Afterthoughts 2019.07–2019.09


What would colliding stars look like?
Like a supernova? Why do we believe in supernovas, that is, one star exploding all by itself? There is no evidence that it is one star exploding? And by what magic of chemistry and physics does a lone star suddenly detonate? The true mechanism is clear. One star slams into another star that is probably going faster than 107,000=mph (175,000-kph), Mercury’s orbital speed around the Sun. For this other star’s speed is what gave the debris blob called Mercury its orbital velocity.

What happens to light when stars collide?
Phase-1: Supernova, explosion, of hot fluid stars into a massive cloud, mist, or field of glowing hot material. Thus we see a spike in energy released.
Phase 2: There is often this giant debris field of dark objects that obscures or just diffuses the star’s light . In this phase, the star is often characterized as a “Black hole”.

How much debris is there after stars collide?
Some must produce thick debris clouds. Why do we have this silly theory of gravity overpowering light? Cloud of “volcanic ash” mist from 150,000 KPH collisions of magma balloons makes more sense. The light gets diffused, the penetrating X-rays not, and this is what black holes are. They are Stars with debris clouds from a recent collision.

What portion of the star-spray becomes dark, non-glowing mist shell? Clearly it depends on the collision. Also, X-rays are famous for passing though matter. This is the real reason there are X-rays without light around black holes.

Super-dense atomic collapse material
The super-dense material at the center of a black hole is an entirely theoretical/ science-fiction meme that has gained cred-hence as a fact. There is zero real-world evidence or analogy that atomic collapse material actually exists. It is like warp speed and light sabers and magic powers — a total theoretical fantasy. • •  •  
But I have two problems with black holes. First, I see no reason to believe in this theoretical black-hole material. And secondly I see no reason to believe that gravity can be so strong it can overpower light. To me, the black-hole theory asks us to believe in not one, but two science fiction fantasies and should be called out for that. • •  •  I find it real easy to believe that a thick cloud of dust in orbit could block out a star’s light. I look at the ash in Earth’s ice core records especially the Tambora eruption. Then I try to imagine what sort of magma explosion that two colliding stars might produce.

Re-clumping of matter after a star collision
All the real close matter clumped in seconds, like two magnets snapping together. And initially all the stuff further out was also flying towards the center. Thus within a very short time, the area a bit further from the sun was cleared of all matter, and so forth… until tens of millions of miles away, only the particles in perfect orbits are not either spiraled/spun into the sun for moving too slowly, or spiraled/spun out from the sun because they are going too fast.

SUPERNOVA = When stars collide
BLACK HOLE = A thick debris shell after
PLANETS = An old debris field
MOONS = When planets collide

After a stellar collision… or,
How solar systems form

First of all, imagine two sun-sized balls of liquid hitting each other like water balloons, only they are traveling at say 150,000 miles per hour relative to one another and turn into this immense supernova of super-hot spray, much of the energy flashing into space. And most likely they are not the same size, and one is punching through the other. But there is this shell of spray debris — probably a lot like volcanic ash, a mist of hot globules of molten material. This is so due to the speeds and liquidity of the matter. So this is a shell of molten mist and droplets that seems to frequently block-out or perhaps more accurately scatter the light of the star.

Black holes that are only dim
I wonder if we can measure brightness change over time. Under the Super-dense theory of black holes, they are sucking in everything around them and thus should be growing darker. Under the orbiting debris field (ODF) theory of black holes, they should be growing brighter as the “skies” clear.

A front-loaded cosmology timeline
I would start with the assumption that probably everything important in our solar system happened in its first million years.
1) That is when the sun’s neighbors were closest and most interactive with it. In fact, I bet that 99% of initial stellar interaction happened in the first million years, and 1% in the billions of years since then. This resulted in over 99% of the orbiting objects either getting eaten by the sun, or spun off into space in the first million years.
2) That is probably when the sun collided with the star that produced what we know today as the solar system.
3) In its first few “years” the solar system probably had 100 to 10,000 times more matter in “orbit” going in every direction and colliding violently.
4) The secondary gravity that caused both the plane of the galactic and the plane of the ecliptic also probably happened early on, like right after the solar system formed, and most likely it was the other mass that went off with all the material.
5) There was a big-bang or one of many bangs, and then very shortly after the sun collided with another star and produced the solar system, which initially was a thick shell of debris going in every direction around the sun. Then very quickly the shell became a disc.
6) So it is sort of strange and counter-intuitive, but the bang happened and then rapidly both the galaxy and solar system formed… and became discs.

Where we see recursion
Where you see recursion, it tends to be the truth. The same early secondary gravity that formed the galactic disc, also formed the disc of the system. It is also important to realize that galactic processes and solar system processes were/are probably happening at about the same time.

It all gets re-absorbed
The matter that exploded forth from the bang in a zillion tiny drops of hot-fluid matter rapidly drew into clumps, with the big getting bigger, and forming the centers of whole galaxies. But we have to realize that both at the galactic level, at the solar-system level, and at the orbiting moon level: All orbital systems eventually re-absorb or spin off all their satellites, for there is no perfect balance, only the extreme perfection of the final 1:100,000 of material that remains after a billion years.

Before the big bang
At some point it seems that there will be this giant galaxy-scale, or muti-galaxy-scale blobs of matter that have gotten immensely hot due to time that is occurring within their giant-ness. At some point, one clump gets drawn to, and then slams into the other at 100,000 to 1,000,000 KPH (or maybe even faster). To me, a bang is what happens when these collide in just the right way (head-on, or maybe they are going faster than X.XX-million KPH or more.

The light waves pulse from milliseconds to maybe every 3 seconds, but not more. So it is probably not the spinning-ice-skater-drawing-her-arm-in effect, even with a speed up of time. For why not also have 10-minute pulsars or 10 hour pulsars too? On the other hand this rate of cycle does look rather like something playing on the waves, causing them to dim and brighten in cycles. And if this is so, then everything ever written about pulsars is crap, because there is not a single thing about the pulsation that is actually about the star itself. It is all about how the star’s energy is distorted on its way to us. Also, if pulsars are pulsing fast due to the ice skater effect, then they should all be accelerating over the decades and centuries. Is this happening?

Why planets are spherical
Their hard shells are too thin and insubstantial to keep the molten centers from adopting anything but a spherical shape.

There is no such thing as a precisely balanced orbit
The satellite either is in a shrinking orbit or an expanding orbit. Thus most of the material of the solar disc that was not pulled away by secondary gravity either spiraled into the sun or spiraled away from it, leaving only a small number of planets, all of which have almost perfectly balanced orbits.

Solar flares
They are from solar outgassing eruption when it reaches the surface.

These are heavier material erupted from down deep, to the sun’s surface, super-hot material from down deep, material that does not glow so much when super hot. Thus when there are more sunspots, there is more outgassing/upwelling and the sun actually does glow hotter.

What if space got hotter?
I read somewhere that the plane of the galactic is down past the antarctic circle. I also saw somewhere that the orbit of the sun in the galaxy somehow was on this up and down sine-wave-form. Maybe space gets hotter by 3°C and this is why the poles get hotter by 12°C during warm ages.

Stars are not made of gas
They are covered in gas, like earth. Stars are actually made of everything, just like the Earth is made of “everything”.

When stars collide
Looking at the relative ratios of the elements in the universe — it seems pretty safe to say that stars are normally a tiny heavy core with 2-per-mil, or 6-per-cent of the volume of the star. And when stars collide, the core of the smaller star normally just blasts through the gas exterior of the larger star. It only gets slightly slowed. • • • Mercury’s orbital speed is 175,000-KPH. So an object that was say 10 to 500 times the mass of the Terran system’s planets today hit the sun at say 150,000KPH, or maybe faster. And the fastest metal parts, the parts that saw their speed least affected, they survived in the inner orbits that required more speed. The lower density material in this orbital position was all slowed down too much, and was moving too slowly and it just got re-absorbed by the sun. And the faster material was spun off into space.

Super novas
Maybe they are when the pits of large stars collide. Maybe these are bangs.

Elementary science
Starting at age 8 we should teach kids the following sort of thing as general science:
1) The composition and mass of the planet, the oceans and the atmosphere, mankind and all our homes and stuff.
2) The composition and chemical processes of the atmosphere and how volcanic gas changes into atmosphere.
3) The chem of iron, steel, and aluminum and how the materials are produced and used.
4) The chem of cement and how concrete works.
5) The chem and properties of heat conductance and insulation for various materials.
6) The chem and properties of material strength for various materials.
7) The chem of Soaps, and waterproofing materials.
8) The chem of odors.
9) DNA chem.
10) How they breed crops.
11) Why fruit sugar is bad for you.
12) The chem of the cell and the human body, its inputs and outputs.
13) The chem of plants.
14) The chem of viruses and bacteria.
15) The periodic table and its organization.
16) Valence theory.
17) Scientific notation.
18) Why volcanos erupt.
19) Why pathogens attenuate.
20) What causes auto-immune disease.
21) Why tobacco is so carcinogenic.

The illusion of democracy
and power to the people.

The gorgon is supposed to kill itself
That is what happened in the Odious Rex play. When the gorgon gets what it wants, it is supposed to kill itself.

Mary•am = Bary•an = wed to the rebirth of the Mideast through Ishtar. By her name, we can see that Maryam, the sister of Moses was of the harms, so here is where Moses came from. And by her name, Mary, the mother of Jesus, her lines were bound to the rebirth. So Moses and Jesus were of the harems.

Bible, 1 Corinthians 14:34
“Women are not allowed to speak in church and must remain in silent submission as the law commands. If they have questions, they should ask their husbands at home, because it is disgraceful for women to speak in a church.”

26-years old
Female humans are fertile from 13 to 39, with 26 being right in the middle. So by 26, you have used up half your fertility and only have about 13 years left.

1 Corinthians 13
“If I speak in the [foreign] tongues of men or angels [i.e. Latin, Greek, the languages of the frequently foreign priests], without love, I am only a clanging gong. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all knowledge and all mysteries, and if I have a faith that can move mountains [of abundance for the Mideast], but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give my body to hardship and give all my possessions to the poor, I may boast, but I gain nothing if I do not have love. 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 Love does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, [The words before are rather true, the words after, especially the underlined part makes the host more susceptible to parasitic feeding. Also note how the prior words set up the following lies that soften the host culture for Mideast parasitism.] Love is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in [violent] evil but rejoices in [passive] goodness. 7 It always trusts, always hopes, always protects people, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. [It is clearly wrong to always love and trust. And obeying this advice clearly softens the host in favor of the parasite.] …11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” [This rather obvious and quotable wisdom exists to blur away talk of the other dumb part in 5-8.]

Wake up!
The sleep is just so thick on the group mind. It is set to be maximally insensate and maximally torpid. Instead it should be set for high sensation and high uptake.

The voice of god
It isn’t this an alien voice from the outside with its own strange agenda for us. It is something among us that we feel and hear today along with lots of other noise and alien exploitation junk. If we make our democratic systems fairer and more honest, we will hear the true voice with greater clarity and understanding.

Multi-generation families
They are all fun and no work, and this is why they are so often and repeatedly asked for. On the other hand, we live in a world full of distractions for young people. And female Homo-sapiens only have about 25 years where they can have children (15-40)— also the years when they can easily draw men. Perhaps it should be more normal for women to have children young and leave much/most of the work to her mother/parents. Then in the next generation, the parents who got away easy as a young people become the “rearing grandparents”.

Healthcare coverage
It should not be a yes no thing, where this person gets it and that one doesn’t get any. Healthcare should be a thing where allocation occurs with smaller-bang procedures, and everyone gets this basic coverage, which will not be as extensive as today.

Nobody is using this word, VAINGLORY any more. Lets re-purpose it, and revive it. It now means the silly and trifling, the false achievements of life, and especially those of youth, such as popularity.

Township air intake
The townships may have air intake chimneys above their towers. Also, being on highlands is perhaps just as important as being above the terrain. Also, I bet we see a good drop in lung cancer if we start with this air and then filter it.

Township rentals
They should rent zones for hotels as well as for monthly residences and industry. They should also rent the nearby farmland.

Quieter outside when its late late
This goes for balconies and yards and open windows.

Township walkways
I might make both the interior and exterior walks 7m across and a minimum of 2.8m in in vertical clearance. This is so the delivery vehicles have access.

Bar zones
If the business gets less than half its income from selling alcohol for onsite consumption, or more than 20% of its income selling alcohol for any type of consumption, then it must go in special areas for noisy drinking. Also, the alcohol areas should be either contained, or out of the town, like beer garden in the park surrounding the township.

Township administration
It should be a field, with various specialties.

Glass over concrete and styrofoam
Maybe some of the busier township hallways should be covered in glass. Maybe our hallways, hospitals and water tanks are made by pouring concrete into glass or ceramic shell sections that clip into a structural form for supporting a concrete pour. And maybe this is the way we will do forever roofing, by using 1.5-cm thick glass or porcelain as a skin for a concrete roof. And maybe the roofs are cast upside down and then turned over. Thus the top of the form (and bottom of the roof) is styrofoam. So everyone has a concrete roof that is covered in never-rot glass, and under it all is a triangle section of styrofoam that is between say 1 and 4 feet thick, starting with the eaves. R-70 to R-280 roof insulation. Also, styrofoam, like google is a perfect example of a trademark that should not exist due to the way it became a generic name.

How many units in a 600m radius?
20 stories, 50% unit coverage, 80-sqm units, central ventilation… The 600m radius gives us 1.13million meters, if floor area is half of that, then we have 7,000 units per floor. So if we go up 10 stories all the way across, we have 70,000 units and maybe 200,000 people using a train. So 70,000 units is too much, I would put “sub-ring” population at maybe 2,000 to 20,000 units.

Interchange park
The area near the interchange has this 8-shaped, or hourglass-shaped walled and restricted area until maybe 3 to 7km out. In this restricted area, we can run our trains on-grade, or near-grade and save money. And considering the number of people regularly viewing this tiny area, it should probably be a pretty park or wilderness area. And maybe the viaducts within view are all screened with trees or shrubs. The areas at the ends of the interchange might be for four close-in commercial townships starting only say 7km out from the interchange on center… and only be say 3 to 6-minutes away from the interchange. And maybe there are 4 or 12 of these commercial townships. And maybe they are interspersed with the residential lines, so people who live on a line can simply walk across the platform and go to any of the one to 5 townships it services. Thus interchange capacity is substantially increased, with many people not even using the main part of the interchange. And maybe people get a tax break for living and working “on the same fork” as they commute to. This in addition to the reduced walk-time, and synchronicity. And maybe the trains on each fork are synchronized, so that the ride is 7-min + 1-min + 3-min. That’s an 11 minute commute, plus the walk to and from the stations. And if you can’t make your train, you get the next one exactly 10 minutes later.

Cold weather convertible townships
Imagine 8 or 12 m wide streets that have sliding roof panels, (glass in Iceland and opaque in Africa). These sort of roll up, 2 panels over 1 solid roof.

Faster than Manhattan
The people in the townships will actually be more rapidly accessed than people in Manhattan. And the units will be priced like mobile homes. And township land will be given away to draw a tax base. Also, the Near parts of Brooklyn are about 30 minutes to midtown by subway when everything works right.

We should probably ubiquitize narcan
Narcan gets the opioids out of the system in overdose situations.

Distributed food storage
The “Happy middle graph” —like with representation ratios — that applies very well to our food storage centers. On one hand it is much easier to attack and plunder one giant a storage center than 1,000 small neighborhood facilities each defended by musket-armed people who’s lives depend on that food. On the other hand, refrigeration needs large volume to be efficient. And putting food supplies in the hands of less than 50 defenders is weaker than having say 250 or 25,000 defenders. Also, Sub-Senator will be a natural fit here. So group food storage should be at the Nome level to township level, this in addition to individual home-based food storage. So maybe there is is say 12-m3. of mostly grain storage per person. for say 8-years. So a Nome storage facility would be about 6,000-m3. or 2,000 square meters of floor, that is a freezer that is 4-stories tall and 20m x 25m.

