Afterthoughts 2019.03 – 2019.04


Colored Holi powders
The Hindu festival of Holi an easy way to poison someone by sprinkling a little bad poison on their skin. Here are some brightly colored toxic powders.
RED: cinnabar or mercury sulfide, cadmium sulfide.
ORANGE: (lead carbonate, cadmium selenide.
YELLOW: barium chromate.
GREEN: lead chromate.
BLUE; Cobalt (II) Aluminate.
WHITE: Lead oxide, or antimony trioxide.
To my mind, the Holi festival looks like a cover-up for talk of men sprinkling colored powders on others without permission.

Multiple sclerosis self reporting
I bet the people who did farm chores and who were always playing outside as kids in the winder dont really get immune conditions the way active kids do.  Also, look hard for those who either stopped being active at a given age, or started being active.  These will tell us which ages are most critical.

Free internet is not socialism
If we can eventually reduce public expenditures on roads and well-located government buildings by just 10%, then government can’t afford not to give away a reasonable amount of free bandwidth to each citizen. 

The true path to socialism
It is paved with things like free internet, and free use of the road system and free use of the shared railroad system, and free dumping of waste, free education, and free municipal vehicle driving systems.  All of these things make absolute sense for society give away, because over the long run, not giving them away is even more costly.  Call it “true socialism”.

They can either pave roads or build walls.

These are giant but slow elevators that are supposed to take 2x to 3x the time of taking the escalator.  They are slow to keep lazy people from using them, so they have room for people on wheels.  

Guide bots
What if we had these large rolling coat hanger stands that could lead our blind, our small kids and the sen•ill?  They have video monitoring with a shape recognition in case someone strays or someone else approaches.  

How Roman roads are like glass skinned high-rises
1) They both have the biggest foundations that can be gotten away with.
2) They both have this super flimsy skin.
3) Once the skin is breached, say in war, they both become unusable. 
4) Roads were bad because they carried people who competed with the Mideast shipping monopolies.  High rises are bad because density enables people to live without burning much Mideast oil.

Nautilus = naught tell us, the chambered creature.

A firearm that can’t be fired more often than once per say 6 seconds can be called a musket. Here I am thinking of those single shot rifles where each bullet must be de-cocked, and removed from the barrel by hand and a new one placed and and hand cocked again before firing. 

Firing range 
Gun range
This term range is a blid. It exists to hide how important range is to firearm effectiveness.

True automatics can’t really be aimed because they are recoiling/ jumping all over the place.  So for accurate shooting, they have to be used in semi-automatic mode, of say 1 shot per 2-3 seconds.

Make kids cheap and pets expensive
Elsewhere, I discuss making kids easier and less expensive. I also discuss how taxing pet food means more inexpensive protein for humans. To this end, I think that people should have to pay their pet tax, like they pay their property tax, and then they get these e-money credits that they can use for pet food. Unregistered pet food purchases are much more expensive. There are also higher tax rates for keeping breeding pets than neutered ones. 

Grasping the power of a nuke
Boom, 25% of 10 kilos of hydrogen bomb material is instantly heated to 27-million degrees. That is equal to 2,500-KG heated to 27,000 degrees, or 250,000-KG heated to 270°C. As a point of comparison, the Beiruit explosion ws ~2.8-million-kg of explosive that heated to much higher than 270°C.

Even the nuclear fallout is not that life threatening after the first good rains. It sort of seems that nukes are as exaggerated as COVID.

Nuclear free?
1/ We are probably stuck with the nukes until the entire world is developed. So we had better get developing.
2/ Are neutron weapons real, and at what point should we use them (or dirty bombs) against rogue nuclear production facilities?
3/ The UM should not allow rogue nations to block inspector access

Artificial sweeteners
We don’t want to encourage their use by taxing sugar. So artificial sweeteners must be taxed like sugar at least.  Also, we don’t want to have ingestibles that have both real sugar and fake sugar, so things should only be sweetened with real sugar or artificial sweeteners and not both.  And finally, the things that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners must have clearly written on their packaging the words: “Artificially Sweetened” in say 1/3 the text hight of the main logo name and directly next to the main logo name.

Marijuana legalization
1) It gets legalized at the federal level.
2) This gets copied almost immediately by nations all around the world. This points to US leadership.
3) A couple days to a couple weeks into this new reality, the price of marijuana collapses so that ounces of backyard grass cost maybe $5. 
4) The collapse in prices hints to many people about similar collapses in other commodities.

Text numbering
I don’t think that anyone considers the numbering or indexing of ancient texts as an alteration.

War-torn area townships
What if there are no suburbs? What if the township is all 3-stories up and higher? What if it has as a perimeter a 20-cm thick reinforced concrete wall.  What if visitors all enter a room and submit to lock down while their ID is checked and they are metal detected.  How do gunmen attack that before someone rings the call to arms alarm?  What if  half the men have single shot muskets?

Ubiquitized IP and imports
Once the IP is ubiquitized, it is owned by government and the people who will be ready to defend their financial interests against misappropriations by non-contributing nations.

Marijuana and US democracy
The polls say that over 60% of Americans support marijuana legalization. What a lousy democracy we have. What an easy way to reveal that fact.

You are all still obligated
You are all still slaves of the one unified cause of your people, but now you are obligated to my message in stead of Mohammed’s.

Sports injury insurance
I think that the following activities should all require special health insurance payments sufficient to cover their risk. The following is not intended as a comprehensive list of activities:
Bungee jumping
Zip lining
Pole vaulting
Mixed martial arts
Horse riding
Vehicle racing
Self-drive motorcycle opperation
Bicycle racing over a certain speed
Skate boarding
Roller skating
Bike jumping
Hang gliding
Mountain climbing

Land by government, homes by competition
A large oversupply of potential township sites will be picked by the various county Senates. However, the individual township sites will be developed by assembly companies using thousands of casting companies from around the nation.

Each national government needs to map out a rail system in its most remote areas and designate thousands, or tens of thousands of township sites.  Any group of citizens that builds the rails and puts a suitable number of dwellings together can have the land fo free, for a fair ongoing property tax payment. Behold, here is socialized land ownership for your cities. And you can’t afford not to do this because you are taking nearly worthless hillside lands and using them for cities, and it all works because of the socialized land ownership and the socialized mass transit that is 30x to 100x cheaper than the individual car system overall.


The important gun statistic
Does concealed carry reduce street crime more than it causes crimes of passion?

Single shot rifles
Maybe it is impossible to fire more rapidly than once per 5 seconds, or once per 10 seconds, or 15 seconds. How long does it take to slide cock a rifle turn the rifle down to flush the old cartridge, re rotate, put bullet in, cock, aim and then fire again?  Maybe you have to flip the shell out with your finger.  The point is that we could do 45 second weapons if we needed. 

I would make them long and super straight. And I would have scopes with sniper gauges.  This weapon is not practical as an offensive firearm. This is a defensive weapon of last resort, but an effective one when used by an entire community. This is also great way to discourage house breaking.

How fast is automatic fire?
How long does it take to aim and fire at a moving target? Faster than this and the rate is definitely automatic. But maybe we want it slower than this. Maybe we want 5 seconds between shots. We have to balance our national defense, and government mistrust against our fears of mass shooters.

LIGHTLY ARMED SOCIETY = the people are armed with single shot long rifles that cannot-be easily concealed. Lightly armed is a bit of a misnomer because some of these arms will be capable of penetrating armor. 

The cost of health insurance
1) How much more likely are insured people to be diagnosed with a condition that needs expensive treatment? “
2) Doesn’t health insurance reward doctors who find problems?
3) How much more does the average person pay for health insurance if they are insured vs. if they are not insured

My message and ads
Nobody may display ads on my message

Curtis Mayfield, Diamond in the back lyrics 1974
The Arab oil embargo began in mid-December 1973.
“Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac
the white walls, tv antenas in the back.
You may not have a car at all.
but remember brothers and sisters
you can still stand tall
diamond in the back sun roof top
digging the scene with a gangster”

Nepal train gauges
Nepal should use Chinese gauge on the lines heading toward China and Indian gauge on the lines heading towards India.

Ad hock train scheduling.  
This is so much better than having to schedule.  And surely if we can make any sort of self driving car (with all the many variables going on) we can do one way trains perfectly. But is will really just be a matter of taking cars as they join. In fact, on the more crowded tracks it might be long trains leaving every 3 or 10 minutes.  

Railways at built cost
The rails and the locomotives are provided by government for only the built marginal cost of operating them. This is very important if we are going to have a truly national house casting industry. It is also necessary so we can have overnight hotel-room trains, and rail based mobile homes and rail-based cruise ships and the like.

Government as a field of study
This is the Senate shaping the education system so that it produces many people who have studied government. If there are not enough of these, it will be a valuable thing to study. If there are too many, or it is not important, then nobody will care.  It is better that you have experts suffused throughout your government than you become reliant on a permanent college of Peri•tus experts.  Always be on guard.  

Young people are dumb
As kids people are callow. Then they get distracted by sex in puberty. Then they get distracted by their own kids.  

Young scholarship matters
The age at which a boy starts to get serious about his studies should be a matter of pride.  How old are you when you became a self-directed library student?

Learning libraries
Put a lot of garbage books in each category, but put one or two good ones. It takes a long time to learn how to judge good material from bad.  We need to start people early and with more obvious differences.  

Early reader libraries
For the people under age 7, mere physical scale gives a thing value and importance. It also makes kids more curious abut the large book case in their room.  And it is better for small kids to be reading physical books for the same materialist reasons. And we don’t want their minds to boot up attached to a screen.  So I imagine competing charities supplying these libraries to our small kids. Or maybe the Senate should do it too. And maybe they will not be just different content, but different ages. 

Reading isn’t really about hearing or seeing words, it is about imagining a reality from our word input.   So it is important to start this as soon as possible and well before the kids are taught to read.  It is very important that lots of people read to them all the time, particularly the parent(s) due to their influence.

If you want your kid to be well educated, nothing matters like the ability to read.  And if you want that, nothing matters like enjoymentt of reading.  And if you want that, nothing matters being enjoyably read to, and being able to imagine what is heard. 

Robin Williams
“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Sprawl homes
These are 1-2 stories, and made of room-size or multi-room-size precast modules. The precast rooms/wings each sit on four adjustable screw feet, and they bolt together, one laping the other’s sheetmetal for waterproofing purposes.  And they probably attach at 1m, 2m,3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, and 10m wide standardized connection sizes. And there are adapter tube hallways.  So people can choose a living room, then a dining/ kitchen/ family section. Then they can pick bedroom sections as needed. And there is no site prep really. Just cut the plants down and place and level your segments, bolt them together, and connect the utility lines.  

Hospitality business rules
1) It is a misdemeanor to bring outside food or drink to an eating or drinking establishment without getting permission or paying to do this. 
2) It is a misdemeanor to market goods to people in an eating or drinking establishment without getting permission or paying to do this.  
3) It is a misdemeanor to use a back or side door or climb a fence to gain entry to a place with a cover charge.
4) All bouncers shall be graduates of bouncer school, and all shall wear their county bouncer number just like police must wear their big visible numbers. 
5) Accurate reporting of the customer experience of hospitality businesses is an important driver of quality and value for the public. 

Minor skin surgeons
These are a sort of nurse technicians for skin-only surgery and treatments. They are the ones sewing up shallow cuts. They are also the ones using lasers on moles and freezing keratosis.  They work in a place with medical backup within 100m.

Hospital admission
You need an ID and proof of citizenship or entry status to get healthcare. So everyone has a bar-code on their ID.  This gets scanned for admission. Bleep, done. Do you consent to care here? Yes, bleep admitted.  (It is understood by everyone that payment will be according to the Senate fee schedule.) They know your identity and your higher insurance level if any, instantly.

Anti-biotic moms
What if antibiotics are damaging not only the gut bacteria of girls, but of their offspring decades hence?

The great children’s race
It is this giant long race to complete as many module units as possible before each birthday.  Some people will be very fast, some will be slower, and some will not get far.  

Well versed
To the bros, this means well trained, to the host, it means well trained as well.  Trained like a dog.

Township trains
Energy recapture and direct use needs 2-pairs of township trains. The trains in one par are braking while the trains in the other pair are accelerating and vice versa.  Besides, the townships will be closer to each other than to the interchange.

Orwell + exploding dog collars
I see this film dystopia where big brother has his finger on both buttons, the big doomsday button and the little facebook/Twitter/Google button connected to everyone’s exploding dog collar.  I see a world like in Logan’s run where nobody was over 30-something, because the moment anyone broke the rules, their dog would go off soon after. And by the time they reached 30-something, everyone would say something about the stupidity or injustice of their society and then the sandmen would come for them.  But this would normally happen in the town square in front of everyone, just like in the Roman Colosseum. This way everyone was afraid to speak up.

Toxic masculinity
This is not a real term.  It is the parasite struggling to make the men of the host less masculine and more feminine.  

Snowflake = Someone who perhaps makes show of having a well conceived and intricate surface, but who melts with too much heat and breath.  

Link for the paragraph below

AC is 4x to 5x more dangerous than DC
60 cycles is much more dangerous than 1,000 cycles

DC electric in the new world
1) The new rail lines should be DC so that the third rail is less deadly.  
2) The New electric distribution system should be the most efficient possible.  No sense unnecessarily wasting energy on transmission infrastructure.

Orphan quote
“The reason why the traditional lore is that transmitting DC is less efficient is because in the olden days, it
was very hard to convert DC between voltages without significant power loss. For this reason, early DC transmission lines tend to be very low voltage (by comparison to other methods of transmission). Look on the railways for example – in the UK, the older DC third rail system is 750V DC, whereas the newer overhead AC system is 25,000V AC. The idea being that the 750V would… directly power train motors, whereas 25,000V would be stepped down with a transformer.”

Stop shutting down the world for 1 day in 7
The world stays open, but the people come and go. 

Mark David Chapman
Maybe John Lennon was not really murdered by Chapman, but the person who wound Chapman up.  Maybe Chapman was a cat’s paw. You know, of all occupations, isn’t psychiatry (particularly say-nothing freudian psychiatry) about the easiest to impersonate with no training? I bet between the high pay, occupational respect, and easiness of the job, this profession is just chock full of imposters.

Is Carl Jung real?
1) His Apollo and Dionysus is sophistry subtly bending young smart introverts towards Dionysian pleasures over becoming leaders.
2) His spirituality supports all the main Mideast religions.
3) He attended seances for decades and and claimed to have witnessed “parapsychic phenomena”.
4) He writes about alchemy.
5) He wrote nice things about Hitler.

Attributed to Carl Jung
“There is no question but that Hitler belongs in the category of the truly mystic medicine man. As somebody commented about him at the last Nürnberg party congress, since the time of Mohammed nothing like it has been seen in this world. His body does not suggest strength. The outstanding characteristic of his physiognomy is its dreamy look. I was especially struck by that when I saw pictures taken of him in the Czechoslovakian crisis; there was in his eyes the look of a seer. This markedly mystic characteristic of Hitler’s is what makes him do things which seem to us illogical, inexplicable, and unreasonable. So you see, Hitler is a medicine man, a spiritual vessel, a demi-deity or, even better, a myth.”

Carl Jung
“Hitler seemed like the ‘double’ of a real person, as if Hitler the man might be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so concealed in order not to disturb the mechanism … You know you could never talk to this man; because there is nobody there … It is not an individual; it is an entire nation.”

Carl Jung
Civilization in Transition
Collected Works Volume 10
Paragraphs 455-456
Thus the avalanche rolled on in Germany and produced its leader, who was elected [remember, Hitoer was elected!] as a tool to complete the ruin of the nation. [Hitler the lone gunman, escape goat ruined Germany.]  But what was his original intention? [The lone gunman’s intention.] He dreamed of a “new order.” We should be badly mistaken if we assumed that he did not really intend to create an international order of some kind. On the contrary, deep down in his being he was motivated by the forces of order, which became operative in him the moment desirousness and greed had taken complete possession of his conscious mind. Hitler was the exponent of a “new order,” and that is the real reason why practically every German fell for him.  [8 mentions or references to Hitler as cause] The Germans wanted order, but they made the fatal mistake of choosing [electing, remember, Hitler was elected!] the principal victim of disorder and unchecked greed for their leader. Their individual attitude remained unchanged: just as they were greedy for power, so they were greedy for order. Like the rest of the world, they [8 mentions or references to Germany as victim]  did not understand wherein Hitler’s significance lay, that he symbolized something in every individual. He was the most prodigious personification of all human inferiorities. He was an utterly incapable, unadapted, irresponsible, psychopathic personality, full of empty, infantile fantasies, but cursed with the keen intuition of a rat or a guttersnipe. He represented the shadow, the inferior part of everybody’s personality, in an overwhelming degree, and this was another reason why they fell for him.  [6 more mentions or references to Hitler] 

Sigmund freud
“Yes, America is gigantic, but a gigantic mistake.”

Sigmund freud
“America is the most grandiose experiment the world has seen, but, I am afraid, it is not going to be a success.”

Sigmund freud
“Love and work…work and love, that’s all there is.” [What about politics and making the world a better place?]

Sigmund freud 
“The first pre-requisite of civilization is justice.” [What a strange thing for a psychiatrist to talk about. Justice is however something the Mideast is always pushing.]

Sigmund freud
“I can’t think of any childhood need as strong as the need for the father’s protection.”  [It is an aspect of the Arab struggle to overemphasize the importance of parental attention among infidels.]

Erich fromm
“The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother’s side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent.” [It is an aspect of the Arab struggle to overemphasize the importance of parental attention among infidels.]

Erich fromm
“What most people in our culture mean by being lovable is essentially a mixture between being popular and having sex appeal.” [What about love for one’s kids?]

Erich fromm
“There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started out with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet which fails so regularly, as love.” [Thus love is framed as romantic love and not reproductive love.]

Erich fromm
“Love is union with somebody, or something, outside oneself, under the condition of retaining the separateness and integrity of one’s own self.”  [Again, love is framed as romantic love and not reproductive love.]

Erich fromm
“As we ascend the social ladder, viciousness wears a thicker mask.” [So it is better to just stay away from leadership and leave things alone.]

Emile Durkheim
“It is science, and not religion, which has taught men that things are complex and difficult to understand.” [No, it is the other way around.]

Emile Durkheim
“It is inadmissible that systems of ideas like religions, which have held so considerable a place in history, and to which, in all times, men have come to receive the energy which they must have to live, should be made up of a tissue of illusions.”

Emile Durkheim
“A society whose members are united by the fact that they think in the same way in regard to the sacred world and its relations with the profane world, and by the fact that they translate these common ideas into common practices, is what is called a Church. In all history, we do not find a single religion without a Church.”


America the free
A new US anthem
(Set to America the beautiful music)

Oh beautiful,
For heroes proved
In liberating man
Who more than self
Their freedom loved
Your beacon shows the way
America, America
You are truly blessed
Cuz we the people
Rule ourselves
From seat to shining seat

The best have gone to America and Europe
Many of the best lines of Africa, Asia, and Latin America have moved to the US and to Europe. When I ask you to follow the leadership of these blocks, keep this in mind.

Hazardous conditions flagging
Each county recorder should allow people to make three levels of danger flagging. Is there a dear walking down the middle of a road? Did the lines just fall? Should 911 send out an alert to everyone within 100m?

Also, does a merchants refrigerator leaks onto the floor and causes a wet and slippery condition? Each report is recorded and the owner/responsible party is notified. If after some days of this the, responsible party has not dealt with the situation and someone has an accident, then the victim can sue for negligence. Similar county boards might exist for government employees, and service employees,

Rail based township urbanism is just better
1) They use about 30 to 60 times less energy than cars.
2) The transportation system is 50 to 100 times cheaper.
3) Travel times are shorter than in car based cities.
4) The US saves 33,000 lives a year and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries.
5) The transport system is entirely electric and it can run on coal.
6) All the burning takes place in a central plant which can be 20 miles from our towns, thus causing little pollution where we live.
7) Structures are maybe 2 to 4 times cheaper and built perfectly every time.
8) Our townships are all R-100 construction all around. So they use littler energy in heating and cooling.
9) We end the roadkill massacre.
10) Land costs plummet as supply of cheap urban land skyrockets.

Pieced together buildings are just so dumb
They are expensive, slow to build, and they are full of problems. Imagine a world of homes as inexpensive, fast and and perfectly built as cars and handphones. That is what a national house casting factory system will bring to construction.

This bi-phasic sound made the chimps seem like two groups. Thus their bluff was more frightening to the predators they .

Look for evolutionary pressures
Where evolutionary pressures exist, there tends to be responses. So a good way to understand disease is to try to understand all the evolutionary pressures, or “e-pressures” that drive them, such as:
1) To spread seeds.
2) To have a large breeding population.
3) For individuals to die young and have faster generations.
4) To periodically try some version of the genome that worked well before,

Sedentary animals are dis-favored by nature
Animals that don’t move far, don’t spread the seeds of their symbiot plants far. So if there are too many sedentary animals in a species, then the plant species tends to suffer a decline in habitat, numbers and its all-critical adaptability rate shrink. This reality has existed since animals were pulled from the waters. So there probably are a great many ways that both plant and animal species have evolved to eliminate sedentary animals.

The era of personal vehicles
“You know, I remember when everyone used their own personal vehicle. It was crazy. Individual people drove these oversized 6 and 9 passenger SUVs that weighted 5,350 lbs. That is about 6x what our single wide cars weigh today. And about 3x the their wind profile. It was such a ridiculous system. It was before they installed the street grid and all the vehicles became network operated. People drove these oversized cars because the old human operated system was super dangerous and in the US alone, it killed about a million people in each 30-year generation

Roomba concrete grinding robots
One comes in and grinds everything but the edges. Then another comes in and puts a proper terrazzo arc at the floor edge. They also grind off perhaps centimeter of wall up to say 4” high for mopping and polishing. We can spray or print colorants onto out molds, so this is not only the cheapest, longest-lasting, it is also one of the most versatile for colors. There is simply no need for another finish, or VOC coatings.

That which promises to cure
That which promises to cure may only be offered if it actually cures in studies conducted by unbiased 3rd parties, to the satisfaction of the Senate.

A stroller friendly world
My townships are much more stroller friendly. There are mostly no steps and the ways are super smooth.

Outdoor wood
It should not be allowed for people to put wood furniture out in the elements. Even the “waterproof” woods. Use plastic, concrete and other weatherproof materials.

De Golo = of the throat
What a sight it must be when San Degolo’s peculiar twin bay fills with maybe 120 feet of water. • • • There used to be this fossil and salt bank behind the Moraga medical center on Balboa in San Diego. I don’t think they were fossils, and I think that is how high the the water gets at times.

The dumb kids all know they are dumb
If everyone passes, we don’t do anything except help kids make excuses for not trying. Also, I want to say that growing up with a reputation as a brain makes one a magnet for kids who knew they were dumb and were fixated on that idea. So I have met dozens of these as a kid. • • • It is my clear and definite opinion that the education system is wrong to pass everyone. They all know anyway. All you are doing is dulling the achievements and drive of your future leaders.

