Afterthoughts 2019.10-2019.12


Names, titles, descriptions
These name can be used for my message:
Mankind 2.0: The new matrix software update
Re-start the world with new programming
The new human matrix upgrade
Human matrix 2.0
The great reset
The jump manual

Unanimity = everyone agrees, there are no serious objections.

Deserting isn’t surrendering
If you were in it, you must work to end it and to hasten Ishtar’s end.

When the cards get shown
I think the needy side needs to be as penitent as possible, so they all get moved quickly and so that nobody gets hurt. Later, when you show how nice and totally peaceful your people all were, you can ask to live in the cities of the host.  

One for all and all for one
Nobody gets to play we are not them. You were all in it together. Now you are turning over a new leaf.

Volcano irrigation
Maybe in some places we will not need to dig channels or pump water.  Instead maybe we will drill holes into lower sediments at the water’s edge, in a place where the holes will stay filled will water. Maybe treating some volcanos will be a matter of drilling 40cm diameter holes at 10m on center. Maybe the holes go 70m meters down, maybe they go all the way to 135m. Maybe they go deeper still.  Maybe we put a continuous 40cm diameter explosives down the holes. Maybe we can cleave the volcanic rock for percolation, the way they quarry rock with explosives.  

The real Apollo
To me, the spirit of Apollo was captured by John Lennon’s song Imagine.  That is what Apollo was to the ancients. It was the a-political, A-mer-rican, brotherhood of man, something that Ishtar just hates.

Apollo and the olympics

Is the brotherhood of man helped or harmed by nations competing in athletics?

When the lights come on
It is very unwise to be in any way a threat when the lights come on. If you suddenly appear as a group, and appear as a threat, it may be seen in some way close to being a group attack. Such a thing might provoke those around you to shoot first and ask questions later.

Nobody knew
Even I didn’t really have any sense of how to make a democracy work until I spent years thinking about the problems.  And when I would try to explain my ideas, some smart people got it, but most did not. 

The tree of life is another illusion
_It isn’t actually a tree of life, it is a bush of life, because it isn’t actually directed by any firm core beliefs.

How many fake democracies were there?
Clearly Athens and Rome were fake democracies. And clearly the Mideast has been playing games of fake democracy for thousands of years. So the current US constitution, the modern world’s prototype constitution is just the way they wanted it. In other words, the US constitution is not just junk, but it is this fake democracy designed to make the people think they rule — when in fact the people are ruled by this corporate plutocracy of fictional citizens fronting for the Mideast. These donate so much money that the elected congressional oligarchs almost don’t need the money of the people to make the overpriced (and corporate owned) media system work. 

Your constitution
Your religion
Let’s explore this path where we say that the US constitution was intended to look fair and reasonable but that it was actually a very corruption friendly design. Once we go down this path with our democracy, how can we not wonder if our religions were not also the same process at work?  How can we not wonder if the main driver of human culture has been the ancient land of no resources trying to gain power over, and extract money from, its various host societies?

Voiceless life
To me life has no voice and humanity is the closest thing to life having a voice — and we are unable to tell with any accuracy what we all think. So life still has no voice. And if we view god as having a large overlap with life on earth, then it appears that god still has no voice. Hence post-theism.

Why all religions are pre-theist
If god is not conscious yet, then how can he have a book and exalted preiests running your slave society. Here is the true reason why all the world’s religions are pre-theist. God must already exist so his message is obeyed and his men exalted.

Shunning all pre-theism at once
When we shun pre-theism, we toss out all the world’s existing religions at once, because they are all pre-theist, and all have these holy books that angle towards:
1) Paying religious taxes that buy nothing really.
2) Buying Arabian hashish as incense.
3) Having respected priest shepherds controlling your society.
4) Having priest shepherds that are housed, fed and clothed by their flock.
5) Having respected priest shepherds that are permitted to meet alone with your kids. 

Testing the true prophet
The Mideast offers me limitless wealth and perhaps most of the harem output. Nonetheless, I still want to kill Ishtar and start mankind over as a single unified thing, rather than being of two sorts.

One way to drive a Mideast peace
One way to drive peace in the Mideast is to make sure that all foreign military occupations unquestionably cost many times more than they benefit the local economy. Then the Mideast people there will not instigate wars to get foreign occupation war stimulus money. 

User name27gonzalo87terp9

No refunds
Regarding the reapportionment, the rule shall be no refunds of advance payments.  Also, if you are taking what was someone else’s property in the reapportionment, they owe you nothing else at all, including the refund of your deposit. 

The point of view nuke
In the fictional novel, “The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”, there is a point of view gun.  Maybe a point of view nuke is a better metaphor for how to change minds.

Yondu’s arrow
 I see it as symbolizing the way the truth and panic spreads from one man to another, always striking the heart, thus ending opponents. It is also the way new and better ideas spread in an environment where people care about such things.

The power to hold an infinity stone
This ability/power is presented in the Guardians of the Galaxy film as some sort of  mojo and feeling powered mystical, straining muscle sort of thing.  To me, it is purely a mental power — to comprehend a new infinity for mankind, a slightly different direction for everyone.  It is the power to create a new matrix and end the old world. It is the power to create a universal deference (defer•hence) point for mankind. Soon, everyone in the world will defer to my message as a starting point, and all will have the same starting point and objectives. That is the infinity stone I have held and formed.

Edward Teller, “father of the H-bomb”
“I don’t want to kill anybody. I am passionately opposed to killing, but I’m even more passionately fond of freedom.’

Star-lord’s display
At the start of the Guardians of the Galaxy film, Star-lord is in this ruins and he looks through a tech screen and sees a vibrant civilization with the original buildings overlaid. It seems a good symbol for what my message is. However a future reality, not a past one. 

The knowledge is power thing, that is evil as hell
The whole knowledge is power thing as practiced by the Mideast de-ex-pull, the idea of keeping and hiding knowledge is one of the most dumbing-down things that mankind does to its collective mind. For it takes the group mind from being a thing of our smartest, to being a thing that is as dumb as is believably possible. 

The private lives of leaders
Don’t leaders have the right to live their life as they want, so long as they live within the law? If you scrutinize the lives of the men who make a contribution, you will scare away nearly all of your true leaders. People’s sex-lives and private lives should not be a consideration. Only if they have been convicted of a crime, should it be a consideration.  

It is a Japanese word for (if I understand correctly) not so much to feel someone’s suffering, but to still understand how they feel. 

How to make the hateful 8 infinite
Just turn the number 8 by 90° and it becomes the infinity sign. This however may be a blid because Ishtar must be turned around 180°, not turned sideways by 90°.

Descartes blids/hides the matrix
Specifically the way it seems sort of crazy that a god might try to trick people into thinking things that are not true. 

It may not be entirely true…
Ok, for sure my message is not entirely true, but there is a whole lot of it that is surely entirely true. 

Bahia C•ali•for•nia
That was the name for the lower part of the C•ali•for•nia coastline adjacent to the C•ali•for•nia Bahia/bay. Above this was a second southern C•ali•for•nia coast, and then a northern C•ali•for•nia California coast above the San Francisco bay.

Foreclosures and evictions.
If people are already out on Revelation day, then they have no claim. If they are not yet out, then they become 100% owners. Those evicted on revelation day get the loss of their home stopped and become 50% owners. 

Totally capitalist America
1) Everyone gets their dwelling debt free.
2) We are going to institute a few safety nets, like homeless bunks in rural camps, and free food ingredients for the needy.
3) We are going to have an ideal wealth distribution curve. 
4) Once we do these things, nobody can cry injustice when we institute a totally capitalist system.

NT = Natural thought = Ideas that spread on their own.
AT = Artificial thought = Ideas that were propagated either with ads, or marketing, product placements, or by some artificial means.

Free speech and artificial thought
1) Free speech is all about natural thought by real people, and any time artificial thought starts interfering with natural thought, the artificial thought should be curtailed. 
2) Do we really want AT at all? Maybe the world would be better without the ads. Maybe we skip the corrupt ads and use ratings boards. 
3) Do we want to give money the ability to corrupt group perceptions at all?  Certainly internet-age ratings boards would be better for the consumer. And they would cut costs for manufacturers. Why not phase out the ads as soon as it becomes practical?

The word riot
1) Governments should not be able to apply this to generally peaceful demonstration, where nobody dies, and less than 3 people are harmed by protesters.
2) It is not up to a national government to decide what is a riot, and what is not. This label is something the UM can overrule among the nations of the world. 
3) The Hong Kong protests are an example of peaceful protests, and the PRC is wrong when it calls them riots. The PRC is so wrong that it looks once again like a corrupt and oppressive tyranny. 

Super glue protesters
Protesters that intentionally disrupt great numbers of others with their protest activities (such as those super glue themselves to a road surface) should generally be sent to hard labor for some multiple of the cumulative public time they wasted, (perhaps 1x -5x the time they wasted).  For example, if 11-people Delay 40,000 people for three hours, that is 120,000 hours of delay. If a 3X multiplier is judged, it is 360,000 hours divided among 11 people, or 32,727 each.  As there are 8,760 hours a year, each will stay work camp for 3.73 years.  This should also apply to those who threaten suicide and cause mass disruptions.

Foreigner grammar
Look for it carefully in your media. It will help you to see the lies.  And seeing the lies as lies will tell you what the truth is. The social media boards are just full of examples of people with English sounding names but with foreigner grammar mistakes.  

How to judge intelligence in people
I have them explain something.  I don’t really care how fluent they are. I care about how far they see, and then a bit about how clear and logical and organized their explanations are.

Government sex scandals
Someone needs to come out and say that these are not about women’s rights, but about our leaders being vetoed by the hidden masters of freedom.  For example, Al Franken was driven out of Washington because he didn’t obey the hidden masters of the United States and voted the way he wanted.

Anonymous political comments
I see 4 types of twitter-like BBS (Bulletin board services) that deal with the serious stuff of a democracy, stuff like: policy, economics, science and education. The 4 types of BBS board are:
1) Closed Senate boards.
2) Senate boards open for public comments. These are organized and presented as clickable comments on the comments of senators. The Senator comments are indented, and the public comments are a link that opens a popup window. 
3) Senate approved, identity-verified private boards.  These are on a non-government site, but identities are verified and rated by the system for value and freedom from non-value. So instead of logging in via Google or Facebook, we log in via our county government ID.
4) There might also be free press boards that do not monitor identity through the police. Also perhaps these will require that all commercial messages be subject to relevant postage charges for unrequited commercial-looking tweets and emails. Will we want these boards, or will we want to get rid of them?

Democracy vs. apathy
The real enemy of democracy isn’t tyranny. Even fake democracy is rather deadly to tyranny. The real enemy of democracy is actually apathy on the part of the people.

Noble Senators
What are you going to bribe the new Senators with? Will you give them money when their spending and possessions quite likely to be audited? Will you bribe them with drugs that are legal? Will you bribe them with sex?   What will you give a noble Senator that will make him risk his status?  Noble, I think the word means no•pull, as in you can’t make them do anything. 

It’s all corrupt
The scientific method is just as corrupt as our democracy, our religions and our supposedly free press.

Binding contracts
In order for a contract to be binding, it must state a total guaranteed maximum price, and if certain eventualities are commonly or reasonably expected, the contract must state the maximum price for each such eventually. All non-emergency services must have a price contract prior to the commencement of work. All emergency services must use a Senate approved price list if one exists.

Saying yes to sex
People mostly don’t ask to kiss. They just lean in slowly and if the other side doesn’t want it, they either say no, or move away or push back. Whatever rules we have about consent had better match with this reality. It must also match with the primal reality of pigeons, where the male keeps following the female around until she stops an lets him do it.

The new kids ads
Instead of allowing commercial ads directed at children, society should reclaim this mind-space and instead show simple positive messages, like:
1) Try to improve the world. 
2) Mind other people.  
3) Be considerate. 
4) Honesty and fairness makes society work. 
5) Try harder to succeed.
6) Nobody is going to do it but you. 
7) Go do something productive.
8) Too much sugar gives you diabetes.
9) Try to be a Senator one day.
10) Try to be an Ubiq one day.
11) Make something of yourself.
12) Apathy is a root of evil.
And the children’s media should be full of this stuff.

Imagine a world less cynical
The Apathy party rules the world today. This is mostly due to a deep cynicism arising from an endless string of unsuccessful efforts to make the world better. 

Publish or perish
This statement about college always struck me as strange. I mean, why should being a good teacher necessarily have anything to do with being a good researcher/author?  What this is really about is installing a backdoor to controlling academia.  With this “rule” of academia, any group in control of academic publishing houses is able to eliminate academics with ideas they do not like by refusing to publish them. Thus if someone changes their views after sucking-up and getting their PhD, they can still be eliminated in this way by Ishtar. So this is a big part of why academia supports such brain-dead stupid ideas as the CO2 theory of climate, gender obsessions, and black holes as gravity wells. 

Here is some climate propaganda disguised as news.

Witness tampering
Everyone should know that it is illegal to talk with and coach witnesses outside of court.  This should have one varied PSA time slot every month or so.  

QUAINT = ak•oo•ain’t.
This is the opposite of what’s good for Ishtar.
GRAND = g•our•an•de = big•our•new•of.
GLORY = g•al•ori = big•to•mouth.
POMP = Peh•on•peh = say•on•say.
SPLENDOR = s•peh•al•end•or = not•do•to•end•talk.
PSYCHOLOGICAL is a blid for cycle•logical.
Deja Vu = This is probably from dei•jah’s view, or the god of the Mideast (Jah’s) view.
Flabbergasted = blabber•gasted = talkers•frightened.

Permanent group thoughts = ideas that manage to get out into the group mind.
Fleeting group thoughts = ideas that fail to get out into the group mind.

I wonder if this word comes from golo•bible = swallow•bible.

The Taming of the Shroo
The Shakespeare play appears to be a blid for a widely known term that was quite problematic, for it was the taming of the Sh•our•oo, the Mideast bros talking about taming a market that was not of their oo, their nest-egg.  This is what was happening at the time of Shakespeare, just after England had replaced Spain as the main host of the parasitic Mideast.

Gr. Thusia = sacrifice, sacrificing, the creature sacrificed.
Enthusiasm = The buzz of opiated hashish, attributed to the one god, or one of the gods.
Thursday = thus•day
Tuesday = thus•day (so there can be two days of sacrifice, along with a sun day, a moon day, a wedding day and an eff•ouri•day for sir•mns=ideas of the sirs. So you see the days were named to encouraging more sacrificing.
Refuse = re•thus?
Mal•thus = bad•sacrifice.
Thus = thus.
Thus far = sacrificed enough?, sacrificial grain.
Thuc•ydides = sacrificial ideas.
Tuscany = thus•cane•A.

Steel-trap liberals
Conservatives are supposed to be more closed minded, and liberals are supposed to be more open minded.  So when a liberal actually has a closed mind, they can be called a steel trap liberal.  This means that they might have once been open minded, but now they are actually closed minded. 

Let’s spin off Puerto Rico
1) Their culture is quite in-compatible.
2) Their 3.2 million population is having a deleterious effect on US democracy, pulling it in the direction of an alien culture.
3) Maybe we should give them 3 or 12 month’s GDP and give them their independence.

