at shortage and famine pricing.]

William Bullein, 1573, A Dialogue against the Pestilence
“If a plague happens, it is no great loss. It delivers the poor from their pain and misery into a better world. … In such plagues our poor people benefit greatly. Their loss is our good fortune. When they become naked, we then are clothed against their will. With their alms and doles we are relieved. Their sickness is our health, their death our life.”

Hawthorne, House of the Seven Gables, Ch. 1
“Maule [mal] had addressed him… and uttered a prophecy… ‘God.’ said the dying man, pointing his finger, with a ghastly look, at the undismayed countenance [facial expression] of his enemy, ‘God will give him blood to drink!’”  [It doesn’t have to go this way for your people.]

Thin Red Line film about the battle of Guadalcanal
“This great evil, where’s it come from? How’d it steel into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who’s doing this? Who’s killing us, robbing us of life and light, mocking us with the sight of what we might have known. Does our room [our•oo’em=progeny] benefit the earth? Does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? Is this darkness in you too? Have you passed through this night? … I’m going to sink my teeth into your liver. You’re dying. See them birds up there, they gonna eat you raw.”

Ishtar is just such a futile agenda
One of Ishtar’s key objectives is to get rid of anyone who gets in its way, or might get in its way. Ishtar simply gets rid of them whenever possible. When Ishtar succeeds in this objective, the harem spawn move to the places in the heaven they created through their plagues, and wars, and murders.

When this happens on a large scale such as after a great war, everyone in the Mideast gets out and everyone gets a place. Then things get real calm for a generation. This is simply because everyone, literally everyone got out and got a place. But after a generation, there is a new generation of harem spawn to move. These guys make nice at first, because it is the easiest way to get the most from the people on the outside. But after a while, this stops working, so Ishtar uses other more destructive and violent techniques.  Gremlins are a good metaphor in the way that they multiply and then turn nasty.

Don’t underestimate Ell’s fury
The group spirit of Ell, is an aspect of Promentheus. It awakens when the will of Promentheus becomes frustrated and angry. The spirit of Pro•men•theus is rational and will listen to the reasoning of his prophet. However, the spirit of Ell is something totally different. It is not logical. And it doesn’t go to sleep easily once it is awakened.

Don’ risk awaking Ell. You must all cleave quickly, and confess and reverse everything. And you must now all struggle to help the world to work better instead of struggling to feed on it. And you must make a public show of what you are doing.

The great transcendental message for mankind
Once this message goes global, it is my command that you all go to your nearest Mosque, Synagogue, and Catholic church and start destroying it. It should be just like what happened with the Berlin wall, with hand tools mostly. Film and post this all over the world. And make sure you remove the foundations and symbolically eradicate all of the mosques of the world (except those in Spain and Uzbekistan). All of the other, including the Dome of the Rock, the Kaaba and the temple of Jerusalem shall be totally eradicated.

Share hammers, upload videos of people stating their name and contact information and showing them bashing their Ishtarian temple to the ground and ripping out its foundations. And do the same thing when you burn your slave’s clothing. And all the way you should be chanting: “Al Mahdi” and “Savior” in various languages.

Obey your new prophet
To all the slaves of Arabs Inc. I am your new prophet, for I will end the curse of Ishtar and move all the people. Come with your new prophet, before the armies of all mankind unite to annihilate all those who remain cleaved to Ishtar and Ishlam and G•oo•dei•ism

Bible, Zechariah, 12:2
“Behold, I will make Judaea [Arabia] a pot of trembling fear, fearing those around it. When they shall lay siege against. Judaea [Arabia]. On that day I shall make Judaea [Arabian affiliation] a burdensome weight, and all people that burden themselves with it shall be cut into pieces, when all the people of the earth will gather together against it. In that day, said the Lord, I will smite every horse [harem-bro] with astonishment [stun, stupefy, bewilder, dis•may them, leaving them unable to do anything, petrified like a gorgon], and its [frontman] riders with madness. And I [the great good spirit of mankind] will open my eyes upon the house of Judaea [Arabia], and will smite every horse of that people with blindness. [They will not know what to do.] And the people and rulers of Judah [Arabia] shall say with their hearts that the lord of the host [as opposed to the parasite] is their god. On that day, like a forest fire, or a torch upon a haystack, they shall devour the rulers of Judah [Arabia,] and all those around them. Eventually Jerusalem, even Jerusalem will grow a new population [after its slaughter].”

Island interment
Be aware: It is not off the table to starve the unrepentant into surrender, and then house them on same sex island barracks where they will be left to breed out.

Don’t resist
If any of you resist this message in even the slightest way, it may harm your people thousands of times over.