Famine food is best kept at the Nome level
1) The people can see what they bought and have.
2) All sorts of government scams are prevented.
3) Regional food stores encourage attack. In fact, it is a thousand times easier to attack a giant warehouse cluster than 1,000 neighborhood food stores.
4) Local food storage hampers food theft due to logistics.
5) The storage centers should be designed so they take a long time to carry off the supplies.

Anti-plunder food storage
I would use 1m diameter gas cylinders that support a partial vacuum. These are maybe 4-stories tall and bolt to each other with maybe 100 bolts at each of four corners and 100 to the foundation. The cylinders are probably 1/4 inch steel, but the super short bolting flanges are maybe 2-inch steel so they are hard to cut. The oversized 3/4″ bolts have one way heads and some sort of locking or rusting agent is used so the bolts can’t be removed. The flanges are so thick it won’t be possible to use a plasma cutter. Vertical water jet, maybe. but gas or plasma cutters will not work unless there is constant dousing with water. There is too much bolt drilling for that to be the easy way. The grain bags also don’t have handles or grappling. That is removed when the grain is positioned. The only practical way to get the grain out is to break the seal and use a vacuum tube to extract the grain. Thus grain is very hard to plunder:
1) Packing is needed. The grain must either be brought to a packing center or the center brought to it.
2) The food will not keep for long even it it is re-packaged.
Inside are large spool and bullet shaped plastic bags that cannot be stacked up without rupturing. So instead, they rest on a perforated sheet disc inserted into the upright cylinders that bear the weight of each food-bag independently. The cylinders are probably like a giant a cigar tube, only maybe 6m long and 1-m in diameter. The “Quadradeltas” between the tubes are for air circulation in the freezer. The tubes are slow welded and sealed like a genuine stainless steel vacuum thermos bottle. They are made from treated steel, with the steel serving as a back-up desiccant for any water that will remain in the sealed environment.

Township granaries
Townships will have their own backup water supplies, what about backup food supplies? It is probably best if government stores its food buffers at the township level. This in addition to the food that each family is supposed to keep. Maybe these township granaries are located with the township armory, (a branch Centi-Nome armory). In a major crisis, all living previously confirmed Senators are your leading council who all vote and make the decisions.

Mt. food storage
The thin air and cool temperatures of the highest mountains are ideal for food storage.

Comparing lapse rates
For every 100m in elevation ascended, temperature falls by 2/3°C. Does the bottom of a 10m deep hole drilled into a flat part of the earth at different elevations obey the same curve, or does it follow a different curve? I suspect it is much flatter, and more of a straight line. And I would also suspect that the average annual temperature 10m down is always warmer than the average annual air temperature pretty much wherever we go on earth. All this speaks to me of a planet with a molten core that is radiating heat to super-cold space, with the atmosphere in the between-zone. And this is what we all know and can see with our own eyes, this planet that is full of heat in this ice cold space of -270°C.

Earth’s energy ratio
Let’s compare how much heat our planet gets from the sun vs. from the center. On the south pole, the average winter temperature might be -30°C at sea level. Well that is about 240°C over the temperature of space. And at the equator, the average temperature is around +30°C, so heat from the center gets our planet from 0° to 240° and heat from the sun gets it another 60°. So 80% of Earth’s heat comes from inside and 20° of it comes from the sun.

My ideas on conforming cars
You ride like in an Alfa Romeo spyder or an MG, very close to the pavement. But you are sitting backwards for safety. A light-weight version of an Alfa, those dimensions, but about as hefty as a moped or mountain bike frame.

Train payments
You scan your credit card, or train card, or phone to enter the network. Where you get out of the system, you must scan your card again. This is for places that have problems with homeless sleeping on trains.

Township food hawker centers
Having the eating and grocery clustered around the stations makes those eating places very accessible. It also helps foster a culture of dining all around one’s city. This in turn fosters a much richer and diverse culinary experience.

Railcar ownership
Soon most people will go overnight in a rolling hotel room instead of flying. And what if all the cars were owned and operated by different companies competing with each other for our intercity train business? The railcars will be owned and operated by many different people. The chassis will be be serviced once or twice a year by the owner and remotely monitored by government to assure the safety of the rail system. I might also have a rule that no company can operate more that 500, or 5,000 railcars. This is to keep the nation’s rail industry vibrant.

Rail access
80-containers per driver rail freight is just so much cheaper than 1-container per driver trucks. So townships are not just cheaper for property and building, but there is cheaper transport for both people and freight.

Sandwiched townships
Increase interchange capacity
Line-9 has 5 residential townships, and on the east of its east platform is Line-10, with 3 commercial townships. On the east side of Line-10’s east platform is Line-11 which goes to 5 residential townships.
The 3-trains arrive at the same time and, everyone gets off, onto a 60′ platform and walks across to one of the cars that goes to the appropriate township. In crowded stations, there might be a charge to use the main concourse during peak period, but not charge at other times. Also the walk and time between trains will be maybe 1/3 or 1/5 as far. So for both convenience and cost, people will want to live in a township adjacent to their long-term work township. This peripheralization design is important, because interchange size is the main bottleneck in township-based living.

One piece shower and baths
Only one-piece enclosures should be allowed by code, floor integrated with the walls. And they should all be one step up, with access to the drain pipe connection through a hatch. This is vastly superior to tile:
1) Better insulation.
2) Less thermal mass.
3) Smooth easy to clean surface.
4) More sanitary.
5) Never leaks.
6) Idiot proof.
7) Materials much less costly.
8) Installation much faster.
9) Better forming for soap, shampoo, and seats.
10) Better, cheaper mass produced doors.

The end of vehicle racing
Except for vehicles that are human powered (which will be speed limited in towns) all vehicles will be moved by the transport system on the pathway system (one system, with one set of territory). There will be one speed, one computer determined location for all vehicles and pedestrians.

One lane loop roads with turn-offs
Depending on how busy a road is, there will be a convoy of vehicles, once every 5 or 10 or 20 minutes. Your pedestrian transponder will go off and you will have to move to the side of the perhaps single-lane road to let the convoy pass. And this will happen once every 5 or 10 or 20-minutes.

Robotic painting
If we made our hallways in one of a few standardized configurations we could have robotic painting. Here I imagine rolling shield robots that position a spray shield. Then they spray, then they blow air over the surface (while also vacuuming it up) thus they can work with people around. They spend 10-minutes here, 10-minutes there, day in and day-out, 24-hours a day, one bot painting the halls for 51,000-units in a year (10-minutes per unit).

Grouted units
I bet grouting wins out over bolting. I also think that we are going to start using rather thick walls at the base of our taller buildings.

Easy ceilings
The really poor people of the world will not have real ceilings, (or real noise sealings) but just the thickness of the material that makes the floor with the unit above or below. The richer people will want a sound barrier. The cheapest option should be panels of styrofoam that mate with the joists in the floor. These are mostly stuck with tacky material to the ceiling although there may be hidden flange-top, or saucer-shaped heads on screws at their edges. The cheap way to do this is to just leave the styrofoam as the surface of the ceiling. The slightly more upgraded version is to spray or roll the styrofoam with house paint. The more upgraded is to cover it with gypsum wallboard. Also, except for the last, all the foregoing are a bit of a fire hazard.

How the electric-kinetic works
The drive wheels engage with the web of the track, thus slippage and waste are minimized. Thus the engagement wheels and motors can be stacked on a vertical arbor. The arbors will go to the ceiling for easy removal and stability. The size of the motors on an arbor will vary and maybe they will be like 30cm in diameter and up to full height for really steep climbing trains. The system will match locations on the track with the on-off cycle of the various motors. And the speed will be exactly the same every time, unless there is a wind or rain advisory, in which case, the train will be slowed accordingly. But otherwise, our trains will just scream between here and there at top speeds on raised viaducts.

Why are we such slow runners?
Because we didn’t have to be any faster to reach the prey of the lions our pack was following before they ate too much. They would just jog behind the lone lion, sticks in hand. Then they would arrive a couple minutes behind the cat to the kill site and drive the cat off. This is why lions bizarrely kill as individuals, but share kills as groups. •  •  •  This is exactly how we would expect lion behavior to be altered by human prey robbery. It is total predator absurdity otherwise: For all the other group predators hunt as groups and then take turns eating the prey.

A bunch of armed prey robbers
That is what used to define our species.

The auspices of birds
At some point, our ancestors the prey thieves figured out that circling birds meant prey to steal. I bet the big problem wasn’t driving off predators, but finding prey fast enough, before the cat scavengers came in.

Why are we upright?
1) It freed our hands for full time use
2) It is a more efficient way to move around on the ground.
3) We see lions and their prey better.
4) The stick strikes are much more powerful.

Our stick carrier ways started on day one
Any advance in bi-pedalism became rewarded greatly the day we had even partial stick carrying. So from day-1, man was being driven towards a more upright stance, bi-pedalism, running feet, better gripping hands and better vocals to scare predators off without a fight.

The blue & white Nile
Maybe the Egyptian waterway that actually forked and had two colors was the blue sea & red sea: The blue part went towards Israel and the red part that went towards Suez.

People used to work 12 hour days 6 days a week, 70-hours or so. Now people work 40-hours a week. In the near future, I suspect that many will be working 20-hours a week, although some will be working 70-hours and retire from the labor force after a few years. It is also not unimaginable that townships will lure foreign workers to do say landscaping for 15-years in exchange for a unit.

Thor’s hammer will destroy the mosques
Thor’s hammer is actually billions tiny hammers. Little tiny hammers that totally pulverize. The act being a bit theatrical, but more highly memorable and final for it.

The spirit of my plan
It is that no Mideast connected, or fronting person come out of the reapportionment with any excess wealth, not even an average retirement amount. • • • I council you to pick the sort of divorce settlement where you giver nearly everything to your ex-wife, and in exchange, you have no future obligations or alimony to pay. You Arabs want to get to that point as quickly as possible. You give them everything, they give you freedom, and relocation and then you pay them back, and then you are their equals. You can’t do this if there is any cheating on this plan.

Andro-meda = man•middle
The middle men had this city regarded as clearly the world’s capital. Then Poseidon sent the sea monster Cetus (Cymo) to destroy it.

Energy class
I would have a high school class where people learn about the various power sources, burnt and clean, their advantages, and disadvantages, also about electricity generation and mechanisms for actuation, transmission, batteries. Also thermal storage, and insulation.

BTM = business training modules
For people who want to go into commerce, maybe we should have these worldwide modules for how to do certain things, like scheduling, bookkeeping, engage in finance. We don’t need the university of phoenix.

The best wind profile
Maybe our fast trains have 2-car “nose cones”. Maybe the best we can hope for is through a gradual wind profile is to turn most of the forward wind resistance into downward energy on the hard steel wheels. I bet using 2 nose cone cars for our 2,000-passenger trains will cut their wind profile by 90% and boost downward nose force greatly. This will keep the trains from catching the air and getting ripped off the tracks. • • •  Our viaducts can be any way we want them, so lets do this. Lets have these wind skirts on our trains that essentially enclose the track and also provide noise skirting. And the area inside the skirting should not have any substantial high or low pressure area. The panels are also only maybe 1m across.

Ni’ihau high security island
Correction: Pu’uwai is the biggest community on Ni’ihau island. I might divide this long thin island into a dozen communities that are only connected by rail, with a couple miles between the communities. Then I might have cleared no-man’s land fingers between them that are heavily video monitored and nobody other than patrols are supposed to drive in this area. Supplies are ordered/delivered to each local commissary en group. Kaua’i and other witness protection islands might also be partitioned in a similar way.

Galapagos Islands
Equatorial Isla Isabella is around 150km end to end, and has a giant flat area for an airport. We might “loop” the island with an edamame shapped train line and wilderness licenses for all residents and visitors. …And no personal vehicles or roads other than emergency and service vehicles.

Tahiti should emulate Hawaii
1) There should be two outer witness protection islands for the EU like in Hawaii.
2) There should be rail around Tahiti, Moorea, and Raiatea, and the roads are service and emergency vehicles and bicycles only.

Roman statues had erections
1) What a thing that the gods had erections and passions and demanded appeasement via their priests in various ways. Here I think of that tale from Marco Polo.
2) All of Rome was designed to be easy to destroy. The first step: Break off the erections on their marble statues, the ridiculous overpriced concession product crap they buy with our tax money. And it is such an obvious first step to rebelling against the perversions, sexual and judicial that marked Rome in the minds of those who hated it.

What a transparent thing Roman religion was
There were these professional expert priests that would recite these legalese contracts with the gods, verbatim and perfectly, for a leg, or for a share of the hashish incense when he brought you over to the scales. And it was only expensive unblemished fat-but-short-life sacrificial animals that were sacrificed, and the priests got a cut. It it was like being a realtor, and there were some of these guys, the more popular ones, they did very well as priests with all the cuts they got. And this profit sharing and the sexual fringe benefits kept everyone in their place.

Basic literacy and numeracy
Never mind all the fancy literature and fancy al-gibra. What a democracy needs is literacy and numeracy. And numerate, especially when it comes to the large numbers involved with community spending. What do these large numbers mean? How much are they? How much is that per person? Is that fair? This is the sort of numeracy we need to be teaching in our democracy, not al-giberish.

NICE guys
Nice is from the arabic word ANEES. One who is friendly and gentile (nice) with others, one who uses consoling words, the one who brings calm and peace.

We should make a distinction
MONKEYING = I want to check that out learning.
DOGGING = you follow me learning.

Let’s have a new word, one that implies that one is looking for something and you have found it. This is the stuff that you want to get into as fast as possible, the most valuable writings for people interested in that stuff. So Eureka is also the name of stuff that is really interesting to think about.

Yoko = wrong, invalid, illogical, disorder
Hama = beach seashore

Na = name, reputation
goya = bitter

Is Baja California a blid for bahia?
What other bajas are there? And Bahia is common. So maybe it is not Baja California, but Bahia California and that was a problem.

Immaculate = spotless, unblemished
It comes from L. Macula = a spot, speck, mark or stain, a blemish, a bruise, or freckle, a mole, or a blot on one’s character, a stigma. When we read of unblemished animals, the correct translation should be immaculate. And this should recall the immaculate conception. The Macula is also the part of the eye that is behind the rest.

The idea of a person’s aura is a blid for the Or•A = mouth•peak, or what the smart money was saying in the host society.

Horoscopes = or•a-scope = mouth•peak-look = smart•money-not•with•say. So the word horoscope a blid.

Reading palms = peh•al•mn = say•towards•idea

The advantages of writing for me
1) There is a delete button and I can edit out gaffs on second though.
2) I can craft my thoughts better both seeing them and hearing them from time to time.

Patriotism, nationalism, obedience,
leaders, front-men, and war.

1) More often than not, people go bad from the distractions and ease of success. The epigram is: More often than not,
people go bad from success.
We should keep this in mind with our leaders and most influential people. And it is just human nature to expect this. So we should be just as quick to fire our leaders as we are slow to hire them.
2) Those with too much power tend to be an Odious-rex, fronting for the Sphinx — That is what all immense power is. That is what dictators are. When you come across a dictator in the history books, it is Ishtar ruling through a front-man.
3) Cultivated patriotism mostly exists so people will obey government more. And this is frequently used to march people off a war cliff. Here we reflect on Bertrand Russell’s often quoted remark that: “Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons”.
4) To the Right in the US, I say: Just because Pelosi is leading us down the tubes doesn’t mean that Trump is the answer. And to the Left I say: Just because Trump is leading us down the tubes doesn’t mean that Pelosi is the answer. Both parties are a foreign-operated directive funnel for America’s political will, and both are thus being used to subvert and hinder the will of the people, rather than aid it.
5) Patri•ot = listening to your forefathers. Literally the world means this, as opposed to listening to the new ways. Thus the conservatives in America are the patriots, adhering to the old family ways. The liver•als, the liver•teens, and the homo•sexuals, the ones enjoying the new non-procreative dissipating freedoms are non-patri-otic = they don’t listen to their forefathers.
6) Patri•otic = listening to your fatherland/government. Behold in your mind’s eye how obedience to government is conflated and glommed onto obedience to forefathers? Here we recall the Japanese emperor’s edict a bit up-text.