Fractional inches
Let’s stop using fractional inches right away.  It is so much easier to work with MM than fractional inches.  Also, there are 8 eights and 16 sixteenths in an inch, while there are 25.4mm in an inch.

Homelessness is a national problem
We can’t solve it locally, because then many of the homeless in the nation will flood into that community.

Homeless camps – not so nice
They are supposed to be far away, and a bit smelly and there is supposed to be no privacy and chores, so the homeless get motivated to get a job and a home.

Homeless camp motivation
If you are in the top third at doing your chores, you get to take a bus with no lead time and with internet access. If you are in the middle third, you get first place in the line. If you are in the last third, you go last and frequently have to wait for another bus if that time slot is popular. 

Cheefy = entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur = cheef, driver
To put together for profit = to cheef, to drive
Entrepreneurial = cheefy, drivy
Entrepreneurship = cheefy, drivy
Entrepreneurially = cheefy, drivy
Entrepreneurism = cheefy, drivy
The word entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship  are long and cumbersome words, they are actually blids to make it hard for people to think about, and discuss setting up businesses and competing with Ishtar.  Let’s have two new synonyms for entrepreneur. Cheef emphasizes the insight and innovation, and drive emphasizes the organization and management.

Egg donation and custody
When a woman bears a donated egg with the sperm of her husband or boyfriend, if they split up, he automatically gets custody of the child unless he does not want custody, or there is a reason that he is unfit.

Gender-mandering = This is when government and NGOs help kids to feel like they will be more popular or more liked if they are not heterosexual.

Getting us to self-castrate
In Texas now there is a little boy that probably more than anything has keyed-into how his birth mother (by and egg-donor, Anne Georgulas) really wanted a daughter. So he “identified” as a girl, to please mom, and mom is getting just what she wanted. Anyway, regardless of the circumstances, the artificial gender thing has one of our pre-teen boys being castrated (it must be before puberty or the fake change will not be believable.) Then after he gets emasculated and then “bravely” completes the “transition”. 

But as a result, this kid will probably never reproduce. So the most important biological part of his life — is about to be taken from him.  Are we sure that he is not just some confused little boy? And is society actually deferring to the unrelated mother here over the wishes of the related father?  Are we actually listening to the for-profit expert witnesses testifying at the trial?  Are we really going to allow the castration of this little boy? Have we lost all sense? 

Truing the public wheel
This is the term for aligning public policy with what it is ideal.  

Thermal perfection 
This is a structure that is R-100 or higher on average, including downward heat loss and bridging. It is actually only 99% efficient, but we will call it perfection. 

Building block adjustments
The apartment-sized blocks will need some form of anchoring once they are positioned or the weight of the wall concrete will tend to push them apart and out of position. And we probably only want 4-points of vertical adjustment, prior to pouring the wall-filling concrete. So let’s have 4 corner shim points or screws. If screws, these are like the vertical-screw adjustable-feet on tables, only they are turned by a 2nd stationary screw mechanism that is actuated by long-armed ratchets turned by men. So a block is lowered, the ratchet men look at their devices. They may be flashing red for two corners. Then they go and adjust the screws until the screen flashes “bolt ready”. Then the boltmen insert oversized toggle bolts into the 4 or 6 or 8 holes on each side that will draw and hold the apartment to the structure while the wall concrete cures.  Once the block is bolted into position, the operator starts the robotic grouter hose and then the vibrator This is a bit below the top if another floor is coming. Thus there is no cleaning up of excess grout. 

Crane railcars
It would be very nice if we could have a railcar with lots of say 4″ wheels that roll on top of the rails, but the railcars with the house castings also roll on top of them and inside their gantry box.  They also have a bit of a second floor that pivots 90° and forms a pathway to spread load and counter balancing load.  And maybe the counter weight tail extends for leverage, and thus the counter weight might only be a quarter the weight of the house being moved. But there are these disc shaped droids that lift the truss and weight (which is centered), lift it maybe 10cm and rotates it 90°, and then it goes off somewhere.  So there is no crane assembly really for these. The positioning cranes, are probably too big and will have to be assembled by railcar based cranes.

Foundation tubes should be insulated
If we use heavily insulated tubes around our concrete foundations and go down to say 1.5m, we might pick close to R-5. And if we can find a high strength thermal insulator that is waterproof, we might take that up to R-15 or R-20 for our resting points. 

Concrete molds 
1) Special attention will be paid to the inside floor corners so they fit properly if there is no molding.  But every other part of the house casting molds will have 2mm-4mm gaps where they meet. 
2) The used concrete molds get cleaned by robots.
3) The form release spray is applied by robots. 
4) There is robotic grappling and movement, because people are just too small and weak.

System intake – 4-mm tolerance everywhere
The output of each house casting assembly is verified and guaranteed to fit by their county government to whatever tolerance level we find best. In fact, some house casters might run 2mm precision, some 3mm, some 4mm and some 6mm. 

Atari towers
This is perhaps a way our space ship rail gun launch towers will work and perhaps how our air intake towers could be built They are essentially very-tall radial hollow tube tower structures with up to maybe 5 levels of radial guy wires. 

For township air intake, they start as maybe 8 apartments, acting as a round structure for a central air intake. So the habitable high rise tower helps financially justify a much higher air intake.  After this, there is perhaps a stainless steel tower with an air aperture that is a smaller diameter, and has perhaps 6m trusses in 8 directions matching with the fin buttresses of the central units. Towards the top, there are a couple layers of guy wires.

Cast houses shipped how far?
Most people will not bother to get their home from the other side of the country… or from Mexico, or even South America… because it will cost another 2 weeks pay (3 from “deep Mexico) But some people will, if they are really crazy for a particular design will pay.  But most people will probably use a factory that is nearby and save on the “outside shipping”, the unnecessary shipping to get a particular item.  But there will be 500 to 5,000 factories in North America. And again in South America. And there will be hundreds, if not thousands of “plate designs” to cover the building exteriors, the responsibility of the township to maintain and repair. 

Shingled exteriors
The exteriors should be from articulated tile or glass. They are made of century material that laps/shingles and needs no caulk. This is caped by a parapet cap, and on the other side of the parapet cap is a 1:12 roof, divided by small step-over micro-parapet rib segments of less than 30 to 80-sqm. each.  So the entire exterior of the building is forever ceramic or opaque glass panels/tiles.  This is over a layer of styrofoam or foam insulation, over an interior and structural wall of thick concrete with lots of thermal mass.

No direct thermal bridging
The styrofoam might have fibers in it for added strength. I see 40-cm thick styrofoam panels the size of garage doors hooked onto, and glued to the cores. 

There are also a few screws that act on embedded washers that are towards the inside of the wall,  to apply a bit of clamping force.  •  •  • The exterior shell similarly hooks on at the bottom, and then is clamped at the top of each 60×60 or 90×90 tile/panel.  

4-point harmony
When stacking shoeboxes, there are only 4-critical corner points that have to stay level and aligned. These rest one on top of the other, for the rest there is a gap of some added millimeters.

Township pedestrian paths
1) They will be wide enough for a double wide vehicle, like one of today’s trucks plus maybe 30cm on each side.  So the paved walking path is about 5m (16.5′) wide. 
2) the pedestrian paths are divided into 4 lanes, 75-cm, 175cm, 175cm and 75-cm.
3) The buildings and yards vary, but both the out-paths and the in-paths should be a perfectly straight lines for collision safety, for personal safety, and for efficiency. This is one of those places where form really should follow function, because otherwise we will have to make our townships 5% or 10% smaller to make up for the aesthetics benefits of curvy township paths. 

The new cities go near the old cities 
This is so people know roughly where the place is.  Also some old cities will give rise to several new interchanges/cities, in this case, they will be like North Oaxaca, South Oaxaca, Oaxaca Southwest, etc. 

Gridiron township 
Make the townships a bit grid iron, or rather make the roads like a stack of pancakes. The rail line bisects a circle, and then all the thin blocks go at 90° to the bisection line at the center and then in more of an oblong asterisk pattern.  So it is sort of a gridiron partly distorted into an asterisk.

And we can have a few patterns, but the numbering system should all the the same.  The even numbered streets (2nd street, 4th street) are on the right of the track as you are heading out from the central station and the odd numbers are on the left as you are heading out. And likewise on the roads heading out from the bisect, the addresses on the right are even and the ones on the left are odd numbers.  Thus if you are going to say: New Durango township 31  (“New Durango-31, S3, U136 “)  you know you have to cross the tracks, turn left and head until you see 3rd street. Then you turn right and look for 136, which is on the right side of the road and probably closer to the ring road than the bisect, judging from its address and that this is 3rd street. 

The suburban loops are numbered clockwise, out of the central livery. The next number is how many tens of meters they are out from the ring road. Thus if you are at #245, you are 2.45km out from the ring road. And the odd numbers are on the outbound lane, and the even numbers on the inbound return lane. So a suburban address might look like:  (“New Durango-T31, L4, 245-11.”) This house would be on loop-4 and be 2.45 km out from the ring road, and it is on the outbound side, unit #11.  But perhaps New Durango is recognized by say the numbers 98765 and the address becomes  9876-5ABC-3142-4511 with the ABC being anti-spam and verifier numbers.

If we make our vacuum connection points with a 6mm water connection and standard electricity. Then we can have things like boiling hot pressurized water sprayers that re-vacuum up the water. And perhaps we might have roto-scrubbers and detergent/bleach adding.  This may be a bit overkill in the units, but in the public hallways and food courts where droids will be doing all the work, it would be nice. Also, there should be one separate connection for the vacuum, and other nearby connections for the other utilities, separate connections.

Locogrid and cleaning robots
If we have a super precise grid, then we imagine that our train stations can be cleaning using a robot or two that operate 24/7 and hook-up to utilities themselves.

Live up a hill
Certainly people shouldn’t live anywhere they find fresh unfossilized seashells. They want to live to a bit up a hill in case of a rare torrential rainstorm. Twice in my life, I have seen with my own eyes flat places totally flooded and damaged by rain runoff. 

Matrix Resonance
This is a term to use when judging world-views/ cosmologies/ geometries/ economies. It gets to the degree to which the parts of the theory resonate both with each together, and with reality, or not.

Matrix Scope
This is a term to use when when judging world-views/ cosmologies/ geometries/ economies. It gets at the degree to which the theory describes a large area of reality or not.

Matrix connection points
This is a term to use when when judging world-views/ cosmologies/ geometries/ economies. It gets at the number of connection points between the theory and reality.  

Matrix Establishment
This is a term to use whenwhen comparing world-views/ cosmologies/ geometries/ economies. It gets at the degree to which the theory is holding sway only because it is well established by what is often a bunch of ancient propaganda and lies.

Mammon ideas
Maimon•ides is a blid. He is not real. And yet again, do you see the way that Ishtar even lies to its own people, making up these giant self reinforcing matrix lies for its own loyal people?

Maimonides:  8-levels of charity
This fake author had 8 level of charity.  This is best seen as charity contributions to the harem spawn back home, and charity for the new Mideast immigrants. I substitute contribution for tzedakah, and exhod for person for clarity of understanding. Also note how much this looks like a mamon idea.  The list begins with the best charity and ends with the worst:

1) Contributing an interest-free loan to a needy Exhod.  Partnering with a needy Exhod. Contributing  to a needy Exhod. Finding a job for a needy Exhod — so long as that loan, gift, partnership, or job results in the person no longer living by relying on others (like Arabs Inc). 
2) Contributing (tzedakah) anonymously to an unknown recipient via a person (or public fund like the one run by Arabs Inc.) which is trustworthy, wise, and can act impeccably and un-pecuniary with donations.
3) Contributing anonymously to a known recipient.
4) Contributing openly to an unknown recipient.
5) Contributing before being asked.
6) Contributing adequately after being asked.  
7) Contributing willingly, but inadequately.  
8) Contributing unhappily.

This word originally meant when they took a big bunch of men and asked them about something. If all said the same thing it was a con•fession = a con•eff•session. So going to catholic confession seems to have started as everyone swearing together the same thing — sort of like Islamic conversion. Later it seems to have been twisted into this Big-Brother session where you swore to god and his “totally-100%-confidential” priest about your potential sins and the things your little tele-screen eyes saw.

Delay notifications
All multi-passenger vehicles traveling on a schedule, must send updated delay info to all passengers on their feed free of charge. Delay notifications are automatic and can be oped out of. 

Work that is on cam
1) Police.
2) Private security guards.
3) Jail guards.
4) Teachers in rough schools.
5) Airport staff and flight attendants. The captain can see the video of the flight attendants. 

The plural noun for talking about crisises (plural crisis) is awkward and hard to use. Do you think that is by accident?  And if it isn’t by accident, then someone doesn’t want us discussing our serious problems. Who is that that does not want us assembling to discuss our serious problems? Is it the same economic parasite that gave us our problems in the first place?

Elections by the League of Women’s voters
60-years ago, before “women’s liberation”, I bet it was much easier for Ishtar to fool women than men.  What does this say about our elections?

Central voting counting: Why?
Why are ballot boxes delivered to a central counting place? Why not count them on site? I tell you, this is like the magician’s cape, hiding the part where they do the switch-a-roo. Or maybe it happens on the loading dock of the counting place. Or maybe they have a few counters on the take, working together. 

Foreign aid money and Ishtar
I have heard more than one first hand tale about corruption and theft at the UN and an almost total lack of accountability.  I have also seen with my own eyes how the EU aid money is spent.  I see the EU money as being spent 5% to 30% for sidewalks, bridges, roads and other very visible but utterly useless things. The high visibility allows for more money to be siphoned off by Ishtar. For the EU, I might put the ratio at around 25% value and 75% for siphoning. Here is another reason why the Ishtarians of the UK are so against Brexit, because Ishtar must give up the 75 billion it is stealing from from the EU budget… most of which simply disappears as waste.

Delta’s new terminal at LaGuardia airport
Supposedly $4 billion has been budgeted for 105,000 square feet = $38,100/sq.ft  or  $415,000/sqm.
1) Apparently homes cost around $100-$200/square foot these days. 38,100/150 = 254. So the airport costs 254 times more per square foot.
2) Airports are certainly more expensive to build than homes, but they should not be 254x as much. 
3) People really need to start looking at the square foot costs of government.
4) I look at these numbers and figure that the cost is at least 10 times more than it should be given the silly styling of airports.
5) The fancy windows and 4-story interiors exist to justify the high cost.
6) Why don’t we build our public buildings without all the fancy glass and styling for $400/sq. ft.?

Botham Jean
To my mind, it should be difficult to say: “Oops, it was goof-up”, if you shoot someone and you have a grudge against them. And my understanding is that Guyger had previously complained more than once about the noise of her upstairs neighbor Jean.  Where one person kills another person that they seem to have a grudge against, the burden of proof should be on the accused to prove that their acts were either accidental, or in self defense, and not pre-meditated. In this case, it strains belief that Guyer didn’t notice 1, 2 and 3:
1) Guyer was on the wrong floor.
2) The furniture was different.
3) Most of all, the man was not armed.

RFID firearm safety
The gun owner has this RFID chip worn in a ring. No ring, no discharge.