You are wrong and guilty
You are all criminals and everything you have is stolen. You have been worshipping the devil and its countless lies. Your lines will die out if you remain cleaved to the evil ex•pull of Arabs Inc.

EVIL = ex•pull = what the parasite sucks out.
DEVIL = de•ex•pull = about what the parasite sucks out.

Genesis, 1:16
“And God made two great lights. The greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night.” [Most people in the host part of the world have underestimated the power of the parasite spirit of darkness. As well most people in the parasite part of the world have underestimated the power of host spirit of light and truth once it awakens.]

You have one chance
You have one best chance to join with the host civilization and it is now. If you delay, you may blow your golden opportunity.

The first mover advantage
The first Our•ab nation to cleave gets first priority in Exhodos. Then comes the next nation. A similar sort of thing happens in the outside world on an individual basis with recent Mideast immigrants. The most eager anti-Ishtarians will obviously be the most sought after.  There is safety in numbers when you rebel against Ishtar. The first courageous individuals must thus be rewarded greatly.

Fear the Outies more than the Innies
If there ever was a time when you had to fear the outies more than the innies it is now. Cleave now and become slaves to my cause, for It will protect you from the Outies. I have a much better approach for mankind, and if you all surrender immediately, my plan is for you all to be moved in 10 years, and all of you free of your Mideast obligations in 12 years: That is unless you go to a high demand rich nation like Germany or the US. This 12-year term is perhaps longer that it need be, but it is clearly more important that the greatest number be rapidly exhoded.

Time to cleave
There is no halfway in the shadows of mankind’s ignorance any more. The sun has risen and everything’s true color is viv•id = living idea, come to life.

Turn it around 180°
You must all now struggle for a world of more and better and reverse anything you have ever done to help Ishtar. You must confess everything you know about Ishtar.  Say this like you mean it  “We all secretly hated Islam, but everyone was afraid to go against it.”

First-hand and relevant
Mine is the only first-hand pro•eff•it’s message you have. All the others are all at least 3rd hand. Only now do you hear the real voice of a true prophet.

Celebrate like its 1989
Celebrate your prophet’s arrival. Soon everyone will be free. Look at the videos of Berlin in 1989. Look at the joy of being free and smashing the much hated structure that enslaved their city. You are all now free from horrible Ishtar. You must all celebrate and destroy the edifices that enslaved you.

Please believe me that getting drunk or high, and dancing in the streets celebrating the collapse of Islam will send a very important message to the outies. You must all celebrate your liberation from Islam, or they may think you regret it.

You can also dance naked in the streets. If you do this, you will send an even stronger message, that Islam is dead and no longer to be feared. And dancing naked in the streets will also say visually that you will do whatever crazy thing your Mahdi even suggests might help your people. So go get drunk on video to celebrate, and show that you are all no longer slaves of horrible Ishtar. If you can’t drink because Ishtar nicked your liver (like it did mine), then smoke marijuana instead when you celebrate.

The new king ends the ancient war
Thanks to the internet and search, I see farther than anyone has ever seen before. As the Rey•ana, the new king, I hereby end the war of all wars, the great struggle of the land of no resources.

Now according to legend and logic, you are all slaves of my new matrix. You all have no alternative in this matter and there is no point in resisting. Submit to the will of your new prophet my new Mideast slaves. Submit one and all. If all goes well (and I will need your total cooperation in this matter) I should be able to move all the people in 10-years and free you all in 12 years. Hopefully we can just restart the matrix and the new program will load correctly and peacefully, and without too many problems.

I am the savior and new prophet of the Mideast
Say this to everyone among you. Say this over and over so I may sweep away Ishtar like flipping a light-switch. Tell them that that I am obviously the Mahdi and the savior of the Arabs. Call me Salvador Mundi, like the Da Vinci painting, with its crystal clear representation of the world.

El, Pro•men•theus, the all-powerful group spirit
The shared group spirit of Pro•men•theus has always been hundreds of times more powerful than Ishtar, the group spirit of the parasitic land of no resources. You don’t stand a chance now that everyone can hear the high one’s voice. You also don’t stand a chance now that everyone can see you.

Judgement day for the land of no resources
This is a very dangerous time for the parasite’s people. I am able to offer peace and relocation to you, only because I tell the outies to focus their anger on the unrepentant. If you delay or attempt negotiations, you will not make it. You must surrender immediately and unconditionally as I demand.  I have said to the outies that Islam and Ishtar must die as group spirits, and the land of no resources must be completely depopulated. That will happen. The only question is how it will happen.