The rights of maturity
1) People must demonstrate that they are mature by learning the maturity material, in other words completing all ten primary school modules for kids, and all ten secondary school modules for teens.
2) Increased child autonomy rights come with each level.
3) The kids that are the most progressive get better housing, better food, and other benefits, as well as reduced chores.
4) Immature people must wear the clothing of immature people and their grade level. This is to motivate people to keep up. This is much more important than being polite to the dumb kids. For that is all it is, politeness, very costly politeness. They already know they are dumb.
5) It shall be matter of great and lifelong pride to complete your maturity exams early, with the big milestones at the end of both primary and secondary school. The primary school milestone mattering as much as the secondary school milestone as a statement of a person’s character.
6) 12.0 and 17.0 are normal maturity ages by design.
7) Milestone ages have teneths, so an advanced kid might have 9.7 and 15.5 for his milestones, while a slow one might have 14.1 and 19.8
8) Kids get perks so long they complete early, and increased perks with increased early completion. Also, if they complete secondary school early, that is it. They are automatically mature.
9) These are official things that come from the school and government and are accepted by the families.

Tuning-in and Tuning-out
You can tune in to your emotions, or you can tune them out. Today, I see so many parents thinking that they need to help their kids tune-in to how they are feeling and doing what they like. When I was a kid, many parents went in the other direction, trying to get their kids to be less emotional, to buckle down and do their work instead of doing what felt good. I also see tuning-out our emotions what made America great and tuning-into them what sort of ruined it just before the Arab oil embargo.

Gut flora transplants
The Bacterial slime of our guts is from symbiotic bacteria that must protect their species spot of turf from invaders. This is why ingesting gut bacteria doesn’t really work for more than a some hours. It doesn’t get past the slime and is just shed by the gut bacteria.

If we are going to do gut flora transplants, we might need to spray the slime away with water first. So the water spray already on the robo-scope needs to have a higher pressure, and a sprayer at the end. Then watery agar with donor bacteria gets sprayed onto the cleaned spots that were washed. Maybe just introducing a couple spots here and there is enough. Or maybe there needs to be 20, or perhaps we have to wash the whole surface off and start over with a healthy mix of flora. Perhaps the this transplant is full of healthy flora cultured from a donor, but more likely from a group of donors. I also would not be surprised if these transplants stops some diseases cold.

Marshall McLuhan
“I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.”
Here is a little mind candy to go with your acid. If you mention “Bar shall mouth clue-in” around any brothers they will be listening to what you say to see if you are too sharp and need a little drug-induced dulling-down.]

Marshall McLuhan
“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.” [They were saying that the Americana work ethic is totally arbitrary. Tune-in, turn-on, and drop-out, man. Do what old Jim Morison says, “Let your children play.” Let them enjoy their lives. No need to work hard. We just put a man on the moon. We are the richest, most powerful, most advanced nation on earth. Chill out.

Marshall McLuhan
“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.” [So all the boring stuff you learn in school is not very educational or valuable because it is not very entertaining. And all the fun stuff you lear is valuable because it is fun.]

Marshall McLuhan
“One of the effects of living with electric information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There’s always more than you can cope with.” [So maybe it is best to unplug and simplify your life, to “take life a little easier, make life a little easier”.]

Marshall McLuhan
“Television brought the brutality of war into the comfort of the living room. Vietnam was lost in the living rooms of America – not on the battlefields of Vietnam.” [It was lost because all the guys about to get shipped off could see on TV what a pointless war they were fighting. And the whole point of this pointless war was to make America afraid of using its military during the Arab oil embargo.]

Marshall McLuhan
“Mass transportation is doomed to failure in North America because a person’s car is the only place where he can be alone and think.” [First, this is not true. Second, MM is coming out against transit, like only Arabs and their stooges do.]

Marshall McLuhan
“The scientist rigorously defends his right to be ignorant of almost everything except his specialty.” [It is a classic Arab tactic to get everyone into his own tiny insular fiefdom so they can control the spaces in between.]

Marshall McLuhan
“Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.” [Translation: If you are smart like me, you won’t have any kids. You will never be repaid.]

The theory of orbits
1) Planets are produced by stellar collisions. Moons and comets are produced by planetary collisions.
2) Secondary gravity causes perpendicular orbital planes by removing everything else.
3) Orbits in an early, pre-inflation universe explain the near perfect vacuum of space.

Star #2 and hot ages on Earth
If there are any historical blips in planetary temperatures, where the long term cooling trend was broken for millions of years, by a rise, it is probably from another star getting close.

When stars orbit one another…
It is always eventually a Dase Macabre, for they will grow closer and faster until they collide and produce a colossal explosion. All multi-star systems are in the process of re-combination and sort of ceasing to exist.

Mona Lisa = MN•al•issa = the idea of Jesus
The painting smiles with a famously enigmatic sphinx-like smile.


Leadership distance
Once imagines the leader of a line of people wandering through some wilderness. The ideal leader is perhaps just in front of the smartest others. But what if the leader is a mile or five miles ahead? How can the others see him to follow his lead.

As little school as possible
If you are smart and your mind runs on its own, you should try to get as little school as possible mixed in with your self-directed learning. Teachers will only dumb you down if you get too much of them.

Practice figuring it out is what our leaders need
This is the single most important aspect of education. For it is the thing that most makes our leaders smart. The knowledge doesn’t really matter. It is the process of figuring stuff out that is all important.

Show kids bad arguments
Teach them to recognize them as young as possible and teach this to them again and again, so our democracy can be as smart as possible. Also, show them over and over the common aspects of mismanagement, like failure to take rapid action, failure to use the market for prices. Failure to count or calculate with real numbers.

Photo journalism law
If a journalist shows a person’s image to identify them, they are not allowed to use images that any reasonable person would call a bad or goofy photo. They must use reasonably complementary photos. And there should be no unauthorized photos of people bathing or swimming, or dating, or being affectionate. Journalists who use bad or goofy or private photos, are subject to stigmatization by the Senate for distorting the truth. And they can also get stigmatized for lying, or distorting, or making untrue inferences or doing anything else but telling the truth as best as they can.

Democracy’s external check and balance
It is between the government and the media, and it works in two directions. Government can and should rate the media for its truthfulness, but not its existence.

Education fraud
1) Cheating on a government test.
2) Lying about your official government education status

School fraud
1) Cheating in some school test or duty.
2) Cheating to get into some school.
2) School fraud is not a crime.

Professional testing
In every profession for which there is licensing, the professionals shall be
required to take the professional test along with the new professionals at least once every 4-years. The Sub-Senators selecting the test questions should not chose questions they know the answer to.

Roundup right or wrong
What on earth is our democracy doing having lay-people, people on jury duty making decisions about technical things like this? What are we doing allowing lawyers to treat this sort of thing as a subjective thing and argue this way and that? What are we doing punishing our inventors and innovators?

It is a very simple decision to make. The Sub-Senate will find say 20,000 people who worked with glyphosate and see if they suffer any statistical differences with the people who didn’t do this. If there is a big enough difference then we stop the sale of glyphosate. Also, I want to say that if this is an honest mistake on the part of the company and if the stuff causes cancer only just became conclusive, then the company should not be financially responsible. It does after all seem quite odd that his chemical should cause problems in humans.

Stop distinguishing people by school
1) This is a huge back door to power.
2) This is an unnecessary narrowing of the supply of quality people.
3) The distinguishment afforded by the current system is both entirely subjective and very difficult to comprehend on the employer side. It is also subject too manipulation by the media. Wouldn’t a more objective and easy to grasp scale of skills be better for our nation’s enterprises and labor force?

Everyone has scratch now
It is just like after communism, except for one thing. Everyone has a home to mortgage for capital. And the rich are not that rich anymore, and nobody has Ishtar’s help. No excuses any more.

A nuclear safe nation
I imagine a United States of maybe 40,000 or 200,000 townships, with only the smallest ones so close they are vulnerable to a single warhead. Do you want to rid the world of the nuclear menace? The only solution I can think of is to preemptively change the nature of the world so the nukes are not really effective against our cities.

Pin-phone lines
The first carrier to require a 4-digit pin to contact its users wins.

Interchanges have identities and names
The individual townships are just numbered as they glom on. The interchange names are say 12-letters max. So people might say they live in say New Brooklyn 43, unit 73-159. This indicates the 43rd township. So the compressed address would be: NB43-73-159

Deadly communicable diseases
If you have a deadly communicable disease, it should be public knowledge. If you want access to modern medicine, this is the price you must pay.

Free range grain fed meat
The land that is flat, rich and wet enough for farming should not be used for ranching. Only native annuals and once-sown perennials may be sown for meat animal grazing and they may only be sown no more than once every 10-years.

Excessively fallow lands
Nobody has the right to leave good farmland excessively fallow. It must be rented it if asked. Also, nobody should be using good farmland or good grazing lands for growing lumber or pulp wood.

Deserts and animals that eat shrubs
There should are a worldwide index and research into desert plants and the animals that can eat them. There are probably also a great many than can be grown as shrubs every say 5-meters, and given a gallon of water only 3 or 5 times a year. This is incidentally how we use our irrigation water. We start by using it where we can convert wasteland into land that will produce food.

How to be approved by both Ds and Rs
You have to understand that the primary objective of the liberals is to make government spend more money on the poor. You also have to understand that the primary objective of the conservatives is to make government spend its money only on good things. If you call for lots of spending that looks like a good investment, both parties will follow you.

Why I am not of the left
I am for consumption taxes, and the elimination of income taxes. I say that exclusions for the poor will counter the regressiveness of consumption taxes.
I am against a minimum wage
I am against government limiting working hours per day or per week
I am in favor of relaxing environmental controls
I call the CO2 theory a lie
I am pro pipelines, mines, and oil drilling
I am against high legal settlements
I support an armed society and public armories
I am pro death penalty and even call for torturous punishment in some cases.
I am opposed to transexual rights and gays working with other people’s children.
I am for strict immigration laws and enforcement
I am for clean coal tech
I am for widespread oil drilling
I want to end affirmative action and all forms of discrimination
I hold that the gender pay gap in engineering is a reasonable market response and government should not get involved.

Why I am not of the right
I am for a wealth tax instead of income tax
I against all money in politics.
I am pro drug legalization and licensing.
I am against fast firing weapons, but pro gun ownership and concealed carry.
I am pro abortion, even allowing women to euthanize their offspring if they are zika/downs retarded.
I provide a free education and lodging to all students.
I turn the nations schools into after-school centers.
I give extensive free healthcare benefits by having luxury taxes on certain procedures.
I am against all church power.
I call for total reproductive welfare by government.
I want to break up many giant corporations such as Amazon and Exxon.
I Think that the military is oversized.
I don’t believe in long-term foreign military or police actions.

Testing liability
If you buy a product clearly market and marketed as a “test product”, no matter how many units are made, the manufacturer regardless of anything later said only has liability for the the purchase cost. Society needs this so it can have people trying to manufacture and make things that the market craves.

I would not invest in old real estate now
The old cities are mostly going to be abandoned over the next decade or two. And due to the tax system, people will generally not want to own non-productive land. So there will be so much land for townships that this will never be scarce. So housing is going to be about 1/3 to one 1/10 of its current price. So saving for a down-payment will be 3 to 10 times easier. And paying off your mortgage will likewise happen maybe 5 to 20 times faster. On top of this, almost everyone in the world will be a home owner to start, and this will probably decline over time due to human stupidity.

The paradox of Ishtar’s wealth
It is quite simply that the wealth of the world’s richest “man” (Ishtar) is all to feed the poorest. Now there are two ways to feed the poorest. You can either make lots of money, as Ishtar has struggled for for thousands of years, or you can make living cheaper, so it is more affordable for all the Isharians. The first course is an endless struggle that is opposed to the cause of all mankind, the second course has an end and is cooperative with the cause of all mankind.

Your traditional metrics for understanding Ishtar’s wealth will no longer work. Ishtar will no longer be wealthy or powerful at all. Instead, the world will no longer hate you, it will become lazy and it will bring you in to work (or outfit you with factories) and all goods will become 3 to 10 times cheaper relative to your labor.

The world awash in capital
When this happens, it is the “paradise” of post materialism knocking at our door asking to be let in. All we need is imagination enough to use the surplus to crush all desperation and we can move on to the real new economy, the post-material economy, also known as the paradise of the Arabs

Where should I invest
1) In the new, incipient post-material world capital will not matter very much. The world will be even more awash in surplus capital “Everyone” will have chunk of capital to invest (scratch) and everyone will have a residence to bet the farm on. So there will be a huge surge in new businesses being born.
2) There will be plenty of land to go around and building prices will collapse due to the efficiency of house casting
3) Transportation costs will collapse due to the efficiencies of train travel.
4) Of the four traditional economic components, all that will remain are labor and entrepreneurship. The dumb people will become labor the smart people will shift from investing to entrepreneurship and actually making things.

If I have done my job right
All low-risk investing will become almost entirely a matter of capital (stored labor) preservation. In other words, for existing capital apportionments, the reality is more like a bankruptcy situation than anything else.

The end of Homo Economicus
Here is a way to give everyone enough and have a world with enough. Here is a way to end scarcity and economics as a driver of human action. What a world it would be if nobody was desperate for life’s necessities. And yes, there will be much rotting due to a lack of adversity, but sooner or later our species must confront this rotting under no adversity, our next great challenge.

Growth industries
Structure casting and outfitting
Township design and stacking
Wide gauge trains
Single-wide vehicles
Exhod camps and re-education
Volcano mitigation
Factories for the poor parts of the world
VR leisure
Elder care

Mining gold for bullion is a total waste of resources
We spend huge amounts of petroleum and human effort extracting ounces of this super rare element from truckloads of ore. Why? So it can sit in a giant safe and act as money? Why not just create artificial money to serve as a marker of our human effort? Then we can skip the costly waste of the gold extraction process?

Heavy inserts in buildings
1) The main annoyance of people living in group housing is the noise. It is the neighbors playing music or loud videos, or talking loud or kids crying, or people talking loud in the common areas. And the noise is not coming through the walls but the windows and doors.
2) Front doors in apartments should be heavy and and perhaps double if they are right on a common hall. People can make noise in the halls and thus not dis•turb.
3) Windows in noisy places might be made of heavy glass. Maybe this is 1/2” glass + 3/16” glass with an air space in between. And if everything is factory made, we might as well temper the 1/2” glass and protect its edges, so it is very hard to break. Put the thin tempered glass outside as a protector. Also, I don’t buy the stuff about air space distances. I bet 3” between the panes makes them more insulating for little cost.
4) Today, we have men hercing (Hercules) giant fragile windows into place by hand and with levers. The way this should be done is to have robotic L-shaped corner grapplers/brackets so the fenestration can be grabbed by its corners and inserted by a robotic arm into place while fast hardening construction foam is injected all around it. Thus we can rapidly insert heavier fenestration than today without any delay, breakage, or injuries.
5) Ideally our front doors should be heavy, and double so they are both sound proof and safe from a civil defense and crime resistance standpoint.
6) Ideally our kitchens and bathrooms should be built and equipped as units and inserted as one unit.
7) Someone will have to connect the kitchen and baths to utilities, and maybe do the final positioning, but they will be driven into rough position by factory robots and factory inserters.
8) There will be fish-tape droids that follow a man around and feed tape into the conduit hole they are lead to. Then the man fastens his wire to the tape, pushes his remote and the droid pulls the wire back.
9) People will still have to cut wires and insert them into outlets, switches and light fixtures, and they will push them into their boxes where they snap into place. And they will snap the cover plates into place.
10) There will be very little human labor used in casting and assembling homes. The great and wonderful lorax machine, the true economic liberator of mankind will come soon.


These are basically the same thing. They are both names for the robotic instrument of mankind’s liberation. Note how they are both portrayed as something evil our dangerous or unaesthetic. To me, the KM is more of the big total picture, including the entire future of our species (except the ending of course). The LM is more of our immediate economic needs, our efforts at house casting, our efforts at output positive economics, our efforts to end human scarcity.

Go to hell Dr. Seuss
Your children’s propaganda books are wicked and malignant Theodore. The way you made the Lorax machine into something bad, and the way you protected the midwinter holiday from the man high up on his mountain (me). It is the devil that wants us to take time off work, and is the devil that wants us feasting in midwinter when we can least afford it. Can you all do me a big favor and stop showing these books to children until they are old enough to take them apart as propaganda.

SEUSING = Presenting propaganda to children, to get them before they are old enough to judge for themsevles.

The feel of fake sacred
Think of how Dr. Seuss is sort of above criticism. Whenever you see people or agendas that are above criticism that are working to mess with your kids, the aboveness is artificial and it exists to help hide the messing-up. Pay attention to Dr. Seuss’ aura of above-ness. Recognize it and now look at your centrally appointed priests. Also, your default setting should be that wherever you see this above-ness you have messing-up that is being covered-up.

The big holidays
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. What a coincidence that the big feast and drink holidays are all precisely when we can least afford to have these holidays? It is like they were designed to mess us up. What are the odds that this would happen if the good god ran the effort to establish holidays. It sure seems like this was the parasitic de•ex•pull’s (the devil’s) doing.

Cheap introductory opiates
Why is opiated acetaminophen one third the price of plain acetaminophen at CVS? Why do 20 tabs of this cost $2.16 from a pharmacist while the 24 tabs of plain acetaminophen cost $6.50 in the same store. I smell a ghost in the machine.

CVS should be broken up
Nobody should own more than a few dozen pharmacies or distribute pharmaceuticals between drug companies and pharmacies.C

Think of how air raid sirens start like an Arab prayer call. And you will understand something about war.

Roman emperor Nero’s real name
Lucius Domitius Aheno•barbus

Prepaid Hotel and vehicle rental reservations must be honored or the purchaser shall be entitled to 3x the reservation by the company. If a court requires this payment then the compensation shall be at least 20x. Unpaid reservations are not-enforceable on either party. All extra charges relating to all reservations are subject to MECOT.

Man eating lions
Man eating lion gets 103-million google returns. Man eating tiger gets 75-million. We should expect that lions developed a taste for the humans that were driving them off their prey.


Nobody gets punished now
First we muster up into broad incorruptible democracies, then we let them decide what to do. Anything less than this and Ishtar will get control again. Everything shall be up to the new broad democracy.

History no longer repeats
It is no longer Ishtar against a decaying land of freedom that is ignorant of Ishtar. And the Mideast is no longer following Ishtar, for there is a better way.

Long term spice consumption
Does spicy food lower one’s IQ? There should be a study.

My cities don’t burn
The only thing that burns is the content of the units, and insulation cells are sealed, so the EPS insulation foam will not burn, but melt. And we might have higher insurance fees for having cloth curtains, carpets, or cloth furniture, or you smoke. If this is so, then you should pay the appropriate risk increment each month.

Current fire separations are silly
The 8’ side separations for American tract homes does not even come close to stopping a firestorm. Non-combustable zero-setbacks are more effective than even 15’ of side setback with multistory combustable structures. These small side setbacks frequently fail totally in fire storms.

Stop building out of wood
Concrete/ styrofoam/ concrete sandwiches are so much better for construction.

Community fire cells
Not only does having fire cells make our communities more resistant to great city fires, but it also makes them more resistant to military attack.

America in Korea
North Korea needs to be free and democratic like South Korea. China also needs to be more democratic. When this happens, after say an 8-year trial period, America should leave Korea.

Persimmons and beozars
Unripe persimmons contain shibuol which polymerizes on contact with stomach acid. The result is a gluey foodball that picks up other stomach matter, all around the persimmon plant’s seeds, thus protecting the seeds from the effects of stomach acid. This frequently blocks up the symbiot animal’s digestion for days, until finally the animal has a giant dump on top of the persimmon seeds food ball from the previous week or two … or it dies perhaps

18-year bonds and mortgages
30-year mortgages exist to enslave. Free men living in free lands use 18-year mortgages for their homes.

I’d love to fix the world
and I know just what to do

We call it IP law
But it is really the group mind allocating wealth and resources to its discoverers and advancers.

Photos have privacy rights, but not IP rights

Ex public cum unum
This phrase is pointing in the direction of the singularity. Here it is in Anglicized Latin version of e plumbs unum. I think it means “From the public with unity”. To me, that unity of the public is key to organizing a singularity.

Pardon my loose speculations
I just think it is better that I speculate more and check less.

If you don’t think you are doing enough
If you think I have underestimated the Ishtarian penance, feel free to work longer, but honestly working harder right away to fix the world will probably have a greater impact on how the uncovering happens.

Reduced postage
To encourage new small businesses with good products for narrow markets, the Senate might offer reduced postage. However, we might require that at lest 1% or 3% or 5% of recipients press the “no this is not spam” button. Then the Senate might offer almost free postage.

Spam filters and postage
We should probably prohibit spam filters from working on postage paid communications.

Breeding eu•tropia
It is pretty obvious that anti-breeding propaganda and heavy societal child responsibilities works very well on discouraging the best people from breeding and almost not at all on the worst. So this path does not work. I would try going in the opposite direction:
1) Remove all the anti filial responsibility messages from children media and replace them with pro-filial responsibility messages so kids are more enjoyable and less trouble.
2) Longer school times and shorter child maturity to minimize parental responsibility.
3) Video-surveillance family housing where kids can play by themselves and walk to school by themselves, so parents don’t have to take four one-way trips a day to ferry kids.
4) Better, step free housing for families so prams can be pushed without lifting.
5) Media messages that recognize how much easier kids are and how they are now much less trouble than they are a joy.
6) Media messages that the better the women the more her eggs and her parenting is needed.
7) Media messages to have children for love instead of romance. In fact, maybe love should mean more family love and romance should mean sexual Rome•antics love.
8) Make children scarce and valued like in China with a one child plus policy.

Post partum depression
Is it withdrawal symptoms from Allopregnanolone addiction?

When multiple courts apply
We must prevent people from shopping courts for higher compensation levels, or they will shop courts and the courts will make more business by having higher awards. So what we do is say that the lowest awards apply, and those on the edge, have to take the lower awards. And nobody should ever receive more money than in the lowest award nation. So foreigners working in the US never get paid more than the average settlements awarded in their home country and average costs in their home county.. And this holds for all provisional citizens, and those who spend more than 30 days a year away from this country.

Marijuana and doing business in cash
It is so that the mafia can better keep control of the industry. The fact that there have not been waves of hold-ups speaks of the illusionary nature of your criminal reality.

The evolution of thin shells
Is there a point in the geological record just before the Cambrian explosion where the chemical content of rock changes worldwide? Like maybe the calcium content goes up starting say at 547MYA.

Invisible cities
Townships that appear like rock and plants
What if we could have communities that looked like rock features from most angles?

School is make-believe
If people cheat or bribe someone to get into a prestigious college, it is none of government’s business. Government should do nothing to support these giant stupid anti-democratic bottle-necks in our education system. In fact, government should do what it can to de-value these parasitic entities glommed onto the American dream of more and better for everyone. It should not be a crime to cheat in any school, or on getting into a school, or that you went to a certain school. Only the Senate’s tests should matter. Likewise, it should never be a crime to cheat in any athletic competition, or cheat at gambling, on either side. Government should not squander its energies on such things.