Automobile fetishism
Regarding those ancient cars that some people like a great deal. Here I want to say a few things:
1) In the US alone, close to 40,000 people a year die in vehicle accidents, along with hundreds of thousands of injuries. This is important. Being able to drive  classic cars and quarter million dollar lambo concession product cars really doesn’t matter in comparison.
2) Traffic deaths and traffic delays matter, cool cars don’t.
3) All cars should have proper brakes and proper airbags and be self driving, and the ones that don’t are too dangerous to use.

Good cop, bad cop
The drug dealers in our new Orwell markets will make more when the user quit, but the drug counselors do not. They are unbiased and only there to help. 

Hard to cancel trial offers
Recall all those free trials that supposedly can be cancelled any time, but are actually difficult to cancel.
1) What a dis-service these scams do for all the genuine offers.
2) What a dis-service these scams do for the public which is always in need of new things.
3) These should be subject to minimum10-fold penalties but no less than 1-hours pay per instance. 

Partial command economies
A full command economy is where government dictates the output of all goods. A partial command economy involves government ordering or guaranteeing only some goods in some industries.

Socialist cells within a free-market organism
This is the correct way to do socialism. The overall organism, the domestic economy is free-market. The socialism exists as entities within an overall free market system.  

CONNECTED SOCIALISM = socialist, policy that fits with the hard realities of market economics.
DISCONNECTED SOCIALISM = socialist policy without a mind to the hard realities of market economics. 

Servius Tullius 
According to legend, this guy was the 6th king of Rome for an incredible 40-years from 575-535BC.  He was the son of Publius, and a slave by origin. So he father seems to have been a “public slave” from the Mideast. So apparently Rome was using public slaves all along, starting in 575BC. and ending in about 595 AD when the lights went off on history.

Also we know that the matrix was operating under the illusion of freedom until 575BC, because Servius Tullius is remembered as the first Roman king (ie. king for life, like Xi Jinping), to come to power without being elected by the Senate. Before this time, there were these Rex•publics=kings•public or public kings that were elected by the Senate.

So clearly there was more of a Roman “democracy” until 575BC, and it had these elected kings. Then with Servius Tulius we see Siezers of power that no longer had elections for the public king, the rex publicus (probably because their Arab backers killed all their opponents).  

When did we ever actually try democracy?
Athens was also ruled by one man. In the late 400’s BC, we see Thucydides saying that Athens was in theory a democracy but in reality it was ruled by one man. And today we have these uber-powerful presidential monarchs ruling over most modern democracies. When did we ever actually try democracy?

Caesar marches on Rome
The other thing about Servius Tullius is his name Tulius, which was what the rockstar intellectual of the day Marcus Tulius Cicero went by. He was called “Tullius”, while his contemporary the rockstar general of the day Gaius Julius Caesar went by “Julius”.  This is why I think Cicero and Caesar were the same man: IULIUS CAESER.

I imagine that late in the campaign when things supposedly got calm, Caesar supposedly published years of notes that his sidekick scribe had been writing down. One book, the “Conquest of Gaul” explains what Caesaro had been doing in present day France for a decade, killing a million people and enslaving another million.  Another books was the legendary orator explaining oratory, In another he explained the nature of the gods, In yet another he explained his republic, his rex•public, his ideal form of government.

These books plus a crushing military victory over the terrorist Gauls allowed iulius Caesaro to become a powerful man above men, a figurehead in whose name the leadership of Rome could be killed and Rome subdued. So I say: be careful and do not fall for this again… with me or any of my descendants. 

The words of the devil
We are not exactly anti-monarchy. It is just that we don’t see a true king. If a true king came along then we would all obey. So I want to say:
1) Don’t ever fall for this.
2) This seems to be what was used to get  Julius Caesar in power as the first of a centuries long string of Arab figureheads called Caesar/Seizer.

Tullius takes power again
Strange how Roman democracy was repeatedly dissolved by a man named Tullius.

Latin Reges is plural for L. Rex=king
REGISTRATION was letting the king’s administration know.
REGALIA fancy stuff that surrounded the king.
REG•ARD was a king’s man.
a REGENT was a reg•n’t.
REG•GEH music was smart•king, or the king got smart and listened to the soft, easy, and groovy music that involved smoking sacramental marijuana.
REGION = what the reg ruled.
REGISTERED MAIL = the king’s guest mail.
REGULAR = to the king’s standards.

Parth & the Parthians
Parth was the hero of the Indian Mahabharata. He was archer who never misses his target.  So we have to ask if this god (one of many gods) was created to cover-up the Parthians (bar•theo’uns) and their deadly poison arrows… perhaps dipped in the deadly saliva or dried blood of a mad dog, or Komodo dragon.  

Limiting cosmetic surgery
1) As a matter of public safety, the Senate should limit the types of cosmetic procedures allowed and offered.
2) People who go to other countries to get surgery are subject to prosecution in their home nation, as well as third nations for having had illegal cosmetic surgery.
3) Men may not have implants so their breasts or hips look like a woman’s.
4) No cosmetic genital surgery except for birth defects, and injuries, such as those that arise from assault, vehicle collisions and childbirth.  Also genital surgery should be permitted in all women after childbirth and this should not be subject to luxury medical taxation.

Why medical marijuana was illegal
1) It is an effective anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety drug, and a much cheaper solution than prescription drugs.
2) It is an effective distractive anti-pain medication and much cheaper and better over the long run than an opiate addiction.
3) It is an effective blood pressure medication, and much cheaper than prescription medication.

Why prescription opiates are so cheap
It is the flip side of why non-prescription opiates are so expensive over the long term.

The purpose of storax
Storax was frankincense, and it covered up the change in smell when the Arabs changed the hashish drug recipe. It also made the incense hard to counterfeit.

Evolved to work well on drugs
I think of my ancestors and how they must have evolved to work well on Marijuana and perhaps opium, being in the temple all day, thriving on the drugs, even being smarter on these drugs.  

Sacred mind
Isn’t SACRAMENT obviously related SACRED•MIND?  The incense that made your mind sacred?  And the holy bible tells us hundreds of times, perhaps thousands of times that we should burn these drugs and get SACRED MINDS. And today, when we go into a Tamil, or Catholic church, they are burning Arab frankincense, grown nowhere else in the world. So the sacred mind sacraments seem to have come from Arabia. And there are these little Asia incense pellets that look rather like hashish. So it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to think that the Sacrament was this hashish that put you in a sacred state, and that is what burnt sacrifices were, that or expensive unblemished BBQ animals. 

Hashish cost
At $10/gram, it is $280 an ounce, about 20% the cost of gold by weight today.

The holy bible is a giant hashish infomercial
How many times are sacraments, or sacrifices mentioned in the bible? And the unblemished animals were all imported and probably rather unavailable at most times, due to the constant pressure to convert believers over to hashish.  Also animals were so much more trouble to transport than some bricks of hashish.

Why was the Mideast so focused on hashish?
You make the same money as selling other things, but you get some other benefits:
1) The Rumi are addicted, and will be much more likely to keep giving you money.
2) The Rumi are high all the time and easier to manipulate.
3) You can give troublemakers other drugs slowly until they become dull•ards, or sick, or dead.
4) Drugs can be changed, and with them the personality of Rome.
5) Greater profit ratio selling hashish incense due to concentration.

Emergency injection pens
All fire trucks, parametics, police cars, police stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores shall be required to sell the ubiquitized low cost narcan injection pens and adrenaline pens.

ODTV, the daily drug obituaries
All the people using above a certain level have to be video interviewed. Then if they die of an overdose, then their video gets shown. If we show one person a minute, it will take about 4-hours to cover all the people who OD in the US on the average day. I see ODTV playing on the walls in the drug rehab centers, which are open 12 hours a day, every day. The drug license holders are watching their anti-drug media on a tablet, if they glance between segments, they see another stream of drug media that is constantly playin in the background.  Also, one of the most important parts of ODTV is going to be the early interviews where they talk with fresh users that still look good and still looks like they will get away.

Kid/elder cams
These are soft collars with cameras on  8-sides. These backup to public recorder for free to prevent abuse. People use these when their kids are in daycare, with sitters, or are out being independant. There are various playback speeds. The recordings auto-delete in 48 hours if not viewed. The important thing is that nobody can be sure if the the video log will be reviewed or not.

When big brother is good
1) When people who cannot express themselves are entrusted to others for care.
2) When young people are not quite ready to be completely on their own.
3) When there is theft or likely theft.
4) For those in jail.
5) For those who have been let out of jail early for good behavior.
6) For those being protected by government.
7) For those who want to be on safety video, such as women jogging and those in dangerous or high crime places.
8) For the highest crime neighborhoods.
9) For unarmed protesters
10) For armed defenders.
11) To protect people in high confrontation jobs.
12) For bullies.

No inflated billings
Those who bill customers for factory parts and commodity goods must get their supplies from a fixed margin retailer that has a declared single margin for all customers with no rebates or discounts.

De-consolidation as an industry
The process of de-consolidation will be costly for the world economy, but it is necessary for the economy’s long-term health.

Stainless wheels and rails
1) No corrosion or painting needed
2) Not a big part of the rail system’s cost
3) They will last “forever” and never corrode.
4) As stainless stell is harder than regular steel, the stainless rails and wheels are apparently a bit harder than volcanic ash.

Township tower fresh air
During ice ages, I imagine the world as in perpetual sandstorm… but at 1% or 20% strength, and not much wind at all. Or maybe it is like living in a dusty town with unpaved roads. It isn’t much, but it is in the air and you are constantly breathing it, and things left out for a day might be as dust covered as those left out for a month or two today.  

Now in the next ice-age, people will live in a world without enough fresh water, so we imagine that robots are using the township’s clean high-intake’s air to blow the loose ash off the viaducts and crops and roads. The robots connect and reconnecting from the compressed air supply by themselves. Then they clean the tracks by themselves.  And this may be needed in addition to the tracks being covered. And there may be droids doing the same thing with the outsides of our townships and perhaps some crops now and then.

Utility access
It is stupid to bury utilities, as any time they need service, we spend 3 to 30 times as much effort digging them up as actually doing something to the lines. Wherever they go, they should be accessible. So in the new townships I imagine that the utilities will from the plant to the townships will pass through prefab U segments that are mostly buried, with heavy concrete lids that can be lifted-off and put back for access.  Once in the townships, the main utilities pass over the roof and down through gang channels.  So at every point until the utilities enter the units, a man can easily fit in the channel carrying the utilities. Once in the unit, the electric wires and water pipes pass through conduit loops embedded in the concrete walls, and likewise with HVAC, vacuum, central refrigeration, fire-suppression, and all the other utilities. So in the new township based living, there will never be any digging or pulverization work to access the utility lines. 

Township utility services
1) There are no individual hot water heaters, like in a condo building.
2) There is no individual furnace, like in a condo building.
3) There are no individual air conditioners, like in many condo buildings.
4) There is no need for delivered drinking water, as the water is locally sanitized and filtered and piped in.
5) The refrigerators are all quiet ice boxes.
6) Nobody has a vacuum, only a hose.
7) There is compressed air on tap, 
8) The ventilation and compressed air is filtered centrally and intended for breathing. So the windows can stay closed.
9) Internet is free and universal.
10) Electricity is DC and safe.
11) There is no flammable natural gas.
12) Fire suppressing high-pressure deox air provided in the system.

Shoeboxes poured upside down
How do you optimize and vary the flooring of a cast unit?  You cast it upside down. This way when the walls are being poured, the floor will also be lightly covered in special concrete, essentially a terrazzo coating. then everything gets covered in more wall concrete. Thus the side under the floor is the only part that is not made perfectly by the mold. And this only needs to be screed-ed off. 

Waterproof floor inserts
In the bathrooms, kitchens, entries and other wet areas, the casting factories will put waterproof inserts. These are standardized ceramic, or rubber, or vinyl plates, some with drains.

Sealed concrete as “terrazzo
Here I imagine ground concrete that is about 250 grit is cleaned and doused in this penetrative acrylic and covered, so the plastic penetrates deeply. Then the polishing is continued to maybe 320-400. Then there is liquid polishing.

Shoebox ceilings layers
If the apartment shoeboxes come with a floor but no ceiling, and each unit has standardized pattern of steel-reinforced concrete joists integrated with the floor membrane. Maybe the factories are also making these cast ceilings that are placed between the shoeboxes at each level. These have joists above the ceiling creating. These crate an airspace between the floor above and the unit below. And probably a 5cm layer of spay foam insulation is sprayed to the inter-joist areas of both sides. So the assembly is something like.

9-cm concrete, 
5-cm of foam insulation
25-cm air gap
1-cm ceramic tile placed on wet foam
5-cm of foam insulation
5-cm concrete
50-cm total

At top-joists
30-cm concrete
5-cm of foam insulation
4-cm air gap
1-cm ceramic tile placed on wet foam
5-cm of foam insulation
5-cm concrete
50-cm total

At bottom-joists
9-cm concrete,
5-cm of foam insulation
5-cm air gap
1-cm ceramic tile placed on wet foam
5-cm of foam insulation
25-cm concrete
50-cm total

These days, factory-installed drop Gypsum ceiling kits are probably the way to go, but this concrete assembly offers much better sound attenuation and it also saves perhaps a couple man days of labor per unit. So it seem to ultimately be the way to go. If we are doing a long line of identical units, the ceiling shipped on top of one shoe box can be set on the unit before it. 

Aqueduct water-proofing
We should take great care to make sure that our aqueducts are totally waterproof, or the water will ruin the tensioning steel holding them together. On the inside, I might use two staggered layers of glazed tiles. On the bottom, there needs to be dry soil and a way to keep water from wicking up. On the top there needs to be waterproofing. On the sides, there needs to be surface protection and a means of carrying water away from the aqueduct.  There is water flowing through the duct, but the structure/ the pipe/ the hose need to be totally waterproof.

I might use the site to build a restort community. 
1) Cut steps concentric topo-line steps, each step maybe 6m vertically, and maybe 4m horizontally. Thus the “skyline” slopes at about 60°.  There is also a tall structure in the center
2) The look is rather like a tropical white Thira/Oia, but with more terraces on top. and a few lot sized planters.
4) No vehicles, only footpaths that are all level as one circles the town.
5) There are stairs between the levels, one stairway on either “flat” side. There are also town lifts cut into the rock somewhere.
6) The area below for 2km in any direction is forest parkland, no exceptions.
7) Access is by high-slope train.  

Simple plumbing replacement
The lengths of pipes and wires inside the conduits should be modular, and the length should be labeled on both ends of the conduit, and the line passing through it. This along with the numbers of the lines. So we might see something like: P0011: 12mm-2.1m. This indicates that Plumbing outlet 11 has a 2.1m length of 12mm pipe/hose. Thus if a pipe needs to be replaced, we know in advance to get a 12mm pipe that is 2.1m long. Then we can have this ready when we turn the water off and pull the old pipe out from the conduit. Also, it is very important that all 12mm pipes have the same end connections worldwide.  Here I imagine pipes that look like the the under-sink plastic supply lines that connect the under-sink angle stop valves with a sink.

De-mineralized township water
Given the long term cost of mineral buildup in water supply pipes, and the fact that we will have central utility plants, it is probably a good idea to mostly de-mineralize the water in regions that are prone to mineral build-up in the pipes.

Walking/biking between townships
Many townships will have 100-1,000m wide greenbelts between them. So people will often walk or bike the 3 to 6 km trip to one of the 8 neighboring township centers, or beyond. People will also be able to walk/run/bike on the greenbelt ring paths around the various townships.