This should not happen
There is nothing like when some obviously recent immigrant starts cursing you for say not tipping him, the taxi driver. You know, in the last moth, I have been cursed 3 times by immigrants: “You fucking blah blah blah.” These people must be stopped, for it is a thing which hardens the host lands to immigration. And why should any of you be allowed to make things harder for the others? It costs noting for you to always be nice, or to take the humiliation. And it is nothing in comparison to the daily humiliation that poverty brings your people back home. No. Don’t be foolish. You must all always be on your best behavior. And would you really expect to give less to them than they give each other. No. You must try harder to be nice, all of you. It is your duty, so we can end the poverty that you came from.

My afterlife happens in 4 ways:
1) You have kids and you live on in them.
2) You live in the minds of other people.
3) You live in the body of knowledge.
4) You help make the world better.

Nuclear reactors
I honestly think that geothermal is the real answer and there is no need for nuclear reactors. But maybe we want to have nuclear power power for our great aqueducts for example.
1) The fuel rods should be balls, not rods. Balls will perform better in atari tubes during meltdowns. They can also be pored-out more easily.
2) The inside of the Atari tubes are smoothly curved, oversized, graphite-lubricated steel tubes that extent maybe 20m out. These are just pipes starting at the bottom of the 3rd floor. There is a gate valve at the end for fuel recovery.
3) Perhaps we will have these overlapping bands of lead poured into our fluxed copper or aluminum, or whatever reactor cores. Perhaps this can be seen as a structured composite that stops most radiation, while allowing fast heat dissipation. Thus primary coolant grows less radioactive.
4) I see new reactors as starting 2-stories up. First the ground is drilled, then concrete forms and rebar cages are lowered to make a foundation. Then the standard frame is assembled for 2 floors as a base and for the atari tubes to run out through.
5) Due to the parallel nature of reactors, the cores can ship as so many orange segments and bolted together on site. The outer control rod ring can ship as so many pineapple segments. First the core is bolted together, then the pineapple segments are placed on top of it. Then perhaps another layer of pineapple segments for the secondary coolant. Thus we can assemble these giant and super-heavy solid metal reactor bodies.
6) Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reaction chamber was solid aluminum, and the outer part of the reactor was solid copper.
7) As most of the heating occurs in the center part, we imagine that this is the part where the fuel rods stays put and the fuel rods in the outer part are the control rods that go up and down Thus it is the peripheral rods around the core that are raised and lowered to control heat build-up. And the tin or lead blocks are mostly for the core, with its own atari-tube system.
8) If we used lead blocks, then they would also be radiation insulating, but they melt at 327.5°C instead of 232°C as tin does.
9) Everything bolts together structurally and there is only one inlet and one outlet per segment.
10) Reactors of all things should sit on giant flat bottom sleds for big earthquakes.
11) The water supply pipes should have ball-angle flexible unions so they can withstand earthquake movement.
12) Whichever section is the control section, that is raised into position, and cutting power lowers it to the failsafe position in a smooth and non-harmful manner. So full retraction of the reactor is fuel rods on the 2nd floor level and core rods on the 3rd floor level, with atari spreading tubes going almost horizontal on the 1st floor.
13) I bet we make big strides in miniaturizing our reactors.
14) When the secondary coolant system is connected to the primary coolant system, the secondary coolant passes through the primary coolant system, but does not mix with the primary coolant. Thus when the secondary coolant is evaporated, the steam can be released harmlessly.

Reactor control rods
The fuel rods in the Atari portion of the reactor are in a sphere when in full heat mode. To reduce heat, the fuel rods outside the center of the sphere, in the donut area, these are lowered, or released. These retract/ fall vertically in their tubes to maybe 2-floors below the reactor, which cools because there is insufficient network effect to produce heat. If power is lost, the donut periphery will of its own weight wind down and away from the centersection. Also, if the reactor for any reason gets over 327.5°C, the melting point of lead, the blocks in the Atari-form will melt and the fuel rods will fall down chamber and away from the core. Also at the ends of the Atari tubes, there will be lead recovery tubes. At the end of the tubes are lead shielded sections. These can be unscrewed apart, like a gas pipe with valves on both pipe ends that get immediately capped.

Solid metal reactor cores
Probably aluminum in the reaction chamber, then copper outside. Or maybe they are all aluminum. But there is this round blob of metal in the middle, maybe 2 or 5 meters in diameter. And it has all these holes in it

Cooling towers
They are a stupid way to prevent meltdowns. Spreading the fuel is a much better approach.

Pipeline reactors
A 5-meter long 2-meter dia. pipe with a 3m hollow sphere in the center. The reactor pipe runs horizontally and it has say 96 vertical fuel rod tubes passing through it at the sphere. A large volume of water courses rapidly over these tubes and thus rapidly cools them.

Hair, nettles and seed dispersal
A world of botanical evolution unto itself no doubt.

Grasses are most evolved.
Behold the vast scale of their networks. Grass populations are hundreds of times larger than tree populations.

Things that can terminate parental rights
1) Beating the child excessively.
2) Filling the child’s head with hate.
3) Improper touching.
4) Sexual ideation.
5) Failure to care for the child.
6) Abandoning the child.
7) Endangering the child.
We need some worldwide basic standards here.

The world will do a Berlin
It will soon have vastly more property than it needs. And old peripheral and high maintenance property will be abandoned first in favor of the townships, which by nature are all outside the old cities where 4 to 12 square kilometers can be had without too much demolition.

Japan more than most nations
You have this huge tsunami risk, and a crazy land shortage with totally overpriced urban land. Use your hills for new cities and make your old tsunami-vulnerable cities into farmland. Also, if you have a few years of food stored for the next ice age, what need is there to insist on food independence?

Railroad tracks with foundations and paving
Both static and dynamic loads need proper foundations and coverings to keep rain from making the soil heave and ho as it gets wet and dries. However, it is actually much more important that dynamic loads be on proper foundations due to the displacement nature of soil compression on wet soils.

Life out of the water
With regard to the co-evolution of terrestrial plants and animals: The plants could exceed the animals, but the animals could not exceed the plants. So the plants lead the advance away from the streams. And the reptiles were what terrestrial seed spreading life evolved into, once it freed itself of the need to bear young in water. And the way that happened was that the amphibian ultimately evolved to go away for water for all day, then it was weeks, and months and then it was to do everything but breed. And then some started breeding out of the water and the descendants of those critters became the reptiles and indeed all tetrapod life on earth.

Japan and Taiwan seismically
They look like the thick hard-part that remains of the Pacific plate, and the Okhotsk Plate. Do Japan and Taiwan leap during large earthquakes? What happens to Beijing when 800 miles of Philippine plate subducts under the Eurasian plate near Okinawa?

The real harm of stupid drug laws
It is that we have this body of law that is obviously stupid and wrong to so many and a large part of society loses its respect for justice. To me, if we got rid of the stupid drug laws, and stupid weapon’s laws, the number of “outlaws” falls to 1/3 or 1/12 of its present number.

Living on top of Mt. Neverest
Let this be Mars expedition training camp, so people can see what it is like. Let’s do a mock-up of our Mars community here on earth first. Lets see if we can get 3 people to live up there and become food self-sufficient before we try to get to do this on Mars. Just don’t forget the accurate amount of glass tinting. The sunlight can’t be the strong sunlight of high altitude Earth, which is much closer to the sun. It must be like Mars. And the water supplies must be contained with a reasonable reservoir.

Roommate and shared kitchen database
I think each county should help people to share housing and kitchens by offering an optional, free life-long record in this matter. No comments, just about 50-radio buttons: Clean, messy, left dirty dishes, too talkative, not talkative enough, unpleasant friends, loud, alcohol issues, marijuana issues, substance issues, issues, late-night partier, model roommate, stinky stuff in fridge, didn’t wipe counter enough, etc.

Impulse control and genius
I don’t thing it is possible to be truly brilliant without having impulse control issues, at least with regard to thoughts and things done in youth.

If eye tracking doesn’t work
Parse the text, or require that the congressmen read it out loud a certain number of times.

Bible Genesis
“Adam and Eve were both naked, and unashamed”
What a great hook, a porn scene at the start of your holy book. That what I take this line to be —Bible porn, straight from the devil himself. And what about Lot and his daughters? What is that about? Why is the bible implying that father/daughter incest is allowable if you live far enough away from others, whatever that distance is. And look at how Genesis 19 is about two things, the two shameless cities of Sodom and Gomorrah on one hand —and also it is about this father Lot that was gotten drunk by his two shameless daughters and then raped by them both. Firstly it seems that the two daughters were Sodom and Gomorrah and this is what the term “Sodom and Gomorrah” is really about, not the two cities that were wiped out. The part about the two cities seems to be a blid, and that is why Genesis 19 is so much longer than the other chapters. S•hodom = no-way, no-path, the sex slave women, mostly outsiders and Gomorrah = go•more•A, the low ones that want to be more.

Why the music must be loud
It is because people can avoid looking right at strangers when they meet and talk.

natural coconut palm lands
It would be very interesting to look at a map of this and plot for distance from water. This is how the land was forested before the amphibians evolved.

Logan’s run toxicity
In this film the world outside the dome was too radioactive and toxic. The truth about ice ages is probably that the outside world will not be toxic. It will just be dirtier than people would prefer due to all the volcanic dust. Think about what it is to live through a dust storm as I have seen in Palm Springs, Sevilla and Jodhpur. When outside means that, people mostly don’t go out. And this is what it will be like at the start of the next ice age. We should model the ash levels and figure out whether it is necessary to have hallways and circulation of filtered high-inlet air.

Ice age conditions
It is really dry everywhere and there is this abrasive grit that falls from the sky, day in and day out. It is not so bad from day to day, but it accumulates over the weeks, like the grime that falls on things we leave out in the world’s dirtiest cities. And maybe there are pressure washer droids that keep the tracks clean. And municipal, filtered air supply from a high elevation tower intake is probably something that will suddenly become very valuable one day, worldwide and all of a sudden.

Samp•son & Delilah
Sampson is from Shemesh meaning “sun”. God gave him super-strength, if he never cut his hair. But Delila seduced him and cut off his hair while he slept. In what part of the world are the women encouraged to be like Delila

George Orwell
“All the papers that matter live off their advertisements, and the advertisers exercise an indirect censorship over news.”

George Orwell
“Poverty frees them from standards of behavior,
just as money frees people from work.”

Milk intolerance
For much the same reason Semitic people have trouble with sugar, they also have trouble with milk. Drinking milk after infancy was surely only a late development in our evolutionary journey. The people outside all mostly developed this ability. The harsh conditions of the Semites caused them to be more aggressive, and this anti-neotony brought with it other older traits like a lack of milk tolerance.

Understanding hypertension with caffein
Apparently caffein binds to the adenosine receptors and fills them up. Thus adenosine (which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter can’t bind and doesn’t work. Thus our nervous system vehicle works without its chemical “brakes” or slowing mechanism. I bet most hyper-tension is caffeine hypersensitivity either in effects or in failure to eliminate from adenosine receptors.

How come nothing is happening?
I feel so delusional.

Donald Trump 2019.07.19
[His actual words are worth reading]
“So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.
Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”

Gareth Arnold tweeting to his politico boss
“Comms Team signing off… forever: Jared [O’mara], you are the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You do not care about your constituents. You do not care about anyone but yourself.”

Mark Twain, Campaign promises 1879, Hartford CT
“I have pretty much made up my mind to run for president. What the country wants is a candidate who cannot be injured by investigation of his past history, so that the enemies of the party will be unable to rake up anything against him that nobody ever heard of before. If you know the worst about a candidate to begin with, every attempt to spring things on him will be checkmated. Now I am going to enter the field with an open record. I am going to own up in advance to all the wickedness I have done, and if any congressional committee is disposed to prowl around my biography in the hope of discovering any dark and deadly deed that I have secreted, why—let it prowl.”

Not all jobs are really work
This is another good reason not to have a minimum wage.

Super-glue and protesting
Protesters that lock or glue themselves in place so as to cause a prolonged disturbance may suffer double penalties.

What really burned me up about school
That I had to sit down and focus on writing cursive neatly to please who? All the grownups I knew had super messy cursive. What a dumb thing I though school was.

Free telephony
Voice and text doesn’t use much bandwidth. And there should be a maximum page size. And video and downloads over cellular should remain extras for a time. But the rest should be free, including the long distance.

1) Government should help woman to find each other to exchange this sort of work by operating a BBS.
2) Government should keep lifetime records of complaints and ratings (ratings of both of subject and viewer). It should also probably have an investigations department for complaints.
3) There should be no taxes or government fees for being a nanny.
4) Nannies and kids under nanny supervision must have GPS and audio. The nannies can turn their AV cam off in they are in the toilet.
5) Nannies must obey off-imits areas in space and activity or face charges.
6) Nannies must either complete a 2-week or 8-week course in nannying and child development.
7) Nannies cannot strike ur punish or scold the kids of others at all.

Twice elected British prime ministers
It is notable how the UK elects better prime ministers that America elects presidents. I think this is due to how its leaders are twice elected. First they are elected to parliament by the people, and then from parliament, they are elected as prime minister. In America we don’t do this and as a result we tend to have more bad apples.

Why do we allow it?
Why do we allow this clearly inferior world to exist when it is so easy to change.

What a stupid group mind we have
Ideas that are clearly better cannot grow and thrive on their own. All you idea hounds out there, the people that read everything. you have a responsibility to the rest. You must help them see the truth.

Go plug yourself in
Maybe electric buggies will be better than using compressed air. I don’t know, but either way they should plug themselves in to recharge and perhaps to spend the night, in a mounting shoe of sorts with almost no space wasted between vehicles.

The rules of urban parks
1) No camping.
2) No building of shelters.
3) No tents.
3) No sleeping.
4) No storing of belongings.
5) No lying down for hours.
6) No obstructing the pathways.
7) No ambulatory vendors
8) No fast motion on wheels.
9) No disturbing the landscaping.
10) No yelling or loud sounds.

Global brain drain
This is when smart people abandon their nations back home to go live somewhere like New York or London. This to my mind is a main reason for the economic success of the US and UK, and conversely the failure of so many nations. To my mind, the intelligentsia should have some sense of duty, and resist the temptation to brain drain. Or at least, they should go back at some point to help their nation.

Plagiarism as a crime
The name of this crime is making a beach-head, or landing on the shore of the far-off metaphorical new continent. And that is who got accused of this crime, the great explorers. So here we see another important aspect of what Ishtar truly is. It is this thing that ruins the careers and credibility of men who should be our greatest thinkers. What a stupid species we are. And nowadays thanks to search tech, nobody is going to get away with plagiarism. So why is it still a crime? Perhaps we should have public crawlers that MEMESLATE and transliterate for originality, and people can run their work through them.

Dogs detecting human disease
The canine sense of smell seems to have primarily evolved to track prey animals by their scents. But it also probably evolved to tell one disease or health condition from another, thus discerning the truly weak from the somewhat weak. The sense of smell also probably evolved to make canines somewhat into symbiots (culling the unfit) rather than indiscriminate predators. • •  •  I bet we can teach dogs to recognize the smell of many diseases and conditions, and general ill health as well. Around the world, I imagine thousands of these ±20-dog traveling health screening services. And perhaps government will give free annual dog sniffing as a public service, for the pittance it will cost. After all, 20 dogs and trainers might cost a million a year see over a million people. It may not work that well, but at $1 per person, it doesn’t really have to.

Recovery and leadership
We may not want alcoholics as leaders, but it they have recovered and stayed sober for years, then they should perhaps be welcomed as senators… if they can also contribute. They will bring valuable insights to government. Likewise with other addicts, if they have recovered. And these people will have an advantage over others in these areas. And likewise other people from other low backgrounds might do much the same thing. Coal miners that get into the senate might gravitate towards coal mining regulation.

Leaders need not be perfect
Accept the foibles of your leaders, or your democracy will be dumber.

Purity and leadership
Purity with regard to leadership should mostly be a thing of personal finances and lifestyle in-extravagance. Thus the best and purest leaders do not live in great mansions, but in normal housing. They do not drive flashy cars but ordinary ones. • •  •  And people’s families and private lives and legal sex practices should be just a bunch of irrelevant nothing. I mean, if you are working in the private sector, you can’t be discriminated against for your private life, so why should we do this with our elected leaders?