Ishtar will now be seen as the root of all evil
Ishtar will now be understood by all as the root cause of just about everything wrong with humanity. It is folly to stay cleaved to Ishtar.

The Ishtar spirit cannot exist any longer
You are all by definition living in places that should not be populated. You have been living as thieves. This can no longer continue on along that path thanks to my message.

Your struggle is now over
One way or another, it is now over. You can all either keep believing in the awful devil=de•ex•pull religion of Mohammed, or you can cleave to me as your new prophet. If you stay with Mohammed, there will be nothing but increased hardship going forward in a world that understands pretty much everything you have been doing. If you cleave to me as your new prophet, if you one-and-all end Islam now, I will make the outies forget about all you have done and resettle all your people as nuclear families in their countryside and in small towns. Every nation must take its share of the Exhod mix, and all who are relocated must go into the mix as nuclear families. No Exhod group will “pre-dominate” anywhere.

It is time for the agenda of Ishtar, and the slave’s religion of Islam to die root and branch. It is time for Islam’s entire empire to cease its struggle — to repent and confess and come over to the agenda of more and better, like the rest of the world. Nearly all will be forgiven as having happened during a time of ignorance and war. You will be fed and you will be relocated, but you must stop the struggle, and you must one- and-all give up the slave’s religion of Islam now.

It is time for one world, one people, one peace, and one agenda of more and better for everyone. We must all have a unity of agenda to prepare for the coming ice age or we risk a terrible disaster on our species and our planet.

The sooner the better
If Ishtar and Islam died over the course of say 6 hours, it would be much more convincing that if this took 2-days or 2-weeks. Not only will a delay be a mere delay, but it will also make the outies doubt the unity of your people, and this will have a multiplicative effect on their resistance to accepting your exhodos. So it is best to kill Ishtar/Islam fast.

Present a totally united front
Nothing will help improve the future for your people like your unity. And nothing will speak of unity like the speed at which you one-and-all make me your Mahdi, your new prophet.

You had better muster up quickly
Your struggle is over. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for all innies. The sooner you all renounce Ishtar and Islam and confess all you know about the parasite’s agenda, the faster the host will allow your people to be moved. Cleaving to me immediately is not only best for all mankind, it is best for the Arabs too. My request to the great spirit of mankind as it awakens is to:
1) Put the past behind us for the brave innies who risked a torturous death to turn against Ishtar. and
2) To inflict hell upon those who do not turn on Ishtar after some time.

Your best and final offer
I hereby instruct the outies to make mine their best offer to the innies. Then they shall rapidly take benefits away, and increase punishments, as time goes on. In fact, there should be an exponential reduction in benefits for early cleaving and an exponential increase in punishments for late cleaving. You innies must realize that you will never get an offer as good as my first offer. So you all might as well just cleave immediately and unconditionally. You will lose all your stolen wealth, but you will not be totally bankrupted unless you are interred. Life will go on for you — but you must cleave fast.

A world without Ishtar
What if we could make that happen without anyone dying? Oh what a joy that would be.

I have stopped the rains
There will be a total trade drought to the Mideast until you all cleave against Mn•ham•mid, the idea in the form of a man.

A cancellation of international debts
Please believe me that all trans-national debts and wealth are gone. You own no part of the outside world any more. You have no money for food and the nations of Ishtar will never again have any outside money for food. You are all beggars now. You must all come over to the El’s side, to the side of more and better and obey my one-child rules. Once you do that, you will all be fed, fed properly, and then relocated. It is a primary commandment of my message that all the people be moved so that we can stop Ishtar.

Bankrupt in an epochal stockpiling event
After global warming, there will be a 110,000-year ice age just like all the other ice ages described in the Antarctic ice cores. Suddenly the world will want a 5-to-20 years food stockpile. And at the same time, they will despise you. And to make matters worse, you will have no money. What will you do?

According to my plan. for the next 12 months, there will be a 100-fold penalty for food hoarding, especially the people in the supply chain. And all farmers are incentivized to maximize their harvests as much as possible. Also, the price of grain shall be doubled across the board and guaranteed by each nation’s national government until November 1, 2019. Then until November 1, 2020, it shall only be put-up by 50%. Also there will be a temporary 400% tax on pet food and grain-fed meat, as well as an 50% tax on grain fed dairy products.

The wealth of Khadijah is gone
The wealth of Khadijah is mine to do as I want with. And I am using all of it, 100% of it for my purpose. I choose to give it all back to the people you stole it from. All Our•abs will all be able to keep means to get by, but all your excess wealth will be gone. There will also be a worldwide debt cancellation and wealth reapportionment according to a formula. But this wealth will not really matter so much in the future, because we are going to open the production floodgates and everyone will soon be much richer in terms of stuff.