The peripheral trailer park
Maybe the townships will have a few trailer parks, or bungalows at the periphery, and thus be a bit flexible with regard to unit quantity. 

Forever construction
A glass or ceramic weather shell, over 30 to 60 cm thick styrofoam insulating shell, over concrete that acts as both a structural wall, structural wall casting shell, and thermal mass. Many one and two structures be “wild” and rest only on adjustable surface “blocks”.  

Mostly styrofoam wild buildings
Instead of the house casting factory casting concrete, it casts  reinforced 50-cm thick styrofoam. Then these house sized styrofoam monoliths are covered in roofing and wall plates, windows and doors and kitchens and baths are installed. Sheetrock is glued to the interior walls and the unit is shipped. Then upon delivery and leveling the adjustable feet, a concrete floor is poured inside to give the unit thermal mass, walking rigidity, and weight against being blown away like a house of straw or wood might be, but not like a house of concrete.  

The 3-little pigs
It is a blidding story about how the wind will blow down a house of straw or wood, but not a house of brick and cement. 

Proper corrugated translucent roofing material
This material is poorly optimized for permanent roof assemblies today. The corrugation depth is generally too shallow to be sturdy.  Also, the material should be perhaps 5-7 mm thick.  The upward parts of the sin wave needs diagonal Vs to channel water on shallow slopes. The tops of the Vs on the top of the sin wave are where the attachment perforations go. These come with factory installed  wide-flange stainless steel screw grommets, but not the mating screws which need to vary. The screw grommets grip perhaps 5 x 30 cm of roof each, thus making these roofs much more like a “real” wind proof roof that is translucent.

All new bathroom drains
1) No dipping pipe lavatory traps as are so common in the US. Instead we should use easily disassembled compression fitted cup-style traps such as are used overseas. This is so objects dropped down a drain can be retrieved.
2) The lavatory drain traps have two removable hair-trap comb-washers. These are a radial center/inward facing plastic comb with a rubber washer stretched around it. The rubber washer both holds the comb in place and acts as a compression fitting. The combs are sort of parabolically bent, and rub the drain when it is inserted prior to the cap being screwed on.  There may be another screw-on comb at the end of the lateral that gets inserted into the wall pipe. 
3) The lavatory trap cups should require no less than 6 rotations for removal and cleaning and the thread should be so strong that no man can ever over-tighten them if using his hands.
4) The outside surface of the cups should be textured so one can grip them with wet hands.
5) This is a wet environment.  So the cup should be made of schedule 80 paintable PVC, and NEVER metal that can corrode.  In fact, we should prohibit metal and imitation metal drain pipes.
5) Under-sink lavatory piping should be modular, with only one diameter and thread pattern for all ordinary lavatories worldwide.  
6) Two sets of spare compression washers/combs should reside in a threaded cup below the cup.
7) The compression fitting where the lateral connects with the in-wall riser must project at least 10cm from the wall surface and have a 5% slope, and it must have a drip point 10 cm out from the wall surface. This is so people can easily tell if this fitting is leaking.
8) A similar but larger design should be used for kitchen sinks.
9) All sinks and showers worldwide must have sewer vapor and mosquito traps. It is a matter of basic health.
10) All showers must have two hair combs in the drain that can be removed without tools.

Food delivery bots
Maybe we will use little 4-wheelers like that of Meituan Japan. Either that or the run on a ceiling rail and they have this arm that come down.

My attitude to earthquake loads
Ok, so we have these super strong buildings up to say 6 stories in earthquake zones. If a small quake causes the building to partly slip its foundation, we will just have to use pulleys to pull it back into position. If the earthquake is so big that the building jumps its foundation completely, we can afford to write it off due to the added safety afforded to the occupants.  For earthquake zones, I see maybe round drilled foundations with maybe 3m tops. These are NOT attached, and the buildings simply rest loose on them. 

For one and two story SIP structures in earthquake zones, we might use adjustable sled feet that simply rest on the ground. If there is a risk of severe storm, or thermal mass is wanted, we can pour a 10cm (4″) concrete slab inside the SIP structure.

Get it going via single-wide
Once we make the switch to single wide vehicles, the daytime double-wide shipment ERP fees might be much more expensive (maybe 3x to 10x more) than than using multiple single-wide shipments, except at night, when they should be only be perhaps 50% more expensive.  So pretty much all the regular deliveries of palletized whatever go via single-wide. So we imagine that each palate travels via its own driverless delivery vehicle. 

Shipment sizes road and rail
With self-driving trucks, each load can be much smaller. So in the cities, a road-based truckload might be the size of a single palate or 3 pallets in a row.  And if the shipment is via the rail system, the capacity can be anywhere from a box of toothpaste to a square meter, to a container, to perhaps 8 containers in area, 200 tons weight and no limit on height.  

Smaller trucks cheaper bridges
Perhaps the number of network operated driverless delivery trucks on each peripheral mountain bridge should limited with the slots auctioned off by the county if the wait is more than 2 hours. Perhaps there is only one long and winding 3.5m road and nearly everyone uses the single-wide bridge because it is so much faster. 

Tsunami bells
We might let people stay in tsunami areas if there is room in a tsunami bell for them. These bells sit high and dry except for when they get used. They are just concrete with no waterproofing. They are covered from the rain to prevent spalling. They are heavily waxed on the outside so they slip past debris, and also to help with water proofing.  They are lentil shaped, and the bottom is pointed a bit like a top, and the center bottom is a big chunk of heavy concrete, so the bell always stays upright.  There are two pieces, both single monolithic concrete castings.  The two halves are bolted/grouted together. The entrance is from the top through a steel hatch that is cast into the concrete.

Patrick Day, a boxing injury death
Don’t we have enough violence in our society already? Why do we let men organize events where men beat each other’s brains in for entertainment? Why not at least start holding the organizers responsible for the harm they cause to their employees/contestants/dupes/fools/fighters? You know what I think happened to Patrick Day? I think he was exploited, and I think that all the boys watching him were also exploited. 

Prize fighters that kill
I wonder what would happen to the “sport” of boxing and MMA if we started charging fighters for manslaughter.  And by what distorted sense of justice do we not do this already?

Armies should do no business
In China, the “People’s liberation Army” are the dudes with all the best weapons. And they have the mindset that they need to figure ways to supplement their income. What a recipe for disaster this is. We should all, everyone around the world, we should all agree that this should not be allowed in any nation.

Also, what a doublespeak name that is, the “People’s liberation Army”, for surely they exist to to do the opposite of liberating the people.

Football and the US military 
1) The game strategy huddles are just like small group infantry assault huddles. Both have this commander giving orders to go her and do something. This makes American men a bit more fearless in their infantry assaults. 
2) The run the ball out thing is like infantry assaults.  And so is the defense and offense part. So American men are a bit more fearless in their infantry assaults. 
3) The tackles echo being shot. But it doesn’t hurt much, and you almost always just get up and do it again. This produces a false sense of confidence when they become soldiers. So American men are a bit more fearless in their infantry assaults. 
4) This game helps breeds first class military pawns that will be more likely to put their lives on the line for their sense of duty, and whoever can redirect that sense.
5) I think that football, like boxing and martial arts are not things for a peaceful utopia.  They are a dissonance to the A-pollos creed of peace, where no group needs to oppress others, the true Apollo Creed.
6) The Mideast created football to make American soldiers braver. It is a thing created by the Mideast. It is not real.
7) The 50,000 person coliseums echo those of ancient Rome and the places where the Taliban executed people. It is not hard to see that the same people were responsible for both. It is also not hard to imagine that these same people are angling for coliseums entertainment murders as a means of social control again.  
8) Boxing angles for the rebirth of coliseums entertainment murders as a means of social control by normalizing fatal sports. 
9) I hope that I can hit the delete completely button for the American head-ball and boxing matrix programs. We will be much better without them.

School cafeterias
Having a hawker center system, and a delivery system will allow us to let the kids pick from any of the many approved school lunch and dinner vendors, hundreds of approved vendors in cities the size of say El Paso. 

Also, if the kids are eating breakfast, lunch and perhaps dinner at school much of the time, and they are going for 10-minute brisk walks every hour, they won’t easily grow fat or suffer from malnutrition.  Auto immune problems will be less likely.  Also, this sort of eating helps instill proper anti-obesity eating habits in kids.

Getting kids off to school
Soon it will be:
1) Get kid dressed.
2) Make sure kid has used the toilet.
3) Send kid into the tracking and security system.
4) Kid eats breakfast at school.
5) And because the kids will get any of dozens of breakfasts free, they will look forward to their school meals, particularly if their parents are the lazy types and do not prepare tasty food for breakfast. 
6) So parenting will soon not include feeding your kids before school.

Free public education until age 19
If you’re a motivated kid and don’t take vacations from school, you can get a free college education AND start your career two years earlier than today, with no student debt. And what a great thing that is to put on your resume, that you progressed to the to grade 16.0 by the time you were 19.0 or whenever.  What a statement it is that you are the sort of hard worker that finished college for free. Only about maybe say 20% of kids manage to do that.

Expensive colleges
It is ridiculous that we can’t 90% automate the process of college and make it free. Why do we have these ridiculous tuitions, scarce positions and overpaid professors? And at the same time our companies all bemoan a lack of people with the job skills.

Parental neglect should mean too much school
Today parent neglect means leaving the kids to their own.  In the future parental negligence will mean that the parents leave the kids in school for too long. This will not only help the kids from the bottom of society to be more normal, but it will have big repercussions on how the nice the kids will be to their parents.

After school camp
Craft and sports camp after school will be much more social for kids than today’s suburban US TV/video-game lifestyle.

Alone time
Part of school should be this enforced alone time where the kid is neither assigned to a task, nor social. And journaling and reflecting should be allowed during this time. And it should be encouraged that kids have alone time during exercise.

Locker rooms
Do we have men supervise them? What sort of man wants to do this? Do we leave them unsupervised? Look at all the trouble this causes. Maybe we should do away with the locker rooms and expect athletes to wear gym robes/ropa or some-such to and from the workout.

Exercise and lunch breaks
If kids are studying one thing at a time, how do we do PE?  Well, when we break our class hours up into six 10-minute times zones for say 36 students, we might have 6 students using the exercise equipment or paths for 10 minutes an hour. Thus instead of having kids do 1km once a day, and 20 minutes of ball sports, and 10 minutes of dressing/showering, they speed walk 500m maybe 5 or 6 times a day.  And because they exercise in short bursts, they don’t ever get really sweaty.  So there is no need for the group showers, or the locker rooms.  And if we get rid of the balls, the school grounds become a park for speed walking. And there are ehlipticals and fixed bikes. But the schools get much smaller and thus become cheaper and more centrally located. 

It is just amazing that this abbreviation does not refer to PUBLIC EDUCATION which is fundamentally important.    Instead, PE is about our time wasting PHYSICAL EDUCATION programs. And what a laugh that we esteem these PHYSICAL EDUCATION champions in our schools. I think it should be called PHYSIO and it should be more simulation/screen based and less ball based.  Also, I think the kids of the nation would be in much better physical condition if they had to get their heart rates to X for Y minutes a day in order to play Z hours of drivel media. 

Idiots yelling in town
1) Yelling should be an emergency sort of thing for individuals.  You yell when you need help from those around you. Yelling means come here. For groups, yelling should be a political sort of thing, and not something about trivial sports teams.
2) There is no reason to yell when playing sports, or lifting heavy things. There is much more need of peace when lots of people live close to each other. Otherwise they start living away from each other more and that is just so wasteful. So unnecessary yelling is a surprisingly costly thing for society. 
3) This applies to people getting drunk or high. If we give these people an excuse, then lots of people will say, “forgive me, I was drunk and happy”.  Then society will waste so much as people instead choose to live far out. 
4) Disturbing the peace should require community service.      Did you as someone over age 8 get recorded yelling in a quiet zone, or quiet time? If so, then you do 10 to 80 hours of community service.

Getting kids to focus
I think having kids at school under some form of activity monitoring is a better way of forcing them to do certain things. It is better than parents. It is much more inevitable with specialized school enforcement systems. Here there should be a reward for hard work. The kids that focus and do their work in 3 hours a day instead of 6 should get most of the day free to play with the cool toys and shops that the school system offers.

The biggest regret of my childhood
It is that I didn’t start seriously reading earlier. And I think it is just absurd that we have so few messages and initiations in children’s media towards early reading. Why not flash words in text every minute in kids media?  Why not have a reading commercial in every single commercial/public education (PE) break.

Magic and education
To me the most important use of magic or “illusionism” is to trick kids and to show them that they are not always right, and how important it is to pay attention, and also how important it is to change your mind when you see something different. This mind changing keeps kids from having minds like steel traps — a mind that closes on an idea and never lets go — or melts down like a snowflake if challenged.

Bitter taste spray for kids
A mildly bad tasting spray would be a good way to keep kids from licking things, and putting their hands in their mouths. Maybe we need this due to the extreme cleanliness of the modern world. Maybe in the old days, kids learned this fast due to how dirty everything was.

The new meaning of TROUNCE 
It is to be more important in every way. Also, when X trounces Y, each part of X must be satisfied before any consideration is made about any and all parts of Y.

Progress trounces all else in education
The objectives of education
Maximizing the progress of kids is the head and shoulders most important part of education. The priorities of education are thus:
#1 – progress in maximizing our leaders.
#2 – progress for all.
#3 – gauging people as workers and drivers.
#4 – cost savings.
#5 – fairness of educational spending.

Let kids skip ahead
It isn’t just filling a bucket with knowledge. More important is giving kids reasoning and thinking skills, independent study skills, and comprehension skills. If kids can skip ahead and do more advanced work, by all means encourage them to progress. Also, kids learning in a more advanced delivery stream, is more important than understanding absolutely everything. So don’t worry about advanced kids not getting As and Bs on their tests, Cs are just fine for them. 

Competitive sports
If competition is a useful fuel to motivate kids, why on earth are we squandering it on sports? The academics should be competitive, and the sports should be thought of as a work out to sustain our body’s condition and health. 

Oh the hypocrisy 
It is perfectly fine to have athletic races and have the out of shape kids drip across the finish line. And it is perfectly fine to have kids that always get chosen last for sports teams. That supposedly does nobody any harm. But when it comes to academics, heaven forbid that that our smart and valuable leaders should make others feel dumb. Can you not see Ishtar at work?

Business school
I think all kids should get a couple weeks a year about economics, business and economic history. Also, how organizations and businesses work, and how they make money and other aspects fo the economy. This should be repeated every year with a bit more. This along with how to start a business and praise for those who even try unsuccessfully to start their own business.

Economically feral people
The term refers to people from poorer places who value money and things more than friendship. As we go back in time, more and more of the world was economically feral.

Pedestrian GPS 
You’re looking at a rotating arrow displayed on to your glasses.  If the arrow is red, you stop. If it is blue, you go fast. If it is green, you walk normally. If it is yellow, you slow down. If it is at 1:00 you veer to the right a bit. If it is at 11:00, you veer to the left a bit. If it is at 2:00, you go 45° right. If it is at 6:00, you turn around and go back.  It could also be via voice. 