Male homosexuals = promiscuous
I once saw a documentary about the gay movement(s) and it mentioned/joked that the average gay male relationship was 45-minutes. I have also seen a study that said the average gay man in San Francisco has had over 500 partners. So I just wanted to point something out. That tolerating gay men in positions of power is the same as tolerating great sexual promiscuity. Also, this is probably close to the path that Rome went down.

Getting fired for a post.
To me, this is the worst civil rights violation.
Here are fictional entities harming real people
for exercising their first and foremost right to free speech. And how can we let fictional entities
censor real people?

Forums should expect to be regulated
Also, nobody should have the power to advance a political ideology only because they own the public forum.

More Senate voting
1) No outside electronics in the voting chamber.
2) All voting stubs must be accounted for.
3) Young scholars are given the privilege of carrying the vote buckets through the Senate voting chambers and dumping them in the hopper for counting

When I see diamonds
I see them caked in the dry blood of men. I see them washed-out of the ashes at Auschwitz. I see them swallowed by people sent away with only the clothing on their back and the diamonds they managed to swallow. I see family members cutting open their dead to retrieve the diamonds. Why do we tolerate these awful evil things, these diamonds?

That most stolen
The public purse is the easiest and most valuable thing to steal. It needs multiple systems for preventing theft. It needs locks, an alarm, all night lighting, 24-hour security armed guards, and video monitoring from countless angles. Anyway that is what the public purse needs metaphorically.

I knew about graphs and exponential relationships long before studying algebra. It took me quite a while to realize that this al•giberish that I was studying was a way to mathematically describe the exponential relationships I already understood quite well. Also I think that few people who think about exponential relationships do it mathematically, using some algebra algorithm learned in school, even if they learned this material very well. So unless people are going to do an engineering-oriented program, they probably should not bother much with with quantified and algorithm-based algebra. Instead they should study visual algebra.

A better starting point
My new matrix is a much better starting point that trying to remodel the current edifice for the 594th time.

A new generation so much smarter
The people born in the US around 1900 had a sense that the new people were much better educated and smarter than they were. I think that pompous as we are about our success, that we are about to do that again, and worldwide, and over several generations.

Clothing IP rights
Musicians, athletes, sports teams, actors, and political parties should get no IP protection for apparel and bags that use their names or logos in a way visible on the outside.

Manhattan subway stations
I have seen them 200m long

How do you think of yourself?
Individual, line, extended family, community, city, nation, or species. It is reasonable at the start and reasonable at the end. It’s just the stuff in the middle that is hard to believe.

No curbs
With self-driving cars, curbs are not needed.


How equality became called Jesus
Greek Iso = equal, equality. This looks like Arabic Issa = Jesus. So from this angle, Jesus looks like a blid for equality, or all men are created equal, rather than a person that actually existed. •  •  •  And what a thing to be a blid for, what a great thing to make go away. So that positive feeling passed down from generation to generation, that began as the spirit of equality and fairness, and nobody above the law, and nobody beneath the law. And thanks to all the dark Arabs coming up in ancient times, it probably also meant racial equality too. So again, from this angle, the spirit of Jesus began as a love for equality but it was blended away into Jesus, and then they built this Roman church international with its pedophile thumbs-men priests on top of it. So the bible is the world’s dirtiest secret blurred away, and it main prophet is a blid for equality.

How Jesus is like Socrates?
The much loved and wise SOCRATES/ ISOCRATES seems like an impersonization, of Athenian ISO•CRACY. Maybe the much loved and wise JESUS (ISSA in Arabic) is also an impersonization of Roman ISO•CRACY, which sort of died around the time JESUS was born. The Roman Republic died in 44 BC and Jesus was born 44-years later, dying 33-years after that.

Savior and anti-christ
The correct way to understand how this can be so for one person is that the same guy is different things to parasite and host.

Mess = mouth, so the messenger might be the mouth of anger. Here, in this word we really see what Christianity originally was. It was a message of total defeat for the Mideast and a message of total victory for the West. Unfortunately, the Mideast came back to life, with one thought, that of ending Western culture — which it succeeded in doing roughly around the year 600, when the light of history truly went out in Europe for over 700 years,

Heir•looms = a weave/matrix that was inherited
Ishtar should be.

Ishtar is an heirloom
It is a thing handed down over the generations. And the only reason it existed was because it worked and nobody had another complete plan for running the world.

Reunion, Mauritius, Comoros and Mayotte
They should be Senate resorts, and so should Sao Tome, and Cape Verde and one of the Canaries, and perhaps Minorca, and some of the less used Greek Islands.

UM resorts for protection
There will be a certain level of security at all UM resorts, but the Islands will be more secure. Also, maybe these Islands should be for the people who stand up for what is right and need protection.

The Mundoneo
The new world message
For centuries this term captivated people’s personal aspirations and hopes for a better mankind. The term is now only in historical use, so It can be dusted off and reused.

Dog transponders
Let’s say that every dog off that is not on its masters private property has to wear a transponder. Witnesses could hit the complaint button on their phone at that location. Then the dog wardens would come out and collect a sample of the offending material, and look at the transponder records checked for timing and location. Then the owner of the leaky canine would have to pay a fine that pays for enforcement. The other thing this does is allow people to complain about aggressive dogs.

Why waste our limited fossil fuels?
Even if we have enough energy for 50,000-years, why are we wasting 50x as much as we need to each year?
Why not have enough for 2.5 million years?

Drag-ears for Lentil-shaped vehicles
You sit backwards in a self driving car, or single user pod. But there are these drag ears that are up at maybe 45° — perpendicular to passenger position. They project out from a smooth body and catch the ground/paving when the lentil -shaped pod tips over. The drag “ears”, have these 20cm x 40cm soft rubber pads on the drag surface, like a car tire, but much softer and grippier rubber. Thus the passengers tend to stay seat-forward relative to the motion of the vehicle after a collision. The drag ears are shaped a bit like a dolphin tail and a bit like a a rounded cross-bar. Everything is rounded, so they can’t hook on things. Nonetheless, they do definitely tend to drag the pavement and orient the pod in the right direction — so the any impacts after tipping will be oriented “rear-end” relative to the well-backed passenger. Also, with all this safety, these lentil shapes are probably motor-cycles.

I saw this recumbent motorcycle on YouTube for a while. It had these two center arms with mini-tires that came down and gave the bike a diamond-shape foot-print. And the two small wheels had only maybe 20cm diameter wheels. But they only came down when the vehicle slowed to walking speed. And real or not, we can surely figure out how to do this. With these, motorcycles can be easily operated at slow speeds. So really, the only thing keeping us from using two wheeled bikes as township buggies, is the safety. And I think safety will not be an issue once we figure out our vehicle operation network. So I imagine that the family vehicles will be 4′, single wide moped-frame plastic cars. But for individuals, I see these lentil-shaped, ride-backwards, enclosed mopeds, with 30cc to 100cc engines (for slopes), or air bladders, or batteries.

“Gnarly” Urban design
The first townships will be gridiron, but later, some will be even more intricate and gnarled than Santorini.

Lawyers and family law
What a great way to keep good people from having kids. And this really worked for me. What a sick society we have in that we use lawyers for family law. There is no need for third-parties here, except maybe appraisers and auditors. Why do we have sharks here in the waters around our richer people having kids?

Gossamer bridges
These will be the human equivalent of those funnels that some spiders spin. They will be these guy-cabled tubes that are strong enough to carry aircraft-light rail cars, one at a time. They will also be mostly wind transparent. Also, I don’t think we will consider these viaducts, or the spiderweb-like connections of our bridges as ugly.

International judicial
People visiting another nation and are charged with a crime should have the right to a UM international jury if they can’t get a fair trial where they are. However, penalties will be 33% higher when this route is chosen. International business people will also be able to use UM arbitrators for a similar cost disadvantage when they lose.

Top soil mining
Nutritious soil is constantly eroded and washed out to sea where it is a primary ocean nutrient. But there are probably a great many places on land that have accumulated thick layers of nutritious top soil.

What reality are we in?
1) Is this the one where Iran just out of the blue decodes to cave-in and agrees to gives up its nuclear program?
2) Is this the one where the US has to bomb Iran before it caves in and gives up its nuclear program?
3) I hope it isn’t the one where Iran gets nukes and starts WW3. Is this the one where Iran gives up its nuclear program and tyranny in exchange for massive aid from the US, UK, EU, China, and Japan?
4) Is this the one where a day day after Iran, North Korea also gives up its tyranny for massive aid from the US, UK, EU, China, South Korea, and Japan?

The first patriotic act
It is to stand and be counted behind your chosen leader, no matter what the threats. This is the most important act of patriotism.

Animal evolution sped up about 320-mya
It took nature a whopping 50-million years to evolve from water-respiring fish to air-respiring reptiles. I think this took so long because amphibians occupied two 1-dimensional territories:  On one hand, they occupied a stream or pond, and on the other hand, they occupied a narrow 1-dimensional shoreline around it. This limited their evolutionary speed by making their breeding networks tiny and one dimensional. With reptiles, we see the advent of a 2-dimensional or networked breeding territory. Thus with reptiles evolution started occurring exponentially faster as the breeding networks scaled.

The true meaning of Gr. PARA
It is parasitic, opposite of, opposed to, apart from, less than.
Para•dox = something amiss in the docs/dox, in how something seems, Gr. dokien=seem
Para•medic = someone less than, or subsidiary to a medico/doctor.
Para•military = not real military
Para•sympathetic = a blid for the lack of brotherly sympathy
Para•meters = something amiss in the scale, or measure of something.

Field people wear AV cams
Field employees should generally be expected to wear remote backup cams and carry an enabled phone for close ups to add to the stream. That is how they document their work activities.

Tyranny wears many disguises
Sometimes it is monarchy, or communism, or fascism, or generals who have seized power. Sometimes it is elected people who find some excuse to stay on. Sometimes it is a democracy of corrupt oligarchs. The tyranny that fronts for the world’s desperation uses whatever works.

The absence of democracy
should be seen as tyranny

Getting rid of tyranny
1) Tyranny will play dead when the lights go on.
2) Tyranny has many niches within the body politic where it survives and indeed quietly thrives within today’s democracies.
3) Never stop coming back to look for corruption and by extension early-stage tyranny.

Let your girls out
Girls should not stay inside, especially in winter. Make them go out and get active year-round. Not being active is why women ted to get all those nasty immune diseases like MS more than men. Let them go out like boys, instead of staying home and living a protected “nice girl” life. And looking at the numbers suffering from these diseases, girls are hundreds of times more likely to suffer auto-immune disease from not going out, than to suffer sexual violence from going out. Also, to my mind, this keep the girls inside thing is a cornerstone, a primary subjugation of women, interfering with their physical health, their mental development, and their characters.

The vehicle to passenger weight ratio
For a SUV it is 5,350:167 = 32:1.
For a new train, it might be: 3:1, or even 2:1.

The wind profile of a train
It is either one train or say 300 automobiles.

RADICAL = to the root

Time & space is a blid
for time and distance
Also, how do we know that 50% or 99% or 99.9999% of what we take for distance is not a slowing of time?

The time-space continuum
This is another blid. It is actually a time-distance equation, distance being a function of how long it takes you to get there.

Everyone in the world will have to watch maybe 80-hours of video on the new democracy and legal system.

Using relative temperature as a proxy for time
Maybe absent a better metric, we should use temperature in degrees Kelvin as a proxy for time, or relative time — either that, or some multiplier of temperature. So the dark side of the moon gets down to around -173°C, or 100° Kelvin. The surface of the Earth is around 293°K. and the sun is around 5,800°K. Until we see a better theory, perhaps this should be the relative time-rate of these places.

Time resembles temperature, but not gravity
So maybe time is related to temperatures, and gravity is another network effect all-together. Maybe it is related to electromagnetism.

The gravity time lag
Is there any example among all the many orbiters of the cosmos… Is there any example of a time lag in the effects of gravity?

This sounds like people talking on the radio and all dying… because they were into radio-active stuff.

Do not focus on me or my life
I should not be a distraction from my message. The message is more important..

Sugar most expensive
Due to taxes, the sugar and fruit will no longer be the cheapest part of the cake, the cookies, the pies. Soon they will be the most expensive part, and commercial baking will be much about subtracting as much sugar as tolerable — instead of adding as much sugar as tolerable.

Almaden mine
The area around the Almaden mercury mine in Spain should be carefully reevaluated for mercury toxicity. Also, I bet the history of this place is interesting.

Everyone should have the following
as soon as practical

1) Sufficient safe drinking water.
2) 40w for electronics.
3) Internet access.
4) Later, safe sewage.
5) This can be provided by the nation, or if another nations wants to step in, it can. If not, the UM should take over and make this happen within 24-months worldwide.

What Christianity is
Christianity is now a European religion of love and peace. But before, it was a Mideast religion. And before that, it was a muddling of a revelations about the great Mideast parasitic secret.

Why lie to ourselves?
Why is there an Arab ministry of truth at all? If the lie spinning is not needed to feed the Mideast and to keep mankind evolving upward, why have have a department of group delusions? What purpose is the matrix once the humans can power/feed the machines/Meccans in other ways?

Fiber to the world
It should be a UM project that every community of 10,000 on earth is “wired” with fiber and has both sufficient bandwidth for mini-video and sufficient electric generating capacity to power everyone’s device. Few things will increase education and reduce poverty like this.

Punishingly expensive goods
In New York you see these ridiculously expensive women’s things. These are not only for women to show off their status, but to get more money from a broken divorce court system… to support them “in the manner they have become accustomed to”. Why do we have this stupid and wasteful tax on coupling and breeding? This really must be stoped for the good of the human genome.

Being gay
The word comes from the social buzz you get at a party, or a good exchange among friends. It also I think describes an excessively warm approach to being friends. It is easy to see why it became synonymous with being a homo.

Gay parading
You had your gay pride parades here and there in the most liberal cities. But you had your parades. Now you can no longer have homo parades and art that glorifies being homo. You will have the freedom to live your love-lives as you want in quiet, and among your kind and with regular check-ups for certain types of pairing and activity levels. What you will not have is the right to promote being a homo among young people. And that will be taken to all reasonable extremes, including a rule that gay men may not work in a job that involving lots of underage boys once they turn 18.

Everyone gets a trade in high school
It is part of graduating secondary school.
It is also important for civil defense.

Every day learning
I don’t think that kids should get any full day’s off from school, except when they are awake for less than 12 hours a day. I think that every day of the week, they need to do at least say 2 or 3-hours of educational media. And what a respite this will be! And the system will only let them watch other media on days off after they have completed their work media.

How to do grades to motivate kids
The grade/level should match the age of the kid. It should not be offset with 8 year olds in 3rd grade. 8 year olds should be in 8th grade if they are normal, and 9th or higher if they are progressive kids that have done lots of edu media. Also, the regressive kids, the dumb or more often lazy kids should always get asked about their age and school level, with an “oh” at the end, implying that they are slackers because they can’t complete enough. The ones that are truly slow but hard working can be given appropriate modules, so they don’t have to be ashamed.

The true goal of early education
It is to get from a situation where kids only want to play video games to a situation where they only want to watch educational media. And this may be an objective that education will never actually reach. But it is certainly the correct direction.

Lamer games, better documedia
Maybe the Senate should make sure that the video games are not too addictive or too compelling. This will made the educational media relatively more interesting and help kids focus more on their studies.

More precise kid time & studies
All grade levels in our new progress based education system are decimalized along with children’s ages by teneths and hundredths. Kids are no longer 6 years old but 6.42, and they are in grade 6.79, and 27 centimes ahead, or whatever when they are asked.

Extending the life of the planet
What if man could “easily” reduce all eruption filth by a factor of 2, or 4 or 8 by bleeding off volcanic gas pressure? what if we could take Earth’s volcanic ash levels back 50-million years?

To see earth’s cooling rate
How far back were there cold blooded reptiles in Antarctica? How much colder must this be than today. There is a second point on the curve.

