Afterthoughts 2019


Rail-based worm-holes on parking lots
This should be animated. Imagine a 6m gauge trains that goes over 400kph on super smooth, robot adjusted, engineered, banked, rails. That is the part that is a worm-hole through earth-space. And these trains are all identical, and they all do exactly the same thing every time, so we really get the system totally debugged. So they slow using computerized motion-controlled steady-G braking to maybe 30kph, and then they just run off the track and onto a boat dock where the tires roll on the super-smooth pavement. Then they ramp and merge into to the traffic ring and then they turn off at the appropriate spur. The system mates them into the track at 30kph. When all the cars arrive, the train goes off and accelerates to over 400kph.

quiet = ak•oo•i•it = ak•egg•i-am•it = so stop talking.

Christmas and dia de los muertes
In both the Christian Aztec world we have many days of “celebration” reduced to one day over many decades.

Location monitoring in schools
Perhaps every person in a kid’s facility should be location monitored along with being video recording.

Atlas, Atlantis and the Mer Cadiz Sphinx
They are all about the A•tell•antes civilization, on the Atlantic, the one that was cut off by the epochal lyse.  It was this A•tel civilization uplifted the world, not a man named A•telus. The man is an impersonization.

Public Enemy #1
Ishtar is hard to grasp, but once you get it, it just sort of falls apart on you. Once you see it,  is really easy to figure-out and spot.  And it will be public enemy #1 for some generations.

The border wall is only $15.40 per person
It may not work very well, but it is so cheap that it really doesn’t have to work well. It is also a great way to keep people from straying onto the mine fields should we put those in middle of nowhere locations on the southern border.  Also, Mexico’s tax breaks for the northern states are a step in the wrong direction. The people of Mexico should not be subsidized to move to the waterless desert near the US border. They should be living in the nice higher elevation parts of Mexico.

Annual US Border patrol budget: $3.8-Billion
Over 90% of this is spent on the southern border.

Summary and addressing system rights
If someone has rights to a favorable and valuable address, or name, those rights do not really carry forth into the new world, when many of the addressing systems need to be changed.

20 volumes
Penguin style paperbacks.

MONEY-BALL POLITICS = Politics involving large campaign contributions.
MONEY-BALL POLITICIANS = Politicians that are supported by a small number of large contributions.
MONEY-BALL DONORS = Fictional citizens and zillionaires that give large gifts to politicians.


Krakatau = crack-a-taum = crack of doom?
This place is where the subducting and melting seafloor is also being cracked open. I would not be surprised if the ancients thought that this very active Crack-of-doom volcano would be the thing that would end the world.  There is also the crack-of-dawn. Old English Cracian = make and explosive noise. And there is Khartoum, way down in Sudan, not even in Egypt. Do the hieroglyphs talk about great multi-year droughts where the Nile didn’t really flood?

CNBC’s sub-headlines
Using 3 sub-headline is a good idea that should be explored and studied. Perhaps the accurate writing of headlines and sub-headlines as important than writing good body material. And it is certainly much more important than poetry, and vocabulary.

Word recalls
Lets stop teaching all the stupid words like ectomorph. This  isn’t a real word. It is blidding turned into trivia.  Leave them in the dictionaries, but mark them as officially marginalized. And no officially marginalized word should ever count against anyone who does not know it.

Animal testing
Drugs testing is ok, cosmetics testing is not. And yes, I am fully aware that this will effectively halt the development of better cosmetics.

PUG = Property of UM government
All the development aid will come in the form of standardized UM development systems, and not much money. All these systems will be identifiable and it will be a felony everywhere to be in private possession of any PUG or its illicit output.

Hilltop townships
I see these graded like gambrel roofs with maybe a flat spot in the center around a central plus-shapped tower of whatever safe height. Thus the people who really want a view can climb down for it. It is sort of the way that the caldera side works in Santorini, but with a flattish area maybe 300 or 600m across. I would just dump the cut soils down the hill like the mine tailings as you approach Jerome AZ. I would do this in a place where it will not be unsightly. Then I would replant it and irrigate it to hide the dirt. The train might bridge over the “tailings” but it should not pass under them.

Delphic oracle blidding
Recall how Greek oracular visions were subject to interpretations (i.e. “you will destroy a great army”). The blid part lies in the short pity/ sms/ telegram messages. Real oracles to my mind present a flood of information and you must find and interpret what is relevant for your purposes.

Mankind’s whirlpool
It is somewhere around paternity testing + crazy child support laws+ +porn + comdoms +VD.  50-years ago, a man could simply deny that a child was his. No longer, and no escape. And if you went to college, every one of your child supported kids no matter how stupid, lazy, irresponsible, or rude has a right to go to college and you must pay. So good men, smart men avoid having children unless they really want them. And that is most good men. And this is on top of the fact that the worst people tend to have more babies than the best worldwide. So here we are de-selecting our best men instead of selecting them. And the progress of the harems will never overcome this, so down the whirlpool mankind goes.

HIV and the baby boom
Look at the timing of HIV. It hit just as the last of the baby boom was entering adulthood and becoming vulnerable to it.

I can hear them saying
You know, when I was your age, people had to work 30-years to pay off a house. Now you can pay off a house in 6-years.  Your life is a vacation in comparison.

5 types of hospital
1) Communicable diseases. We don’t want the people with communicable diseases around everyone else. So they go to their own facilities in a remote location that is served by single rider vehicles that are quarantined until cleared for a quarantine cleaning.
2) Birthing and newborns. This needs to be central, but it should not have many visitors.
3) Trauma and other emergency should be totally central and it is at the interchanges.
4) Schedules surgery and recovery should be remote and with a limited number of visitors.
5) Consultations can go anywhere.
6) Immune deficiency should be remote and away from all the other places.

Rubber bonded wheels
Imagine a non-pneumatic car tire with axially-oriented back ridges. These are grasped by a mechanism and slid on and off the steel wheels. We might use these in our townships because it makes super quiet lines much much cheaper.

Rail tech is 150 years old
looking back, what a stupid future we have had.

A nation of builders and thinkers
The builder part comes first in reality and it should also come first in school. If a kid wants to spend a year or two doing various shop classes or construction tech, or drawing or designing, let them. But the curriculum is finite for every study, and the student has to round out into other things.

Post tension building blocks in earth quake country
These will confine the damage to single cell rifts. The cells severely damaged in an earthquake should probably no be rebuilt, but removed.

Organic/Bio tobacco
It wouldn’t make any measurable difference considering how carcinogenic tobacco is.  And the only thing dumber than a smoker is one who eats recently pesticide free food to be healthy.  Reducing your tobacco consumption by even 1% would have thousands of times more effect than organic/bio food.

If everyone things you I made a mistake…
I am happy to listen, even if it is a judgement call.

What olive trees evolved for
They evolved to lure sauropods out into the desert. There would be a drought every so many years and the sauropods would be driven by hunger to leave the lush and go towards the desert to graze the opportunist trees that often waited decades to get their fruit eaten by a starving sauropod in a drought. That is what the long lived Olive trees are. Also, these dinosaur drought trees did not need to produce costly macro-fruit, so they generally didn’t. Also, they didn’t need to offer sugar, so they didn’t waste any energy on this.

Jacaranda fruit
I wonder what that Jacaranda fruit tastes like. You know, the pods are maxed out for for shape recognition from certain angles. So yes, Sauropods could discern fruit shapes. And the Jacaranda probably didn’t have much food to offer much, like with olive trees.

I offer a more advanced starting point
Surely I have made mistakes. People are going to sneak through the rules, new crimes will be invented and your Senate will be there indestructibly to run the world sensibly.

Plato’s Republic is brilliant fool•sophy
It is fool’s wisdom, It is political and social propaganda designed to make a government easy to parasitize. It isn’t a serious book.

The nutritious skin
What a stupid mind virus this is. Mangos and mangosteens and citrus and many other fruits clearly evolved a skin to keep animals out. Fruit skins are there to be a barrier to the fruit in side. The plants that evolved bitter and nutritionally empty skins.

Wash your grains well
Grain dust tends to get moldy fast.  It is thus potentially more harmful than it is beneficial. Wash your grain well.

Acid in fruit
I wonder if it is to keep Birds from eating too much. Birds are real sensitive to acid due to their thin and more importantly maxed-out bones.

Asian industry, Asian rice
Never mind the air pollution, what about the pollution in your rice?

Rice and the environment
It is ironic that the continent most vulnerable to toxic contamination is also the greatest polluter.

Am I just the first of many
Was the matrix about to wake up all by itself?

Both splined and regular breaking in trains
The spline indents in the track might be 10cm apart so that the normal brakes can be used normally, and the splined brakes used when panic stops are needed.  In fact, both systems can be used together on the same area of the track web.

Continental leaps
These are not earthquakes, or shockwaves oscillating through a stationary landmass. This is the landmass moving, or leaping at earthquake speed. Imagine the world and everything attached to it leaping 20-meters sideways at 400kph.

Building for Continental leaps
We know exactly which way the vector is. If all the buildings are on a gentle slope in that direction, then they all come loose and fall maybe from knee or waste height in a leap. After the leap, there is only the drop.

It isn’t Indo•china, but Unda•China, the parts of Asia vulnerable to continental leaps and huge tsunamis.

Not many Thais in the south
This is because of the leaping earthquakes and the tsunamis of course. People always go to settle this place, but most get killed in the earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanos.

Its the real thing
The stimulant-spiked sugar water company says of its main product that: “its the real thing”.  I disagree. I think stimulant-spiked sugar water is the diametrical opposite of the real thing.  I also think that there is something terribly wrong with the world and our legal system if we have giant companies like this running catchy media songs every hour pushing their sugar water.

SCIENCE = observable and quantifiable knowledge about reality.
CRIT = Not quite quantifiable knowledge about reality. Much Sociology and psychology are not science but crit.
ALEGORY = This teaches about reality or it is mere lit.
LIT = fictional stories.
POETRY = when style and sound counts instead of actually conveying direct information.

Herpes and alzheimers
Herpes infects the nervous system and is found in higher levels in the brains of people with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Because of this, it seems that Alzheimers is an attenuated version of the disease. It is also perfectly attenuated to the point of symbiosis for eliminating burdensome elders in a pre-industrial world. So it seems that this disease has been with humanity for a long time.

We should probably ask older people every question about their herpes outbreaks that anyone can think of, including co-conditions.  And here in the pie slices is where we look four our correlation.

There is also supposed to be a inconclusive link between maternal outbreaks and schizophrenia. This is something else that should be reported by all mothers in a questionnaire. And are anti-virals safe? Are they recommended?  You know, this sort of question should not be decided by our drug companies, it should be decided by the Senate based on maybe 20 studies/ trials.

Pathogen attenuation and elder health
ALL pathogens attenuate or counter-attenuate. Nothing stays the same. And nearly all attenuate. This means that they either do less harm, or they do their harm later in life.  So it is pretty clear that some number of elder diseases are the results of hit and run infections earlier in life. What I propose is that instead of using so much money for finding treatments for cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers disease that we devote some of that money for a giant study where we take a vast number of people worldwide and examine, question, and test them for every disease and condition that can be easily tested for, even the benign ones. And then we will track these people for decades and see what turns up.

Double viral infections and cancer
Viruses benefit most from keeping their hosts alive. And they don’t benefit if the host gets cancer even 30-years later.  It is just a hunch, but I think things get messy when there are multiple infections with H3-example-virus inserting itself into cell nuclei at the same time as B2-example-virus is doing much the same thing. If I was going to look for a source of errors leading to cancer I would look for people with double active infections, one of them perhaps being chronic.

Earthquake rescue equipment
In earthquake country I would have government distribute the followingequipment
1) Regular Hi-lift-jacks (1:20-pax).
2) 4” diameter heavy tube digging and pry bars, (2-man to carry) maybe 12’ long (1:20-pax).
3)  HD extra-hi-lift jacks able to lift maybe 75-kips. (1:100-pax).
4) Gasoline powered diamond wet saws were there are reinforced concrete buildings. (1:200-pax).
5) Bullhorns for calling people trapped (1:100-pax).
6) telescoping “fishing pole” Microphones for inserting into rubble  (1:100-pax).

Perhaps I will be able to find the following on the web as a free PDF download:  Ron Aronson, Dialectic of Disaster, A preface to Hope. Ch.1 and Ch. 2. 


The worst possible places for our cities
Aside from the desert plants, and the climate in winter, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson are the antithesis of where I would want to live in the desert.  Why do we have cities here, instead of up a little higher where it is cooler and wetter?  And why is Chicago roughly on the vector we would expect North America to leap when California has an earthquake. Is there a stack of alluvial wedges pointing to repeated floods of Chicago?

The 100m deep trench under the Golden Gate Bridge

Definite Golden Gate erosion
Above is a USGS map of the Golden Gate with San Francisco to the south. The purple pit is an incredible 100-meters deep, about 330-feet.  and it was clearly a giant flow of water that eroded this deep pit. And look at the way the slope is so much steeper on the inside of the bay. Clearly the water here gets quite high and floods the Marina district.  So here is another place for our Cymology study.  

Music without IP
1) Considering the tiny slice that content people get today, the actual musicians can easily get more from the automatic reward system, than from the music labels today. But we really don’t want some huge slice of our kids wasting their time on being a music celebrity. There are more important things for our kids to grow up doing.  So I would advise that the Senate’s ARS budget for music is limited, so as to foul the silly present-day glam of being a music star. I would also have an annual cap on the per-person financial rewards. 
2) The music licensing industry dies.
3) The musicians now have all the power, not the music business people.
4) The Senate has a number of recommendation algorithms, and these get sliver compensated by their use.
5) Kids no longer really dream so much of being a music star.
6) Making music becomes more of a pure thing than a thing influenced by huge piles of integrity corroding money.
7) Music videos go low budget, unless perhaps the content is judged as beneficial by the Senate, in which case the video makers get sliver-rewarded by the ARS.
8) The de•ex•pull’s violent songs have no means of recovering their cost because they get stigmatized and ejected from the ARS.
9) To make money, musicians will generally have to perform live, where most should ask for tips. 
10) Depending on how high the Senate sets the reward levels, much less human energy might used to make musical entertainment.

No IP for collectables 
To my view, government should not offer IP protection for old coins, old postage stamps, figurines, sports memorabilia, or similar things.  Also, government shall not waste its energies on anything so trivial as the authenticity of this stuff, and for privately owned art where the creator is dead. It should be no crime to counterfeit any of these things. 

