The oceans weigh 2.8-billion times as much as Mankind. Did we really warm all that water?

Al Gore showing how the oceans mix in his film. It is also well known that ocean & atmospheric temperatures affect each other.

If we assume that the average human weighs 71kg (156 lbs.), then 14 humans weigh ±1,000kg. This is the weight of 1 cubic meter of water by definition.

A cubic kilometer is 1,000m x 1,000m x 1,000m, or a billion cubic meters. Thus 14 billion humans would weigh about as much as a cubic kilometer of water. Thus 7 billion humans weigh about as much as half a cubic kilometer of water.

Now Earth has almost 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water. Thus, all the water on Earth weighs about 2.8 billion times as much as humanity. Did humanity really warm 2.8 billion times its current weight in water?

To put this incredible ratio in perspective, the average Walmart store contains about 60,000 cubic meters of volume. If we divide this volue by 2.8-billion, we get 21 cubic centimeters, or about the volume of a man’s finger. Thus to compare the mass of humanity to the mass of Earth’s hydrosphere is to compare a finger’s volume of water with the volume of water that can be contained by a Walmart store.

How can it be that this tiny finger amount of matter is altering the temperature of the other immense amount of matter? And how could we puny humans by any means direct, or indirect, cause 2.8-billion times our weight to warm by any measurable amount? Of course we couldn’t possibly have done this, even if we tried. We are just too small, and the hydrosphere is just too big in proportion.

Besides, the CO2 theory leveraging doesn’t end there. It also says that an added 1-part-in-5,000 (200ppm, 0.02%) of added transparent CO2 is altering the entire way our planet holds on to heat. So on two counts, the CO2 theory is a highly leveraged explanation.

The CO2 theory is a highly leveraged explanation.
The Volcanic theory is a de-leveraged explanation

The Volcanic Theory of Climate compares Earth to a soda bottle slowly bubbling hot lava froth from its molten interior.  And we’ve all seen this bubbly lava froth haven’t we? It’s “everywhere”, isn’t it?

The magma froth comes up hot and has lots of new volcanic air pressurized at over 250 atmospheres. This new volcanic air is ±95.5% CO2, just like the atmospheres of Venus and Mars. This is why temperatures and CO2 levels move in step. Both result from escaping magma froth.

Icecap size and determines ocean depth which determines the activity of Earth’s 80,000-km long seafloor rift. This warms oceans which weigh 6,087x less than the planet overall.  So under the volcanic theory, the the big-heavy thing, the planet warms the small-light thing, the oceans, which weigh 6,087x less.

In total, the Greenhouse theory is 17-trillion times more leveraged than the Volcanic theory.  And all things being equal, shouldn’t we lean towards the less leveraged explanation, even if it is new?