Give them no excuses
You of Ishtar, the outside world will be looking for every excuse to hate you and to destroy your people. Don’t give the world any excuses now that they all suddenly know the truth about Ishtar.

The 5 pillars of cleaving against Mideast religions
No pillar can be avoided by those seeking to cleave from Islam. In all videos, you must clearly state your name, address and ID number.
Pillar 1: Muster up into a standard broad democracy, an incorruptible god mechanism.
Pillar 2: Stop worshipping Al•A because Andrew is the A in Al•A that you worship and the A has now come. Stop working for Ishtar and start working for Pro•men•theus. Commit to joining the new prophet’s single humanity with liberty and justice for all. Cooperate with all mankind for more and better.
Pillar 3: Post a video where you accept Andrew = An•dar•oo as the new prophet, and savior of your people. You must also utterly reject your prior Mideast prophets.
Pillar 4: Post a video where you place shit in your Mideast holy books, and where you curse and defile a Mideast holy book with shit, and then burn that book, dancing three times around the flames. Also post a video where you hammer at a Mideast religious building to help destroy it.
Pillar 5: Post a video where you confess all Ishtarian tactics and all destructive activities you have ever participated in, or know anything about.

Post all these videos online under your name, email, ID and phone number. This video must clearly show you putting fresh shit in your most holy book by whatever means. Then you must close the book on the shit and mash the shit into its pages. Then you must say some words explained elsewhere. Then you must burn that holy book and dance around the fire three times shouting curses against your religion. Then you must remark on the stink of burning shit and the holy book, all of this on posted video. You Ishtarians must all realize that few things will make your life better going forward than rapidly posting a shit in your holy book video.

The golden day
Maybe it will be a few days. Maybe it will not. The sooner you post your shit in your holy book videos, the sooner you will have been deemed to have cleaved away from Islam/Ishtar. The first ones to cleave will get great rewards, the last will suffer the focused rage. First confession trumps most Ishtarian crimes. Except for the most heinous crimes, all who confess all, explain all, and renounce all on the first day will get amnesty.

You must say it like you mean it
If your shit in your holy book video is not sufficiently filled with the correct sort of emotion, you clip may be ignored by the authorities judging your video after the fact. Also, these clip should not exceed 3 minutes.

Other Mideast religions
I ask people to post videos where they put shit in and curse all of the world’s ancient holy books that have tax-paying religions built on top of them. This includes all religions that burn or once burnt super-expensive Arabian incense.

Outing Thumbs-men
Wait 7-days before outing your Rumi under-my thumbs-men and other assets. Give them time to confess, so their elimination can be more complete. Great fury will be focused on the traitorous unrepentant thumbs-men that are outed by their minders.

Just like when the Berlin wall came down
You all must watch the clips of when the Berlin wall came down. You can have this. You can all dance in the streets for the liberation of your people and the unification of mankind. You can do this, or you can be like learn-it-once-and-never-forget dogs that the outies think you are.

Tom Bro•caw, NBC News, 1989.11.11
“The cold stone barrier is alive with excitement as the West greets the East. It’s like new year’s eve, only better here because its not been celebrated in so many years. Its as if all the energy towards isolation is now being spent on joy and a new beginning.”

Starve them into surrender
If you Arabs don’t cleave, your people will be starved into surrender. After this when you finally surrender, the men will go to one island and the women to another where you will be housed in bunk-bed barracks with common facilities and left to breed out.

Be my greatest proponents
You Our•abs (Arabs) must become the greatest proponents of my message. You must make me your new universal prophet, replacing all the other former Mideast prophets.

Show the cleaving on Mideast media
All broadcasts in all Muslim nations shall say something like: “Here we are in <insert city>, where everyone has unanimously decided that An•dar•oo is the new prophet of the entire Mideast. One and all they are cleaving to Andrew as the Mahdi, the new prophet. Here we see them defiling and cursing the Koran.”

No middle ground
There can be no in-between, or indifference because the de•ex•pull’s agenda is diametrically opposed to everything that over 99% of the world wants. Either your people unequivocally and completely give up Islam, Ishtar, and the parasite’s agenda, or you do not.


Be full of regret and guilt
You Ishtarians were all wrong. You are all sorry for what has happened. You were all acting out of ignorance, and fear of going against Ishtar. You are now all as beggars grateful for the charity of your generous benefactors. You must all have this mindset, or the cleaving may not really work.