Where copyrights don’t protect
If someone mocks you or your work in satire that is today fair use today, as it should be. The reason for this is that citizens must be able to comment on other citizens or we give up an import part of our all important right of free speech. And If the commentary is for the entire work, the right of free critical speech is still hands-down more important that the right to profit from what is said. But there should be realistic limits on this.  The commentary must be genuine, and reasonable, and it cannot be an excuse to expropriate the IP. 

What a great thing for our civil defense sniper riffles. What a completely unnecessary thing for citizen defenders to have. In fact citizen defenders should want to make noise to call attention and reinforcements. Only crooks want silencers in a place not at war.  So silencers should come with our sniper rifles, but they should not be considered a civilian weapon. 

The police need arrest records
They need to know if the guy just accused of rape was accused twice before but never charged.  But this non-conviction arrest information is not public information, and it is a crime and a shameful thing publish this information. It is like broadcasting a video of a mostly naked woman escaping a rapist, or someone getting badly beaten.  These people have a right to confidentiality from government and the information system.

If there are any trials of Ishtarians/Exhods
They must occur after the new government has been mustered for at least 6-months.  In the US, this will be much easier, and everywhere else it will be much fairer.  

Standard golf 
This is the intermediary forest and glen golf that is between macro-golf and miniature golf. It should be played with only 2-clubs. These should be a putter and a driver length 9-iron that has a 3” x 5” impact surface and a head that weighs 400grams. The ball and the hands must be centered on the player at impact, so the club is not laid down to achieve a lower slope and greater distance.

Life expectancy and air pollution
How much higher is life expectancy in Santa Monica vs. say Silverlake?  How much higher is it at the end of Long Island vs. Manhattan? How much higher is it at Dover vs. central London?  If there is little difference, then certainly our cities are clean enough.

GDP is a completely flawed way to measure output
What if we all start driving totally save single-wide vehicles that weigh 1/3 as much as the typical car?  What if these also cost about 1/3 as much? Certainly GDP will plummet as a result.

The Mexican government should start talking about scrapping Pemex and opening its oil fields domestic and foreign drilling leases in 1,000 tracks. 

Spare tires
If everyone uses the same wheel, then you can just call for a wheel replacement drone if you get a flat tire. Also, no need to waste space and roll a spare around.

Abandoned roads 
Road maintenance is expensive on a per foot basis. I see a world in 20-years where many remote two lane double-wide roads become double lane, single wide roads that allow for double-wide uses at night. Thus networked vehicles cut the area snd cost of the country road system by 50% as well. We should first use the savings to fence our highways and end the roadkill slaughter of our wildlife.

Sirage centers
There should be IUI/ IVF clinics over the world, for the Senators and their breeding partners who can’t get, or don’t want natural sireage.  It is important that we quickly get on with this or we will lose even more of our best lines.

Income from exclusive agreements 
This should be subject to an income tax of perhaps 30% or 60%.  

Townships are closed systems
Imagine a town with say 16 outer roads, and fences around all the roads for the 60-kph (37mph) buggies. That is how people can live in nature lands without harming the wildlife.  And there is no road to this place, there is only the raised rail viaduct. So there is zero road-kill. What is the harm of 20,000 people living this way atop a beautiful Appalachian mountain where it is cool in summer, and the air is clean and everyone is far above the ocean.  

We waste all our lovely hills today
Many of the car-free, pollution-free townships should going in our nation’s nicest hilltops, where the air is clean and cool, where  there are views and where it can be much more bug-free.

The real sky train
It is a system with 3 and 4-meter viaducts around the urban areas, and everywhere else there are fences and bridges.  In this sort of system here are almost no accidents even considering the immense speeds.

9-ball pool
They rack the balls 1 through 9. If the 9-ball goes in any time during player’s turn, the player wins the game. The 9-ball is also symbolically white (pure) with a yellow (as opposed to a green) stripe.

Vertical gardens
The right way to do these is to plant vines on the ground and train the vines to grow up one or two stories. Thus the environment becomes green to the eye, and sound gets absorbed, but little urban space is used for this. The upper floors, and half the walls should be near white to reflect the light better and have narrower areas between the buildings and denser communities.

Direct sunlight is so powerful for lighting
A 2% patch of direct sunlight will transform a room, even if the floor is brick red. Maybe in northern climates there should be tilting “solar technology” mirrors above our building walkways to increase winter sunlight between the buildings in denser communities.

Border mines
I do not support unfenced minefields ever. However fenced and clearly signed minefields on a nation’s borders are not the same thing.  

Zebras and other animals
You may find one or two instances of animal words in my writing. They are just searchable words left here and there as a place marker for things I wanted to come back to and look at again. 

D30.3 million Americans have diabetes
This is 9.4 percent of the U.S. population –have diabetes. Our bodies didn’t evolve to eat sugar all day. We can tolerate it the way people can tolerate alcohol, but it wears our organs down and ages us quicker. And this particularly so with fructose, which is metabolized by the liver, like alcohol.

$8,000/ year
This is the average added healthcare cost of having diabetes. So the total US healthcare cost of diabetes is about $242-billion/year. This is about $745/ per capita, about $1,920/ per worker, or about 1.25% of US GDP annually.  This does works out to about $2/day per person, and does not include anything for the reduced quality of life and early death of sufferers.

Nobody will miss the sugar
Trust me, after a couple weeks, nobody will miss it if we reduce added sweetener content by 10% per month until it is 50% or 75% lower across the board. 

Thoughts about war
1) If your nation is throwing everything in and sending your boys and old men to fight, your nation is the victim of a genocide as Germany was twice in the 20th century, and Iran was once during the 20th century.
2) If your women have rifles and can shoot bad guys at 200m, it is a wonderful thing for civil defense, for your nation is now twice as resistant to invasion. 
3) It is much better for the cause of freedom and peace that a nation has 4 people who know how to shoot a rifle, and each have a rifle in the armory, than it has one well-trained person in the military.  The former is also much much cheaper than the latter.P

video mimic controls of robots
This involves using a chest cam that watches the movements of your arms and gestures of your hands.  Then these movements are used to control robotic arms including backhoes

School products
There should be no school rings or wrist watches.  Also, all school yearbooks must be virtual and free.

Township buggies
I would use buggies with 4-wheels, but this is roughly what I was thinking about for township buggies, although maybe with a single door on one side and a bench seat. Also, given the network operation, slow speed and lack of intersections, perhaps the upper parts are simply made from plastic, including the windows perhaps.

A fleet of identical buggies in each township
Entire fleets will be bought and sold at once.  No dealer in the middle. They are mostly shared. No expert mechanics. No expensive parts. All parts on site. Cheap mass delivery. No drivers. They run on air compressed at the township plant and do not pollute the place they are driven in. They have no cloth in them to get dirty. The long distance ones for the exurbs might have a moped engine in them. 

Robotic delivery
The delivery droids should have a robotic way to bring people their deliveries without anyone being there. They should cause the delivery box to open and then put the delivery into the box. Then they close the box to close again.  And we might have separate boxes for packages and for “door food”.  

Farm robots
What if the robots only had to be driven once, for one season, and then they would learn how to do their job the same each year, day or night.  What if farmers pooled their land and robotic equipment and these went on driverless for great distances in a straight line.  What if there was a standard public IP open source harvesters with immense throats? What if all the best planters and other AGROBOTS were ubiquitized?

Mine augurs
They have a stub flaps on the top of their cutting blades, a bit back, one on each side.  These fold down to allow the cut material to spiral up, but they fold back up to stop it from falling when the augur is hauled up,  Their 3-tips (center and two sides) also have a recoiling pop devices, like a roto-hammer.  

Concealed carry
Does concealed carry increase crimes of opportunity, like with a crook seeing a rich-looking person and then holding them up on the spot? A bit probably. Does allowing concealed carry deter hold ups? Quit a lot no doubt. Aren’t we depriving ourselves of something that is an important crime deterrent?  What are we getting except a safeguard against crimes of passion? Is that safeguard worth what we loose in terms of crime deterrence? I don’t think so. Therefore I support some sort of concealed carry with provisions. 
1) The person carrying must be over age 30.
2) They cannot have an active alcohol or drug license while carrying concealed.
3) They must have had firearm training and must demonstrate shooting proficiency.
4) They must have had firearm situation and legal training.
5) They must be approved by a majority of their nome in a secret vote.
6) They cannot use bullets designed to penetrate body armor unless most crooks are wearing body armor. 

Why so many people are in prison
The number one cause of incarceration in the land of the free is our stupid drug laws.  But right behind our stupid drug laws are our stupid weapons laws. And by what twisted logic has our vitally important 2nd amendment been turned into such a huge a fool trap?

Also while we are looking at this graph, note how about 90% of the US federal prison population is being jailed for drug possession, weapon possession, immigration violations, public order violations, or parole violations.  In my world, the number of drug and weapons offenses plummets, and the immigrants, probation violators, and aggressive bums work in camps.

Free communications
This may take some years in the poorest nations, and if it becomes subject to abuse, or all day use, heavy users may be taxed.

Sanctuary for illegal aliens
It doesn’t matter if a county votes to allow this, harboring illegal immigrants is a national crime. 

The new drug development process
1) Drug search: This is the chemist testing chemicals so that the Senate can repeat them.
2) Drug testing. This is the Senate re-testing and approving the various or not. 
3) Ubiquitization and government publicity, or not.
4) Drug is generic and all the drug making companies that care to make it are competing to get it to market

A few sunflower seeds taste nice
If you have a lot, there is a disgusting element to the taste that build’s up. This is by evolution. It is the plant encouraging symbiot nibbling over symbiot feasting.  That flavor should be found and eliminated genetically.  But would the plant then be GMO if we simply take away a disgusting flavor chemical?

Train speed optimization
Lets assume that we stop using the high friction train wheels we use today, the ones with the “friction flanges” on the inside. And lets assume that we use sealed bearing for our wheels on perfectly smooth robo-adjuted track. And the same for our guidance wheels. And because we are using large I-beams for tracks and proper foundations, there is almost no track sag to overcome. So that is gone. And our trains are also quite a bit lighter than today and their load is much more evenly distributed on more small wheels and load points.  So the question is this. Assuming a 20 car train, at what speed is wind resistance half of rolling resistance? 
At what speed is it equal? 
At what speed is it 2x?
At what speed is it 4x?
At what speed is it 8x?
At what speed is it 16x?
At what speed is it 32x?
At what speed is it 64x?
I think our main-line trains, like the Italian west-side backbone train may soon go just as fast as an airliner. And maybe the viaducts will need to be 6m up and partly psi shielded (like the Greek letter psi) for protection against wind disturbance.  But there is no reason why we can’t go this fast.  And there is no airport security, or need to get their early. You just get on and zip away at airline speed. So downtown Los Angeles is about an hour and a half from downtown San Francisco.

Susquehannock state forest
If this was where “Reyork City” was relocated, and our trains went 400kph, Boston would be maybe 75-minute away. Toronto: 40-mins. Columbus: 60-mins. Chicago: 100mins, Milwaukee: 120mins. 

Note the parklands in green

The new American East
Do you see the greenbelt running from about Chattanooga northeast to north central Pennsylvania. We might put 5 interchanges there, mostly to cater to the old system, so it can access the new system.  And this will revitalize all the old city centers.

Everything car based is not real
The suburban housing with driveways and garages, the shopping malls, the strip malls, the traffic, the sidewalks, none of it is actually real. 

What Phoenix is
It is the American city that squanders the most energy thanks to its famously hot summers, and its spread-out car-based design. It is the Arab fee-nix or no-fee city that pays with oil instead. Phoenix and Las Vegas (close enough to drive out to) are not real cities. They are Arab creations in America. Creations that support high oil prices.

Phoenix 2050
Townships will be especially popular in the most inhospitable climates. So we imagine that much of Phoenix will move to the ultra cheap, ultra nice high desert townships in the nicer climated parts of Arizona. (or elsewhere) Then we imagine Phoenix mostly abandoned. 

Alaskan township living
Imagine an Alaskan community or a Siberian community where you can go to work wearing only a sweater in January. Imagine an India where most people don’t really go outside when it is over 40°C.  Then people will not care so much about living in a perfect Climate. Then there will be so much more land to go around. 

Italy 2050AD
Maybe 70% of people will live in townships, and 30% will live in the various ancient and beautiful parts. Most everyone will live in townships due to the low cost and accessibility.

Italian street plan chaos
It helps reinforce the idea that our cities, societies and laws all just sort of evolved that way. And I want to point something out, that most of modern Rome’s streets were laid out after the renaissance. Nearly all of Ancient Rome’s streets were only a couple meters across.

Roman traffic congestion
Just as Ishtar benefits from suburban traffic congestion today, it benefitted from pedestrian traffic congestion Rome.  Here we imagine a giant city where most of the pedestrian roads were maybe 2 meters wide. And the roads would fill with people, and the buildings were frequently 6 and 8 stories tall.  So in Ancient Rome, location was important, otherwise you would have to wait in pedestrian traffic just as we wait in automobile traffic.  

Rome was designed for arson
Is your city designed to self destruct in some way? Maybe the fire of Rome was only one of many great fires that Rome experienced, “impersonized into one. Drilling will tell us all about this.

Sisyphus reimagined
You misunderstand the terrain that Sisyphus’ is pushing the rock on. He is not pushing it to the top of a peak, but up the side of a surface feature like a volcanic caldera. The rock can be pushed up and out of the caldera or rut and into a new land of abundance.

My message is not the actual bloom
It is only the plan for the first step of the bloom. You all must do the rest, the far greater part.

I am pro GMO
I think it is a good idea, aside from the genetic pollution from carcinogenic and toxic plants.  

Is chrysanthemum toxic or carcinogenic?
Surely there are many people somewhere that drink this stuff regularly.  If it is not toxic in these immense doses, then perhaps we want to start developing crops that have chrysanthemum genes in them, or maybe we make synthetic chrysanthemum extract and spray it over our crops as a sort of synthetic natural pesticide, which is what pyrethrin is.

Orange suit probation
It is community service halfway to jail. Here we imagine people having to do orange suit work under head-cam, as say urban cleaners and landscaper during the day, while they watch reform videos at night.

Video reform school
If you are a good kid and do your CS work and watch your videos as you are supposed to, you will not have to stay in the reform school camp. However judges may order camp for certain offenses.

I didn’t prohibit gambling
I could have gone much further than I did. Maybe the Senate will decide to go further later.  Maybe it will back up.

It is only a starting point
My democracy is not built of words printed on stone tablets. Your group spirit will soon be much smarter than me. The group spirit should feel free to change anything in my constitution it wants to.  Let nobody cast my words above the true spirit of a nation, provided that spirit is not trying to corrupt, disable, or narrow the democracy. 