Lying with statistics
USA-Today reports here that “Car crashes rose 6 percent from 2012 to 2017 in four states that legalized marijuana during that period – Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Oregon” However between 2011 and 2016, populations are up 8.15% in Nevada, 8.25% in Colorado, 6.82% in Washington, and 5.83% in Oregon.

Personal urban vehicles
Most community dwelling people will not have personal vehicles. These will soon be part of the shared facilities offered by living in a community. Only country people will have personal vehicles. Even the people living in remote townships and small towns will use shared vehicles, and maybe some cross country road trippers. Most people will just train to a town and then either give their destination or order an auto-taxi around by voice.

Amalfi townships and wheelchairs
You can make your city trains and interchanges compliant. But for the hillside communities, don’t let disability regulations get in the way of people enjoying the planet and its landscapes.

Accessible cities, non-accessible buildings
It seems to me that wheeled drones will be riding the transit and train systems, and they will be driving to people’s doors to delivering things and provide other varied services. And very often they will enter the unit to make their delivery or provide their service. So it will be a world with no steps at all. And most places will have 90cm doors. But some will not, and some people will want steps to their place. And some will want to live in escalator townships with only service lifts. This should not be hindered in any way by the the rights of disabled people. If people want to build without accessibility for any reason, they can, and they can do this without any permission at all from government.

So there will be no more sidewalk brail bumps. These are no longer necessary in our GPS-voice operated world. There will also be no mandatory disabled units in new construction projects. Also, no longer will the best 2% of parking be sacrificed to people who almost never use these spaces. The shorty urinals, the oversized bathrooms, the giant ramps in tiny businesses will no longer be required by government. This is because they are simply not used enough.

$20-million per user
Over the years, how much did the we pay for ADA compliance and retrofit? How much did builders pay? How much did businesses pay? What is the value of time that owners used on compliance? What is the value of reserving 2% of the city’s best parking spaces for wheelchair people who almost never use them? How many active wheelchair-van people are there? Do the math, and you will see that the cost of adapting the system for disabled people and all their many varied needs was tens, or hundreds of times more costly than simply giving the active disabled homes in special accessible communities.

Handicap spaces
1) They are almost always empty. Congress wildly over-estimated the need. So all the disability numbers are probably similarly exaggerated.
2) They are too big. They were designed for people in wheelchairs, but mostly they are just used by fat, old, and sick people who have trouble walking.
3) In fact, maybe only 10% of the people I see using these spaces are in a wheelchairs. So judging from capacity, Congress seems to have overestimated wheelchair parking space demand by between 50 and 500 fold.

Break up Stanley Black & Decker
It is a national security and competitive risk to have so much of our nation’s tool industry under one giant producer.

Kings of justice no more
No sentence commuted by any individual leader under the old system shall be binding under the new system, or beyond the term of that individual.

Learning from Xifaxin/ Rifaxamine
1) Drugs have hard to say names so they are not talked about. This does not affect prescriptions which are written.
2) This stuff isn’t a drug per se, it is a delivery system where a common antibiotic is protected from digestion by connecting it to an indigestible polymer (a plastic molecule). So the antibiotic stays in the digestive tract all the way through, instead of being digested and absorbed. So this is basically a technology for getting antibiotics into the lower digestive system.
3) This drug is not the product of lengthy exploration and testing, but of a momentary insight and a relatively small amount of engineering. Having a limited payout for it does not discourage future innovation.
4) All the parts of the world that suffer from diarrheal illnesses would benefit greatly from this drug.
5) The nature of this drug’s delivery system reduces the possibility of bacteria evolving anti-biotic resistance. So its use should be encouraged by international effort.
6) This is an ideal drug for ubiquitization.
7) Whatever this drug is netting, the UM should pay the IP owners a reasonable amount for that cash stream. Then the people of the world should put the drug into the public domain for everyone to use free of IP charges.

Luxury taxes and cosmetic businesses
Services like skin peeling, paralytic injections, pore cleaning, collagen reinfections, face-lifts, hair transplants, dental veneers, sun tanning, skin bleaching, skin dying, pedicures, manicures, fake nails and the like are subject to high levels of luxury taxation.

Give kids textbooks as trophies
We should give young kids their paper-back text-books when they finish their 12-day classes. This is so they they have a talisman of their achievement when they finish. And one-color paperbacks are only around $1.50 each, so it is no big thing to give kids their textbooks like trophies. And don’t make the books huge and hard to carry like today’s textbooks. That is the devil’s doing. Textbooks should be like the Arab books, the penguin paperbacks. And the kids are only going to school to one class a day, so it is nothing to carry a paperback and a tablet. Also, they should give each library back by the time they get the next.

I read the whole shelf of books
Get kids used to reading a “whole shelf” or better yet, “a whole book case” of books. For early readers this involves books of 20 pages and maybe 10 words per page. For grades 3 to 6, the books are maybe 70 pages and 50 words per page, for grades 7-9 they books are longer still, and so forth.

Things that belonged to someone
Any value ascribed to an object because it belonged to someone is not something that government should squander its energies on. The people shall be free to forge such things at will.

Gun carry?
If “concealed” gun carry is allowed, crooks don’t know if their victims are armed and might just shoot them in self defense. So concealed carry greatly reduces the rate of armed robbery. However allowing everyone the right to carry a gun around also greatly increases the deadliness of crimes of passion. So in places and times where armed crime is a bigger problem than crimes of passion, we allow more relaxed rules of concealed carry. However, in relatively crime free places, where crimes of passion and temper are a bigger problem, then the rules of concealed carry should be restricted.

The devil’s actors
To my mind, the media summarized by the above table is the primary cause of gun violence. I think if the Sub-Senate was stripping media of its copyrights and profit rights for depicting violent deaths, this sort of garbage media would mostly go away.

Media gossip
It should not be allowed for the media to publish personal information, or information about who people are dating or sleeping with, or their bathing photos, or their activities, unless they have permission.

Building Amalfi-type slopes
I see 5-story stacked square units on a very steep slope.
1) Cut a notch in the formation rock for the rock drill.
2) Drill a 1.8m dia. hole in the rock down maybe 3m or 4m.
3) Lower the load focusing foundation. over the hole. This has a 1.8m dia. hole in the center that matches up with the drilled hole.
4) Heavy-duty telescoping feet are attached to the corners and folded flat. these are released from above and the feet are lowered to the ground and then the foot screws are tightened and forced down into the ground, thus the thing is leveled and stiffened to the ground.
5) concrete poured into the hole, Then we have a fairly instant foundation.
6) Lower the prefab and balanced concrete apartments on the foundation, one after another
7) Pour a 50cm thick floor to join the top floor of the structure with the formation rock hillside.

The fundamental fallacy of psychiatry
It is the premise that one’s emotions and secret desires matter. It is my emphatic position that post material, leisure, TMT (too much time) society spends far too much time trying to feel good and far too little time being productive.

Presidential marijuana pardons
Everyone convicted of a marijuana crime could be pardoned by the president. This will have the effect of national legalization. The prison savings could be used to build the wall until the space is used for illegal immigrants in immigrant only facilities. Consolidate the hardened criminals into the higher security facilities and put the immigrants into the low security work camps where they work for their keep.

Urban filching
This is the misdemeanor of taking far too many napkins or paper towels, or sugar given away for free.

Nukes: Damned of you do,
But damnded more if you don’t
Libya showed the world what happens when rogue nations give up their nuclear programs. I hope another nation will not have to be an example of the greater damage that occurs when a rogue nation doesn’t do give up their nuclear programs.


Koran 2:30
When god told to the angels that he created one to rule as his deputy, they asked: “Will you also create one that will do evil and shed blood?”

Koran 2:40
“Children of Israel, remember the favor I have bestowed on you. Keep your covenant, and I will be true to Mine. Dread my power. Have faith in My revelations, which confirm your Scriptures, and do not be the first to deny them. Do not sell My revelations for a paltry price and fear Me. Do not dispute the truth with lies, or knowingly hide the truth. Attend to your prayers, pay your taxes, and kneel with those who kneel. Would you urge righteousness on men and forget it in yourselves?”

Koran 2:47
[The first paragraph is about judgement day, when the world finds out about the world’s dirtiest secret, and how Jews are left as escapegoats.]
“Children of Israel, remember the favor I have bestowed on you, and that I have exalted you above all the other nations. Take precautions for the day when no ambassadors or negotiations will be accepted, no ransom taken, no help given.
Remember how I delivered you from the Pharaoh’s people, who had oppressed you cruelly, killing your sons and sparing only your daughters. That was surely a great trial by me, your god. I parted the sea for you. Then I took you to safety, drowning the Pharaoh’s men before your very eyes.”
[1) The Jews are exalted so they may be used as a shield and scapegoat race.
2) Some race is killing the sons of other races so it can have more daughters.
3) Here the Koran reinforces the idea that Moses parted the physical waters of the Red Sea and people walked across the sea floor. And look at those confusing words: “before your very eyes”. These are the words of a cheater and propagandist.]

Koran 2:70
“Let it be a young and healthy cow, not worn out by plowing or carrying watering, a cow without any blemish.”
[In the West, people eat beef as soon as it matures. In the east, they tend to eat them when they as old and worn out draft animals. So it is hard to get good beef in say Thailand and Indonesia, unless it is imported. So a sacred cow, or a sacrificial cow was this meat cow, while the other beef was much tougher and more like shoe leather. This part of the Koran is so the priests/ imams get control of something that nearly everyone likes on a primal level, barbecued meat animals.]

Video harassment
People can’t just go up to others, thrust a microphone in their face, and ask them pointed questions. Even if the subjects are public figures, people can’t do this. That is harassment, not journalism.

Distilled drinking water
It might as well come from the ocean.

Townships, city and nature
At their core, they will be these mini Manhattans, but that will quickly shrink to euro city and then row-houses, then wilderness, or fields.

Judgement day is a blid
It exists to cover up the idea of the day when the world finds out about the Mideast, like in Ezekiel 27. With the Christian conception of a personal judgment day, the Mideast gets:
1) To confuse the idea of a group judgement day for all mankind that more directly points to Ishtar. Now judgement day is also this personal thing after we die
2) How confusing that there is both a personal judgement day and an overall judgement day for everyone else.
3) The personal judgement day exists so that many people will want to be buying a stairway to heaven to get into the good part of the afterlife where they will spend all eternity.
4) The group judgement day exists to blid-away the legends of what happens when the world discovers the world’s dirtiest secret yet again.

Make them fear judgement day
1) I bet most of the people killed in judgement days past were killed with innie involvement.
2) I bet the reports of innie deaths get routinely exaggerated, just like outie deaths were under-reported.

A reality drawn to lying
In individual critters, there is an evolutionary pull by survival towards accurate perceptions. That apparently does not exist for our species as a whole. In fact our group species efforts seem to have been hijacked by this parasite’s agenda towards being as big and fanciful a lie as possible.

Do you want to see Ishtar for what it really is? Consider this word is Flor•id•a = flower•idea•acme. Where is flower idea acme? It is in a land that gets wasted every time there is a giant tsunami.

Chili is a drug plant
Capsaicin is a non-nutritious drug. It gets animals running for water, it also tends to gets nibblers to void their bellies.

The way chilis work
The big juicy peppers get eaten first, along with lots of seeds. Then the animal eats the smaller hotter ones. Then he realizes that his mouth is on fire, Then he freaks out and runs away with a belly full of seeds. Then after a while, the animal completely voids itself. Thus is the pepper plant spread by herbivores.

Does chili make you dumb?
Does it dull the nerves? Is this permanent?

Chili and auto-immune
If there is a neurological component to an auto-immune syndrome, it may benefit from treatment with chili or other neuro-impeders like dextromethorphan, and THC.

How high do the waves get?
Biera is the sort of tsunami vulnerable place that people should not live in. In fact, it is this sort of funnel within a funnel. I wonder how high the antarctic tsunami waves get here and on the coast of South Africa. Only a cytology survey will tell us.

Coronado is much more dangerous than Naples
In fact, I bet one is 3-to-5 times more likely to die on Coronado as opposed to being 10km from Vesuvius.

Why does Naples exist?
There is plenty of unused land in Italy, like around Potenza, and at 800m, where it is 5.3°C cooler.

Surface temp is 99% about ocean temp
1) The oceans have 269 times the mass of the atmosphere.
2) Surface temperatures don’t really make much difference 120 feet (36m) underground. This is about 1% of the average depth of the oceans (=12,100-feet, 3,700m).
3) So when there is climate change, it is a thing that is easily 99% a thing of the oceans by thermal mass. Because the oceans are well over 99% of Earth’s thermosphere.
4) Therefore, my definition of climate change is that which moves sea levels up or down by more than one meter.
5) I think a scale with 150 increments is intuitive, while one with 1,500 is counterintuitive, thus I picked whole meters for the scale.
6) We will say that climate was +1m, or -135m of current sea level.
7) The ocean temperature is the real temperature to compare with seafloor spreading and the volcanism rate. The atmospheric numbers are derivatives and thus inaccurate.

Roman Pluton was hades, Greek Plutos was the god of wealth. What a curious and telling intersection, both the devil and the god of wealth.

The Hindu wealth god-king Kubera
1) Isn’t it odd that both Ancient Greece and Ancient India should have a god of wealth?
2) Kubera is alternately spelled Kuvera and Kuber, which is the Greek word for government.
3) Kubera was originally called the leader of evil spirits like Pluton.
4) Kubera had one eye like the single agenda of Ishtar, and 8-teeth, like the points of the Islamic star.
5) Kubera is often depicted riding a man.
6) Kubera is often depicted holding a mongoose, the snake eating animal. He is also depicted holding a club.
7) The Sanskrit word Ku seems related to the Sumerian Ki meaning Earth (from an=heaven and ki=earth). So the name seems to mean earth bro.
8) Kubera was the son of Vishrava=fame, and was often called the son of fame.
9) Kubera is also called Raja•raja=king of kings.
10) The Shatapatha Brahmana calls Kubera the Lord of thieves and criminals.
11) In the Manusmriti, he is the patron of merchants.
12) Kubera is the treasurer of the gods, the giver of wealth to individuals, just like Plutos
13) Kubera is the guardian of travelers, like Hermes.
14) Kubera has servants called Rakshasas, or “man-eaters” (Hymn 87 of 10th mandala of the Rig Veda).
15) Kubera was from a mythical city called Alaka=al•ak•A.

Lokapala = guardians of the world
In Hinduism, Lokapala are the guardians of directions, associated with the 8 cardinal directions. In Buddhism, lokapala refer to the 4-heavenly kings, while the dikpalas are the guardians of the cardinal directions

What is hiding under Tibetan Budism?
Why did the Chinese Red Guards ransack over 6,000 Tibettan monasteries. Are you not fundamentally a Buddhist nation? How can you do this to other Buddhist sects? How can you force the Dalai Lama out of Tibet? Are you afraid of him?

The 5-precepts of Buddhism
1) Don’t kill.
2) Don’t steal.
3) No adultery.
4) Don’t lie, criticize, or gossip.
5) No drinking or drugs.

The 5-precepts of Buddhist monastic life
6) Eat on time
7) No music, song, dance, theatre
8) No fancy dress, decorations, or perfumes
9) No high seats
10) No touching money

Sons are not just boys
Sons are stand-up kids that think for themselves and work for what is right. Aughters are slackers that often follow others, or don’t do what they aught to. A son is a stand up kid, an aughter is a defective one. This was originally not about boys and girls.

Shepherding colars
These not only drive the livestock around, but they keep them away from roads. All you have to do is press record and start a trip. Then you can walk or drive the colar to a perimeter, and then back to the start. The device remembers this and the location file can be cloned to all the other devices in the flock. You can also probably enter the area by satellite map. The system also probably has a road map in it and automatically starts to shock the animals if they get near a road.

Kids and pelotons
I don’t think the exercise machines should have viewers. I think the viewers should be separate by design and should all use a standard control panel for modulating the exerciser’s resistance. Also, I think that kids should have to do a certain amount of cardio to access to media and games.

School bracelets
What if kids had to wear this location tracking bracelet to and from school? It tracks the kids location and when it is removed. Should kids be tracked when they go to and from school, and while they are at school? Should they be tracked at all times? Should they have silent distress buttons? Should the ones in dangerous neighborhoods have the option of audio and even perhaps video monitoring? Do we require that all minors carry their communicator when they are out, its location always being logged. At what age does this stop? What happens if someone tries to impose location tracking on the general population under certain limited circumstances? What do people do then?

Why phone spam exists
It is to keep messages from spreading rapidly, so their spread can be better controlled by big brother. If people are screening all their calls then phone spreading of messages is much slower and texts and emails do go missing, and get missed and forgotten, and filtered out.

Propaganda and regurgitation
Nothing helps propaganda like memorization, duh.

DUH = Of course. I should have seen that.

Must people carry a communicator?
Must they provide their location at all times? I think this should not be the way of man.

Do we track kids?
I think that the young ones should be tracked.

Don’t let cities grow around your interchanges
People will always ask for this, but only emergency response, and medicine (non-infectious medicine) and their housing goes around the interchanges.

Domestic workers and luxury tax
Domestic work on trees, landscaping, cleaning, cooking and such things should be subject to luxury tax. Then people will not be keen to have giant houses and yards.

Bikes work in my townships
They just need to use transponders and keep a constant speed.

They just need to use transponders and keep a constant speed.

Townships are easy to wall
This is good for keeping wild animals out, if they are a problem.

Hyper-rail urbanismCall the rail system “Hyper-rail” because it goes so fast on rails, and call the urbanism as “Hyperrail urbanism” because it is based on the hyper rail system. You can call the whole thing as “The message”.

Blockchain exposed
If possible the blockchain data should go to the tax house and the criminal investigation houses.

A corrupt college system
It is the strangest darn thing that it is OK to give money to a college to corrupt their admission system, but it is not ok to give money to the college’s employees to do the same thing. What difference is it to government where the corruption occurs? And why should one type of corruption be legal while the other one is a federal offense?

Reading tests
The way we do tests in school is stupid. People should look at a paragraph or section, or table or video of instruction and the system should ask them one or a few multiple choice questions. This should not occur weeks and moths later. In fact, we should not be testing people on what they learned weeks or months before because this causes studying and studying is the part of education that everyone hates most. So testing people weeks and months later makes the education experience must less enjoyable. Instead it will be much more show and ask thing. It will only be the government tests that are hard.

Beach pebbles and tsunami flows
We should map all the places with beach pebbles, as well as all the exposures. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was nature saying “This place is due for another tsunami”.

Township buggies
I imagine the chassis and drive train a bit lighter than this Yamaha QT50 moped. A passenger compartment rides on this.

Magnesium is 1/3 lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. The problem is that it burns. However, if we power our cars with compressed air, we can make them out of magnesium, because there would be nothing to ignite them.

Our cities will be so much cheaper
How much paving is there to maintain? With hyper-train urbanism, lets look at an interchange with 50 townships of 20,000 people. That is really only 50 two way roads to build and maintain. If these average 20 miles in length, that is 1,000 miles of road per million people. It simplifies to us building 1 mile of road per thousand people. It is also the same thing as running 5.3 feet of road per person. XX. Today the US has 2.678 million miles of paved road for 330 million people. This works out to 1 mile of road per 123 people, It is also the same thing as building and maintaining 43-feet of road per person. Assuming that the ring road and spurs will be less than 40 miles in length (the roads are half the size) the new system still has 1/4 of the paved area of today’s automobile based system.

Nobody likes being lectured
So why do we do it to our kids. This way education is more of a WWT = wow-what’s-that sort of thing, as opposed to a YA here sort of thing (You Attention here).

Automated education
The education system is supposed to be as automatic as practical. When the kids don’t understand the system’s explanation of a question, then they go to talk to the teacher. If a section causes kids to go to the teacher excessively, then it must be repaired and made more understandable.

Deaf people must read captions
The public should not use sign language videos to communicate with deaf people that are also illiterate.

Rapid-laxative plants
Many human animals have some coffee, tobacco, or marijuana and then have to go to the toilet. That evolved because the seeds that were spread to another patch did better. Wherever we see rapid-laxative plants, we should look for traces of other drugs.

Where you indoctrinated as a kid?
If you were Mr. harem bro s•myth, then you too have been indoctrinated without proper consideration and thought into a matrix program.

The MB continuum
The medical benefit continuum. Don’t over-estimate its complexity, it is really just a very complex rating system. And once it is done, it will only be adjusted a bit here and there as better, and more economic treatments become available.

The college of medical Ubiqs
I would definitely have colleges of Ubiqs who have made contributions in drug development, immunology, genetic, obstetrics, pediatrics, etc. Maybe they meet online, once per month and vote on things for the Senate, sort of like these colleges of specialized experts. And this is not just for medicine, but all aspects of science.

One cast structure many fit-outs
Maybe we send our cast homes to be fitted out to any of a few different outfitters in the neighborhood of the house casting factory.

I agree with the Mexican president
America’s immigration problems are its own, and subject to its own priorities and policies.

The most basic immigration control
It is to check for people that should be in prison or on trial where they came from. That is the bare minimum for immigration control. And surely we must do this for all people entering our nation. We need to check for criminal immigrants

I am not against immigration
But I will repeat that I am against all undocumented immigration.

I am actually pro immigration
More people would be allowable if everyone was educated and carefully vetted. And no nation gets to dump its criminals on another nation. All must tell the truth, or they lose the right to send people.

Foreclosures and evictions
They all get halted and dismissed on revelation day.

Distilled water
There is nothing like distillation for getting rid of pathogens and pollutants. Also, if we are all drinking distilled water, we don’t have to be so fastidious about environmental pollution in our communities. And another thing, it might as well come from the ocean.

Townships with communal pasturage
With no cars and the train on a viaduct, the township can fence in its lands for communal pasturage. Thus livestock will roam wild outside the center.

Pine valley by train
Google says it is 40 miles from San Diego Stadium to Pine Valley. At 240-mph, this trip will take maybe 10- minutes plus 2 minutes of celeration on both sides. So we have 14 minutes to the city, or to the interchange.

The pine valley viaduct cost
Maybe we will build 6 township areas averaging say 11,000 units each. So you build 40 miles or 66 kilometers. That is 66,000 meters for 66,000 units, or one meter of double viaduct per unit. If the town is 20 miles (33km) out, it is half a meter of double viaduct per unit.

Marijuana just grows more and more potent. If an animal comes and nibbles a bit, the plant wants it to just hang around a while. So at first the plant benefits from keeping the animal put. This is why the sleepiness of sinsemilla evolved. The animal just stays put until the seeds are ready In couple days. Then the plant’s chemistry changes slightly and the grass becomes more run and find out, so the animal with a giant munchies belly full of MJ buds and seeds runs off to spread MJ seeds in its ample dung. So to my mind MJ is probably at its peak as a smart drug right when the seeds become viable.

The best Marijuana has a few seeds
This is what we should be breeding, not the best MJ with no seeds.

Video games and kids
If they are going to play video games, let them be educational and not the trash games of today. And great thought should go into making this as educational and interesting as possible.