Very impressive!
The Mt. Saint Hellens eruption from Wikipedia

“The near-supersonic lateral blast, loaded with volcanic debris, caused devastation as far as 19 miles (31 km) from the volcano. The area affected by the blast can be subdivided into three roughly concentric zones:

  1. Direct blast zone, the innermost zone, averaged about eight miles (13 km) in radius, an area in which virtually everything, natural or artificial, was obliterated or carried away. For this reason, this zone also has been called the “tree-removal zone”. The flow of the material carried by the blast was not deflected by topographic features in this zone. The blast released energy equal to 24 megatons of TNT.
  2. Channelized blast zone, an intermediate zone, extended out to distances as far as 19 miles (31 km) from the volcano, an area in which the flow flattened everything in its path and was channeled to some extent by topography. In this zone, the force and direction of the blast are strikingly demonstrated by the parallel alignment of toppled large trees, broken off at the base of the trunk as if they were blades of grass mown by a scythe. This zone was also known as the “tree-down zone”. Channeling and deflection of the blast caused strikingly varied local effects that still remained conspicuous after some decades. Where the blast struck open land directly, it scoured it, breaking trees off short and stripping vegetation and even topsoil, thereby delaying revegetation for many years. Where the blast was deflected so as to pass overhead by several meters, it left the topsoil and the seeds it contained, permitting faster revegetation with scrub and herbaceous plants, and later with saplings.
“The ash fall, however, did pose some temporary major problems for transportation operations and for sewage-disposal and water-treatment systems. Because visibility was greatly decreased during the ash fall, many highways and roads were closed to traffic, some only for a few hours, but others for weeks. Interstate 90 from Seattle to
Spokane, Washington, was closed for a week. Air transportation was disrupted for a few days to 2 weeks as several airports in eastern Washington shut down due to ash accumulation and attendant poor visibility.

The fine-grained, gritty ash caused substantial problems for internal-combustion engines and other mechanical and electrical equipment. The ash contaminated oil systems, clogged air filters, and scratched moving surfaces. Fine ash caused short circuits in electrical transformers, which in turn caused power blackouts. The sewage-disposal systems of several municipalities that received about half an inch or more of ash, such as Moses Lake and Yakima, Washington, were plagued by ash clogging and damage to pumps, filters, and other equipment. Fortunately, as these same cities used deep wells and closed storage, their water-supply systems were only minimally affected.

The Krakatoa tsunami funnel trench
1) Look at all the tsunami erosion and how deep it goes.
2) Krakatoa is not really subject to irrigation changes from changes in sea level.

The off-cycle volcanos
Krakatoa and the other volcanos that are not really affected by sea level changes are sort of off-cycle. These will be something of a benchmark to gauge the other eruptions and model overall ash levels.
Their ash records need to be compared with the on-cycle volcanoes. This is how we gauge the ash levels in the atmosphere during ice ages.

The volcanic survey
Every potentially active volcano on earth gets core drilled in 4 directions, and every active one in 8-directions, and at say 6 distances.

Get your kids reaching
It is good to get them reaching to get hold of something they want just out of reach. This is good. It develops will and will power to focus and achieve one’s goals.

Peek-a-boo 2.0
You covrer the baby with the blanket then you reward the baby by saying “peek-a-book… <name>.” when she flails the blanked off.

Make babies feel good about numbers
Numbers should be positive. So when you pull baby back on the swing, you count to ten as you slowly pull the baby up, letting go at 10. Also, when the baby starts getting excited by playing blanket peekaboo, you can count 1-2-3 to get ready, then up to 10. Some people count during a contest of will with their kids, If you do this, you are going the opposite direction, and getting your kid to dislike numbers.

Is North Korea you?
Is North Korea China’s obnoxious sock puppet?

Aqueduct water inertia
The water never stops due to the energy wasted. What we have for emergencies are rows of breach doors that can be “blown”. Also, I might liken the pipe to a garden hose on a high pressure line. Instead of fibers, there is a post-tension steel array holding the concrete pipe together. Thus relatively small aqueducts might carry large amounts of water due to their flow rate.

Mt. Fuji
This should be translated as “mount fire” in English.

No taxes on the virtual world
This is because we want to encourage virtual activity and discourage real activity due to the infrastructure and ecological savings. So internet, voice, and text are supposed to be free, like street lighting and trash collection. However as with trash collection, you can’t produce vast levels of garbage for free. You can’t use the 5G network to live stream 20 HD webcams 24 hours a day unless it is cheaper for society than providing roads for people to go there.

A golden steer
It wasn’t a golden calf, but a golden steer. This is the bull that the entire flock followed. This is what they made for Moses, not a calf.

Heating: $1200 to $24/ year
Gasoline: $2,600 to $52/year

If we are using 2% as much energy, this is what happens to our heating and transportation costs.

More nice places to live
Living in a place with a nice climate will not matter that much given how people will be able to use the indoor hallways.

Don’t stay too close to your kids face
It may cause nearsightedness.

Upright and wrapped infants
I don’t think this is good. I think this increases back spinal curvatures and other back problems in junior. And some may take half a lifetime to appear. I don’t think that babies should be regularly sat upright until they are sitting on their own. Sitting them upright in a bouncing car also seems like the cause of lots of back problems.

Colliding stars
can cause a supernova

A thick field of spray & dust
from a collision
can block a star’s light
and cause a black hole.

Loralei and the sirens
These shore women who lure men to their deaths with their song and dance were a real thing in both the Germanic and Mediterranean cultures. Also, maybe it is lure•ali=lure•them

Other Names
The Mideast confesses
The Mideast uncovering
The end of empires message

Table engineers
There should be another sort of structural engineer that just looks things up on engineering tables. These probably can learn the trade in high school, or in a 2-year college. This and the mass production of housing will eliminate the shortage in structural engineers.

This word should be understood as any colorant or cream going on the face, including the eyelashes, but not including lipstick.

This might be a better word for a small light 4-wheel vehicle only designed to be taken from a zip-train to one’s home via a ring road. These only have a range of maybe only 3-12 miles. Outside of the motor and battery, they might only weigh 100kg. Also, in tropical places like Hawaii and Samui, they might have polycarbonate side windows that fold on top of the roof. 3 “glass” parts are standardized like VW thing doors and windows. Thus replacements take only moments.

The #1 example of this word should be the murky speech James Wilson used when he famously explained why his bros sent the 2.0 US constitution for ratification without a bill of rights.

It means turning bad into good, and the #1 example of this word should be the murky speech James Wilson used when he famously explained why his bros sent the 2.0 US constitution for ratification without a bill of rights.

The land of no resources
and the next ice age

More precisely, we should call it the land of no water. But calling it a desert doesn’t really encompass the way that it is without life’s resources because it’s without water. So I use the formula noun: The-land-of-no-resources. • • • Now from here, from this understanding of the term the-land-of-no-resources, we need to pivot and consider how the entire world will be much more without life resources, in the next ice age, due to a lack of rainfall mostly.

The soil core project
Let’s take about 50,000 soil cores around the planet, so we can determine when the various parts of the planet were able to sustain a soil building biome, and when they were not. This study will give us such important information about rainfalls and food levels during ice ages. I want to say that I like how this study is totally yes/no and not subject to interpretation: When were what locations building soil? How much soil did they build and when? This is how we should define the area of the habitable human biome we should expect at the start of the next ice age.

The dodo bird verdict
It also shows that Junior college (2-years) educated advisors are as effective as (7-year educated) MD psychiatrists who in many cases say almost nothing at all anyway.

Robotic freight
1) Droid collects goods.
2) Cargo from droid to zip train.
4) Cargo from zip train to conveyor belt
5) Cargo from conveyor belt to intercity train.
6) Cargo from intercity train to conveyor belt.
7) Cargo from conveyor belt to zip train.
8) Cargo from zip train to droid.
9) Droid delivers goods.

Train boxes
I see these 7m by say 10m containers. There are say 3 of these, one comes off, then one goes on. Either that, or there are slots where these bins get inserted horizontally, which will not work with the overhead loading of interchanges. Also, there are two loading positions, maybe 10m apart, down the track. The trains unloads passengers, and cargo in position #1. then after the passengers leave, the train goes to position #2, for loading of both passengers and cargo. At the interchanges, we imagine that outside the passenger interchange, above the freight cars are a bunch of overhead grappling and positioning robots and a conveyor belt loop for cargo.

Township and interchange layout
1) There are probably more commercial townships than are shown on the outside of the hourglass.
2) We imagine more industrial uses going in the outskirts of the commercial zone.
3) If we are using the same trains for deliveries, then the delivery part probably goes just outside the station. Here railcars arrive and robot arms take the freight out and put it on a conveyor loop that circles the interchange. I see the freight exchange binarios at 90° to the passenger binarios. and perpendicular to a few concentric rounded-square loop lines, maybe one per car. And maybe there are 8 or 16 loading arms per railcar.
4) The open spaces between the townships as shown averages maybe 3 or 6 city blocks at its closest
5) The townships can be round or square, or any shape. I suspect they will be roundish, but pixilated and stepped wherever the blocks end.
6) Sprawl sucks, because it blocks access to the woods. Thus, many townships will probably not have suburbs. Rather than having high rise centers surrounded by Europe dense housing, and then woods. I bet in many places, the many people living in the high rises will demand parkland closer to home. So I imagine that some communities might have a minimum density for construction. Also, if they own a 2-3km area, and control access, they can simply say, “no building beyond this point”.
7) If the freight is going over the passengers, then the passengers will use underpasses to move between binarios without entering the central passenger interchange area of the station.

Rail interchanges (above)
1) The binarios for the railcars at the interchange might handle 4 cars deep. Why not?
2) The queuing bins might be able to handle 10 cars deep. Why not?
3) The ring road might be 6-lanes wide. Why not?
And don’t bring up the irrelevant cost of paving it.
4) The parking lots for railcars waiting to load are grossly oversized.

Grid city (above)
1) The interchanges are the little round circles in the corners, the square-oids are townships. The lines are trains.
2) Remember, the intercity trains are only a little faster than the grid trains.
3) This is how to do a city of 10-million. The trade-off is that some township interchanges will be 3-stops to the intercity rail interchange. If we put 4 township interchanges on an X, then we can drop that to 1-stop. However, only maybe 4-million people can use one rail interchange.

Grid cities and interchanges
Each grid city will have 4 main passenger stations in 4-directions, (sort of like Paris with 12 million, if we consider Nord/l’Est & Austerlitz/Lyon as one station each). So a grid city of 10 million, might have 4 stations serving 2.5 million each. These are outside say a 9 X 9 or a 9 X 12 grid of township interchanges, one rail interchange on each corner of the grid city. The first station a train comes to, it interchanges at. Also, it should be noted that the stops are different depending on the direction one is going. For example: The west bound trains will stop at a station outside the eastern corner of the grid city, while the eastbound trains will stop at at station outside a western corner.

The rail not going to that city doesn’t stop at the station. They just take the roundabout to their track and wait for the rest of the train to get there. Late cars get left for the next train. Also, it should be noted that the cars from this city leave some minutes before the new cars arrive. So there is no waiting for people to get on and off at a stop. There is only the robotic coupling of system-operated trains. I bet in no time, this will happen faster than a convoy of busses can line up.

The equidistance advantage
There is going to be an advantage to keeping the grid cities relatively equidistant. It means that various trains can all be in the station at the same time.

Melbourne and Environs (above)
The above map is actually the travel distance using transit stops. When I first saw this map, I thought it looked a bit like an urban density map for a transit oriented city. it for an urban density map.

Urban conglomeration
The peripheral part is a pretty good cousin of the way the outer townships will be. Just try to ignore the “Urban Conglomeration” at the center. The opposite of urban conglomeration or UC (pronounced like UCSD) is the sort of urbanism that calls for nearly vehicle-free wild-belts between the fenced townships. This way, the wildlife go around human communities and people will living in the middle of protected parkland will be pretty much normal. And these cities will neither harm the wildlife, nor be unsightly or noisy. And while some townships will be designed to work together in a linear clump, like the “townships” that are more towards the center of Melbourne, on either side of the perhaps 5-township string (10-15km), will be wilderness. And the edge of each town will be a wildlife fence.

A touchy system
We will be reliant on a few routes. Maybe we should be able to use the cargo lines either below or near if the passenger lines if they become obstructed. And boy will this system is so cheap, so perhaps many communities will have backup lines.

Small interchanges
The big advantage of small interchanges is that they can cycle faster, with 8 or less minutes of travel, and 2 or more minutes of transit. This gets harder with the bigger stations with more distance between trains. It also leads to a near doubling of the people in the station and a doubling of the first problem. So, except for youngsters, oldsters, and disabled, the stations are supposed to clear in each cycle and 95% of the people are supposed to make their change. •  •  •  Also, a 6 minute ride is 1 minute of acceleration and 1 of deceleration, and 4 minutes of 5-km/minute travel. So That is maybe 23km away, and a 46km interchange zone. If you did that on the freeway with 4 lights and 4 miles on either side, you are looking at a 40 minute ride, not counting ramps.

Virtual urbanism = urbanism without meta-politain proximity.

Mini droids running on the ceiling
It is not hard to imagine that if most people on most days will orde-in meals from the local hawker center. So delivery droid traffic might exceed human traffic. But what if our township fingers had hanging C monorail tracks on the ceiling and all the mini deliveries moved on wheels in these ceiling lanes? It might be just little things that fit in a 90cm x 90cm x 30cm box. Most of the time these ceiling bots are pulled up against their ceiling by the arm on the main wheel — so they run on two small trike wheels the size of rollerblade wheels. But when they get to your door they elbow down and there is your pizza or whatever. Also, with only one rail it is easier to do robotic lane/track shifting.

Township interior halls
The township halls will resemble the driveways in nice parking structures, or perhaps they will be like the hallways in some Singapore HDB buildings with painted walls and lightly broomed concrete for the floor. And these will be shared with self driving vehicles of various sorts.

Township street alignments
The basic design will be like the gridiron of Manhattan, with the rail line being the avenue. There will be around 20 blocks per mile like in Manhattan, with super long blocks that go all the way out to the ring road, and some beyond. But there are diagonal crossing passages here and there, and there are four 45° diagonals from the end of the train platform. These diagonals probably run through B2 and daylight at the ring road with stairways at each “street” along the way.

HOAs, another level of government
Centi-Nomes will hire and firing individuals as non-entrepreneurial employees as managers. Definitely not entrepreneurial management companies. And these employee managers will be bound the OPM rules and they will be lifestyle audited by the tax house much more than normal people. A great many municipal and public services will be ruled/ run by a Sub-Senate Centi-Nome, like: trash, daycare, primary education, police, hawker centers, metro trains, buggy livery, and landscaping. The staff is managed mostly at the township level by the local Sub-Senators or their appointed manager.

The new cities just outside the old cities
This is so people can keep their friends after they move to the new reality.

Building blocks
The blocks above happen to be jail cells. Imagine we are using gantry crains to position entire apartments ten times the size.

1) These will be cast in forms that are themselves mass produced, so while the bottoms will be upside-down-T flat, and the web will be vertical, the rest of the extrusion will probably be pretty curvy and perhaps pointed at the ends.
2) I would have these gantry crane robots that dis-assemble the forms, lift them up and place them on the alternating row, where they are assembled by robot arms on the gantry crane. Then it sticks its pump proboscis onto a quick-release on a cement truck. Then it injects the H-trestle, and then it vibrates it. I think that pretty soon it will even finish off the top of the pour “wall”. There are also probably other bots for rebar going before the form moving and casting bot.
3) Let’s call this type of machine an Al•or•ax, like in that crap children’s propaganda book by Theodore Geisel. All mechanisms that mass produce for the people in socialist-style, should be called Loraxes and they should be thought of as things of goodness.

Drug treatment ideas
1) With regard to the nasty drugs like opiates, amphetamines, and probably cocaine, people should only be able to “score” a day’s supply, and they might be forced to go to a facility and watch, in order to get their fix.
2) Someone should curate the daily video feeds of the most messed up alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless people from all the facilities and put them silently on HD screens in the various junior high and high school cafeterias. I think it would be both informative and motivating for kids. And if the addicts fall asleep in the gutter somewhere, follow them out and show this to the kids.
3) Government should halt all sales of these drugs from time to time, to drive secondary users into the system.