6-fan electro-copters
The correct configuration as far as I would think is to have 6-independently powered and operated fans. This way, if one or even perhaps two fail, the thing can make it to the ground.  I might put the fans in a single housing. And what about a parachute for the detachable passenger compartment?

Transexuals and pedophiles
I want to draw a line, a clear line for sexual morality, a line that should be very hard to cross. And I draw that line with only a question. Does your sexual practice fool other people into having sex with you?  For if your sexual practice involves tricking others, it should be a crime. By this I mean that Children are unable to decide for themselves, and don’t understand what they are doing. And to a lesser extent, people pretending to be of the other sex either prosthetically or with injections, or with surgery, are much the same thing: They are fooling others.

Does Eu•tropia allow allow gender fraud on the honor system? Does it allow lies told in public? Is Eu•tropia tolerant of practices that blur the line, and help turn people into homosexuals?

Pre-trial confessions 
should not be valid as evidence in trials
To my mind, having not only harms the fairness of our courts, but it also offers an incentive for police brutality in the station house. If we really want a criminal justice system free from police abuse, eliminating the validity of pre-trial confessions is probably the biggest step.

SWITCH CHANGE = change that can’t be done incrementally.
GRADUAL CHANGE = change that can be done incrementally

Some things must be switch changed
I mean, nobody is taking a gradual approach to abortions.  Either you kill Ishtar or you leave it alone. No middle ground.

Some new terms

Our current rail systems
Every rail system I have ever seen is an absolute antique, a silly thing with narrow gauge, spaghetti-thin rails.  And most are priced for maximum public ripoff. I think all the narrow gauge trains should just all be scrapped and replaced with wide-gauge rails that will go at Shinkansen speeds while spending nothing to keep the train afloat on that silly cushion of air.

Fast trains = big cities with lots of cheap land
Imagine trains 4 to 5 times faster than nighttime freeways, and maybe 8 times faster than average daytime urban freeway speeds in America.  Here is a city with 16 or 25 or 64 times as much land depending on how you measure it. 

Wide gauge costs not more
Wide gauge tracks are no more expensive than narrow ones given split trestles.  And the locomotives and cars are less than 1% of the cost of a new train line.

People can see clear leaps
When much better things came out, everyone just knows they are better. So will it be with my message.
1) The electric typewriter.
2) The television.
3) Apple’s personal computer.
4) Apple’s graphical user interface.
5) The giant search engine Google.
6) Apple’s iPhone portable computer and cellphone.

Super expensive realtors and lawyers
Are realtors really worth 6% of a sales transaction? Of course not.  Are lawyers really worth 1/3 of a legal settlement? Are they worth $800/hour as the first-rate lawyers that tend to win cases charge? Of course not.

Our anti-business legal system
Most commercial claims are priced out of the legal system by the high cost of hiring professional arguers.  While at the same time, the system mostly revolves around making our businesses pay huge death-penalty damages for any harm they might have possibly caused.  

How can I hold my tongue?
What would I be if I avoided the lawyers because of the stream of bullshit they will surely hurl at me?  Here is what I think. Hopefully the world will realize that legal inclusiveness comes before legal accuracy. Accuracy only comes after to cost of deciding a case gets to a reasonable inclusion point. 

Transverse infant carseats
The correct position for an infant is transverse to the direction of movement. Putting them vertically is stupid because it causes back compression. Therefore the correct position is to lay them horizontally.  Also, is there any research on disc compression and hunch back among infants ferried around in car seats?

How much infant head jostling is ok?
I bet there are lots of baby prams causing lots of brain damage.

Self control and repression
What is the difference between lacking self control and having an unrepressed mind? 

Standard shoebox skins
I see our precast shoeboxes as having skins made from a 2x to 4x thick, intricately-formed version of the material they use for cement corrugated roofing. This goes on a formed styrofoam insulation wrap that is maybe 30-40cm (12”-16”) thick and is maybe R70 to R100 insulation wise. The real eco people will probably go for the R-100 townships with only 1% thermal loss.

Fast quasars
The super fast rotation of some quasars is due to an acceleration of time at a massive star according to my network theory of time. Time is simply occurring at a faster rate in these high mass areas of the universe.  Also, impossible quasar rotation speeds are sort of a major problem with the causality of the relativity theory. Here is an article about fast quasar rotations.

AV cams
Penalty service and Exhod work should be under AV cams to verify that the person is actually working. 

Australian Cymology 
This is very important, as it will give us the implied movement of Australia, and the source of Pacific and Indian ocean epochal lyses.

IDIOT = idi•ot = idea•hear = a person who thinks what he hears. An idiot cannot think for himself.
STUPID IDIOT = someone who didn’t hear much and bases his worldview on what little he heard.
SMART IDIOT = someone who heard a great deal and still bases his worldview on what he heard.

Cement and concrete companies
Companies that sell cement shall not also sell concrete and vice versa. No concrete company shall do business more than one county, although traveling up to 250km into a neighboring county shall be permitted.  No company shall supply more than 5% of the nation’s cement or concrete. The importation of cement shall be prohibited. Structure casting factories may source their concrete domestically from up to 1,000km away. 

The idea is to totally defrock Ishtar
No games, no deceptions, no tricks. Just a naked gorgon and a virtual worldwide mirror. Then we move on to a world without Ishtar where unrepentant Ishtarians get treated like the devil itself.  Don’t risk it, don’t be greedy.

The Mideast religions must go
We can do this the easy way or the hard way.  The hard way is where you keep your devil’s religions and try to convince the outside world to accept your criminal con•piracy. The easy way is to give up the religions one and all. This sends a very important message that your people have had a major revelation and that they are all emphatic that you will abandon trying to help the people back home. The host nations will all promise to do this until everyone has a way to live, and you will end Ishtar and its religions. And it is playing with fire and going down the Fire of Rome/ 68AD path to go the other path.

What I am entitled to
1) To be called Senator and Ubiq for my contribution, and to have my children considered as sires.
2) To have many children with willing partners, so you can have more people like me in the future.
3) To public protection from terrorists, crazies, reporters, surveilers, and glad hands.
4) To a pension of three times the average wage if I run out of money.
5) To the same level of healthcare that Over-Senators get.

Evolution happens differently than devolution
Evolution involves tiny little increments added, but devolution tends to involve much longer sections of genetic code that have been turned off.  You need to look at my genome and compare it everyone else’s which sections of brain DNA do I have that are on, while everyone else generally has them off, or mostly off.

I am a throwback, a dinosaur
I am what the smartest were like before the many genetic falls.

I am not a mind reader
If you want changes make a punch list, or highlight them in yellow and put the recommended change after in dark green text.

Speaking as a group
There is a big difference between you you guys speaking to me as individuals telling me what you think, and when you all think that I have made a mistake.

Have I made other commands?
Can you send me a list of my prior commands?

Sci-fi: Contact-Variant
Just like in the Carl Sagan film, a radio message is received space. Then it takes a while to figure out the crack. But in this film, the message is not a mechanism for space travel.  It is a mechanism for time travel. In particular, it is a way to accelerate our evolution so that we are more quickly available to communicate with the other meta-species. They noticed us on the edge of our metaflux and wanted to help us by shooting us their standard hailing message, which is a huge multi-volume universal codex of knowledge. And this is how they communicate with backwards species like mankind. They also say that only about a 25% of species manage to implement their suggestions, while 70% do nothing with it, and about 5% have a great war before implementing the changes.


The end of days rain shock
When the giant end of days eruption finally happens, the rains will just stop to the maximum.  Then the rains will slowly return to normal after some years. So try to imagine a world with maybe 1/2 the rainfall. How will the Southwest US states make it? How will northern Mexico make it? We need to make preparations for this eventuality.  And continent-scale aqueducts are not only good climate change insurance, but they are also useful today.  

Iridium rich layers with most Sauropod bones?
It is just a hunch, but I bet quite a few Sauropod bones tend to come from layers with slightly raised layers of Iridium. What can we infer from an observable correlation here? Answer:
1) That volcano driven climate change also probably existed below the threshold we are able to detect it in sedimentary iridium.
2) That climate change may have ultimately killed all the remaining dinosaurs all at once, but climate change must have 20% to 80% decimated the dinosaurs thousands of times.
3) That most of the fossils we have may have formed under conditions of sudden climate change, and drought, and may not represent the true life conditions of the specimens we have. This is especially so for diets.
4) That sudden climate change has been a repeated problem for the life-forms of our planet. 
5) That the KT layer is probably also from volcanism and not a meteor.
6) Then again, maybe ir•idium is ir•real and  ir•relevant.

Marijuana edibles
I think these should be outlawed as products because they can so easily be laced or the formula changed in a hard to detect way. Also, the idea of drugged sweets is stupid when we think of parents. And we have all heard stories of people who mistakenly ate some space cakes and accidentally got very high. What if they were driving or flying an airliner and suddenly got very high?  And then there is how cooking marijuana eliminates most of the run-and-find-out chemicals.  And then there is the way people often get so high on edibles, and how it often takes hours to get high. So What I would do is say that if people want to cook or bake with marijuana, or give marijuana food to their friends, they are free to do so.  But all commercially available marijuana edibles and beverages should be outlawed as hashish. And people will be able to make their own hash, it is just they will not be able to give this to non-family members or sell it commercially. And there will also be pure pharmaceutical extracts to eat: It is just that space cakes and space candies and space pasta will be outlawed. 

Old cookies
I need fresh. Lower left mail slot. Multiple layers of plastic bag to control odor.

Reptiles and dope
We should test Iguana activity on Marijuana. We should starve them if we have to, so they will start eating it, but after they are accustomed to eating marijuana, we should compare their activity to other iguanas given say artichokes.  Do the Marijuana lizards roam farther. This will tell us if Marijuan is from the age of reptiles.  

Famine fruits
Marijuana, artichokes, prickly pear, dragon fruit, peyote, pomegranites, coffee, natal plum, jujube, tamarind and sweet smelling jacaranda look sort-of like dry climate famine fruits. They look like these barely nutritious plants that only really spread their seeds well when the rains don’t come and the big animals left their fertile habitats in search of food. But that is enough to spread seeds, isn’t it?  If I was looking for run-and-find-out drugs, I might start here among these plants that must be really “cheap” with water and nutrition.

The animals nibbles and feels great, so it nibbles more and more, and more, and more, until it overdoses and dies and fertilizes the plant. Cocaine is a very efficient plant poison for the die here strategy. Cocaine is much better than just being poisonous. It actually draws animals in, so even casual nibblers tend to be eventually poisoned and turned into valuable fertilizer. All the world’s blowers need to realize how the plant benefitted much from the overdoses happening all of a sudden. 

The fake pleasure drugs
Here is how I see opium and cocaine.  They are from plants that want to lure animals to their eventual poisoning so they can become fertilizer for the plants. I also see them as these fake pleasure plants — and from where I stand, they are nasty things. I see them as taking over the real pleasure in people’s lives, and diminishing it so all the users crave is fake pleasure and a non-life of fake pleasure.

I bet we will soon be able to produce better than alcohol experiences with drugs. And it is a pretty easy thing to be less harmful than alcohol and with fewer side effects.

Bouncer is a blid
Bouncer is a great name for someone who was on a downward trajectory and then bounced. It is the junky who not only gets off junk, but he goes on to get hundreds of people off it, running his own opiate “junk-yard”. This is the sort of bouncer that should be respected by society, and maybe if he is smart, elected to the Senate. 

National constitution R’137.2  should read:

A number of unfair trade practices shall be prohibited between ostensible competitors. These shall include: collusion, price fixing, discriminatory pricing, dividing-up territories of operation, exclusive dealing, output restrictions, paying people not to compete, taking money in lieu of competition, preferential treatment, and refusal to trade equally.”

GODADDYITIS = This is when a company constantly makes “Upgrades” to its services that are not actually upgrades, but mere cosmetic changes such as relocation of website buttons and streamlining of commands so their customers have trouble finding features that were previously easy to find. A good example of Godaddyitis is the way that Godaddy just removed standard colors from its wordpress engine, and also the way that now, two colors cannot be put on subsequent lines but must have an empty line between them (see above). Also, I would really like the underlined text in the section below to be blue, but I can no longer do this without turning the entire text block blue. And why did I have to spend 5 minutes searching all the commands looking for the new location of the insert image button? And why did I have to spend another 5-minutes figuring out how to insert the image. And why did your team bother to change the method of inserting an image if they were not trying to screw-up GD’s customers? When companies must take 9 steps backwards for every 10 steps forward, they really should test their changes more carefully… or stop making changes altogether.

Most cancer seems to be caused by tobacco
Supposedly 40% of all cancers are linked to tobacco. However, these are just the proven cancers. I bet that second hand smoke, liars and forgetters brings it up to 60% or 80% of white-collar cancers. The story is here.

Lets just call them clicks
Kilometers is such a long word.

Mahabaleshwar should have a new city
This mountain plateau is just south of Pune India. It is 1,350m up and thus has a climate about 9°C cooler than at sea level.  Thus the average monthly high does not exceed 30°C and the nights are always more than cool enough to chill structures through the day. It is a ideal place for an new Indian city due to its wonderful climate.

To my point of view, the entire unused mountain range on the West side of India should be full of new rail based cities at a Bangalore-like elevation or above.  And so should the mountains of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and so many other high parts of India.

And it is not just India, but all over the world that we should build our cities in cool high-altitude tropical places that are not only safer, but they are in places where the climate is nicer and more suitable to urban plantings, whatever they may be

and they will tend to have nice views and surrounding wilderness parks too. Or maybe they will have municipal orchards around them, or something like the Kandy botanical gardens. And there will be no cars or exhaust, or road dust. And the animals will be gone from your cities by ordinance.  And all the cars will use compressed air and operate themselves and serve each rail-based township’s hinterlands, on 5-foot ribbons of the super smooth asphalt ribbons they use for roads. 

India’s Kutch district
China has its oil near Hainan, and India has its oil here.

For those who don’t know, sangeevani is a magical Herb from Hindu mythology mentioned in the Ramayana a Hindu scripture book. The word really sounds like San Giovani doesn’t it?  Where is San Giovani? It is dead center in the spur on the boot of Italy. San Giovani is one brotherly bra•man poking the other with his spur. That is what Sanjeevani is. It is water expensive imported spice they have.

Taiwan & Sir Lanka
China’s number one international objective is to reunite with the peaceful and prosperous Island of 23-million people off its coast. On the other hand, India can’t be bothered about Sri Lanka, a war torn island of 22-million that is just off its coast.  At least I think India should take an interest in the government sponsored/condoned killing of ethnic Indians in Sri Lanka.