Organized pedestrian traffic at interchanges
Pedestrian GPS will help us organize the pedestrian flows into packets and thus move a lot more pedestrian traffic through our interchanges. Here I imagine a LOCOGRID (location grid system) that provides more accuracy and speed that GPS. This is similar to what our vehicle system will use, but even more precise. 

So when a train arrives, everyone exits and then just stands on the platform. Then when nearly everyone is out on the platform, the display changes from red to orange, then yellow, then green.  After a some seconds, the hoard arrives at the ring where room has been made for it, so it merges at whatever speed is indicated. This packet then circles the main ring once, with each passenger merging away into the various turnoffs. 

No cash rent
Even if we don’t eliminate cash, there should be no cash payments for rent or lodging.

All woodsmen must register
Nobody gets to hide out and live off the land in some hidden place.

6-million kilometers per hour
The star known as S5-HVS1 is moving at over 6-million kph.

Super fast stars
Are there a few of these super fast stars moving much faster than the rest in our galaxy? If so, then they seem to come from collisions in other galaxies and they speak of how fast colliding galaxies are moving towards each other.

Gravity how long?
Matter moving at 5-million kph is subject to a thousand times more gravity than matter moving at 5,000-kph.  It is important to realize that there are objects moving so fast that they are not completely subject to the gravity they encounter. 

The lampshade effect
This is how the debris field around a black hold star diffuses the star’s light and makes it invisible from the other side of the galaxy.

Black hole debris fields
What does a car-sized water-balloon moving at half a million miles per hour do to a swimming pool sized water balloon? This is what happens when stars collide.  That is where the thick debris fields come from. They are the resulting spray, on its way to eventual decaying orbit re-absorption.

Barnard 68
It looks like an impossibly large debris field, probably a debris field is in the foreground, like corneal detachment “floaters” in one’s eye fluid. 

Stars exploding before impact
Recall the gas pressures we se on earth? Recall the gas pressures in the sun driving solar flares. Now imagine two much bigger stars about to collide. Imagine the immense pressure of the entrained gas.  Now imagine differential gravity causing a rift and then the star explodes before impact, or more likely, as it experienced a near miss. Perhaps that is what super-novas are.  Also:
1) The bigger and faster the stars, the bigger the splash when they hit, or before they hit.
2) Surely at least some star collisions result in an explosion before the impact. 

Don’t presume stability
I view most space objects (stars/planets) as bombs that tend to simply explode the first time they are disturbed by a large enough object. This is the source of the asteroid belt.   And when hit by smaller objects they tend to produce gigantic volcanos and loose their gas and their atmosphere, like Mars. When they get hit by tiny objects, they tend to produce Hawaiis and Sao Tomes.  

Silly accretion theories
Stars and other space objects don’t FORM from clouds of debris, the REFORM from clouds of debris after a collision due to the orbital dynamics of motion, mass and gravity. The reason for the misunderstanding is that the collisions happen at supernova speed, being visible for a few hours or weeks, while the resulting debris clouds, often last for billions of years.

STATIC ASTRONOMY = the old astronomy where stars can change without interacting with other stars. 
DYNAMIC ASTRONOMY = the new astronomy where most change is due to absorption or collision.

Highlands to the south
When Jupiter’s loose moon hit the planet that was in the asteroid belt, both probably just exploded. The Martian highlands seem to have been covered in this slower orbiting material as Mars swept through the debris field once. And we presume that by the following year, the debris was say 98% diffused, or picked up by the sun.  Correction: Earth does not seem to have passed through this debris field, although the moon sure looks like it did. Earth’s antarctic highlands are not from the collision debris, they are from secondary gravity playing on seafloor spreading. 

Punched right through the planet
There are 3 instances of a planet being punched though (1 on Earth, and 2 on Mars). I think these makes a remarkable statement about the idea of a giant meteors wiping out life on a planet. Apparently planets are little different from high-speed space ships in that stationary debris (relative to the movement of the vessel going say 110,000 kph, like Earth’s orbital velocity) will pass clear though both. This idea then leads to the absurdity of the whole dinosaur/meteor theory, for it is hard to imagine that the mass required to foul the atmosphere would not also be sufficient to pass right through the planet. 

Spiral vs straight in
When stars eat objects (including other stars), the objects will either spiral in, or they will go straight in.

If it is a spiral collision, then there is not much dust, but if it is straight in, and the objects are about the same size, then we get high speed debris that will orbit closely, like with Mercury. The debris needs to be fast moving so it can remain in orbit close in and less material is needed to obscure the star. 

Also, maybe near misses at half a million kph pull off large amounts of fluid material from the surfaces of both fast moving stars.

Binary stars
Certainly these can’t sustain orbital material in a delicate balance like single star systems can.  But also, they have not collided yet. And maybe they never do, but just spin every closer until they congeal like two drops of water. Maybe this is the normal way for stars to “collide”. 

Red giants
I might ask if the redness is from haze, and that these are mere “hazy holes” that did not absorb enough stars to produce enough debris to be “black holes”. I might ask if black holes are even bigger than red giants due to eating/arising from an entire galaxy of stars rather than eating the stars from some region of space spinning around in some galaxy. The problem is with the intermediate stage. Where are the dark red or brown stars?  Is there some reason why star light redder than the frequency of the reddest stars might not reach us? Is there some aspect of dust filtration that might make slightly dustier stars invisible?  Are there red giants that can only be seen in infra red?  Clearly higher frequency blue light is more greatly filtered that red light by dust, maybe any thicker and the red stars being filtered out.  Maybe we can observe a slight reddening, and slight dimming and then the filtration goes vertical like an “L-shaped” exponent curve.

Maybe red giants are stars that ate other stars at the beginning of the universe, and this is what long-tail, residual ash looks like.  And blue supergiant stars are perhaps blue for the same reason Earth’s skies get blue without any dust.

Pulvology = the study of dust.
Stellar pulvology = the study of stardust.
Climate pulvology = the study of how volcanic dust affects climate.
Respiratory pulvology = the study of how dust affects breathing.
Toxic pulvology = the study of toxic particulates.
Urban pulvology = the study of how to reduce urban particulates, and the practice of keeping particulates below acceptable levels.
Organic pulvology = the study of how organics like molds and pollens affect humans.
All of these areas obviously need more attention.

99.86% of matter is in stars
The sun is about 746 times the mass of all the planets combined. So in the only star we have reliable information on, only about 0.14% of the solar system’s mass is “dark matter” that is not in the star, but orbiting it.  Also, if two colliding stars were equal size, then in only star we have reliable information on, only about 0.14% of the star’s mass was not reabsorbed or spun-off after billions of years.

Why everything rotates in space
Recall the lateral gravity after the big bang. Recall the Stars on roughly parallel (but actually radial) courses out of the (big) bang into collisions. This only draw the colliding stars into collisions that approach head on at a 180° angle. And the bang speed/energy is the primary force, with the lateral collision speed/energy sort of a drifting force in comparison. So we might characterize all star collisions as occurring on a scissors vector… or more accurately a parallax vector.

And given the distances involved, and the immense speeds involved it would seem that the stars of roughly equal size  almost always miss the first time, and practically nothing hits perfectly head on. 

So there is always an angle and always an offset impact. Thus it is normal for stars to miss and then mis again, and again and again and eventually become binary stars that coalesce peacefully and with little spray like two drops of water on a glass surface.

But many also “side-wipe” each other (like in automobile accidents) and because they are frequently going much faster than 170kph miles an hour (mercury’s orbital velocity), and because of material cohesion, the impacts very often blow a good amount of material into space at extremely high speed. Then over time 99.86% of this matter gets re-absorbed.  And probably 95%-98% of this material was reabsorbed rather quickly. And this is why all the planets are going the same direction. 

The speed of gravity
That is how fast the first phase of the universe went. The relatively stationary “orbiting” objects all fell into the sun over a few days. The ones moving at closer to the equilibrium speed took longer. But most of the stellar spray fell out over the first millennia.  Also, very fast objects spun out of the solar system over the centuries. Then the somewhat slower objects took more time.  But my guesstimate (looking at orbital velocities is that the solar system cleared to 90% very quickly, in less than a century, and to 95% in less than say 10,000 years.  Then it was eons of endless orbits in near perfect equilibrium orbits.

Tabby’s star 
The random dimming and brightening this star is explained by a thick cloud of matter in orbiting the star. The material is all orbiting at different speeds. 

The sun growing brighter?
This is another stupid Ishtarian counter-intuitive belief that is entirely without any physical evidence.  Also, why would a body that is constantly radiating/ sending huge amounts of light into space be growing brighter?  You had better have an air-tight reason for me to believe this 180° counterintuitive nonsense. 

It isn’t real. It is sci-fi bullshit. Although Ishtar is sort of anti-matter.

Galactic spirals
1) They have probably accelerated and shrunk.
2) It seems that we are closer to the end than the beginning.
3) This is tens of millions of years away at least.

Galactic planes
The galaxies apparently formed early on. Their planes are the results of gravity from their neighbors, which were much closer at the beginning of the universe.

Simultaneous inflation and deflation
In the moments after a bang, we have this outward explosion of matter. But we also have a zillion parts of space sucking in all the nearby matter.  After this we have the sweeping of space phenomenon. But the galaxies started rotating right after the bang.

Stellar brightness
Perhaps we only see the light from the brightest stars at the centers of other galaxies. Perhaps galaxies extend great distances into space with ever finer, ever dimmer stars until there is a planet scale. So with this in mind, defining galactic edges for the purpose of aging the universe becomes yet again more difficult. 

The age and size of the universe
I don’t totally believe in the consistency or constant-ness of intergalactic time and distance. Time and distance might be consistent, but they also might appear much greater here than there. They also might appear slower or faster now than then. So I think the age of the universe as measured in light distance is a metric that should not be relied on. 

The universe overall may be expanding,
but the galaxies are small fields of stars
spiraling down the drain and into a GC-star

Time: fast-slow-fast
That is the way time works. It is real fast at the beginning of the universe, then it slows down for this long period, then it accelerates again near the end of your galaxy. Then your galaxy becomes one big ball of hot fluid surrounded by a thick shell of dark matter… for a while at least.

The Galaxy NGC1300
1) We are looking at this galaxy from about 1:45 in the afternoon, so it is a bit tilted.
2) Here were two prior galaxies that collided and produced two long streaks. Then the stuff close to the center was mostly drawn in unless it was going super fast.
3) This galaxy (like all galaxies) is drawing in by slow simultaneous orbital decay. The front part of the tails is cocoterminous with an a sort of “event horizon” where the ever shrinking orbits are now being drawn into an ever accelerating downward spiral into the Galactic consolidation star.
4) The outer parts have not been drawn in yet.
5) Here, because there are streaks, we can see the local contraction that is happening in all galaxies.

Binary galaxies?
Before two galaxies combine, they generally come to orbit one another with immense differences in distance and gravity due to the size of the galaxies.  Thus the nearby stars in each galaxy get absorbed by the other star, while the outer stars tend to be flung off into space. Only the “goldilocks” stars find a temporary home outside the coalescing/combining galactic consolidation stars.

Homeless binary stars
There are apparently over 30 binary stars flying through intergalactic space.  Gravity has drawn these stars together with substantial force/speed into a collision or merger that has not happened yet. Instead, the sum of their vector energy sort of “Y’ed off” into space, their initial individual vectors being the upper part of the Y and their combined vector being the leg of the Y.

Black holes
Perhaps black holes at the centers of galaxies are only a stage for galaxies on the way to the final fate for all galaxies as a lone “galaxy star or “galactic remnant star” that is first surrounded by dark debris and later clears.

Will the universe hurl itself to big bang?
Perhaps the galactic consolidation stars due to a high rate of speed constantly miss one another.  Instead, they start to hurl around from here to ther at 5-million kph or faster, and pulling their neighbors into further collisions chain reaction style. 

Perhaps we should imagine this as a chain-reaction shockwave spreading out in all directions at some fraction of the speed of light. Perhaps this synchronicity is the “big bang” part of the cycle, a distributed big bang produced by many collisions between galactic consolidation stars.

Galaxy stars and their 3 lives
Phase-1: The galaxy star coalesces and then absorbs everything within its gravitational pull.
Phase-2: Certainly less that 1% of the matter absorbed sprays out as spray moving fast enough to find an orbit. But some of this material is moving very fast away from the star and some of this material is apparently as fine grained as volcanic ash.  So we imagine the lone remaining galaxy star with a thick cloud of volcanic ash around it. 
Phase-3: The orbital dust is reabsorbed and the galaxy star’s light can escape.
Phase-4: The galaxy stars begin drawing together and hurling about until there is a chain reaction and another bang.

Phase-2 might be much longer than Phase-1 because in Phase-1 there is no outward motion to the objects being drawn back in.  Or perhaps there is no Phase-3 because enough phase-2 material tends to achieve a stable orbit and keep all black holes dark for a very long time. 

Galactic remnant stars may remain black for billions of years, or they may clear the space around them and become bright again. Or they might run out of energy before they clear the space around them. 

Big-bangs as chain reactions
The end suggests a beginning of the universe
Perhaps we can learn something about how the universe began by looking at how it seems to be ending. The various galaxies all do seem to be coalescing back into giant black holes or “galactic consolidation stars” that may or may not ever eventually clear and become bright. But at some point some of these GC-stars start to collide with their neighbors producing  super-novas. And perhaps there is a vague synchronicity and periodicity, such as with climate cycles. Perhaps there gets to be a chain reaction after a while. Each time two GC-stars collide there would be a giant energy release wave that produces a flash of heat, like in a nuclear reaction, but perhaps also with increased gravity and time. Perhaps this gravity/energy/ heat /radiation distortion agitates the nearby stars it strikes and causes these liquid ball to be distorted, and to thus to leak out much more heat/ light/ gravity/ radiation/ time. 

And with more time, space effectively shrinks, especially with regard to gravity in the radial dimension away from the explosion. Thus space is compressed especially with regard to gravity in the one dimension heading away from the collision. Thus the universe becomes briefly more two-dimensional and smaller and prone to further galactic remnant star collisions.  

Perhaps once the galactic consolidation stars start to collide, that is the beginning of the big bang — the big bang really being comprised of a distributed loose synchronicity of little bangs between individual galactic remnant stars, each on a different vector. Thus we imagine a bang exploding rather like in the pit of an atom bomb, and composed of many galactic consolidation stars in a region of space, but occurring over perhaps even 5% of the universe’s life. Or perhaps this phase takes longer than the stellar phase

And the loose synchronicity is a function of the the chain reaction effect, and the fact that almost all untouched debris gets absorbed at the end Phase-1, thus reinforcing the loose synchronicity.  

Why I’m skeptical of a single big bang
1) It resonates so nicely with single creator gods, even lending vague supporting the idea of a Pre-theist creator god.
2) Everyone meekly accepts it without any evidence at all.
3) It is clearly something that is audacious to insist on.
4) It gets so much matrix coverage in the media.
5) It has its own iconic genius with at least 5 propaganda films.

Economic gravity teaches about space gravity
Ponder how the people on the outskirts of New York are drawn into the center because they can bond economically for more money. Here the thing, the human is affected by a sort of energy level, an impeller of things… in the case of humans it is money or stored labor, in the case of space objects it is whatever drives matter as “gravity”.  So gravity is an energy, and like our electronic money it has no physical presence. All it has is what it gets matter to do… and this we can estimate to some degree.  