Bed sizes
Dorm = 75cm
Single = 110cm
Couple 170cm wide
Family 210cm wide

No tuxedos or suits at night
There should be no events where people must wear certain clothes.

Dam•sell in dis•dress
This is a woman for sale that is undressed. Because she is rescued, she is probably a woman that has been kidnapped by sex traffickers.

I am skeptical about public swimming pools
It wouldn’t cost much to do a study where we compared the number of people who become ill after swimming in a public pool and a control group. And this includes eye and urinary tract diseases, nasal, and respiratory and skin conditions, even diseases of inhaled water. And if we see evidence of symptomatic diseases, there are certainly other diseases that come on slow and are relatively a-symptomatic at first. So if public swimming pools are a actually a health problem, then we should stop having them, and if they are not, they we should all know that they are sanitary. •  •  • Here I want to express my own personal experience from swimming in pools, and fresh water swimming holes, and the ocean in a large number of places. It is that every other time, or every third time I put my head under water, I had problems.

Bathwater and recycling
If 100 times our household water is used by agriculture and industry insensitive to using water with a little soap and human skin contamination, then we can use bathing water freely.

Disease and latitude
1) If a disease is more common in warm places, then it is probably from a pathogen.
2) If a disease is more common in cold places, then it is probably auto-immune.
3) If a disease is not at all more common in cold places or warm places, then it is probably genetic.
4) If a disease is a little more common in either warm or cold places, then it seems to have a genetic basis with some environmental aspects.

MECOT and Discounts
MECOT should apply to all discounts and rebates if they are mincing. It doesn’t matter if the mincing is an add-on or a discount.

Welcome to America
What a gloomy, bureaucratic, dated, rude, awful experience it is to arrive any America’s main airports from abroad and clear immigration and customs. You know, it is so bad, compared to most other places, that it seems by design.

A congress of cats not dogs
Today, Congress is a thing of dog allegiances because our lawmakers vote out in the open and thus they must remain loyal. However, if we had secret legislative voting, then all the loyalties and corruptions would have no effect. This is because our lawmakers will just vote as they see best and lie to their supporters and constituents. This alone should be enough to kill those wicked anti-democratic political parties afflicting America’s democracy.

Image IP
I am on the fence with regard to image IP. I might say that if it is a great diagram of how something hard to understand works, be generous with your IP rights. If it is just someone’s painting, be stingy. And remember, real artists are not in it for the money.

The non-contagious ER
These goes at the interchanges, and they serve as many as maybe 400,000 dwellings.

Galactic discs
They are all discs, are they not? So I would imagine that maybe 90% of the universe’s matter was picked off each galaxy by its neighbors early on in the universe’s creation. So to my shoot-from-the-hip reckoning maybe 95% of the galaxy’s mass lies in its galactic center “stars”, and less that 5% in the orbiting stars.

There is no dark matter between stars
The galaxies are drawing in on themselves, so they are a shrinking of space with absolutely nothing between them except extremely rare collision debris with enough velocity to escape its galactic gravity. As this seems impossibly fast, so I am going to say the space between the galaxies is probably entirely void of matter.

You will be assimilated
To my mind, 95% of the stars in universe have been sucked into another galactic center and only maybe 5% remain. And as for our own galaxy, all the stars near its center get assimilated as the galaxy contracts on itself.

Exponentially faster time
I see the galaxy as experiencing faster and faster time. I also see a galaxy that only occupies a single digit percentage of its former size. So if the universe is 14 billion years old, then our solar system might only have 1 or 3 billion years left.

Drug licenses and driving
If you have a drug license, and are driving, and the officer thinks you seem intoxicated, he can make you go to a clinic for blood draw.

14% of vehicle deaths are motorcycles
In the US in 2016, 5,286 people died on motorcycles among 37,806 traffic deaths overall. If 0.20% of vehicle miles are motorcycles, then motorcycles are 70 times more dangerous than cars.

New Berlin
Instead of making an existing city car free, why not make a new city next door that is car free.

Compressed air
If we are using compressed air for our vehicles, we might as well use it to keep our closets fresh, to change the air in our bathrooms in 20 seconds, to power flush our toilets, to aerate our showers, to clear our mirrors, windshields, dishes, and to dry our hands and shoes.

Hard-wired trains are about 85x more efficient
Tesla uses 3kwh of electricity per mile. Give the battery waste per charge is around 25%, there seems to have been 4kwh used per mile. A whole German ICE train of maybe 14 cars capable of going over 300kph only uses up to about 19-to-33kwh per km (31-to-54 kwh per mile) to use. So the whole train with over 1,000 seats only uses about 10 to 14 times the power of one electric car. And if it was on raised or fully fenced viaducts, the electricity could be hard-wired via an electrified “3rd rail”. Thus the train cars would only need batteries for the half-mile interchange trips.

Ishtar in the Information Age
Surely you have noted the way people stopped forgetting, and the way they can see what you do on the other side of the world.

The only spirit I think is worth worshipping
The only spirit I can believe in is the spirit of eu•man•idi among us. I don’t have a problem supporting this, or struggling for its increase.


The sharing economy
The sentiment at 2:21-2:50 is about furniture but it goes with my comments about shared children’s toys. Also, government should not charge any more tax when a rental is furnished. This is because we want our rental properties to be optionally well furnished. Also, I want to say that I think that WeWork is tremendously overvalued, just like those electric scooters. Both seem designed to fail.

Bible, Ephesians 4:28-32
“28 All thieves must stop stealing and must instead work, and do something productive with their hands, so they have something to share with those in need. 29 Don’t say harmful words, but only what helps your audience according to their needs… 31 Get rid of all bitterness, anger, fighting and slander, along with every other form of vengefulness. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, like how God forgives you.”

Hyperrail townships = rail based townships
Hyperrail cities = groups of townships connected by a hyperrail network.
The house casting industry = the industry that casts large numbers of identical structures in concrete
Intercity trains
local trains = metro trains = zip trains
Narrow democracy = broad oligarchy
Broad democracy = real democracy

Focus on the painting, not the artist
Those who focus on me are trying to distract you from my art, my message. The message, the work is the only thing that is important in my life, the rest is nothing in comparison.

If everyone has a toxic consumption account
It will be easy to precisely state the relationship between tobacco, alcohol, fructose, and lots of other things like over the counter medicines, oil paint, floor adhesive, thinners, etc.

Cast units and condo plans
The unit will be serialized and its condo plan will fit into modular anchor points for the city plan. The ownership will be similar to a condominium, however, the management decisions will be made by the township’s Sub-Senators.

The world’s toxic industry zones
Baja California in the New world and Arabia in the old world.

Townships are their own community
They enforce the rules unless the county Senate votes that they should not teneth by tenth. The township must have more than 500 homeowners for the right of default self rule. Also, it doesn’t matter how much property you own in a township or community, you still only get one vote.

50cc township buggies?
For long trips, whyere compressed air and battery tech is not best, we can use 50cc or 100cc engines on our township buggies. Here it should be pointed out 50cc is exactly 1% of the size of the 5-liter engine in so many SUVs. So again, we are talking about reducing our energy consumption by around 96% to 99%. Also, the super noisy 50cc mopeds we see around are designed to be noisy and irritating.

Q: How are China’s high-speed rail tracks laid?
A: Half a kilometer at a time.

1) The track puller straddles the tracks 0:02.
2) The trestles and tracks are bigger than normal 0:45.
3) At 4:04-5 look how flexible the standard spaghetti rails are
4) Note the gasket between the track and trestles. Are rail connection gaskets better, or steel face plates on the trestle surface? Or both?
5) Note how the rails are coupled at 4:54. This is much stronger, foolproof, and easier than welding the track segments. Don’t weld tracks together ever.
6) Note how trestles are wisely called ballast at 5:35. This should be the correct name for trestles, because it is the primary function of what we attach our tracks to.
7) At 5:50 we hear how the 500m track segments weights 30 tons. Thus these heavier than normal looking tracks weigh 60kg/m.
8) At 5:55 we hear how it takes about 15 minutes to position a half kilometer pair of tracks. Then people place and tighten maybe every 4th trestle so the track laying train can pass over and progress.
9) A sound similar to the one at 7:40 was sampled to get the Star Wars blaster sound.
10) Note how the rebar runs wild out the ends of the trestles. Is this for tensioning, or to discourage reductioneering.
11) At 10:50 we hear how this narrow gauge train on gravel is designed to go 250kph.
12) At around 11:00 onward we hear about how China uses gravel-free concrete foundations for trains going over 300kph.
13) At 18:18 we hear how a third of China’s high speed rail system has been designed to run at 350kph.
14) at 18:54 we hear how China is developing 1.5m gauge steel on steel trains with a speed of 400kph, as well as magnetic levitation trains with a speed of 600kph.

Mag-lev trains are supposed to be expensive
1) At 0:30 we hear how the E5 Shinkansen will run at 320kph. If this is slower than steel on steel trains, then why have the expensive mag-lev aspect?
2) At 1:30-2:20 we see why the power supply line for trains is best placed between the rolling wheels. This helps keep the location precisely fixed and grooved wheels can better roll on the power supply rail.
3) Note how much unnecessary and precise maintenance the Shinkansen train needs. On my trains
a) The power supply is a rigid 3rd rail between the rolling rails.
b) The tracks are robotically adjusted.
c) The interlock prevents derailments.
d) The rolling wheels are small and disposable.

How much do steel rails cost?
Rails cost about $600/ton. Steel of all sorts of profiles is charged this way because people tended to skimp on the amount of steel in a member. Thus everything gets weighed and the weight needs to match the specifications.

So given that one meter of track weighs about 60kg, it should cost about $36, or about $11 per foot. If we double these numbers, the two tracks alone cost about $72/meter or $22/ft. The heavily reinforced concrete trestles run about $60 each. Thus the trestles run $120/meter, or $36/ft. And the connection hardware costs about $8 per trestle, so that is about $16/meter or $5/foot. So aside from the gravel (which runs about $30/cu. yd ($40/cu. meter) the materials cost of our paired rails runs as follows:

Item $/meter $/foot
tracks $72 $22
trestles $120 $36
hardware $16 $5
Total $208 $63

$98-billion for 520 miles of track
The new California train is expected to cost $188-million/mile. And about 80% of the route is through the flat California desert with no bridges. So if we do the math, this comes to about $117,480/meter and $35,600/foot. Assuming two tracks (4 rails), This is 282 times the cost of rails trestles and hardware.

Also, rural highway is supposed to cost about $5/mile. This is about $3,125/m and $946/foot. Thus the California railway project costs about 36 times as much as a highway.

How can railroads be so expensive?
In the 40 seconds between 0:20 and 1:00 this wonderful lorax put down 8 trestles, so that comes to 12 per minute, or 720 per hour. Or rather this is 1-km per 84 minutes, and about 5km/day. So that is maybe 10,000 trestles a day placed, and if the placer and say 8 crew costs say $5,000/day, that comes to about 50 cents per trestle to place, or $1/meter for trestle placement.

Does the public know ANYTHING about power generation?

Ultra supercritical pressure coal fired power plants
This is the real name for a real thing. And it makes generating power efficiently from coal seem like a totally dangerous thing. This is when a coal-fired power plant runs at 300 bar and 600°C. These are up to 48% efficient XXX. There are also super critical pressure power plants that run at 220 bar and 600°C. These are about 42% efficient. XXX. There is also the way most large power plants operate. This is at 170 bar and 570°C. These run about 36% efficient. So if we run our steam at twice the pressure, our coal generates 1/3 more power, for nothing really.
1) The bigger the pressure differential, the more efficient the system.
2) Maybe we should use our super computers to design some 1,000 bar ultra efficient systems.
3) The steam pressure has little to do with the heat source. This is the same for coal, oil, gas, and garbage.
4) The problem with solar powered turbines is that the heat needs to be somehow focused or collected and increased. Otherwise there is not enough of a heat differential to efficiently generate power.
5) Natural gas plants apparently run at 32% to 38% efficiency, even lower than coal plants. So we might as well burn coal in our power plants and save the fluid fuel for something else.

Humphry’s peak is 168-miles north of Phoenix
This peak is at 12,633-ft, or 3,851m, where it is 23°C cooler than in say Phoenix. And surely much passive cooling can be gotten from this windy mountain top. Maybe people will build an insulated coolant aqueduct.

Insulating the bottom of our thermal storage tanksYou know an 8-story column of water weighs 5,000 pounds per square foot. So the big problem with these tanks is heat loss through material that must bear foundation-scale loads.

The true meaning of 86, 68, and 77
86 = This is when the new part of the Ishtar plant kills and replaces the old parts by any means that can be gotten away with.
68 = This is when the old parts of the Ishtar plant fail to nourish the new parts.
777 = This is when both parts of the Ishtar plant act fairly with the outsiders to make the world better for everyone.

Hostiles with Hastas
L. Hasta = spear. It seems related L.hostilis. Maybe this is related to how an army was in centuries past called a host. What is a hostel, but a lodging for hostiles? And be-hest seems to have meant at spear point.

In Sanskrit, hasta= hand gesture position, thus we imagine the Sanskrit speaking trader telling his men to gesture by saying “hasta” they then make spear gestures, and the locals come to use the word hasta as spear. So that is how the Sanskrit word for gesture came to be the Latin word for spear. People would ask the Romans and they would say, “He is going to get speared whenever”, The Spanish took it as “until whenever”.

Hasta muerte = speared to death
Hasta la vista = spear to the face, appearance, everyone in sight
Hasta la proxima = spear the next one
Hasta que = spear what?
Hasta man•ana = spear a man•again.
Hasta la fecha = he gets speared on the date, or perhaps speared in la face-ah.
Real hasta la muerte = really speared to death?
Hasta el momento = speared in a moment and gone
Hasta llegar = until the spear, the spears have arrived
Hasta el dia del juicio = speared on a day of jusice
Hasta finales = speared finally
Hasta dolores = speared painfully
Hasta del fuego = spear of fire

Arabic Ani words
Anif = lofty, noble, sahabi
Aniq = elegant
Anis = close friend, sociable, nice,
Anise = gracious
Aniya = concern, loving

State taxes are so stupid
What a stupid and wasteful thing this is. Why must companies pay slightly varied taxes in every jurisdiction? What is the purpose of this, to just squander the energies of the companies expanding nationwide? Under my system, the people pay taxes to one body in government.

Boston dynamics
When I see this, I think: “What is this for? to shoot the people who run off into the woods?

Lets make the world robot and pram accessible
I doubt that robots with legs will ever be as cheap to build and energy efficient as robots with wheels. This makes me see the current world as not really robot accessible. My new townships will be robot accessible.

Mouth ulcers
I used to get these quite a bit. They were nearly every time from sharp tooth points that were sort of opposite the sore. If you get mount ulcers, the next time you are at the dentist, ask him to round the sharp point on the tooth opposite the ulcer.

Vitamin C deficiency
If you gums bleed when you brush or floss, or if you get mouth ulcers or you bruise easily, try having more vitamin C in your diet. It helps your cell membranes to be stronger, so your cells are injured less.

Cholesterol and Parkinsons disease
A number of studies have shown that high cholesterol diets lower Parkinson’s symptoms. Maybe the body loses its ability to produce dopamine like it loses it ability to produce insulin.

Dietary cholesterol and disease
Cholesterol is involved in just dozens of endocrine systems, Aside from Parkinsons, I wonder what other diseases a high cholesterol diet helps with. We really should get like 100,000 volunteers that don’t care to eat any cholesterol and 100,000 that want to have at least 3 eggs a day. Which diseases are improved in which group? Lets also do the same thing with fructose.

They used to call the tremors of Parkinson’s disease as dottering. This was a problem for Arabs Inc., so it was split into doddering and tottering.

Hanami prawn crackers
They really should have these in the US and Europe. And I mean the orange spicy ones. Also, can you guys make them also in double spicy

Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s slogan
“No promises, no disappointments”
[The Ukrainians apparently don’t expect much from democracy these days.]

Ningxia and Mongolian incursions
Just look at the shape of Neimongol and the way Ningxia looks like this incursion appendix on it. It also looks like Gansu province was previously part of the incursion. Then before that the incursion included perhaps Shaanxi and Sichuan and Qinghai. I mean, look at how Sichuan is this incursion into Yunan and Chongqing. Look at how Ningxia incurrs into Gansu. Wherever you see one nation or district incurring into another, it is normally the Arabs, like with Bosnia incurring into Croatia, and Bangladesh into india, and Brunei into Malaysia.

Mike Pence and biarchy
If he took over Venezuela and the border wall, and maybe some other things, the world might see how democracy works better if power is diluted.

Texas city interchange
There are over 30 million people in its orbit. How do we connect them to each other and to their international airport (DFW)? Texas city is obviously the interchange for the new transit system, as well as a few new cities around it. How do we handle train traffic for 25 million people? I would have a giant traffic circle with maybe 16 spurs and a circumference of maybe 4km. This way each spur will have a 100m ramp radius on each side. The cars break apart on approach. The driving system merges all the cars onto the ring and off the ring and onto their track. When the time comes, all the cars leave. Then maybe 20 minutes later, on the way to say Dallas, there is another train. If the train is to say Shreveport, then it might be an hour wait between trains.

Also, to make sure that people use the system, and so their rail based townships are as popular as possible, the state of Texas will provide the rail system free of charge, except a $6/hour anti transient tax, which along with land sales, and highway improvement savings will pay the people of Texas back many fold for the system’s construction and upkeep. So Dallas to San Antonio (273 miles) might take 1:15hrs, and the fare would be about $7. And because this is so cheap, intercity highway traffic will fall greatly.

The interchanges are the bottleneck
Bundling people into 200-passenger cars at interchanges greatly increases their capacity.

Railcar interchanges not people interchanges
1) Trains can move much faster than people.
2) It is much easier to efficiently coordinate the movements of 10,000 trains than 2,000,000 people.
3) The movement of the trains can be computerized, the people can’t be.

Re-coupling metro cars
What if out townships resembled the BTS and city near Siam station in Bangkok. What if they were huge monster townships with 60,000 people clustered around their central station. What if the train station was 800-m long and you found one of 40 20m cars going to your destination according the a standard plan every 8 minutes. What if the train station was 400-m long and we had 20 20m cars leaving every 4-minutes. This is about 2.4-million people 24 minutes apart. Also, people if we let people switch train cars as we do today, then some people can go to Dallas, some to Fort Worth, some to DFW and some to wherever else.

2,700 people per train
15 cars, a 450 meter long train, 180 people per 6m wide car.

40 trains every 8-minutes
This is 108,000 people every 8 minutes, or 810,000 people per hour, it is a system with a capacity of about 2.4 million people over a 3 hour commute, with nobody standing.

Not wide enough
Maybe the commuter trains should be 9 meters wide. Then the above system will support a city of 3.6 million.

Train system thoughts
1) 1-minutes accelerating, 1-minute decelerating, 6 minutes at 400kph = a 40km radius.
2) The system has 40 paired trains and 8 time zones, with 5 train pairs per time zone. This assures continuous flow
3) One zone (5 train pairs) is always in power collection, one (another 5 train pairs) is always in acceleration mode.
4) One zone is stopped, and 5 are maintaining speed. Thus the system switches power between the lines.
5) Thus we recapture energy from the slowing trains and use it to power our accelerating trains with no storage waste in between.
6) The trains arrive, dock and then come part and then drive on the ring to the appropriate train. If they arrive before the train leaves they couple, if they do not, they queue up for the next train 8-minutes later. Thus the average coupling wait is 4-minutes. This is on top of the interchanging time. Thus the total travel time is about 16 minutes plus 4 minutes for coupling on average and say 2 minutes for interchanging. So the total time is about 22 minutes.

Huge salaries for corporate leaders
I don’t believe that corporate salaries should exist over X. I also think that total remuneration that exceed X+Y in any year should not be allowed to occur. However if shares are owned or options acquired at open market prices by the employee, that doesn’t count.


Senjinkun military code
This field service code was adopted by the Japanese war dept. on 1941.01.08. Find it here and here.

This phamphlet is also confusingly known as:
The Senjinkun military code
Instructions for the battlefield
Field Service Regulations of the Japanese Army
The Japanese military service code
The Japanese military field code
The Japanese field service code
The Army Handbook Of Imperial Japanese
The field service code issued by general Tojo
Imperial Rescript To Soldiers And Sailors

What is a rescript?
In English, a rescript is either the Pope’s or a Roman emperor’s written reply to an appeal for guidance. So this pamphlet given out to the Japanese soldiers during WW2 was considered to have been written by the super-smart god-like emperor of Japan when the army asked for his guidance.

This is an important educational document
The Senjinkun military code should be taught to kids worldwide as an example of how a dutiful nation can be winded-up into thinking it is their duty to kill and die in war, and thus marched off a cliff.

Senjinkun military code

The battlefield is where the Imperial Army, acting under the Emperor’s command, displays its true character, conquering wherever it attacks, and winning whenever it engages in combat. Thus the Kodo [the Japanese Imperial way] is spread far and wide. Thus the enemy will look up in awe at the august [eminent] virtues of His Majesty [the Emperor of Japan]. Those who march to the battlefield should therefore try to exalt/elevate the glories of the Empire throughout the world. And they should fully realize what our country [Japan] stands for, and firmly uphold the moral principles of the Imperial Army.

This Emperor’s Rescript to the army is clear, as are the regulations and manuals that define conduct in combat and training methods. Conditions in the zone of combat however, tend to cause soldiers to be swayed by immediate events and become forgetful of their duty. So naturally, they should be careful not to violate their duties as soldiers. The purpose of this code is to provide concrete rules of conduct, illuminated by past experiences. This is so those in a combat zone can fully obey this Emperor’s rescript and enhance the moral virtues of the Imperial Army.

Japan is the Kokoku [land of the Tenno]. And the Tenno [Emperor of Japan] rules over Japan in an everlasting line unbroken throughout the ages, as the successor in the high and broad cause established by the Imperial Ancestor at the time of the founding of the Empire. The emperor’s benevolence is extended to all without favor, while the Emperor’s virtues enlighten the world. The [Japanese] people have handed down the traditions of loyalty, bravery and respect for elders from generation to generation, thus enhancing the virtues peculiar to our Empire. Thus they assist the emperor with perfect national unity under his throne — the emperor which has brought about the present state of national prosperity. Field soldiers should struggle with total determination to carry-out their mission of defending the Empire by keeping the fundamental character of the nation in their hearts.

Under the Emperor’s command, the army embodies a noble spirit of bravery and helps increase the Empire’s fortunes by increasing its glory. This spirit is the basic factor in realizing peace on earth, because it is the spirit of justice combined with courage, and courage tempered by benevolence, all in conformity with the [infallible and godlike] emperor’s wishes.

Courage requires strictness, while kindness must be universal. Should there be an enemy who dares to oppose the Imperial army, the army must resort to force of arms and without hesitation deal him a crushing blow. However, when force compels an enemy to submit or surrender, should a lapse in virtue occur by the striking of those who do not resist, or a failure to show kindness to those who surrender, it cannot be said that such an army is perfect. [Translation: If an army harms those who surrender, is imperfect.] The Emperor’s Army does not show off its strength, but its kindness. Thus it becomes an object of admiration by quietly displaying both bravery and benevolence. The mission of the Emperor’s Army lies in making the Emperor’s virtues the objects of worldwide admiration through the exercise of justice tempered with mercy.