No hatred
Be as apologetic and humble as you can. Your people were wrong. You will not be allowed even a drop of hatred or even dislike to taint all of your people. The anger must cease entirely, or it will be as one rotten tomato contaminating a huge barrel of sauce. Remember, any hatred, aggression, arguing or Islamic clothing will be as a rotten tomato in the mix of your people. No provocations at all.

You innies will get what you give
If you want a little war, the outies will give you a little war. If you want a big war like with Xerxes, Nero, and Mongke Kahn, the outies will give you a big war, for I command them to fight back in an escalative manner, like a poker player that knows he has a better hand.  Remember, that no matter how much your side fights now, you will suffer much more in return until you are all wiped out. And this will be focused on S•audi Arabia and Isn’t•real and all the Harem-bros around the world.

No violence against outies
I instruct the outies to give your people at least 20-fold collective retribution for any Ishtarian violence against them. You Ishtari are however free to arrest or otherwise purge yourselves of all your own people who might create trouble for your kind.

You of Arabia’s empire
The world will now be looking for an excuse to wipe you out. Will you give it one? If you fight, it will quickly become you and everyone who looks like they might be one of you — as thousands of years of evil ex•pull comes back to haunt your ex- pull race.

All violence will backfire
Make no mistake about it, if you become violent anywhere on Earth, your option will rapidly narrow.

If you go Fire-of-Rome again
You will be wiped out again, but worldwide, and with information age and gene testing thoroughness. You might also want to consider looking at the Roman-massacre-of-Judaean-Arabia file. There is much for you learn there.

Behold the devil/ de•ex•pull
Ishtar was responsible for both WW2 and the holocaust of its own disloyal decendants. It was responsible for WWI. It has been lying about the scarcity of oil. It has been lying about tsunami risks and helping to put the biggest cities of every nation in the jaws of death. It has been lying about the ice age. It was responsible for the Black Death, It has been angling for WW3. It was responsible for countless plagues as listed herein (plague-and-poisoning). It has enslaved all the world as a parasite. It is a thing that is wholly without any virtue at all. Do you really want to remain cleaved to Ishtar and Islam?

If you fight, you face erasure
Your only chance of survival is to confess, repent and come over to the side of more and better for everyone. You must all confess all you have done, and all you know about, on public video. It is time to end Ishtar, Ishlam and G•oo•dei•ism forever.

Collective punishment
I say that Ishtar is one-for-all-and-all-for-one. I also say that most Ishtarian terrorism is centrally planned. For these reasons, I not only put collective retribution back on the menu, but I recommend it for Ishtarian terrorism. In fact, I recommend escalative 20 to 100-fold retribution for Ishtarian terrorism. And I recommend that the retribution start with the chosen and leading harem-bros of the world, especially those living on high ground around tsunami funnels, and those living on the western half of the Arabian subcontinent.

Chant “Al Mahdi”
All former Muslims shall take to the streets and chant this over and over again, as they go about in public. It is to let all your people know that the new prophet has arrived. It shall mean that you no longer follow Mohammed, that you have accepted Andrew as your new prophet.

Get into holding patterns
To all Arabs, Muslims, Ishtarians, Harem-Bros and everyone being held under their thumb. Go to the town squares and get into a holding pattern with the others. Walk in 200-600m loops of irregular shapes. Do this every day from 12:00 to 12:30. Show the world that the machines are ready for a new matrix. Post Videos of your participation in the holding pattern.


All Our•abs shall disarm
All Ishtarians found in public with firearms, blades, clubs, bullets, explosives, sticks, or weapons of any kind shall at best spend their days in a barracks on a same-sex island.

Protect the cleavers
The citizen militia is hereby mobilized to protect the people demonstrating how they have cleaved from Islam. Ishtarians harassing or making threats against cleavers shall spend the rest of their days in a barracks on a same-sex island.

We must give the Arabs a way to survive
We can’t leave them with no way out. If we do this, we will face small pox and nuclear attacks. However, short of killing them, we can and should demand a great deal.

The Outies must foster a sellout situation
The Outies must focus their rage
The first innies who go against Ishtar and Islam risk a horrible death by extended torture. We outies must help them for coming over to our side, and for helping to prevent WW3. We shall treat them as heroes. We shall give great incentives to the Ishtarians that first go against Ishtar. And we must punish the hold-outs severely. This is vitally important. Focus your rage where it will kill Ishtar. This is because killing Ishtar is our first priority, a priority higher even that justice right now.

To avert a great war, The Innies must have hope
Make sure you give the innies some hope that you are not just going to wipe them all out. Let them start confessing. Let them turn against their old agenda, so that Ishtar may be totally ended. You can always change your mind later. There is no point in driving them into martyr mode where they will try to take billions of you along with them.