What elements are most excitable? 
I bet that studying heat and other types of excitability relative to the various elements will teach us something about what time is. 


Venus was never habitable
Space bodies do nothing but cool. The above link is matrix distraction propaganda.

No ball sports in college
I don’t know if people will listen, but this is the right course. Let the various ball sports exist outside of college and away from learning, for they are the opposite of learning. Also, to my mind, there should not be any athletic scholarships, because there should be no ball sports in college.

A Golden Gate Bridge collapse
It sort of seems designed to collapse spectacularly. It is a gorgeous structure, but how big are the movements of the Pacific plate here? If they are 3 meters, will the bridge survive a 3 foot compression?  I think with a big enough compression, the main span will bow upward due to its camber. Then it pops upward. Then it falls to the end of the cables, rather all at once.  And because this is a dynamic load, it exceeds the strength of the main cables and they break.  Then the whole main span collapses.
1) Gorgeous bridge, beautiful drive.
2) Why don’t we all move to locations far from seismic and tsunami risks? And why don’t we move up a little higher where the air is cleaner and more healthful?  
3) We really should figure out the history of how far the pacific plate moves in San Francisco when it moves.  

1974 vs 1964 values
By 1974, during the first year of the embargo, the new values had made Americans:
1) Much less ambitious.
2) Much more into taking drugs.
3) Much more into partying.
4) Much more into having sex.
5) Much less into having children.
6) Much more into music.

How much should we spend per patient?
There needs to be a limit. Government should give no more than say one month to 8-year’s pay maximum, depending on the nation. And we should spend more per baby and child than per elder.  But there needs to be a limit and this is potentially one of the most expensive considerations of a healthcare allocation system. What is one person’s maximum resource use?  

Human egg harvesting and implantation
First a doctor examines, then the hormone treatments are administered and checked by specialist techs from a 12-24 month education program. Then the egg harvesting is done by specialist techs. Egg implantation is also done by specialist techs. Any problems are reviewed by an OBGYN.

Reproductive medicine checks
PAP smears and STD consultation are done by specialist techs like dental hygienists, but with a 24 month education program. If any potentially serious abnormalities are discovered, the patient is sent to a doctor for re-examination.  Male reproductive medicine including STD checks are also done by techs and referred to a doctor for review. These techs have the ability to prescribe certain medications for clear-cut STD cases.

SISOP = sugar induced symbiot overgrowth pathology
We can somewhat regulate sugar in our own bodies, but we can’t regulate it well in our symbiots and thus when they get too much sugar, they tend to overgrow and cause problems.  Because there are lots of people eating all the sugar their body can handle, perhaps there are many people suffering from excess sugar pathologies like: 
1) Chronic acid reflux from distorted esophageal flora.
2) Chronic diarrhea from distorted colon flora.
3) Sinusitis from sugary and bacterially nutritious nasal mucus. 
4) Tinea and fungal infections of the skin from skin more covered in nutritious sugar.
5) Vaginosis and prostatitis from sugary mucus.
6) Diabetes from too much sugar constantly in the blood.  And incidentally, this is phase two, the more deadly phase. If you have any of the first conditions, try taking your daily sugar and alcohol intake below 10g for a week, to see if it helps.  It is super easy to do.

126 grams a day of sugar
This is the average US sugar intake.

MRSA and sugar
Perhaps bacterial infections are easier to cure when sugar intake is reduced.

Nervous system signal strength
I wonder what physical activity does to nervous system signal strength over time during and after the activity. What do the various popular mood drugs like caffein, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, LSD, opiates, etc. do to signal strength? What does age do?

The public witness
This is the name of the recorder’s function.

Trapdoor spider
This species of trapdoor spider evolved so its back side looked like a hairy animal face. I bet this scares mice away.

All animals get quarantined
All non-human animals moving by humans between counties get quarantined. This is for the benefit of all animals, not just the moved animals. Migratory animals moving in their own instinctual ways are exempt. This goes for dogs cats and horses. And the more exotic the animal, the more important the quarantine is.

Disability service animals
Both the animal and the user get government issued IDs that must be displayed if the animal is given access to no pet places.

No exotic mammal pets
People should not keep raccoons, skunks, foxes, monkeys, or apes as pets. This practice gives little of value to our species, but is perhaps likely to have a role in a deadly new plague affecting either men, or more likely another species.

The diseases that wild animals carry
It is not the remote chance that you might get sick, it is the remote chance that everyone in the world or all of some animal species might get sick from you touching that wild animal. 

Which species do I stay away from?
It sure would be useful if we knew which species to tell people to stay away from. Then we imagine thousands of signs and commercials telling people that a certain animal carried ebola.  

Ebola vaccination
Maybe those using the main roads in Ebola country during the next outbreak will need to to get vaccinated, or they will be turned back from the electronic finger-print checking roadblocks. Maybe the WHO should have the fingerprint system pre-designed.

Why Africa has the worst diseases
It is because during ice ages, during 90% of Earth’s recent history, Africa has been the part of the planet with the largest breeding populations. So Africa is basically the world’s breeding nexus except during warm ages. So Africa is where the DNA is the most diverse and advanced for many species including diseases.

The wormhole is the greatest impetus
The way Africa is the world’s breeding nexus doesn’t really affect mankind, because we are in the process of evolving much faster, at singularity speed in fact, towards another sort of existence. 

Less fences
What a stupid and wasteful thing fences will soon be, except to keep the wild animals out. I say this because all the domesticated mammals will be collared and equipped with drover electronics.  And the wild animals that start straying into human lands can also be collared and drovered away, rather than being either shot, or further drugged and transported.  So there will also be less fences for wild animals.

Electronic ranching
The guidance system on each animals takes them to the fields they must graze. And never is a field over-grazed.  There are no fences or go-along shepherds. If it’s cold, the animals live together in their open bottom yurts.  Every so often, the yurts get moved. Thus there is no cleaning of the floors;

Animal yurts
These are mostly heat sealed styrofoam, earth colored styrofoam.  The bottoms is a ring of concrete of sufficient height to bear the animal’s loads and to keep the structure from blowing away.  So instead of cleaning the pen (yuck), farmers can simply move the yurt. 

We also imagine trucks that can hold say 8 yurts. There is auto grappling for the central hook at the top. Also, the broken down yurts stack in two stacks for more efficient transport. The bottom rings stack, and so do the styrofoam tops.

Thermal pads for livestock
Have you ever forgotten the thermal ground pad for your sleeping bag? I have, and while it was not too cold at night, the ground just sucked the heat right out of me. On top of this, the padding is real nice too.  So for people sleeping on the ground, thermal pads are a big deal for comfort.  In fact, these might be a substitute for animals shelters in some climates, and they may also become popular among farmers due to a reduction in bio-energy used in keeping warm.

Why big animals herd
Smaller animals don’t have hoofs and don’t herd like big ones. Only big animals with hooves herd, pointed hooves, each one a stabbing thumb nail, not too effective unless the hoofed animal is large. That is why all the hoofed animals are large and high high up. The large and high up part goes with the stabbing hoofs part.  But herds are unpredictable and often refractory, charging the predator and trampling it with their pointed hoofs.  So hoofed animals are not completely defenseless. They do have pointed hoofs and size.

The Rainforest paradox
It is that the plant output is so much higher, while the soil is poorer. So, this means that most of all that energy and output is in the plant. 

No clearing land by fire
No burning leaves
Do we really have so much bio-energy on this planet that we can afford to waste all the above ground energy on a fast clearing of the land, or fast disposal of leaves?Clearing land by fire and burning leaves should be prohibited in all nations. And squatters that burn the land never get clear title, only those who can document cutting the forest down get clear title.

Stick blows
Certainly head hair offers some small protection from glancing stick blows to our heads, and maybe afros offer a bit more that straight hair. 

Unaccompanied kids
The kids clothing is full of redundant RFID chips. He follows the guidance commands of his phone.  If he strays too far from the route, the phone calls the kid monitors to get the kids on their way again. Thus much younger kids can be sent off to school by themselves.

Giving kids the freedom to do nothing
There is no reason why this can’t be happening on the school’s watch if the parents are busy.  And maybe we will have erector set labs, toy labs, exploratoriums, wood shops, robotics shops, ceramics labs, musical instruments, libraries, rollerskating rinks, peculiar spaces to pause in, woods to explore.  Let them have nothing to do in the context of a perpetual summer camp where they get to choose from the hundreds of experiences that the school district offers. 

This means Iso-cracy, equality, or that all adult citizens are equal under their law in their birth democracy. Different rules may apply to fictional citizens, foreigners and immigrants. 

The symbol of democracy.

A large 10-pointed asterisk with circles at the end is the symbol of the Senate, it is like the cover of Barabasi’s book Linked.

The symbol of consideration of others in your community.  Mostly it means to be quiet, don’t make a mess, don’t abuse public property, and don’t disturb others.

The symbol of organized money-collecting religions should be the plus-sign. This is not a cross, symbol of Christianity.  That has a longer bottom leg.  

This is the symbol of corruption, and corrupt people.

The symbol of theft and thieves.

The symbol of rationality and facts that can be re-demonstrated.

The symbol of evolution. Also, isn’t it odd how evolution sounds like evil?  Is that by accident or design?  

The P with a circle around it is the symbol of helping the desperately poor to get an education and proper nutrition.  This symbol implies that the poor should not have litters of children, but obey the international rules for having children.

The 1 with a circle around it means “ONE WORLD”, like with the Bob Marley song. 

Null sign
The null sign in a non-math, non programming context means, “I came from a poor background, and I always want to remember that”.

(4 arrows pointing out)
Live large and spend lots of money. Be a materialist, a fancy / fan-seeking show off.

(4 arrows pointing in)
Live small and spend little. Me a minimalist. The best things in life are not things. There are two ways to get rich: You can make more or require less. This sign means living small.

Live to work.

Work to live.

International ingredients QR code 
To reduce the cost of international distribution, all product labels including ingredients, nutrition, composition, description, and other names should be put on a QR or barcode that an app translates into everyone’s language. With this, one label will work worldwide.

Fats and oils as nutrients
There is not enough research on how much fat and oil we should consume? What tends to happen to the people who cut these out?  What tends to happen to the people who eat too much these out? And how much cholesterol is good?

What do eggs do to your cholesterol?
If you crave eggs, or enjoy how eggs make you feel. You  should check your cholesterol levels after 30 days with and after 30 days without. 

Hardening of the arteries
1) I imagine that calcium is constantly being taken up here and re-deposited there in the body.  This involves your body moving calcium around via the blood. 
2) It is called ARTERIAL sclerosis (not VEINAL sclerosis) because it affects the calcium loaded blood being sent out (via the heart) to where it is needed. This is not the calcium normal, or calcium depleted blood being sent back. In these places, the low calcium blood scours the veins of calcium.
3) Are their any veins that suffer sclerosis?  Can we trace the deposits in some individuals back to its abnormal source(s)? 
4) Again, this is the outgoing blood, not the incoming blood. And it is occurring at the areas of greatest flow, so the chemical bonds are hungry. 
5) There are two components here: cholesterol and calcium. I bet the layers don’t build up without both components.  So our battle against hard arteries has two directions: Less blood cholesterol or less blood calcium, or perhaps more accurately lowering the body’s need to move calcium around.
6) Does consumption of acids and acid precursors (like sugars) or something else increase blood calcium levels?
7) Are people overdosing on calcium supplements? 

Hard arteries and acid foods
I would study whether arterial plaque is reduced by a diet low in acid, including sugar (as an acid precursor).  Perhaps the acid increases calcium circulation in the body. 

The old ladies on high does of calcium
Do they tend to have more arterial sclerosis?
Do they have a bit of veinal sclerosis?

PPIs and hard arteries
Are these people more or less likely to suffer calcium buildup of the arteries? They are likely to suffer from osteoporosis. 

Too much vitamin C
What is the minimum that we should have?

Liver damage and arterial plaque
If you are looking for how a damaged liver (from fructose, or alcohol. or whatever) might lead to heart disease, consider that it is the liver that regulates cholesterol levels. 

I wonder if the name was originally Cambi•hodia = change•ways. And look at what happened to this nation in the 1970s. They had lots of food and resources and a transportation network. But they were not able to withstand the endless erosion from Ishtar’s immigrants, generation after generation. Leaving is not enough. The poor and desperate people back home must all be moved, or the descendants of the ones that were left behind will eventually come for the smart descendants of the ones who left and “betrayed” their people.  

And this is exactly what the Mideast did. First they baited the Thais into invading centuries ago. Then centuries later the Mideast staged this “Killing Fields”, an acme-cide of the brightest in Cambodia, really anyone in the top third of society.  So with the Killing Fields, I say: Behold Ishtar. Behold the true ruler of the world. Behold the awfulness that will rule the world until we stop it.

Its already 1984
Why do none of the phone covers have lens covers that flip-up?  Why do Hua Wei phones not allow you to cover any part of the screen? Why no microphone covers?  Surely there are some that want these features in a phone cover, fearing hackers. We all already live in a surveillance state.

“We just love our 500-sqm. house” (5445 Sq.ft.) 
1) Do we want to encourage such wasteful living?
2) Do we want such distant families?  Shouldn’t these oversized houses be seen as a problem in our society?
3) If you want to have a closer family, try living in a smaller place together, where you are constantly bumping elbows.
4) Is the dog justifying the giant homes?
5) How many rooms do you use more than 1 hour a day on average?
6) Is consuming/using so much “stuffmass” moral?
6) People are so focused on sexual promiscuity. It is strange how they almost completely ignore material promiscuity.  
7) When selecting leaders, sexual promiscuity should not matter at all, but material consumptive promiscuity should, as it drives leaders to steal. 

Township thermal reservoirs
Especially in extreme climate places like Chicago, I think we will find that cold water storage from winter, and hot water storage from summer is much cheaper than cooling and heating water. Slowly pumping water through a passive heat exchange system uses very little energy in comparison to heating and especially to cooling. •  •  •  The water volume will not fall, except in a drink-the-pool-water emergency. So I see 60-90cm thick insulating tops floating on the pools of water, perhaps with some stainless steel uplift chains every 10 meters or so. 

Township plants share generator stations
There might be up to 2 to 80 townships sharing one relatively distant generator plant, and the various neighboring plants working in a backup role for each other.

Occasional rail line turnoffs
Perhaps we will put a series of rectangular panels that can be raised between the tracks. These cause the trains to ramp up onto their interchange tires. 

First the train slows down and separates. Then the cars stop. Then the cars one-by-one drive onto the platform and then turn off onto the road head platform that is on the outside of the tracks. Then the cars auto-find the other rail line and recouple. This might be used for occasional freight shipments, such as coal to the power plant, or new structures shipped to the township peripheries.

Suburban loop road design
Think of a long country roads where the road has been split into two one-way lanes, with two rows of lots between the lanes and two rows on the outside. Or better yet, imagine that there are also flag lots and flag lots 3 deep on either side. And these line up, so there is a pedestrian cut-through by nearly all the central lots. So the distance between the roughly parallel sides of the loop might be 120m. The free driverless busses do the entire one-way loop, and they can stop at each driveway called out by number from an app. They drop off passengers as they head out, and these walk across if they have to. Then on the way back they pick up passengers, some of which have walked from the other side.