The essence of discipline in the Imperial Army lies in the elevated spirit of complete obedience to His Majesty, the Generalissimo. Those both high and low have deeply engraved in their minds the solemness of His right of command. Those above should exercise this right in total seriousness, while those below should obey their commands with total sincerity. Essential to victory, and necessary even for maintaining the peace is how the entire Army, united by the bonds of absolute loyalty, moves as one in response to a command. Especially on the battlefield, total compliance with the spirit of obedience is necessary. The spirit of the soldier is best exemplified by those who silently do their duty, joyfully braving death in obedience to a command given at a time when they are undergoing great hardships.
[These sentences seem to have been written to culti-vate=cult-prophet the kamikaze pilots and other Japanese suicide bombers that would drive the US to firebomb all of Japan’s cities. How did the author know?]

The Army looks up in awe to his Majesty [the emperor] as its august [Eminent] leader. It must be united in compliance with the Emperor’s will, as one in spirit and in body and in single-hearted loyalty. In keeping with the basic principles of command, an army unit should form a solid yet genial group with its commander as its centre. It is essential that each man, high and low, dutifully observes his place. He should always be [ready and] determined to sacrifice himself for the good of the whole, as his commander orders. He should also have every confidence in his comrades, and not give even the slightest thought to personal interest, or to life or death.

Soldiers should not only be of one mind in carrying out their orders, but they should show a spirit of cooperation by forgetting themselves for the sake of victory.
Every unit should carry out its mission responsibly, upholding its honor, placing confidence in each other, and assisting one another, volunteering to face hardships, exerting all its strength in cooperation, and fighting valiantly to achieve its objective.

Combat is a thing of constant aggressiveness, which must be carried out with bravery and determination. When attacking, be determined and positive, always taking the initiative, fighting vigorously and stubbornly, vowing not to cease until the enemy is crushed. In defense, always retain the spirit of attack and always maintain freedom of action. Never give up a position, but instead give up your life. [This statement is not logical for an army leadership bent on victory. It is however very logical for an army leadership bent on killing many of its own men.] In pursuit, be thorough and relentless. Act boldly intent on victory. Be fearless and calm, meeting the situation courageously, undergoing hardships with indomitable perseverance so as to overcome all obstacles.

Faith is strength. He who has faith in combat is always the victor. [This statement is not true and sounds like Islam.] The conviction to win grows from constant and rigorous training. Develop the strength to conquer the enemy by every possible effort and by continuous improvement. The destiny of the Empire rests upon victory or defeat in battle. Do not give up under any circumstances. And keep in mind your responsibility not to tarnish the glorious history of the Imperial Army with its tradition of invincibility.

[Books 2 and 3 are frequently omitted because they were not future-proof and contain many statements that reveal the matrix]

The Gods look upon us from above.
Be worthy of divine protection by being pure in heart and in action. Be profound and sincere in your piety. Be constantly mindful of the loyalty you owe the Emperor and your parents. [Translation: It is your duty to your parents and nation to go kill yourself.]

Loyalty [to the nation] and duty to one’s parents are the at the core of our nation’s values. A loyal subject is always a dutiful son. Try to display the best traditions of our forefathers by bearing in mind the wishes of your parents, thereby fulfilling the sacred duty of a loyal subject on the battlefield.
[The devil will impersonate anyone to cause harm. Here he impersonates one’s parents and one’s sense of patriotism so he can stage a great and profitable world war where things got scarce world wide.]

The salute is the expression of a sincere feeling of obedience and is also a symbol of unity between those above and below. Salutes must be strictly executed on the field. If a soldier is filled with the sense of decorum and strict in practicing good manners, it shows that he is a strong warrior. [Salutes show how everyone is obeying their leadership when they are all marched off to kill or subjugate some other group of people living somewhere else.]

Comrades in arms, united in life and death for the Imperial cause, should display full mutual trust, should always try to improve each other and help each other in distress, and restrain each other against excesses, in order that hey may jointly fulfill their duty as soldiers.

Leaders should eagerly set a worthy example in every matter. If there is disorder above, those below will be unruly. Action is prized on the field. Leaders should provide an example, by acting more courageously than others. [The Japanese officers mostly all died in the war. And thus went the Japanese acme-cide.]

Duty is sacred. One’s responsibility is extremely heavy. Each and every task must be performed with the utmost care, until all available means are exhausted. Those who have a strong sense of responsibility are the bravest of the brave on the field of battle. [These words seem like the Japanese leadership knew what was going to happen to Japan.]

The lofty spirit of self-sacrificing service to the State must prevail in life and in death. Do your duty with heart and soul, regardless of life or death. After exerting all your powers, spiritually and physically, calmly face death rejoicing in the hope of living in the eternal cause for which you serve.
[Again, these words seem like the Japanese leadership knew what was going to happen to Japan.]

Strong are those who have a keen sense of honor. Meet the expectations of your family and home community by making effort upon effort, always mindful of the honor of your name. If alive, do not suffer the disgrace of becoming a prisoner; in death, do not leave behind a name soiled by misdeeds.

Let simplicity guide your daily life on the battlefield. Promote habits of fortitude and a high morale. Life on the field of battle must be plain. Consider privation your daily lot and try to be thrifty. Luxury saps valor.

Integrity is the foundation of the spirit of the warrior. How can a man who cannot conquer his worldly desires devote his life his country. Be austere in your daily behavior. Deal with matters justly, so that you will not be ashamed of your conduct in the sight of God or man.

(1) A moment’s negligence may result in an unexpected catastrophe. Be constantly on your guard. Do not despise your enemy or the natives. Do no be negligent after a small success. Know that carelessness brings disaster.
(2) Sentry duty is important. Upon the sentry rests the safety of any army. He also represents the discipline of an army. Those on sentry duty must devote their entire person to the task which must be sternly carried out. Accord the sentry high respect.
(3) #3 IS MISSING. It seems that something is being hidden here.
(4) Ideological warfare is an important phase in modern conflict. Destroy propaganda and fabrications of the enemy, by your unshakable faith in the cause for which the Empire stands, and try to spread Kodo.
(5) Rumors arise from a lack of confidence. Do not be misled. Do not be agitated by them. Firmly believe in the strength of the Imperial Army and deeply trust your superiors. [In other words, just follow orders.]
(6) Protect enemy property and resources. Requisitions, seizures, and the destruction fo goods and similar actions must be executed in keeping with regulations and always under the orders of your commanding officer.
(7) Be gentle to and protect innocent inhabitants in a spirit of benevolence in accordance with the true ideals of the Imperial Army. [If this is the Emperor’s command, then it was just some bad officers that were responsible for the Rape of Nanking. Thus the loyalty to the god-like Emperor that unifies the Army is preserved while the devil runs amok. ]
(8) Those on the battlefield must not indulge in wine or women or allow desire to becloud their consciences thereby damaging the prestige of the Imperial Army and causing the dissipation of a body dedicated to service. They should exercise self control lest they besmirch the pure character of warriors.
(9) Control you anger and suppress your grudges. The ancients said, “Consider anger your enemy”. A moment’s violence often leaves cause for long regret. The harshness of military law is especially designed to preserve the dignity of the imperial Army and protect the good name of its solders. Always remember the oath you took and the deep emotion that you felt when you left home. Remember your parents, your wife and what your children will think of you, and avoid exposing yourself to wrongdoing. [Obey the rules because military law is harsh and you would not want to bring shame your family.]

(1) Foster the tradition of respecting military achievement. Cultivate and train the warrior’s virtues and arts. Remember that “Do not allow yourself to become bored”, is the saying of an ancient general.
(2) Do not allow yourself to worry about those at home in the event of your death, but devote yourself wholly to service. Always be ready to meet death without regret by settling your affairs beforehand. A soldier is always prepared to die on the battlefield. He lets his family know that, at times, even his ashes may not reach them.
(3) There is nothing more regrettable than falling ill to disease on the field. Be particularly careful of your health so that you will not be unable to serve due to excesses.
(4) Remember by heart the saying of an ancient warrior: “My sword is my soul, my horse is my fortune.” Always take good care of your weapons and supplies and give humane attention to animals on the field.
(5) Virtue on the battlefield is the source of strength in combat. Always consider the interests of other units and do not monopolize billets and materials. Remember the saying: “A bird taking flight does not muddy the water”. Help the good reputation of the valorous Imperial Army long remain the cause of fond recollections in alien lands
(6) Not to boast of one’s achievements but to give others credit is one of the most respected traditions among warriors. Do not begrudge others their promotion or cherish resentment because your services are not recognized, but instead reflect upon your own shortcomings.
(7) Always be honest. Consider exaggerations and lies as dishonorable.
(8) Always bear yourself as a member of a great nation, treading the path of righteousness and seeking justice, so that you may enhance the prestige of the Empire. Also do show a lack of consideration for international courtesies.
(9) If you are ordered to go home alive when 10,000 have died, think of those brave souls who will not return. Be determined to become an example to the people by being careful in words and in deeds, renewing your vows to serve the country.

All of the above originate from and end in the Emperor’s Rescript. Let this serve as a guide for putting into practice this battlefield morality, so that all may be perfect in obeying the Emperor’s commands. Soldiers and officers on the field should learn by heart the importance of the above by fully realizing the significance of real service to the State, in order that you may carry out your duty as soldiers, thus responding to the Emperor’s boundless benevolence.


If you truly want to end slavery
You must give the slaves of the Mideast a way to get beyond the poverty that forces them into slavery.

What would Kennedy have done?
What if Khruschev said that he and a few hundred Soviets wanted to flip and join forces with capitalism, and that they were trying to stage a coup that would end the tyranny of the Soviet Union and the cold war? What if Hitler offered surrender in the fall of 1944? What if Saddam Surrendered? Would the US have attacked? Of course not.

George Costanza character
“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”
[This statement may be true for individual lies, but it is not true for group lies. Whether you believe in it or not, the matrix is still a lie.]

Red anger vs. livid anger
I wonder if livid fear is the emotion that all animals have, while red anger is the aggressive bluff emotion that stick carrying chimps evolved so they could drive predators off a kill.

Leaving some so the lions wouldn’t follow
Maybe there is some instinctual basis evolved for leaving a little bit on the table.

Confusing numbers
Strange how the number go O, TT, a FF, and SS, E, N, T. I bet this confuses many kids about numbers.
Two Three
Four Five
Six Seven

Rerunning ads
The element of marketing where fictional citizens show people their fictional citizen marketing propaganda more than say three times in a year, that should be outlawed as brainwashing. Doing this will also make advertising much cheaper for new products, and this will lead to many more new products and, product variety and competition in product design.

Nurturing baby businesses
Imagine a kid still in school. Lets say that he invented say a new garden hose sprayer. What he needs are:
1) A way to cheaply market his new product.
2) A place to sell his new product in.
3) A way for people to make “escrowed” or more accurately 3rd party fund-controlled orders. The market can safely pay and Mr. Inventor, and Mr. Inventor can use the money for reasonable purposes only. If Mr. Inventor doesn’t look likely to be able to produce his orders for the escrowed sum, plus whatever contribution on his side, the money goes back to the customers.
4) Protection from others stealing his salient features and giving him nothing. And this should not be a thing that needs money and expensive lawyers to file and to enforce. It should be a thing that society provides for free, or nearly free, to make invention both cheaper and more enjoyable for our inventors.
5) Protection from liability for inconspicuous or hidden defects.
6) Recognition for doing something good.

At 6:15 we see how “an 8-car Fuxing set is 209m long and weights 17 tonnes”. It holds 556 passengers and only 30.6kg of vehicle per passenger. At 6:33 we see how this steel wheels on steel track train will go 420kph (256mph). At this speed, San Francisco is about 2 hours from San Diego, and the US would take 12 hours to cross. Get in at 6:30 pm in the west coast and arrive at 6:30 am on the east coast (Pacific time). That is 8-hours of sleeping in a couchette cabin, or dorm, and 4-hours of whatever.

Energy use, 1-train vs. 3 cars
1) A train of today has about the same wind profile as 3 SUVs. The train can hold 600 people and the SUV will normally hold 3-people. So the train is about 200 times more efficient with regard to wind resistance.
2) The 3 SUVs weigh 5 tons and the 8-car train weighs 17 tons. But the train is probably without engines, so lets add 3 tons for engines. So with the train we move 20 tons of vehicle for 600 people, or 33.3kg per person. With the SUVs we move 1,522kg of vehicle per person assuming single drivers. So with regard to weight of vehicle moved, our trains are 46 times more efficient than our SUVs
3) Steel wheels rolling on totally rigid steel tracks are between 85% ane 99% more energy efficient than tires according to this link

Track flex
With trains, it shouldn’t be called rolling resistance but track flex, because track flex is the big energy waster. We want to get this out of the system because it both wastes energy and reduces the load bearing capacity of the rails.

Non capital gains tax
The capital gains tax seems to be is something of a blid. It seems to exist to block conception of a non-capital gains tax. Here is what a non-capital gains tax would look like: If you make your money re-selling consumption goods such as clothing, or household goods, personal vehicles, residences, or non capital goods, there should pay a sliver sales/turnover tax, so we wither this sort of non-capital or consumption economy. The people making money on the capital economy, the economy for tools, equipment, factories, computers, forklifts, and tractors don’t pay this tax, only those working for non-capital consumption industries pay this tax.

Real estate should decline in value
If we use rail technology to destroy location premium for land, then nearly all structures should decline in value over time as they depreciate. This is not even counting the depreciation due to the “life estates” that most real estate will be “sold” under. When this happens, when properties stop being nest eggs, it will fundamentally alter the nature of realty consumption. Houses will should not be used as nest eggs and become something that people economize on. And invention and industry will be the only real source of wealth and the only real investments.

Kids are felt more on audio
Children crying is clearly one of the most irritating sounds to people. Conversely, children laughing and playing is almost as powerful in the other direction.

Women are free
They are free to devote themselves to a career.
They are free to have sex with many men.
They are free to have sires or marry or be gay.
They are free to take drugs.
They are free to be alcoholics and tobacco addicts.
They are free to climb mountains.
They are free to help others.
They are free to starve themselves and free to be fat.
I only ask them to consider their line during the brief 25-year period when they are truly fertile, and to keep in mind that if they wait until they are 26, their fertile period will be about half over.

Among chimps, bonobos and pre-industrial human societies most females become mothers before their 15th birthday. ( Maybe some women instead of having this childhood-career-kids-career life, will opt for a childhood-kids-career life. Maybe they should have the option of taking sires before turning 18, and going to school while they raise their kid. Then at say 25, with the kid about 6 they work 30 hours a week, and are full time by say age 28 with the kid, say age 9, spending full days in school and supervised-after-school. Thus the mother begins her career part time at say age 25 and full time at age 28. This is only abaout 4 or 6 years late.

Thor’s hammer and its shockwave
The point of view gun is an aspect of Thor’s hammer. Also, Thor, takes the hammer that only he can wield, and he only hits the earth with it once. This causes point of view shockwave that circles the entire globe reprogramming the old matrix and installing the new one.

Deep fakes
1) They will not affect the new democracy because there are too many leaders.
2) They are yet another reason to disregard aspersions cast at our leaders.
3) We have virtual deep fakes already, viz Brett Kavanaugh.

What is the purpose of Ishtar?
What is the purpose of the platypus? Why did such a strange creature evolve? There is no answer, it is just what worked in an enviornment. Now we will change the enviornment of human desperation and end awful Ishtar forever.

Oahu military bases
I might use portions of the large military base on Oahu for maybe 7 or 15 military retirement townships.

Traffic is so stupid
Isn’t traffic just the stupidest waste of human time and natural resources ever? It is the perfect emblem for the current stupid world we live in. It is traffic and giant oversized cars and giant oversized parking lots and giant roads.

Iron and copper
Quality Iron ore is over 62% FE. This is part of why iron runs about $0.08/lb. Quality copper ore deposits above 4% CU remain limited. This is part of why copper costs about $3/lb. So iron ore is about 15x as concentrated, but copper cost 37.5x more.
1) The other cupric minerals, silver gold are artificially expensive. Copper mining is probably made artifically toxic and costly as well.
2) If the price of steel falls by 70% relative to our labor, then the price of copper should fall by over 85%.

Toxic materials tax
Government shall impose fair and reasonable taxes that significantly increase the spot price of many toxic materials by several fold to discourage their use and to encourage their recovery. This shall include Lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, as well as all signicantly radioactive materials. Also, we should all realize that enviornmentalism starts and mostly stops with toxins scientifically proven to cause significant harm to people or wildlife. If there is extreme harm, then there should be extreme taxation. If there is insignificant harm, then no taxation and no penalty.

Toxic fish-line sinkers
It is bizarre that we are so fastidious about petroleum getting into our fresh water supplies when we allow lead sinkers to be sold. And what about lead toxicity to fishermen? Lets ban both lead and cupric sinker sales and use (copper is toxic to fish). And we should also probably do the same thing for lead keels on fresh water boats. And lets instead require that all fish-line and net sinkers be made of steel or stainless steel. They will be about one third more bulky, but so what. As well, steel costs about 90% less than lead, so considering the higher melting point of iron, the ferrous sinkers should not cost any more than lead ones. (Also, FYI, lead=11.3g/cc, Steel=7.8g/cc, copper=8.9g/cc, nickel=8.6, magnesiun=1.7g/cc and

National const R’3.23
This should read: “All local police departments and Centi-Nome armories shall offer firearm lockers free of charge. These weapons must always be returned immediately upon request unless the owner is clearly intoxicated.”

National const R’3.20
This should read: Where the people rise up and kill a criminal gang oppressing their community with armed force, the courts shall always be free to dismiss the case on grounds of community self-defense. The courts shall also be free to give new and roughly equal identities to those brave men who did the right thing in spite of the risk.

6-loop township bus systems
Lets say our townships had 12 radial roads that are transported by say 6-routes of mini busses operating in loops. The bus goes out road-1 and returns on road 2. In fact, maybe all the radial roads are looped one way roads. Thus we can use a single roadway and this would sure be cheaper, greener, and safer than two lanes. And manybe to control traffic, the taxis costs maybe $5 and the 22 passenger bus is free. And the bus stops just about everywhere along the route.

1) How much energy can be absorbed by the keyway to native soil?
2) The fill is probably going to be something like 80-20-4-centemeter macro-gravel in 1,200psi concrete.
3) The inside of the H-trestles each have projecting rebar hoops, and/or horizontal keyways for the H-trestle fill. This way the foundation of the viaduct is a continuous 20-meter wide thing capable of handling any heavy load we will ever need to carry… and also a super heavy balast capable of stopping trains very fast.
4) Our restraining needs will probably give us tracks that will easily bear kilo-ton capacity railcars.
5) The more I think about it, the more 7-meter gauge trains seem the way to go.

Flatbed railcars that are threaded swage blocks
They all have 25mm diameter RECESSED steel female bolt holes at 60cm on center with coarse threads. These are actually a bolt within a larger bolt that is thread glued tight, but can be overpowered and the receptacles can be replaced. All the holes use 25mm bolts with a head that fits in the recess. Automotive-type air hammers actuate these bolts much like lug nuts on an automobile tire/wheel. This is so house casters and other manufacturers can in minutes bolt and unbolt their goods to a flatbed railcar for transport.

Texas City probably has multiple stations
One interchange is probably not enough to for the main Texas transport hub.

The new train wind profile
The new 7 meter trains will only have about twice the wind profile in comparison to today’s trains.

Township loop traffic
There is going to be a self-driving minibus every 6 to 30 minutes all day long. On top of this, there will also be a few self driving cars which will be as quiet as bicycles. So living on a loop street will be pretty peaceful, unless the loop is too long.

Bangkok should have ERP
At rush hour in the center, the cars should pay 60B every couple km, the trucks 600B and the mopeds 6B. Hop on/off busses pay nothing. Also, no contruction traffic from 8:30 to 7:30 pm

Eggcrate highrise
The greater load bearing for the highrise portions of our townships (if any) are achieved thus. The building blocks are positioned an extra 10 or 20 cm apart and rebar mesh panels scissors are suspended in between centered at the corners. This overlaps the steel held by the block, the “flange” of the beam/membrane. Thus the reinforced concrete “grout” we pour in between our building blocks will create an immensly strong concrete version of a wine-box grid.

Pandoras box and the 2001 obelisk
They are Ishtar, the ever mysterious sphix-enigma of a box.

25, 50, 100 & 200 year volwists
This works out to a about $1.1-million, $2.2-million, $4.5-million, and $9-million in today’s money. And maybe these are lifelong vows. But lets exclude ubiquitzation payments here from our volwist vows. This will both give people and out and focus their attention on working for making life better for all.

Why do we make education into such big chunks?
I would have annual education grades, with the Forest Gump types perhaps only completing grade 8 at age 17, and going to work with an 8th grade education. High school will be equivalent to 12th grade to start. And many people will only complete up to 11th grade, or 13th grade, or 15th grade. And if there is a desperate need for say programmers, they may take 15th year poeple instead of requring 16th year people. And why don’t we keep track of half years, and even indiiso “going back to school” becomes a thing that people can bite off in smaller motivational bites, with incremental rewards in the job market. Also, instead of being a nation of college, high-school, and no high-school diploma, we become a nation of 18’s, 17s, 16s, 15s, 14s, 13s, 12s, 11s, 10s, 9s. This is 10 grades of education, not even counting half years, so this is a much more precise way to measure education. Also, isn’t it strange how we call educational completion as “graduation” when there is nothing gradual about it.

It shoudl be degree + thesis
Those who complete a level of school, but don’t comeplete a thesis of their own thought should be given credit for what they completed.

Fiber to all communities of 1,000
Given the insignificant cost, this should be an objective of the UM.

Streamed and tracked
Soap operas, virtual ministers, fashion media, spectator sports should be streamed and their usage tracked.

IP = intellectual/intangeable property

Double-wide truck protocall
They can be used on the deserted parts of the road system between 9pm and 7am, other parts between 10pm and 6am and on other busy parts between 11:00pm and 5:30am.

And the world stood still
Ishtar petrified and then the world stood still for a remarkably long time as the petrification spread.

Bob Marley’s One love
If Exhodos is the PU’s internal anthem, then I would say that “One love” should be the PU’s external song right now.

94lb cement bags and the matrix
It is easy to see the matrix in concrete bags.
1) They are way too heavy to manipulate.
2) Cemet is a desiscant. It absorbes water from the air. Why doesn’t it come in waterproof plastic bags. Why does it come in paper that will let it go bad faster?
3) Why does cement come in these messy multi-layer bags that grab the powder?

How to pakage cement
Better that we package our cement in say 10KG balls, encased in ostrich tough eggshell concrete (or less) that gets ground up and made part of the mix aggregate. Or maybe we use some water soluable polymer, or seaweed jell to keep the dust under control. These sit in racks and are dispensed like so many slow-motion pachinco balls into the cement mix.