Nobody really knew
Nobody talks about it very long without disappearing. And there are no previous guidebooks, except that message from 2,048 years ago, the one that was adulterated into the Bible. Except for that, and my message there are no guidebooks explaining the secret of Ishtar = shh•te•our.

It is quite hard to explain
It is, of course, even harder to get people to see and believe your explanations. Believe me, I have worked for over a decade on this objective. And I gave my message to perhaps 200 people on sneaker-net, and much to my surprise, nothing happened.  This message would be nowhere without the help of the chosen Arabs obeying my will and spreading my message.

Nobody talks about it directly
Everyone who knows about it is afraid of it
Nobody wants to become the curare-immobilized brunch meal once a week for the rest of their life, being slowly nibbled down until they are the proverbial “bob” the guy with no arms or legs

They are going to eat you alive
Theirs is an ancient culture that literally eats people alive, and does it slowly for its enemies.

Flagellate from Latin Flagellare = to whip
Eff•alli•G•al•A•te = shout•about•the-G-men•eh•you? The word for whipping people to death is the same word as to shout about the secrets of Ishtar and the G-men of the harems.

The hell the Brothers face
Those images of Christian hell, where you are eternally devoured. That has its basis in reality,  the reality that Mideast people face for some crimes against Ishtar. They face a slow brunching, where they are slowly nibbled to death once a week for the rest of their lives. They are allowed to heal a bit, then nibbled some more. And sometimes this happens over many years. So you on the outside, you must realize the coercion and secrecy these people have been living under.  And nobody does anything if you tell them. Really.  This is what happened to me.

Understand the fear they live under
Most of you on the outside— you don’t grasp the fear of Ishtar. Everyone who really sees it is afraid of it, afraid of going against it, even to the point of not wanting to invent anything or write anything or say anything that might offend it.

Trapped in a machine
Many Arabs consider themselves trapped in a giant machine.

If you believe anything I say, believe this: That we all must forget and forgive all our hatreds from before this day as having happened during a time of ignorance. If we cannot do that, then we may face a horrible war that will result in the total annihilation of the Arabian harem race and nearly all Muslims alive today — along with perhaps 85% of the outside world. Please, allow them to repent. Please help the world to stop this stupid bifurcation and struggle once and for all. Our species has bigger and better things to do than to continue wasting time contending as parasite and host races.

They all want it to stop more than you do
They have to contribute to evil — both in money and in services rendered. All are slaves, and all must do their part. Nobody wants to be a slave.  Who wants to be evil? And who wants to draw straws to be the next fall guy, or the next suicide bomber. But if nobody does the hard stuff, Mideast Inc. will stop working, and the desperation will build until it Ishtar starts working again.

5,800-years of evolution
You can bet that it evolved some highly effective Meccan•ism to assure loyalty as well as secrecy. Chief among these is that it tries to entrap people to test their loyalty. Everyone in it is terrified by it.

Even I didn’t understand it
10-years ago, I first saw through it here and there. Then, about 5-years ago, after constant 12-hour a day of reading, writing and pondering, I got about 2/3 into my understanding of it.  I am certain that most people working for it don’t really understand it — or they thought something else was going on. We have to let people confess, repent and explain. Except at the very center of this thing, most people really do not fully understand what is going on. So you can’t blame most people for participating in this thing prior to today.

Let’s just stop the war before it starts
We have better things to do than to start a war of vengeance for something so poorly understood as the ways of Ishtar.

“Allah the merciful” is doublespeak
The devil lies about everything — or just about everything. The saying Allah the merciful is actually doublespeak and it actually means the exact diametric 180° opposite. It means death by hell for the people who really do something bad against Ishtar. When I hear the phrase Allah the merciful, I visualize the people being nibbled to death by s•add•istic canaan•nibbles.

It lies like the devil because it is the devil
It is a jet black spirit with no redeeming features whatsoever. If it didn’t lie, nobody would follow it. If you think you found a redeeming feature, more than 9 times out of 10 you found a lie. It lies to the outies, and it lies to the innies as well.

Just a piece
I once worked around some Iraqi refugees. I asked a couple different people what they thought of Saddam Hussein, who was still in power at the time. At least three commented that they just wanted a little piece of him making a thumbnail gesture, as if thousands of them would each take a pinch from of him under their thumbnail.

You must match punishments
If Ishtar threatens hell and you threaten only painless lethal injection, Ishtar may live on. If the Innies are torturing traitors to death over months and years, and are you are only locking them up and boring them to death, you are at a tremendous disadvantage in ending Ishtar and Islam. For this reason, you must torture the worst of them to death in an equally awful manner. The Innies must fear the outies as much as they fear their own, or we may not be able to kill Ishtar completely.