The lots on the inside of the loops might thus be 20x20m or 30x20m (sideways) while the lots on the outside of the loop might be much larger or more numerous.

Train to bus, then individual cabs
At each arriving train in each township, there are perhaps 8 or 16 mini-busses in the bot livery below. People who bee-line down 15 steps to the bus level might have about 40 extra seconds before the busses leave, one or two to each of the say 8 radial roads. So the busses are quickest for getting home. After them come the individual driverless buggy cabs, which may not pass the busses even if they catch up.  So people favor using the free loop busses to go home unless they have lots of groceries or small kids. The stop-anywhere busses are thus more convenient, but not private. So when leaving home, you look at the countdown timer on your phone, and it says when you should go to the curb and wait. Then the bus comes and you go in to the station. These busses should be free, while the individual buggies should be  lyft/uber expensive.

Ride share emergency
In addition to being able to call an ambulance, people should also be able to call a taxi/uber by pressing the emergency ride button on their phone. Then the nearest uber/ride-share without trunk contents must let his passengers out, and take the new emergency passenger(s). The person pressing the emergency sequence gets charged a day’s pay and the people inconvenienced get half of that.  The driver gets the other half as bonus for 

Ride sharing slashes parking needs
Ride-sharing may increase traffic slightly over people using transit, but it does truly great things for reducing parking, which is an an almost equally bad problem in many places. Also, if we eliminated the roadside parking made unnecessary by ride-sharing, and replaced it with extra traffic lanes, that would reduce traffic.

How car parts like ink cartridges
Certainly, the world would run more efficiently if government imposed say 3 different ink cartridge designs that work in all consumer printers/copiers. Let’s do the same thing with our vehicles. Let’s try to reduce the number of redundant designs we have for basic replacement components.

Shared vehicles
One really interesting thing about sharing our vehicles is that we can have all sorts of different classes of vehicle. So we imagine people calling a single bench (single-wide) most of the time, although some will want a double bench (single-wide). Some families will call triple bench (single-wide), some people will want a single van with a sealed compartment that is about 110cm wide and stooping height. Some will call “truck with a 4′ x 8′ open area for cargo that gets compressed and secured by the corner over-rails. Some businesses will call double-wide vehicles. And many will have limited range. All the short range vehicles will probably be electric or compressed air. Then probably after a 35-km range, we will start to see single wide cars that run on diesel fuel. And I bet the single wide, single bench diesels will get well over 300 MPG.

When you sell your vehicle, the county has this appraisal department like Carmax has. These guys look at the  inertial logs of the car, backed up in real time, they look at the maintenance recorded into the system, they look at the exterior and cabin of the vehicle, and they give a recommended price, as well as listing areas that either are damaged, or in need of maintenance, or will soon need maintenance. They also give one week’s parking on one of the central viewing lots, as well as listing on the county for sale website. This service costs two day’s pay. People bid on the vehicles both locally and nationally. If the seller doesn’t accept a bid by the end of the week, then he must try again and pay a second fee. Upon the seller clicking acceptance of a buyer’s offer, the buyer is notified to transfer the funds to the county vehicle exchange. Once the buyer transfers the money, it takes about 2 minutes for him to get a confirmation code. Then the buyer goes to the lot attendant and give the confirmation code and he gets the keys.  So buying or selling a vehicle is inexpensive and fast. … Not that we need this if we will be using municipal vehicle fleets.

No more jerky trains
The new trains will feel like they are tilting up on a slope. Then they will feel flat for most of the trip, until they slow and this also feels like tilting on a slope. So aside from these gentle tilting times, the trains will experience motionless motion.

OPM theft terms
OPM DIVERSION = OPM managers simply paying themselves or their friends for more or less nothing.
OVERPAY SCHEMES = When a OPM manager proposes or allows charges that are too far from the going rate for either a big project, or for numerous small projects. This does not cover the occasional overpayment for a small project.
OVERPAY AND KICKBACK SCHEMES= Allowing overcharging on one’s watch for money or favors.
CROSSTHEFT = sell-out one side’s interests, or the public interest by doing a favor and being owed. It should not be immoral to ignore obligations arising from crosstheft. 
SHELTERED BIDDING = when an OPM manager fails to use a public bid board or otherwise has a closed bidding situation
INCOMPLETE BIDDING = when an OPM manager does not get enough open market bids.
BILL OF GOODS = when an OPM manager sells a bunch of work/goods that are not needed to generate management fees.

Fictional citizen transfer lockups
Maybe there should be some type of lockup time for when the directors of some fictional citizens  transfer money to themselves or to their family members. 

Think cheap
I bet 100m apartments get down below $100,000 in today’s money, and maybe even $60,000, fully grouted and connected and move in ready. So people will only have to work a few years to pay off a home.  And few will own a car because the transit is so good and almost free — and private vehicles will be heavily taxed in comparison to ride shares.

Nomad apartments
This is a name for a class of short term lodging. They are  generally a one bedroom, or alcove studio, with at least a sofa or a pair of plush chairs, there is a kitchen and laundry. There is also a day bed so that at least 4-can use the place.

Comment graying 
GV = Content GRAYED out as pointless VACANT or nonsense, or non-valuable.
GR = Content GRAYED as REHASHING, or nothing new.
GE = grayed as EMOTIONAL/ insulting/ pitiful/ patriotic/ etc.
GC = content GRAYED as consolidated to location XXXX.
I see Senate twitter committees/ juries as greying out and consolidating 2/3 to 95% of the comments.

Who said it? / Whose edit?
Accurately knowing who-said-it-first will a great thing for our group effort:
1) It will motivate many to rack their brains for a few days between when the Senate question is posed, and when the answers are due. 
2) What a great game this will be for many.
3) What a great source of well-deserved pride and status this will be for many.
4) How much smarter our group mind will be for this.
5) What a great way to motivate people 
6) What a great way to accurately identify our true leaders.

The opening of comments
We should try to make the commenting process as fair and productive as possible.  So once the questions are elected, there should be something like 2 to 30 days (or perhaps longer) where people prepare their comments. Then there is this moment when everyone’s comments “cards” get shown.  Thus we get to see who our leaders are in test after test, with no precise judge except that many Senators “liked” or commented favorably on their remarks.  This is part of how Senate status will work.

Consolidating Senate comments 
When people say substantially the same thing the comments should be consolidated, with the number of people saying that idea indicated under the underline. 

Best comments first
The most valued/liked tweets come first. Then the tweets decline in value. The senate elects a line for required reading.

Breaking down the reading
There might be an add-on where 5% of the Senators read 5% of the posts (as a committee), and thus there can be 20 times more comments being read by an objective group.

UBIQOLOGY = the study of democratic status, especially its administration, its results, its fairness, and its optimization. 

Ubiq rating system
The smallest increment of Ubiq status is 0.01.  Until you are given 1.00 Ubiq points by the Sub-Senate, you are not an Ubiq. After earning 1.00 Ubiq points, you are an Ubiq for life and all your genetic offspring are considered sires.

The post-theist god’s fuel
The respect, friendship and kids that people give to their Senators and Ubiqs will be the fuel that makes people struggle to innovate and to become Senators.  And it will be very important to prevent the counterfeiting of this status, so it may become the coin of the realm of politics and group contributions.

Senate election emancipation
Minors confirmed by the Senate should be considered fully emancipated on their 15th birthday if they ask.

Every bar must be hide-able
1) All command bars should hide automatically on all applications and even all operating systems. These should all disappear from view until we mouse/finger over towards, gesture, or otherwise head to where the command bars are.
2) No website or application can have any bar that cannot be scrolled away and closed permanently
3) All operating systems and websites can use no more than the height of 2.4 lines of text for open “window tops”.
4) Browser text insertion bars shall be no more than 1.2 lines of text in height.
5) All browsers should have a “show hidden menus” command. This opens all the hidden menu bars.

If music had no IP
We would not need the silly music hoards we have.

Communism and toys
You know another thing communism works well with?  The skates, the bikes, the toys, and all that stuff that we only use every once in a while. And kids grow so fast, they should always be on the right sized bike. So let them check bikes out like library books, provided they use them on at least 1/3 of the days. And these have numerous stampings, and encased RFID tags and they can’t be taken away from the township without an ID.  So we don’t have to lock up our bikes because they all belong to the township and can’t be taken away, let alone readily sold due to the multiple ID tags.

Pterosaurs and macro-fruit
To my mind, the Pterosaurs probably did not actually evolved the ability to fly, but to survive the falls from the macro-fruit they had climbed down on.  Thus we start looking at them as a reptile version of flying-squirrels. 

Indeed if we look at the wing fossils, the fleshy part seem to have connected to the ankle, like a flying squirrel and unlike a bird.  Also, pterosaurs never lost their fore-paws to climb trees with. Thus we see pterosaurs as first evolving to get to the ground safely after the break-away stem broke. Then later, they perhaps evolved to get to the next tree like a flying squirrel.

Also, it seems that given the co-evolution of the proto-sauropods about 240 MYA along-side the pterosaurs about 230MYA, there were two approaches to getting at the macro-fruit. One was to get real big, walk around on the ground, rear up, hook your thumb claws into a tree and then reach your long neck up to get at the fruit. The other approach seems to have been to climb the tree to get at the fruit and cheat the plant’s reward system. This second niche it seems was the niche of the pterosaurs. 

Now it should be noted that unlike birds, all pterosaurs had front paws with claws and only their outer finger, their pinky was extended to be a “wing bone” that extended up to 2/3 of the wing length in the later varieties of pterosaurs. It’s notable that the front paws did not atrophy, but remained a characteristic of all pterosaurs until they went extinct. So clearly front paws with claws were needed by pterosaurs. The prevailing idea is that the wings folded and the critters walked on the land. While this is probably true, it seems equally possible that the pterosaurs also used their front claws to climb trees, (with the wing pinkies held back and out-of-the-way). And this is why the paws did not atrophy over the ages.

If we look at the earlier pterosaur varieties from the Triassic era, they have short beaks, short necks, short arms, short legs, a longer body and tails. If we look at the later varieties from the Cretaceous era, we see Long beaks, much longer necks, long arms, a much shorter body, and no tails.  in fact, the later varieties had almost absurdly short bodies relative to their necks. In fact, the necks were so absurdly long, we have trouble imagining how these animals could have flown around.  So maybe they didn’t fly around. Maybe they only reached for dangling fruit, and glided down to the ground, or to another tree at 45° relative to the ground.

Also it should be pointed out that the later varieties had extremely stout (if not air-filled) neck bones.  Clearly the long necks and long beaks evolved to reach something, and clearly they needed to be Stout to sustain a large load. So it seems to me that they were reaching fruit, and the load was mostly beak actuation force to get at the durian fruit inside a hard shell that was constantly evolving to keep their parasitic and cheating kind out.

There were also probably large numbers of scavengers on the ground below (perhaps a 4-stage sauropod entourage), so it wouldn’t do to let the fruit fall to the ground below. So here I imagine the upward reaching (from the branch or stem below) pterosaurs picking the macro-fruit from below, just like the Sauropods, only they were hanging onto the stem or the branch, which might very well break due to their weight.  This fits with how the first pterosaurs had paws only 1/3 of the way to the end of the wing, while in later varieties it was 2/3 of the way to the end of their much longer wings.  So clearly this was a species where reach was important.

The fertility of women
Women have about 26 fertile years from 14 to 40. And the halfway point is age 27.  And it is widely known that women are more fertile, stronger and better able to gestate a child when they are younger.  So why do we expect our better women to wait until their time is half over? Perhaps they should have children when they are young and strong and perhaps still in college, and then have a life afterwards in a world with proper schools and  community services for single mothers. 

Guilt make women less fertile
Clearly there are many women who are having less sex than they otherwise would due to a vague sense of guilt, and a sense that they are somehow devaluing themselves by having more partners. This looks like the sort of thing that Ishtar would foster to reduce infidel populations. So is this idea real?  And what about the religions that hammer on the evilness of anything but monogamy? Are they real?

There is nothing wrong with monogamy
There is nothing wrong with life-long monogamy.  Be monogamous if you want. But if you don’t want that, it’s OK too.  The sex part is no longer important due to medical technology. , Whatever makes you happy with sex is mostly fine. What is important is who you have kids with, and how you raise them.

Mom/baby media
1) Maybe the lectures are styled like cartoons with two audio tracks, one for mom’s headphones and the other for the speakers, or for baby’s collar speakers.
2) We need much better and more “nutritious” kids “parking” media.

4/5 year mom college
1) We assume high-quality self-study media, and 4-summers of time off for normal college. In this program there is one 12 month period off in 4-years.
2) Mom goes to school continuously until she gets pregnant. Then 7 months later she beings her time watching video lectures and communicating remotely and via recordings when it is quiet at home. She Does video school until the baby is maybe 10-months’ old. Then they both start going to school a bit. 
3) Baby listens to the video lectures with mom, perhaps on a split screen with separate audio. This is good for baby’s development. 
4) The school has forgiving schedules. And perhaps the courses are slower than normal due to the side-job of mothering a baby.
5) Thus we see many women at age 22/23 with both a college degree and maybe a 4 or 5-year old that is about to start spending most of its days at school. 

Get your kids excited
Get them screeching by playing peekaboo, by going to swing (weee), and by puppy-like play, (rarrr).

Don’t squander the music and excitement
If your baby responds to music, then use music to get them listening to educational media. Don’t squander this valuable teaching aid on non-educational junk.

Shared baby toys
Don’t let mouth-age babies touch shared toys or anything with another kid’s dry slobber on it. They will put their hands in their mouths and infect themselves.  But there is no need for immunity for the sorts of pathogens that can be passed on this way.

1) In cities, it has to be made with fresh ground grain if grain is used, and fresh milk if milk is used.  No powdered milks from cows may be used, and the grain powder must be less than 1-days old at the time of mixing with water, and no less than 7-days overall.
2) No formula ads in the media, or baby images on the package.
3) To encourage breast feeding, lactating mothers should probably get an additional payment per month.
4) I bet the ideal formula mix will be cow’s milk with added soy, rice, almond, and maybe a bit of something else.  I bet infants will better tolerate a mixed formula and eat more.

Curved spines and young bones
Holding soft-boned newborn babies upright is obviously not the cause of horizontal spinal distortions, but I bet it tends to exaggerate them a good bit. It should be studied. At what age is it safe to to carry a baby upright, and for how long?

Time off for women
The more time off we give women, the more likely they will be to have kids, and to take adequate care of their learning and character development at the most critical phase of their lives, at the beginning. So we should not cut any corners here. And this is much more important to society than healthcare for elders.

Natural childbirth no
Nursing yes
1) I don’t really completely believe in the supposed value of vaginal bacteria and the mothers feces smeared on newborn babies. And if it is in fact beneficial, it can be easily simulated. This is no reason to have a natural child birth.
2) The skull distortion that newborns go through in vaginal birth is probably not a good thing.  But if it is in fact beneficial, it can also be easily simulated.
3) Because of 1 and 2 above, I don’t really believe that  natural childbirth offers any benefit.
4) Nursing involves lots of time and contact with the mother over getting the bottle and having strangers looking in on you. So I do believe in breast feeding. 