Holly wood
The wood of the holly plant is supposedly the whitest of all woods. The prickly leaves supposedly represent Jesus’ crown of thorns, and the berries the drops of blood shed by Jesus due to the thorns. In Scandinavia holly plants are called “Christ thorn”.  

1) it orbits the sun.
2) It is probably spray from the destruction of the planet where the asteroid belt currently is.
3) It looks like a streak of spray.
4) Except when it is right by the sun, its orbital speed is about 26.5km/second. This is close to Mars’s orbital speed of 24km/s and earth’s orbital speed of 30km/s.

Low sugar dark chocolate
The correct way to offer this is by listing the sugar content at 4%, 8% 12%, 16% and 20%. This is made of nothing but chocolate, extra cocoa butter, and glucose,  

Should inactive people pay more tax?
If our smokers, drinkers, and sugar gluttons have to pay a premium for their unhealthy lifestyle, maybe the lazies should too.  Maybe government should offer a healthcare discount for those who can document a certain level of physical activity per week under video and gps.  A certain time walking, or another time on an elliptical, or jogging, or working in a carwash, or painting walls.  And it is probably different for all age groups. Maybe we will have this giant tax deduction/credit scheme where level 1 and level 2 activity get a similar amount to the alcohol free increment.  May it will even be as big as the smoking increment.

QUADRANT HOMES = homes where four units share a floor, each getting one corner of the roughly square building.

Let me call my legal advisor
We should not discourage legal advice delivered over the phone as much as legal advice delivered in an office. Maybe phone lawyers should pay 30% income tax and meeting and court lawyers should pay a 40% income tax.  Or maybe we will have to raise it to 45% an 60% to make a bigger dent in the legal “profession”.

Even if the cop is wrong…
You must not resist arrest. If you feel he is abusing his power, you can file a complaint for Senate review. This is an idea that should be repeated in the media.

Confession vs. Co-operation
If you confess, it has no place in court. However if you show the police who sold you the WMD, that is a whole other thing.  Also the former has no bearing on leniency, while the latter certainly may.

Roman javlin-eers probably used spear throwers
This not only imparted more energy to their artillery projectiles, but it also allowed for a more horizontal and higher-powered vector which increased impact speed and range. And the javlineers were probably not much less accurate than a baseball pitcher. So each throw might result in a 25% batting average and hit ratio for individuals, and a near sure thing for groups.  So this kept the barbarians from attacking in large groups, because they would get hit with javelins as fast as the Roman soldiers could draw their javelins from their quiver. And I say quiver because  javelins might haver been a bit heavier, but they were  not much bigger than arrows today.

For those fighting to liberate others
Here are modified lyrics for what I take to be the Roman military song “We will kill you”. Blood on your face is a reference to the Roman military tactic of “hasta-la-vista”, or a “spear-to-the-face”, where the Romans in the second row of a battle square would use their spears to jab the barbarian enemy in the face, and then if possible slash the enemy’s neck arteries on the return stroke.

“Buddy, you’re a punk, make a big’ol noise
Shooting up the street, gonna be a man someday
You spilled blood in your place, you big disgrace
We’re going to kick your can all over the place, singin’
We will, we will rock you
We will, we will rock you
Buddy, you’re a chump, a big man’s fool
Wanna rule the world for your master someday
You spilled blood in your place, you big disgrace
Waving a slave’s banner all over the place
We will, we will rock you, 
sing it!
We will, we will rock you
sing it
Buddy, you’re fulla hate and just plain wrong
You got bloody tricked, cuz you’re not that smart
You spilled blood in your place, you big disgrace
That’s why we gotta put you back into your place
We will, we will rock you, 
sing it!
We will, we will rock you
sing it”

2,500 Centi-Nomes with startup funding budgets
Our million-man Sub-Senate of 2,500 Centi-Nomes will be quite entrepreneurial. And it will keep the big picture of all society in mind with its investments.  Lots of change is coming down the pipe now. And everyone can mortgage (or sell) his house now, so there will be lots of investment money from there. And there will be 2,500 Centi-Nomes with start-up funding budgets.  

Zip-train energy recapture
Whatever is recaptured from the decelerating trains on one side of the track is sent to the other side of the tracks to be used by the accelerating trains. This way there is no energy storage loss. And this is another reason why the system will have to use A/C current.

2-months basic military service
The military and militia should be about training lots of people to defend the nation. This is why I would rather have 24 times as many people who went for 1-month of training than 1/24th as many people who served for 2-years.

My spell on offensive warfare
1) Weapons that favor defenders are good, weapons that favor attackers are bad.
2) We need to be able to redundantly jam all frequencies and rapidly shoot down a great many satellites very quickly.  Otherwise there is a big risk of drone attack.
3) GPS favors attackers, not defenders
4) Soon after anyone uses a drone attack, all the satellites worldwide get shot down.
5) Using kill drones needs to be regarded as similar to using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.  This rule however should not apply to stateless combatants, mercenaries, and to religious fanatics who would use violence to seize territory or convert people to their religion.
6) A nation well-armed with rifles is the single most important thing for national defense. The expensive equipment and armor is nice to have, but 20 million polish rifles would have stopped the Nazi advance.
7) Poland wary of large numbers of immigrant men in neighboring nations amends its constitution so it has a version of America’s second amendment.  This permit everyone the right to go out and buy a rifle for their home. 

Coastal property traded
Coronado, Mission Beach, and Imperial Beach and parts of  Downtown, National City and Chula vista will (I would hope) be abandoned quickly and will have little value. But there is a whole lot more property that people will want to live and sleep in for a while, at least seasonally. This will probably have enough value to buy a new township condo.

Mexico and house casting
I bet that Mexico will cast and fit-out more than its share of houses for North America. And I see all of Mexico living in cool quiet stacked township apartments with R-100 insulation top bottom and sides, and central air conditioning. I see the people getting around via dust and pollution-free 400kph transit. I see Mexico abandoning its filthy-aired capital built in the one place nobody should ever have a city. Mexico city: it is totally hazardous for earthquakes, and also totally hazardous for air pollution due to the  inversion layers that form there.

You know to go from say Point Loma to a township might not be that big of an improvement, but to go from some smoggy, dangerous peripheral Mexico city location to a township will be a huge leap. And even for low-cost Mexico, townships will still be cheaper than cars and roads and hand built buildings.  

Los Angeles: What a terrible location
1) It is prone to huge earthquakes a
2) It is prone to small earthquakes like Northridge.
3) It is vulnerable to tsunamis.
4) It is subject to giant wildfires.
5) It doesn’t have enough water.
6) It is subject to smog inversions.

The problem with the Pacific plate
I think our cymology study will tell us that the Pacific plate tends to jump a lot, while the North American plate doesn’t jump nearly as much. Maybe it is an 80/20 thing with the Pacific plate jumping 4-times as far.  So that strip of coastal land, where pretty much all the golden cachet California properties are — from the Golden Gate and San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Diego and going to Cabo San Lucas — I think it is likely that this place will be mostly depopulated over the coming decades.

Fly or rail between cities
We may keep intercity roads for defense vehicles, but most of the roads for the rural and wilderness areas will connect with the nearest major rail interchange. All the roads will radiate from this point, and many will be one way, alternating in and out. Thus our road system can be single lane and single wide, some thing that is very efficient for using our hillsides.

Vishnu the protector from evil
Is Vishnu really viz•neo? Is he the new insight that protects the world against the evil ex•pull of Mideast parasitism? You know, Vedic Sanskrit is related to Mycenaean Greek and Ancient Greek.  And Yaska’s 1st century etymology seems pretty inky-hinky, i mean the name “permeate•all” doesn’t really seem quite appropriate for Vishnu. And the Mideast would want to cover this name up.

What Vishnu held in his four hands
1) Lotus flower (the legendary source of opium)
2) Mace (originally imported from the Banda Islands.
3) A shell (symbol of ocean trade.)
4) A coiled snake (ready to be given to the troublesome.)
All of these things are related to the traders. So perhaps Vishnu’s four arms are related to the Peacock’s many eyes, the many hands being another way to symbolically represent Ishtar’s many eyes.  So while Christianity is based on a Mideast book, Hinduism’s main protective deity is a representation of the Arab trade mafia and what it has to offer. 

Shiva the destroyer
The name sounds like Sheba, and also she•va= she•goes. Is this She=Ishtar, the destroyer of outside output so people are more desperate for Mideast goods?  So Vishnu is the spirit of more and better in the host society. And Shiva is the less and worse spirit of parasitism living in the hearts of Mideast exhods in the host society. So in a way Vishnu really is related to the Christian god and Shiva is related to the Christian devil.

This is the Br•an•A, the harem spawn. It is said to be an aspect of Vishnu, but that is a lie, isn’t it? The harem rewards are for those who serve Ishtar=shiva, and the harem output people must work for Ishtar=shiva or they get brunted = bur•n’t•ed = bro•not•ed. So it is a lie that Brama is an aspect of Vishnu.  Can you see how the Arab de•ex•pull = devil = Vishnu created Hinduism to hide in?  What better way to hide the often discernible spirits, than to have a confusingly similar religion, to give the two spirits names and call them this eternal struggle between the gods, rather than the economic realities of parasite and host group spirits. 

Cambodian Vishnu
He comes with a coiled snake (secret power), shells (sea trade), metal (money), and a club that looks quite a bit like a dildo or a “stupa”. And if we assume that these priests are like Catholic priests, this dildo was to “schtup” the kids. This was so the little boys would turn into homos when they grew up, and so that the little girls would be more sexually available to the priestly caste. 

Roman Church International
Those of you who are not Catholic: Can you all do me a big favor and call the religion as “Roman Church International”.

If you let them
The key phrase here is: “If you let them”.  They are more powerful than any one of you, but together, you can crush them like an insect. Ring the bell, call everyone, and Ishtar will flee the scene.  Go back to your distant suburban homes and Ishtar will return.  

Sanskrit the 3 Gunas = tendencies, qualities, atributes
Tamas = darkness, inactivity, dullness, lazyness, apathy.
Rajas = light, activity, sharpness, energy, and passion.
Sattva = goodness, purity, balance, harmony, universalizing, holistic, positive, peaceful, virtuous.

Samskriti = same as writing
Judging from this video, Samskriti schools don’t seem to involve any reading or writing.  There seems to be a little bit of education, a lot of group chanting, group song and group dance, stick fighting, bike racing and hiking. Then there is the fancy videography and reasonable sounding education philosophy words. Grown-ups should be allowed to attend a school like this, but it should be considered child abuse to fake-educate children this way.

A bit of a paradox
The exhods that get sent to Indonesia will not be housed in tent cities, they will be housed in cast concrete dormitories and Hong Kong sized units in townships connected by 400kph trains. The facilities will be new and nice for this reason, if they are not also small. And the west should be careful not to let the exhod parts of Indonesia turn into prisons, but it should help them to make a living.

Macro golf sucks
How can we grow ornamental grass when we could grow food to feed the hungry?

Semi-sweet halava
I would require that this stuff lists its seed content in a percentage like chocolate, Then you can get 98%, or 96%, or 94% halava that is 2%, 4%, 6% sugar.  Great stuff, but it is too darn sweet. I also might make halava out of almond, corn flower, sesame, linseed, sunflower and press the oil out of it is hard and not so oily, like the Canadia halava from Noble foods, but not so sweet.  

All businesses must die after some decades
It isn’t just people who get too old, organizations age and grow decrepit too.  Look at Sears and IBM. Sears should have died and been “recycled” in the 1990s and IBM in the next decade. 

Why don’t they make buffalo milk products in Asia?They have water buffalos.  This true “pizza cheese” and it is very tasty. 

Trip advice
You want to be biased towards stopping more along the way and looking around. This goes for road trips as well as life trips. You should always be asking yourself: “Is this what I should be doing?” 

Funeral ashes
They should not be kept. If the survivors want, they can take the ashes in an off-white unglazed ceramic urn and spread them somewhere nice and remote.

Beautiful red rock country
Why not have a couple car-free pedestrian only townships here?  The walls could be the same color as the rock and the roof the same color as the plants.  Why not use the most beautiful and safe parts of the world for housing, instead of say Florida.

Drone registration
For all the reasons that cars have license plates, drones should probably also have numbers on them. Also, drones should be registered with the DMV and have location trackers/ transmitters on them that alert the operator when the area is closed. Near airports and closed areas, drone use gets tracked. The penalties for violations might be like driving a car without a license.

Slowing time
Step-1) The micro-sliver jamming of gravity and time waves so that gravity can be diminished by 1-ppm. 
Step-2) The micro-sliver jamming of gravity and time waves so that gravity can be diminished by 1%.
Step 3) The micro-sliver jamming of gravity and time waves so that gravity can be diminished by say 50%.
Step 4) The micro-sliver jamming of gravity and time waves so that gravity can be diminished by over 99%.

Why must men fear being leaders?
I am sure nearly everyone fears the scrutiny.  They fear being denounced by their political opponents for some silly insignificant thing they did, like Al Franken. And let me tell you, this is a terrible and debilitating illness for our democracy. We can’t afford to rule-out leaders because they were womanizers, or pushy daters, or they took drugs, or they had aggressive episodes, or a bankruptcy, or divorced. None of these things matter. 

CENTRIFUGAL DELEGATION = pushing duties and decisions out where practical in an organization

Organizations must have biases
1) Push decisions out if possible.
2) Grow
3) Invest
4) Record
5) Analyse

Const of UM
R’95 should read:

“The following things shall never be considered state secrets. No member nation may consider any of the following a state secret and remain in the UM.
1) Information about suspected or potential mass killings by governments, fictional citizens and other groups.
2) Information about suspected or potential human rights violations, or mass arrests.
3) The names of those arrested, and the prison sentences of those convicted.
4) Photography of transport terminals or unfenced facilities.
5) Industrial and commercial output statistics.
6) The names of top government officials.
7) Government involvement in killing people.
8) Information about corruption and un-explained wealth among government officials.
9) Information about failed government policy.
10) Statistics on the number of people convicted of the various crimes and their sentences.
11) It is expected that this list will grow quite a bit.”

Bankruptcy fees should be high to discourage it. However, only the people and their government may collect these fat fees. Bankruptcies are prepared by the assessors office and our courts of Senators make the decisions. 

UM Cultivar and seed rewards
2/3 goes to the lucky and eagle-eyed farmer and 1/3 to his community

Police dispatch search monitoring
It listens for the following voice prompts
Dispatch-1: Dispatch watch video.
Dispatch-2: FWD video to backup.
Dispatch-3:  Run name/ ID/ license plate from video.