Rail car cost
Our 6m gauge electric railcars will all certainly weigh less per passenger than a gasoiline powered minivan. And if we make them by the 10,000s they should not cost more per kilo of weight. So a 150 passenger railcar should cost about as much as 10 Ford Tranists or $400,000. And it should be remembered that this vehicle has twi

Declared use goods
In between goods that are freely available and those which are not, there shold be a class of goods that the owner must declare where and when they were gotten and how they will be used .

The Hindi word for kerosene
It is “Mitti Ka Tel” which a German speaker might easily mistake for “with the cartel”. What is this you are importing? It’s ok, its “Mitti Ka Tel”. Many people overheard this apparently.

Vote for slavery and desperation
Of course people will chose freedom and prosperity.

What Cuba really is
It is a way to stop the US from leading the Americas and having a hugely powerful military/industrial block. Merely look where Cuba is geographically. I submit that this nation is as Anti-US as it is by design. It is worth quite a bit to have this nation here, and also to create a central America with 7 nations so at least one might always be a problem to the US.

The Panama Canal fee
It is highway robbery, charging $125,000 to use this canal. And who benefits? Surely it is the people running the Suez canal, for it is about the same distance between the east cost of the Americas and the east coast of Asia either way.

There is no such thing as a precisely balanced orbit
The satellite either is in a shrinking orbit or an expanding orbit. Thus most of the material of the solar disc that was not pulled away by secondary gravity either spiraled into the sun or spiraled away from it, leaving ony a small number of planets left, all of which have almost perfectly balanced orbits.

Is it the teacher’s fault?
If only 10% of people find his work extremely useful while 90% can’t understand at all?

Why do we have garages?
What happens to our garages when we shift to single-wide and frequently shared vehicles? Do we use them for storing junk?

When will it happen?
When will the “millenials” start saying: “What do I need with a giant home when we spend so much time interfacing?”

It isn’t greed, its materialism
here really isn’t much greed without materialism. And Ishtar cant really create greed directly. So instead it focuses on increasing materialism.

This is the inherent greed of all males in all species to have as many children as possible. What do you think that your stupid religion says that cupidity is evil. Now who could want that? Of course Roman Catholicism is a tool of the land of no resources.

Frank Herbert
“Science is made up of so many things that appear obvious after they are explained.”

Frank Herbert
“The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever.”

Frank Herbert
“The Guild navigators, gifted with limited prescience, had made the fatal decision: they’d chosen always the clear, safe course that leads ever downward into stagnation.”

Frank Herbert
“The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it.” This he who kills Ishtar takes over absolute control of it and all its posessions.”

Frank Herbert
“proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you’ve always known.”

Frank Herbert
“Every civilization must contend with an unconscious force which can block, betray or countermand almost any conscious intention of the collectivity.”

Frank Herbert
“No matter how exotic human civilization becomes, no matter the developments of life and society nor the complexity of the machine/human interface, there always come interludes of lonely power when the course of humankind, depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals.”

Frank Herbert
“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

Frank Herbert
“the tripod is the most unstable of all structures.”

Frank Herbert
“The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows — a wall against the wind. This is the willow’s purpose.”

Frank Herbert
“A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.”

Frank Herbert
“Muad’Dib learned rapidly because his first training was in how to learn.”

Frank Herbert
“Be prepared to appreciate what you meet.”

Frank Herbert
“There should be a science of discontent. People need hard times and oppression to develop.”

Frank Herbert
“My father once told me that respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality. “Something cannot emerge from nothing,” he said. This is profound thinking if you understand how unstable “the truth” can be.”

Frank Herbert
“Muad’Dib could indeed see the Future, but you must understand the limits of this power. Think of sight. You have eyes, yet cannot see without light. If you are on the floor of a valley, you cannot see beyond your valley. Just so, Muad’Dib could not always choose to look across the mysterious terrain. He tells us that a single obscure decision of prophecy, perhaps the choice of one word over another, could change the entire aspect of the future. He tells us “The vision of time is broad, but when you pass through it, time becomes a narrow door.” And always, he fought the temptation to choose a clear, safe course, warning “That path leads ever down into stagnation.”

Frank Herbert
How much is actual prediction of the “wave form”

Frank Herbert
‘The Fremen were supreme in that quality the ancients called “spannungsbogen” — which is the self-imposed delay between desire for a thing and the act of reaching out to grasp that thing.’

Frank Herbert
“Power tends to isolate those who hold too much of it. Eventually, they lose touch with reality… and fall.”

Frank Herbert
“What senses do we lack that we cannot see another world all around us?”

Frank Herbert
“Often I must speak other than I think. That is called diplomacy.”

Frank Herbert
I have said: “Blow out the lamp! Day is here!” And you keep saying: “Give me a lamp so I can find the day.”

Frank Herbert
There is no escape — we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”

Frank Herbert
“Greatness is a transitory experience. It is never persistent. It depends in part upon the myth-making imagination of humankind. The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in. He must reflect what is projected upon him. And he must have a strong sense of the sardonic. This is what uncouples him from belief in his own pretensions. The sardonic is all that permits him to move within himself. Without this quality, even occasional greatness will destroy a man.”

The next generation
I will not really suffer from tooth decay, diabetes, alzheimers, STDs, bad backs and so many other conditions. Also, 10% to maybe 40% of the people will have ad a father in the top 5%.

Frank Herbert’s Dune line is: “less than a god, more than a man.” And this seems to be what demi-gods are actually about. They are men above other men in their gifts to everyone. They are not gods, but they are not ordinary men either. They are demi-gods, with powers above mortal men to change minds and also to be talked about after they have died. That is what demi-gods are about. And all the Ancient polytheistic pantheons exist to partly cover up the idea of demi-gods beingh merely men above other men.

Marijuana’s see dispersal needs and dosage
Imagine eating a mere 5 grams of marijuana bud. I am sure most people would loose conciousness. Nibble your marijuana, don’t use too much.

Dosage charts
I think all drugs should have dosage charts on the government’s pharma info wesbite. At what dosage do 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%… on to 99% and 100% of the adult median weight person find the drug effective, and at what dosage does the drug become unsafe, or undesirable. And lets also do dosage charts for all the Mafia drugs.

Shorline distance charts
Each volcano near the ocean should have its ice age and warm age shorlines mapped at 1-meter countours. Then the shortest distance to the shoreline is calculated at each meter, and each volcano and then turned into an (LL) graph with 0-135m on the X axis and the number of kilometers on the Y access.

A•tel•antes = an incomplete part, a fragment of a story from before. That is that Atlantis means. This was conflated with the tale of the seaboard civilization swallowed up by the ocean in a giant flood one day.

How I see universities
They are these mechanisms for Ishtar to maintain control over society. They are tools for a lying deceptive force to bend our reality as far from the truth as it can be bent.

Special delivery
Maybe normal delivery is to your mailbox, maybe special delivery is to you and your location beaconing device.

“We could have easily done this 10 years ago”
This is what you say when people ask about the difficulty of making my self-driving train technology real.

Religion should not be emotional
The evil devil exploits your emotions to whip up your people into war. The good god uses logic and reason and you say of course this is the truth.

With Caesar and king
No street or public building or business or media or anything else may be named caesar or king or after any genocidal leader such as Adolph Hitler and the Hotel Adolphus of Dallas.

Orwell has a place in utopia
It is where the bad people go. And we need to all realize that we actually make the rest of society safer by making our criminals live under a system of Orwellian totalitarianism. For to violate this line then becomes making free people live like prisoners. So maybe the edge of the Orwellian totalitarian reality is marked by surveillance and schedules, and interviews and snooping that some people might accept without it being the way that prisoners live. And this is where the graduated punishment institutions come in. A

Regional government without teeth
Under my new democracy, Europe has a sort of regional government in that it meets regularly to consider Europe’s stand on the activities of the world government. But so too does South America and the rest of the world. I think it is wise for global government to only have baby teeth, and no checkbook. To my mind, only national government should have real teeth and real spending power for quite some time. The world remains too “heteroethical” in many ways, especially with regard to wealth and education. Thus we are not ready for a world government yet.

Don’t take the environment for granted
Lately, over the past few million years, Earth has spent over 92% of its time in volcanic ice age, like we saw in the recent Blade Runner film.

AAVP = average annual volcanic pollution
When we do our global volcano survey, we should average the volume of ash our planet produced over the past few ice ages. How many cubic kilometers of volcanic ash does Earth produce on average in any given year. I think this will serve as a sort of de-facto benchmark for the pollution that men make.

Economies and worm holes
The reality of the space on the other side will have almost no natural economic gravity, and much less organic or environment time relative to our time. So we will be as supermen economically.

Your nose, their teeth
The release nose from teeth message goes to the party with the teeth, and not the party with the nose. And you of the nose, all you want is to get your nose released, right? You will do anything to get your nose released, right?

It’s in there
Whatever they ask about about ending it, you can say, “its in there, or at least a good beginning is.”


The handover of power
I would hope that the president or prime minister of some nation would have a press conference and ask for the nation to muster up under the new democracy. They should offer their resignation once the new democracy has propagated. Thuse there will be no impeachment or firing of those who go along with the true will of the people. In fact, there will be an amnestry for those who comply. Any “Maduros” and their men in arms that resist will be regarded as democides by the new government and punished accordingly.

Deliveries and postage
Most people would be very happy to have a delete and charge postage button for spam emails and spam phone calls.

The big island of Hawaii as an air hub
People are not going to take the train much between North America and Asia. Even at 500kph and with cabins, the trip is just too far. And the flights across the Pacific are a bit too long for one leg. And these long flights have to carry too much fuel ot ber efficient. And there is also the issue of going from point A to point B in a world with limited air connections. So I think what we will find is that it will be pretty ideal for the flights between most of Asia and the Americas to have a hub on the big island of Hawaii.

Single-wide Hawaii
People are famously not in much of a hurry in Hawaii. Maybe double-wide vehicles (except busses) should be mechanically speed limited to 40-mph but single-wide vehicles can go 60mph.

All search engines should have
1) A paywall button set to no paywall by default.
2) A stigmatized media button set to no stigmatized content by default.
3) A clickbait reputation percentage slide bar, set to say 10% by default.
4) A closed with scorn slide bar set to say 15% by default.
5) The ability of users to mark a web page with scorn.
6) A flag for Senate review with a variety of reasons
7) A limit on the amount of advertising.

The incorruptible democracy front page has been in sections 3 to 8.

How to do Secret “micro voting”
1) The nome prints issues 32 sheets of paper with all the candidate names printed 8-times. Then these 32 sheets are cut into 8-parts yielding 256 ballot cards.
2) Four people are elected to be admins.
3) The Nome files past the four vote admins and each person is given a card. The people then proceed to a line of booths and circle one name and fold their card.
4) The people then put the ballot in the box. and go to the ballot box audience area on both sides of the ballot box.
5) After everyone votes, they open the box and count the votes for each candidate.
6) Use secret micro-voting if vote selling becomes a problem.

Bowley locks ubiquitized
What a great lock. And what a great way for the world to make crime more difficult. Maybe the world should give these guys about 5-cents per person, worldwide, or about $350-million to the four guys. Or maybe one of them was the real juice and he should get 70% or 80% of the money. Regardless, I am pretty sure they would be extatic at this amount of money. And more importantly, the world’s other future inventors would remain motivated to come up with something good. What a great lock:
1) It can’t be picked without drilling it.
2) It is very hard to bump.
3) It is harder than most locks to drill out.
4) It is barely harder to make than today’s locks.
5) I would increase the thickness of the face plate to make it harder to drill a pick hole. I would also increase the size of the key sleeve and the key groove so the whole lock is harder to drill out.

A variant of the initial stump grinder is what I imagine for round foundation hole drilling.

Note the lateral guidance wheels between 0:22-1:30. These are like the train guidance wheels. XCMG’s ET110 1:36-3:10 is interesting for hilltop construction. So to is the Darda splitter at 7:50-9:22. Note the Carmix 3500TC at 11:03-12:35

Exploring the Bridge to Nowhere
This video is too well made. And the abandonment of the bridge is too fishy. If the road is so far above the river, how did it get wiped out? And then there is the reference to the quartze. I bet there is gold here given the quartz.

Depleted uranium projectiles
As I understand it, hardly anyone is harmed by the residual radiation in the uranium. On the other hand, the armor piercing advantages of DE make it an imortant weapon for defenders. So I say keep using DE shells. In fact, we might use it in our cannon mines if they work better.

The biggest coal mine in Germany
On Google’s satellite images, the Hambach or Garzweiler mine occupies about 3.7 square miles of area. Given that Germany has 137,988 sq. miles, this mine occupies about 1 part in 37,000 of Germany’s area.

50 shades of government
Prohibition = when government makes a product illegal
Regulation = when government makes an industry more predictable.
Discooperation = when government does not cooperate.
Harassment = when government undertakes low cost measures to interrupt an industry

Hasta la vista = spear to the face
In Latin, hasta meant spear, and hasta la vista was a reference to the way the Romans would stab barbarian (Spanish) men in the face.

I might imagine that people who grow up looking at things that are close to you, be they handicrafts, or be they a phablet… I would imagine that they would be more likely to become nearnighted. What portion of nearsightedness is “nurture”?

Imagining Texas city
A million people is 33 townships of 30,000. So if 5-million people settle in Texas City, that is about 160 townships. And they are maybe 3 miles in diameter so maybe they are maybe 7-miles on center. and 13×13 = 169, so 13×7 = 91 miles. So Texas City is then aout 91 miles square. And that assumes that there are no added train gaps. So maybe we imagine Texas city as a big circle inscribed highways 10, 35 and 45, althoug there will will probably be townships farther out than this.

Heros and eros
Same word? The heros get the eros?

Spanish hermano = bro
It is a herman•o, or a harem•ano bro

The Problem With Fast Trains:
What Happened to Hovertrains?

What propaganda. The real problem with mag-lev and hover vehicles is that there simply is no need to hover a vehicle when we can use steel wheels on wide-gauge steel tracks. After all, rolling resistance (for proper cylindrical steel wheels) is utterly minescule (around 1% of the automobile system). And long trains have no increased wind resistance. So the problem with trains is not rolling resistance or wind resistance, or energy use, but stability and braking speed. Widening the trains to say 6-meter gauge and using cylindrical rolling wheels combined with track-web guidance solves the stability problem and also the braking problem if the track is properly anchored to its “ballast”.

Kids and cavities
If the government is paying for kid’s fillings, then it can make kids pay for cavities. But we should make kids pay with their time doing more chores or community service or something like that.

Bob Iger
“Hitler would have loved social media.”

You send your kids to our schools
but you don’t pay our taxes?

Sorry, neither you nor you kids has the right.

The easiest way to lose some weight
Stop living in your giant kitchen/family room where all the food is.

Styrofoam packaging
Nearly all forms of styrofoam packaging should be prohibted. Those styrofoam clamshells should be prohibited. The styrofoam coffee/tea cups should be prohibited. However the water-proofness and indestructability of this material make it ideal for construction. Sealed styrofoam construction should be encouraged.

The cost of local styrofoam
The beads run say $800/ton. And the dense material weighs about 50lbs per cubic yard (29.7KG/cubic meter). So dense styrofoam costs about $20/cubic yard for materials, and light styrofoam cost about $10/cubic yard not counting the power to run the popcorn popper and the devices molding it into shapes, and of course transport and storage. So the cost of material for 18” thick dense styrofoam is about $1.11/ square foot of wall area for dense material. It is this material that will go around our cast concrete structures as a precisely fitting insulation layer that will be covered in something like the thin corrugated cement sheets we see all over the developing world. And this is a bit thicker and probably more corrugated.

No thermal bridging
One side of the styrofoam insulation panels will have these slide-down catches and there will be clip at the top that screws into the concrete house. Then there are these large plastic insulating screws that both hold the shell and the insulation. So there will be no thermal bridging except around windows and doors. And this will be mitigated by using a wood like plastic material that is maybe R3 at our windows.

Structural styrofoam
I wonder if we can make styrofoam at high pressures with strands of fiberglass in it.

County styrofoam factories
Each county probably has one. There are maybe 50 sorts of standard wall panel insulation, and 30 sorts of standard ceiling insulation for our townships and homes. And these probably make pipe insulation and sheet styrofoam. All is sold at material cost by the county to encourage energy efficiency.

Why have IP for these easy to form materials?
For the time being, there should be no IP for things made of styrofoam, aluminum extrusions, aluminum castings, or stamped and folded paper.

Pharmacy techs
Perhaps the top 100 non-abusive prescription drugs at least, the drugs should be dispensed by techs.

Forgivness for the holicaust?
Nobody gets forgiven. It is just that enough time passes and then eveyrone is dead and you can’t hold the children responsible for what their parents did.

Trademarks and political movements
The right to keep others from using your trade name for their trade does not extend to political useage and it especially does not extend to political communication. Also maybe BLEXITING should be the crime of submitting baseless ceasal cases over IP.

Los Hoyos
San Diego had this coastal area near or on some points called Los Hoyos. This was the Spanish translation of the native name for the graveyard coastal areas of San Diego which people took for being near the points. The Los Hoyos area used to be the south bay, Point Loma, Mission Beaches and La Jolla. All of this was once called Los Hoyos by the Indians. Point Lomo was where someone grew pigs on the easy to fence peninsula. That became point Point Loma and the other promontory became La Jolla (singular). And it was a big area of tsunami destruction just like in Los Angeles, all the sand areas including Mission Valley and Rose Canyon.

The dent in Moore’s law
Look at the dip that occurred between 1972 and 1978. Was that from drugs?

Shirking comes from Arabic
In Islam, Shirk is doing anything other than working for Ishtar. The opposite is Tawhid, or working for Ishtar.

Must comes from Arabic
In Arabic musta = upset, dissatisfied, offended

Can Trump call a national referendum?
Lets ask the people how they stand on:
1) Denying illegals of government and financial services
2) Fining employers up to $20,000 per illegal
3) Requiring police to check the citizenship of everyone with a non-standard accent, or who doesn’t know about our culture
4) Making much of the southern border into military base.

Ontario California’s child support law
It says in about 80 pages what I think can be said in half a page, plus a couple pages for making honest declarations and non-payment. Behold a system where logic has been banished so that the infidel men who dared to father children were punished as much as possible. This is the complexity represented by islam’s geometric art. It represents the artificial and pointless complexity of bureaucracy that baffles people into submission to their government. And it is a government that people foolishly presume is run by their own people, their smartest people. This while in fact their government is run mostly by the Mideast.

All the power they can use
The Mideast normally has more political and economic power than it can get away with using.

Backwater “hanging judges”
Counties may elect laws only within the range of the laws permitted by the national government. They must also obey the maximum penalties that are set at the national level.

Judicial review famously isn’t in US constitution
Yet there are currently 870 appointed federal judges telling our elected officials what they can and cannot do based on their tea-leaf reading of a constition that is so terse, it can mean pretty much anything.

Ishtar is rich, you all are poor
It is the most immense absurdity about mankind that the people with nothing but their wits own the world and charge everyone rent for it while few in any nation would ever say the Arabs own their land and the Arabs remain dirt poor (except for the guys with lots of expensive-looking show-off concession goods.

All humans are poorer under Ishtar
This goes for the free host as well as the slaves of the parasite’s cause.

The treasure chamber
In some movies the people who discover the chamber run around saying “wow, look at this”, about one thing after another. I think this is a good metaphor for what I do when my mind is racing from one idea to another. I think we should tell kids that they should try to do whatever gets them in this stater and keeps them there, and that doing this will make them smarter. This way they will come back more and explore far into the vast cave chamber as I have, by coming back day after day for many years.

Religion should not be emotional
The evil devil exploits your emotions to whip up your people into war. The good god uses logic and reason and you say of course this is the truth.

Small children alone with male teachers
If you are still going to allow this, at least require that all the schools and churches are fully video recorded with no spot invisible.

Homeopathic medicine
I don’t think it does anything.

Chinese Tian pu = temple, which souds alike.

Bishop comes from Gr. Biskopes = overseer

Satirical drawings
Satirical drawings are always allowed when they are obviously not real.

Video CVs
I think people should take video snippets from work practical.

Special delivery
The regular mail comes maybe one day in 6, and special delivery pays for itself. In fact, both classes pay for themselves.

Russia and Canada have less seismic actvity
I would not be surprised if our global cymology survey tells us that the Russian north experiences between 10 and 100 times lower earthquake loads than say Australia and the Unda islands.

Edward Bellamy, Looking backwards, 1888
“But how could I live without service to the world? you ask. Why should the world have supported in utter idleness one who was able to render service? The answer is that my great-grandfather had accumulated a sum of money on which his descendants had ever since lived. The sum, you will naturally infer, must have been very large not to have been exhausted in supporting three generations in idleness. This, however, was not the fact. The sum had been originally by no means large. It was, in fact, much larger now that three generations had been supported upon it in idleness, than it was at first. This mystery of use without consumption, of warmth without combustion, seems like magic, but was merely an ingenious application of the art now happily lost but carried to great perfection by your ancestors, of shifting the burden of one’s support on the shoulders of others. The man who had accomplished this, and it was the end all sought, was said to live on the income of his investments. To explain at this point how the ancient methods of industry made this possible would delay us too much. I shall only stop now to say that interest on investments was a species of tax in perpetuity upon the product of those engaged in industry which a person possessing or inheriting money was able to levy. It must not be supposed that an arrangement which seems so unnatural and preposterous according to modern notions was never criticized by your ancestors. It had been the effort of lawgivers and prophets from the earliest ages to abolish interest, or at least to limit it to the smallest possible rate. All these efforts had, however, failed, as they necessarily must so long as the ancient social organizations prevailed. At the time of which I write, the latter part of the nineteenth century, governments had generally given up trying to regulate the subject at all.”


Lucian, Sacrifices
“Surely Zeus is aware of the impressive way they entertained him and his family for 12-days running. Clearly with the Gods, nothing costs you nothing. Each blessing has its price. Health can be had, for a calf: wealth, for a couple pairs of oxen: a kingdom, for a hecatomb [100-oxen sacrificed in a giant public barbecue]. Safe conduct from Troy to Pylos has fetched as much as 9-oxen, and a passage from Aulis [50km from Athens] to Troy [Istanbul] has been quoted at a princess. For six pairs of oxen and a robe, Athene sold Hecuba [queen of Troy, mother of Paris and Cassandra] a reprieve for Troy; and it is to be presumed that a rooster, a garland, and a handful of frankincense, will each buy something.

Chryses, that experienced diviner and eminent theologian, seems to have realized this principle. Returning from his fruitless visit to Agamemnon, he approaches Apollo with the air of a creditor, and demands repayment of his loan. His attitude is almost one of objection/protest. He cries, ‘My god Apollo, I have been placing garlands on your temple, where never a garland has hung before, and I burned unlimited legs of beef and lamb on your altars. Yet when I suffer wrong, you pay no attention. You count my sacrifices as if they were worth nothing.’ The God became quite disconcerted. So he seized his bow and came down [from heaven] in the harbor and smote the Greeks with shafts of pestilence, them and their animals.