Narcotic = an•ark•otic = new•king•sound

Why there should be no minimum wage
Recreational labor
Kids working
Elders working
People who get lodging, or food
dumb people
People with extreme attitudes
Trial periods

Measuring the passage of time
What if computers are not subject to time because they are self powered? What if the decay of radioactive material is likewise not subject to time?

The promised land = the bro-mouthed land

The rails, the railcars, the viaducts, the equipment to install them, the pass through township stations, the interchanges will all need prototyping, perhaps many iterations of each before they go into mass production.

Shinjuku station
It handles 3.6 million passengers a day. So we should be able to do 4-million in one station.

Rail web height
It would be helpful to have say 15cm (6″) of space above the horizontal wheels. This way when the tires hit the ramp there is say 4″ of play on the downside and 2″ on the upside. So if the tires are a little flat, the train will not bottom out or scrape the rails. Also, we want real tall webs as these can have bigger spans. There should also be some sort of tire inflation reader that scans the train height every time it docks and helps keep all the train tires properly inflated.

The immense cost of accessibility
Having 3-dimensional architecture is real nice. By this I mean differences in floor heights and ceiling heights, an often one use on top of another. Doing this offers more joyous spaces, and often times much cheaper spaces. And this is on top of how we wast 2 to 5% of our parking spaces for disabled people who almost never really need them. Why?

Sealed vs expunged records
Certain juvenile crimes get sealed and can only be viewed by law enforcement the courts, and government. This information should only be viewed when the person is later accused of a similar crime. If that is the case, the judiciary approves based on criminal relevance, then the old charges are unsealed. Expungement is what happens when government makes a mistake and the person is exonerated, or the crime is deleted, such as is about to happen with marijuana.

Restrictions on broadcast video and VR
I think we should restrict the broadcast news media, the garbage TV news aimed at the lowest common denominator. No restrictions on the press, or paid subscription broadcast media, or viral media, or media that is a mail-list with a web-page shell on it. The only place for restrictions is the sort of mindless watching that people do in front of a TV.

Ownership of land
People hold diverse ideas about what ownership of land means. Some hold it to be an inalienable right, while others want more flexibility. I think the latter are right and the former wrong — and this is totally so for the X-urban areas between communities. These have to move if the public needs their land. Sorry, the train and the highway and the power lines are going to go through, and nobody has the right to appeal the Senate’s blanket per-acre offer for farmland and per square foot offer or suburban and urban land. And just to be perfectly clear, nobody has any right to any of the public’s profit when it creates a new community.

Sometimes the layers bend, but I bet many mountain ranges are essentially giant chunks of rock where the lithosphere was compressed and fragmented… and later eroded severely due to the higher rainfall that mountains cause.

Bahia Cali•for•nia = Bay Good•for•nothing
Cali•for•nia = Good•for•nothing, the coastline that was known to be dangerous due to recent tsunamis.

All interior doors sold or supplied in the nation should have a reasonable minimum sound transmissivity. They should also have rubber seals. These seals will reduce both noise and thermal transmission. They will also reduce slamming noises.

It comes from sirly, but that proved a problem for maintaining castes. So now sirly is spelled surly. But sirly once mean the character of a sir, an elevated man means someone that apparently was “bad tempered and unfriendly”, This seems what the sirs looked like from below.

Heat and work
1) When it’s cold, working makes you more comfortable. When it’s hot, working makes you less comfortable. Looking at a graph of per-capita GDP by latitude shows that this is a huge thing that is already well known. Why does nobody talk about it?
2) Our new townships will be up higher where it is cooler and thus, people will be more inclined to work.
3) Going around town will not be so hot in our new townships, with their interior hallways and far-out cooling plants.
4) The far north might be used for the hazing/ trial period for the migrants. Maybe their immigration camps/schools are in the far north for reason of motivation.

First aid
All high school kids should learn it. And they should experience stitching up a piece of beef, as a public health/ emergency skill. It doesn’t take long to learn, and they can learn about pre-cleaning woulds too.

Diagonal X rebar
For the rebar panels between the township shoeboxes, the two rebar nets will be diagonal and roughly 45°. For the corners and columns of the shoeboxes, the rebar is vertical, and ringed with lap-welded flat-bar bands at frequent intervals.

You and eu
Instead of spelling it as the abstract YOU, let’s start spelling it as EU, meaning good, like my good man or my good lady.

Supernovas are when stars collide
If the debris field is thick & diffuses the light,
It’s called a Black hole.

Isn’t it crazy that people think that gravity overpowers star light? Simplest explanation rules, right? And if we have got hard science this wrong, imagine how bad the subjective stuff is.

Understanding the widening circle of territory and how it relates to a graph is more important than knowing how to model that graph numerically. Teach the algorithms afterwards, and only to people who will actually need and use it.

XY and Z axis are blids
Obviously, someone doesn’t want people thinking in more dimensions. They used the letters at the end of the alphabet to describe dimensions. Perhaps to XYZ, we can add A, B and C axises.

Security clearance rules
1) You must report all income from all sources.
2) Hiding income or gifts from foreigners in excess of ordinary meals and ordinary short term home lodging, shall be in itself a crime.
3) All your contacts are subject to investigation.
4) No handwritten contact books.
5) No undisclosed employment with foreign nations, or foreigners, or foreign fictional citizens.
6) You must account for the money for all big ticket items.
7) You cannot be active in either business or stock markets or trading markets. You can buy and hold mutual funds.
8) Your security clearance and area of expertise is classified for 10-years after you give up either.
9) Agents are supposed to play along with recruiters asking for non-sensitive but still classified material as a spy catcher. But as soon as its safe, they are supposed to go to the spy-catchers.

Sex database
While this should not be used in ordinary life, and even in matters of Senate leadership, it should be a consideration in matters of national intelligence.

The big brother most trusted
The tremendous benefits of IT cannot be had without some form of Big-Brother-like data storage bin. So in a way, we must take some poison, and it is up to us to figure out which form of big brother poison is best and least harmful:
1) One giant national government, one Big-Brother? …No way.
2) Lots of corrupt little brothers like facebook and google? No way.
3) 300 individually managed county recorder’s offices with strict data pull rules, and recording of data pulls? … Yes.
4) 300 individually managed county recorder’s offices, each run by independently by the county government? …Yes.

County recorders are key
to benefiting from the data age

1) They will run the local wifi.
2) They will run their ubers and craig’s lists and newspaper classified sections. They will run the local search engines and maps and restaurant reviews — all for a small profit.
3) They will have their order platforms.
4) They will run their delivery systems.
5) They will run the local vehicle driving network.
6) They will record and judge the standard contracts, such as purchase service contracts.
7) All services shall be provided for fees, many of these fees waived to promote commerce.
8) They will run the public domain library and the public-domain media.
9) As important as recording what should be recorded, is not recording what should not be recorded. Keep this in mind.
10) And we really should decentralize the administration of our national system of financial obligation and credit.
10) Who do we entrust with these critical functions but our broad democracy? Do we trust openly corrupt for profit fictional citizens? What about the less apparently corrupt non-profits that would be suggested right after? Do we trust Roman Church International?
12) Maybe the recorders will monitor employees and call discipline for sexual misconduct and doing dangerous things, and slacking off. And while we might not need this in many places, it might be useful in other places. You know if we are trying to get people to make jobs, let’s relieve them of this burden. And let’s put it on the actual people misbehaving.
13) Do we organize the recorders at the county level? Do we want 300 recorders? Or do we put them under the Sub-Senate, and have 5,000 recorders, one for each Centi-Nome. 5,000 seems a better number than 300. The later seems too easy to corrupt.

Government even wider
We should divide and organize our recorders by Centi-nome, to get 5,000 independent cells /mirrors. But to foster independence, they will all be run by the county government, not the national government. Once we shake off the sleep of centralization, a very big part of government will be run this way, like healthcare, schools, and the militia.

Mankind can blow up in the data age
To my mind, there are two big things that need to happen to prevent us from blowing up.
1) We have to end human desperation so people don’t sell out, so that fewer people are involved with this aspect of mankind.
2) We need to get the Big Brothers and corporate Little Brothers out of our data-streams.

Data brokers
It should not be allowed to trade and sell data between people and organizations. This is just the sort of aggregation my new constitution prohibits.

Handheld to desktop sync
It must be possible for all applications without using a cloud.

All visitors to all foreign nations
1) Have to watch 2-hours of orientation video to enter the first time.
2) Have to watch 2-days of orientation video to visit for more than 3-months in 4-years
3) Have to watch 2-weeks of orientation video to stay more than a year in-8 years.
4) These video is about the official policies and the customs and manners of the nation and they should be somewhat customized for the various regions and nations of the world.
5) Some nations might require more videos on the first visit for people from really different cultures.

how many times in school?
There are things you should learn in school once every two years, once every year, twice a year, once a teneth, and twice a teneth. For example we should tell kids over and over to start a business

Music festival rules
1) You must have your location device with you at all times, or you will be ejected immediately
2) There must be at least one device checker per 1,000 people.
3) People, particularly attractive women, must be allowed to check out backup cams with mikes if they request.
4) The festival must have a nurse.
5) Adequate toilet facilities must be provided.

He who hath no adversity
This trait may take a number of generations to become dominant.

This term should refer to people claiming victimhood over trivial things.

Ishtar is like a magnet
It has two poles which seem to exude power for people to re-direct.

Township finger ends
At the end of each floor, at the end of each finger of the town is an end unit. The patio outside this unit will have a 270° view. I would say: Don’t make them all private property, but then again, don’t make them all public either.
1) A few classrooms for the most progressive kids.
2) Some study halls for kids.
3) Some are shared offices
4) Some are cafes and restaurants.
5) Some are hotels, or rental venues.

7-meter roads, 20 stories up
If our tallest township centers are 20 stories tall, then the bot alleys, the tunnels, whatever we call them will also be 20 stories up. And for people in wheelchairs (or iron-lungs for that matter) they will all be able to roll bump-lessly in their tunnel. Then they will roll bump-lessly into the lift and then into the train. So the old and disabled will have a very easy time getting around in the new townships.

New cities, superior in so many ways
1) They will be faster than Manhattan in terms of time to reach X number of people.
2) They will be cheaper than mobile homes.
3) The walls will be more soundproof than bricks.
4) More thermal mass than brick.
5) Better insulated than anything before.
6) 98% energy savings for transport, heat and cooling.
7) Secure-entry… kids can walk to school.
and crime is difficult.

Dynasty = di•nus•ti = your two nuts

Transparency in the supply chain
1) This will reduce opportunities for profiteering, and especially in times of crisis.

Let’s stink-wash it
so they know we actually did something
Let’s talk about cleansers with extreme aromas, the over-powerful aromas are sold mostly to people who want to prove that the place was cleaned. And maybe these also exist to drive people from working as a commercial cleaner, so there will be demand for illegals. I see a correlation with crooked managers, people who want their cleaning people to emphasize viscerally how the staff was there working. The extreme smell is a very noisy and deeply felt distraction. Maybe it should be seen as the smell of a human rat. Also, I am sure that most of us never want to encounter the smell of a stink-washed lobby again, so let’s just prohibit stink wash cleaners.

International propaganda
No UM member nation shall produce propaganda in other nations.

The high cost of working in secret
If you are a secret, you must infiltrate existing communities. You can’t set up new communities because your people are a secret.

Nothing harms tyranny
like improving democracy

Tyranny can be seen as an absence of democracy. Wherever democracy does not rule our society, it is tyranny.

overriding my message
If a national democracy wants to override something I set up for a stated reason, it’s ok. And I expect many nations will have some form of ban on abortion. And some will continue to keep amphetamines and heroin illegal. Try to experiment with different approaches.

Part-time and over-time
When people work:

One 11-hour day/ 6-day sweek, it’s 1/3 time.
Two 11-hour days/ 6-day sweek, it’s 2/3 time.
Three 11-hour days/ 6-day sweek, it’s full time.
Four 11-hour days/ 6-day sweek, it’s 1-1/3 time.
Five 11-hour days/ 6-day sweek, it’s 1-2/3 time.
Also, government should encourage the people to work harder, and never discourage working.

One day of the week
What if people worked one 11-hour day a sweek? That is 11/6 x 364 = 667 hours a year,

A world open every day
What a ridiculous thing these holidays, these sabbaths are. The Romans wasted half the calendar on these ludi days when everything closed down. My world is open every day of the year, except maybe July 4, democracy day. Some people work these days and some people work other days. If you need to pray on a 7-day calendar, then find a job with Sundays, or Saturdays off and your days off will thus rotate. And the beauty of modern communication is that most people don’t have to work at the same time.

Trying to game the re-allocation
I fear that lots of people will be accused of this.
Don’t cheat, don’t angle.

Dog bites
If a dog bites someone who is either on public property, or lawfully on private property, the dog’s owner shall generally be financially liable to pay for damages to the person bitten, along with an equal amount to government as penalty. This shall be so regardless of how viciousness the dog has been, or the owners’ knowledge of any viciousness. This financial liability shall expressly include people who are lawfully on the property of the dog’s owner. It shall also include those who feed stray and street dogs that later bite someone. It shall also include bites from lap-dogs. If the person bitten has contributed to the biting incident by taunting the dog, the liability of the dog owner shall be cancelled. However, simply exercising one’s right to walk down some open or public way shall never be considered taunting or incitement. Those who condition dogs to attack people shall be guilty of assault when those dogs attack.

The second time its the owner’s fault
Regarding those that have a dog that has been declared by a court as dangerous due to video evidence, or other credible evidence: If that dog later bites someone, the dog’s owner shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and he may be sentenced to up to 3-years in a work camp. This is in addition to any money court liability.

Dog bite claims
Supposedly there were 17,297 claims in the US last year and they cost on average $39,017 each. So that is $675-million/year. As there are 90-million dogs. Thus the cost of dog bites is only about $7.50/dog. However, among the dogs walked in cities, I bet this number is 10 times as high, and among certain species, I bet it is much higher still. So maybe what we should do is say that if you want to walk your animals in public, you need to have:
1) A transponder.
2) A licence/registration.
3) Private dog-bite insurance. › article › spotlight-on-dog-bite-liability

No dangerous pets in the suburbs
Just as we prohibit all dogs in our city centers, we should prohibit from our suburbs the pets deemed dangerous, or just menacing to children. If you want that sort of animal, you need acreage.

A minority is enough on this one
The right to keep animals in a community
It is always subject to the rest of the community, and if even 1/3 of your 40 nearest neighbors find your dog noisy or vicious, you have to either move or get rid of the dog.

California Energy Commission
Someone really should make a 1-hour documentary on how the public outrage at high gas prices in 1973 was completely redirected and turned into Big Brother’s $390-million/year ministry of energy.

The front end of dentistry should have these hygienists/x-ray techs that clean your teeth and do exam x-rays. They work in these municipal dental exam offices with a shared municipal x-ray set up for say 3 to 6 dental exam techs. And maybe there are two x-ray emitters per office. And the training for being a dental tech might only take 6 or 12-weeks. And training for it should be offered in high school, like so many other jobs. They clean your teeth, seal your teeth, take your x-rays and spot likely cavities. If they spot a likely cavity, and the DDS, the dental surgeon agrees, then, and only then is the patient actually treated.

Triage techs
In a wide variety of health specialties, we should have techs at the front end making a pre-diagnosis. This will:
1) Double physician time available for doing actual procedures in many areas.
2) Act as a sort of second opinion before there is any action.
3) It will be much easier to see someone quickly.
4) Techs only cost a fraction of doctor.

Triage = pre-screening, especially in the context of allocating scarce medical resources.

Patient privacy
This is have been blown FAR out of proportion by so many governments.

Healthcare receptionists
If we do our information system right, we will not really have many of these.