New police codes
9-0 = troublesome suspect probably no gun
9-1 = troublesome suspect might be arm
9-2 = troublesome suspect probably armed
9-3 = suspect definitely armed
9-4 = suspect armed with gun out
9-5 = shots fired
9-7 = come gun in hand
9-8 = come with scoped rifle
9-9 = come with automatic rifle
9-10 = armed with militia weapons
9-11 = many casualties
9-12 = many armed suspects

Police non-lethal weapons on individuals
1) They are traffic yellow in color, so people are less likely to get confused about the weapon being fired.
2) They should use compressed gas and not explosives. Again, this is so nobody gets confused about the weapon being fired.
3) If an officer is shooting non-lethals and time permits, he must say “I am about to shoot you with my non-lethal weapon”.

Defenders should have bunkerette plates
These are just maybe 1/4” or 3/8” thick steel plates that have been tempered and drawn. They have a small firing holes. They enable a sniper to hold his somewhat exposed position. Due to their weight, these favor defenders over invaders.  And part of civil defense is to put bolts into walls here and there so defenders can haul out their plates and in less than a minute, drop-eye bolt them to their armored and enclosed defense firing position. They should also be fully versed in where all the other nearby firing positions are, so they can modify their position depending on where the ad-hock bunkerettes are needed. Here I imagine a piece of steel maybe the size of a narrow short door, and braked into an arc. 

The Spanish were weak in California
Look how they took all the graveyard places that the locals didn’t want. So it wan’t the Spanish claiming California for nothing, it was the Mideast. And 240 to 350 years later it became really worth something, and a big thing for Ishtar to sell.

75% of the cost
Apparently 75% of the cost of medical equipment development is for clearing US government approvals. Clearly this is excessive.

Ultrasound diagnostics
Why do the machines cost $100,000 to $200,000? This is the perfect example of tech that should be ubiquitized and the number of machines increased maybe 50-fold worldwide. It is a fast and non-invasive, harmless way to look at the condition of so many internal things.  Even the people in central Africa should have these.

No over head scarves
Ladies, please help me liberate the women of the Mideast. For a decade or two, lets all stop wearing scarves on your head. You can wear a cap, or scarf around your neck, but not on your head.

Why Israeli kids have to serve 2-years in the military
It is so you will leave and stay out and make more room for new chosen harem spawn.  

You think that is air you are breathing?
You think those people actually are your parents.

Benevolent Roman slave owners
I bet it was a thing for rich Romans to show how benevolent they were in rescuing the nicer slaves from a short awful life in the mines. I bet they said something like: “Just pay me back your cost. Until then you can stay in my slave’s bunks and collect and allowance. What you do after you finish your work at 1:00 is up to you. Good luck. I hope you can redeem yourself quickly.”

Singapore hawkers 1:414
Singapore has about 14,000 hawker stalls for 5.8 million people. That is about 1 per 414 people.  So each township of 20,000 might have 48 hawker stalls at this ratio. Singapore government stastics webpage here.

The MRT next to the hawker stalls
The air conditioned Singapore MRT metro system has sliding glass doors that open for its air conditioned trains. So the train noise is not loud. And if it is still too loud, then we can use triple glass.  But lets put our hawker centers right next to the platforms, with islands for beverages and grab and go food, but right by the platform are hawkers. This is to encourage people to eat time-cheap batch food instead of time-expensive home food. Government will mandate that people have emergency famine food at home, while at the same time it will gently encourage people to eat out more often and be part of the community. Maybe there will be 5m of hall, 25m of hawker center, 5m of hall, 25m of hawker center, 5m of hall, etc. along the platforms.

The Senate can harm sin trades
None of the sin  industries are very important to the economy and they are bad for people’s health. So if some part of the alcohol, sex, gambling, or mafia drug industry becomes a problem, the Senate can sort of do whatever it wants short of having a prohibition that encourages mafia profiteering.  And certainly all the sin brands should be wiped any time a nation’s senate thinks it will reduce sin product consumption. 

The future of commodities
Energy cheap
aluminum cheap
steel cheap
copper cheap
wood cheap
glass cheap
concrete cheap

What does it mean that you can’t figure out where to invest?
Might it mean that the proposed new system is rather optimized for destroying Ishtar and moving on to a world of more and better stuff for everyone?

The ridiculous fixation on memory in school
Look at how we grade our kids on how well they remember what they learned. We would do much better expose them to 4 times as much stuff and demanding less of their ability to remember what they learned. 

SO•USE = being useful to society
THE SO•USE RACE = the race among both men and women to be useful to society so that they can get elected to the Senate.

Grand-parenting agreements
I think there are lots of people would would love to raise their grandkids, and at the same time, there are women would would not mind taking a year or two off to bear and wean their kids.  We should let people have binding family agreements to this effect.  

Why I am not invested
1) I don’t think it is right until the message comes out.
2) I have other more important things to do and I loose money if I don’t pay complete attention to my investments.
3) The money doesn’t really matter to me as much as my other work. 
4) I think I may have a sliver amount invested, but it is not more than 20% of my portfolio.

Day halving doubles output
And how long does it take to clone one’s role while being on-call for phone inquiries.

No mortgage payments, no rent
Lots of people in the rich parts of the world are going to work a whole lot less. 

A layman’s thoughts on Diabetes
1) I see mankind starting out as essentially fruit-eating chimps around 4-million years ago. Then the stick carriers went out onto the grasslands to drive lions off their kills, and then eventually to hunt. But for nearly all of the past 4-million years, our ancestors ate lots of meat and very little sugar. 
2) Do carnivores get diabetes easily and from little sugar in their diets? All it takes is a couple thousand cats, and dogs and food of say a few different fructose sweetnesses for each group. What happens to their health? How many get diabetes? How many get fatty livers? Do they tend to get fatty livers first?
3) I would study comparative human/chimp insulin production and metabolism, and especially the genetics of this.  I would not be surprised if there only some of the insulin/sugar metabolism genes have been turned back on after our time as pure carnivores.
4) We might eventually be able to do something like transplant or clone, or stem-cell the body into again sustaining its own insulin producing cells. But we may also never have a cure for diabetes, like with so many other advanced and already symptomatic diseases. For now the sensible and easy route is to prevent people from sugar bombing their system thought regulation of processed food and alcohol sweetness.
5) If I had to guess, I would say that fructose and alcohol binges are probably the main cause of the pancreas to wearing itself out. I bet your pancreas gets inflamed from binging and is unable to keep up. I imagine it like the lower digestive track when one has diarrhea, or the lower esophageal sphincter when one has GERD. Some part of an organ gets inflamed and then cannot keep up or recover.
6) Fructose may have a role in diabetes. It is easy to imagine that there is a time delay for the liver to start producing glucose from the fructose.  So you eat until you are full and then some minutes later, the sugar hits your system through both your gut and your liver. Or maybe it is that people with livers takes half a day to metabolize the fructose in their diet and thus they always have elevated sugar in your blood. !!! But that would be too obvious, no? That would have been discovered already, right?
7) SUGAR INTASTE = you don’t really taste sugar any more because you eat so much of it.  The public should be educated about sugar intaste. Also, the public needs to learn that it can easily cut sugar consumption, and after a couple weeks they will not know the difference.
8) Maybe some people are pre-coded so they can handle 10-tons of sugar in their lifetime, while others can only handle 1-ton before they lose insulin sensitivity.  
9) Perhaps we want to do regular urine testing for changes in serum amylase (or lipase/proenzyme) levels. Then we can tell people that they need to cut back on sugar or there is a 50/50 chance they will develop diabetes.
10) There are not enough messages that explain how 10% of people develop diabetes, and the idea that it is the fructose and alcohol binges that cause this. Also, I might focus on high-school and college students with this message. Tell them over and over how those few alcohol binges are terrible for both their liver and their pancreas.
11) It seems a matter of public health to limit the fructose and other sugar percentages for prepared foods and candies. We might also limit the ability of minors to buy certain sweetened things.  
12) We should not be mixing sugar with alcohol, or at least heavily sweetened alcohols should not be sold. This should probably include bar cocktails. 
13) Maybe childhood diabetes and some other diseases tend to get triggered by taking acetaminophen and lots of fructose together.
14) The body compensates and loses sensitivity to lots of drugs both manmade and natural. When this happens to insulin, it is called insulin resistance or diabetes-2.
15)  I think that ultimately we may ultimately have a gene therapy that will turn on our chimp abilities to metabolize sugar. 
16) The ideal sweetened kids beverage for schools to my mind is 70% soy, 30% rice, it has per 33cl 8 grams of protein, maybe 2g of added glucose, and ORT levels of electrolyte salt and potassium, along with calcium and magnesium, iron, and other minerals.
17) And last but certainly not least, perhaps we should require that all fructose in packaged foods be neutralized by mixing it with glucose and making polysaccharide sucrose that can be digested by the gut instead of the liver. Maybe we should even do this with the naturally occurring fructose in pasta for example.

Alaska, north Canada and east Russia
These underpopulated areas should belong to the UM and might be used to house great numbers of people in energy efficient townships. 

Glucose and GERD
Does eating glucose improve your GERD?  If so, it may mean that your liver is not metabolizing fructose so well any more, and it remains in your gut to cause trouble. Eating glucose turns the fructose into a disaccharide, a double sugar called sucrose that is metabolized by the gut and not the liver. 

Neutralizing harmful fructose
If you take a certain amount of glucose with fructose, even the fructose in bread and plain pasta. We even imagine a time where the FDA requires the glucose neutralization of fructose in all mass produced foodstuffs.

Protein helps GERD
I find completely unsweetened soy milk to be great for GERD. 

You valve needs time to heal
If you burn the hell out of your esophagus valve with stomach acid, it may take 3 or 15 days to heal and grow leakproof again.

Undigested fructose in the bowels
I bet the fructose causes bacterial overgrowth that has an inflammatory aspect to it in the colon.  I bet this causes lots of diarrheal illness in older people.

Incorruptible new drug testing
When government puts drugs through trials, it uses multiple outside services in a form of blind rotation to help assure lack of corruption. 

Are 6-meter tracks enough? 
Should we use 7-meter gauge tracks?

The names of nations
The UM names each nation in Euemi, English and Mandarin. All fictional citizens shall be required to use the official UM names in these 3-languages.  On top of this, the nation that is currently the dominant cultural force for each language shall determines the names of every other nation for that language. France shall do this for the French language, Spain shall do this for Spanish, Brazil for Portuguese.  These names are only for nations and fictional citizens, and the people shall be free to refer to nations as they like as it is a matter of free speech.

Pamela Anderson
I agree with her comment that it is ridiculous for actors who met alone with media producers in hotel rooms to claim victimhood due to mere sexual advances or a hard sell. 

Urban farming
Is the energy loss from spreading out the buildings by 2 sq.ft. worth the benefit of not having to rail that zucchini in to the city?  I see urban vs. distant farming thing as equal alternates and nothing to care about.

Mali Militants
I might give the defenders in neighboring zones somewhere around 300,000 single-shot sealed rifles that are designed to be totally and unavoidably corroded and unusable in two year. The rifles might be rather long for accuracy and be rather high-powered so they can be kill through walls and vehicle doors. I would also have a special stepped/notched chambers for a maybe 30-types of special bullets, of which there might only be 10 given per gun, and these are designed and dated to spoil in a few months. This is so bullets can’t be easily made and the defenders can be stopped if needed.  I would also provide air support via bomb-here transmitters, and laser pointers. 20,000 used pickup trucks (some company’s old fleet) would help to move forces and would help with economic development and would only cost about $100-million FOB Bamako. Give them steel, plywood and plans to make flat beds for the trucks so they can move 20-men at once.

Canal charges
All canals are the property of the UM. The Suez canal should be expensive for commercial ships to use (20,000 barrels of oil), the Panama canal should be cheap (200 barrels of oil). This is to discourage shipping and encourage trains.

Bible-Genesis-My-Version .PDF Download


Relocating the PPC
I would wait for the cymology data to generate an earthquake history before we relocate t he Pacific Plate Cities PPCs. Maybe most of the buildings will withstand the quake.  But if they won’t, there really is no reason to rebuild cities in this arid place. And I would certainly not put them in another place with excessive earthquake risk, or in a place with water problems. So due to the distances involved to good locations, these cities may wind up getting scattered, or partly relocated by employers. 

Brownstone townships
What if New New York City was in 333 brownstone townships of 30,000 on 20 interchanges. Further out, on the township snowflakes, they just leave the woods between the units and the roads are narrow paths, bands of asphalt designed for single-wide silent compressed-air-powered micro-cars in two directions, or doublewide service vehicles in one direction.

Railroad Crossing
It needs to be realized that a township and railroad world is mostly without intercity roads. In this world, the auto-mobiles all mostly go on railcars between cities. So there are no rail crossings, except for pedestrians and wildlife under and the viaduct and through its arches.

What I meant by prohibiting natural stone
I meant that cosmetic skins of cut stone should not be used on the walls or floors of buildings except in the case of flamed granite in slippery places.

Flamed granite floors in wet transit areas
To my mind, annually or triennially flamed granite is the best surface for wet transit station surfaces. And perhaps, if we can eliminate graffiti and transit vandalism, we can have granite wainscots in the metro stations, but stone walls are normally really just public expensivism, and this normally exists either to hide stealing, or to further materialism. So I think we should use a paint that re-covers with minimal preparation and repaint the walls as needed.  I would make the floors from ground concrete, or flamed granite and the walls painted. Thus It is super easy to eliminate anyone’s efforts to deface our metro stations and other high traffic urban areas.

The diseases that affect Europeans less
Europeans seem to have partial immunity to Diabetes, HIV, Glaucoma and other diseases. When I see this sort of situation, I interpret it as well attenuated pathogens being the source of each mysterious disease. I think that the Europeans, being more at the center of world trade developed greater immunity to the pathogens responsible for prior infections centuries ago.  And yes, this partly contradicts what I say about Diabetes and Glaucoma. 

Glaucoma ideas
1) Glaucoma is many times higher in non-Europeans and in particular Africans. Does glaucoma correlate to any infectious pathogen infections?  
2) Does glaucoma correlate to straight on face knocks?
3) Does eye pressure correlate with CSF pressure?  I might find some glaucoma patients with bad backs that are willing to irritate their backs a little bit.  Check their eye pressure before they do this and again, 12-18 hours after, when their disc tissue gets inflamed.  Does spinal inflammation increase eye pressure on the other side of the system? Maybe glaucoma comes from repeated episodes of minor disc inflammation in some people.
4) What regulates CSF pressure?   It might be helpful to lower CSF pressure in stroke TBI, and perhaps even disc injuries. 