And now that I have mentioned Apollo… And when that vote of censure was passed on him for the slaughter of the Cyclopes, he was dismissed from Heaven, and condemned to share the fortunes of men upon earth…

Hephaestus is nothing up against Prometheus. Who doesn’t knows about the sorrows of that meddlesome philanthropist? How he suffered Zeus’ wrath, and was brought to Scythia [Ukraine], and nailed up on Caucasus mountains, with an eagle to keep him company and destroy his liver each day…

If a sacrifice is going forward,
all mouths are open to feast
on the smoke like flies they settle
on the altar to drink up the trickling streams of blood. If they are dining at home, nectar and ambrosia is the bill of fare. In ancient days, mortals have eaten and drunk at their table. Such were Ixion and Tantalus; but they forgot their manners, and talked too much. They are paying the penalty for it to this day; and since then mortals have been excluded from Heaven.

Now lets parse down that last paragraph

If a sacrifice is going forward
[For a Roman sacrifice to work there were these legalistic incantations that had to be recited perfectly with no corrections, and the priests aside from talking to the gods and to the people all day long also recited the incantations repeatedly, so they were experts at not screwing-up the insanely complex incantations that were designed to be hard to say. And we imagine people being tested on their abilities outside the sacred temple, so they would not irritate the god. And people just couldn’t show up at a temple and start belting out a prayer like a Catholic priest. If you didn’t either whisper or get a free prayer permit by going through the motions at the practice spot just across the street. If you didn’t do that, then the all for one priests might tackle you and hand you over to the cops, and there was a good chance you would meet your end in a gladiatorial arena.]

[And people had to sacrifice, they had to buy either overpriced unblemished sacrificial animals, or Arab hashish flavored with frankincense. This was so the city would buzz with god vibrations, like the song. And also, sometimes the government would buy these over priced sacraments, and sometimes individual people would have to do this, it varies by the era.]

[So when you imagine a world where in both Rome and in the provinces where prayer meant a daily universal inhalation of a hash of marijuana and opium and khat and who knows what else.]

[And the dumb Romans just went along and inhaled the smoke of their sacraments as we see next:]
all mouths are open to feast
They descend upon the smoke like flies
[Imagine someone is burning a pile of hash in a walk-in closet of a Roman temple room and all the priests and their friends crowd in to “watch” and hit on the incense perfume.]

on the altar to drink up the trickling streams of blood.
[The Romans drank the blood of the animals they sacrificed. The Arabs probably made it a macho Roman thing to do, this drinking of animal blood. But it was forbidden to the priests. So the troublesome Romans caught, or were given some deadly predator disease this way. In fact, I bet they still have higher resistance to blood born pathogens in Mediteranean Europe.]

If they are eating at home, nectar [Italian soda syrup] and ambrosia [Turkish sweets] are on the menu. In ancient days, mortals ate and drank at their table. Such were Ixion and Tantalus; but they forgot their manners, and talked too much. They are paying the penalty for it to this day; and since then mortals have been excluded from Heaven.
[The rich Romans ate lying down. They had slaves to cook for them, while we have microwave machines to do it for us. They had slaves to carry them around on litters, we have automobiles, machines to do it for us.]

The life of the Gods being such as I have described, our religious ordinances are in admirable harmony with the divine requirements. [according to all the renowned religious professors.] Our first care has been to supply each God with his sacred grove, his holy hill, and his own peculiar bird or plant. The next step was to assign them their various sacred cities. Apollo has the freedom of Delphi and Delos, Athene that of Athens (there is no disputing her nationality). And Hera is from Argos, Rhea is a Mygdonian, and Aphrodite a Paphian. As for Zeus, he is Cretan born and bred–and buried, as any native of that island will show you. It was a mistake of ours to suppose that Zeus was dispensing the thunder and the rain and the rest of it — because he’s been lying snugly underground in Crete all this time.

As we would have been neglegent to leave the Gods without hearth and home, temples were built, and the services of Phidias, Polyclitus, and Praxiteles were called in to create images in their likeness. Chance glimpses of their originals (I don’t know where they got them) enabled these artists to do justice to the beard of Zeus, the perpetual youth of Apollo, the down on Hermes’s cheek, Posidon’s sea-green hair, and Athene’s flashing eyes; with the result that on entering the temple of Zeus men believe that they see before them, not Indian ivory, nor gold from a Thracian mine, but the actual son of Cronus and Rhea, brought to earth by the hand of Phidias, with instructions to keep watch over the deserted plains of Pisa, and content with his lot, if, once in four years, a spectator of the games can snatch a moment to pay him sacrifice.

Now the altars are ready. A sacrificial purification has been duly performed and a proclamation has been made [by the priests on behalf of the god in return for the sacrifice]. The [animal sacrifice] victims are accordingly brought forward. An ox from the plough, a ram or a goat, according as the worshipper is a farmer, a shepherd, or a goatherd. Sometimes it is only frankincense or a honey cake. Nay, a poor man may conciliate the God by merely kissing his hand. [That is to say that they can kiss the pontiff’s = bridge’s hand, the hand of the vicarious pressence of the god on earth. This is just like how people try to kiss the Catholic pontiff’s hand here (]

[Roman sacrifices were sort of like income taxes, the richer you are the more you are supposed to pay to the gods… And the gods know. They know when you have been naughty and have not really sacrificed enough to show just how much you love them. And now because too many people are all being selfish, the gods are punishing all Rome.]
But we are concerned with the priests. They first makes sure that the victim is without blemish, and worthy of the sacrificial knife. Then they crown him with [expensive] garlands [that wilt quickly and get splattered in blood, because they hang around the neck of the animal and it is impossible to keep them from getting all bloody]. Then they lead him to the altar, where he is killed before the God’s eyes, to the broken accompaniment of his own sanctimonious bellowings [sancti•monious = the character of sacred moans], most musical, most melancholy. Who can doubt that the Gods delight in such a spectacle?

According to the proclamation , no man shall approach the holy ground with unclean hands [The Romans had to wash their hands before entering the church just like the Christians and Muslims do today]. Yet there stands the priest himself, wallowing in [animal] gore; handling his knife like a true Cyclops [a one eyed, one objective creature like Ishtar], drawing out entrails and heart, sprinkling the altar with blood. In short, he leaves out no detail of his holy office. Finally, he kindles a fire, and sets the victims body parts on it, sheep or goat, not skinnedd, not cut up. Then a godly smoke [where the animal was burnt completely it was an exaust = ex•caust], fit for godly nostrils, rises heavenwards, and drifts to every part of the heavens. The Scythian [Ishtarian, Russian], by the way, will have nothing to do with meager cattle. He offers men to Artemis; and the offering is appreciated.

But all this, and all that Syria, Phrygia [SW Turkey], and Lydia [West Turkey] can show, amounts to nothing much. If you want to see the Gods in their glory, as fit rulers of Heaven, you must go to Egypt. There you will find that Zeus has sprouted ram’s horns. Our old friend Hermes has the muzzle of a dog. And Pan is an unblemished goat, or an ibis, or a crocodile, or an ape. Each is a [Roman] God in disguise. [The gods could not be identical or people would not fight. But it was good for them to be related, because it helped reinforce the matrix because everyone believed in some form of the matrix.]

And can you see the truth that lurks herein?
[text missing. There was probably text here that Ishtar did not like.]
If so, you will find no lack of sages and scribes and shaven [Ishtarian] priests to inform you (after he expels the profanum vulgus [profane common people]) how, when the [mental] Giants [the tall ones that the Ishtarians always try to kill] and their other enemies rose against them, the Gods fled to Egypt to hide themselves, and there took the form of goat and ram, of bird and reptile, which forms they preserve to this day. Of all this they have documentary evidence, dating from thousands of years back, stored up in their temples. Their sacrifices differ from others only in this respect, that they go into mourning for the victim, slaying him first, and beating their breasts for grief afterwards, and (in some parts) burying him as soon as he is killed . When their great god Apis dies, off comes every man’s hair, however much he values it himself. Even if he had the purple hair of Nisus, it would make no difference. He must show a sad crown on the occasion, even if he must die for it. [Judging from the fragmentary nature of the text that follows this point, more than a paragraph of text seems to have been eliminated.]

Water in dry Greece and the fall of Athens
We have to look at the geography of Greece to truly understand the fall of Athens in 404BC. Note two Limni=lakes, Limni Yliki and Limni Para-Limni at the E75 at the top of the image. The T of the name Thiva (Thebes) is shown in one of the lakes. These probably provided the irrigation water that grew the food produced by Thebes, and this was the food that fed Athens. But when the basass live-to-fight men of Sparta came up and decided to occupy Corinth and the “Corinthian Hills” between Athens and Thebes, Athens was cut off from trade with the world by land, and could only sail out of its harbor.

Archelogical drilling only harms 1 part in a million
A 20cm drill will only “destroy” one part in a million of the site’s area.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus
“We should not leave out the use of the weighted javelins, called martio•barbuli [war•barbs?] . We previously had two 6,000-man legions in Illyricum [Yugoslavia±] which due to their remarkable skill in the use of these weapons were given the same name as a distinguishing moniker. For a long time, they supported the weight of all the wars and distinguished themselves so remarkably that Emperors Diocletian and Maximian on their accession honored them with the titles of Jovian and Herculean and preferred them before all the other legions. Every soldier carries five of these javelins in the hollow of his shield. And thus infantry legions sort of take the place of archers, for they wound both the men and horses of the enemy before they come within reach of normal missile weapons.”

Spiculum or spine hammers
Sometimes the men in the second row of the battle square jabbed forward with spears, sometimes they jabbed downward with spine hammers.

Gr. akov = Javelin
1) Javelins were thrown using a soft leather strap. The Greeks called this strap an ANKYLE, and the Romans called it an AMENTUM or perhaps an AUGMENTUM.
2) Javelins were not held like a broom, but only with only the thumber and two fingers. The ankyle strap was attached near the center of gravity and looped around the two fingertips. This would slip off once it was used to impart a rifle-like spin to the javelin. Thus javelins were very accurate.
3) There were two javelin competitions in the olympics of 708BC. One was for distance (ἑκη•βόλος =eke•volos = outside•volley), the other for accuracy (στο•χαστ•ικός = sto•hast•ikos = stopped/standing•spear•ic) in hitting a target at a middle distance. So we imagine that the distance javelin throw involved a running start, and the accuracy javelin throw was standing. Here it should be noted that one epithet of the god A•pollos was ἑκη•βόλος, or “far throwing”.
4) Clearly thowing a javelin was a big thing if there were two competitions involving its use.
5) The accuracy javelins were short and perhaps only around 90cm long (3-ft.). The ankyle would have made longer poles oscillate.
6) And much like in the olympics today, the javelin was held above the shoulder and thrown after a short run. Thus we imagine the Greeks backing up from a line of scrimmage/skirmish/defense (like a quarterback prior to throwing a pass), and then running towards the line and throwing his javelin at the other side.
7) In the distance competition, the javelins were thrown at high angle, but in the accuracy compeition and in war, the javelins were thrown at a low angle, as with “English” bar darts.
8) Again, javelins had break-away tips that prevented them from being reused without being melted down and reforged. I imagine these as being about the size of an 10-penny nail with a razor sharp straight barbed “fish hooks” on the break away part. Maybe 3-cm of the metal point was driven into the wood pole. About 2-cm remained attached to the pole after break-away, and outside of the wood. And maybe 4-cm or 6-cm broke off inside the person hit by the javelin.
78) See the experiments conducted by H. A. Harris. Also see the heavily barbed Roman martiobarbuli, and plumbata, which were lead weighted or lead fastened darts. These would not kill, but they would knock a man (or perhaps more importantly a horse) out of the battle.

The discus
1) It was probably a disc made of slate. I imagine a 30cm slate tile chipped into a disc with sharp jagged edges.
2) This was a weapon of people who did not have enough metal
3) The flat shape enabled the flying disc to go farther.
4) The olympic sport helps get rid of the question: “Why didn’t they have enough metal to fight a war?”

Sparta’s iron money was used for disposable weapos
There are a couple of ancient texts that speak of how Athens was a much bigger city than Sparta. And we will not know how much bigger until we drill both cities to establish their size. Also Athens had at the free world’s largest navy/merchant marine at the time, and Spartans didn’t really invest in their navy. So at first, Athens sort of scoffed at Sparta as a threat. But, the Spartans were much more formidible on land.

I think this partly comes from how the Spartans used iron/steel for storing wealth. This allowed the Spartans to use disposable iron weapons like the javelin fighting Athens. Thus, Athens, many times the size of Sparta, would not sally salir out for some reason that is probably more due to some unanswerable technological or tactical advancement than due to training, strength, or bravery. So I imagine that the Spartans used their iron for javelins.

This changerd the entire nature of the war. No longer was it two sides of shielded swordsmen flanked by spearmen looking for an opportunistic jab. In each line, the Spartans had 7 guys in waiting behind the frontmosrt two lines and almost every one of them “threw darts” every night between dinner and bed. Or rather they threw dummy javelins tip dipped in chalk thrown at a bulls-eye on the wall. And these men probably got very good at playing “darts” with these super-stream-lined darts. On the battlefield, the javelins behaved exactly the same as the darts, and this is the main reason Sparta was able to occupy Corinthea and the “Corinthian Hills” between Athens and Thebes.

Lake Marathon
Athens gets/got its water from a lake named “Lake Marathon”. And there is a town named Marathon just about half way between the lake and the cove where the Attacking Persians came to land. So someone from the coastal area ran/ jogged/ walked to Athens as fast as he could from this place to warn the Athenians that the Persians were attacking their water reservoir. So the entire city grabbed a weapon and ran up to do battle with the Persians who famously lost. But it must not be forgotten that the Persians attacked the Greek water supply. Also, the word Mara•eth•on=death•shout•big.

Do you mean Greek Thebes, or Egypt Thebes?
Athens became dependent on the imported grain that was sold everywhere by the same Mideast mafia monopsony. Was Athens then dependent on food from Greek Thebes or Egyptian Thebes?

Thebes was an agricultural slave town
The town of Thebes in Greece that fed Athens was probably an agricultural slave city, and the slaves were from the Mideast mostly. It was probably not too different from Thebes in Egypt, and from the Roman plantations in former Carthage, Spain, France, and the various “inescapable” island slave plantation in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

How battle square rotation worked
1) All the shields lapped or shingled to the right side, except for the last guys on the left who were left handed. Also, it should be noted that about 10% of the population is left handed.
2) Having a lefty on the end increased the line’s strength.
3) If there was more than one lefty, the line could be 8 righties and 2 lefties.
4) If the line man was a rightie, he would slide his shield in counter clockwise and the man he replaced would rotate out counter clockwise.
5) There was probably some tapping with the bottom of the shield to signal rotation.
6) The men fought in lines of 10 so the front guys would not be knocked down by a charge. Once the initial charge had occurred, the men in back could break formation and instead throw javelins.
7) The swords men were able to lunge out and slash or stab the belly, side and legs of the enemy. The spearmen focused on the face, head and neck of the enemy. The 60-80 javelin throwers worked on charging masses of enemy.
8) Making standardized Javelins, swords, shields, spears, body armor and military clothing was probably a huge Mideast industry.
9) The Javelins probalbly were shipped dangling by the fins in wine boxes that protected their delicate tips.
10) The strong part of the javelin tip was probably about 1 or 2 cm long. Thus the razor sharp break-away arrow-head part (with a fish hook barb) was inserted into the enemy’s body too far to be easily reached.

They sallied out to attack
To sally is to sali. It is to salir out, but with a silent end consonant, like in French.


How do I make it work?
Who do I talk to?
Is there a gazette that describes the organization and laws of the Ishtarian brocracy? Are you waiting for me to do something?

I agree with thomas Sankara’s policies and tactics much more than Che Guevara’s

Thomas Sankara
“A soldier without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal.”

Thomas Sankara
“While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.”

Thomas Sankara
“I want people to remember me as someone whose life has been helpful to humanity.”

Thomas Sankara
“Imperialism is a system of exploitation that occurs not only in the brutal form of those who come with guns to conquer territory. Imperialism often occurs in more subtle forms, a loan, food aid, blackmail. We are fighting this system that allows a handful of men on earth to rule all humanity.”

Thomas Sankara
“You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future.”

Thomas Sankara
“When the Europeans controlled our countries, they created debt. The debt was owed to their relatives in Europe. When they left, they expected Africans to pay off this debt. We shouldn’t be paying them shit.”

Cassie Jaye
“No one will every listen to you more than someone who transcribes your words”

Our lakes and streams as fisheries
Fishing harvests should be maximized for maximum output, especially in places like the Great lakes and lake Tahoe.

No fishing in polluted places
No fishing should be allowed in polluted water sources where the fish are hazardous. Anyone caught fishing one of these streams will be presumed to be selling the fish to others and poisoning them, for nobody would eat the fish themselves. And this goes especially for Asia.

The rural doctor problem
This will be greatly reduced for two reasons:
1) We will increase regional travel speed by 4 fold to 5 fold. Thus everyone is much closer to care time-wise.
2) We will allow non-infectious healthcare facilities to be located at our interchanges, so a trip to the hospital or healthcare is only that far away.

Speed to ER
1) If you pull the medical emergency alarm, the train will leave immediately and an ambulance bot (and perhaps also the police) will be waiting by that door when you arrive.
2) The townships for people who need to live near emergency care will probably be small and tall. They might also only be 3km from the hospital and take 80 seconds to make the trip. And If a Tesla can accelerate, cover 3km in 80-seconds and then stop, why can’t a train do it? 3) The trains for the people that have to live near EM care might stop next to the ER on one side and on the other side is the interchange entrance.
4) On-call medicine will work much better this way.

Townships and environmental impact
The island of Oahu has a population of just under 1 million. I bet if it converted to a system of rail based townships and local township carts, that we could have many times more people and everyone would still think that the island much sufficiently peaceful and natural.

Tsunami bells
Maybe we will require one of these for each unit in the tsunami zone. They are thin-walled diving brells, and have tether chains, with engineered weakest links at the end. Maybe people keep living in Ocean Beach, but they have to buy a tsunami bell.

Limited commerce with the border zone
Just as we will not allow immigration with Mexico from near the border, we might also limit industrial imports from these wasteland zones as well.

Abnornal sociology
We have abnormal psychology. Why not have abnormal sociology? And we really should teach our kids some concept of how society changes in a famine and in a war.

Does preparation reduce PTSD?

I don’t see Earth as cooling so much now
I think that volcanos have proliferated and are turning the planet into a place of intermittent volcanism.

Temperature and eco-system scale
I see a warmer earth as being much like a bigger earth with respect to bio-energy. We really should estimate how much more bioenergy land produces on average per meter at each temperature. Do we get 6% more food for each degree. Well, then, I say then that a one degree increase in planetary temperature will increase its size and carrying capacity by our planet by 6%. Also, how much ecologically smaller is Earth during an ice age?

Township utility chases
I see these as being maybe 80cm deep and 150 wide. Thus the heat, a/c, and refrigeration pipes can have about 40cm of insulation all around. There are tight fitting panels that life off in front to expose the pipes.

Township halls
Close in, the units will be stacked flats (mostly) and there will be halls on each level. After a while, probably outside the ring road, we will see multi-story row houses that will have a single story hallway. Then there will be 4-unit buildings with gaps between them that are straddling the hallway. Then there are 2-unit buildings straddling the hallway. In some beautiful places, these hallways may go on for 2-miles away from the train station.

Eco-impact: Backpackers vs. Townshipers
Once the township is built, and the animals return to the area, there will be many more people, but their trash and sewage will all be taken away. And these people will all have passed the wilderness test and maybe they will all be wilderness tracked. And it will be their own backyard they are ruining.

Wilderness tracking
Maybe we should location track everyone in certain dangerous a conservation wild areas. This will save lives and it will also reduce poaching and vandalism.

Extrusion structures for the poor
Imagine a machine that forms room-sized sections of square tube that are say 3-meters long. Imagine that the tube wall is 60cm thick. Part of this being for thermal insulation, and part for structural integrity. These segments bolt together to make tubes of any length, along with end pieces. Then a cement floor is poured inside, Then roof and wall covering panels are attached.

Where not to build a railroad
1) Not where it is vulnerable to tsunami, like in California and Sri Lanka.
2) Not where it is unnecessarily vulnerable to volcano.
3) Not where it is unnecessarily vulnerable to earthquake fault ruptures.

Violence among athletes
In ball sports, when people strike or intentionally trip or hurt one another, or threaten others with physical violence, they should get disqualified for life from competing in all ball sports.

4 of 30 parking spaces
I recently went to a fast food restaurant with 30 non handicap spaces and 4 spaces used for two wheelchair spaces. This restaurant also had a drive-through that disabled people can use in this location that nobody comes to by foot. Why are we reducing the parking at this restaurant by 13.3%? Why are we mandating that the restaurant be 5% bigger for disabled toilets when no disabled people who never visit?

Boys dragging sticks around
That seems like it was the last animal instinct man evolved. After this, the wormhole was established, and its evolutionary gravity drew us in at an ever increasing speed.

Chimps are thieves
If you hide something delicious when you think a chimp is not looking and leave the room, the chimp will very often pretend not to watch you and then steal what you have hidden.

Chimps are violent and murderous
It is very easy to see the violence and many chimp on chimp murders have been documented. Chimps also practice sexual slavery and “rape” both females and males as an act of dominance and submission.

Our initial awfulness
Behold the awfulness of the male chimpanzee and see where man came from.

This is how man started
We started as violent, murderous rapists that practiced harem slavery. It is these evil monkeys who first evolved the stick carrying behavior. So clearly they were fighting well before they ran out of territory. I imagine Africa as having 5,000 to 50,000 troops of stick carriers all over the savannah at times

Chimps are a criminal species
If we judged chimps as we judge humans for their worst crimes, I think most would end up in jail. You know, I really think that there is not a single noble thing about the average chimpanzee and that chimps represent the opposite of human nobility and high birth. Also, I think it is quite useful to have chimps and their behaviors as a compass point, an alidad point so we know which direction not to go in.

Eons of stick battles
I bet we spent at least 20% and maybe as much as 50% of our evolution in a state of stick fighters with harems. The males would all mostly kill each other, and there were many females who competed for a share of the stolen kill meat.

Afros are helmet hair
Uncut afros helped humans to survive stick fighting in 3 ways:
1) The blow is cushioned by perhaps 10%.
2) The person can feel a blow coming and move away, thus lessening the force of some blows intirely
3) The enemy miscalculates the center of your head and is more likely to give a glancing instead of a direct blow.
4) Thus afro hair evolved because they helped people survive the eons of stick carrying

Neanderthals in context
European Neanderthals are much easier to understand when we see them as prey thieves living near migration passes/sphinxes. At first they stole prey from other animals in that location.

What did it eat?
Question number one for ecology should always be what sustains that thing. Once again, follow the money in an economy and the food in an ecosystem.

Ishtar: both spirit and machine
I think the machine aspect of it is even worse than the spirit part. This is because the machine part actually serves no human at all.

The machines do run the world
By machines, I mean government, corporations, militaries, giant news outlets, universities, and of course the meta machine that is Ishtar. I think it is time for mankind to stage a coup and take over from the dumb insentient machines that evolved and exist simply because they didn’t die.