Sonoma = syn•oma = with•pain
This is the name of one of the north valleys of the San Francisco bay. The others are Napa and Petaluma

Dr. Seuss is children’s propaganda
1) His books are often the first book many kids, particularly the smartest kids. So his are super important educational books. And that is why it they so full of propaganda.
2) Why is it so difficult to figure out what the text means.? Why can’t Dr. Seuss be less poetic and less cryptic so these first readers can have maximum joy, with minimal effort understanding basic reading? And why can’t he teach what is important, that reading is about thoughts, not silly rhyming words.
3) Why are there so many distracting exotic words and exotic linguistic constructions? Why if not to confuse and befuddle kids at the most critical moment where they should definitely not confused or frustrated any more than the bare minimum?
4) With Dr. Seuss, what do our early readers, our brightest minds read first but emotional stories about nonsense that is nowhere.
5) Reading primers should not have any words that are not commonly heard. But Dr. Seuss goes in the opposite direction repeating nonsense words and rhymes endlessly. Again, these books were not created to help kids, but to harm them.
6) Dr. Seuss teaches that emotions are good, and reason doesn’t matter.
7) Dr. Seuss teaches that books are to be felt. The alternative is that books inform our kids and teach them useful things.
8) Dr. Seuss is a great alidade. Whatever you see here that looks like it is harmful, just go in the opposite direction.
9) The Grinch is a blid for core•inch = core•struggle, the Arab struggle. They actually love Christmas because of all the money from selling Christmas gifts. So the Grinch is a blid for the Core•inch, cast as the exact opposite, so as to hide the struggle better.
10) In Horton Hears a Who, we see how kids are lead to think of the bugs and blades of grass as each containing human citizens. This is setting up a generation of people who are afraid of harming any living creature. This in turn leads to two consequences: a) the next generation is afraid to harm any living thing, and is terribly environmentally conscious. And b) that all living things (particularly Mideast immigrants) are alive and have feelings.
11) Horton = or•ton = big mouth. Orton heard who? This is a warning to innie parents about not letting big-ears/big-nose overhear any brotherly secrets. It goes along with eating green-eggs (Bro children) and ham (man).
12) In Horton, we have a “first book” and a first introduction to a metaphor/recursion and it isn’t a real metaphor, instead it is confusingly like a metaphor. Why not have real metaphors? How confusing an introduction to something so important as metaphors — something so many kids have trouble with.
13) In Horton, we have a message like: “Hey little one, go and be careful of what you touch. You might harm the world, so don’t touch, don’t engage with the world.”
14) In Horton, we have a message like: “Hey little one, go and sit and listen to the quiet for the voices”, you early reader, you smart kid. What a way to plant seeds of schizophrenia.
15) The stupid rhymes of Dr. Seuss make kids focus like fools of the sounds of words, instead of their meanings. Poetry and polish come later, after kids learn the meanings of words, not at the beginning where it distracts from what is important about communication.
16) I think we need to recognize how much this uber-powerful children’s propaganda has helped the environmental movement along.
17) Horton is so often the first book many kids read. And it is a brilliant example of how to install a back door to irrationality in people. It is also how to make people grow up with the shit-headed idea that all life is as sacred as human life.
18) Here the Mideast is re-pushing the Roman propaganda where people would insult the gods and harm the world when they did certain things: Like when they carelessly went around un-mindful of all the harm they might do the pixie dust resting on the grass they walk on.
19) I wonder how many people read this propaganda as their first book, when their minds were most open to eco-religious propaganda like “Horton hears a who”.

The relativity blid
A story about how Albert Einstein came up with his relativity theory on a train implies that trains had to be slower and cars had to be faster than trains or people would take the trains because they are so much cheaper.

All IOS apps must be operable in Mac OS
I find it absurd that 11-years on, IOS devices cannot be emulated on Mac OS. In fact, there should be one OS for both devices and all devices should run on the same OS with different settings.

Lower camera resolution
All consumer imaging devices must have lower resolution settings. This especially includes Apple products. There really is no reason why IOS photos all must be 4 to 12 megs each. Such is the way of bloatware. Also the way that Apple separated and hid the photos files sucks, and coerces people to buy its potentially evil and wicked Big-Brother-like cloud services.

Are you sure messages
All “are you sure prompts” shall be easy to turn off.

I wonder if the word came from the cotton they put in and tamped-on to hold the gunpowder in a musket.

No immediate payments
No funds are more than 80% available for at least 18 hours on the new system. This is so errors can be corrected

Computer menus
All menu commands must be accessible from the main page. They may be accessible from other pages, but they must be on the main menu. Also when you hold an option button down, the menus have bubble descriptions.

1) The MENUPATH is the way to get to a command. For example Apple>>System preferences>> security and privacy>>General>>>change password. It is searched by menupath>>change password
2) No icons in menus. This includes the apple icon. It is too hard to describe/
3) The names of commands may not be changed.
4) If commands are deleted, they must appear in gray and say (command eliminated)
3) People explaining how to do things with computers must verify that they are using the exact words and they are also supposed to include screen shots of the menu page.

What if it didn’t evolve pyrethroids to protect the plant from insect predation? What if it evolved to protect the animals spreading its seeds? I wonder what other plants

Pyrethroid corn
I can’t believe anyone would ever use any part of the toxicity part of the tobacco genome. But what about the Chrysanthemum genome? That would be much less toxic and much more effective. What if we developed corn that had very low ,and barely appropriate levels of pyrethroids already in it’s leave, but not its seeds.

Kids going to different schools
Won’t that be exciting to go to one school at this part of the city for a tenth (teneth), and than that part. And because everyone is moving around school will not be so cliquey, although kids will still be able to invite their close friends to sign up together. So having a genuinely unified school district with specialized 8th through 12th schools will be better in many ways.

Perfect imitations of period buildings
There are so many people that like the old buildings. I am sure that there will be hundreds of house casting lines that make perfect simulations of these period buildings.

Prosecutors making it personal
Except in small towns, prosecutors and those deciding on a prosecution may not know either the victim or the perpetrator.

Atari reactors
The reactor is sealed with tin or lead, and the atari tubes are curved, so there is no radiation leakage from them. They might be 4″ lead tubes with a 2″ interior for 1.7″ fuel balls. And the ends might be 4″ thick or whatever.

Browbeating isn’t bullying
Insulting people, or browbeating them isn’t the same thing threatening them with harm, or bullying. One involves the threat of physical harm, the other involves no threat of physical harm. Threatening to fire someone is not bullying them, it is browbeating them.

Alcohol toxicity and binge drinking
There are lots of drugs that you can easily tolerate as 100 doses a month — but if you take 100 doses at once, you will either die or screw up your liver. We all know this right, right? I think people need to realize that this same process is at work with binge drinking. Better you have 3 drinks a day than 21 on Saturday nights. In fact, I bet having 4 or maybe even 5 a day is better than having 21 on Saturday nights. Surely the Sunday morning hangover says the same thing.

Liver biopsy add-on… maybe
Here is how I would discourage drinking. If you want a drinking license for more than 7 a day, you have to get a liver biopsy starting at age 25, and then once every 5-years thereafter. Let’s hold a plebiscite on this one. As strict as 2/3 of the population wants here: They can reduce the threshold quantity, or start at a younger or later age, or have more frequent biopsies, or maybe even require a biopsy to start.

Drinking and joy
It is surely one of life’s greatest joys to be young, drunk, and joyous among friends. In our efforts to cut down on drinking, let’s try to leave this part of drinking alone. We should instead go after the alone and sad drinking.

The saddle graph
It works so well for so many things, like physical activity, alcohol consumption, and sugar consumption. And sometimes one of the graphs is missing. But the saddle graph is really just two Systems at work on the same territory. On one graph there is the declining value of one more hour of physical activity. This starts out high and experiences diminishing returns. On the other graph, there is the likelihood that one will over-do it and damage one’s body.

The Bahamas
People in the media should start making something of how much damage these low-lying places suffer after hurricanes and asking whether people really should be living in such low-lying places.

Cholesterol is a nutrient
It’s strange how the media doesn’t ever seem to regard cholesterol as a nutrient, an essential nutrient, if your body doesn’t make enough, or you use too much. I normally eat 2 or 3 eggs every day. I think that the cholesterol helps me maintain proper brain chemistry. I need this given my hyperactive mind, prone to running out of mind chems and crashing. So I view cholesterol as a nutrient — and some people, particularly the more mentally active ones, will need more dietary cholesterol than others. Also, kids probably need it for proper development.

Notional currency exchange
There is absolutely no reason why the financial system can’t offer this at a cost of say 0.1%, or 0.2% per transaction, with say a €0.30 minimum. If this was so, then there would be no need for a single currency. Then nations could develop at their own pace, with a properly priced currency along the way.

The EU — fast and slow runners
The Italians are very aware of the difference between the work-to-live places vs. the live-to-workplaces. All these largely work-to-live nations need their own currencies, because each works according to its own ways and speed. So Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece each need their own currency. Also, I see the UK and Germany, and even Austria going along at their own rates. Also, for what it is worth, I thought the single European currency was a dumb idea, the first time I heard about it.

The Schengen area
I have 3 problems with Schengen
1) It is too easy for illegal immigrants to move around.
2) It makes smuggling easier. This includes smuggling weapons and people.
3) It is so inconvenient for so many people, like me.

The Sumerian codex
Post this in parallel translation and front-load it for interestingness, and importance. I bet tens of millions of people come by the site and read a bit. Make people understand this the grandfather civilization of mankind. Make them see how this is everyone’s heritage… this Mideast of 5,000 years ago.

Jeremiah 6:19
“I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes… What do I care about incense from Sheba [Yemen], the sweet calamus from a distant land [it was imported spice and very expensive]. Your burnt offerings are not acceptable; your sacrifices do not please me.” [1) They were sacrificing expensive hashish as incense/burnt offerings from distant lands.
2) Mus = mouth, and the Sanskrit meaning of Cala is very interesting: trembling, shaking, fluctuation, unsteady, confused, incense, sham, fiction, guise, pretense, deceit, fallacy, perverting the sense of words, The trembling words look like opiates in the hashish. And the words that come after incense sound like what happens when people realized what was going on.] Sanskrit dictionary here

Jeremiah 6:21
“I will put [mental] stumbling bocks before these people, parents and children alike will stumble over them.” [Matrix indoctrination actually focuses on children.]

Jeremiah 6:22-28
“Look, an army is coming,
from the land of the North.
A great nation is being stirred up
from the ends of the earth.
Armed with spear and bow
They’re cruel and merciless.
They sound like the roaring sea
As they ride on their horses.
They come in battle formation
To attack the daughters of Zion…
Don’t go on the roads or fields
for the enemy has weapons
And everyone is terrified.
Put on sackcloth my people
And roll in ashes
[To look miser•ab•al]
morn with bitter wailing
as for an only son.
For suddenly the destroyer
will come upon us.”

Jeremiah 6? 7?
“Deal with each other justly. Don’t oppress immigrants, fatherless kids, or single-mothers. Don’t shed innocent blood, and don’t harm yourselves following other gods.”

Jeremiah 7:11
“My religion has become a den of thieves. I have been watching, said god.” [If it happened before, it can happen again.]

Police use of force
All use of force by police must be reported for supervisor review of the cam streams. Also, the supervisors are mostly Sub-Senators on review duty.

Unoccupied flight seats
Air passengers have the right to spread out in an airplane and take any seat that doesn’t have someone either in it or next to it when the flight attendants declare boarding over on the PA, as they must before they can latch the door.

Fake meat will soon taste better
And it will be cheaper and perhaps more nutritious than real meat.

Distinguished researchers
These are the juice and the heart of human progress. Schools and research organizations are unimportant in comparison. For this reason:
1) No school or research institution (EDU) may take disciplinary action against a great mind (a high-level ubiq) without a court decision.
2) The unknown underlings of great discoverers shall have no right to complain when their feelings get hurt by the words of the person they’re studying under. If they don’t like their treatment, they can go and find another place to study/ work. Students and assistants shall be expected to accept a certain amount of humiliation. This is so great minds are more likely to make an effort to teach their kind.
3) If there is any place where the presumption of innocence should rule, it is here. For this reason, EDUs may never comment about any case involving a distinguished teacher/ researcher prior to a court ruling. When EDUs or the media violate this rule and defame a great mind in the media prior to a court outcome, they may be required to pay toxic waste scale fines for the their contempt of court and the judicial system.
4) Like in so many other places, EDUs tend to be run a bit too much for the benefit of the administrators. Yet these are the most replaceable and frequently over-paid part of the education system. The teachers and students matter, but the administrators don’t really matter and can be easily replaced.
5) No more than 6% of the money given for research should go to the administration of those funds.

Left center and right politically
Why does the political continuum have only three positions, left, center right? Surely this blunts our group mind. Let’s have a PL scale like the pH scale, from +7 to -7, with the left being too acid and the right too basic.

If we end illegal immigration and
have stricter rules for immigrants
more immigration will be tolerated.

One in a million oligarchy
masquerading as democracy
(And that’s the “free” world)

Republic = Fake democracy

County law and firearm carry
With regard to R3.15, just to be clear. Everywhere in the nation, citizens shall have the right to carry unloaded civilian firearms in public in metal cases. They shall also have the right to carry ammunition in other metal cases at the same time as they are carrying the unloaded firearms in other cases. The counties cannot take this basic right of public carry away.

Student loans for frivolous subjects
This should not be allowed. There are too many fanciful people in the world that will foolishly do this thinking it will help them get hired and succeed.

More frequent degrees in education
Instead of having 4 levels, let’s have 12 levels, from ninth grade to 20th grade (4-year postgrad). Thus increasing one’s educational status is a thing of smaller annual steps. Then again, maybe we even have teneth-scale steps. Perhaps the EDU range is from 9.1 to 20.0, with sub-diplomas given tenthly based on progress.

Workforce balancing
Recall how the Senate prioritizes health-care procedures. It should also do something similar with students in the various specialties. Then the Senate should give grants for the most needed specialties, and charge added tuition for the most un-needed specialties.

Student grants
The money should only come after each teneth is completed, and the student graduates to the next teneth. Thus we see another advantage of breaking the year down into teneths — that there need be no advance giving of student monies/space, but the money is only given once the person has completed a small step in their education.

1) Businesses should not be allowed to appropriate tips given to their employees. If they want to pay less they can do that, but they can’t take a portion of the tips.
2) If tips are pooled, all monies must be apportioned by hours worked.
3) Owners should not get a portion of the tip pool.

Targeting union leaders
It should be a world wide law that employers shall not be allowed to take action against union organizers such as happened to Rebecca Sy of Hong Kong.

A handheld option button
1) Option+delete=backwards, opt+space=forward, opt+Z=down, opt+Q=up, press the option button again to disable cursor nudging.
2) The other option-letters will be available for things like re-open in new page, opt+A=select all, opt+X=cut, alternate cursor, show grid, calculate distance on a map, quiet mode, dial spouse, and other repetitive tasks, such as inserting some particular text string or contact info.

Figs associated with sex
I think this is due to the gentle adhesive quality of the fruit.

Smoke detectors 2.0
Fires commonly cause electrical shorts which take out the lights. The smoke also commonly blocks out the night light from outside. It would probably be a good idea if smoke detectors had slightly larger batteries and LED lights. Also, the detectors might release and unfurl down by say 2m, so people crawling on the floor (to avoid the smoke) have light. 4-LEDs, at the 4 corners of the smoke detector’s bezel. Also, maybe the detachable detectors have beacons that can be switched on, for fire-rescue to come for. It might also have a laser button for getting attention.

Maybe this is best understood as people with IQs of around 200.

Black holes
I bet this happens when a small star is moving tangentially to the big star at a very high rate of speed. The differential gravity causes the small star to break up and explode. Then the dark debris finds an orbit around the black hole.

Star light intensity
Maybe we will never know for sure if any particular star is bright or dim because of its size. It is easy to imagine that some very bright stars have lots of debris blocking their light and thus look dim. On the other hand, maybe edge-of-black-hole stars have a certain quality to their light.

If someone intentionally sabotages a system likely to cause the death of an individual (for example the brake system of a car), this should be considered attempted murder. However sabotage of the system likely to cause mass death should be considered terrorism, perfidious terrorism with special circumstances called for in the execution.

Airport staff
All should wear location tracking and cams.