We will rock you
The original instrument was a light weight short sword side-tapped twice on the face of the shield, and then once with force. And I bet there were a great many stanzas that could be swapped out. This is the music that kept the Roman soldiers all jacked-up for battle.  This and maybe a 20% reduction in the opium content of their daily sacraments. So they were all on edge and in a really bad mood at once. 

The Venezuelan flag
8-Stars in a crescent moon

The royal guard barracks
In the age of cruise missiles, it is an important but untenable thing to keep the royal guard together and loyal and housed near the king. It may be a little unjust to kill all the kings guards by the hundreds and thousands in this way, but it is also necessary for controlling the dictators that ruin whole nations by using the military to intimidate and stay in office. So the attacks should come at dawn and be recorded on time-stamped HD video from multiple angles. This should play all over the internet as a warning to all the other would-be dictators and warlords around the world. Also the simultaneous one-button destruction of dozens of targets needs to be emphasized.  And so does the policy of killing tyrants with a shrug. 

Send in the USMC
“Here in Venezuela, we want the USMC to come and keep order and keep Putin and the Arabs from running our nation into the ground so they can’t sell their oil instead of ours.”

Another 30-70 thing?
To my point of view, society gets 70% of the value of its education system in the testing of the smart ones, and dumping of kids together, and only 30% from the content learned, the ostensible reason for the edu-sys. 

Stop shoving their noses in it
There is such a difference between someone telling you: “look at this”, and you saying to yourself, “What’s that?”  Give them a library on a VR network and let the kids find what they like.

Start them young
If early learning is so important, then why are we squandering the minds of our newborns. Show them videos, even if it is just music visuals, wireframes, ladies saying “hello baby”, and other kids being taught things by their mothers. Show them lots of stuff from life and let them hear lots of their language. And play the audio of their society even when they sleep. And stop the inane fairy tail garbage, have useful things.  Show them the more interesting parts of the world. Show them tumbling, and parades, and dramatic places on earth, and POV drone races, and Italian hill-towns and people using all the tones of Euemi.

Everyone moved, nobody remains, no-more-Q
But the old struggle is re-purposed by 180° until then. And once everyone is moved, you are all obligated to be model citizens in your adopted nation. And all the world will own its home now, so people will not be working to repay mortgages or rent. So lots of people will not work as much. So there will be lots of jobs for people to come and work for them.

CHF backed by gold
Secret banking laws are one totally criminal thing Switzerland does.  However, the other thing is the way that its money serves as a proxy for gold.

Why do nations allow loans in foreign currencies?
Are you stupid or corrupt or both? Any nation that allows for this is asking to be taken advantaged of.

No wiped shells in guns
It should be a felony to have fingerprint wiped shells in your gun.

Old & broken down taxis
The oldest vehicle in a shared vehicle fleet, or a fleet dispatched under the same name shall not be more than 11-years older than the newest. 

Stop taxis from gobbling rider property
The seat bottom and the backrest should be joined by a strip of material so passenger items cannot disappear between them. 

My marijuana detox 
In the winter of 2017-2018 I had a 3 or 4 month detox. I thought I needed to relate to people better in my spreading efforts. I thought the drug was impairing my ability to look normal and engage with people. The main result was a lack of insights and beneficial weight loss from less munching.

That hit of LSD
I obtained a hit of LSD just before really getting started with my written works. I must have taken 10 micro-doses supplemented with the lovely weed of Thailand. It was this LSD plus perhaps opiated Thai black MJ that restarted my mind, which didn’t have its big ideas until some time later, but started around this time. 

LSD and spore spreading
If you are happy and social and at one with the world, you are more likely to eat with others and spread the rye mold.  So the rye mold quickly evolved to help its symbiots to become more happy and attuned, and more likely to get into stores of rye grain.  LSD, like MJ is an animal symbiot, not a die-here plant like Opium and Cocaine, with their dirty Ishtarian tricks for making death look like something nice.

Supervised LSD trips
If we are so concerned about people tripping-out on acid and doing crazy things, then we should offer video supervised resorts for this.  And maybe when you are taking new high doses, it is a condition of your license that you are supposed to do it under supervision.

How Jews customarily eat rye bread
Is it because rye sometimes was infected by ergot or St. Anthony’s Fire and caused people to most painfully lose toes and fingers and worse as a result. Thus rye bread was cheap, and the innies didn’t have to worry about eating it.  And this was explained away by: “you should just eat rye bread because it is cheap and as long as you get it from one of us, you don’t have to worry about it. Nobody would ever sell tainted grain to you.

Also, on a tangent, I think it is real important for everyone to see the ways Ishtar helps its people to stick together, until central command decides that it is better off with that group dead.  

Did the Pharaohs grow poppies 5,000-years ago?
If they did for great profit as this story implies, then we know that Ishtar has been eternally behind opiates. And we also know that Ishtar never was a thing for mankind, but a thing for the desperado clan pretending to be mankind.  

(Read the first 80-words of this link)

TB and Junk
Keats’ “magical conspiracy between opium, tuberculosis and God” is easily grasped when we understand that opium was still rather expensive when it was legal. So there were these men going around and finding our rich and first-born (two groups there) and giving them TB by sending a gorgeous consumptive woman/man to them with instructions to seduce them and snog with them. And isn’t it strange how modern medicine doesn’t really know how TB spreads.  The Arabs made a lot of money on opium when they spread TB.  They also got rid of problematic infidels too. And they screwed up the human genome in yet another way as a result. 

Opiated Thai dope
Maybe the pressed and dark Thai marijuana is opiated. Maybe that is why it is better. maybe a touch of opium not only helps with the MJ high but makes the “dreams” better. But if that were so, then opiated MJ might actually be the first step in the ladder of addiction. Anyway, here is why I prohibit hashish, and MJ edibles and perhaps also black compressed  pot (the MJ version of black tea). Although perhaps we need a special drug category for slightly opiated dope, part of the way to the licensing requirements of being a heroin addict.

Marketing synergy
The people buying marijuana from dealers are often offered cocaine, ecstasy, opiates and other drugs.  I know this because I have been offered these other drugs. And I am pretty sure that at least 2/3 of drug dealer interactions are people buying marijuana.  So by separating marijuana sales from hard drug sales, we separate the 30% and 50% commission marketing of these addict dugs from the marijuana users.

Giant Japanese fruit Marijuana
The Japanese have these special gift fruits that are gigantic. The farmers prune away 1/2 or 2/3 or 5/6ths of the fruits on say an apple tree, so the plant puts all its efforts into one fruit. What happens when we do this with MJ plants?

The best time after fertilization
Fertilize marijuana plants and then track the active ingredients once per hour. When do the run and find out drugs cause maximum brain stimulation in humans seed spreaders?

The UM should get the proceeds from all international forums with expensive tickets.  Davos has $27,000 conference tickets and badges cost between $60,000 and $600,000.

Air transportation is going to get slaughtered now
Every single aircraft order that can be abandoned will be abandoned.  

Suburban real estate will plummet in price
It is all going Detroit. Most of the properties will all grow old and abandoned over the next couple decades.  The townships will be just too inexpensive, convenient, nice and cheap to maintain that way

The purpose of the 12 Jewish tribes
It is easier to hide among 2 tribes than 1, and 12 than 11. 12 tribes is so the sons of Aaron will find it easier to hide.

A religion without much sexual morality
My religion is not about sexual morality, it is about reproductive morality, and selecting the best man to have children with.  

Muhammed Ali the boxer
He started out as a smart guy, then the repeated head impacts ruined him. His speech slowed by 26 percent between the ages of 26 and 39 and by age 36 was slurring his words according to Visar Berisha and Julie Liss.  Why do we allow people to do this to each other as entertainment? 

Left-right, left right
It isn’t a military chant, it is how mothers are supposed to nurse their babies, left breast first, right breast after. This way baby falls asleep on its lift side.

Ishtar and doctors
It lives in the space between what your doctor is supposed to do and what he thinks he should probably do.

Traces of the big 8 allergens
The big 8 allergens are: Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Soy, Wheat, Fish, and Shellfish.  I don’t think that processed foods should be allowed to have traces of common allergens. I mean, it is ok if the facility also makes food with the allergens (so long as that is declared).  What I am talking about are the cookies with the tiny bit of egg or butter.  Or the fish-sticks that have a touch of milk in the batter.  Processed foods should not be allowed to have tiny and insignificant amounts of common allergens in their ingredients. Bakeries can make peanut cookies, but they can’t  mix a tiny bit of peanuts into their cookies in a way that people will not know. 

Peanuts in airplanes
What an absurdity this is. Surely this looks like Ishtar at work, spreading the world’s #3 allergen in the most enclosed public space most people ever enter.  I wonder how many people get ill as a result of this.

Lazyness, the primordial sin
Just as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are the freedoms from which all other freedoms stem from, lazyness is the sin from which all other sins stem from.  And by laziness I mean the unwillingness to do the right thing because it is somehow difficult, either physically, emotionally, morally.  So many of us fail to do the right thing for whatever reason.  And to my mind, this is the primordial sin.  Look how stupid we all are in that we so often know the right path but we don’t take it because it is too hard.

Political parties
They should be for one issue only, and these extra-democratic entities should not have the power assemble and package the people into platforms. 

More about diabetes
Maybe the insulin producing cells really tend to die much quicker if they are never allowed to rest and constantly bombarded with sugar, especially the glucose from the fructose that digests when you sleep. 

That’s worth knowing 
Maybe what is notable should be determined by the Senate. So stupid stunters like Evil Kin•evil and don’t crash the party and joint the world’s attention streams.  

Hypersonic air travel
This is 50-year old technology. The Concorde was launched 42-years ago, and the first time one of these planes crashed after, the entire fleet and all hypersonic airlines were scrapped. Me thinks that a 2,000-4,000kph travel is probably the way to go and that it will use not much more fuel than flying at lower altitudes and speeds.

Prohibited thread gauges
I have seen way too many screws that have been threaded unnecessarily finely and weakly.  This should not be allowed.  I also think that all screws should bear the loads reasonably expected of them. 

More angry than some
If I didn’t get riled up, you wouldn’t have my message.

The granite obelisks of Egypt
How on earth did they make these with bronze tools?  Given the wildly precocious fuse-hole-ages hinted at in the bible, I go with precocious steel tools in 

Ishtar and the long term
You are a thing that benefits nobody over the long term, yet you exist. How stupid we are.

The FDA and the Healthcare sluice
I see the FDA as this advisory thing for the healthcare sluice.  I see Senate as mostly granting approvals according to the FDAs recommendations.  But I think that the Senate will rapidly approve many things because of the public benefit, or the unlikelihood of causing harm.  

The greatest idiocy of Roman roads
It is that the stupid wooden carts would have worked better on wide-track dirt roads, except perhaps over the streams.  The Romans would have been much better off if they did nothing instead of building those stupid roads that people just buried in dirt anyway, once Rome fell. And because of the narrow (but paved!) roads, there was traffic and it took forever to get goods to Rome. Thus Rome was dependent on the imported goods the Mideast trade mafia controlled. 

Thailand at 1,100m
When you move to the hills, at this elevation, it will be 7°C cooler. 

Parasitic feeding on a napkin
1) Government spending in the US is over 1/3 of the economy.  And almost 2/3 of that goes to Ishtar.  So a number approaching 2/9ths of our spending will be saved by effective democratic government.
2) A number approaching 1/3 of household spending is spent on real estate mortgages and 2/3 of that is due to the bubble and parasitic feeding on mortgage payments. So around 2/3 of 1/3 (2/9ths) of our spending will be saved by taxing property instead of income.
3 We squander huge sums on roads, vehicles, fuel, garages, driveways, overpasses, etc. call it 1/9th of GDP.
4) We squander huge sums on a grossly inefficient healthcare system (5%), legal system (1%) air transport system (1%). About 1% of Americans are locked up due to drug offenses. Instead of making 1% these cost 1%, thus 2% is wasted.  Call this all together 1/9th of GDP.
5) All together, 6/9ths or 2/3 of our spending is waste. 
6) How much does Ishtar take home? It isn’t taking home 2/3 of the world economy is it? I bet it is taking home around 1/8th on the face and 1/10th or 1/12th in truth. I bet Ishtar is 90% wasteful.

The World Trade Center pyramid
In the way that the Chinese flag has a crescn’t moon hidden in it, the new World Trade Center has a pyramid hidden it it.

R’21.18 altered as follows:
Police nationwide shall wear one of 12 standardized uniforms that all look roughly alike except for the emblems and badges. Unless a person is wearing one of these uniforms, or accompanied by someone wearing one of these uniforms, they shall not have the power of a police officer with respect to arrests or ordering the people to do things. Also, unless the suspect went searching for a police officer while he was off duty, crimes committed against on-duty police that are out of uniform, shall be treated by the law as if they were committed against a normal citizen. This includes the crime of resisting arrest.


Ron Aronson – Dialectics of disaster PDF


Who is responsible for the holocaust?
1) If you were 30 in 1945, you would be 103 today. Everyone is dead.
2) They were working for Ishtar, the the true cause of the holocaust.
3) The Semites killed their own, their disloyal progeny.
4) In many ways Semitism afflicts itself more than its host.
5) From now on, the holocaust hangs on Ishtar’s neck.

What is a holocaust?
It is part of the animal barbecue sacrifices mentioned hundreds of times in the bible. It is the remainder that is not eaten in the first two days and is incinerated. That is the true meaning of the word.  It is the remains that gets burnt.  

What if your grandkids don’t get it?
What if they are not loyal to Ishtar?  Do you want them participating in this periodic holocaust/ pogrom thing? Maybe it is in everyone’s interest to just stop with all the religious stupidity.

Homer, Iliad Bk.4
[The goddess] “Strife [otherwise known as Ishtar, and Gr. Eris] has a relentless wrath, she is the sister or companion of murderous Ares [god of war]. She is only a little thing at first, but then grows until she stands astride the entire earth with her head touching the heavens. She’s the one who casts bitterness between the sides when she walks through a battle making men’s pains heavier.”

Hesiod, Theogony 226-232
“And hateful Eris [Ishtar] bore painful Ponos [Hardship], Lethe [Societal forgetfulness] and Limos [Starvation] and the tearful Algea [Pains], Hysminai [Battles], Makhai [Wars], Phonoi [Murders], and Androktasiai [Manslaughters], Neikea [Quarrels], Pseudo-Logoi [Lying Stories], Amphillogiai [Disputes], Dysnomia [Anarchy] and Ate [Ruin], near one another, and Horkos [Lying under Oath. Also perhaps Phoenician comes from pon•nician= hardship’s victory.]

School books
Why do we make students buy expensive textbooks and then carry them around when they could have the entire library via their tablets?  Why do we make they buy printed textbooks?  Why doesn’t the government create a great school library?  What a stupid matrix we live in.