Breastfeeding and child development
1) From day one you want to be looking at your baby’s eyes and repeating “boobi”, before feeding, and “eat” upon feeding. This is so the baby connects the the joy of breast-feeding with words and with you offering your breasts.  
2) When baby recognizes these words, introduce others like: good and done.  With all these words, you should say them a couple times a day.
3) Once baby becomes mobile, you want to show your breast to the baby and make baby crawl to you while you say “come”. This develops this process where the baby has to make an effort to get what it wants, instead of being passive by nature.
4) After maybe 12 months, mom should be getting up, once or twice before the baby is full, so the baby develops this mental process of not having enough and having to make an effort to get what it wants.  Baby gets all it wants, but it must make a repeated effort to get what it wants.

Uppies!… up?
Kids love to be picked up, so you have a captive audience.
1) Always say “Up? uppies?, want uppies? every time you lift them. 
2) Say down, every time you put them down.
3) Once up, you should watch where your baby is looking and you should point at that place and say “There?” and “go there?”, and want to go there?
4) When you see your kids looking at something new, ask: “what’s that?”, and when you see something interesting say “look at that”. This will help instill the process of looking at something someone has called attention to, a fundamental for early education.
5) When you see other kids, say: “look at the baby”, again, to instill the process of looking at something someone has called attention to, a fundamental for early education.
6) All this stuff gets your kids to see others as giving them something nice and helping to inform them.

Infant and toddler play grounds
These are actually more important than the playgrounds for older kids. They need to be many and close together, but they can be quite small.

Baby water-pistol feeder
There should be these ratchet syringe feeders for baby food. These enables you to put a controlled amount, between say 3cc and 20cc of food/water in the baby’s mouth. You just pull like with a water pistol, or a caulk gun.

Letters and numbers in early ed
The kid’s edu media should be full of kid chorus audio with the numbers and alphabet repeated over and over again. Then as the kid ages, the edu commercials change and require that the kid repeat the letters shown and spoken. Then the played audio goes away, and the kid are saying what ever letters are shown. Then the letters get combined into short words like MAN and BIRD with audio and then without. Perhaps for every hour of games and play media, kids must do an hour of edu media. Or perhaps it varies depending on what time of the day it is.

Get inspired
Do you think Da Vinci was more or less inspired than you by the world around him?  Try to find inspiration in things.  

What business do you have tell me what pronouns use for people. If I want to call somebody of an ambiguous gender as one gender or the other, then that is my right. People are free to call each other names in general. How can we presume to overrule this basic right because some people might be offended. So what, people get offended. 

Brain jostling
We really should gauge mental function/activity under conditions of brain jostling. How much is definitely not good? How much is close to not being good? Are any games exposing people to these harmful levels of brain jostling?  

Runner’s high
I can feel a difference between bikes and ellipticals vs. running. I think it is related to some sort of brain inflammation from bouncing, good or perhaps bad. 

Brain swinging
Lean back flat when you swing and the blood will flow to your brain.  I don’t know if this is good or not. 

Public tables
I have seen lots of public tables, but the rolled-edge 1-piece fiberglass hawker center tables in Singapore seem to hold up best.  The way they bolt them to the ground using center posts seems best too.

Ball sports
I think its nutty that we are teaching kids about games of ball movement and strategy in school. Few of us continue to do this as an exercise later in life, and many of us get lifelong injuries playing these games. Why is government helping this? Why is it not discouraging ball sports?

Beverage bottle minimum size
The minimum size for a disposable beverage sales container should probably be 750ml. 
1) This will reduce garbage.
2) This volume of fluid is better for one’s health.
3) This will make people more social by driving them to drink together. 

Feelings are overrated today
My mind is focussed on thought and ideas and plans rather than feelings. And all my life people have accused me of being repressed because I wasn’t very emotional, mostly because I wasn’t fully engaged with the world and people around me as much as others. Sorry. but I have always had my own thoughts.  And these have constantly impinged at all times and places. And they were frequently a terrible distraction that haunted me with a constant and unstoppable stream of ideas a visions constantly popping into my mind. For much of my early life I craved distractions from this, relief from this. Anything to stop the breathlessness of a mind that would run at full speed all day every day if it was allowed to. 

Monte Testaccio
Apparently archaeologists first go for the trash heap, if they know where it is. It is therefore remarkable that Monte Testaccio has not been excavated.  Oh the secrets buried there. This is the main trash heap of ancient Rome. How come it has never been excavated?

Puberty and pubes
I wonder if a freeborn boy was his own master in Roman times when he got his pubes. Maybe once he got his pubes, he was public or grown up.

1) No physical contact at all.
2) No threats, insults, or mockery. 
3) No staring or fixation.
4) No conspiracies or rumoring, or ganging-up on a kid.

Tsunami zones
What if people had to pay for every hour that they spent in the 7,000-year tsunami zone. What if it was 1/4 or 1/3 of the average wage in places where there is not enough time to flee on foot to a safety zone, natural or manmade. 

DDH and public health
Congenital hip dysplasia is also called DDH (“developmental dysplasia of the hips”) and “congenital hip dislocation”. It is a narrowing of the hips/hip bones in newborns. This seemingly benign condition is regarded as a birth defect firstly because it tends to interferes with normal walking. But also the improper alignment of the hip joint tends to lead to the joints degeneration later in life. One study showed that 95 of 442 patients (21.5%) undergoing hip replacement were from residual DDH.  So DDH leads to around 80,000 hip replacements annually in the US alone. This is a shame because with a little understanding, nearly all infant DDH is easily treatable. All one has to do in most cases is to position the newborn’s knees apart for a time a day.  So here is a condition that a few youtube videos and some baby pillows can 90% eradicate, a condition that each year uses about $2.5 billion of the US healthcare budget. (Hip replacements cost ± $32,000)

What DDH says about human evolution
DDH is hereditary and about 4 to 8 times more common in females. It is also most common in Native Americans (7.6% incidence). Among African Americans and Africans, it is significantly less common than average.  

Now in order to truly understand DDH, we need to add a line of thought to the medical discussion: That DDH is not a genetic defect, but a mutation, and a common mutation at that. DDH is actually a female survival path/strategy. For with it we have:
1) Females that can’t move fast and thus tend to get caught and pregnant at a younger age.
2) Females that tend to get home bound and are more likely to slip into baby factory mode.  This fits with how DDH is more common among Native Americans and least common in Africa. In North America, it was fast breeders that spread most in the new and totally under-populated post-glacial habitat. In Africa, there was no need for this. Remember, in North America, there was originally a very small population going to a new virgin territory and the lines that thrived did so mostly though out-reproducing the rest. 
3) Females with compressed vaginas. This is a real thing, and a big thing to many people. This is something that  obstetricians gets asked about millions of times a year.  Females with the DDH mutation (or a mild form of it) thus tend to hook and hold on to their supporting partners better. They also tended to have more options from among the males, and they tended to have more children by better males. The late-in-life arthritis is by comparison not important to survival of the line. 

Other thoughts about DDH
1) The DDH pads should fit the baby’s body better, and should be water proof.
2) Swaddling seems to make the DDH worse, if it is present. It is interesting to speculate that swaddling became a practice among the Native American cultures partly because the swaddled females tended to have stronger DDH and thus tended to become baby factories. 
3) Swaddling discredited.
4) DDH can’t really arise before nomads became settled, so DDH is a recent post-nomadic mutation.
5) DDH is probably a spectrum disorder like the hundreds of other mutations. A great many mutations exist on a spectrum.

Counter attenuated geriatric disease
These are the diseases that have fully attenuated and then de-attenuated to attack old and inactive old people so as to be beneficial to the genome of their host.  It is an easy study. Which geriatric diseases inexplicably improve, or are slowed with exercise? 

As far as the tree is concerned, how the individual leaves die in autumn makes little difference. Having leaves that are even 1% more productive in their prime is much more important. All the diseases of old age are folio-mortality diseases by definition. They are all the genome getting rid of the individuals that are mostly too old to breed.

Polio = folio, They got crossed off on the sheet.
Port•folio = fresh leavers at the port
Deciduous trees = There are people deciding which leaves are to be shed from the tree of life.

Bombing you liver
The daily consumption of 2 or 3 glasses of wine seems much more benign than having 14 or 21 drinks every Saturday.  So binge drinking and binge sugar eating seems much more harmful to your liver than small amounts with each meal amount. 

Pain meds and alcohol
People really should not consume any alcohol if you are taking any of the aspirin-like pain meds. This is very bad for your liver.

The science and engineering of smooth acceleration and deceleration, and keeping the tracks smooth. This is the name for the important engineering field that deals with making the ride on our new bullet trains as smooth as technologically possible.  

Motionless motion = the goal of Motioneering.

The Titans
Those giant pumpkins, they are not mutants, but throwbacks to dinosaur days, when pumpkins of that size often thrived.  Perhaps this is what the Titans of Greek legend were:  A race of mental giants (Jedi, really smart people) that but were either killed, or more likely just died out (viz the Idiocracy film).

Hansel and Gretel
This story looks like a real story, like it didn’t come from the Mideast.
1) It mentions famines to children, so it is cautionary about famines and the problems that people have during famines.
2) It records famines and the tribulations that people had to go through.
3) It warns kids about the generous people (even nice old ladies) who live in the woods. They may be a witch (switch) that seems nice at first but then switches and becomes extremely mean and even cannibalistic, or perhaps that part is a blid for the missing kids that were sent to the Mideast for a mindwash/ brainwashing/ “neuralization” where they were given a drug-induced permanent amnesia and reprogramed to be perfect Cylons indistinguishable from real eu•man native people.

Meditators aspire to mindlessness
To me, this is 180° in the wrong direction. If anything, I want to be able to have and tolerate more mindfulness.

No need to live by water any more
Now that we have automobiles, there is no need for people to live near oceans and water. Now we can occupy the safe, cool terra firm of inland hills.

Line following cars are better
1) Trees planted by the roadside are no longer dangerous.
2) There is no longer a need for giant costly overpass spans. Instead, the lanes can be divided and the bridges  only need to span a quadruple wide land (7.3-meters, 24 feet).

The view from the trains
Except right at the interchange station, the experience is going to be one train by itself in the woods, due to the tree-filled, noise-diffusing green-belts between the rail lines.  

Small steps
Maybe if the world starts getting better by my message,  people will grasp its power better.

Judicial review powers usurped
How is it that any of 1500 lifetime appointee judges have acquired the power to stop the national government for any plausible legal reason? This is clearly a recipe for gridlock. Why do we tolerate this clear usurpation of power? How can it be that nobody objects? 

And where is even the US Supreme Court’s power of Judicial Review spelled out in the constitution? Think back to high-school and Marbury vs. Madison (1803) and how the Supreme Court power of judicial review isn’t even in the Constitution. It was just usurped by the appointee supreme court.  Today, we witness the lower courts doing the same thing, usurping power, a process that has already resulted in the US national government being hog tied and on the ground, almost totally immobilized. 

The power of judicial review isn’t even in the constitution. The supreme court just sort of took this power 218 years ago, and people let them. Remember Marbury vs. Madison from high school? So for 218-years, the Supreme has been able to overrule either Congress or the President if they had a plausible constitutional reason. 

But in recent decades, some of around 1,500 federal judges began usurping the supreme court’s power to veto the actions of government. 

This has happened dozens of times under the Trump administration. And this is a primary cause of gridlock in our government. This is a real problem for our nation. And we simply must address this problem, or we will be a democracy hobbled by a bunch of appointees that were never actually elected. Our naitonal government should no longer be bound by these lower court rulings.

The engine of American growth
is in the heart of earthquake country
There’s way too much of the nation’s vital technology and defense industry concentrated in California’s earthquake areas, and also super expensive places. So for national security, and also to reduce government costs, we should start requiring that key companies relocate a safe distance from extreme-hazard earthquake zones. And I think we might do this along with some tech monopolist being broken up.

Boris Johnson announces
“Why didn’t China’s PRC empire end like Russia’s USSR empire?  The Tiananmen Square massacre, Right?

They shot 10,000 people and then arrested many more afterwards. Right? They stayed in power by eliminating their enemies. So I just wanted to go on the record saying that it is my opinion that the PRC should end like the USSR and release its the 6 colonies it holds by threat of force.

Workplace fatality
It seems that our expensive legal system is no deterrence to on the job fatalities.  In fact, quite the opposite, it may actually causes more on the job fatalities by being laughable to some connected people.

Rating agricultural land
We should classify our agricultural land 1-X00, with 100 being normal land, and 200 is double caloric output land if this exists. The land that is half as productive is 50,  the land that is 10% as productive is 10. The low productivity lands are used for grazing and wilderness. These are also rated for grazing 1-10. This rating system will help government to better auction off farmland and ranch land leases and to specify the extent of allowable grazing.

The global food survey
You know, just as we’re surveying all the volcanoes, we should also be surveying all the worlds crop lands, and ranch lands and estimating their maximum output given today’s climate. I think we should also know how much food can be obtained from the various parklands, and off-limits lands around the world. We should do the same thing with hill lands of progressively steeper slopes. 

Alcohol and entry charges
1) All alcohol must be pre-paid. Vendors of alcohol must get payment and issue a receipt before handing over the drinks. The law does not protect vendors of alcohol from non-payment of alcohol-related charges/fees collected after service. 
2) All entry fees, entertainment fees, and cover charges must be pre-paid. If a person is allowed to come in by the staff without payment, then they shall owe nothing.

Whatever other crimes these may be guilty of, they should also be considered as illegal brothel operators under the law.

The permanent de-platforming of seasoned and serious accounts for non-criminal, non-threatening posts should require a court ruling. At least something like an unlawful detainer (eviction) action.

Cached web pages
All web browsers must keep their tabs and windows fully loaded for off-line viewing.  Browsers that lack this functionality should be prohibited.

All per minute call-in lines
They must give a warning like the 800 numbers from overseas: “You are being connected to a fee line. If you don’t want to pay the fee, hang up now”.

Private escrow & title insurance should not exist
I have encountered escrow officers with one or two assistants closing around 10 purchases a day with no costs other than office and salaries. So that works out to about maybe 2 or 8 man hours per transaction on average.  Why then do people need to pay 1-2% of real estate purchase prices on escrow? And if the county recorder is also recording the transaction why do we need this redundancy? And why do we pay thousands of dollars on title insurance if there is a recorder’s office that is supposed to keep track of ownership? Why do we even have these expensive redundancies, these fake industries in our economy? Why do we allow them to tax transactions, reduce the number of sellers, and drive real estate bubbles?

On gesture + face recognition
Today Apple phones have us drawing a finger up to turn on our phones. But what if we had the option to make our own squiggle on the screen to get to the face recognition challenge?  What if the gesture and face recognition access turned off after 3 or 5 tries?

Touch screen phone backs
iPhone backs are already glass. Why doesn’t Apple put a dark, sensor-only touch screen on the back of its phones? If this was so, then we could:
1) More precisely direct a cursor.
2) Get our finger/hand the way/view.  
3) We could also have two types of touch interface. 
4) It is better for babies. 
5) fewer accidental interface ons.
6) If we turn on micro-cursor, then people can’t see what you are typing.

Better voice navigation
1) Full-stop is better than period.
2) Dot semi-colon = the punctuation mark. 
3) Dot comma = comma.
4) Dot space = text space.
5) Dot select = selection tool.
6) Dot paragraph = select the next full paragraph you touch.