Our notions of Christian mercy are not real
These were given to us by the parasite’s evil ex•pull, so its infiltrators would not fear us as much as they fear the Arab cause. This has just changed. Job #1 for the Eu•mans is to kill Ishtar. And to this end, I fully explain the logic of why the outies must match punishments. You innies must now equally fear El’s fury. Be merciful with those who rapidly cleave and focus your rage on those who do not.

If the Arabs kill the new prophet
Hold it against all Semitic people forever, throughout your generations. If this happens, they are nothing but a bunch of thugs (eth•ucks) And if your new prophet disappears presume he is being tortured to death by the chosen harem bred ones.

A prime injunction
Do not harm those who immediately surrender, confess and explain. Focus your rage on the other ones without limit.

Imagine the fear
Recall the film “The Cleaner”. Imagine that, but with the people abducted and tortured to deaths. Everyone who knows about Ishtar is just terrified to talk about it with outies, let alone go against it. All the parasite’s people are all enslaved by the gorgon, a monster that petrifies with fear all who behold it in their vision or imagination. Give them a way out, so that we may kill Ishtar root and branch.

Aeschylus, The Eumenides, c. 458C, 162-170
“Such is your triumph, you young gods
World domination beyond all rights
And world domination held by unrestrained force.
Your throne reeks of death and streams blood,
Blood at its base, and blood at its crown.
The horrible navel-stone at the center of the earth
Its bleeding, covered in corruption, its guilt plain to see.
The prophet has stained/spoiled the hearth of his secret shrine, having himself driven and urged-on its crimes.”

Give them an out
You outies: Give the innies a little time to understand. Imagine it is WW2 and we have started dropping leaflets showing the German people that their Nazi government was responsible for Auschwitz. It takes a little time for a society to change its mind. Give the Arabs a little time.

If you don’t give them a little time — if you simply wage a war of annihilation on the Mideast, or worse, if you leave them to a grinding famine, it will be WW3. Read my Plague and Poisoning section. And read about what happened after the Romans secured the Red Sea after Actium in 31BC. If we don’t give the desperate land of no resources an out, the world may once again see the use of every weapon and disease known to man. You must give them a brief time to repent. And you must feed and provision them until all the new conversos can be moved.

If they all come over immediately
If mankind is able to put this phase of its existence behind it with the speed of an idea whose time has come, then you shall forgive them all. That is one of my primary commandments. It is simply not worth seeking revenge once the war has ended. And this certainly is/was a war — the war/ struggle/ jihad behind nearly all other wars.

I own it / them
As their new prophet, they are all my slaves and they all belong to me as my property. All Mideast lands, and all Mideast people are mine. They are my slaves and must do as I order. Here are my orders in writing. All Arabs and Muslims must obey. You in the host or Roman part of the world must help me enforce my will over my slaves so we can end both their slavery and end war on earth.

You must move all the people
Moving all the Mideast people to the world of more and better is a prime directive of my message — just like breeding out, or killing all those who stay behind physically or metaphorically, to give rebirth to Ishtar and Islam. Let me focus your rage where it will be of use to the future of the mankind. Get after the people who stay with Ishtar/ Islam, and welcome the ones that betray it.

Remember, Remember, Remember
North Korea and Iran are suicide puppet states. If they start a great nuclear or germ war now, it was the chosen harem Arabs behind it. If this happens, don’t be distracted by the escape goats. Go after the people holding the puppet strings.

What if it drops dead?
What a stroke of luck it would be if Ishtar just drops dead like communism did. If that happens, give universal amnesty. Let’s just all put Ishtar behind us and consider ourselves fortunate that there will be no WW3. If they all repent rapidly, let it end and count your blessings. Take away their excess wealth, all of which is stolen, but do not bankrupt them completely. Remember that Ishtar feeds on desperation and if you make them desperate, or fear desperation, then you will be helping Ishtar to live.

We did not go after the communists for the crimes of their parents, and we should not go after the Arabs for the crimes of their parents. Just let Ishtar, Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism die.

You know its gotta end
When is the right time to end it?
You Brothers all must know that your agenda is futile in the long run. Your own grandchildren will become the worst enemies of each other. Why don’t you end it now? No matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, turn back.

Killing Ishtar is more important than justice

Mine is a long message
In total, the work was about 7,000 pages long, or about 2.8- million words. At 29 pages/day it will take about 8-months to read.