The power of ten and scale
It is by far the most important idea in all things related to quantity.  And for society, its understanding is perhaps more important than even mathematics. For how can we properly scale our group efforts? • • •  So to me, it is just absurd that we teach all this junk about algebra and statistical confidence, and imaginary numbers, but we don’t teach our new citizens any sense of numerical scale. 

Gravity and heat
Does the sun’s distance to temperature curve match its distance to gravity curve?  Are these different things, or are they different manifestations of the same thing? W

How dense is the asteroid belt?
I would like to see a scale model or illustration of the density, or lack thereof.

The universe is cooling
Early on, the stars not only burned hotter, but everything was close together.

How much should it cost?
Don’t our government always seem to overpay for things?  Why don’t we teach our kids something about how to break down and analyze the cost of giant undertakings. And why don’t we teach them to answer questions like: “is a tilt-up concrete wall on the southern border worth $20/ per capita?” We owe it to our democracy to teach our children about this skill over and over again. 

Razor ribbon on a border wall is ineffective
They can just cut segments out with bolt cutters on pipe extensions. And it is not very obvious.

Plasma cutters and a steel border wall
The L metal segments in the border wall will only takes a few minutes to cut with a $300 plasma cutter. And there really isn’t much noise. And the light can be screened a piece of cardboard. I think someone should simulate this on Youtube. Before cutting,  weld two rod hinges to the 2 L-metal segments being cut. This way when they are cut, the location will be easy to close up and use again.  •  •  •  We definitely want concrete tilt up panels. And vision holes can be used to climb the wall, so it is probably blank walls with armored video cameras on top. 

Centi-Nomes manage natural disasters
When there is a natural disaster, the response is managed by the affected Centi-Nomes, unless the disaster is too great to convene, in which case the unaffected neighboring Centi-Nomes should use/send 1/3 of their Sub-Senators on organizing the response.

Student tutor tests by government
It is much cheaper to pay student tutors with perks and status than teachers with money.  So maybe the preferred student housing goes half to the most progressive students and half to the most tutoring students. Or maybe it is 1/3 for them. And to make a real economy here, the tutored kids each get say two hours a week of tutoring for free from government, and the rest they have to pay half the average wage for. The tutors also take tutor tests where they have to pass a test of the material with a score over say 97%. There are monitored tutor booths in the library and the tutors wait in a lounge for “customers” who insert their ids as time cards. 

Ciprofloxicin nose drops
This is what I use for the chronic bacterial lung infection that always seems to come after a viral infection.  I take a few drops of tap water and swirl a tablet around in it until the water is whitish from the dissolved antibiotic. Then I take my thumb and forefinger and dip them in the liquid. Then I put them to my nostrils and  have a swift and vigorous sniff. Then I repeat this until the antibiotic water is all used up. I take a 500 mg pill and make about 21 doses out of it. This is more effective than 250mg orally 3x/day, closer to taking 500mg 3x/day, about 20x the dosage.  Also, there are no issues with stomach bacteria. I wish a pharmaceutical nose drop delivery or inhaler delivery antibiotic system was available as a prophylactic for chronic bronchitis sufferers.

International gambling
There is no need for people to go to other nations to gamble.   This should be prohibited by international agreement. If the nation allows gambling, then it must check for citizenship, and it can allow no foreigners.

The party spots
Outside each township there should be a few spots for people of varying ages to barbecue, to drink and be outside and make noise.

Vehicle ranges
I bet that in 20 years all the gasoline powered vehicles will have say 50% more range than today.  But I bet few EVs will have a range of over say 21 miles.  And these EVs will be super light, like 400KG. This is maybe 25% the weight and 40% the range of a Chevvy volt.  So they will be quite inexpensive, whether they shared, pooled, or individually owned.  Also, I think there should easily be enough energy in say a 1.2 meter diameter compressed air sphere to run this car for 21 miles.  Given  how quickly this tank could be refilled by a municipal compressed air system of distributed storage tanks, compressed air seems cheaper than electric.

It should be job before immigration
What a stupid way to do immigration that we allow people to come into our nations without having a job, or training.

A uniform utility code
The world should use a uniform utility code and identical utility systems.  There are specialties for linemen, for station assembly, for drain culverts, etc. Also, this standardization makes it is much easier for us to keep our utility construction and maintenance costs in check.  

What insanely expensive looks like
Once upon a time, I had this double lot property with a panoramic view of the ocean and downtown La Jolla, but it had this power pole and power lines right in the middle of the view. In fact, due to the droop of the wires, the line ran from just above the water horizon to just below the land horizon. So I started the process by which the utility company (a “regulated” monopoly) would underground those wires. Basically I asked them how much they wanted for underground and then told me how much I would have to pay. It came to around $250,000 as I recall.  In around 2005/6 I sold the property, and the buyer completed the under-grounding. He told me how the utility ultimately cost over $300,000. • • • Now this work involved four things: 1) digging maybe 300’ of trench in the street for the power line conduit to go between the poles. 2) Running three conduits down one pole from the overhead wires, through the trench and up the other pole to the overhead wires. 3) Running 8 small conduits from the main underground line to the 9 houses served.  4) Pulling the appropriate wires though those conduits.  • • •  Now more than half of the lateral conduit work was on private property, so that was up to my side to arrange independent of the utility company. I priced the work at $12,000. And the work in the street was shorter and easier, so it should not have cost even $12,000. So if we back that out, we have items 1, 2 and 4 costing $285,000. And running the conduit and pulling and connecting the wires should take a 2-man crew maybe maybe two days to do, considering the line connections. At it might be $1,000 for materials. So here we are with some work from a regulated public monopoly costing about 20x what it should cost.  •  •  •  How much of our economy is burdened in this way?  Certainly our utilities are. And it seems that our government and some of our corporations are too.

Loss leaders
They are normally thought of a products sold below cost to get customers in the door.  A more useful meaning is that of service offered first below cost to drive a long term clientele that can be overcharged.

Industry consolidation is a problem not a solution
Don’t fool yourselves, industry consolidation anywhere near even broad oligopoly offers limited short-term loss-leader benefits. On the other hand, the eventual bottlenecking for profit is a forever cost.  For maybe 3-years, you are going to save maybe 15%, but in two of those years, the costs will be greater. And then in Y-4 there is no cost or benefit, and then in Y-5, it costs 10% more then in Y-6 it costs 20% more, on average, and this lasts more or less forever. So industry consolidation is in general a problem, not a solution<

All monopoly profits eventually turn to waste
Monopolies start out very profitable, but they quickly “silt-up” with waste and slackers that hardly ever pull on the rope. So the problem with the Ishtarian feeding monopolies is that they might be really profitable for a decade, but by the second decade, they are back to normal.

Waste has a nose for Ishtar’s lunch
Also, I wonder how many years of clean profit Ishtar gets before the waste leaches in and eats your lunch.

Art restoration
If it involves the use of paint or colors, it isn’t restoration, it is reconstruction.  

No pets places
If a building does not allow pets, that matter is enforced through government which may bring charges based on photo or video evidence.

Insulation optimality
The real question is this: At what thickness does the energy saved by using thick insulation match the energy expended by reduced urban density. I bet for snowy places its around 16” (40-cm) thick styrofoam wall panels that are over 99% insulating. 

It takes a village to raise a kid
This is a blid. The real saying is: “If you have a village, it is easy to raise kids. If you have a real community that everyone can trust, then it is easy to raise kids, even if you are a single mother.”

The cost of kids
They share clothes, toys, and media.  It is communism for our kids. And if they want any possessions other than these shared things, they are supposed to buy them with money they make themselves. And parents and relatives are not supposed to give kids physical things as gifts. Free media library links and their time are fine. They can take trips together too. And government provides food-only restricted credits, and extra-kid’s-bedroom restricted credits, and kid’s healthcare. And education is free, and so is after hours school monitoring. 

The new economy
Everyone wanted to get into the new economy in the late-1990s.  That was the way to riches. The “brick and mortar” companies languished. I think that is going to happen again now, only without the destructive bubble pop at the end.

Stop wearing tuxedos
Stop wearing clothing that must be ironed and dry cleaned. Remember that the devil wants its trusted holy men to wear its uniforms, not the good god.

1) Real prophets don’t need priests getting in the way of what they said.
2) The cause of goodness doesn’t need money, or recitals, or prayers.

The most important police force
To me the first and most important police force is the one that gets rid of the insect breeding conditions in the community. Believe me, ten times as many people are killed or inconvenienced by insects than criminals. This is your first priority and you all have to obey them.  And you all have to keep your screens patched and dipped and your homes sealed against mosquitoes.  And if you carry malaria you may have to drink chrysanthemum tea if that makes a difference.

All school admission by number 
There should be no names or photographs or locations, only the Senate’s annual range tests.  

The voice of Ishtar
Look at Ishtar’s peanut circus centered around  Kum•allah Arris, Cori Bro•core, Al-cortez, and Tulsi Gass•ard, 

Gaffs, tech and democracy
If any gaff or infraction leaves our leaders open to veto by the press, we can just say goodby to our democracy.

Javad Zarif’s remarks
The response is: “Iran recently accused the US of backing ‘dictators, butchers and extremists’ to quote their words. Isn’t Iran a dictatorship run buy extremists that has butchered tens of thousands of its own CHILDREN in futile charges of machine guns emplacements and detonating mines with their bodies? Is your regime just absolutely and completely deluded? Do you even have one foot in reality? And how can we allow such crazies to develop nuclear missiles?” 

The Tehran skyline
Is it in America’s geo-political interests to take down the skyline of Tehran? How does this lean all the many condo dwellers of North Korea and China?  And what does this do to the old urban centers in America? Does this help drive township living?  And it doesn’t need to be done, or even said, or leaked, maybe rumored is enough.  

Who is with Lucky-7?
Is the US military with Lucky-7?  

Know your stars
5-points = when Jews cheat the Jews, i.e. working for the devil.
6-points = when the Jews as a group take from the 8 point agenda of the Arabs.
7-points = something benefitting both the 6-pointers and the 8-pointers.
8-points = the agenda of the Arabs
9-points = the agenda of the Arabs really likes what you did and you get something special.
10 and up points = also the agenda of the Arabs but with the benefits more wide spread, until you reach a 64-point star which is every man, and then the 128-point star which is every man and women, or absolutely everyone in the Mideast.

Another matrix flaw
The entire idea of underground nuclear facilities (and post holocene bunkers) is absurd. All anyone has to do is use a dirty-bomb on the area, say with cesium powder. How do they go in and out after this?  In suits once a month? How do they deal with supplies and waste? Do they clean the area, only to get nailed again?  • • • Cesium 134 has a half-life of 2 years, so pound per pound it is about 12,000 times more radioactive than plutonium, but after 20 years, the radioactivity is 99.9% broken down, and after 40 years, it is 99.9999% broken down, and having less than 1 part in 1-million of its original radioactivity. A risk significantly lower than background radiation risk. Calcium 45 has a half life of 162 days, so it is 99.9% broken down after 5 years. The calcium bomb is perhaps better because it can always be followed up with more bombings.

The delivery system is hand grenade sized bomblets that loosely follow a GPS grid and detonate at say 40’ up.  Now you can all chastise me for doing this to the environment, but it is short lived, and it is to prevent a nuclear war, so it is justified. And I see nothing wrong with using dirty bombs on the nuclear installations of rogue nations and their human shields.

Laser guided man-held missiles
The missiles must acquire the laser before firing. But how hard can guidance fins be? This is another mostly defensive weapon, to have laser guided RPGs, and laser guided anti-tank missiles, and laser guided light armor missiles.  If you want a strong national defense, get one of these launchers per 1,000 people.  

Venezuela capital reapportionment
It seems inevitable that Venezuela will default on its Russian and Arab debt especially in consideration of its recent problems. Maybe it will default on all debt, maybe this already happened considering the hyper inflation that has hit the nation. Maybe everyone gets their place of residence loan free and the world sees how great this works out.

Get our leaders off the Pacific plate
All research and tech must relocate off the Pacific and out of tsunami zones as soon as possible.

BMI and transit
In each nation of Europe, can we see what the BMI is for the average metro user vs. the average car owner of the same age?  Let’s also include pedestrian commute distance and make a curve for average BMI based on distance to the transit stop.

Tax logging and tree trimming by 200%
Logging and tree trimming is a terribly dangerous thus costly occupation. So it should be heavily taxed to recover these costs.  And what vanity, what waste is it to have one’s private manicured trees in one’s private manicured yard?  We would all be so much better if we shared our yards. So if you have a yard and you want to take care of it, if you want to trim it yourself, then you pay nothing for this tax. This is only for people who hire others to take care of their yard. Due to the luxury and the hazard of the occupation, government is calling it a luxury and taxing it accordingly.

Logging octopus
It is one of these things with say 4 or 6 cutting arms that pretty much work robotically recognizing the trees around them and then turning them into logs. The operator just creeps the rig around. This is how we will interface with the pulp supply which will mostly be used for packaging, furniture, doors and moldings. 

No silver
Silver can’t be used as a fungeable either.

Demons = dream•mns

Foot on the brake, slowing the creep of the car
Imagine what the economy is going to do when we actually tap the accelerator. And now that we can flate debt, and have some real brakes, brakes powerful enough to stop, we can try actually going some place.

At the start of planting season
It is probably better if it starts around the start of planting season for most of the world.

Township connections
All townships of over 200 units shall have the right to run their rail lines over all non-urban lands for the payment of the prevailing land price per meter for the train lines.

My work should also be available as free e-books in all the common formats including PDF and .JPG photo images.  

The paradox of tile floors
The paradox is that if the floors are well insulated below and along-side, then they can be heated, and then the wood or carpet takes away from the warmth of the room. And where it tends to be too warm, people like tiles because they grab the night cool much better than a covered floor. So the way I look at the world, all floors should be tile, terrazzo, or ground concrete.

Is it Mossad or Muthad?
Mossad is the Israeli CIA. But in Arabic Muthad means tall and rickety, or wobbly.  Mouth•ad, towards the mouth that feeds the Mideast.

You have to be more gentile than your hosts
They set Exhod limits with regard to pushiness.

The great cement and rebar sale
By my reckoning, cement and rebar are going to soon be about 4 to 8 times cheaper for the poorer people of the world.  And also by my reckoning, house casting will take off first in the poorer countries because these will use crews of men to actuate and wheel the forms around and latch or snap them in place and then remove them.  

Rail townships are just so much cheaper
One 20km line of double train line per township and we can eliminate our oversized vehicle roads and our automobiles if we want to, all of them.