Now Hong Kong
Hong Kong should push now for independence, now before the mainland has a chance to erode its leadership though imprisonment.

The tyrannical, imperialist PRC
needs to end
like the tyrannical, imperialist USSR.

Non-compete agreements
They should not be recognized by the courts, except as an admission of criminal collusion.

Public employees and corporate directors should not be allowed to hire family members and friends without the approval of their oversight body.

The shape of pine trees
Conifers began about 300 MYA. This was right around when reptiles started moving away from the coastline. At this time seeds spreading was not very effective, or rather, animal seeds spreading was not very effective. And at first, the spreading didn’t penetrate very far from the shoreline. There would be a subduction earthquake and this would wipe out a whole coastline of trees with canopies. However pine trees with their narrow tops and bottoms did not topple as completely as canopy trees. They also grew much faster with their soft wood. So they would always beat the canopy trees to the sunshine of the virgin territory wiped out in the last subduction earthquake. And judging by their diet, this was the plant-symbiot niche that the first proto-reptile amphibians occupied as symbiots. And after all, we do expect the first reptiles to come from near the shore where the earthquakes would have been strongest.

<3-fold screen>
Screen edges not folding screens

The LG G8X will be the future, not the folding screen designs of Samsung. I think also, in the not too distant future, it will be realized that folding phone tech is really edge of screen tech, and how close we can get the dynamic screen to the edge of it’s panel. I think people will try both two and three panel designs like the illustration above. Also each panel can be thinner if they’re being folded up, and there is a gang bezel on one panel.

“Pholders” will happen fast
They are already happening and it is only form factor that is getting designed here. The LG G8X will be soon seen as the first clumsy attempt at a pholder.

Two sides phone tablets
I think that phone tablets will soon all have active screens on both sides. However you pick it up, that side comes on and the screen orients up. This will also be very useful in folding devices because we can pick up the folded device and however we view it, it configures properly. So if we open the device, we can look at the inside screens. We can also lift it up and look at it unfolded. We can also use the back screen as a sort of direct drive track-pad.

Social media likes
Perhaps social media should not display likes to third parties, as this sort of a corrupt democracy.

SIM card replacement
Many people have recently become dependent upon cell phones for two factor login authentication. So perhaps we should have some restrictions on how replacement SIM cards can be issued, and how account SIM information can be accessed by cellular carriers. Perhaps people should have to go to a police station for identity verification in order to get a replacement SIM card issued, or perhaps people can add this as a security feature on their account.

UTIs and sugar
Perhaps a low sugar diet will help many people here as well. Also, this may be an early symptom that highly correlates with diabetes.

You’re not really ideologically progressive unless most people wonder if you’re crazy

911 distress app
All handhelds should have an emergency distress beacon with a list of categories and buttons: smell smoke, small fire in unit, major fire, fallen elder, life or death, heart attack/stroke, enter other in voice or text.
There should be a penalty for using this app incorrectly that is similar to pulling a fire alarm.

Degrees of legal protection
I have probably missed some, but this is a good start to understanding legal protection for persecuted groups.
Level-1) Protect the group from extra-judicial violence.
Level-2) Prohibit discrimination by government and assure equal protection under the law.
Level-3) Prohibit discrimination by the private sector.
Level-4) Enforce total quality.

The relationship between
safety and fuel economy

If we have a totally reliable vehicle navigation system that drives our cars for us, we can get rid of maybe 80% of vehicle weight — Pure waste that were caring around,only for safety reasons.

Well if it’s for FREE…
There’re a lots of people who would like to enslave you in one way or another. You have to take some effort to maintain your freedoms, or these people will just take them away from you… because they can have them for free.

Freedom and showing up
So much about freedom is just showing up and having a lot of people saying: “we care about this matter”.

Religions don’t always say; “I’m a religion”. Some say: “I’m science”.

The blue dye of Hong Kong
It could rapidly become an “I’m Sparticus” sort of thing.

Bathroom turnarounds
In all bathrooms there must be a 70 cm diameter turnaround area for people outside the door swing area.

Smoking poison a park
Until recently it was totally fine to smoke tobacco in a playground with the kids around. And this is addictive poison. People should not smoke around kids or may make them nostalgic about the smell when they’re older.

Language class for kids
This should not be about fake stuff like poetry, fiction and theatre. It should be about basic communication skills like writing emails, and texts, and how to describe things, how to make a basic contract, how to list and sequence things, how to talk about politics, and how to complain and speak your mind.

The national insurance coverage database
There should be a national registry of health insurance coverage, so people who are admitted to the hospital in an emergency will not have to wait while their coverage is looked up. This will immediately be displayed with hospital staff enter the person’s national ID number system.

Transit should be free
To maximize the use
For energy savings
& for the environment.


Rocket sleds
The ground speed record of 10,325kph was on a “rocket sled”. This is essentially a flat railcar on tracks. So it is not unreasonable to expect that our new trains might go over 600kph on flat areas.

Interlocked rails and mountains
1) Much safer that roads
2) Steeper terrain can be reached
3) Much faster.
4) All weather capable.

Group teslas on rails
And if they are on rails, they don’t need big batteries. But why not have these 20-passenger or 100-passenger busses/railcars that are interlocked into the tracks.

The rail interchange
It can serve up to 8 township interchanges, all one stop away. So maybe these 8 township interchanges each have up to half a million people each, or maybe there are four that each are 1-million people.

Alcohol toxicity and binge drinking
There are lots of drugs that you can easily tolerate as 100 doses a month — but if you take 100 doses at once, you will either die or screw up your liver. We all know this right, right? I think people need to realize that this same process is at work with binge drinking. Better you have 3 drinks a day than 21 on Saturday nights. In fact, I bet having 4 or maybe even 5 a day is better than having 21 on Saturday nights. Surely the Sunday morning hangover says the same thing.

Drinking and joy
It is surely one of life’s greatest joys to be young, drunk, and joyous among friends. In our efforts to cut down on drinking, let’s try to leave this part of drinking alone. We should instead go after the alone and sad drinking.

Running boards
I bet they were for cross grades, so people could hang on the side and keep the cart/car from rolling sideways down the hill.

You promptly agreed to end Ishtar
Remember, once you understood my message, you guys brought it to an end, right? You want to say that over and over. That you didn’t understand, and now that you do, you just decided that it was all stupid.

Cholesterol is a nutrient
It’s strange how the media doesn’t ever seem to regard cholesterol as a nutrient, an essential nutrient, especially if your body doesn’t make enough, or you use too much. I normally eat 2 or 3 eggs every day. I think that the cholesterol helps me maintain proper brain chemistry. I need this given my hyperactive mind, prone to running out of mind chems and crashing. So I view cholesterol as a nutrient — and some people, particularly the more mentally active ones, will need more dietary cholesterol than others. Also, kids probably need it for proper development.

Notional currency exchange
There is absolutely no reason why the financial system can’t offer this at a cost of say 0.1%, or 0.2% per transaction, with say a €0.30 minimum. If this was so, then there would be no need for a single currency. Then nations could develop at their own pace, with a properly priced currency along the way.

The EU — fast and slow runners
The Italians are very aware of the difference between the work-to-live places vs. the live-to-workplaces. All these largely work-to-live nations need their own currencies, because each works according to its own ways and speed. So Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece each need their own currency. Also, I see the UK and Germany, and even Austria going along at their own rates. And for what it’s worth, I thought the single European currency was a dumb idea, the first time I heard about it.

The Schengen area
I have 3 problems with Schengen
1) It is too easy for illegal immigrants to move around.
2) It makes smuggling easier. This includes smuggling weapons and especially people.
3) The 3-month in 6-months rule is so inconvenient for just so many people, like me.

The Sumerian codex
Post this in parallel translation and front-load it for interestingness, and importance. I bet tens of millions of people come by the site and read a bit. Make people understand this the grandfather civilization of mankind. Make them see how this is everyone’s heritage… this Mideast of 5,000 years ago.

Web browsers
1) They should have quit options for an are-you-sure popup button: a) never, b) if more than on page is open, c) always.
2) They should have a button for delete cookies: a) every time you quit your browser, b) every day at X time, c) every time prior to visiting the following sites, c) every X days.

Job destruction is good
It’s the essence of automation
I want to reiterate, job construction is a good thing. It is the essence of the automation that has made mankind rich. There should be nothing but temporary phase-in prohibitions on job destroying automation. And this should only be when great numbers of jobs are eliminated, and never for more than a year two.

Grocery logistics fees
1) Grocery stores should be expected to give a reasonable number of bags free of charge. To do otherwise is to inconvenience their customers excessively.
2) Grocery sgtores should charge for grocery fetching, bagging, and delivery service. They may also charge for store entry and give a fair discount on checkout self service.
3) If a checker costs $20/hour fully burdened, the labor cost for checker and a 3 minute check out is $1. I might offer a 1/2-of 1% or 1/3-of-1% discount on self checkout purchases, in addition to having lots of kiosks.

Self checkout cost/benefit
Most suburban supermarkets are open more than 12 hours a day, and many are open 24 hours. If they are open 12 hours a day, that is 4,380 hours a year. At $20/hour, that is $87,600/year for wages, and for 24 hour stores, it is $175,200. 50 square feet of floor area at $2/square foot is about $100/month, or $1,200/year. Therefore, we should expect that given the immense cost savings, the stores put in so many self-checkout stations that customers never have to wait for them.

Police body cams and face recognition
1) It makes police safer, notifying them of dangerous people.
2) It makes police more effective, notifying them of people flagged for arrest.
3) It helps flag people who don’t match vehicles.
4) It helps spot abducted children.
5) It can be used to spot illegal immigrants.
6) It is not ubiquitous or terribly Big Brother-ish.
7) It automates the ID verification process for police making them more effective.

IP fraud
1) All IP rights must be recorded to be valid.
2) All IP rights claims must include a number or scannable code.
2) It should be a form of fraud to claim IP rights that are not real.

Big mistakes
To my mind, the biggest mistakes normally come from people who are smart, arrogant, and misguided.

School mantras
Perhaps we should have these mantras that we drum into kids over and over, like:
1) Everyone mistakes the limits of their field of vision for the limits of the world.
2) If you can’t imagine it, you can’t make it so.
3) Choose always the right path, no matter how difficult, as habit will soon make it easy.
4) No matter how far you haven’t gone down the wrong road, turn back.
5) Be slower to hire and quicker to fire.

Monogamy and Senate sperm donation
Married men shall have the right to donate sperm if they get confirmed to the Senate. And not only will their spouses have no right to object to this, they will normally be expected to help whenever requested — and help eagerly, for they are doing something beneficial for the good of mankind. Also, this rule is necessary for the health of society in the future and therefore, it cannot be contracted away under the law by any marriage agreement.

EARNEST — etym. from Apple dictionary
Middle English ernes, literally ‘installment paid to confirm a contract’, based on Old French erres, from Latin arra, shortened form of arrabo ‘a pledge’. [That last part looks like EARN•EAST has something to do with an Arab pledge. Also the title THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST looks like a blid.

Sin•dar•ella = no•give•she
Cinderella did not stay the night with prince charming. She waited and he came to her and she got the real long term — happily ever after. So not sleeping with prince charming right-away was the path to living happily ever after… What a great way to reduce the number of kids born by the best men in the house of the host… so it remains easier to manage.

Long term men
So many women think they must have a long term man at any cost. My impression is that most women compromise greatly and nearly all women compromise to some extent with the sire of their children.

Women’s liberation
To me it is society liberating breeding women from having to worry about who is going to pay if they have kids.

The Bahamas
Hopefully in the near future, the Senate media will start making something of how much damage certain places suffer from natural hazards. Hopefully it will also start making something of how people should not live in such places.

Innocent until proven guilty
The presumption of innocence matters most for overall society when it involves the reputations of great men.

Are groupies really grope•ees
If you approach a famous person for a group photo, or hug, and you are over age 18, they can touch your backside and you have no right to complain to the law.

Politics and money
What a stupid thing the way democracy mixes money so thoroughly with politics.
1) It seems almost impossible to run for office without money.
2) Crooks are drawn to politics because of the money.
3) whoever controls the corporations controls their unlimited party contributions, and the greater part of the money in American politics.

Cybernetic life forms
I first started thinking about the way people are turned to robots. I thought about the way the Germans were turned into robots during World War II. The way so many millions of men all dutifully marched off to die in war, two wars. I thought about the ways that people turn themselves into robots for work to get things done. Then I started considering cybernetic lifeforms. These are humans that are open turn into robots or partial robots. Then I started thinking about how science fiction is a blid for for something that happen in real life, namely the turning of gentile people into killing machines by the Gr. cyber = government.

Research integrity
Anyone working in research of any sort should have to complete the Senate module on research integrity, and pass the RI test with a 100% score before they are given a researcher’s permit. And when they publish, they will have to sign an affidavit stating that there has been no sneaky sampling, or any other form of data manipulation, and that they have not, and will not received any undisclosed money, goods, or favors related to their research.

One research paper per subject
No longer will researchers be able to publish separate papers on the same or a related subject. If there’s more information, it gets appended to the original paper. Otherwise we have the absurd situation where researchers slice up their work, so they can inflate themselves with how many papers they’ve published.

Documentation prevents medical fraud
The dental hygienists append both tooth-cam stills and head cam videos to the patient’s exam file — a video of the probe getting stuck to the tooth perhaps. This earns the patient a trip to the dentist.

Licensed tobacco use and new smokers
1) It’s going to be a crime to beg or buy. cigarettes or give cigarettes to someone else.
2) Starting to smoke will be at two-step conscious decision from now on.
3) You have to constantly watch anti-smoking propaganda to keep your tobacco license valid.
4) People will be very aware of how many cigarettes they get, and they will be very aware if they are being stolen by kids.

Marchetti’s Constant
Cesare Marchetti’s observation that people generally tolerate up to a one hour commute in each direction.

Harry S. Truman = President Mole
He started as FDR’s vice president. If FDR stepped out of line, he could be killed and Truman would take over. So my understanding is that towards the end of WW2 when the atomic weapons were about done, they killed FDR. That was 1945.04.12, and 3-months later on 1945.07.16 was the first successful atomic explosion. Then on 1945.08.06 (4-months later) was Hiroshima. So I think they killed FDR to make sure the bombs would be dropped. And the way they used the second one only three days later, that doesn’t really make sense either. 3-days was not really enough time. In fact, it was the shortest allowable time. And Harry Truman remains the only person to ever use atomic weapons on a city and that meme is certainly worthy of main-stream inclusion.

Then in the Korean War, there was that strange bit about how the Chinese threatened to use nukes, and then Truman immediately backed down. He also fired general MacArthur. Why didn’t Truman just grab all of Korea? That is what the PRC really wanted. It was going to give up Korea in exchange for the US not invading. Why did Truman leave this ostensibly Chinese war-puppet of a colony in place? It doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t Truman grab all of Korea? Again it doesn’t make sense.

The other thing that doesn’t make sense is the way that MacArthur said that China was about to surrender to the US as a liberator (in so many words). Not only did Truman ignore MacArthur, but he fired a man that was the most respected US general on the Asian side of WW2. And everyone was well aware of the cold war occurring with communism and the benefit of turning such a large nation as the PRC. So again, Truman’s actions doesn’t make sense.

Looking at how the Marshall plan in Europe and Japan was already going for 5-years at the end of the Korean war, I would have said to China: We’ll extend the Marshall plan to China if it surrenders rapidly to our liberation, like we are doing in Japan and Germany right now in 1953. Why didn’t Truman do that?

History pre-arranged?
Is history being set up for confusion?
Trum(an) China threatens US with nukes
Trum(p) ????

FDR’s wheelchair
for 12-years, 1933 to 1945, FDR was president of the US. And while he could stand, he could not walk, and he could not easily get around, so he was dependent on his appointees as his eyes and ears. What a backdoor to power he must have been.

Alexander the liberator
He didn’t conquer his empire, he liberated it. And that is how he conquered such a large empire in just 13 years. Also notable is how he died at age 33, like Jesus.

The power of the arc
The reason why all armies fail before the Arcon of the new covenant, is that the new covenant is seen as a liberation.