Retail prices
1) The price must be printed on paper and put under or at the center of the item display shelves, stacks, or palates.
2) Things being sold for more than 2 currency units can’t be sold for a price between X.94 and X.99999.

Mighty markets
In Europe and in the pre-suburban parts of the US, they have these neighborhood markets that are smaller than the suburban “super” markets. I wonder if we will have supermarkets in our townships, Maybe the really big ones will, but the small townships might only have mighty markets and the people in these places will get most of their food through the delivery system.

All prescription drugs must be delivered
There are not going to be any more retail pharmacies. These are both expensive and a waste of time on the part of the patient. The doctor and patient will have 3 delivery options:
1) Go to the delivery call waiting room of the healthcare complex and wait for its next hourly, or half hourly delivery
2) Go home and collect the special delivery that will be put in your delivery box if you are not there.
3) Wait for ordinary delivery.
For tier-one healthcare, the special delivery charges are waived. Also, there are a limited number of healthcare complexes, and the busy ones might get group drug deliveries every 10 minutes.

If all pharmacies use the delivery system
1) There are no barriers to entry.
2) A city of say 3 million might have 30 or 80 pharmacists all in competition for every prescription city wide.
3) Many pharmacists will buy these FDA approved, containerized, pill counting, childproof bottling, and labeling robots that take say 15 seconds to fill any prescription. These spit out bar-coded prescriptions for the delivery system to deliver.

Our stupid IP system
Its stupidity will really come out in a crisis. This is because with drugs so expensive and the government so crazy about opiates there will not be enough supply

Bite-me antihistimine
Almost everyone who wants antihistamine wants it right now. And the ones that don’t can just swallow it. Chlorpheniramine maleate doesn’t taste bad. It is a good right now anti-histamine. Just bite 2mg and use your tongue to spead it around between your teeth and gums, and under and over your tongue. Don’t swallow it. This is a good way to get this over-the-counter drug more rapidly where it is needed.

The future
It will be much more like exercise on a stationary bike watching simulating reality. than it will be actually going places.

Forbidden fruit
Maybe it isn’t that one sort of fruit or another is forbidden. Maybe it is that all fruit and sweets are bad for you and make you age faster. Maybe forbidden fruit is a blid.

No government toasts
No government ceremony, including military ceremonies and school ceremonies shall include the use of alcohol or intoxicants.

Ares and Hect•ares
In bali, an “ARE” = 100 sq. meters. A hect•are is 100 times the size or 10,000 sq. meters. Thus one hectare = 2.47 acres and one ARE=0.247 acres or 1089-sq.ft.
1) How did the Balinese come to use what is clearly an ancient Greek term for land measure that is obviously the same size. When did this start?
2) I would use the term hecto•meters, (HM), 100 sq. meters to quantify small lot sizes,
3) I would use myrio•meters (MM), 10,000 sq. meters to to quantify larger lot sizes.
4) Properly scaled land units will make it easier for developers to divide up land, increase the supply of lots and make life cheaper and easier for everyone.

Reducing the initial economic transition shock
We are going to over-compensate for the certain shock to the markets:
1) No taxes until the economy J-curves.
2) Lots of government orders for new infrastructure.
3) New cities are coming, so it will be like war rebuilding worldwide.
4) 5 or 10 times as many people will have scratch to start something.
5) Regulation and fear of lawyers will stop stifling business activity.
6) Government will help good new ideas to gain traction.

Road deaths as background radiation
I look at the odds of dying in a car accident in the US as a sort of background radiation level that everyone must contend with. This makes it very useful for comparing risks in the US:
Highway deaths 37,000 (1:9,600 people annually)
Tobacco 480,000 (13x that of car accidents)
Firearm homicides 13,000 (1/3 of highway deaths.)

Grasping the odds of getting kidnapped in Mexico
The odds of dying in a US car accident each year are 1:9,600. The chances of dying in a Mexico car accident each year are 1:8,600. The chances of either dying in a car accident or getting kidnapped in Mexico are 1:8,000.

10% sugar by weight
Soft drings are about 10% sugar by weight. Apple juice 11%.

We must pardon the great their foibles
So that we never scare the great from public service, Senators, Ubiqs, discoverers and other political figures should generally be pardoned for pre-existing misdemeanors, and other minor false steps, especially those in the distant past

More rules of begging
A) You cannot touch anyone or their property without permission or it is aggressive begging.
B) You cannot announce that you have a contagious disease or it is aggressive begging.

Hands off
When people intentionally touch others or their property in any way direct or indirect as a means of causing aggravation or provoking violence, it may be considered assault.

Standard rules of sexual consent
1) Actives are not supposed to try to touch passives in a sexual way until the passive has willingly kissed or embraced the active person.
2) When actives try to kiss passives they have never kissed before, they are not supposed to lean in more than half way or create situation where the passive can’t get away.
3) Actives can’t try to kiss a passive more than once per day if they are dating.
4) Actives can’t ask someone to have sex directly. They can only invite them to leave their current place, or go to eat, or go to a private place. Some euphemism must be used.
5) Once people starts snogging, a person must try to get up and get away if they want the law’s protection for sex crimes. This get away requirement shall not apply if a person was held by force or threat, or taken to a location that prevents them from leaving, or touched too rapidly for them to get away.
6) Those who can walk back or who have access to transit or who can call a taxi or ride share cannot assert that they were in a remote location that prevented them from leaving.
7) There shall be no lawyers in matters of non-stranger rape or sexual assault.

Optimists and pessimists
To my mind, nearly everyone errs on one side or the other. I find it so hard to find people who can see both sides. Maybe this is something we should teach kids, to look at ventures and people and other things both optimistically and pessimistically and to then make up their minds that way.

The paradox of change
It really is easier to change everything at once and stage a coup d’matrix, to take out one hard-drive and plug in another with a new and better OS and software applications.

The next morning after passing out from MJ
Lets say that some animal ate a gut full of marijuana and passed out and did not get eaten. What benefits the plant most? Isn’t it for the creature to wake up thirsty, but rested and full of energy for the day ahead. This so the animal symbiot can get as far as possible away. I often try to use this marijuana bounce by working in the morning on the bounce, and then smoking later.

The troublesome can’t change their name
It is unjust to allow people to make trouble and then hide it in a name change, or a new identity, or immigration.

UM constitution add
Every nation should be required to give the UM a current list of all people convicted and jailed for any crime, or pending trial, or on probation. This should include age, national origin, passport or national id number, a photo, and the arestee’s email address.

Illegal alien fellons
If you are an ex fellon and you are in our nation without permission, you risk being put in a work camp and worked for life. In order to kill Ishtar it is so important that we have a way to make men unwilling to do Ishtar’s evil deeds.

We totally misunderstand Columbus
Think about how ancient Rome had well-established trade with India and China and how that knowledge was lost on both sides (in both Europe and Asia) during the Dark Ages. Think about how the Mideast came to be the highly profitable middle man at this time and how the Mideast actively struggled to keep this navigational knowledge a secret (viz. Portugal’s 2-century quest to sail down the west coast of Africa). Surely we must presume that knowledge of the Americas was similarly covered-up and the Mideast was trading with the Americas during and after the Dark Ages. And surely Columbus only re-discovered that the Americas were only 35-days sail to the west.

The “poverty effect” on breeding
This is how people nowadays tend to over compensate for poverty in a fast developing (economically) world by having more children than is needed to support them later in life.

The “hazard effect” on breeding
This is how people nowadays tend to over compensate for life hazards such as plagues and war by having more children than die from either because these life hazards are not nearly as deadly as they once were.

People don’t want to live in slums
They would rather live in the countryside. It is just that they can make lots of money working in the city. So they live in a city and get a bed/room/ flop in a slum. If we give women a steady income, they will mostly leave the slums and live in the countryside where it is cheaper. Thus our sireage and aid monies will also work to clear all the world’s slums.

a TEASALA = A thing designed to be a failure or designed to give the appearance that an approach will not work. For example: The two big ride sharing companies and the big electric car company are teasalas in that they were created to suck money and fail leaving the world more dependent on petroleum.

Salt wash foods
A good example of this are salted pistachios that were freshly rinsed in the tap. There is probably a good market for products like Ritz tosted pita chips that are intended to be eaten rinsed. Thus the salt keeps the product fresh and crispy until it is rinsed.

The same stupid commercials
It is in the constitution. Fictional citizens will no longer have the right to bore real humans with their stupid repetitious machine-chatter commercials that today abuse our sensitive human ears and minds.

Grammarly isn’t real
It is big brother sticking his nose into everything you write that you might want to spell check.

Reuters 2019.04.23
[Here is my translation first:
“The supreme court is about to support Trump and let the census ask about citizenship.”
Here is the original quote:]
“Conservative justices signaled during arguments in the closely watched case a willingness to overturn a lower court ruling that blocked the question and appeared untroubled by the administration’s stated justification for using the citizenship question in the decennial population count.”
Here is one way that the openly corrupt paid commercial news media lies to us.

Counting citizens is why our democracy holds a census
The number of citizens is mission critical to the functioning of our nation’s 1789-era democracy. Knowing the overall number of people overall is not really that critical to much of anything.

A huge constituency for the dems
I bet the illegal aliens vote at least 10:1 for the people offering to fast track their citizenship.

Constituency loss
I bet that at least 3% of all voter turnout for democrats are non-citizens that are not supposed to vote. It might even be 5%, when you count those voting many times.

Plastic bag conservationism
This is when you drive a giant 5,350 lb. SUV and then care about nearly weightless plastic bags. If you really want to reduce your footprint then travel in groups and live in cozy-sized R-99 houses. That is the real conservationism.

Just double it
If the government estimates that 7% of the people in the US are illegal, just double it…or more.

Universal SKU numbers
This will not only make distribution more transparent, it will help regularize prices and stream line auditing and shortfall prevention.

Was it a gift or a loan?
The payment interface has 3 boxes. One of the 3 boxes must be checked for all transfers of money through the payment system. Both the sender and recipient in all transactions must check √pay, √gift, or √loan. The default is √pay and thus transaction taxes apply. If the parties both check either √gift or √loan, then that applies for all purposes. If the parties can’t agree, there is an inquiry with 3x charges for the loser.

What was that payment for?
1) The purchase of this list of SKU numbers.
2) Monthly lawn maintenance.
3) Payroll
4) Rent
5) Family food
6) Children’s food
7) Alcohol
8) Prostitution
9) Mafia drugs
10) Capital goods
11) Healthcare procedure #
We will have hundreds of categories, and one must be checked and these declarations will be audited by the tax house with penalties for willful miss-declaration. So we will have this system for tracking taxes, but it will also help prevent crime by keeping track of everyone’s spending levels relative to their declared income.

Government must assign a SKU
If a vendor asks for a ruling as to SKU for a good or service, the government must issue a ruling within 24-hours at no cost. Is it an existing class, or shall a new class be created? This assignment of SKUs should never be allowed to bottleneck, or it will breed corruption. And maybe people will watch the new SKUs being added, and thus competition sparked.

You have to have an account
The government will stop using cash. If you don’t have an account, nobody can pay you and you can’t buy anything either. And accounts will be like identities, real hard to change. And if you are a visitor from another nation, you have to get a temporary account that will only work for a given number of days.
Thus illegals will find it very hard to interact with our economy except through barter.

ECO SECURITY = This is food protection against sudden climate change.

On-ground utilities
I would lay these concrete based steel buss bar cages. Then place heavy precast concrete segments over them. They are like a hump-shaped ridge that people and animals can walk over.

Mental manipulation of women
Look at Cindy Lauper’s “Girls just want to have fun”… and not husbands or children.

About CBD preventing seizures
1) I see THC as tending to cause seizures millions of years ago, before it evolved another drug (CBD) that prevented the seizures that were harming its symbiots.
2) MJ is known to rarely cause seizures.
3) Synthetic MJ definitely causes seizures
4) Animals may have also evolved to be resistant to cannabinoid seizures.
5) Charting the seizure rate for THC in various critters, including perhaps reptiles, amphibians and even maybe fresh water fish will tell us when MJ evolved CBD.
6) Given that MJ has almost 500 components suggests that this plant has been testing chemicals on various symbiots for a very long time.
7) Given that MJ buds are so oily, and waterproof suggests that this plant may have used streams for seed spreading, so again, it looks quite ancient. If it is much liked by fish then it may have been the species that pulled life out of the water.

Drugs and counter drugs in plants
Wherever we find a drug chem in a plant there may well be another equally valuable counter drug chem. We should at least look. It is like what Niels Bohr said: “The opposite of a great drug may well be another great drug.” …or it could be a poison.

Non-fatal die here poison fruits
Many of these may also have run and find out drugs for nibblers.

Arab style pipelines
Here is what an Arab style oil pipeline looks like. You want to see how stupid and corrupt our democracy is, look at the video at the top of this page.
1) Surely this pipeline was designed to be costly. Why is it buried 2-stories underground?
2) Surely this pipeline was deigned to be costly with 36 redundant pipelines.
3) Surely this pipeline was deigned to leak with 36 redundant pipelines.

The border walls should be built like this around San Diego and El Paso. I would make some sort of robotic grappling system, so the excavator can shift the form panels in a half hour or so.

My single wide cars are like these “kei cars”.

The Dihatsu Copen
This double-wide car is 1.48 wide and 1.245 tall. It weighs 810kg, and has a 660cc engine. My single-wides cars will have a bench seat and no steering wheel or shifter. They will also be about 4cm narrower and abut 15cm taller.

This car is 1.48 wide, 1.55 tall, weighs 700kg, and has a 657cc engine. I see standard single wide cars as having one, two, or three rows of 90cm bench seat.

Brazil and Mexico travel
More people would visit these places if they could restrict their cards to travel expenses like air-tickets, hotels, restaurants and say $30 or $70/day in cash. Personally I think Brazil will be the biggest beneficiary of a combination of a cash free economy and pre-limiting activity while abroad.

The reality you are born into
Very few people are able to overcome what they were taught at a child. My nature is to be contrary minded and not to believe anything anyone told me, unless I understood it myself.

The owner’s gotta be there
There are just so many people who are perfectly capable of running a business as long as they spend the time there. But when they leave, everything falls apart. I think this is a pretty good way to understand why we need to have a broad democracy with lots of leaders.

An easy way to reduce illegal immigration
To reduce money laundering and illegal immigration we should start requiring federally issued ID for all international remittances. This can either be a US passport, or a foreign one with a valid visa.

How Samsung’s folding phone shows a weakness of Asia
The average person looks at their phone 80x a day, and millennial do it 150x a day. So doing the math, the average millennial opens his phone 55,000x/year. So if you are going to design a folding phone that lasts for only 2 years, you have to expect that the average millennial is going to open that phone 110,000x and close it 110,000x. Now you can call me a pessimist, but I don’t think there is any electro-conductive material that will not develop “metal fatigue” after 220,000 bends. Also, I think any person who has ever fiddled with bending materials to fatigue them will get how the entire idea of substance bends in electronics is impossible except for short-lived and disposable products. So here with Samsung, we have a giant electronics company attempting the obviously impossible. How can it be? XXXX
What we have here is a lesson in the ways of Asia. The corporate commanders said “we want this”, and nobody in the entire corporate infantry could stand up and said, “it’s not possible”, even though it was clearly impossible.

Revere learning but disdain knowledge
This goes especially for Asia where people blend the two things too much. And by disdain, I mean dis•dei’n = not•word of god. So what I am saying is that to be learned, you should never take any knowledge as the word of god.

No mixed cooking oils
If you want mixed cooking oil, you are going to have to do it yourself. The sale of mixed cooking oils should be prohibited because it is a scam.

Lets end the tobacco plague
Among infectious diseases, malaria is the big one, killing around a million people a year recently. Yet this is nothing compared to the manmade plague of Tobacco which kills 7 million people a year.

Hypocrisy and stupid innumerate environmentalism
I bet there is no other carcinogen other than natural radiation, alcohol, and burnt foods that kills even 70,000 people a year, 1% of the numbers that kill themselves by consuming tobacco.

8.5% of tobacco illness is in non smokers
People cry about the 12,000 firearm homicides each year and they say nothing about the 41,000 second hand smokers who die each year from tobacco related illness.

Non educational kid’s media
Maybe it costs 5% of the hourly wage to watch non-educational media per hour, an amount that drives kids to stop watching so much and start doing things. And maybe all the content uses an ARS to divvy up their 8% or 15% of the hourly content revenues. This will be both very profitable and it will reduce phombie-ism (phone-zombies) in our youth.

The words that forged the matrix
Forged = eff•our•G•ed = shout•our•big•education
Effegy = eff•i•G = shout•the•G-men = shout•the•wise•men

Redescent = Our•edi•sent, our education sent, and they don’t want to talk.
Cajoled = ak•j•o•al•ed = point•j•no•towards•education
Bribed = bri•pe•ed = bro•say•education
Black•mail = black information that arrives in the mail
Ex•torted = out twisted, twisted out.
Intimidation = in•ti’um•id•ation

3/4 less paving
It is hard to drive on a 40-ft. wide road with cars parked on the sides, so most of our residential streets with parking on both sides are at least 50-ft. wide with many cities requiring that new streets to nowhere be 60-ft wide. If we switch to 4-ft wide self driving and cars that follow lines painted on the road, these only need 6-ft. lanes, so our roads only need to be 12-ft. wide. And because the road is so small, we can have one sidewalk. So there will only be 15-ft of paving instead of 66-ft.

No roadside parking required
If we are using self drive cars and we want to encourage sharing of vehicles from the pool, government should require no on street parking.

The opposite of brain damage?
If LSD and Psilocibin cause brain damage, how come so many smart people who try them describe the experience as mind expansion, presumably the opposite of brain damage.

Mind expanding or mind harming?
Do hallucinogens widen and then cause shrinkage, or do they widen and the mind remains wider? I think some twin studies would be very interesting here, maybe only 10 twins, one taking LSD 5 times.

Ancient Turan
Few people realize that Islamic Central Asia not only part of the single empire of Ishtar, but it is a single state within that empire.

E bikes & E-boards
What if their speed was automatically reduced in steps while they are in certain areas. What if they will not work in certain areas? Aside from the township carts/buggies, we might have e-bikes and e-boards that are compact enough for Amsterdam scale bike lockup, for the bike to train people. Although I think there should be more section signs so it is easier to find your bike.

Leonardo Da Vinci
“There are 3-types of people. Those who see, those who see if they are shown, and those who can’t see.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“Nothing strengthens authority like silence.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“Study without enthusiasm harms the memory for you don’t remember what you see.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“Men debate greatly, but their debates are mostly empty and false.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“Not punishing evil is the same as encouraging it.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and made things happen.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“Artists do unimportant work when they use others as their guide. This happened with the post-Roman painters. These always imitated each other, and over the centuries their art steadily declined.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“Instrumental or mechanical science is the noblest and, above all others, the most useful.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“No human investigation can be called real knowledge if it does not pass through mathematical demonstrations; and if you say that the kinds of knowledge that begin and end in the mind have any value as truth, this cannot be conceded, but rather must be denied for many reasons, and first of all because in such mental discussions there is no experimentation, without which nothing provides certainty of itself.”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“As iron rusts when not used, and water gets foul from standing or turns to ice when exposed to cold, so the intellect degenerates without exercise.”

DROIDS = human looking or limbed robots
BOTS = wheeled robots, no passenger
DRONE = flying robots
SINGLE•V = a one person autonomous vehicle
SINGLE BENCH = a two person autonomous vehicle
DOUBEL BENCH = an autonomous vehicle with two bench seats.
TRIPLE BENCH = an autonomous vehicle with two bench seats
BUS = a multi-passenger autonomous vehicle

Big school classes
1) I never cared how big my classes were.
2) I liked the bigger classes because there were people to meet.
3) There is so little exchange in college that teacher interaction can’t be used as an excuse for not having this.
4) Most college kids would rather have a class of 300 over a class of 30 if they could pay 90% less tuition.

The way we sell real estate
It should probably be used for all large ticket items like vehicles and equipment and especially government, corporate and OPM sales. Under this scheme, we imagine car lots as nothing more that places where they keep the keys for interior inspections and engine starts.

Mt. Neverrest
This is the real name of the world’s highest peak. And what a constructive and positive term this is. So the name Everest is a blid for a mythical highest mountain for human achievement. What is this awful thing how Ishtar hides such a beneficial name for extreme human achievement?

The aliens that want to exterminate us
It really is like a sci-fi where an alien species is trying to infiltrate us and get rid of us. I imagine a sci-fi where there is this advanced alien species that landed on earth, like in Stargate, and they looked like humans and could breed with humans. But the problem is that only maybe only 1:16 of their mixed offspring turns out right and can continue on the old alien ways. And they generally try to screw up everyone else because they think this will help them take over alien/cylon style. And the biggest absurdity is that there is no alien species and it is just one sort of man doing this with the rest.

Just stop
No more Istar, no more lying, no more screwing other people up.

Strange how we heard so much about Syria but nothing about this where 10,000 to 100,000 died in 2009.

Sri Lanka
My comments about Sri Lanka were about the Tamils, not the Muslims. Also, did atrocities and atrocious killings and bodies found here and there help keep your war hot and anger-filled? Strange how you automtically presumed that they were caused by the other side.

Children’s operating system
Tablets using COS have multiple redundant means of keeping the device from being used an anything but children’s media, with the occasional paid commercial media being displayed if it is approved by the Sub-Senate and if the fee is paid. This way we can give away EDU screens to the world’s poor kids and they can only watch EDU media.

DDB = distributed database backup
This is the correct name name for what county recorders will do for the property and financial system. And this sort of memory is absolutely a public function with strict rules for what is included. Then all information not from the system becomes apocryphal, or perhaps even filled with REALBERISH = giberish based on reality so it is hard to tell.

Beggars can’t be choosers
Disabled people on assistance don’t get to pick where they live. They generally will have to live in communities designed to easily and cheaply accommodate their needs.

How to do e-bikes
It should not be allowed to make bikes where the hands are kept too low, where they are hard to raise and break one’s fall in the event of an over the handle bars accident. The handle bars on this scooter are too low. Also, the handle bar must be at least 65cm wide for stability. All handle bars should have a release and fold 90°, and then the stem folds down to the skateboard part, and the thing becomes sort of 1-dimensional for say winter storage in a cubby. Or maybe you fold the handlebar down and then the stem has this plate for a magnet dock.

Tiny wheels are too dangerous
Small wheels don’t run over things, they run into them. Then the vehicle stops and the passenger keeps moving, over the handlebars and often on their head. Now this may be ok for daredevil uninsured activities like skate boarding, but it is not OK for a transportation infrastructure device. So I think that all small battery powered e-boards and battery powered two-wheeled vehicles should have to have pneumatic wheels with a minimum rolling diameter of 30cm. If they go over 15kph, the minimum wheel diameter needs to be 60cm. If they go over 40kph, the minimum wheel diameter needs to be over 75cm. Thus we imagine a world of pedestrian speed, bike speed, and car speed vehicles that are real easy to tell apart.