No dress code, but uniforms
There are no dress codes for work, but employers can make their employees wear uniforms and certain articles of clothing such as vests and jackets. However all required clothing shall be supplied by the employer.

Attacking Omaha beach with drones
It is a worthwhile thought experiment. What would the D-day attack have been like with a million $300 12-lb hand grenade drones?  But maybe they come in 3 configurations, 4-3lb dropping grenades, 1-12-lb super grenade. and a 12lb rpg for bunker slits.  And maybe the grenades are all sandwiched and explode laterally at a target height.  Maybe they come in a massive wave in front of the soldiers. How do we defend against this without using nukes? Drones=chemical weapons=biological weapons.

Shoeboxes right-side-up
They should go right side up with the floor and all the furniture and wall finishings and wall art coming from the factory. And they are shiped with 3/4” pipe-steel truss shipping roofs, 2-in-12 sloping roofs wrapped in taught and stiff plastic. These have radio grapplers to engage when put in position and disengage when the cover is removed.

The haunted house blid
The haunted house in America, it is not a real house, it is Ishtar’s house in America.  

All the creepy Halloween stuff is Ishtar
Spirits, ghosts, goblins, zombies, werewolves, devils, they are all aspects of Ishtar 

Unicorns as a blid
They are not white and benevolent, peaceful horses.  No, unicorns are the opposite. They are jet black, and malevolent and violent.  Look at Auschwitz. The devil does not have two horns, two points. He has one point, helping the harems, the harm’ems. The devil is a unicorn and the unicorn is the devil.

Some city’s move to improve traffic
What if a city offered to cover the cost of the ride sharing app fee ($3) for each ride that is actually shared or car-pooled in a trial move and they are thinking of offering their own application with its first priority that of increasing ride pooling and reducing congestion.

Criminal court and money court
Isn’t it strange how civil court sounds like it could be criminal court? Do you think the term might be a blid? I think we should divide our legal system into two heads known by these crystal clear names.

Corporate small business is a bad idea
We want to encourage people to use their own name in business. And we want them on the hook to a stated amount if their business fails. And we want them to post their liabilities and jobs on their government website so people can see. 

Make the law system inclusive
Irreliablity is such a huge cost to the economy.  I bet we could easily goose GDP by 2 or 3% if we just make our money court system work like going to the school recess monitor for adjudication. 

Blue, purple and scarlet
In the book of Exodus we read about these three colors. Cloth was first died with indigo, then scarlet to make the expensive purple cloth that was the Luxurious Vinyl or LV of the age.

Indigo blues dressed with cinnabar
Ancient Phoenician purple was made from fabric (silk mostly) that was first dyed with indigo and then with a red pigment.  Now there were two pigments, one was vegetarian and one was highly toxic mercury sulfide, a substance so toxic that it would slowly kill people who wore clothing soaked in it as a dye. Anyway, both pigments quickly faded, and then needed to be regularly re-tinted, or re-dressed. The vegetable dye was probably hugely expensive and the mercury sulfide dye (cinnabar/ vermillion) was cheap.  And people knew that the cheap dye was killing them, but they were poor and vain and wanted to look respectable. So they kept buying the cigarettes that were killing them.  The bros of course all got comped with free vegetable dying. Funny coincidence that is that DYING cloth should be the same word as DYING from mercury poisoning.  

Born homos?
This assertion is disproved by how gay men tend to be better looking by birth. Clearly the better looking ones are getting picked by males who are hungrier for sex than females. They can go either way, but they get first-experienced by a male and then go that way.  Perhaps people should say that whatever the sexual orientation you think you are, your first experience should be with someone of the opposite sex, and that you are just making yourself gay and miserable to have your first sex with someone of the same sex.  Maybe also, younger women should consider it their duty to their society to sweeten boys on women, to straighten them out, and keep them from going homo.

Religion name: “Convergence”
It is a world of people all hoping to eventually converge and live peacefully as one. 

Koran, start
“This book is… a guide for the righteous, who believe in the unseen… who give back to the cause from what we gave them, who…have absolute faith in the life to come [for their children]. These are rightly guided by their Lord, and these [lines] shall surely triumph.”

Koran 2:28
“How can you deny God?  Didn’t He give you life when you were dead?  And won’t He cause you to die and then restore you to life again?” [A religion of reincarnation in the form of one’s children and family.]

Pyramid schemes are a form of bubble
Hence it is government’s job to step in as soon as a bubble or pyramid has been declared.

Other units of time
CENETH = 1/100th of a year 3.65-days, 87.6-hours.  With ceneths, 100 people can share a teneth’s 24/7 duty by each serving one 9-hour shift per teneth.
MILETH = 1/1,000th of a year 0.365 days, 8.76 hours. With mileths, 1,000 people can share a year’s 24/7 duty by each serving one 9-hour shift per year.

Index everyone genetically
All mankind must be genetically indexed. And everyone must be in the index. This is so women don’t cheat and have more children than allowed.

Welfare and digital cash
One of the advantages of eliminating cash is that we can force people who are getting government food to live an economically restricted life.  We can say no money for bars, or alcohol, or restaurant or hotel visits. And maybe we say that they can only buy used clothing that people have sold back to government by the kilo. And maybe they have to watch an hour of social worker media each day under eye-tracking. And maybe people can’t watch ordinary media, or participate in social media excessively if they are on welfare. 

We can limit what they can buy for food.  Again, ingredient stamps.  Perhaps they can only buy whole chickens, grains, common vegetables, milk, and that sort of thing.  Perhaps we will establish a menu for them based on the ingredients they can buy as a sort of humiliation and community building.

How to get people to grasp alcohol’s harm
1) Figure out how much each drink portion costs society for healthcare, brain impairment and reduced quality of life.  
2) Add a matching tax to each drink portion so people will feel the true cost of each drink.
3) Say over and over about the harm being why alcohol is so expensive. 
4) Consider it a rotten thing to cheat society on its fair payback for your alcohol use. 
5) Consider it a good thing to report any moonshiners.
6) This is a good model for cigarettes and opiates coke, and sugar.

Sugar tax
Hershey’s pays by the candy bar for its sugar tax. When the girl-scouts bake their cookies, they buy sugar which is expensive due to taxes.  

In a world where sugar is expensive, less-sweet baked things will be much more common. 

Girl-scout cookies
The girls should be learning something about business by buying ingredients, baking and selling homemade stuff for profit.  Instead they are little solicitors trying to sell their boxes.  What an evil and insidious thing this has been changed into. And why do the girl scouts even need commerce?  Shouldn’t donations and volunteering by older girls be enough? Maybe the whole point is to get all the little girls learning how easy it is to sell a box.  

Kids organizations
I wonder what other things the girl-scouts and boy-scouts, and religious youth ministries… and public schools, and games, and kid’s media do to screw up kids.

American chocolate 
It is made disgusting you know as part of the matrix supporting expensive Euro chocolate.

Exhods in a police state
To a certain extent, that is how you will live. This may be for a decade or four, I might expect. This is so everyone can be assured that you guys are all trouble free. And all the exhods will welcome this, because they know how important it is that the bad apples get tossed out. so there will be more room for good apples. 

E•cash only
Yet another reason to get rid of cash is to keep the Middle east from getting any extra money.


The expensive under-grounding of utilities
I don’t think this sort of public rip-off will exist under the new democracy. I don’t think it will exist with our utilities or our governments. 

How many billionaires did it twice?
Howard Huges and Elon are ornaments and don’t count. Steve Jobs is the only person I can think of that had more than one multi-billion dollar idea (the PC and the tablet).  And notably he used his position but not his wealth to achieve the 2nd multi-billion dollar home run. 

Ideal company size
Competition and nimbleness vs. economies of scale
To me, this graph should be studied in first semester micro-economics. How does market competitiveness increase as the number of players increases? What point must we be over? And at what point does having more players stop significantly improving competitiveness? And maybe the different parts of the nation should have different scaling rules so we can see where end user costs are lower. 

A census with the vote
What if every year, everyone wherever they are had to be counted, and that it was a serious crime to live outside the system.  In the nations getting UM food and development aid, this must be required due to the aided nature of the economy and the benefactor’s genuine and reasonable need to manage population. The only question is whether we in the free world want this, due to how Orwellian it is.

What is it that Big Brother seeks to suppress
It is the truth, isn’t it?  It is shh•te•our seeking to hide the truth about Arab parasitism.

Maxing out
This is when someone makes all the money a person is allowed to make.

Mankind with down-syndrome
First let me repeat that the chromosomal disease is a blid for the real idiocracy problem afflicting our species. But it is not across the board, and we are probably getting smarter in ways while we are at the same time getting dumber over-all. But we have down syndrome, and it affects mostly our ability to see mankind’s big picture and imagine improvements for everyone.

I dare you all
I dare you all to have this worldwide drive to improve mankind.

I curse you with idleness
This is to stop war, pro•verti, tsunami deaths, the ice age disaster, and last but certainly not least idiocracy. Idleness is nothing in comparison with these awful things, but it still should be feared. Now man will have to evolve the ability to strive without adversity.  •  •  •  At some point we began storing food and became rather independent of the environment. Soon there will be a great leap in mans independence from his economy. 

More decision makers, not smarter ones
It is more important that there be this giant group of people all poking around for the new ideas of the smart people in their part of the country. Having a few really smart people running things for our whole giant nation is just not a practical approach. That is the problem with monarchy and corporate oligarchy.

What am I supposed to do, strike a gong?
If anything is going to get celebrated, I think it should be the day you muster your democracy, the day your Senate first convenes to do business.  And to my mind, the people celebrate while the Senators work on this day.

Academic honesty
1) I think it is dishonest for schools and especially teachers to self-regulate and test students and grade their performance.     
2) I think telling people to go home and write a paper is asking for them to hire a ghost writer.  Why does this practice even exist?
3) School is pre-world, and it isn’t real
4) I think that a small amount of accidental plagiarism in a paper doesn’t matter, and it is close enough for the play-school world.
5) Plagiarism is a blid for a smart person who is coming ashore on the beach of the island of the brothers.  
6) A large number of professors are init. 
7) Our society would be much better off if sucking-up was not such a big part of school and especially graduate school.
8) If we take the testing role away from teachers, the sucking up goes away.

It’s easy for other people’s ideas and words to sneak into our mind and notes.  I was in my mid-40s before I had any intention of writing anything. But I kept notes of ideas, poor notes, and often I didn’t bother to write down who said what. So forgive me. There are probably big parts of my work that were accidentally copied from others. Tell me about them and I will give credit. Sorry, but my work was not exactly the sort of thing one runs through a plagiarism checker. And then it was too late to change.

Free and fair elections in Venezuela
The media should be making more of how Venezuela is stuck waiting for Maduro and his sponsors to allow the elections that will send them packing.


••Important•• Leader accusations and Ishtar
Once we admit the possibility of Ishtar’s existence, all accusations against our leaders (the men apart from their proposals) must be regarded as probably lies and utterly disregarded by standard practice.  For if these accusations aren’t already Ishtar’s doing, they soon will be.  

This is when people are directed to leave the stage.  In a democracy the word indicates how Ishtar directs our true leaders off the political stage.  For example, Al Franken was exeunted from politics.

The new McCarthys
Look at Ishtar’s peanut circus centered around  Kum•allah Arris, Cori Bro•core, Al-cortez, and Tulsi Gass•ard. Look at how the press jumps on their words. If anyone should resign, it is these moles and their “compas” in the media.

Technology has changed politics dangerously
There is too much video, and too many photos today, and so many people have foolish or embarrassing records. If your democracy gives in to this, you are handing it to Ishtar, because it will look and look and look until it finds something on its enemies. And it will thus drive all the good people out while protecting its own.

The real original sin
It is grabbing up the nether-lands of Noah or NOAA and selling this to the people you breed in the harems.

Reef disjunctures?
There should be disjuncture bands in reefs from tsunamis. The damage shadows give more information.

University townships
We are going to have these standard university townships with dorms, units, classrooms, meeting areas and shops.  Then we are going to hire teachers. 

A school efficiency rule
1) It is amazing the amount of money schools spend on things other than teacher salaries.
2) It is amazing how much some professors make for such a small amount of work.
3) If the government is testing the grads, and all the entry requirements are totally mechanical and fair, why do you need more than a few school admins?
4) I would at least say that half of the tuition money must go to teacher salaries, or they can’t be a non-profit school. Then I might say that all schools must do this, then I would start trying to make it more of a 60/40 thing, or a 70/30 thing.

The mistakes of eastern Europe
Don’t make the same mistakes as some parts of Eastern Europe. Get rid of the old junk administrations ASAP. Privatize everything and just turn the people loose.

SYSOP = system operated, as in sysop vehicles

All search engines should have the following buttons
People only
Non-commercial only
Commercial only,
Academic only,
Senate only, etc.

Tax building renovation services
Renovating old and obsolete properties is one of the most wasteful uses of labor, and it should be taxed so as to discourage it. If people want to fix up their own place, let them, but the business of doing this should be taxed, so there are more workers for mass production.

Do balls make kids stupid?
It would be interesting to see some studies where they track how much time a kid plays with a ball growing up and relate it to his intellect at say 15. I bet balls and video games and fashion and lots of other things really rot a kid’s brain.A

Parallel universes
They are an interesting idea, but I don’t see any reason to think that they are real.

I don’t believe in spoon bending or telepathy.  But it is obviously possible to sense group spirits, like after Pearl Harbor and September-11.  And it is sometimes possible to sense crooks, and bad people. You can also know what people are thinking when they only use a few words. But it is all based on people thinking alike, or discordantly.

How to halt HIV transmission
I would have each county test people once per year or 6-months for every common disease and give them a certificate. Then they can only have sex with others that have a valid county certificate from some county. If they have sex with someone outside the system, they have to get tested again before having sex with anyone inside the system, or it is a felony.  Transmission of any form of VD shall be seen as prima fascia evidence of this felony.  This incidentally doesn’t just stop HIV, it stops all venereal diseases. Also there is no liability for system failures as the system will surely fail due to cheating. However, it should almost entirely stop all new infections of diseases screened for. 

Paradise and freedom
What a wonderful paradise of freedom it will be with safe and effective birth control and without VD.  So you are all now more free to have sex. Just try to have children with the best sire you can.

The human breeding reality has changed
No longer does sex mean babies. No longer is disease a threat. No longer do women need men to support them. Now they may chose the best sire for their children and for the future of mankind.

$98-billion for 520 miles of track
The new California train is expected to cost $188-million/mile. You know, 6-lane rural interstate runs about $9-million/mile, and a line of trestles and rails is cheaper than 3-lanes of roadway.