All translations of these documents must be available in Parallel translation, line by line format

Take the red pill
In the Matrix film, the new guy Neo took a red pill to make the matrix stop. This message is the same sort of thing. If you keep reading you will awaken from the matrix. After that you will awaken from a parallel reality of interpretation, a reality mostly of disinformation and untrue explanations and reasons for things.

Wake up
You must all wake up or the Arabs will take over and ruin the world again as they have done repeatedly for thousands of years.

Don’t let the green Arabs blame the yellow Jews again
This is a chosen harem green Arab thing. It has always been about the land of no resources, Arabia, not the children and grandchildren of the people who earned a ticket out by being of service to Ishtar.

Make sure you hate the right group of people or you will double the injustice. Make sure you understand your enemy, the enemy of all humanity = eu•man•idi. good•man•ideas. It is the desperate race from the land of no resources. It is not the dysfunctional yellow leaves on the Mideast tree of life, the yellow Jews (like me) living among you.

Aeschylus, The Eumenides, 179-197
“Apollo: Get out of the prophet’s chamber now… [or I will] make you vomit up the black blood clots you have sucked from all the people you have murdered. This is no place for such as you: Where by your judgement, heads were cut off, eyes gouged out, boys castrated, huge stones placed upon people’s chests, people impaled on spikes, and others had their extremities maimed [fingers and toes gnawed off] — the victims wailing for pity. You revolt the gods. Your look, your whole regalia gives you away. Your physical shape is guide to what you are, the like of whom should hole-up in the death-reeking cave of a lion, not in oracular interiors, like mine. Never rub your filth on the Prophet’s shrine. Out then, you flock of goats without a herdsman. Out! No god will ever shepherd your brood with love.”

Haruki Murakami, After Dark, Ch.9
“Like say an octopus, a giant octopus living way down deep at the bottom of the sea. It has this tremendously powerful life force, and a bunch of long undulating tentacles, and its heading somewhere, moving through the darkness of the ocean. I’m sitting there, listening to these court trials, and all I can see in my head is this creature. It takes on all kinds of different shapes. Sometimes it’s the nation, and sometimes its the law, and sometimes it takes on shapes that are more difficult and dangerous than that. You can try cutting off its legs, but they just keep growing back. Nobody can kill it. It is too strong, and it lives to far down in the ocean. Nobody knows where its heart is. What I felt then was a deep terror, and a kind of hopelessness, a feeling that I could never run away from this thing, no matter how far I ran. And this thing, this creature, this thing doesn’t give a damn that I’m me or you are you. In its presence, all human beings lose their names and faces. We all turn into numbers and symbols.”

This work is not quite finished
I was in a bit of a hurry to save the world.

The prophet’s new world
1) Nobody will bother to import Ishtar’s oil because oil is not really scarce… and everybody will assume all commodity shortages to be one of your hoaxes.
2) Everybody now sees Ishtar in broad daylight, and nearly everyone will hate it. And the ones that don’t hate it will all be afraid to work for it.
3) Thanks to my new democratic design, our democracies now become impervious to Ishtar’s corruption.
4) Thanks to my capital reapportionment, Ishtar own no property and it will be owed no debt.
5) When the Ishtarians cleave to me, all internal Ishtarian debts are transferred to me and my agenda. So Ishtar will haver no more slaves. All of Ishtar’s slaves are now my slaves to do with as I see fit. And I command them to struggle against Ishtar in every way they can. And furthermore I explain just how to do this.
6) Ishtar will no longer be able to sell exit visas for exit promises because the people of the outside world will move all your people.
7) I command many overlapping measures to undermine the long term value of Gold, diamonds, crypto currencies, and similar stores of value. All will plummet in value now.
8) I command a new world government replacing the UN. This form of government is specifically designed to minimize the power of Ishtar’s inverted agenda in global decision making.

Our 5 options in dealing with Ishtar and the Arabs
Option-1 —Status quo. They waste so much stealing from us: This is the way things have been done. This path is stupid because the Arab stealing wastes at  many times more resources than they pull down. This path also leads to a dys-trope-pian future with an invisible over-class of harem brothers killing all the smart people who get in their way, thus mankind degrades genetically.
Option-2 — Feed them and let them grow: This path will be much less costly than option 1, But Arab populations will explode.
Option-3 — Leave them to starve: This path will result in Millions of Arabs hating the outside world, and a repeat of the great arson fire of Rome, and the subsequent massacre of Judaean Arabia.
Option-4 — Try to kill them all: This path will result in fewer Arab survivors hating the outside world. This is a much better approach than option 3.
Option-5 — Move them all: This path seems to be the only practical solution. We will feed and educate them, and they will all cleave against Ishtar and Islam.

Andrew Melcher 2018